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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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here's a live look athe gray skies in miramar. it's about to get ugly out there. thank you so much for joining us. >> the system may produce some strong winds and heavy downpours. we send it overr to john morales in the forecast center with what what we can expect on this first alerteather day. >> every time we get one of these squall lines moving through south florida we face the risk of some severe weather. last time we had one of tse fronts move through we thought all the energy would lift off to the nort and we wouldn't have any problems except for maybe a couple of spotty thunderstorms and we ended up with tornados. so this time we have declared the first alert weather day to make sure we don't see anything pop here that might be unexpected. right now, it's raining pretty heavily in coral springs nto pork parkland, as you can see. these are sliding generally towards the northeast, although
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sliding t t the northeast. i think it is going to be between 6:00 and 7:00 where we see the line sliding into the metro area. the majority of the metro area at this hour is f free of rain. now, this is part of a large system that's affecting parts of the northeast as you can see. large area of low pressure including a big snowstorm for chicago today and parts of detroit. here's where all the severe thunderstorm and tornado watch and warning areas are. north carolina into parts of virginia into pennsylvania. that's where the bulk of the severe weather is at this hour. at one point, the storm prediction center indicated that they might issue a tornadodo watch for us, but thankfully that has yet to be issued. we're just simply watching the weather as it rolls through. i'll have your forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> you can monitor the radar from the palm of your hand from
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this is a good time to download it if you haven't already. we'll send you push alerts. now to breaking news from broward county tonight. chopper 6 over the scene of a small plane crash in hollywood. look at this. that plane went down outside a house just blocks from the north perry airport. right now. she spoke with an airport official. what did you learn, marissa? >> reporter: first and foremost, this pilot did a good job not hitting any homes and being able to put this plane down so nobody was hurt in this neighborhood. i'll step out of the way so you can see for yourself. you can see the nose of the plane is right on the edge of the sidewalk there and to the left of that a lot of investigators tryinggo piece together what happened. at spokesman spoke with the pilot who is in that group of people. you can tell who he is because
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this moment, but from what we can understand he left north perry airport, was flying for about an hour. as he was trying to land, started to have problems with the airplane. we don't know exactly what those problems were because the pilot hasn't told us, but as he was trying to land here at the airport he had to make an emergency landing right here along 76th avenue. we're told the prop is bent, but the plane is noteaking fuel right now, which is good news. this is a cessna 152. we can get back up to that chopper video so you can see this plane from overhead. again, according to that spokesman, this man was trying to land at north perry airport and crashed here in this residential neighborhood. the pilot didn't want to reveal his name. he is also refusing any transport to the airport. he has some head injuries and i thii a couple of bumps and bruises, but he's doing all right. he's up and walking around. i'm not sure if you want to te the live shot again. he's standing there with
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on h hs head. he was the only person in the plane. nobody hurt here on the ground. from what we've been able to uncover, this aircraft is opened by ns aviation. i was told it was on a test flight after some recent repairs. not sure if those repairs were going well or what the problem was with the plane, but of course all of that part of the investigation now. we know the faa is outheheed out here to continue their invesesigation. we're told right now the pilot is not ready to talk to the media. new tonight, a community is coming together, pushing back against gun violence. a local church bringing in a famous rapper to comfort families of children taken by bullets. we are live in northwest miami-dade.
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northwest miami-dade is something that people would call a growing issue, a community issue. and tonight that's the thinking behind bringing a big ne to this church. it's about talking to people and starting to make changes at the grass roots. think about kidg about the kids and the youth is they don't know what they can be yet. >> reporter: the pastor says bringing rapper fat joe here this afternoon is all about ging the families who are at hope. this small informal gathering is about pushing back against a problem law enforcement is working to keep up with. the number of young people affected by gun violence is becoming difficult for people who live in northwest miami-dade to deal with. >> we don't even know. we're so busy being parents working, paying the bills, we don't know what our kids is into.
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not only the kids who choose to be into crime, but then you've got the innocent bystanders. >> reporter: king carter was an innocent bystander. the child was shot dead while playing outside with his friends apartment colex in broad daylight this weekend. her teenage son was shot walking home from school last november. the freshman at miami northwestern senior high school died shortly after. >> the only thing i can say is s that he has that as a mother going through thisis pray. >> reporter: the church is not only behind the prayers of those who call northwest miami-dadad home, but also behind making a change. leadership. we've learned that the church is planning to raise some money to give it to crime stoppers. miami-dade police crime stoppers
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related to eens and youth nbc 6 news. detectives in orlando trying to figure out what led a mother shower. virginia is accused of killing her 29-year-old son blake howard as he was bathing. the 59-year-old called police after the shoting. they found her holding a gun and the young man dead from several gunshot wounds. the family says they never saw this coming. she is charged with murder. early voting for the florida primary gets under way next week here in south florida. those who are restered can begin heading to local city halls and libraries to cast their ballot on monday february 29th through march 13th. officials at miami-dade working hard to make sure everything is
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every machine is tested three times before it goes to one of the 600 polls that are across the county. you must be registered republican or democrat to vote. otherwise you have to wait until november to make your presidential pick. >> the nbc 6 news and weather app is your guide to the decision 2016. we have a list of the early voti sites and the big headlines coming out of the campaign trail. is chris bosh coming back this season? the status of the heat star everyone more uncertain tonight as bosh deals with a major medical condition. the team needs to make a tough decision. >> reporter: just a few hours ago, chris bosh will meet with
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hours to discuss his health situation. the return of blood clotsas doctors urging him to sit out the rest of the season. with just ten healthy guys, the heat are facing the nba's best team the gden state warriors tonight. they're chhing history. they're 50-5. the record of 72 wins in a season is seriously under threat with them. this should make things interesting. just a few years ago the heat were the team everybody wanted to take down, but dwywye wade said it's nowhere near the same situation. >> it's a different beast. we're a team even though we got a different response wf deal with love.
