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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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here taking charge in arnie's court. troy merritt is slowly picking them apart, but he trails jason day by one. jason day, looked like he really had it, put it on the rough at 18. but on the previous hole, this is what got him to the 17 under number. one moment he's a spectator next he's being surprised by pga tour pro brandt snedeker and becoming his caddy for a hole. carry the bag for me for a hole. no way, really? yeah, come on! oh really, that's awesome! if you have a mastercard, you could get a priceless surprise. from the unexpected to the unforgettable. get in baby, get in. woo! that's unbelievable. aaflllaak!
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this was the scene just a moment ago. kevin chappell who just bogeyed the 18th, coming over to the king to say hello and hoping somehow, someway, he's going to get the trophy from him. there's his wi, elizabeth, and there's his baby, wyatt, who has no idea wt's happening, just thrilled to see dad, as he continues to wait for his first pga tour win. we go right back out to the right rough and get a report on jason day's lie, roger. >> a little bit of a fluffy lie, but boy, this is the area where the traffic has trampled down the grass, makes this thing much simpler. but going at the hole, johnny, is really out of the question. he is going to have to negotiate and hit it over the water, really, to get it on the green if he can andet it to stop before the back bunkers. i think it's a bit of a fly or
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>> yeye. like i said, as far as hitting the green in regulation from the right rough, 119 on the weekend. but not many guys hit it far enough right to be in the trampled-down area. so you really have been fortunate. and of course, we saw him on number 9, it looked like he was in trouble on number 9 and hit this high towering shot within a foot of the hole. it's a similar kind of shot. >> yeah, i mean, that's a pretty good-looking lie. that looks like somebody teed it up. >> this is a very good break to be in this situation over here. but the whole thing is how the ball comes out of the grass. if it comes out landing softly, you know, it's really an outstanding break. but if it comes out shooting, that's a different story. >> i don't think it's the kind of lie that you would come up
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water. >> i hit it 276, the tee shot. >> if it goes in that back bunker, at least i have a chance. >> i agree. see the tongue in the bunker? >> yeah. >> that's the shortest point. ok? just a good, solid swing if it goes through, get a good up and down. >> good advice. visualization big time here. part of every preshot routine, visualize the shot and then execute.
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florida swing right here. >> i can't tell if it buried or not. it better not if he wants to win. >> it's okay. >> not bad. he's a great bunker player. >> we've seen more than a few balls buried. day fortunate there. so here is the other third party still in this thing, troy merritt, at 16 under. >> absolutely. he's got the shot, that high fade with fade of hole location, he could just steal this tournament with a perfect shot here and a birdie, with day maybe not getting up and in.n.
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>> look, roger. >> oh! >> a heartbreaker. an absolute heartbreaker. just flared it out. you could see that left arm, instead of folding, that elbow just stayed out in front of him. >> and another example, again, of some of the shots that were coming out on the practice tee earlier today. and a costly miss at the worst possible time for troymerritt. and arnie saw it all unfold. and, again, merritt, the very first tournament that he's played in of arnie. never met arnold palmer as we send you downo mark rolfing. >> thank you very much, dan. as we watch this unfold, kevin, ten minutes ago you were out there. what is going through your mind right now?
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that was kind of the goal of the week for me, not feeling well, was just to get in 72 holes, and i did. and to have i achance to win, that's all i can ask for. i feel like i handled myself rely well. i'd love to have the tee shot back on 18, but, you know hopefully i'll get that chance. we'll see what happens here with jason. >> this attitude adjustment sort of that you've made, all smiles all day, looking at the bright side of things. did that really help caring you through what had to be a tough round out there? >> yeah. you know, i just -- i don't have any energy to waste. you know, getting upset or getting down, you know, that's wasted energygy so for me, it was trying to find the positive in everything and really enjoy the walkk out there and look people in the eyes and get to enjoy the fans and their reactions. >> regardless of the outcome, congratulations. great performance. >> thaha you. >> kevin chappell continues the agonizing wait. and merritt is about to hit his fourth. we said it a long time ago, we
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this 18th hole just has a huge par seemingly every year in this tournament. good and bad. >> right here. >> it's from 140 now. so hard to keep your attention and your focus. good shot. >> and that's what merritt was trying to do, become the first since robert gomez to win this tournament in his very first try. so up comes jason day. we will get a report on this bunker shot from roger and how difficult it is. but we've seen hisoyhood idol
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pull o birdies to win here at bay hill. and as we talked about earlier, jason day has gotten closer and texted tiger a lot for advice on how to put away tournaments, how to handle yourself as one of the top ranked players in the world, and there's the good lie. it's a long bunker shot, but that is what separates jason day from winning this tournament, up and down gets it done at 17 under. >> that definitely was a poor second shot with that good break on the lie. long bunker shot, the average shot from there, roger, 15 feet from the hole? 12 feet from the hole? >> 12, 10 feet, i would think. the good news about this, distance, that's the issue everything wants to feed to where that holeis. you know, you throw it up there on the left side of the green, it wants to get over there toward the hole.
