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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 9am  NBC  February 27, 2016 8:30am-9:30am EST

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the afternoon breaking news at 8:30. an amber alert issued for a 2-month-old. bso deputies searching all night long. we're live with what investigators are saying this morning. shots ring out at a popular south florida mall forcing shoppers to evacuate. from the south beach food and wine festival to the homeless. we'll tell you how top chefs are feeding some of south florida's most vulnerable coming up. good morning. it's saturday, february 27th. i'm sharon lawson.
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we'll get you started with meteorologist erika delgado. >> it has been a chilly start to the day. upper 40s and low 50s across the board a few hours ago. all the sunshine warming us up. 53 degrees in miami, 52 in ft. lauderdale and a little cooler in oakland park and homestead area. temperatures right now close to the 51-degree mark. it has been a cool start to the day. it's looking like it will remain cool, but also will remain dry. rain-free, our are weekend just getting started. no rainy where in sight. so good news. not only are we not dealing th any rain and also dealing with cold temperatures, but also dealing with a beautiful saturday morning. taking a look outside our first alert cam, this is over hollywood beach outside the westin diplomat. a few high clouds will be the trend for most of the day. other than that, mostly sunny sses. so far your firsr alert forecast on your saturday, the next few
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begin to climb, only reaching into the mid 60s come noontime. we're following breaking news right nowut of ft. lauderdale. an amber alert has been issued for a 2-month-old baby girl. this is taraji kemp. just after 11:00 last night the broward sheriff's office responded to reports of a home invasion and possible kidnapping in the 2700 block of northwest 14th court. they've been searchinin for the baby girl all night long. here is more information on this missing child. taraji is about 22 inches tall weighing around 14 pounds. she has a birthmark on herr chest. police say she is possibly with two males who may be traveling in a dark-colored nissan sedan. police say tar raji was last seen wearing a pink onsie. also this morning, we have new details about the man who killed three people in a
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a woman was charged last night with providing guns to cedric@ ford who is a convicted felon. we've also leaed a possible motive. ford was served with a rotective order involving a former girlfriend that may have set off the attack. the 38-year-old man was not a stranger to law enforcement. ford had a 20-year criminal history including burglary, grand theft and carrying a concealed weapon. some of the c carges date back here to south florida. shortly before the shooting spree a judge served the man with a restraining order filed by ford's ex-girlfriend. she said he was, quote, in desperate need of medical and psychological help, end quote. ford was shot and killed by a responding officer. the 6-year-old boy accidentally struck by a police cruiseweeks ago is resting at home this morning. antoine lawson had several broken bones but is excited to be out of the hospital. nbc 6 anchor jackie nespral shas the story.
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bunch of balloons, 6-year-old an duan larson rolled out of the hospital in a body cast. >> how are you feeling now? >> good. >> a miami police officer driving a patrol car struck the child on his scooter three weeks ago near 58th street. >> oh, god! >> this video shows when the family rushed to the scene in a panic. his mother said he doesn't remember much. >> he looked both ways, he didn't see a car. as he proceeded to cross the street, he heard a loud engine. that's it. everything went black after that >> reporter: despite a broken pelvic bone and leg, antoine is in good spirits and says he's not in pain. he's excited d go home and be with his brothers and play. but mom says it won't all be fun and games. >> he has to do physical therapy ananlearn to walk all over again. >> reporter: mom says she hasn't heard from miami police in weeks.
