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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 a twisted, char p>>russell: a twisted, charred phunk of metal all that's left of pa deadly crash on i-275. pthe question now, why were the pvan's lights off before the pcrash? p>>laura: air force says more pguns are the answer when it pshootings. pthe sweeping changes at military pbases across the country. p>>russell: cheating never pays. pnow more than half a dozen pdeputy hopefuls will never see ptheir first paychecks because pthey broke the rules. p>>dave: top 'o the morning to pyou at 54 degrees.
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pspots than yesterday at this ptime. pso you're still going to need a plight jacket. pa couple of spots in the upper p40s but nobody in the 30s. pwith the cloud cover on the pincrease today, i still think pwe're going to make it back in pthe low 70s for high ptemperatures. pmild today but the rain and the pstorms are moving in for ptomorrow. pwe'll talk more about that in a pfew minutes. pjen? p>>jennifer: a developing story pin hillsborough county i-275, pthe scene of a fatal crash at pmile marker 56. pthis accident occurred just pafter 11:45 last night and for pmost of the morning since "good pday tampa bay" started, i-275 pwas shut down in both directions pbetween i-75 and bearss avenue. pwe're hearing reports from pflorida highway patrol troopers pthat i-275 is in the process of preopening. pwe'll head out to ken live on pthe scene. pare you seeing cars go by?
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ptrucks and all kinds of things pdirection. pin a short time we'll see the psame thing coming northbound. pthis has been an all night paffair out here. pthis accident happened at pmidnight so people have been pdiverted for the last six or pseven hours. pthe accident involved two pvehicles. pnumber one, a van and number ptwo, a tractor trailer. pthe van stopped in the middle of pthe interstate and we're never pgoing to know why that happened pbut they stopped in the middle pof the interstate. pthe tractor trailer comes along. punfortunately, bangs into the pback of the van. pthe van explodes. pthe driver of the van not psurprisingly, killed. pso bottom line is this. pwe've been out here for a number pof hours. eople have been diverted so ptraffic is flowing again. ptake a look. pyou see in this stretch of phighway, it is very, very dark
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pbe a contributing factor where pthe guy came along and saw the pvehicle in the middle of the proad, not where you would expect pto see anything, couldn't get pout of the way and went into the pback. pf.h.p. telling us that nobody is pgoing to be ticketed and that's pabout the size of it. pback to you, jen. p>>jennifer: thank you for the pupdate. pfor morning commuters, as you pheard ken mention, all lanes are pback open or getting ready to preopen along 275 north of bearss pavenue. pso the rest of the morning pcommute, it looks like this. pit's clear, quiet, nothing going pon at the airport interchange. ptravelling to tampa pinternational airport, picking psomeone up, no problems along pstate road 60 east or westbound. pthat whole area checking in roblem-free and the tampa pmajors we'll just ignore this puntil the road sensors start pworking again. peight minutes southbound to i-4, pno delays along the entire
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p>>laura: indian river county, a pstatewide missing child alert phas been issues for two young pchildren. pofficials believe the man they pare with is armed and dangerous. pthe police department is looking p11-month-old. olice believe that the children pare with 24-year-old ed war -- pedward gamons. pthere's a warrant out for his parrest for murder. p>>russell: there's a $16,000 for pinformation leading to the parrest of this man. pjamal john smith. pmented for triple homicide in olk county. pmiami police added $5,000 to the preward yesterday. pjanuary 6 three were found shot pto death at a home in lakeland. pa fourth was shot in the face. phe survived. ptwo miami men have been charged
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pthe murders. psmith is also from miami. pthey say he goes by jj or walt pand they say he should be pconsidered armed and dangerous. p>>laura: and we have an update pon a serious crash we told you pabout yesterday. pa man was thrown from a car on pthe courtney campbell cause way phas died. p20-year-old jonathan pena was a assenger in the red pontiac and pthe driver tried to pass another pcar and lost control hitting a psecond car before they both spun pout and crashed into a pguardrail. pthe driver took off on foot and pwas later arrested. olice believe that alcohol was ending. p>>russell: florida state puniversity announces it will pay pnearly a million dollars to psettle accusations that the pschool was deliberately pindifferent to a former pstudent's report that pquarterback jameis winston raped pher in 2012 and $950,000 psettlement represents one of the plargest payments to its kind. p$250,000 to erica, the woman who
