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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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going to shake and break in half because the music is so loud. the traffic is just so terrible. >> reporter: ultra is a three-day event. papa of biscayne boulevard near bay front park where the party is happeng has been shut down since thursday night when preparations started for the festival which officially began friday. on this saturday night, traffic is heavier, though. that's bcause just a few blocks up along biscayne the miami heat have a home game on schedule. >> so traffic is not a big deal for a couple days we can stand it. >> not all locals are frustrated, though. after all, miami is a party ty. at ultra tonight, things got out of hand forsome, maybe party ago little too hard. but overall police, fire rescue and ultra private security say things are under control. >> reporter: we spoke to city officials about just the benefit of having all these people in downtown miami throughout the course of this event.
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again) all the people you're watching in the live shot, again, that means extra revenue for the city and it means that especially small business owners can benefit. now, one more thing i wanted to mention, if you look at the hotels, if you could even find a hotel for this week, and prices are way up, people paying big bucks to be in the city at this time and so, of course, those who live here, of course, even if they are frustrated they have to understand that overall this is a good thing for people who work in miami. i'm reporting live, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. >> indee it is, stephanie, thank you. we go up north to ft. lauderdale, this is the beach where a waterspout spun along the coast. a lifeguard sent us this video. strong winds and rain from that system hit the area, damaged a sailboat. that string of storms now off the atlantic ocean but we'renot yet in the clear, chief meteorologist john morales in the forecast center with what we
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>> there's still a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, especially tards the late morning, midday and early afternoon hours and as you said we still have some weather going on right now. one last brief note about that tornado. it struck ground f frst at the 600 block of sea breeze boulevard and then that's when it movedffshore addss a waterspout. area. tonight we have rain as you can see going on here mainly along florida bay here between the southern tip of the florida peninsula and the keys. but the keys at risk of eing some rain tonight and as we look at the forecast for the overnight hours, hours by hour, i have some widely scattered showers through 1:00 in the morning, then the rain chance will drop to 20% for the rest of the night. there is the possibility tomorrow of those rain ances increasing rather quickly again, including the possibility o o strong thunderstorms. details about tomorrow's forecast and then the big
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minutes. president barack obama just ours from touching down in havana, cuba, the first sitting president to do so in nearly a century. cubans on the island and in south florida keeping a watchful eye on this historic trip. there's word a u.s. hotel chain is returning to the island more than 50 years@ after american hotels were taken over by fidel castro's socialist revolution. starwood says it signed a deal to renovate andun at least three cuban hotels. alluban hotels are state run so today's deal puts a major u.u. corporation directly into business with the communist government. starwood says it will invest millions to renovate the hotels. the u.s. travel industry pounced on the opportunity to do some business in cuba as well sin havana and the white house began warming relations, nbc 6 is everywhere. anchors jackie nespral and jawa strader on r on the ground on the island with a look at the boom in tourism tre.
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st. francis square in old havana on the eve of the historic preredential visit to cuba i'm jackie nespral. >> i'm jawan strader. sececity is out in full force, police on the streets, closing down many of the roads getting ready for the president's big trip here. >> and we've seen a lot of tourists here in old havana especially. ne thing that struck me yesterday when we arrived was to see a cruz ship docked at the havana harbor. we hadn't en that in previous trips. and carnival corporation is trying to vie and get into havana as well as airlines and other companies. but back to the cruise ne that was here. it's a british cruise line and we wanted to know what are the passengers doing when they get off here in old havana and how are they spending their money? this is what we found out. from walking tours, old cars, buses, and double-decker buses to horse drawn carriages, crudes d even segways. tourists seem to be flocking to cuba.
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daiquris in the bars to the new restaurants that are starting to open up in havana. business in the tourist areas like old havana is moving. >> translator: my typical clients until recently was european and some canadians but i've seen an increase in american tourists, especially from california. >> reporter: grigorio owns now bar and grill very close to the port. just in march cuba reported the arrival of one million international visitors this year so far, an increase of 14.6%. >> translator: there's certainly people who benefit from the tourists, like the taxi drivers, street venenrs, and people like myself. >> reporter: up to now, most tourists were from europe, but now they are starting to see americans. where are you from? >> phoenix, arizona. >> reporte what are you doing here in cuba? >> we were here for a volunteer trip. >>reporter: what do you think about cuba? >> cuba has been more than anything we could have imagined. it's beautiful, the city, the historic value of it.
