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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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moving to the north and east and into palm beach county, and still a clip of shower activity and moving in after 6:30 and 6:45, and few and far in between, not looking for an overly wet day but some of you may run the windshield wipers one or two times. it's marching south of lake okeechobee, and should sweep in by 9:00 or 10:00 and clears out this afternoon and temperatures are still falling. 65 in oakland park and ft. lauderdale. 65 in miami. leveling off at 63, and turning breezy but brighter this afternoon. a forecast high of 71. welcome back to kelly blanco. >> we have a couple accidents on the dolphin expressway other than the dolphin, we are accident free. the two accidents, one on the eastbound lanes of the 836 around northwest 57th avenue,
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shsulder within the next couple of minutes. we don't see orange or red on` the maps, so appears good sign. another accident here, and this one was reported with the direction, and made phone calls for you, and it's dolphin expressway westbound at northwest 107th avenue, that entrance ramp partially blocked off because of the crash there. and palmetto expressway to i-95 a. nine-minute ride, so not too bad. let's take you to 595, no delays in broward county. don't forget, you can follow me on twitter @kellynbc6. a busy schedule for president obama today. he is expected to meet withcastro,
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head on, and this trip has protesters hitting the streets not only in the cuban capital of havana, and we are talking about a lot of prrests happening here in south florida over this. >> many in t cuban exile community not happening with the president's visit. >> sending a message of solidarity to the opposition movement in cuba on the day of president obama's arrival, cuban americans in little marched to the bay of pigs monument. >> we will be thinking of the countless numbers of families that were uprooted and separated. >> the miami tkpwaop chose to assemble on a sunday to pay tribute to tt ladies in white in cuba who each week attend mass and peacefully protest demanding freedom for political prisoners.
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route to the communist nation, the group tweeted, president obama while you travel to cuba about 40 ladies in white have been arrested. during the arrested in havana, you hear somebody in the crowd say, easy, easy, the press is here. >> many cuban activist have been detained so the president obama lands in cuba without a visible oppppsition on the island. >> at the little havana protests, different groups and generations stood together with a clear stance against the president's historic visit. >> i am here today to show the young people we need to stand up for democracy. >> there should be priorities, which is human rights for cuban disa disa dissidents. >> it's a sad day for america. it's a sad day for freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness. >> important to note there are
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with president obama's decision to travel to cuba, and that being said, as you j jst saw, this trip has really struck a nerve with theuban american community, many people angry and since the december 17th announcement to normalize relations this has been the largest protest to date. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. the first family strolled through rainy old havana carrying black umbrellas all along the way, an they walked to the cathedral where they were met by a cheering crowd, and president obama waved to the crowd, and he metwe followed closely when the pope made his visitit there. earlier the president and first lady met with the staff of the newly opened embassy in havana.
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historic opportunity to engage with the cuban opportunity, and to build new ties between our two peoples and for me to layout my vision for a future that is brighter than our past. >> he got pretty specific singling out free cubans who have worked there for decades, and he talked about a driver and guard from the visa sectiti of that department and he said they bring the cuban and american pepele together by doing what they do. before the u.s. reopened its embassy, it only had a u.s. interests section in havana. and later today president obama will attend a baseball game from the tampa bay raesnd that a cuban national team.
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franchise to play in havana since 1999. and the rays arriving late last night for the game, and for one member of the team, it's more than an exhibition game. he defected three years ago to play baseball in the u.s., and greeting him at the hotel, his niece and sister and other family members, and what a homecoming. >> our next half hour of news, we will be live from havana, cuba. you can find extensive coverage of the president's two-day trip to the island nation, and just click on the cuba crossroads section. breaking news out of ft. lauderdale is morning. a live look at a police investigation at the bank of america on davie boulevard and southwest 31st avenue. police not telling nbc 6 much at this time. there was a scene here just moments ago, a car just removed from the atm there at the bank where it looks like some cre scene investigators are walking around that area.
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police also at the scene of a nearby gas station right now and we are working to see if these two scenes are connected and we'll have another update for you in just a few minutes, and also on the nbc 6 news and weather app. donald trump talking with republican leaders in private days after a rally for e gop frontrunner sees punches thrown. that's what you are looking at there. nbc 6 live in washington, d.c. with a look at what is being said, and what is still ahead today.