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you know, i can say, hitting it the right distance, really, to get yourself a makable putt. >> yeah, if he can knock i i in there inside six feet, my hat is off for m. there's no doubt about it. there's a lot of pressure here. he has not, as, dan, had his best stuff, especially tee to green the last couple days, not hitting maybe just half the greens in regulation. >> and that was one of the pieces of advice that tiger gave him. ififou don't have your "a" game, figure out another way. but just get it done. and an up and down here wilil get it done. >> he's got to aim at the emdge of that bunker i would think, and let it kick right and spin
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little bit. >> made great contact. >> where's my hat? i've got to tip it. >> very impressive. >> and if he can cap this one off f/r par and the title, it would just be a microcosm of what he's done a lot this week. >> and he knows this is one of the great bunker shots of his career. people are loving it. he could make par here after the birdie at 17, that would be really strong. >> kevin chappell watching it all unfold on the monitor. knowing that jon day from that distance right there cld prevent him from breaking
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the pgtour. while we have a moment, remind you of next week on tour, huge event. another world golf championshipip first ever at austin country club in texas for the wgc-c-ll match play. and then the tour also at the puerto r ro open beginning thursday at 10:30 a.m. eastern time on golf channel. so nowust two alive for the title. just a short time ago, troy merritt was right there. before the water, second at 18. >> still focused, though. he'll probably wake up in the middle of the night tonight, thinking, what did i do? >> you've really got to dig deep in these situations after you've just had your heart kind of broken.
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of serious money. >> moves right all the way. >> can you see a sort of classic putt when guys are really nervous. chappell did it. merritt did it. just sort of quit on it and leave the face open short right. >> or if any kind of adrenaline you had thinking you had a chance to win is just drained by watching the second go in th water. this will not be a day that troy merritt will soon forget. incredible magic all day long to stay in i till the end. and with one swing of the club, he takes himself out of it. >> great week for him, though. >> so jason day is this par putt
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time in his career. anddafter the historic season last year, truly proving that his game is in shape even though, again, it hasn't been his "a" game. t with a masters looming, a place that chappell would like to get to with a victory. >> it's a fast little putt, but it's not -- not much breaking it, is it, roger? it really doesn't break much. maybe right-center or something. >> yeah, or right edge depending. >> - but what there is will be to the left. >> inside the hole for sure. >> it would be doubly satisfying, getting a win where his boyhooddol won so many
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place. and in the end, it is jason day who emerges from the pack and wins the 2016 arnold palmer invitational. wire to wire. but it took the last putt at the end to cross the finish l le and give him his eighth pga tour victory. what another sunday at bay hill. jason day by one over chappell who will continue the wait for his first pga tour title. stenson, three back along with troy merritt. so the fedexcup standings up to the minute. adam scott remaining on top. and the rest of the top ten as we send you down to steve sands. >> dan, thank you. jason, tiger woods won this tournament eight times. he was your boyhood idol. arnold palmerer event. what does it mean to be the
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>> it means the world. i mean, i had a text from tiger this morning. i mean, i just ground it out today. it wasn't the best day that i had, but just to be able to get it done when i wasn't quite on. >> congratulations. go enjoy your family. >> thanks, mate. cheers. >> dan? >> the family makingnother winning appearance with jason day, the champion of arnie's event. and if you missed any of today's action, can you get caught up with "golf central." and currently on golf channel, you can watch the pga tour champions. tucson conquistador's classic. and join us next week for the wgc-dell match play. coverage starts wednesday at 2:00 on golf channel, continues saturday at 2:00 on nbc. coming up next except on the west coast, your local news. then tonight on nbc starting at 7:00 eastern time, it's "little big shots" and "the carmichael show" followed by the premiere of "crowded," a all-new "hollywood game night."
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crew, dan hicks saying so long from the bay hill club and lodge. jason day wins arnie's tournament. and when you win at the king's place at bay hill, the best is saved for last. a handshake with the king himself.
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orlando. now on 6, historic touchdown. the first family lan in cuba, marking the start of a new era in relations between the u.s. and the island nation. >> but not everyone celebrated today's historic trip.
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protesters were taking to the streets with a message for the president. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm julia bagg. today's visit a young moment for an ambitious undertaking of a visit announce in order than a year. >> president obama the first sitting president to visit the island nation in more than a century. we'll brg you live coverage all the way to havana. >> that's where we began with nbc 6 anchors jackie spral and jawan strader. >> hello there from a veryet and rainy havana. right behind me is the statue. we're in march 13th park. jawan, it's ironic that it was a beautiful day, sunny and hot here today. and right before air force one landed at jose marti international airport, it started to pour. >> how amazing is that? day three for us in havana, cuba. it's been nothing but beautiful weather. it was very hot earlier today. but now it is a wet one.
