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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News Sunday 9AM  NBC  February 28, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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>> bye. right now at 9:00 a 14-year-old is dead after shots are fired in his miami gardens home. find out who is facing charges this morning. plus, hillary clinton sweeps south c colina in the last primary before super tuesday. and a a live look at hollywood. south florida waking up to so chilly temperatures. but when can we expect the warm up? erika has your first alert forecast. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 6 south florida today. i'm sharon lawson. it's sunday, february 28th. we're going to get you started with meteorologist erika delgado and south florida's most accurate forecast. it was chilly in morning, we were waking up to 50s across some areas and low 60s. now temperatures are beginning
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miami, 66 degrees there, 65 degrees in fort lauderdale. 689 popoano beach, almost hitting that 70 degree washing and mid to lo 60s further across the kendall and homestead area. rain free so far on this sunday morning. our rada looking pretty good. fort lauderdale down to miami-dade, the keys looking good. upper keys to big pine key, key west as well, things are shaping up to be on the nice side. if you haven't stepped out or if you have th you know what i'm talking about. we are dealing with clouds this morning. we have a wind out of the north-northeast with that ocean temperature just little warmer than the air temperature, those clouds are forming over the ocean and of course that wind is interesting it in. we are dealing with a few clouds, we will see a break in the clouds from time to time as the day goes on. we are expecting more in the way of clouds than we saw yesterday. first alert forecaca for the next few hours, sharon, we will finally hit that 70 degree mark come noontime. >> thank you. right no we have a traffic
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all lanes of i-75 at miramar parkway are shut down as the florida highway patrol investigates a deadly accident. the c cshaking place in one of the northbound lanes. so b b wary of that and stay with us for updates on the nbc 6 news and weather app. in other news an update right now on a story of a two month old baby at the center of an all day amber alert. stephanie augustin is being held without bond in connection with the kidnapping of two month old taraji kemp. it's not clear what that connection is. she was pickeded up near ft. pierce and was questioned by police overnight before her arrest. taraji kemp was found in orlando yesterday afteoon. police say she was abducted by intruders who broke into her fort lauderdale home friday night. neighbors say the family is quiet and typically keeps to themselves. >> people do ridiculous things so it's like whatever issue was there or whoever wanted to do anything to her like that didn't
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like nobody should take anyone's child. that's not yours to take. >> anyone with information on this case is encouraged to call crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. a 14-year-old is dead and another teen charged with manslaughter after a gun goes off at a home in miami gardens. the victim's family tells us the shooting was accidental. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is at mmi gardens police headquarters with more. >> reporter: this morning one teen is dead and the other is facing manslaughter charges after a gun accidentally fired in one home here in miami gardens. family, friends and entire community devastated by this teen's death. >> i will be honest with you, i'm just holding back tears. >> reporter: he is 14-year-old tavares for years and lives just a block and a half away. tavares was friends with his children. >> i know most of the kids around here. hopefully to be honest the only reason i'm speaking right now is i guess everybody in the community if they could be more
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themselves involved, give the kids something to do better than playing with guns. >> reporter: miami gardens police are investigating the shooting of tavares or junior as everyone called him after responding to thi scene saturday evening on northwest 102nd terrace. >> accidental shootings at the house, kids playing with the guns. >> reporter: investigators say tavares was staying at the residence owned by a family friend. tavares and another 14-year-old were playing with a firearm inside the residence when the gun accidentally fired, hitting tavares. >> where did the gun come from? >> i couldn't tell you. >> reporter: the victim was airlifted to the trauma center where he was pronounced dead. the other teen is facing charges of manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a minor. the chief took to social media tweeting this, another life gone too soon. we as parents mustprotect, guide train and love our future without lilitations. this investigation is ongoing.