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a cement your time is 6:12, and all but on of the presidential candidates will inbound washington today speaking to a pro israel conference. senator rnie sanders, the lone candidate who is not on the
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afternoon, and for nbc 6 this morning, tracie potts live for us in washington,n,.c. it's not a super tuesday but an important tuesdayor the primaryies for some candidates. >> yes, we continue to watch the polls leading up to the primaries. donald trump leading arizona and ted cruz leading utah, and there's a democratic caucus in idaho, and bernie sanders hoping all three of those states might help him catch up. >> the poll has us ahead in utah by 11 points. >> bernie sanders is in utah today ahead of tomorrow's primary, while all the other candidates speck at a pro israel conference@ in washington. while here, donald trump is reportedly meeting privately with nearly two dozen top republicans calling for party unity after another weekend of violence atone of his rallies. >> let me tell you.
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they make it sound so big. >> trump remains the frontrunner head into the utah and arizona primaries tomoow. >> donald has a ceiling he can't get above. >> maybe ted ought o get out because he can't win in the fall. >> and cruz raisedore last month than kasich raised the entire campaign. those filings also show bernie sanders raed more than hillary clinton, but he also spent more. live from washington, tracie pott speaking at a church in arizona, senator ted cruz blasted president obama for visiting cuba. he said he looks to visiting cuba, quote, whh it's free. >> for decades leftists and hollywood liberals made the
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homageo fidel and raul castro, and it's very chic for the left to celebrate vicious calm kwraouommunist dictators. >> donald trump tweeted out, wow, president obama just landed in kau beau, a big deal, and raul castro wasn't even there to greet him. no respect. goooo morning. 6:15 is the time now. there's a cooler change i i store. it will be affective the moment you step in the morning, and then today not warming up.
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not worried about this taking over. let me show you what i am talking about on first alert radar, and this front will quickly advance through the area this morning, and widening out, the overall coverage of this line of showers, not all th impressive and beginning to break down a touch, and one decent cluster that will clip maybe the parkland area this morning. a lot of this activity continuing to move off to the north, and i am not going to hold high expectations which has broken-down quite a bit in the last 45 minutes or so. here's the front, and it' just south of the lake moving into northwestern broward county. it will sweep all the showers through this morning, and we will go through a few hours where the cloudshang around, and then everything clears out this afternoon and it urns breezy, but today a cooler day
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wait until you see what happens to the temperature trend. cloudy and breezy. there is the 836 moving along fine, and visibility a-okay. and northwhwt winds around 15 miles per hour or so and the wind gusts this afternoon will approach 25 miles per hour, and it's 66 in pembroke pines, and 65 in ft. l lderdale as well as naples. by the way, up north near the lake, temperatures dipping into the low 60s, and we're going to see temperatures falling more this morning before making a slow climb back in the upper 60s and low 70s this afternoon. a few hours this morning where we will see a chance for showers, and otherwise a cooler day with highs at 71, and that's about nine degrees below average. how about tonight into the 50s? no joke. 56 in weston, and 57 in pembroke pines. after we get through the brief shower chance, we're going to warm up to only 68. a breezy day and brisk at times, if you will.