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pthe rest to her attorneys. pschool has promised to start a pnew program dedicated to pidentifying and preventing psexual assault. pa separate investigation is pstill ongoing. pkensman and winston filed plawsuits against each other. phe was cleared by florida state pafter a student code of conduct phearing. phe maintains that sex was pconsensual. plast year winst pthe nfl draft. pthis year he's going to the pro pbowl. phe's the first rookie pquarterback eatrip. pbrady in that game. p>>laura: a group of pinellas pcounty sheriff's office recruits pwho cheated during training have pbeen fired. pthe recruiting class was up to pthe exam phase of cheating and pthey're tested on the basics of plaw enforcement and agency olicy and last week a
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pone group's answers seemed prehearsed. pa recruit and current deputy had pbeen exchanging text messages. pthe recruit asked for study pmaterial and the deputy said he pwould give him the actual exam. pcook offered the exam to several precruits. psome turned it down but six pothers accepted his offer. pa decision they would soon pregret. p>> they chose their lack of a pmoral compass. pshowed their lack of ethics, a plack of sense of wrong or right pand at the end justifies the pmeans. pin this profession, you follow pthe rules. p>>laura: and all told, seven precruits and the deputy who phanded over the exam were fired. p>>russell: firearms in the hands pof the good guys. pthe best ways of stopping pmassacres. pthat's the air force's pconclusion following a review of pactive shooter cases. p>>laura: and walter is here to pexplain how this could change
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pacross country. p>>walter: earlier this month the pair force sent a letter to base pcommanders reminding them they pcan authorize sub ordinants to phandle guns and also established pthree programs to make sure pservice members are in place to rotect their bases. pone of the new initiatives pallows air force members to popenly carry their service istols at their duty locations. pu.s. military has always had the pauthority to allow open and pconcealed carry but it's mostly pused discretion in allowing pservice members to tote weapons pon bases and most bases do not pallow civilians to bring pfirearms onto military bases. pthere's a sign on macdill that pstates that concealed weapons pare prohibited. ptop brass called for review of pactive shooting situations after pan attack in chattanooga, ptennessee. pformer navy seal was killed. pthe gunman was killed in a pshootout and in the aftermath, pquestions were raised regarding pone of the officers involved in pthe shootout and whether he
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pa firearm on federal property. phe never was. pon a state level, several pgovernors, including governor prick scott, ordered national pguard personnel to carry weapons pon bases and recruiting pstations. pthis was another direct response pto the chattanooga shooting prampage. plaura? p>>russell: it's 6:09 and gun powners can openly carry their pweapons in 45 states. pmayor buckhorn and two top local pofficials say they don't want pflorida to become the 46th. pmayor buckhorn, police chief and pthe state attorney speaking out pagainst the bill that would pallow concealed carry permit pholders to openly carry pfirearms. pthey say it would put the police pand the public at risk. palso argue an open carry policy pwould keep tourists away. p1.4 million florida ians have pconcealed carry permits. p>> we should be the sunshine pstate, not the wild west.
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pand there's a bunch of folks phanging here like the okay pcorral. pthat's not good for the economic pdevelopment efforts. p>>russell: the house has already assed two florida house pcommittees. pthe bill is expected to pass in pthe house. plast year the chairman suggested pan open carry bill will get the psame treatment. p6:10 right now. pwith less than a week before the pfebruary 1 deadline, attorney pjohn morgan says he has enough psignatures to get a medical pmarijuana amendment on the pnovember ballot. p>> i think my chances are better pthan last time and last time i plost by less than 2%. p>>russell: takes more than p683,000 signatures to make it to pthe ballot. pthey're due monday and morgan psays it's not a problem. pthe real struggle will take lace the next 10 months. phe focused on the wrong paudience, college crowd. pthis time he plans to focus on
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p>>laura: the iowa caucuses are pless than a week away. p>>russell: coming up, residential hopefuls make a plast pitch before the first big ptest of 2016. pfewer cancelled flights don't pmean fewer problems after the pblizzard. pthe gridlock as thousands try to pflee the frozen north. p>>dave: meanwhile, we're almost p15, 20 degrees warmer in spots paround here. pyes, florida has a big pdifference from yesterday. pno 30s. pi've got one or two 40s but no p50s on the map. plakeland 52, st. petersburg pwarmer than yesterday morning. pwe're going to bring some clouds pin this afternoon but still up pto about 72 degrees. plook at that. plook at the rain chances. pclose to nothing today. p90% for tomorrow so rain and