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crash appearsto be an accident, although at the time the family thought the officer was speeding. >> i'm just glad that we are going home and he's all right. i still have my child because it could have been a whole lot worse. as for antoine he's happy to be out of the hospital with a cast full of signatures from friends and nurses. >> what do you want to say to everyone who came to visit you and brought you all these balloons. >> thank you. >> reporter: jackie nespral, nbc 6 news. >> miami police say the name of the officer behind the wheel will ngt be released until the investigation is completed. a south florida man accused of shooting at a miami police officer is behind bars this morning. 28-year-old lance deshawn moore is facing serious charges including attempted murder. cops arrested moore yesterday for shooting at an officer near southwest 43rd avenue and 5th terrace. investigators believevthe officer was targeted before he got out of his car. colleagues say he wasn't hit but
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miami's top cop wants the public to know that the men and women in blue who track down the assailants are there fororhem as well. >> i thinknkt's important for this community to know it has brave, wonderful men and women who protect their safety at all times. >> authorities say moore was one of four people inside the car during the shooting. they tracked the group down near 9th street and 42nd avenue. this weekend will be filled with food and fun for many south beach wine a food festival goers. but what happens to all the leftovers? nbc 6 reporter stephanie bertini shows how the less fortunate are benefiting. >> reporter: from the south beach food and wine festival to the homeless. >> let's go jimmy boy. let's go! >> you can see the food is definitely different than our normal donations. >> reporter: miami rescue
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to bring this food to some who need it most. >> the chefs already know about it. they're preparing in pans for us. >> fiu professor john bush man has a history with the festival. in the last few years he decided to bridge the gap. >> we're avoiding, first of all, seeing food go into the landfill, go into the dumpsters. it's an opportunity for us to not only turn nutricius food around and it's consumed by people who can really use it, but the special high quality becomes a treat, i think. at least that's what they tell me. >> reporter: a treat and a help to those who work in this kitchen. mitch haller is the food service coordinator and he knows firsthand what that means. >> it's already precooked, so it helps us o ot in a way. 1500 meals a day is not an easy task. >> reportrt: tonight some of those who live at the mission came out to lend a land, like
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pound of food coming to him and others like him. >> having a hot meal is very good. when you're from the street or where wherever you are, you learn to appreciate. >> reporter: a hot meal means a lot when you're down and out. even though tickets to the south beach food and wine festival are ricey, some of the poorest in miami will get a bite tonight. how is that for a giant treat? it is cake and not a hamburger. every night when things wrap up, the mission workers are here to collect what's left. reporting in south beach, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. >> that cake sure looks yummy. if you're looking for something fun to do with your pets, grab your entire family and walk for the homeless animals at bayfront park at the annual walk for the animals.
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society of greater miami. registration starts right now and the one-mile stroll around the park with or without a dog begins at 10:00 a.m. our own meteorologist ryan phillips will be there as well. we continue to follow breaking news out of ft. lauderdale. an amber alert for 2-month-old tar raji kemp. we're learning she may be with two men in a dark colored nissan sedan. a beautiful day in store for us. winds shifting from the north-northeast as the day goes on. biscayne bay at a moderate chart all day.
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will we continue to see (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. the zika virus keeps spreading. a montana woman who visited south america has tested
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thankfully the woman is not pregnant. zika is spread mainly through mosquito bites. the cdc says it also can be passed through sexual intercourse. it's suspected the virus causes abnormallylymall heads and brains in some newborn babies. the only survivor in the washington state shooting is said to be related to the other victims found dead inside the home. police say the girl who survived yesterday's apparent murder-suicide is 12 years old. she was found unharmed but was taken to the hospitall for evavaation. at this hour, the four victims and the gunman have not been identified. officers arrived on scene after the gunman called 911 saying he shot and killed his wiwi and children. officials say the man thenen killed himself. the massachusetts teen who murdered and raped his gh school math teacher has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 40 years. the teacher's mom says this sentence is unacceptable.
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some day get out of prison. the teen's attorney admitted he killed his teacher when he was just 14 but said he was sufring from a mental illness. the jury rejected annsanity defen. >> now first alert weather with-month-old, south florida's most accurate forecast. all right, south florida, we definitely had our share of winter here in south florida at least this winter. waking up to chilly temperatures. we were in the 40s this morning. things are slowly starting to warm up. 53 in miami, 52 down into the kendall are broward coastal area already`in the mid 50s. already hitting the 60-degree mark in the lower keys. plenty of sunshine to go around. rain-free conditions which is what we like to see on our saturday morning. looking good from ft. lauderdale
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not only is it beautiful out, but as you can see, mostly sunny skies across much of miami. a few clouds out there, mainly high level clouds is what we'll see. other thanthat, expecting plenty of sunshine as the day goes on. it will be a nice one across much of the area. in your first alert forecast, temperatures remaining cool, highs only in the lower 70s. we should be in the upper 70s for this time of year. temperatures will definitely be below average. a cool start to the day with winds shifting out of the north-northeast later this afternoon. heading down to the keys, happy saturday to you, expect temperatures into the lower 70s with winds out of the northwest becoming a little breezy and just a few high-level clouds out there. high pressure still remains over the gulf of mexico. clockwise circulation is giving us that northwest wind. however, as it continues to push towards the east, we'll see the wind shifting from the northeast.