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we're up to 71 today and down to the 50s tonight. we're up to 80 by wednesday. a cool change to start your workweek, and enjoy this last blast of winter weather, if you will. we will be below average, and we will warm up quicklyand bring up shower chances late week. it's spring break for miami-dade and broward county public schools, so hopefully that will help with the commute a little bit ts morning. taking a look at the palmetto expressway, still busy even though miami-dade andschools are out. 836. eastbound at northwest 57th avavue you will find a crash scene off to the shoulder and not affecting the local lanes at all, and we are seeing all green on our first alert traffic maps. we also have another accident, and this is a hit-and-run crash with injuries block the right lane on the lphin expressway
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107th avenue, so keep in mind that, and other than the two accidents on the 836, we are looking good. broward county is accident free. 836 drivers, palmetto expressway to i-95, a nine-minute ride ahead of you. and i-95 drivers, golden glades to downtown miami, a 10-minute ride, andhe express lanes under $1.50 right now. maybe you arar still hearing it in your head, the ultra music festival shutting down until next year's show kicks off. tens of thousands music lovers made their way to downtown miami over the last three days, friday, saturday and sunday, and partying with some of the top deejays in the nation. later today the miami-dade police department expected to release the grand total of the
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and you can check thosee numbers out on our nbc 6 news and weather app. the university of miami student passed away after attending ultra. adam levine died after being taken into custody and the hospital over the weekend. his parents say it was for complications after having a seizure. and the university tweeted out that they are saddened by that loss. if you are getting ready for work, dreading possible stress, and new research may help you. there's an online sttss management program, and it was tried out with employees at a busy corporate call center, and during that week you had to meditate four times a week, and many said they were also sleeping better and lost weight. >> thoseeople that meditate and do yoga, they swear by it. an 11-year-old going for a
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this is it. [ sirens wailing ] >> get it? concrete proof, right? this 11-year-old decided i will take a commercial cement truck out for a while, and it's cell phone video of the 11-year-old driving the stolen cement truck outside of rochester, and he swiped a truck and an officer trying to cut through yards and he was able to roll through the city streets for the most part not so much noticed besides the police behind him. police were able to get the truck stopped and based upon the size of the truck and the weight behind it, nobody was hurt, and he didn't total anybody's car or run into anybody's house. >> 11 years old. >> incredible. your time is 6:21. on your monday morning, on thatle in the spotlight for two
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we will look at a busy couple of days for the tech giant, including a few new releases
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the tjme is 6:24 on your monday morning. apple will be in the spotlight over the next couple of days, and once again, we should probably say, in the spotlight. tomorrow it's for the showdown with the tpheubfbi, but today it's for its products. >> mark barger has a preview of what could be in store.
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after introducing iphone 6s and 6s plus. >> it's hard to get people excited about phones. >> bridgeit carry expect a new offering of the 6s phones but in a smaller erer version. >> maybe they don't want to be left behind in having something new right now. >> hoping to jump-start sales for a long lasting product. >> you don't need to upgrade your tablet every year like you may feel like you need to do with the phone because you are not using it the same way. >> and on the eve of apple's courtroom showdown with the fbi over encryption. >> i wouldn't expect a long song and dance, but certainly it's an
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>> and it will be center stage on tuesday. chking the times for you on this monday morning, 6:26. breaking thi morning, a police investigation under way at a bank of america in ft. lauderdale. nbc 6 talking with police as they are searching for answers. a car was just towed away from the scene in the last 30 minutes or so and it looks like maybe undercover cops are on the scene, and the nbc 6 news and weather app has the latest information and you can check that as well. we are cool and cloudy and anticipating a few isolated showers on the commute, and the breeze picks up, and it's a cooler than average day, despite the sunshine, breezy conditions and the afternoon highs at 71. one of the cooler nights we have
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toni president obama waking up in cuba this morning, and the trip comes with mixed emotions. many praised the commander in chief's visit while others here at home are calling it a disgrace. >> it's a sad day for america. it's a sad day for freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness. >> nbc 6 is live in havana this morning with a look at president obama's meeting with cuban leader, raul castro that will happen later today, coming up in about%90s seconds. right ncw a first alert look at traffic and weather. >> you may see a few rain drops on your morning commute and we know spring break is happening for miami-dade and broward county. >> we are going to see a huge difference in temperatures? >> we had a warm and humid weekend. we will put a squash on this quickly. a line on first alert doppler
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well, and we had isolated showers in coral springs, and sawgrass expressway, but overall a quiet morning. here comes the cold front into southeast florida this morning. the front should move out by 10:00 and then we move into a breezy and brighter pattern, and our temperatures are still falling in oakland park and ft. lauderdale, everybody down to 63. we're dry right now but could see a stray shower on the morning commute. herers kelly with traffic. we have a traffic alert in broward county, i-75 drivers. thisramp right here, this is the mere iramar parkway entrance ramp, and yo can see the flashing lights and emergency crews are on the scene and it appears to be one of the cars in the crash is over on e grassy
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clear up and you see the heavy delays stacking up on the eastbound ramp to i-95 southbound. >> thank you so much. your time is 6:32 on this monday. the president's trip to cuba trending on twitter right now. and that this is some of the tweets pouring in from countries all over the world using the #obamaincuba. @ they will sit down to discuss improving relations despite deep, deep differences. >> jay gray is live in havana with more of what is ahead. a meeting with raul castro is being met with big emotions, both for and against that meeting today. >> porter: yeah, and you know, eric and sheli, you can nderstand that givv the perspective of many viewing this. a contntversial meeting, as you
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owed of silence between the two countries as he sits down later castro. it's delivering a mixed message here in the u.s. and on the island nation. after a visit to old havana late yesterday, including a stop at the city's famous cathedral, the first lady and daughters, today president obama's focus will shift from tourists to a business. later there will be an official state welcome from cuban president, raul castro, and the white house says the president will be, quote, canaid, about areas of disagreement, including human rights practices. for many here the topic is not as nearly as important as the two sides are talking again.