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p>>russel: all right. plook at this. ptraffic reporter, look at this. pguardia airport in new york. pdrivers stuck up to five hours plast night as passengers were ptrying to get into the terminal. phundreds of people were seen pwalking from the airport because pthe buses and the taxis were pstuck in traffic, too. pgridlock is believed to be a pdirect result of this weekend's pblizzard related cancellations. pwow. p>>jennifer: what a mess. p>>laura: in sarasota the cleanup pcontinues more than a week after pa tornado ripped through siesta pkey. pstorm damaged homes sent a lot pof debris. pcrews were out on the water pyesterday trying to clean it all
6:15 am
pthe longer it sits on the bottom pof the bay, the harder it will pbe to retrieve. pcrews and volunteers will be pcleaning up all weekend long. p>>russell: i can't believe the ictures of the people trying to pget into the airport. pyeah. pthey're missing that flight. p>>dave: when you shut down, not pone but all of those airports pfor a couple of days, it's just pa nightmare. plet's talk about what's phappening around here. pweatherwise, we'll start with pheadline number one. pincreasing clouds. pwell, we will have some sunshine pthis morning. pwe'll get that high, thin, pcirrus cloud to come in. pwe finally get back into the plower 70s. pbut then big changes beginning plater tonight and during the day ptomorrow. pcold front drops to the state. plow pressure forms along the pstate. pbottom line, rain, storms
6:16 am
pmay see a few rounds of rain pbeginning tomorrow morning and pthen ending during the day on pthursday. pwe are, per the storm prediction pcenter, under a marginal risk pfor strong to severe pthunderstorms tomorrow. pi think for the most part, it's pjust going to be heavy rain but pwithin those heavy rain bands pthat we get, you may get one or ptwo of these strong pthunderstorms, probably tomorrow pafternoon and maybe even again pon thursday morning. pthrough. pthe least i can tell you is that pfrom now until midnight or so, pwe look nice and quiet. pwe have 54 degrees in tampa pwhich is a huge difference from pyesterday's temperatures in the p30s. pyesterday morning, crystal river pdipped back to like 28 degrees. pstill look. p50 now. p49 in brooksville. p50 degrees for friends in wesley pchapel and 52 brandon, lakeland,
6:17 am
phere is the cold front sliding pever so slowly to the southeast. pout here in the northwest gulf, pwe're beginning to see an area pof low pressure form. pi mean, this is what's been phappening front after front pafter front. pthe difference this time is that pas the front moves into the pstate and this low develops, pit's going to move closer to us pso that's why i think we've got pa better shot of a strong storm lus a better shot at some heavy prainfall as well. pso notice all of this mid level pmoisture which is beginning to pstream toward us. pa little warmer today. pi think today a nice day. pthe increasing moisture, the pfront coming into the state and pthe low developing, all will ptrigger some locally heavy rain pand a few strong storms pbeginning tomorrow and running pthrough midday thursday. pthat's our time frame. psay about 36 hours. pafter that, it's all cleared out pand then the weekend does look pnice.
6:18 am
ptemperaturewise as well. p72 degrees for a high ptemperature today. pbeautiful sunrise. pcheck that out at 7:20. pcloudy, mild tonight, 63 for a plow because of all the clouds. pthe rain is moving in. prain and storms developing ptomorrow. pyou may not have them at 6:17 in pthe morning, but i'll have some pon the radar and that's why i pwant you to tune in tomorrow, pwe'll plan your day out for you pin terms of where the rain is pcoming through. p70 degrees for a high ptemperature tomorrow. pget your boating in today pbecause i don't think you'll be pdoing much of it on wednesday or pthursday. pthere will be a lot of boaters pin tampa bay, hillsborough bay pcoming up that channel there pright on saturday morning for pthe invasion. pweather looks great. pwe'll go 46 degrees for a low. pdo you know what? ptechnically for the invasion, it pis kind of cool and then it pwarms up for the parade. pa couple of days of rain and pstorms and then we're smooth psailing. p>>jennifer: those people will be
6:19 am
pthey won't know if it's raining por snowing out there. pright? p>>dave: better not be snowing. p>>jennifer: good news for pmorning commuters. pit was a rough start if you were pwatching "good day" as early as p4:00. pwe were covering a fatal paccident 275 in between bearss pavenue and 75. pit had the entire interstate pshut down since 11:45 last pnight. pthat's no longer the case. pall lanes are reopen. pyou may see some residual pslowdowns because of that. pofficials off to the side of the proad. pall northbound lanes and psouthbound lanes 275 are back popen. pand the rest of the tampa majors retty much look like this. pthis is i-4 at county line road pat the polk hillsborough county pline. pheadlights, that's the eastbound ptraffic travelling into polk pcounty delay-free and speaking pof no delays, we're ent dealing pwith any in pinellas county. p35, 40 miles an hour is your paverage speed in both directions pthrough pinellas park and the pbay area bridges, they're pchecking in accident-free. psix minutes to cross the howard pfrankland. peight to cross the courtney
