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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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know, na, na, na, that kind of garbage. other than that, same thing every four years. you go through it. >> do you feel good? >> yeah. i hope my guy wins. >> would you mind telling us who you voted for? >> trump. >> reporter: he hates the mud-slinging, but voting for arguably the biggest and loudest mud-slinger in thecampaign. now, it's not to say that voting in broward has been completely problem-free. now, it has been mostly smooth. we've gotten several calls from people who said they weren't allowed to vote today because when they turned up at the poll, they were told they didn't have a party affiliation. you have to be a republican or democrat in florida. we'll explore that issue and talk about that problem coming up at of clock. live in pembrook pines, i odzer. many will be in south florida tonight. willard shepard is keeping tabs
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marco rubio will bee rallying tonight. laura? >> jackie, we are on the siu campus, where marco rubio will be tonight. his campaign calling the event a pri pear night celebration. rubio is optimistic about a win here today in florida. the senator did certainly mediaists views today and essentially said the polls are getting it rod. polls show trump leading in the sunshine state by double dinl its. although rubio said in the past it all comes down to florida, today he said he plans to continue forward with his presidential bid, if the florida primary doesn't go in his favor. yesterday tt senator rallied where he grew up, the city of west miami, and stressss the importance of going out to vote. >> make sure no one stays home. we don't know how close this is going to be. >> reporter: and rubio has said multiple times on the campaign trail, he's used to being an underdog. roub yo said if anyone can pull off a win tonight in florida,
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laura rodriguez, nbc of news. >> the gop front-runner watching the results in south florida. that's where willard shepard continues our team coverage. willard? >> reporter: well, jawan, we haven't seen candidate trump throughout the course of the day here. we are at palm beach county where his second homo is located. he's going to be speaking to us later during the course of the night after the polls close in the state of florida. we do want to show you what he's saying on social media during the course of e day. mr. trump put out a tweet saying he has been getting some reports, and his staff and campaign, that he waste even on the ballot in some lockses here in the state of florida. then he put a qualifier to that saying he certainly hopes that's not the case. he was also on social media today saying had's the person across the state of florida and across the country to get things right, improve jobs, to bring jobs back here to florida, and
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been lost because of trade dpremts agreements made over the last several years. the big emphasis of his campaign. he's been calling for mrco rubio to drop out of the race. we just heard laura rodriguez mr. roub yo said he's not going to do that regardless of what happens here in florida. we'll be watching it very closely throughout the course of the next several hours for you. reporting live in palm beach county, willard shepard, nbc 6 news. >> meanwhile, senator ted cruz will be watching tonight's election results @rom his home state of texas, since he is unlikely to win florida or ohio. cruz will be looking to pick up delegates in illinois, missouri and north carolina. while republican presidential candidate john kasich cast his ballot for himself in ohio's primary. he voted in westerville outside of columbus. afterwards, speaking to reporters sharing his thoughts on running a positive campaign and the challengers who have not. >> i learned that you have to vote for yourself, because if you don't, youou could lose.
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it's a long road for me, and i'm -- i am very, very humbled by the campaign and the experience, and the attention. >> the governor saidid if he wins his home state, he expects to take a far more aggressive stance toward gopront-runner donald trump. >> bernie sanders hopeso celebrate his victories here tonight. hillary clinton is looking to do the same. steve litz is live at the palm beach county commission center where clinton will be tonight. >> reporter: jawan, live at this facility tonight, we know clinton is already in the area. just a short time ago someone did tweet out, i think it was our sister station up here in palm beach county, hillary clinton with one of her supporters at a dungin doughnuts. we know shshs in the area and expected to come to the convention center and celebrate a win.
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from donald trump's florida home. this room inside the palm beach county convention center will soon turn into a rally. democratic toronto runner hillary clinton in north carolina for part of this primary day, sounding confident for her lead in the polls and taking aim at front-runner donald trump. >> for the bigotry that he's emplifying on the campaign trail is disturbing to most americans. >> reporter: clinton would come closer to locking up the democratic nomination with a win tonight, and taking to social media earlier today, urgin voters to find their friends on facebook and make sure they get to the polls today. a big night all around. more than 200 delegates up for grabs on the democratic side. and for the democrats, it is not winner take all.