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it's a historic trip, and it has been 50 years without relations with the north american government. >> two-generation cabdriver hopes the president will take a closer look at the country she is so proud of. >> i want him to know how beautiful is it so he can share it with everybody else. >> a beauty and culture hidden from most americans for more than 50 years. >> travel to cuba for americans still limited. there's no official lift from the embargo. how far will these talks go to easing the restrictions and relationship between the two countries? that's the latest, live in havana, i am jay gray.
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arrived, tensions are running high on the streets of havana. several members of the opposition ladies in white were detained during a protest. and jackie nespral has more from the cuban capital. >> you can't report on the normalization of relations with cuba without talking about the opposition. from the old timers, like the ladies in white, to the new dissident movement. >> people have a great fear to be here and join us in this march because they know what are their out comes. >> reporter: at a small church in havana, a peaceful demonstration. >> president obama in previous months said he wouldn't visit cuba if human rights did not improve. >> if the meeting takes place, i would tell to president obama
6:35 am
human rights and the freedoms need to be the main position on the table. >> fear is not part of their vocabulary. >> they can't scare me anymore. i have been living in fear for 48 years, and it's useless, and i don't have the capacity of sensing fear. >> what will be their message to president obama on tuesday? >> translator: i would like president obama to talk about human rights, freedom of expression, byipartisanshipbipartisanship, and talk about tolerance and diverse ideas. >> just a minute ago we talked live with jay gray in havana and he talked about unrest and uncomfortableness going on between the cuban people and president obama based upon his trip there, but the president's visit is also strikin a nerve for many cuban americans here in south florida.
6:36 am
large group protesting the president's visit, and they marched to a building that commemorates political prisoners, and the ladies in white peacefully assemblevery we for the political prisoners in cuba. >> we wl be thinking of the countless numbers of families that were uprooted and were separated. >> shortly after a local cuban ameqicans protested president obama's visit and called out the importance of human rights on the island nation, dozens of dissidents in havana were arrested. >> a group of graduate students from the university will be wi him for a five day trip. we will have that tonight at 11:00. tomorrow the president will
6:37 am
deliver a speech to ohe cuban people and the televised event will take place where the last president to speak in cuba happened 88 years ago. >> and the coverage will continue live starting at 11:00 a.m. youocan find extensive coverage of the president's two-day trip to cuba on our nbc 6 news and weather app, and just click on the cuba crossroads section. a live look right now at a police investigation at the bank of america on davie boulevard and southwest 31st avenue. police are not telling nbc 6 much at this time, but a car was being lookeedetectives, and the cars was towed away. and we are trying to figure out
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a house party turns deadly when shots are fired and hundreds of people sent running. hear from those inside at the time.. the candidates take a break from the campaign trail, a except for one. why four of the five will be in washington today. and that's coming up in he big six, the six stories you need to know before you head out the or this morning. and then we are going to see whe crews are focusing a search. skies are mostly cloudy but we are dry, and anticipating one or two showers this morning. we'll clear out, and it will be a nice afternoon, and how about the cool air settling into the southeast region, and we are the warmest here, and that will soon ange. we have problems on i-75. take a look at the scene. the entrance from miramar
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parking lot the entrance your time on your monday morning, 6:43. this hour plantation police on the hunt for a shooter that they say open fire at a packed house party leaving one person dead. nbc 6 reporter, erika glover has more. >> reporter: from music and dancing, to panic and chaos. >> i heard a couple screams. i heard one shot and then two shots right after. >> erybody was just running for their lives, honestly. >> and the nextthing i know, everybody is blocking the street. >> what began as a noise and parking complaint at a home on northwest 4th court and plantation acres became a death investigation saturday night. >> they were patting people down to get in and then this
6:43 am
>> for 5 bucks guests to participate in the house party. officers say they were onhe scene and outside of the home when the gunshots rang out inside. >> i saw one girl that gut shotot shot. >> the teen says he hit the floor for safety. three women and one man were transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds, and one was found deceased in the home. >> everybody was trying to get to the car but the police wouldn't let us out. >> searching through cars and hoping for answers. >> it's traumatizing because somebody died. it could have been you, you know. this morning a search is under way for a missing boater off of key biscayne. crews were scouring the waters on the west side of the island for hours. a boat began to slam into the rocks and two people from
6:44 am
it out and one disappeared and he is from new york city. search crews have been looking for him throughout the night. just in time for the start of spring, a snowstorm barrelling across the country. this is in massachusetts where heavy snow is falling this morning. parts of massachusetts and southeast maine is expected to get the worst of it all. it's 6:46. isolated showers here flirting witht least western broward county.