6:20 am
pquick, five minute ride across pthe gandy. p>>russell: it's getting very pinteresting. phillary clinton's lead in the pdemocratic primary race has pnarrowed to its slimmest margin pyet. platest fox news poll, 49% of pdemocratic primary voters now psupport clinton. pit's down from 54% two weeks pago. p37% now back bernie sanders. pmartin o'malley stays the same, pjust 1%. p10% still undecided. plast night it was a chance to pmake their closing arguments pbefore the iowa caucuses. p>> secretary clinton was psecretary of state of this pcountry for four years. pexperience is important but pjudgment is also important. p>> you have to have somebody who pis a proven, proven fighter. p>>russell: this was not a pdebate. pthe candidates appeared pseparately and fielded questions pfrom the audience. pthis gave o'malley, who was
6:21 am
pmeetings an opportunity to take pthe spotlight on climate change. p>> change is the greatest pbusiness opportunity to come to pthe united states in a hundred pyears and i'm the first pcandidate in either party to put pforward a plan to move us 100% pclean electric energy grid by p2050 and create five million pjobs along the way. p>>russell: and the republican residential hopefuls still have pone more debate before the iowa pcaucuses. pit's thursday night. pit's going to be on fox news pchannel. pan update on former president pjimmy carter's battle with pcancer. p39th president says his body is presponding well to treatments pbut he's not entirely free of pcharns. pduring an interview, he said his pdoctors have not detected any pcancer but sometimes cancer pspots return, including in his pbrain. phe will continue taking the ptreatments regularly until his pdoctors tell him he does not
6:22 am
ptragedy. pit's the focus of two movies of pthe sun dance film festival. p>>russell: the big reveal is pahead in hot clicks. p>> legendary mobster was said to pbe worth $600 million. plooking. p>> we've dug up the backyard. pwe haven't found it yet. p>>reporter: now they're looking pto cuba.
6:23 am
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3 p>>russell: time to see what's pclicking on the web. p>>laura: here is taylor with a p>>taylor: good morning. ptoday we're starting things off pwith a heart warming moment that pbrings tears of joy for one plittle boy and me and probably pyou guys at home, too. p>> come on. pi have a surprise for you. pcome here. plook at that. pwho is it? p>> keith? pkeith! pkeith. p>>taylor: all right. pdab your eyes. pwhat you just watched was a
6:25 am
pdog after he was missing over a pmonth. p>>russell: don't do this to me. p>>taylor: right? pmy gosh. plook. pit's so sweet. pand he has him back which is pwonderful. ponline they said they happened pto find keith while on their way phome. pthis is a month after he went pmissing and then this is the pmoment that she gave her son the pgreat news. poh, my gosh, right? pall right, you guys. pand next up, we have this video. pit teaches us all beware. phappy owner there was recording pthe video of people playing and pwatching the waves along the pbeach when suddenly a sneaker pwave came crashing in. pit's a name for the wave because pthey appear suddenly and are pmuch larger than waves that come
6:26 am
eople are often not expecting pthem and their impact is large. p>>laura: i'm sure the rip pcurrent is pretty strong there, ptoo. p>>taylor: he was saying no one pwas hurt, everyone made it out. pbut wow, right? p>>russell: wow. pall right, you guys. pand lastly the never ending pstory. pif you haven't seen the movie, pyou've at least seen the popular pdoll. pnow we get to see him. p>>russell: my gosh. p>>taylor: in real life. pwe have this video of the little pdog cruising on a little boat pride. p>>russell: that's cute. p>>taylor: and resembling real plife. p>>laura: strong finish.
6:27 am
p>>taylor: i'm going to touch up pright now. p>>laura: that was good, taylor. pyou got us out of the gate. p>>russell: 6:25 in the morning. pthat's what she did to me. p>>taylor: sorry. p>>laura: all right. pstill ahead on "good day," a pcontroversial proposal in ptallahassee. p>>russell: details on the bill pthat would ban nearly all pabortions in florida. pand the tables have turned for a pgroup that accused planned arenthood of breaking the law. pnow the group's i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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p>>dave: good tuesday morning. pit's 6:30, a light jacket kind pof morning but you don't need pfull winter gear n. some spots pwe're 20 degrees warmer than pyesterday at this time. p54 out at tampa international.