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to win more than they cheer for us to win. still love and respect it from the team thate had. >> reporter: there may be some hope for the heat tonight. get this. exactly 20 years and one day ago, 1996, the chicago bulls came into miami 48-5 with michael jordanmie michael jordan on that team. who was on that team? steve kerr. a lot of things lining up for the heat tonight so anything is possible. nbc 6 news. >> we'll hope for a repeatat miracle tonight. >> oh, yeah. little haiti. there's a woman who has made it her mission to demarginalize her community. her story is one of many we're highlighting this black history
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here's sharon lawson. >> reporter: on any given day, you'll find marlene advating for the less fortunate. she's the founder and director of haitian women of miami, a nonprofit providing programs for those in need while focusing on the family. >> we believe stroro families make strong communities. >> reporter: that strong belief engrained in here as a a young child growing up in haiti. >> my dad built the first school in our village. we were children, but we had to volunteer at an early age in the school. >> reporter: as an adult when she arrived in sout florida in the early 80s, she continu to volunteer wherever she saw a need. while working at the haittan refugee center, marlene took it to a different level,xploding into a champion for human rights.
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that doesn't mean if you're sick, you have to die. >> reporter: being a voice for the voiceless, her accomplishments celebrated and honored. no challenge too big or small. she'll rally up the troops whether she is shedding light on inequalities, immigration, or political instability in haiti. >> that is why we hope and we pray that our leaders in haiti will put their heads together, will unite. >> reporter: she can't help but burst with pride as she shares the cultural diversity of little haiti. >> we're trying to preserve the cultural identity of the place. we want those who settled here over 20 years ago to remain. >> reporter: marlene is a trailblazer with a warrior spirit. >> what is life without standing up for those who are disenfranchisede
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we value human beings. there are some basic rights that cannot be trampled on. >> you can hear more inspiration inspirational stories about prominent black women in south florida on "paving the path, black women in south florida." nbc 6 is everywhere tracking the storms on this first alert weather day. here's a live look from the first alert weather camera in miramar. john morales in the forecast center keeping an eye on things. >> coming up next, a birthday beat down at chuckle e. cheeses
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into the first of three planes from panana to mexico carrying stranded cuban migrants arrived in ciudad juarez yesterday. cuban migrants often start their journey by applying to countries in central and south amemeca that readily give out visas or do not require visas, but thousands were stranded after being denied in nicaragua. a cruel joke that went viral
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support for a homeless man in new jersey. ronald was desperate and living in a baseball field dugout when he was approached by a young man who paid him $5 to pour coffee over his head. the 65-year-old was put in a hotel room of a fundraiser on go fund me got him some money. then the san francisco 49ers stepped up too giving him a box full of gear and a brand-new jacket. california. me. >> there's still some compassion here in this country. >> reporter: it was actually his 49ers jacket you saw him wearing the viral coffee video that initially got the attention of the team. here's a look outside from our first alert cameras in miami and miramar. a strong system is moving into our area. the same string of storms wreaked havoc in other parts of
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john moras is monitoring the radar on this first alert radar weather day. >> there's one line up now in palm beach county. there's another one trailing it that's kind of falling apart. then there's a third line of thunderstorms out over the gulf of mexico. we'll take a tour on the radar. we had a couple of thunderstorms clip the area near parkland and coral springs. we have some showers in lauderhill and ft. lauderdale. down in the rest of dade county, as you can see, things are pretty quiet except for one shower in the miami lakes area. further towards the west in the eveelades you can see it is busy there. that's that shower i was going to show you in miami lakes. seems like it is losing strength
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a very toasty day here in miami. a high of 85 degrees. up to 86 in opa-locka. now contrast that with what's going o o in northern florida right now, pensacola, where there was a tornado yesterday. 38 bone-chilling degrees in nashviie, tennessee. you get the picture here. this front means busines. once it clears our area, it is going to bring some cooler air into south florida. here's a look at this evening. it is likely to rain at 7:00. there's still a chance of rain or thunder at 8:00. by the time we get to 9:00 p.m. tonight, rain chances are diminishing rapidly. things tonight will quiet down as this front starts to slide away from us. nd if we're lucky, we're not going to get any severe thunderstorms or tornados with it. i should mention before i mention tomorrow moing's forecast we did see funnel clouds as far south as vero
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much cooler tomorrow morning. no rain. northwest breeze. temperatures 60 to 63 degrees. into this evening we go. the rain starts to end pretty much or depart by 9:00. maybe not in the florida keys. it might take another hour down there. then the rest of the night looks pretty quiet. things start to cear out by tomorrow morning. cool air slides into the state of florida and things are expected to be pretty sunny throughout the day tomorrow. then a little bit chilly tomorrow night as temperatures now as we look at the threat tracker for tomorrow, i'm going to set it at green. there could be an onshore flow tomorrow. threat tracker tomorrow is green. saturday into sunda we're
