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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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he's inside of this silver van with his mother, so this guy appears to be in his late teens, early 20s. he was shook up. didn't want to talk to us, but he is speaking to police and does not appear to be injured in any way. for the latest on this story, make sure to download our nbc 6 news and weather app. that's the latest here in southwest ranches. we're following breaking news in northwest miami-dade were someone was shot in the head at a scrap yard and detectives are on the hunt for a shooter considered arm and dangerous. amanda plasencia is live with what's happening. >> reporter: i'm right here in the 2700 block of northwest terrace. all that police are telling us
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we don't yet know who pulled the trigger or who caused the gunfire, but a 50-year-old victim was shot twice. once in the head and once in the stomach. onlookers say they heard multiple gunshots. that victim was rushed to ryder trauma center. he is conscious and breathing. cops searching for whoever is behind this or did this. we'll keep you updated as police piece together what happened here. if you know anything about this at all, call crime stoppers. nbc 6 news. also tonight an update on the kidnapping of a baby over the weekend. today the woman accused of taking the child made her first appearance before a judge where she was ordered to stay behind bars. bobby brooks is live at the broward sheriff's office with more. >> reporter: good evening. i have good news about the baby.
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eyes on her mother she was smiling ear to ear. for the woman accused of this kidnapping, that's not the case. she was in court today. home at last. the 2-month-old is back with her family near ft. lauderdale. from what her aunt tells us, the baby has been all smiles. >> she's smilinin she's beautiful. she's been cooing and babbling all morning long. >> reporter: who is not smiling is stephanie agustin. she appeared in bond court today crying. she's one ofwo suspects charged for stealing the baby while she slept at home over the weekend. according to detectives, agustin and a 14-year-old broke in with guns, took the baby up to orlando. a statewide search ensued. the 14-year-old was found in miami.
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agustin faces charges so severe she may never get out of jail. >> as to count 3 and count 5 are punishable up to life in prison. >> thank you to everybody. thank you so much. >> reporter: though agustin's the mom's cousin and the entire family says they've been rocked by this, they nt justice. >> it's hard. she made her mistake and she has to go through it. >> reporter: back out live here. coming up in our next hour at 6:00, i have more news about the baby. it's good news, so do not miss that coming up in our next hour. reporting live in ft. lauderdale, bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. now to an update on the 14-year-old boy killed in an accidental shooting at the hands of his friend. the boy accused of pulling the
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cops arrested the unidentified 14-year-old for manslaughter and he since bonded out. the shooting happened over the weekend at 27th avenue in miami gardens. willard shepard spoke to students coping with the tragedy. you can hear from them at 6:00. a florida keys woman employ employedemploy employed at a church day care may not be returning to work. she was arrested for child abuse. she is accused of hurting a 4-year-old while disciplining her for bad behavior. cops say she pushed the girl's head down hittinin her lip on a table. the woman is still sitting behind bars tonight. new tonight, more cases of the zika virus are confirmed in south florida. trina robinson is live in the newsroom. >> the latest cases include a pregnant woman. as in the previous cases
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cdc is not disclosing which county they live in. five n cases are confirmed. that brings the total in south florida to 23. there are 42 total cases in the entire state, including four pregnant women. all are traral related. only four are still exhibiting those symptoms. symptoms associated with the zika virus last between seven and ten days. nbc 6 news. happening right now, deputies in central florida are on the hunt for a wanted man and they need your help to get him off the streets this evening. take a good look at 41-year-old david deine sr. he is 5'7". weighs about 165 pounds.
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deputies think he may be driving a blue 2007 suzuki verenza. investigators believe he is dangerous and say if you see him, call 911. a local landmark back in business for south florida drivers. here's a live look at the historic venetian causeway. the bridge opened around noon today after nine months of some tl and a lot of money.% it cost about $12.5 million to fix a hole, plus hundreds of feet of a weakened bridge. drivers will notice new lighting and a new road that leads to the causeway. > we are not going to allow a
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party of lincoln and reagan. >> i have to listen to a little guy like rubio say he's a con man. >> the colorful war of words continue today between senator marco rubio and donald trump with voting on super tuesday just hours away. the rivals along with democratic candidate hillary clinton choosing to spend the pivotal night that the sunshine state. the three will watch the results from various spots in south florida. today has been filled with furious campaigning by the candidates in both parties. steve handelsman is in houston tonight. >> reporter: good evening from houston where texaxa senator ted cruz has an awful lot of support, but will it be enough come tomorrow to beat back what one cowboy told me today looks like a big push by donald trump? ted cruz is campaigning at home in texas, the onlyuper tuesday
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cruz vows to take texas tomorrow and then catch fire. >> at that point it will become abundantly clear this is a two-man race. >> you're a trump voter? >> you bet. >> and cruz. >> he's more of a constitutionalist type. virginia. >> believe it or not, we're going to unify this country. >> reporter: but he's been called racist. >> all lives matter. >> reporter: claiming he couldn't hear the question, trump on sunday refused to deny the kkk. >> he refused to criticize the ku klux klan. >> when i was small, trump financed our basketball court. i know a little bit more about donald trump. he's not a racist.