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now are in the lower 70s, we'll begin to see those temperatures rebounding not only tonight but into the next few days. in the mean thiletime things are looking good and rewheel remain rain-free. definitely have the sunscreen handy if you have outdoor plans. why wouldn't you? a beautiful day across south florida. marine conditions will keep it on the lower to moderate end of the scale. no advisories over the atlantic waters burks with winds picking up this afternoon, we could begin to see a chop out there especially across the bay. taking a look at the next few days, temperatures slowly begin to rebound into the mid to upper 70s. we'll see a few more clouds. winds will shift out of the southeast-southeast ahead of a cold front that could leave us showers tuesday and wednesday. temperatures warm into the upper 70s and lower 80s. behind the front, we're not expecting a significant cooldown. at least we will be closer to seasonal for this time of year, sharon.
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8:46, just about. still ahead, you may think your house is clean, butt there could be mold and bacteria lurking where you least expect it.
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next welcome back. did you see these pictures, they went viral. a mother posting ptures of hidden mold inside a child's sippy cup. where el could mold be hiding around your house. nbc's jeff rossen reports on the places you should check today to keep your family safe. >> reporter: the new photos will make you squirm, hidden mold discovered%inside this kid's sippy cup, the pictures posted on facebook by an angry mom. from the outside the cup looks clean, but the child kept getting sick, so they tk the cup apart and found all this buried under the drinking spout. okay. so that grossness got us thinking. what kind of hidden mold is
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mine? today i'm your guinea pig. this is my hold. i've invited a certified mold inspector over to poke around a bit. this is stuff that can happen in your house. this is matt moleski. >> there's a plumbing leak here causing moisture and mold growth. >> what else? >> up here where you keep your sponges. down in here is a lot of black growth. >> that's what i'm using to clean the cups. >> one thing a lot of people don't know about is underneath the refrigerator. there's a drip pan. >> oh, my. that's hideous. >> this is mold and bacteria growth that's accumulated over time. >> i never even knew this was here. how do you fix this? >> usually if you clean it once or twice a month, that's enough to take care of it. >> this is the kind of stuff that can make you sick if left untreated. >> it could. >> another trouble spot, washing machines, a breeding ground for mold.
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homeowners across the country. rns out, i have it, too. >> this is your washing machine. takak a look inside this gasket here. >that black, that's mold? >> that's mold. >> how dangerous is this. >> it could be dangerous if it's airborne. if you can, leave the door open between washes so it airs out. he says the most dangerous room in the house for mold, your bathroom. >> we're in my shower now. this is not weird at all. you noticed stuff in here. >> you and your wife have a lot of products. sometes when you don't use them all the time, you don't notice the buildup. take a look at this. pop the bottom off, you see that black -- >> is that mold? >> that could be mold and bacteria. >> disgusting. >> this product, too. >> this has been in my shower for about a month, month and a half. i assume my wife is using it. i never picked it up and i never saw this. it's gross, putting it in the trash.
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the bottom. mold loves paper. >> rip the stickers off at the very least. >> at the very least. the other thing that caught my attention, the children's toy. you can see the edge of that right there. >> what's that? >> that's mold there. >> this is the pale i use, by the way, every night to pour over my kids' heads when i wash their hair. it's scary. >> it is. >> thanks for coming by, by the way. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. another spot where mold grows, rubber bath toys. water gets in and doesn't come out, a classic recipe for mold. if you've never seen it, it's because it's inside the actual toy so ke precautions. 8:51 is the time. still ahead, film's biggest night is almost here. find out who is predicted to win big and who will probably go home empty-handed. a chilly start to our day.