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let's talk about hillary clinton's opponent, senator bernie sanders now, his supporters at a watch party down in miami, where dan krouth is. hey, dan. >> reporter: hey, steve. i'm standing inside his campaign headquarters right now. this place is usually packed with volunteers at this (our. as you can see, there are people making phone calls and working on the computer behind me. they're out right now at polling locaions trying to get out the vote. the vermononsenator is not in florida today. instead he spent the day in illinois focusing on getting votes there. a he chatted with voters as you can see. when asked how he feels about today's primary election, sanders set great, as long as
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sanders said he hopes people come out to the polls in big numbers tea. as steve said, clinton is in the lead. it's too soon to say what happens. the watch party startrt at 7:00 p.m. tonight. we will hear from the volunteers at 6:00 tonight. dan krauth, nbc 6 news. >> the coverage of the florida prima day is just getting starred. while we won't be interrupting tonight, join us on n ocial media. we'll answer all your qutions in a live facebook chat at 8:00. tonight soal view on 6 features you, the voters. we've been asking you to send us selfies with the hash tag i voted. once the polls close, you can find all of the results live as we get them on the nbc 6 news and weather app. we'll string the victory
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click the decision 2016 section. >> president obama is weighing in on the current political climate. the preredent said he's deeply disturbed by the vulgar and divisive rhetoric directed at women, and minorities as well as the violence in the 2016 presidential campaign. >> we can condone the race to the bottom or accept it as the way things are, and sink further, or we can roundly reject this kind of behavior whether we see it in the other party, or more importantly when we see it in our own party. >> mr. obama asking everyone to take a step back and restore courtesy, consideration, and perhaps some kindness. he made the comments during house speaker paul ryan's friends of ireland lunch. >> we're following breaking news right now considering presidential candidate and office in washington, d.c., which had to be evacuated due to a suspicious package containing a white powder.
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information, that an envelope was apparently found by a staffer in the past hour or so. and staffers now evacuated to the roof area. hazmat and police are on the scene. we'll continue to monitor this breaking news story. next on 6, the u.s. takes another step forward to restore its relationship with cuba. president obama's upcoming visit to cuba. why broward sheriff's office employee is facing attempted murder charges. could some of your favorite products be bad for your health? what you need to know about this cosmetics controversy. it's been hot today. a couple of showers south of florida city. i'll let you know what to expect over the next few hours and next few days, coming up. coming up all new in e next half hour of news, a bombshell admission.
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reveals about the effect welcome back. what a broward bailiff found himself in court, not part of his job, but statading accused of a crime. he's facing attempted murder and sexuxu battery charges. the 45-year-old is accused of stabbing a prostitute seveal times in the back and stomach. police say he got upset after she refused to perform a sex act on him without a condom. coming up at 6:00, find out how
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get out of jail. more changes announced today in the united states effort to restore relations with cuba. they include easing re vickss on travel and money. >> a man who was once held captive by the cuban government is weighing in on the recent changes. what al engross had to say today. >> days before his historic trip to cuba, president obama announced easing restrictions on the island nation. and supporting those changes, the man who served five years in a cuban prison. allen gross remarking his strong opinions onment obama's upcoming visit and repairingiplomatic relations with the island nation. >> i think cuba will be a legacy item for the president. and i think that the president rightly will be discussing issues of human rights. and at the very least, abuses of power. ? gross was arrested by thth communist government in 2009 for providing communication equipment to the jewish
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>> when i was arrested, access to the internet was illegal. in june of 2013, it was made leg. when i was arrested, internet cost $6 an hour, internet access. the price was reduced to $4.50, now it's $2 an hour. >> now that he's no longer behind bars, the former political prisoner talks about what he believes cuba can do to achieve freedom of internet information. >> they need to allow a situation wherere satellite connectivity is not the only source of connectivity. >> the white house announcing today the further easing of restrictions for not only tvel to cuba as reported last month, but also changes in banking, trade and shipping. but according to gross, more needs to be done. >> the 11.3 illion people live in a prison, without much historical opportunity for growth and advancement. nd i think that president obama is not bringing opportunity,
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opportunity. >> he also touched on the embargo. >> there will be no substantial foreign direct investmenttntil the embargo's lifted. so our congress really needs to grow a pair and decide to get out of the way. >> gross was released from a cuban prison in 2014. he lost a few teeth, more than 100 pounds and mos of the vision in his right eye during his captivity. >> all right, amanda, thank you. this all comes ahead of president obama's historic trip to cuba. nbc 6's everywhere and starting this friday, jackie and i will be in havana bringing you live coverage ahead of mr. obama's visit to the island nation. mother teresa is trending on twitter after pope francis announced today she will be made a saint on september 4th. sh died in 1997 at the age of
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she was beatifyied in 2003. francis ofcially cleared teresa when he attributed her to a second miracle, the final hurdle to make her a saint. here's the good news about today. the humidity levels dropped. the bad news is, temperatures shot up further than sunday and monday. look outside right now, you see how sunny it is alongng the beach thanks to our cam along hollywood beach. we take a look at the weather radar and you're going to see one little shower here south ofnaof florida city. there were raiairops over florida city earlier. but now it is mainly over the everdplads, just to the west of u.s. 1 as you head down into the florida keys.