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clinton today is jumping on the republicans. >> what we can't let happen is the scapegoawing, the blaming, the finger pointing tt is going on on the republican side. >> reporter: bernie sanders was in minnesota. while back in texas, ted cruz is fighting just to win his home state. the latest polling here in texas shows cruz with a widening ten-point gap over trump. from houston, stevev handelsman, nbc 6 news. >> and as the election heats up in those super tuesday states, south florida is getting in on some of the action. early voting kicked off today. broward's early voting begins on satuday. this is a closed primary, which means you must be a registered democrat or republican to cast your ballot. anyone who you can find extensive coverage of the campaign trail on the nbc
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including a delegate tracker, which gives you a better idea of where each candidate stands. next on 6, tough testimony. >> erin andrews takes the stand. these are lyeive pictures prosecute the nashville courtroom where andrews is testifying about the stalker scandal. the stalker testifying today. what he had to say ahead. plus, tol chaos. that's how students are describing the moment a 14-year-old opened fire in their school cafeteria today. find out if this nice weather will stick around coming up. and remember this? it's the selfie that held an academy awards record until last night.
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why a recently welcome back. new tonight chaos in an ohio school when a shooter opens fire in a cafeteria. the shooter was a 14-year-old. the victims are recovering and they're expected to survive. the suspect ran from the building and dropped the weapon before cops nabbed him near school grounds. >> really scary to think there
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have came and got us instead. i'm just kind of thankful i was safe. >> police say that they do have a motive, but they're not ready to release that informatio no word on how many students were in the cafeteria at the time of the shooting. well, a well-known sports caster stalking scandal continued in a national courtroom today. >> these are live pictures of erin andrewsestifying right now. she is actually answering questions about the incident that led to naked videos of her unknowingly being taken and posted online. adam kuperstein is live in the studio. >> i've been watching the testimony. she's giving jurors personal details of what was happened around her when that nude video leaked. >> probably for like three months everybody thought it was
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it was on the front pages of the "new york post," "fox news," "cbs," everybody thought i was doing it for attention and thh ripped me apart. >> the man who secretly recorded the video also testified and he was questioned about his motives. an erin andrews walked out of the courtroom this morning. that's michael david barrett, the man convicted of slking the popular sports caster in three cities, altering the peepholes in her hotel rooms, and secretly recording nude videos. >> why did you decide to do that? >> that's a great question. >> i would like to hearhe answer. >> so would i. i've thought it over and over in
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>> reporter: barrett spent 30 months in jail after add admitted -- admittingto that mistake. attorneys for the national marriott said they were duped as well. >> he deceived, he denied,d,he stalked. that's what mr. barrett did. >> reporter: they claim barrett manipulated the reservation system to get the rm next door to andrews, which allowed him to make the video. another live look right now. this is erin andrews continuing her system, as she gets emotional recounting yars ago when that nude video leaked online. for now, live into the studio,
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t was a great weekend here in south florida. the week is off to a good start as well. all you see on weather radar is a couple of specks in the gulf of mexico over southth florida. there's been a couple of rain drops here and there, but not even 0.01 of an inch has accumulated under partly sunny skies. our first alert cam looking towards the venetian causeway. it's a good day to look at the venetian causeway as it has reopened after several months of closure. marine conditions in biscayne bay looking pretty good. weather headlines. we're expecting a warming trend. temperatures will be in the 80s as early as tomorrow. the next front will actually stall on thursday near lake okeechobee. even that front won't be ableo produce much in the way of rain.