6:30 am
pbeen doing some shifting to more pof a south-southeasterly pdirection and we're getting high pcloud cover to begin to filter pin. pyou can see that through the pbrookdale, bayshore camera. pwe'll be up at 7:20 and it pshould be a nice day, although pcloudy later this afternoon. pi think we squeeze back in the plower 70s this afternoon but pthose clouds, rain will follow pand that will happen tomorrow pand thursday. pthose details here on "good day" pin a few minutes. p>>jennifer: we're keeping you pupdated on a fatal accident that phappened just before midnight. pi-275 back open after a crash pshut down the interstate for pabout five hours, more than five phours. pthe accident occurred at mile pmarker 56 between bearss avenue pand i-75 apex. ptwo lines involved. pwe're hearing a van was ptravelling southbound in the pcenter lane of 275 when it psuddenly, for some reason, proad. psemi truck then smashed into pthat van and that van burst into pflames.
6:31 am
pf.h.p. continuing their pinvestigation but the good news pis that all lanes are reopened pso this should not have an pimpact anymore to the morning pcommute. pa couple of issues that includes pan accident in gibsonton i-75. pit's in the southbound lanes at pthe exit ramp to gibsonton pdrive. psky fox should be arriving on pscene momentarily and i'll tweet pa live picture at fox 13 ptraffic. pu.s. 19 through pinellas park, pno problems on any of the bay parea bridges. p>>russell: two men are charged pwith driving under the influence pafter a deputy was nearly hit pduring a traffic stop. pit happened late sunday night in ptampa. psheriff's office says a deputy pwas about to arrest a man for pd.u.i. when another drunk driver psideswiped the officer's patrol pcar. pthat driver did not stop. phe was eventually caught by pauthorities. ptodd casey had a blood alcohol pcontent of more than twice the plegal limit. pboth he and the original suspect
6:32 am
p>>laura: a group of burglars pstole electronics and food from pa lakeland home but they didn't pstop there. pthe three criminals also stole pthe family's yorkshire terrier. pit happened on friday. psurveillance caught them going pin and out of the home three ptimes during the burglary. pand then leaving in a car. pthe car and the goods were pstolen. pthey were found. phowever, the dog is still pmissing. p>>russell: human life begins at pconception. pthat is the basis for a new bill pthat could ban nearly all pabortions in florida. p>>laura: this controversial plegislation passed a key pcommittee yesterday, too. panjuli davis is live. pthe odds of this passing are pslim but it's controversial just pthe same. p>>reporter: absolutely. pthe lawmaker has pushed for psimilar legislation for the past pseven years but for the first ptime it's actually being pconsidered by a committee. phouse bill 865 is sponsored by prepresentative charles van zant
6:33 am
pthat's the north central florida parea. pthere's some buzz from ptallahassee insiders that the pbill is being considered this pyear out of courtesy to him who pis in his final session due to pterm limits. pthe bill would make performing pan abortion or operating an pabortion clin being a first pdegree felony punishable by up pto 30 years in prison. pthe legislation defines human plife at conception and make it a pcrime to perform an abortion punless two doctors certify that pit was necessary to prevent pdeath for permanent series pbodily harm t pfirst of three committee phearings with an 8-3 vote. pobviously this directly pconflicts with the u.s. supreme pcourt's 1973 roe vs. wade pruling. pthe supreme court overturned an pabortion ban in north dakota on pmonday. pagain, this bill would have to ass two more committee votes pbefore it would be taken to the
6:34 am