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live radar. look at some of the temperatures observed today. we're g ging to use max 2 for that. and you're going to see our high temperature reached 90 in pembrook pines. 90 degrees today. now, because pembrook pines is not mia or ft. lauderdale international, probably won't be able to say that, hey, today was miami's first 90-degree day of the year. but it was for you in pembrook pines. a hot one today for primary day here in south florida. it is still 90 in pembrook pines. much cooler in key west. the dew point in key west is higher at 70.. that's pretty sticky. but for us, dew points are enerally even in the 50s. 62 ft. lauderdale, higr, though, in pompano beach. the satellite shows that wore essentially free of any significant clouds with the exception of what's going on
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southern miami-de county from florida city south toward the southern tip of the peninsula. that's about the only significant rain we've seen today. everybody else has been dry. most certainly hot with the temperatures up to near 90 degrees. you can expect another hot one for tomorrowhere in south florida. i'm going to call for a high of 88 for tomorrow. should be a mostly sundayy wednesday, similar to what today was like. and then thursday, temperatures still pretty warm. 87 in the afternoon. as we get closer to the weekend, friday maybe a spotty afternoon shower. then saturday, a better chance of rain. and then sunday, we're going to have a cold front moving through. and as that happens, showers and thunderstorms could occur as that front swings by. once we get into monday, conditions will start to gradually clear. notice that we will see some relief from the heat next week. temperatures on monday expected to level out in the mid-70s after seeing near 90 today. that will feel a whole lot different. but again, that's still about
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so we'll have to wait for those cooler temperature readings. for the time being, count on two other hot days for wednesday and thursday. and before we see some rain in the forecast for the upcoming weekend. now, coming up at 5:30, i'll show you what you can expect as with ehead closer to the weekend here in south florida and i'll show you whether there's any threats across south florida beaches for this weekend. now back to you. >> all right, john, thank you. time to polish your resumes here. more than 50 companies are looking to fill 2,000 jobs. now, in order to attend you must pre-register, so click on the nbc 6 news a a weather app for details on where you can go. cosmetics controversy. >> why the fda clearly labeled ingredients could harm your health. new video of a deadly detour. what the camera captured, and
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doing tonight. what's better than ice cream? how about free ice cream. dairy queen is kicking off its annual free cone y today. that means customers can stop by participating locations for a free small vanilla soft-serve cone.
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in exchange, they're accepting donations for children's miracle network hospitals which they have raised more than $100 million for/over the last 30 years. >> what's the closest dairy queen to here? >> i know, right? exactly. we need toind out. let's google that. there's an ugly side to beauty products out there that may not be widely known despite it being clearly labeled. >> some ingredients can cause tumors and alzheimer's. but as haley explains, the food and drug administration still says they are fine to use. >> formaldehyde is a common material. >> reporter: why are these chemicals in so many beauty products? >> therere certain chemicals that we must have in resins inin order for them to harden. >> reporter: that means for example, formaldehyde in nail polish is necessary for it to dry.
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cancer in higher concentrations, aborn formaldehyde can cause nasal cancer. when we take a step back, we find the levels are very low. >> reporter: in fact, the food and drug administration scrutinizes all of these to make sure they contain onl small traces. but it's typically the consumer that likes the result of chemicals. >> aluminum can be found i i deodorant to help them work longer. >> reporter: it's a natural earth compound, but aluminum causes harm to rats. >> there have been studies that show that aluminum can promote the growth of certain types of tumors, can trigger alzheimer's disease when injected directly into the brain of rats. >> reporter: although there's no human links tying deodorant to disease, she said this are some found in soaps and shampoos. suds. and while the amount sold in products is very small, there's no shortage of prructs without them. >> you can certainly get clean
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>> good to know. >> scary. >> it is very, very scary. news at 5:30 continues next. here's adam with the next half hou >> we've got you covered in a big day of primaries here in florida and across the nation. our team coverage continues with a look at the turnout at the polls here in the sunshine state. where marco rubio is hoping for a surprise win. plus, a voting slub in
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why democrats were turned five states. >> i am so worried about our country anan what could happen if we don't stand together. >> we're going to do what needs to be done. >> six candidates. >> for me -- >> i love donald trump. we need somebody other than the establishment. >> and the one vote that could make a difference. yours. it's possible for donald trump's seeming march to a first ballot nomination win to be blocked. but for the florida senator to win here in his home state today, could take a political miracle. it's a good turnout in florida. marco rubio hopes that can save
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>> make sure no one stays home. >> reporter: many of them say their votesoday go to donald trump -- >> because i think he can change th country. >> i want to see somebody strong. a strong person. not a weak one that we had for eight years. >> reporter: the current president weighed in, not naming trump. >> our country has to toughen up, folks. >> reporter: but decrying the recent vulgarity. house speaker paul ryan criticized trump two weeks ago, t trump playing today gop leaders now accept he will be the biggest people in the party are calling. >> reporter: the party elite they say won't p@ck the nominee. >> the primary vetters will make this decision. this is not our decision to make. >> reporter: but john kasich today could take all of ohioio delegates. >> we're going to win. i feel terrific. >> reporter: and if trump does lose ohio, he might end up short


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