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in this miami gardens community say they are fed up with gun violence. reporting in miami gardens, erika glover, nbc 6 news. right now i ask you to be my wife. >> a surprise twist at the funeral of a six-year-old in northwest miami-dde. king carter's father got down on one knee and proposed to the boy's mother. the proposal in front of hundreds of family, friends and community leaders as they gather for a final farewell to carter. nbc 6 reporter stephanie bertini was there. >> reporter: a small white coffin holding a child ly six years old. >> people say amen. >> amen. >> all god's people say amen. >> amen. >> repoer: those who knew king carter say his name embodies his
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>> his father and his mother, he ate like a king, he talked like a king, he really slept like a king. >> i don't remember seeing king angry or upset. as a matter of fact, i think he was always smiling. >> reporter: his short life is celebrated but still saying good-bye isn't easy. >> we loved having you a team nate and as a friend. my favorite moments with king is how we used to race every night after practice and he used to always want to race. i'm here to tell you that you beat me this time. you won the race. you won the biggest re of all and that's the race to heaven. >> reporter: in between the tears at this funeral cries for change and for a better tomorrow. >> and i call upon you, family, friends, neighbors to stand for the b bs and girls in your
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we need everyone to stand. >> reporter: it wasas bullet. it was a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting that took the boy's life as he was playing with his friends outside at the miami-dade apartment complex he called home. for his parents the l/ss was like no heart break ever experienced, but they don't want this day to end this pain. that's why in his memory king carter's father got down on one knee and asked the boy's mother, his long-time love, to finally be his wife. >> right now i bow and ask you to be my wife. >> it was sad, make it a joyous occasion. now we're planning a wedding. my baby boy is making changes resting in heaven. >> stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. trning now to decision 2016. a southern snub for bernie, but a success for hillary. the former secretary of state taking south carolina in a landslide victory.
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received 74% of the votes. senator bernie sanders only 26%. the overwhelming win gives the clinton campaign a decisive boost heading into the super tuesday contest. and while hillary clinton tries to take over the super tuesday states, her husband, former president bill clinton, will make his way down to south florida later today. he will make a campaign stop in miami gagaens where he will attend a grass roots event. it starts at 2 25 in the afternoon at the betty t. ferguson recreational complex. vice president joe biden stopped by the california democratic state convention where thousands of democrats gathered yesterday. with a presidential nomination and a u.s. senate seat for california before voters biden urged the crowd to unite warning them they have a long important battle ahead of them. >> with just two days until super tuesday gop white house hopefuls are stumpingg hard across the 11 states that cast votes on that pave tall day.
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delegates in georgia, alabama, tennesuee, virginia, massachusetts, vermont, texas, oklahoma and minnesota. democrats told their caucus in colorado and republicans will hold their caucuses in alaska. at an event in atlanta, georgia, yesterday senator ted cruz asked his supporters to rally and for each person to get nine others to vote for him on tuesday. the texas senator also said if republicans nominate donald trump, quote, we would end up electing hillary clinton as president. riva marco rubio is also campaigning in georgia at a rally the florid senator told supporters if donald trump becomes the republican nominee the media will tear him apart. >> and you know the media, you guys are sharpening your knives. as soon as he is the nominee they will descend on him like the hounds of hell. >> rubio says he is in the race for the long haul because trump is a con artist. and a dream opponent for the democratic partrt the republican candidate also predicted he will win the
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mid march, even though recent polls show trump has a double digit lead here. >> early vote in florida begins tomorrow in miami-dade and in broward next saturday. remember to bring a picture id with a signature, like a driver's license, u.s. passport or student id. you can find a list of polling sites as well as extensive coverage of the campaign trail on the nbc 6 news and weather app, evevething from up to the minute live results to in-depth analysis a your fingertips. back to that traffic alert out of miramar. all lanes of i-75 at miramar parkway wiwh shut down as the florida highway patrol investigates a deadly accident. you're taking a look picture -- live images you're looking at. the crash happened in one of the northbound lanes. stay with us for updates. >> time right now just about 11 minutes after the 9:00 hour. still ahead, well, still haven't seen all of the movies nominated for oscars this year?
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weighing in, what you need to know to mke your academy award predictions. >>outh florida, beautiful day in -- ahead of us if you do have plans to spend your day on the water the winds will be shifting out of the east 15 knots later today. seas will occasionally be up to 4 feet. along the gulf stream 5 feet waves and this will remain a
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a mix of sun and clouds. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan..