pwe'll have the very latest as pthis goes. p>>laura: thank you. pin a stunning turn of events, a pgrand jury in texas that was pinvestigating criminal pobligations against planned arenthood has instead indicted ptwo anti-abortion activists. plast year a group called the pcenter for medical progress made pnational headlines after preleasing a series of undercover pvideos. pactivists posed as prospective pbuyers of fetal tissue and pcaptured several employees pdiscussing the process. pnow the activists are accused of ptampering with a government precord. pone of them, the group's pfounder, was also charged with a pmisdemeanor count related to urchasing human organs. phe released this statement pfollowing his indictment. phe writes, the center for pmedical progress uses the same pundercover techniques that pinvestigative journalists have pused for decades in exercising pthe freedom of speech and of the
6:35 am
lanned parenthood officials are pcalling the charges vindication. pthe president released this pstatement saying, quote, these panti-abortion extremists spent pthree years creating a fake pcompany, creating fake pidentities, lying and breaking pthe law. pwhen they couldn't find any pimproper or illegal activity, pthey made it up. pthe state of florida launched a pseparate investigation into the lanned parenthood last year and phealth department inspectors preported finding several pabortion clinics illegally erforming second trimester pabortions including ones in st. etersburg, fort myers and pnaples. lanned parenthood accused the pstate of changing the definition pof second trimester. p>>russell: it's 6:36 right now pand the sun dance film festival pincludes an unusual double pfeature. ptwo different movies explore the pstory of a journalist in psarasota who shot and killed pherself during a live broadcast pin 1974. pone is called christine, a pfictionalized depiction of her
6:36 am
pthe other is an experimental pdocumentary called kate plays pchristie. pit's about an actress preparing pto portray her. pin both cases the film makers psay they had to deal with the pfact there's very little pinformation out there about her. pmoments before she shot herself, pshe was cited as the inspiration pfor the 1979 oscar winning film, pnetwork. p>>laura: that was a haunting pstory, too. pbritish explorer died as he ptried to trek across ant arctic pa unaided. phe was a former army officer pfrom london. pdoctors were not able to save phim. phis wife says he died of pcomplete organ failure. phe began the coast to coast trek pin november. phis plan was to cross the pcontinent with no supply drops
6:37 am
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p>>dave: 6:40 on this mild ptuesday morning. pa little different, right? pwe have some cloud cover. pwe had a bit of a wind shift povernight so the 30s are gone
6:39 am
pwe're sitting in the 50s. p10, 15, even 20 degrees warmer pin a few spots than yesterday. plakeland, you have 54. p50 degrees in bartow. plook at the temps in the 50s. pif you remember just yesterday, pall bundled up, we had 20s to pthe north. pwe had freezing temperatures. pthe freeze warnings, the frost padvisories. ptoday we're in the mid 50s. pbig difference. pas you go further south, look at pthis. pmiami was down to the lower 50s pyesterday. pthey're running 69 degrees this pmorning. pwest palm at 70 so yeah, the pdifference with the winds kind pof shifting is high pressure pworks its way offshore and pshifts these winds to more of a psoutherly direction. pi think between the wind pdirection and even though we're pgoing to have some cloud cover, pincreasing today, we should pmanage to get back up to the plower 70s. pnormal for this time of year and pthese high clouds will continue pto stream in from west to east.
6:40 am
pthat's now beginning to gather pmoisture, some energy strength pas it slowly slides south and peastward and we're going to pwatch a wave of low pressure pmove across the gulf, across the pstate and that's going to rovide the focus, the lift, the penergy that we need for some prain and the possibility of some pstrong storms. pright now it's in its infancy, pthe low over here. pover the course of the next 24 phours, as it picks up want pmoisture and the energy and preally just drives it straight pacross the state, very typical pel nino pattern where we're pgoing to have a low come close penough to bring us a few strong pstorms but definitely some pheavier rain. preally from tampa, pasco county psouth. pthere's your marginal risk for a pstrong to severe storm that's pfor tomorrow. pnot today. ptoday is going to be fine. pwe were looking at tomorrow's ptime frame. pmodels.