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clouds. down to the keys, a few more clouds. temperatures on the cool side, 50s and 60s to start the morning. we are expecting highs to be reaching into lower 70s.
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atlantic well kol back. thisear's oscars is shaping up to be a race between hollywood veterans and newcomers. >> nbc's mike wilber takes a look at tomorrow night's top predictions. >> it ain't easy being the academy. this year's oscar showdowns a fierce. >> you're going to fix it now! >> kate winslet already has an oscar on the shelf. we predict elise yeah i have canter will beat her out. >> everyone loving her in the danish girl. however, kate winslet may slip in and take it t om her because the academy loves kate winslet. >> the guys up for best supporting actor aren't going down without a fight. tom hardy, mark ruffalo and
8:55 am
competition on his way to the trophy. >> sylvester stallone is going to be an oscar winner. he will win for his work in everyone loves that movie and loves sylvester stallone. >> men it comes to best actress, the odds may nott be in her favor for award show darling jennifer lawrence. it will likely come down to j. law and another contender. >> brie larson will room for best actress. "room" is her movie. >> for lead actor it's pretty much a shoo-in. >> not only does he deserve it, but nominated so many times. >> watch out if he doesn't win. >> honestly hollywood will implode. fans will go crazy. >> for the main event, eight films are up for best picture.
8:56 am
revenant and "spotlight." "the revenant will win best picture. >> i have to see the folks on the red carpet. >> she loves the glam. >> i have that in 3450i closet. that was so '09. not really. >> 8:56 is the time. we continue to follow the breaking news out of ft. lauderdale. an amber alert issued for 2-month-old taraji kempment
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two men in a dark-colored good morning everyone. welcome back to nbc 6 "south florida today." it's saturday, february 27th. 'm sharon lawson. you'll notice when you head out there, it's a chilly one out there. let's get you started with meteorologist erika delgado and florida's most accurate forecast. >> you're absolutely right. waking up to temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. now temperatures rebounding. already in the mid 50s in miami. 56 as well in ft. lauderdale. that goes for kendall as well. 57 in pembroke pines and stiti 55 degrees into the homestead area. in the keys we're wakiki up to temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. definitely shaping up to be a cool day across south florida. at least a rain-free one. our live first alert radar
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over to miami-dade. over the atlantic waters things are quiet as well. a light start to the day with a northwest wind. in miami you'll notice a few high clouds out there. other than that things are looking pretty good so far. winds are light. a beautiful start to the day. it is quite nice out there. definitely want to take advantage outside. let's take a sneak peek outside. temperatures rebounding, already more s ssonable from monday into tuesday, increase in sun and clouds and increasing chance of rain as the week goes on. we continue to follow breaking news out of ft. lauderdale where an amber alert has been issued for a 2-month-old baby. this is taraji kemp. just after 11:00 last night the broward sheriff's office responded to reports of an armed home invasion and possible kidnapping in the 2700 block of northwest 14th court. they've been searching for the baby girl all night long. here is more information on the missing chide. taraji is 22 inches tall and
9:01 am
she has a birthmark on her chest. police say she's possibly with two males who may be traveling in a dark-colored nissan sedan. police say taraji was last seen wearing a pink one see. if you have any information on her whereabouts, contact police immediately. this morning police are investiting a shooting at a busy south florida mall. we brought you this breaking news story last night. police have confirmed somebody did open fire at the falls mall, but there were no injuries. witness whose heardhe loud gunshots say everyone ran for cover. >> we were in haagen dazs eating ice cream when all of a sudden we heard a loud bang. everyone scurried inside and we later found out that it was gunshots. >> at first i didn't believe it until i saw the bullets on e floor. >> i was like, please, emergency exit, everyone leave. everyone was pointing to go to the doors and everything. it was crazy. i didn't know what to do. >> this was the second incident involving gunfire at a south
9:02 am
on tuesday night a detective opened fire on man near the main entrance of dead land mall. they say the suspect was in a fight with his wife and drove straight towards officers forcing them to shoot at his car. if you have any information on yesterday's shooting, call crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. the miami-dade police department arrested one of its own for grand theft. detective armando socarras is accused of steeling $1300. the money was part of more than $17,000 seized during a narcotics instigation. this is the wrong video. socarras who is a ten-year veteran of the department has been relieved of duty with pay. a 16-year-old has joined these two teens behind bars for the shooting death of a south florida child. we're not going to identify the third s spect because he's a minor. now he's facing the same charges as leonard adams and irwen pressley, the two mug shots you just saw. they've all been charged with
9:03 am
attempted murder. police say all three teensere involved in a facebook fight with someone called juju that led@ to a shootout and king was caught in the crossfire. news of a third arrest brought no comfort for king's family who held a viewing yesterday for the 6-year-old. his funeral is set for this afternoon at new birth baptist church in northwest miami-dade. the search is on for whoho deputies say tried to kidnap a young woman. the man followed her for several blocks before trying to search her. marissa bagg has more from oakland park. >> reporter: an attempted abduction is sounding the alarm for broward county sheriff's investigators as they search for a man who resembles this sketch. detectives say on sunday, february 7th, a man in a silver four-door car a man harassed a woman on the way home from a bus stop.