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out of miramar. live pictures right now of the scene. all lanes of i-75 at miramar parkway are shut down as the orida highway patrol investigates a deadly accident. you can see that there is emergency personnel right there over there in the lanes right there. the crash happened in one of the northbound lanes, so once again, all lanes of i-75 going northbound shut down at this hour. stay with us for updates. also you can check in with the nbc 6 news and weatherapp. a police-involved shooting in utah prompting a chaotic scene. a 16-year-old is in the hospital after she was shot by police in salt lake city. olice say two officers fired their weapons while responding to a call for an assault. after the shooting onlookers started protesting by throwing rocks and shouting at the officers. the salt lake tribune reports one man said the teen was his friend and had been involved in-argument. several arrests were made.
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mourning the death of one of its own after a rookie police officer was shot and killed on her first day. ashley guindon was sworn in on friday. she and two other officers responded to a domestic dispuu when shots were fired killing guindon and one other woman. 100 patrol cars escorted the body. the other two officers were shot, they remain in the hospital. the suspect is expected to court tomorrow. a bloody confrontation at a kkk rally in california. police say three people were stabbed at an anti-immigration gathering in anaheim. one man was critically injured but is now stayed so the stable. authorities say klansmen were greeted by counterprotesters who attacked the group. police arrested a total of 13 people including three counterprotesters seen stomping on a klansman. the first victim shot during
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manufacturing plant in kansas is speaking out. melissa torres says while working on thursday she heard at least five gunshots outside, torres says that's when cedric ford from south florida walked through the door with his hands up and ready to do damage. torres was struck in the hand, hip and back. >> he looked like he was ready to go do damage. he had no remorse. he had his hands up just, bam, bam, just -- evil. he didn't care. he was just trying to kill whoever he could. >> torres was one of 14 people jured. three other coworkers were killed. she says ford had no remorse and robbed the entire excell family of their peace of mind. ford was can ild in a.
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south florida, 9:16 on this sunday. things are lookin pretty good. waking up to upper 50s and low 60s earlier in morning. a mix of sun and clouds and we aralready in the mid 60s in miami, 65 fort lauderdale and will be hitting the 70 degree mark in pompano. i want to take a look outside. as you can see we are dealing with a few more clouds than yesterday, but it will be on and off. so just think of it that way, mix of sun and clouds what we are expecting later thiss afternoon. there will be moments when a little more sunshine and moments with afew more clouds. our live first aert radar quiet, rain-free fort lauderdale down into the keys. good news there. no rain to worry about anywhere in sight. for your first alert forecast we're going to leave the shower chances out of the forecast at least for todaa, but we are expecting winds to be shifting out of the east later this afternoon. what that means for us and it could be a little on the breezy side is if you do haveny plans to go out to the beach and get in the water watch out for krip currents.
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high for this time of year should be around 79 degrees. heading down to the keys, temperatures this afternoon will be reaching into the mid 70s, again, that freezy east wind with sun and clouds into the afternoon hours. quiet da is in store for us, high pressure in control. we will continue to push towards the east, winds will be shifting out of the east.t. we're expecting a pleasant afternoon but that warm up that we've been talking about is already under way and you will begin to see the difference tomorrow and especially into tuesday. hour by hour here arehe clouds we are dealing with light now moving in along that north-northeast wind. heading out for brunch still clouds, but ap the day goes on we will see moments with a little more sunshine and then moments with more cloud cover. other than that we are expecting a spectacular afternoon with temperatures in the mid 70s. overnight we will begin to see a few more of those clouds moving in. mix of sun and clouds today. uv index the main threat for today.