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be in the upper 40s or near 50 degrees. afternoon highs in the lower 70s. it is going to be a cool and crisp weekend here in south florida. >> you can monitor the radar from the palm of your hand by the way with the nbc 6 news and weather app. with the rain out there, this is a good time to download it. we'll send you push alerts in the event of strong thunderstorms and lightning headed your way. thousands of foodies from around the world are taking a bite of south florida's culinary scene as the south beach wine and food festival welcomes our top chefs to town. the anticipation already building on social view 6. foodies are posting about the festival which is crossing the county line into broward county. that's where we find roxanne vargas. it's the first official event, right, roxy? you're in ft. lauderdale. >> reporter: right.
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it looks great and smells great. the south beach wine and food festival. we're celebrating 15 years by crossing the county line coming here to ft. lauderdale. last year the festival took a taste test with one in ft. lauderdale. sold out immediately. this year seven events held here in ft. lauderdale. we're kicking off the entire festival, adding an extra day, five full days. an easy decision though to expand the festival into ft. lauderdale says the festival founder. take a listen. >> it was the most natural thing. sitting around a table and we talk about bringing chefs from all over the world. we have 400 chefs participating in the festival. 250 of them from outside of flrida. why wouldn't we go north to ft. lauderdale and take advantage of the great talent here? obviously, it's an audience that loves what we're doing. >> reporter: and we definitely love what we're doing, especially here tonight.
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on the beach all over ft. lauderdale and on south beachch as well. bobby flay. it goes on and on. chef sanchez. last-minute preparations under way because celbrity chefs. chef robert irvine will kick off tonight. the best part about the south beach wine and food festival is it highlights the talent of local chefs here in south florida. they'll be serving up their best bites that we locals can enjoy here all year round. as they say yolo,ou only live once, this is what it is serving up tonight, a seared scallop. we've got your covered. a live show tomorrow from the fountain blue. we're going to raise a glass of
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>> i've got you covered, roxy. i'll take care of the wine for you. >> reporter: thank you, ina. thank you so much. it s anything but child's
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>> find out what sparked (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sou) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes social security,y, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.(elephant noise)
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adults going crazy. the children all watched too as the chaos unfolded. >> that was a brawl in chuckie cheese. >> a place where children go to play, the scene of a melee. >> oh, my god. they had a fight here. >> adults fighting, children watching, and cameras. two children were caught up in the confrontation and knocked down during thebrawl. it started with two women. >> it seems the fight may have started over someone bumping into somebody else.
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that. >> by the end of it, nearly a dozen people were involved and some got away before they arrived. >> we're only hearing one side of the stor >> customers say the video speaks for itself. >> i think it is a crying shame that the children have to be subjected to that type of conduct by adults. >> in a statement chuckie cheese says we're working closely with the authorities to provide our surveillance footage and the safety of our guests is our priority. >> it's getting harder to find those family atmosphere places to go. >> that will do it for the news at 5:30. >> don't go anywhere. more news straighhahead. we're monitoring a line of
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a major break in the case of a 6-year-old shot and killed while playing outside. two teens under arrest and now facing charges. the boy's family is reacting to the news. new charges for an unlicensed doctor already facing charges of botching a surgery. now she is accused of disfiguring someone else. you're looking at treasure-trove of ancient jewish documents in is a-- they found in saddam hussein's basement in iraq. lots of green, yellow, and red. a line of storms has slowly been making its way downsouth all afternoon. nbc 6 is declaring it a first alert weather day. >> it was responsible for downpos but also this.
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touched down. good evening, i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm jawan strader. let's turn things over to our chief meteorogist, john morales. >> the line of storms looked so menacing. it has pretty much fallen apart within broward. the line that was this one -- you can see how it clipped parts of parkland and coral springs. it has lifted to the northeast. a few other areas of rain are popping within browardrdounty at this hour. these are sliding towards the northeast. past sunrise. sunrise to plantation near margate near pompano beach. right now the rain is really spotty. we have called for this first alert weather day because as early as this afternoon there coululhave been a tornado watch for us, but that never happened. i'm happy about that, but we're still keeping a close eye on the


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