9:04 am
the bus say they're always on alert. >> when i get off the bus, i look he b bind me, ahead of me, beside me. walking towards, i look for cars that are pulling up in the parking lot at a convenience store or anything that i'm around. >> reporter: broward sheriff's deputies say the man followed the victim through the burger king parking lot asking her if she needed a right. she said no. surveillance video shows her heading north trying to avoid him as he followed in his car. he later approached her on foot and even grabbed her arm to say, quote, come on, let's go. the victim was able to get away and run to this bakery where there was a group of people outside. employees say it' typically a safe spot. >> the police come in to ea every night and they stay here until whatever time i put everything inside. >> reporter: the man was last seen driving south on andrews
9:05 am
described as unshaven with an athletic build, about 5'7". detectives say the vehicle thth man was driving was a four-door silver car with intoto windows, possibly a ford fusion. if you recognize that sketch we were showing you, call browar county skriem stop pers at 305-471-tips. marissa bagg, nbc 6 news. a woman has been arrested in connection with the deadly shooting rampage in kansas. investigators believe she provided the gun cedric ford used in the attack. nbc's chris pallone has the latest details. >> reporter: just a day after a gunman shattered the peace in heston, kansas, people gather to remember those they lost. >> she was a really wonderful person. she was the greatest person i've ever met in my life. she was my best friend. we have a big history together. >> reporter: renee benjamin was 30. brian sadowski was 30.
9:06 am
factory walked in and started shooting. as the community grieves, police continue their roundndhe-clock investigation. they've already interviewed most of the survivors and are still gathering evidence inside the facry. in all, 17 people shot. police say cedric ford used an assault rifle to hunt his viims, and now his former girlfriend is in jail. sarah hopkins is chargewith knowingly giving a firearm to a convicted felon. she could face ten years in federal prison if convicted. investigators say ford had been slapped with a restraining order by a different ex-girlfriend shortly before he went on a shooting spree. his trail of destruction stopped by a lone police officer who followed him into the factory and shot him to death. >> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: stories of grief and rage, in another american town where no one thought it would ever happen.
9:07 am
kansas. just about seven minutes after the 9:00 hour. still ahead, it's time for southh carolina democrats to decide. we're talking politics ahead of the palmetto state's primary. plus reality star caitlyn jenner teams up with a major beauty brand. more about the collaboration when we return. south florida, if you haven't stepped out, you need do so. a beautiful day is in store for us. temperatures on the cool side. you want to grab the sweaters as you head out the door this morning. come noontime, already in the mid 60s, plenty of sunshine with a few high clouds out there.
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the lowe's presents: how to put your foot inour mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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in the race for the white house the democrats face off after a wild friday on the publican side. nbc's steve handelsman is in south carolina with a lo ahead. >> reporter: good morning from columbia. here in south carolina african-americans are expected
9:10 am
voters in the democratic primary. that 150e78s sure to empower hillary clinton toton easy win, her second in a row after nevada. then super tuesday, where ten states democrats have majj races, only in vermont, bernie sanders's home state, does polling indicate he can win. likewi, on the republican side, in only one super tuesday state is front-runner donald trump trailing, ted cruz's home state of texas. despite a shaky debate performance by trump and strong one by rubio, trump got a boost yesterday by the endorsrsent of new jersey governor chris christie. can donald trump, can hillary clinton both on the same day, lock up their party's nominations? i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, columbia, south carolina.