6:41 am
pby the time we get to thursday pmorning at 4:00, you've got palmost an inch of rain and then pmoving over to another computer pmodel, european, they're rojecting a little bit wetter pscenario going into, say, by pfriday morning. pmore than 2 1/2 inches of rain. pso really running between an pinch and two, 2 1/2 overall. psome of those, if you get a pstrong storm obviously pincreasing some of those rain pamounts but a good soaking for peverybody in the forecast. pwe'll go 72 for a high temp ptoday. pno rain in today's forecast. plater tonight, tomorrow morning, pwe'll see showers begin to pdevelop. pmaybe a few strong storms ptomorrow as we mentioned. pthat will extend into thursday pas well. pthe good news is, we're getting pthe out of here in time for the pweekend. pregardless of what you're doing pthis weekend, outdoor plans, pthey should be okay but at least pthe next couple of days after ptoday are going to be wet. pjen 6:43. pwe're heading into the rush hour pdrive, a couple of trouble spots
6:42 am
pthey're high above u.s. 301 in pbetween fowler avenue and the pi-75 interchange. pall the vehicles are off to the pright side of the roadway. pthese are your northbound lanes pu.s. 301 and not really paffecting the morning commute. premember the move over law preducing your speed 20 miles an phour before your limit. pand crews were just on scene of pthis accident. psky fox was, that is. pthis is along i-75 this morning pwhere the crash was off on the pramp from gibsonton drive peastbound onto i-75. pit's not affecting the -- it's paffecting the intersection, not pblocking any lanes but you can psee there's a little backup palong the eastbound side of pgibsonton. pmaybe an extra minute or two pwill get you past that crash pwithout any significant delay. pa live look outside through pdowntown tampa where traffic is pflowing freely in both pdirections and a heads up for p275 drivers. pthat earlier accident is between pbaerpzs avenue and the north
6:43 am
pit's 6:44. ptime to check in with charley pbelcher. pboy, am i having fun talking to pyou every morning. p>>charley: i enjoy it as well. p"good day" to you. pdid you have a nice evening last pnight? pgood night? pgood morning so far? p>>jennifer: great morning, yeah. phow about you? p>>charley: i saw some pretty pwedding pictures. pnational spouses day or psomething? p>>jennifer: it is. p>>charley: so nice wedding icture of you and jeremy and pwalter and natalie. pthat was very nice to wake up pto. p>>charley: do something nice for plindsay this morning or this pafternoon. pi'm sure you do nice things for pher every day of the year. p>>charley: every day just waking pup with me is pretty nice if you pthink about it. p>>jennifer: i'll bet it is. p>>charley: thank you. pi hear russell. p>>jennifer: do you hear the plaughter in the studio? p>>charley: laugh it up. pon? pit was on fx. p>>jennifer: i love fargo. p>>charley: we're just now
6:44 am
pwe're about halfway through. pthat's a show, huh? p>>jennifer: it is a show. p>>charley: season one was good. pi'm sure season two is even pbetter. pyou can find it fx now app. pi was not told to do this. pthat sounds like a commercial. pdo you want to see something pscary? p>>jennifer: yeah. p>>charley: me holding this. p>>jennifer: my goodness. p>>charley: i've already tied it pin a knot here. psorry. p>>jennifer: is that a lasso? pis it a whip? p>>charley: this is a whip. pyes. pthis is a chip. pthese kids are here, they're pwhipping crazy is what they are. pthey are so whipping good, it is pchipping crazy how whipping good pthey are. pwe're at the polk county youth pcenter. pi look forward to this every pyear.
6:45 am
pmeant to be. pkeep your cotton candy and the pmidway. pthis is about the celebration of pagriculture, ffa, raising pigs, pblue ribbons, cows, chili pcookoffs, table settings, that's pthe kind of -- did your phone pring, steve? pthank you, steve. hotographer steve filling in pfor jason bird didn't put his hone on vibrate. panyway, it's a great celebration pof everything florida and pagriculture and i've been phanging with -- i'm going to do pit. pi've been hanging out with the pwaldmans for years. pevery year they give us a whip plesson. phere is the deal. pi've already hurt my finger once pthis morning. pi can only do the underhand. pi should have a helmet.
6:46 am
plook what these guys can do. pgo ahead. p>>jennifer: my gosh. p>>charley: look at that, ladies pand gentlemen. pthey are the real pros. pwe're going to talk to the pwaldmans and we've got cows, igs, we've got ribbons at stake pand we always end this in the p9:00 hour with a live pig pauction on the air to see what pthey're going for, what the pmarket value of the pigs are pthis year. pso it's a "good day" in bartow pfor the polk county youth fair. p>>jennifer: whipping good pmorning. plooking forward to it. pit is 6:48 now. pmaking headlines this morning, resident obama has said that he pwill ban the use of solitary pconfinement for juvenile and low plevel offenders at the federal risoners. resident cites devastating and
6:47 am
pconsequences. pthe reforms would affect roughly p10,000 inmates in the federal psystem right now. pat this time, roughly 100,000 eople are in solitary pconfinement in the u.s. ptwo former disney workers are psuing after losing their jobs. pthey were among 250 tech workers plaid off by disney last year. pthey filed those lawsuits in ptampa federal court citing pdisney breaking the law and preplacing workers with cheaper pimmigrant labor. pdisney says that the lawsuits pare a misrepresentation of the pfacts. pnumbers are in. pdespite all that chilly weather, pabout 100,000 people turned out pfor the gasparilla children's arade on saturday and those pfestivities continue today at pnoon. irates will demand that mayor pbuckhorn hand over the key to pthe city. pdon't expect him to give up pwithout a fight. phe never did. irates will be back this pweekend for the annual pirate pinvasion followed by the adult arade on saturday. pthen this.