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profits of this new arrangement trickles down to the cuban people reains to be seen but politics aside, tourists in cubans agree it's all about this -- people to people, the food, music, and the energy of the people. no matter where you come from, cuban music is ctagious. it's all about music here. >> yes, it is. speaking of music, jackie, we happened to stumble upon some music in the streets here. take a look. i can't get no >> it's not actually the rolling stones here but it's a group that they were singing "i can't gege no satisfaction" and you can see the crowd of people around them. it was contagious. but something that struck me is what the lead singer said here. he said in spanish pretty much that this is something he didn't expect to see in his lifetime. this is something he couldn't imagine, a rock and roll group coming to havana, cuba. >> and ty are going to see a rock and roll group in havana, cuba.
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a lot of tourists we've been talking about that are here, especially in old havana and the places they're going to, it's not the reality of all of cubans. >> very good point, jackie. that brings us toto our next story, a pretty important one that we'll touch on toorrow and it's the other side of cuba many people don't see. one many people believe that president obama will not see. we'll focus on that story tomorrow. >> that will do it from us from old havana, cuba. back to you in the studio. >> jackie, jawan, thank you. one of president obama's biggest critics weighing in on the historic trip as well. senator marco rubio released a statement picking apart the is an obama presidential trip whose ultimate results will be giving away legitimacy and money to an anti-american regime that activelylyundermines our national security interests and acts against our values every single day." the senator goes on to criticize every stop the president is scheduled to make in cuba. rubio calls the trip "naive and misguided."
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heads to cuba, the u.s. is warning of the risk of the zika virus in that country. the obama administration says theirus hasn't been a factor in his travel plans and isn't expected to be in the future. the cdc just added cuba to its travel notice for zika. zika is spread through bites from a specific mosquito believed to carry particular risks s or birth defects. the cdc advises pregnant women not to travel to places with zika. keep it here, jawan and jackie continue their coverage from cuba tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. we'll be live streaming coverage of the president's trip tomorrow as well on the nbc 6 news and weather app. while you're there, check out other stories about the warming relations with the.s. and cuba at the "cuba cross roads" section. right now detectives are on the hunt for the person who shot and killed a young father near ft. lauderdale. the victim was found shot to death on the corner of northwest 14th street and 28th avenue. the family is identifying him as
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jackson's sister says s saw him lying dead on the ground after shots were fired. he leaves behind a young daughter and pregnant girlfriend. detectives have not released any information on suspects but you're urgededo call crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. next, stunning new details about a suspected terrorist's change of heart on the night of the paris attacks and why donald trump may be the inspiration behind dozens of south floridians liing up on the path to citizenship. plus, starbucks skimping on your drinks? maybe. the legal trouble brewing for he coffee giant still ahead. >> a big day of south florida basketball. the canes against wichita state. and, oh, yeah, some guy named lebron james. you may have heard from him beforor
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beatdown from his for new details about the man law enforcement believes was behind last year's deadl paris
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french officials want salah abdeslam to stand trial in france, but the 26-year-old is fighting the extradition from belgiuiu during today's interrogation, he allegedly told investigators he wanted to glow himself up in paris on november 13 but backed out at the last minute. he was captured yesterday in brussels. 130 people died in those november attacks. long lines at marlins stadium today as more than 1500 aspiring citizens lined up to get naturalized. the timing here ver, very important. many of these folks are latinos and they want a chance to have their say come this november election. many who spoke to nbc 6 have one common goal in mind. >> i'll be a citizen so i can vote. >> we need a bter president. we don't want donald trump. >> one step closer to the democracy, this group says, every vote counts. as the protest m mement against trump heats out, violence breaks out at another campaign rally for the presidential hopeful. this was in arizona today. a large group of protesters
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front-runner's event in tucson. one protester wore what appears to be a kkk hood while giving a nazi salute. as thehere being led out by police, another person from the crowd begins punching and kicking them. he was also escorted out of the event. some called the protesters "disgusting" and a disgrace. speaking of the stop trump movement and fresh off his win in ohio governor john kasich joins chuck todd on "meet the press" tomorrow. be sure to tune in at 10:00 a.m. after impact. you get what you paa for. two california residents say they're sick of getting shortchanged. they've filed a class action lawsuit against starbucks claiming the coffee chain knowingly underfills lattes by up to 25% of the ordered size. the lawsuit says the cups themselves aren't large enough to contain the number of fluid ounces promised. the company spokesperson describes the lawsuit as without merit. for now, the plaintiffs are asking the company to stop the
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or compensate its customers. on this saturday we had an interesting day. a severe thunderstorm watch was in effect all the wayay down south to broward county. it excluded dade, it excluded the florida keys. for broward there was severe weather with the winds over 50 miles an hour. things are quiet as you can see on the live first alert doppler radar with the exception of what's going on in the florida keys but we have some showers thatatare hugging the island chain. some affectinnthe lower keys as you can see. others trying to affect the oute towards key largo here along u.s. 1. rain chances are going to be high. here are your weather headlines. that gust in broward, 53 miles per hour in port everglades and you saw earlier we had a tornado touchdown on the beach and become immediately a waterspout
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a ris for thunderstorms cooler. monday and tuesday we're getting a cold front moving through. today's highs were toasty. 89 in opa-locka. 87 in kendall. 74 kendall, in homestead. miami, though, still warm at 79 at this hour. here's the weather map and the front headed our way. there it is across the eastern gulf of mexico ahead of it another squall line. this will be what will generate our weather tomorrow, a chance of storms on your sunday in south florida, the best chance expected to be later in the morning. for the time being the worst weather is in the gulf, also some strong showers currently across the florida straits and as you know some also over the florida keys. here's the forecast now. tomorrow risk of showers and thunderstorms. it's also tomorrow the first day of spring. spring begins tonight at 12:30
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tomorrow. tomorrow. there's your 12:00 noon look where dade and the florida keys are favored for the heavier showers and thunderstorms and then as the afternoon progresses, that squall line moves through the keys intothe early and mid-afternoon and as we head toward evening, maybe a few sprinkles left over. here's the front coming in from the northwest, but the strongest thunderstorms will be gone by that hour. either way spotty showers in the morning, the likelihood of rain and thunderstorms towards the midday and afternoon hours, some thunderstorms can be strong. will be warm ahead of this system but then it turns cool for monday. a morning low of 60 degrees. afternoon high of 71. monday night 56 degrees and high on tuesday of 75.