9:11 am
donald trump's first major endorsement of the campaign leaving many republicans stunned stunned. >> the single most important thing for the republican party is to nominate the person who gives us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. i can guarantee you that the one person that hillary and bill inton do not want to see on that stage come next september is donald trump. >> new jersey governor chris christie showed up unannounce in texas to endorsese trump. he cited his long running friendship with trump and denounced marco bio and ted cruz as first-term snait senators who lack experience. >> it's rubio! >> trump mocked rubio by pulling out a water bottle and taking a sip. thought to be a reference to rubio's ter break in 2013 while delivering the response to
9:12 am
rubio fired back suggesting trump wet his pants during thursday's fiery debate in houston. a reminder early voting in florida begins on monday, miami-dade county and broward next saturday. remember to bring a picture i.d. with a signature like a driver's license, passport or student i.d. >> now first al all right weather with meteorologist erika delgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> all right, south florida, 9:12 on this saturday morning, i should say this cool saturday morning. things looking nice out t tre and feeling quite nice. in the upper 40s and low 50s early this morning, now warming up to the mid to upper s. 56 in kendall and ft. lauderdale. 57 near the pembroke pines area. seeing the 60s into the middle and lower keys it will be a nice one. winds out of the northwest, turning breezy between ten and 15 miles per hour, shifting out of the northeast later this afternoon. i'll show you exactly why our
9:13 am
right now, we're rain-free.% our live first alert radar looking good. no showers anywhere in sight. this is exactly what we like to see as we head into the weekend. taking a look at a few clouds out there right now, moving in from the west over the gulf of mexico, more of a mid to upper-level clouds. that will be the trend for most of the day, seeing a few of those clouds down to the keys this morning. other than that, things looking good. expecting mostly sunny skies. for your first alert forecast, mostly sunny skies. highs below average, reaching into the lower 70s. the normal high for this time of year should be around 79 degrees. temperatures a few degrees below average. i mentionedinds shifting out of the northeast. right now high pressure remains over the gulf of mexico. that's what's giving us the north to northwest wind. as it continues to shift to the east today and tomorrow, that clockwise circulation will allow it to veer from the northeast later this afternoon.
9:14 am
temperatures will begin to rebound. why? ocean temperatures right now are in the lower 70s. any time you have the onshore flow, it affects our temperures here on land. in the meantime, want to take a look at the level off moisture in the atmosphere. the majority of dry air remains to thenorth. we still have some dry air over us as well. we're seeing the mid to upper level clouds, the spread out clouds over the skies.s. in the meantime i want to take a look at what the main threats are, high level clouds, plenty of sunshine, high uv index in the forecast. want to keep the sunscreen handy today. even though there are no advisories over the atlantic waters, we could see a little chop over the atlantic and over the bay. keep that in mind if you have any voting plansns today. a few low level clouds because winds will shift out of the east sunday and monday. gradual warmup that willeave us not only a chance of showers tuesday and wednesday, but also
9:15 am
where we should be forhursday and friday, mid to upper 70s. >> erica, thank you. this morning ballots are still being counted in iran's first election since its nuclear deal with the u.s. and other powers. early results show that reformists appear to be leading the race for parliament, their best showing if more than a decade. it also shows hard-liners are losing. haiti's provisional president has chosen an economist, fritz jean, the former governor of haiti's central bank was chosen out of six candidates. jean is due to appear before the nate and chamber of deputies in the coming days. the interim governme is expected to be in office for only 120 days. a new round of elections takes
9:16 am
yoko ohno wenth to the hospital yesterday on the advice of her doctor. the media reports that said she had a stroke were not true. watch out, nicki minaj and lady gaga. caitlyn jenner is the few face of mac cosmetics. the signature color will be called finally free. revenue from the lipstick sales will benefit the transgender initiative. she joined other celebrities that have released their own signatutu colors. jenner's lipstick will be sold exclusively online beginning april 7th. get them whul it lasts. 9:16 is the time. still ahead, only on 6 this morning, would you know how to survive a terror attack?