6:48 am
pflorida has once again been pnamed the best place to retire. pthis is according to wallet hub. pflorida beat out wyoming, south pdakota, south carolina and pcolorado for the top spot. pthe list is based on paffordability paffordability, quality of health pcare. p>>russell: so stevie, we don't phave to go far. pwhen you think of impulse buys, pyou think gum or magazine at the pcheckout. pyou won't believe how much some eople are spending on a whim. pand jack bower is one of the pmost iconic characters in modern ptv history but it's hard to
6:49 am
pother than3 3 ?how much do you think you spend on "impusle" p>>laura: how much do you think pyou spend on impulse buys? p>>russell: thanks to amazon, pmore than i used to. p>>laura: do you really need it? pdoesn't matter. p>>russell: i don't know. pi mean, i don't know. plauren? p>>reporter: yes? p>>russell: what do you think? pdo i need it? p>>reporter: no. pthat's why it's the urge to psplurge. pthe impulse purchase. pmost of us make these, eight in p10 of us make impulse purchases pand half of us spend at least p$100 in doing so. pthat's me all the time. pbut 20% of us, 20% of us, spend pat least $1,000 each time. pnow, that, you know -- that's preal money. pand obviously we're not doing pall of this on our phones or pcomputers. pwe're actually going into the
6:50 am
pthe dough which makes sense. p but the urge to splurge, paccording to credit, preally affecting most americans. p>>russell: you know, we went pthrough a recession and now it's pnot there, it keeps going. p>>reporter: it's a happy dance. p>>russell: gas is cheap. pyou have the money. p>>reporter: when i have a tough pday, shopping is -- p>>russell: you bet. p>>laura: this isn't exactly an pimpulse guy -- buy but a guilty leasure frm piz pizza hut pannouncing a new crust. p>>reporter: totar tot pizza. pit's the crust. pzealand. pi would love to go to new pzealand, too. pwhile there we'll have some izza hut tator tot pizza.
6:51 am
pdoesn't it? pno? p>>laura: i would have to see it ut together. p>>russell: i'm buying into this pone. p>>reporter: you're buying, pincluding the air fare to new pzealand. pthank you, russell. pso sweet. p>>reporter: i've always wanted pto go to new zealand. p>>reporter: me, too. pthat's what i'm saying. pthat explains the trip, all for pthe $10 pie. p>>russell: research, business pexpense. pwe write it off. p>>laura: quality control. pthank you. pand don't miss lauren simonetti pon our sister network station. pif you're not sure where to find pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: some entertainment pnews. pjack baur is being replaced. pcory hawkins will take over the plead role in "24." pthe new series is called "24 plegacy."
6:52 am
pactually going to be on the tv. p>>laura: change of pace for x pfile star. pinstead of looking up at the pstars, he has his own star on pthe hollywood walk of fame now. pjulienne anderson could not pattend. pshe sent a fake telegram in pwhich she appears to mistake the ptribute for his funeral because phe made his film debut that was pa big part of "working girl" in p1988. p>>russell: steven spielberg is plooking for someone to star in pbe you. pa local casting call is underway pfor freddie player watts based pon the book set in a world where pmost people spend their free ptime in virtual reality. pit's described as a mix between pcharley and the chocolate pfactory and trion. pcasting direct or is looking for pthe lead role. pall right. pokay. pyou have to be 18 or 19 years punderweight. pthe video auditions now being paccepted online at ready player
6:53 am
pi'm just reading what's there. pi know you're all looking at me. p>>laura: charlie and the pchocolate factory meets tron. pthat's hard to imagine. pdr. jo has a warning for all of pus but especially for women pthinking about getting pregnant. p>>russell: plus a dog gets let pout for a walk. palmost ran a half marathon by paccident. pand a safe found buried under a pflorida home. pthere's good reason to believe pthere's a lot of money inside. p>>dave: brookdale bayshore pcamera showing clouds streaming pin. p51 degrees, even nicer for plakeland where it's 54. psun will be up in 20 23 minutes. plower 70s today as the clouds pincrease and how long the 90% prain chance for wednesday, 70% pfor thursday, kind of wet and pstormy but the weekend when
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