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currents could be a problem along atlantic beaches. if you do have any plans to get in the water keep that in mind. marine conditions looking good. we could begin to see a little more chop especially across the bay. at warm up is under way, upper 70s tomorrow, a few more clouds,, already hitting that 80 degree mark tuesday into wednesday. ll this ahead of a cold front that will leave us showers, mae isolated for tuesday, mainly for wednesday, thursday, it's a weak front so we will see the warm up and the showers associated with this front, but unfortunately it's not looking like we will see very much of a cool down, maybe for the end of the weekend, temperatures will be back to where they should be, upper 70s in the afternoon. >> our winter is almost over. erika, thank you. hollywood's biggest night is finally here, the 88th annual academy awards taking place tonight. mark barger talked to experts from entertainment weekly about what to expect. >> the anticipation forr tonight is not just about the awards. >> i'm really looking forward to chris rock's monologue, i can't
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the oscars at this time. >> rock will have the academy's diversity issues squarely in his sights but likely keep it from dominating the event. >> he wanted to be celebratory, you want it to feel historic. >> it could be for alejandro inaaitu. his film "the revenant" has 11 other nominations including bes picture into if "the revenant" wins it will be the first time ever that one director has directed back to back best picture winners. >> "the revenant's" competition includes spotlighg and the big short. both have shared numerous guild honors. >> i don't know how overwhelming the love is for "the revenant." i think there are a lot of people who love that movie but i don't know if it's something embraces. >> more certain is the love for revenant star leonardo dicaprio. best actor would be his first oscar. >> i think he is at home writing his speech right now, at least he should be, because i can't
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>> the feeling similar about room's brie larson. she's dominated the best actress field during award season. >> there is no other performance in that category thh year that goes through the ringer like her character does and she portrayed it beautifully. >> supporting actress has the alicia vic candor and the actress from steve jobs. >> supportingctor is seen as a lock for sylvester stallone. he revisited his rocky persona in "creed." >> a lot of people in the academy, particularly the older voters think he should have won 39 years `go for playing rocky the first time. >> winning this time could be a knockout moment on a golden night. the annual public python hunt here in florida is over and th top prizes are in. the florida fish and wild light commission says the longest
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wrangled in by bill booth. their team also took in a price for the largest haul of snakes capturing 33 pythons, more than 1,000 people from 29 states hunt. were caught. they are an invasive species that t ve a devastating effect on the everglades. admission to mickey mouse's extra. magic kininom at walt disney world in orlando rolled out new seasonal prices for single day tickets. the changes allow visitors to look at calendar 8 to 11 months in advance to see which das are value, regular or peak. value days will st you $105, regular days will increase by 5 bucks and peak days will cost $124. dissy says annual pass prices won't change but ultimately day ticket prices will increase. time right now 9:23. here is a live look at hollywood
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the water is so calm right there.
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the forecast when we return. alert. youre looking at i-75 northbound at miramar parkway where that stretch of roadway is closed due to a fatal accint. once again, you can see emergency personnel on scene right there. you're going to have to use an alternate route, probab the turnpike. i-75 northbound at miramar
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due to a fatal accident as investigators are on scene investigating right ow. quick check on the weather. >> things are looking pretty good. a few more clouds this morning than yesterday. it's pretty nice out there. mix ofun and clouds. moments of sunshine, moments of cloud cover. we are expecting winds to be shifting more out of the east later this afternoon. of urse, that could leave us a moderate risk of rip currents along atlantic beaches. be careful if you do have beach plans today. first alert forecast for sunday. temperatures a few degrees below average, expecting mid 70s, should be in the upper 70s, under partly sunny skies, rain free today. mix of sun and clouds and we will begin to see some clouds increasing overnight into this upcoming workweek as moisture continues to increase. by moisture i mean just a few more clouds monday, tuesday, maybe an isolated shohoer on tuesday, but we will be warming up back into the 80s for most of the workweek, all ahead of a cold front that will leave us showersn the forecast for sure wednesday, thursday. it's looking likewe won't see
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knock temperatures downn a few degrees friday into the upcoming weeeend. >> i think our cold snaps are over. may have one more. let's hope. inally this morning, a night to celebrate at the broward center. jash grow ban performing as part of the 25th anniversary celebration. 11 million people have o come through the doors to watch 13,000 shows since they opened 25 years ago. it's onef the top ten theaters in the country for attendance. love josh grow ban. thinkings for watching. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is slways greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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jackie nespral: making an impact this week, breaking down the failed presidential campaign of former governo making an impact this week, breaking down the failed presidential campaign of former governor jeb bush. what went wrong from a woman working on jeb's team. and a former congressman is trying to get back to capitol hill. why joe garcia is throwing his hat back into the political ng. this is nbc 6 "impact" and i'm your host jackie nespral. now on "impact", the former florida governor and member of the bush family dynasty ended his white house hopes after only three states voted. jeb bush's status from front-runner to after thought shocked political observers in a never before seen election season where billionairereonald trump rose to the top of the gop. joining me now to discuss jeb's campaign, a former consultant of bush. thank you for joining us. >> i'm delighted to be here.


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