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back. would you know how to protect yourself in an active shooter scenario, something like that mass shooting in kansas. nbc 6's bobby brooks takes us inside the intense training you'll see only on 6. >> reporter: the reality is it can happen anywhere, pair paris, france, san bernardino, california. the list goes on. an active shooter comes into your work, a restaurant. for me, i was in a classroom. this was just a d dll. at first i hesitated but decided to run out of the building. according to security experts, that's what you should do. >> don't be a hero, don't try to turn on your phone and do home video. >> reporter: gray international is a security company that turned an old prison into a 1200-acre military and training facility in the everglades, but
9:20 am
for training on everything from shooting skills to security preparation. >> there are risks out there. >> reporter: lars took us through as much as he could in one day. it starts with prevention. >> be aware of your surroundings. if you hear something, look at it. >> reporter: also a way to gauge your level of preparedness. a chart, four colors. white being oblivious to your surroundings, that's bad. then yellow, orange and red. orange and red, that's bad, too. you're in a panic, you can't eunction. >> you're going to get tunnel vision. your ears are not going to work. >> reporter: you want to be in yellow, calm, collected, as best as possible, especially if you have to use a gun. >> again, the training is always be aware, always be alert. you never know what kind of situation you might be in. the power could be out and you never know who is just around the corner. >> reporter: little did i know i was being sted the whole time, a second ambush. again, i ran out, and that's
9:21 am
people, do not stop. >> reporter: say you're stuck, the shooter is coming. barricade. if you can't, you have to o ght the t%rror. >> the more people attacking a person, the more likely you are to succeed. >> reporter: remember you can train, and the reality is attacks like these are the reality. >> you have to be able to take care of yourself. that's number one. >> reporter: if you're someone who thinks you might be interested in training like this, this facility is about an hournd a half from ft. lauderdale and miami. for more information, head to our nbc 6 news and weather app. for now, bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. >> 9:21 is yoyo time.
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now, the big 6 stories you need to know. >> we continue to follow lauderdale. an amber alert issued for 3 meteorologist erika delgado taraji kemp. if you know about her whereabouts, call police. a woman was charged by police for providing guns to cedric ford, a convict ed felon and served with a protective order involving a former girlfriend. that may ve set off the attack.
9:25 am
investigating a shooting atat busy south florida mall. there were no injuries. if you have any information on this shooting, call crimestoppers. the search is on for the man deputies say try to kidnap a young woman. authorities say back on february 7th, a man in a silver four-door car harassed a 27-year-old woman on the way home from a bus stop on oakland park boulevard. the victim got away. the man is described as unshaven, athletic build and 5'7". a 16-year-old has joined these two men in custody with the shooting death of 6-year-old% king carter. grab your entire family and walk for the homeless animals today at bayfront park at the annual walk for the animals. registration started about an hour ago. the one-mile stroll around the park begins in 30 minutes.
9:26 am
phillips will be thereas the emcee. be sure to check out our nbc 6 news and weather ach for full details on the stories as you wake up. >> as you wake up, feeling nice out there.. upper 40s and low 50s this morning. now in the mid 50s. going to be a nice day. first alert forecast calling for plenty of sunshine today. a few mid to upper level clouds out there. other than that, it will be a nice one. temperatures will beelow average, rain-free all day. tomorrow things rebound, temperatures back in the mid 70s. you'll begin to see the warmup as the workweek goes on, upper 70s and low 80s come tuesday and wednesday. that will be the day we see a few showers ahead of a cold front that won't really bring cold temperatures, but will knock temperatures down a bit making it more pleasant come thursday and friday. this is straight out of a child's imagination.
9:27 am
on a california highway near fresno after escaping from her home. while the 20-year-old pony normally spends her day making dreams come true posing for photos, she ditched her day job for a few hours run ag way and coming dangerously close to traffic. >> a 20-year-old pony? >> 20-year-old pony. >> miniature horse. i like when they're that small. >> i love miniature horses. so cute. can i have one for (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn.
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