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western areas but not holding out hope for much the way of rain. live first alert doppler available anytime on theree nbc 6 news and weather app. let's widen out here across miami-dade county and broward county, dry all night. once we get past 9:00 or 10:00, it's smooth sailing from then on out. a nice forecect for you today, tonight and tomorrow, and for some of you, we will be on the cooler end of things and we will look atat that in just a moment. st now moving into the two county area, and will clear the keys closese to midday. breezy conditions in the wake of the front and that will be with us through the evening hours, and then a few more clouds to skirt by this afternoon but we should manage sunshine. the bulk of the rain is out of here. and not really holding out that that will be a big problem for
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through 9:00 thismorning. otherwise we clear out and we have a breezy forecast for you today and then a chilly night, and back in the 50s tonight probably for the last timehis season. we have not been there for a nth and it wasas late february we touched in the 50s. the winds kicking up this morning, sustained between 15 and 20 miles per hour, and that will get your attention, and gusts up to 25 this afternoon. temperatures steady into the mid-60s. i think our temperatures will drop beforeehey begin to warm up. here's a look into miami right ow. i want to show you in contrast the temperatures in ft. lalaerdale at about 65. pretty representative of what we have got across the area this morning. first alert weather here, mostly cloudy skies w wh a quick shower. the shower chances will be very brief is morning. we will focus on getting more sunshine back in our skies and only a modest warmup. up to 71 today, d keep in mind, the wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. here's the payoff for those of you that love the cooler weather, here's your last
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tuesdayaymorning. this is d dinitely a situation where we can shut down the air-conditioning and open the house of the condo one more time. low humidity and bright skies, not bad, and up to 80 on wednesday. unfortunately the humidity returns and so do the showers, mid-80s lead into next weekend. we have the traffff alert on i-75. take a look at your screen if you are getting ready to head out the door. miramar parkway the entrance to i-75 southbound, and we are going to hop on i-75 southbound, take your side streets, miami gardens drive or hop on on pines pwhrfld boulevard. you can take aa left on pines boulevard and avoid that, that is addinina couple minutes to
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take away from this extra 15-minute drive. this is northwest 114th street, and youuan see traffic slow southbound and northbound. one more accidenen and let's take you to the maps in miii beach, an accident with injurieie at collins avenue at es pan kwroelaway. we are ten minutes to o he top of the hour now on your monday morning. you will be looking at paying a little more at the pump this morning as gas prices continue to climb little by little here. the national averageor us up 17 cents from two weeks ago, and it's around $2.02 nationally. here in south florida, the prices averaging in the low 1.90s, which is still pretty good.