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next week will be dramatica as if ultra wasn't already bringing thousands of people to
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james paying a visit to his former home? his a cavaliers taking on the heat. lbj sitting out the last one because of exhaustion. maybe lebron shauf taken the night off. his team nights certainly did. he had his team's first two points in t driving layup finishing with 26 but it was all heat. the dolphins on fire tonight. cool joe knocks down the three, four triples and 18 points. then it was route two, a.k.a. josh richardson, his three point shooting continued. another four tonight. he did 23 of his last 31 three-point attempts. in the second half, history. this basket gives dwyane wade the 41st player in nba history to eclipse 20,000 points, fall a heat jersey. anddlook at this, goran dragic gets thsteal, he tries the dunk, the bench cracking up.
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team in the east 122-101. lebron still hasn't won in miami since he left the heat. >> i've scored 20,000 points in one unform, that's a special thing. a lot of them came here home so i thank the nation for their support of me it's a lot of good days and tough days but then today is another day and i'm still here so appreciate their support and we can't,ontinue. >> all of our brackets may have been busted but the third-seeded canes look to be the exception against 11th ranked wichita state. miami expected to lose by las vegas despite being the higher seed. you know who probably didn't like that? angel rodriguez, the hero of game one. he leads the canes with 16 points in the first half. miami up by as much as 21 but the shockers with final fore experience able to claw back and take t t lead from senior ron
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a-rod fights back finds mcclellan a half court al alley-oop. he finishes with a career high 28. standout senior performances, 65-57 victory. in addition to a total team effort on the defensive end as well to the sweet 16 they go. >> we are very, very capable and i thought the way we played defense to start the game was unbelievable. >> i think their defensive strength is punching teams in the mouth and getting off to a great start defensively and tonight we wawaed to come out and hit them in the mouth first and be scrappy and make sure we give them a good defense. feeling good after two straight 4-1 victories, the cats look to have their spirits lifted higher by the face of their favorite post-game tradition, actor kevin spacey. there he is. the two-time oscar winner wearing his own face and the panthers are feeling his magic
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he steals the puck from hoodler. he had his hands all over this one. sists purcell's goal in the second period. cats were up 3-1 butut then, as has been the case this season, a young team couldn't finish. he red wings close off the game with a three-goal third period and take it 5-3. that will do it for sports. keith, back to you. >> a night of jazz under the stars in miami gardens tonight. jazz in the gardens music festival drawing thousands. charlie wilson and ushehe headlining the festival along with lots of local talent as well. >> always fun. r> record crowds they expect this year. 68,000. >> dade was lucky. no rain in dade, there was rain in bbward, tomorrow we may not be so lucky.
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thanks for being >> and now an announcement from th >> and now an announcement from [ cheers and applause ] >> this is an important day. i've made a big decision. i'm entering the race for president of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] the field of republicans out
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i figured it makes you miss me, doesn't it? and that's saying a lot. i've already got my campaign song. ready or not, here i come, you u n't hide i'm going to find you and make you love me that's a little something from the foogies. i'm telling you, i can beat these guys. here -- let's take a look at some of the front-runners. dr. ben carson. i can barely hear him when he talks. i tell you something -- that's not going to work when you have to go to china or azerbaijan where you have to talk loudly so they will understand. not to mention, he's some kind of brain surgeon. and i got news for him. running the country is not brain


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