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remain at 10% or less, so it is expected to be a quiet weather week here in south florida. in miami. you can see the dew point temperature is comfortable. mid 50s here as far as the dew point is concerned. about a 20-degree diffeence between our air temperature and our dew temperature. a little re humid down in key west at this hour. here's your surface weather map. a ridge of high pressure in the atlantic north of the dominican republic. there's a ridge of high pressure that extends toward the west. this high will control our weather for much of this week. here's a lk at our visible satellite image right now.
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mainly clear across south florida and the florida keys. maybe a few clouds in the lower keys at this hour. our neighbors in the bahamas looking pretty good too. maybe a couple spotty showers out there. the forecast looking fantastic for the next few days. a few more clouds we'll start to see on wednesday through saturday. again, not expecting more than a 10% chance of rain. temperatures will be in the low 80ss each day. 80 on tuesday. then up to 83 wednesday. the warmest temperature would be 84 on friday. then remember we'll have another front moving through on saturday. that'll cool us down closer to 79 or 80 grees. the nighttime lows are going to be in the mid 60s. as far as tonight is concerned, 72 degrees at 7:00. overnight temperatures don't drop all that much. 65 your overnight minimum. that's right on par for what you
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all in all, quiet weather expected i south florida. back to you. thank you all for this amazing award tonight. >> it's the moment that broke the internet. last night leonardo diicaprio won the first oscar of his career. it is the most tweeted minute of an oscarsrs telecast ever, which was previously held by the famous ellen degeneres star-studded selfie. >> whoever thought that would be broken? an essential function on your iphone could be left out of the next model. > in our 6:00 newscast, we're bragging about another south
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president neededa real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. welcome back. apple is reportedly weeksaway from releasing a new iphone and ipad. according to multiple media reports out there, the debut is set for march 21st. the 4-inch iphone said to have a faster chip than current models and the new ipad pro is set to have a 9.7 inch screen.
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releasing new versions of the apple watch on that day as well. speaking of apple, there's another apple rumor circumstanceemor circulating. >> before we know it, it could be obsolete. >> trina robinson is here to explain. >> the internet is all abuzz with rumors that apple plans to do away with its headphone jack. right now this is how most of us listen to music on our phones, but consumer reports says soon we may see phones with no ports or jacks at all. >> the technology already exists. withouttports, smartphones can be slimmer, thinner, and better able to resist damage from moisture and dust and other debris. >> reporter: bluetooth headphones t tt wirelessly connect to your phone.
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what about no speaker holes? that technology is on several other models from. >> you don't need speaker holes because on these phones the display vibrates. those vibrations are determined to be sound by your ear. >> porter: the technology works well. to eliminate the need for a charging port, there's wireless charging. wireless charging is already available on phones such as the samsung galaxy s6. without a charging port, how do you connect your phone to your computer to update your music library? >> you can sync your music over wi-fi. >> and if you want to listen wirelesslyight now, consumer
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headphones headphones. it recommends the bluetooth jpl by harmon. live in the studio, trina robinson. nbc 6 news. >> always something with the iphone. >> i know. the news at 5:30 continues next. >> here's adam with a look ahead. >> detectives upping the ante in the search for the person who killed a manager at checkers. plus -- she's still in critical condition. >> the parents of a wan brutally beaten. a wild scene a a south florida water plant.
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fiery rampage there. right now on 6, the south florida man charged with nearly beating a woman to death is trying to get out of jail. thank you so much for joining us. i'm trina robinson. >> and i'm adam kuperstein. that victim's parents in court today hoping the suspect stays behind bars. claudio docampo is live in miami right now. claudia, what happened at today's hearing? >> reporter: he is trying to get out on bond, but prosecutors are now amending the charges.
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attempted first-degree murder. >> right now, she is still in a coma. >> reporter: 23-year-old danielle jones is fighting to stay alive while the man who nearly killed her is trying to get out of jail. >> his client is in custody. it's been 14 days. >> reporter: byron mitchell told detectives he was dating jones and the two got into an argument. he said jones came at him with a knife a a he defended himself. he admitted to grabbing jones' neck and choking her and then bashing her head repeatedly on the floor. she suffered bleeding on the brain and cuts to her face. >> i think he's a sociopath. that's why he's so calm. that's why he can lie so easily. that's why he thout he can get away with it. >> reporter: mitchell met jones when he answered a craigslist ad for a roommate.


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