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president's arrival. here is look at air force one as the president entered jose marti international airport at around 4 critical condition 20, tweeting cuba. looking forward to hearing directly from the cuban people. its same airport where raul castro greeted pope francis during his trip last year. eight senators and 31 members of the house are traveling to cuba with the president. most are democrats, but a few republicans, including arizona senator jeff flake and south carolina representative mark sanford are also attending. >> kayque bola. >> the dissident movement has been around since the revolution, but has become much more vocal and active. it's a courageous battle for many of the dissidents amount. now a possible meeting with the obama administration. now we give you a glimpse of the movement here today.
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normalization of relations with cuba without talking about the opposition. from the old timers like elizondo sanchez and the ladies in white to the new dissident movement. >> one of the trouble is a lot of people have a great fear to be here and join news this march because they know what are the outcomes. >> reporter: today at a small church in havana, a peaceful demonstration. president obama in previous months said he wouldn't visit cuba if human rights didn't improve. >> reporter: the obama administration is expected to meet with key members of the opposition movement. >> the meeting take place, i would tell to president obama that it is important that the fundamental rights and the freedoms need to be in the main position. >> reporter: sanchez has served prison sentences for his message.
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>> trtrtrator: they can't scare me any more. i've been living in fear for 48 years. it's uteless. i don't have the capacity of sensing fear. >> reporter: a hunger strike ended with the release o oover 100 political prisoners. and what will be their message to president obama on tuesday? >> translator: i will ask him concretely like in the letterer we sent him on february 21st, ask him directly to ask foror cuban people to work freely for foreign companies. >> reporter: now one of the dissidents elizondo sanchez, which i interviewed today at his home, he had been detained earlier today and was released just hours before our interview. and this cameme in. an independent cuban journalist group tweeted this tody. cuba activist, dissidents and journalists report that their homes are under siege, and that they are under threat of the political police. so still a lot to be ne here. it will be interesting to see what happens on tuesday when the obama administration meets with the dissidents. speaking of tuesday, let's talk what the president is expected
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because of course in this rain, that could change. and later today, the first family is expected to tour this area right here, which is ol havana. >> yes. we've been seeing sig pop up. president obama alongside raul castro all over the place. we have noticed some of the signs. but they're all across the city. meanwhile, you're talk about plainclothes police officers security. they've been out in full force across the city, of course making sure everything gets secure. it's safe. they've also been repairing the streets b%ilt with potholes. most anticipating the president's arrival and they expect changes that will improve their life situation. tomorrow the first lady will meet with young cuban girls in the morning, some of wom have studied in the united states. president obama will meet with raul castro. white house spokesperson says that he plans to address those human rights, jackie, that you private talk.
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attend a state dinner at the revolutionary palace. >> and as i mentioned on tuesday, the president will meet with cuban dissidents and deliver a speech to the cuban people. the televised address takes place in the historic heater where calvin coolidge, the last american sitting president to visit, spoke 88 years ago. >> and following that meeting, jackie, mr. obama will attend the a major league baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. the game will be played at the 45,000 seat latin american stadium that has been undergoing improvements in the lead-up to contest. unfortunately for most fans, though, it's invite only. seats will be allotted through organizations like government-authorized student group, workplaces and a sports clubs. now the rara will become the first major league baseball franchise to play in havana since 1999. so indeed going to be a very, very big game. but again, that is t t latest from us. because of course, the newscast is shortened because o o golf. so we're going to have to send it back to you guys in the studidi >> all right, guys.
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great job there a historic day. obviously remarkable with this broadcast. we want to remind you folks, if you want extensive coverage of the prident's two-day trip to uba, you can just go to nbc 6 news and weather app. we're going bring you special report there's, in-depth stories. it's all right there at the cuba crossroads section. >> all right. what a historoc moment for us. >> indeed. it ealy. and of course we've got much more coming up at 11:00, including some of the protests that were going on here in little havana. >> absolutely. that's it.
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we'll see you at 11:00. on this sunday night, historic visit. president obama in havana symbolically opening anigh era
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some carry on the fight against a still repressive regime. trail of violence at donald trump's campaign events. we speak to a protester who found himself being punched and kicked. distracted driving may have caused a crash that toppled a school bus carrying a high school basketball team. remarkably everyone survived. and, dear, mr. president, one woman's letter from havana gets a response from president obama. now, she hopes he will stop by for a thank you and a coffee. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from havana. good evening from a rainy havana, behind me the museum of the revolution. just a few hours ago this communist nation welcomed president obama who is stepping on to cuban soil under a falling rain became the first american
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years. as part of his two-day trip, the president will meet with cuban leader raul castro and make an address to the cuban people ping to further nudge open doors of travel and commerce eight months after the two diplomatic ties. there are years of mistrust to unravel and an american economic embar go in place. chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell joins me with more on today. >> good evening, lester. what a day it has been. president obama has been working towards date for years, an historic presidential visit he hopes will make his opening to cuba a major part of his legacy. >> reporter: in driving rain, president obama touched down in havana, hoping to cement his high-stakes cuba diplomacy with a rare personal touch. bringing the entire first family. michelle obama, the obama mother-in-law. he immediately tweeted in local slang, how is it going, cuba. que bola, cuba.


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