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rage ended with one man dead and one being questioned.d. investigators say when they arrived at the scene they found one mannad been shot and that person was taken to broward medical health and later died. as for the shooter, he stataed at the scene and police trying to figure out howid this shooting and road rage start. rightow a desperate search under way for a local college student mimiing at sea. a student at florida ternational university tphel into the ocean on friday while she was vacationing in st. thomas. she and her boyfriend were on rocks at peter borg point when she went in. her boyfriend managed to climb on to the rocks and was rescued and she never resurfaced. detectives on the hunt forepersonfor persons that shot and killed a
6:50 am
14 ft street and 28th avenue. jackson's sister said she saw him lying on the ground after the shots were fired. theetectives have not released any information on a possible spect, but if you think you know anything that can help, call broward county crime stoppers. we k kw the u.s. is sending more troops to iraq after a marine was killed by an isis rocket. his unit was attacked by rocket fire at an out post in northern iraq. other members ft unit were huhu as well. the u.s.-led coalition says they are sending a group of marines from north carolina. and then the suspect captured from the paris terror attacks. the man was captured in belgium
6:51 am
more violence and he had a huge stack weapons and ammunitions, too. everybody is safe this morning after a massive grease fire consumed a truck stop. 150 firefighters were called out to the site, ththinferno outside of indianapolis. investigators think a container outside of the restaurant that holds grease is to blame here. the damage is estimated at about $2 million. selena gomom has the most followers on twitter, but you might have competition coming here. pope francis has officiallyy joined instagram. if you want to follow him, he made his integram debut over the weekend.
6:52 am
nine different languages. the schedule for the president obama today, meeting witit castro. he plans to address cuban's human rights head on during the private talks and he will attend a state dinner at the revolutionary palace. >> that is striking nerve for a lot of cuban americans here. there was a march proteing the president's historic trip. we are following breaking news out of ft. lauderdale. a police investigation at the bank of erica on davie boulevard and southwest 31st avenue, you can see a car at the atm roped off with crime scene tape. the police also at the scene of a nearby gas statio and we are looking to see if the two scenes are connected.
6:53 am
presidential hopefuls will be speaking at the a-pac, a pro israel conference, and bernie sanders is out campaigning in utah, and the primaries tomorrow and while in washington, trump expected to meet with republican leaders about vioience that happened at one of his recent rallies. apple, in the spoight, showing the new teches, and then also in court tomorrow. police found a 28-year-o body inside a home, and five other people were injured and taken to the hospital immediately. good morning, south florida. thank you for starting off your morning with us.
6:54 am
and northbound lanes at miramar parkway. i-75 lightly travelled, and but if you are ramping on from miramar parkway, that's where the problem is. you want to take your side streets or catch i-75 at pines boulevard instead. let's change sources and take you over to the busy palmetto expressway. now miami-dade and broward county public schools do have their spring break this week but we are seeing delays on the southbound side here. a broken-down car blocks a right lane at northwest 103rd street and we do have an accident on cocoins avenue somebody traffic is being detoured on esponola way. we see some wet roadways, and not really looking much for the way in wet weather. that's the only game in town
6:55 am
pressing off to the east, but won't do much h o impact our morning drive. we will see if more shower activity pops up here. live look over the dolphin expressway where skies are mostly cloudy, and conditions remain dry. a front moving through the area, and tryingngo figure one or two showers, and we have more sunshinin come into the afternoon hours, and right now we are into the mid-60s and still cooling down. highs today only at 71. tonight, 56 is the last of winter. enjoy it. >> that's a big temperature swing.
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>lad to see you back, good morning. snowy start to spring. millions across the northeast waking up to a messy, monday commute. a foot of snow expected in some areas.
6:59 am
is tracking it all. history in havana. president obama kicks off his controversial trip to cuba. the first by a u.s. president in nearly 90 years. >> this is a historic visit, and it'a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. >> the president set to meet raul castro later today. lester holt is there live. mr. trump goes to washington. donald trump reportedly set to meet with republican party leaders today, ahead of a key speech on america's role in the middle east. this as the gop front runner says he doesn't condone the growing violence at his rallies but understands it. and pure madness. a string of fantastic finishes caps a wild weekend at the ncaa men's basketball tournament. from buzzer beaters -- >> rises up, and it's good! it's good! >> to last-second heroics.
7:00 am
>> to a comeback for the ages. >> throws it into the hands, and lays it in. >> the unbelievable ending being called one of the best ever. today, monday, march 21st, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, everyone. let's say you're not a college basketball fan. you don't really care about the game. march madness is special. >> it's so exciting. it always lives up to its reputation. it's exciting to watch all the teams i pick lose. it's a joy. >> you don't care about your own bracket because it's so exciting to watch the games. we'll give you a recap in a couple minutes. our top story this morning is this spring snowstorm here in the northeast.


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