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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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gooal! it's a hat tri! out come the hats onto the ice! if you get this... you should get this. the nhl discover it card...
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put your team on it today at >> 38 multi-goal games and no threes in there. still maybe, he's a great defensive player and if the net is empty near the end of the game he might be out there. the bruins will try to make that not even happen by cashing inn one perhaps here and can one win the draw from him? and he prevails back along
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and pastrnak and he shuttd it along. jam backed further by dekeyser and able to escape and work further and send i4 up back to the point and that one ricocheted off a fallen player and it is miller able to get by one and one that reach art was able to go and kept alive and floated to the front and it would not go through to them and larkin back down to tatar and drifted back to richard and backhands one and a nice save and rebound and that one is knocked%high by kevan miller and krug is up with this 4:10 to go in the third period. turning back is marchand and hands it back further now to the control of kevan miller. this shot is carefully held by
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stopped with 3:54 separating these two teams from the finale of the game or the extension of it. >> you talked about it, the backhand chance for brad richards and a nice passing plala and the backhand for gustav son for the right pass save. he stood up beautifully, i think, with the skill of tatar and opened up tatar and the creative gevius of brad richards. >> olympics in '06 in torino and the cup in '04, tampa bay and in chchago. >> pierre: h hwas all world in that stanley cup final. >> eddie: offside is called. speaking of all world, pavel datsyuk and let's watch the video montage of his play and the spinning play on krejci and
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against chara and this one, a masterpiece. >> eddie: so it is trotman who had one of the first three goals of a busy afternoon. that one careened across and it was fed up the wing and here is helm with it and helm around behind and helm circling with it now and back out by gustav son and brought right backhead again by rchand. marchand wanting to get by and the two go to the boards and cancel. five players in and marchand gave it up and the lay made byy mrazek. >> that's an egrious turnover that's in the corner and not happyith himself and an opportunity for the bruins right here and soft othe puck and couldn't get any wood on it and man, oh, man, lucky for detroit, they couldn't get a stick on at play and the defensive player doesn't make a lot of
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you see it. pulkkinen. that, too. around in front and whittled away from pastrnak and seidenberg and that one ricocheted wide. looks like hayes. a nice anticipation there by the veteran leading a 3three on two rushnd that was getting in the way of it with gustav son and it was played back along for hayes. hayes brought it ahead and off the gloved hands of dekeyser and hayes and dekeyser goes in and quincy and settling it down is seidenberg again andeidenberg with one already and saw that pass directed and i ican be with
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on by pavel, and fed back and abdelkader and abdelkader and the shot was ripped wide. after this is marchand. smith played it up the boaoa and 2:10 to go and already at the hash mark and gustav son as they were going to pull him off. so now krug and here comes gustavsson to the bench with the extra man. the extra man is chara and sometimes he goes to the front of the net and his time he goes stopped. >> a tremendous opportunity for the detroit red wings off t t rush and he started with a good shot block against seidenberg and that's what gives it up to zetterberg. >> smithver to abdelkader rockets that high and wide. the only thing that was
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>> eddie: mrazek peering out. eriksson and krejci to take the draw, marchand, chara and krug. as it is around behind and meanwhile, the empty nest and helm couldn't get him to approve and marchand on the attack and they fan them out and play it across to krejci. a hundred seconds to go as of now expect mrazek able to knock it down and kicicd on back by dekeyser and punched further and set on by quincey. chocked on out to center and gliding back to take it now is ericsson. >> and that was out in the blue line. good eye, eddie. >> around it goes now and m
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and they can be played back along and down and wide and so it comes an icing with 1:07 to go and the face-off for the bruins. >> that's coming over and i just talk talked to francis. >> he's trying to get some attention and the referee doesn't want mihm to go to the bench. he's staying out and he's hurt. they have players on the ice right now. he's hurt. that's what he was telling the official. with the way that he's played this afternoon the bruins don't mind that straight off there. talking toete van zandt in the runway. >> the drive and that was high
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lifted along with colin miller couldn't get there and out by zetterberg and it's abdelkader and trotman able to wedge it along. slams on the brakes and they lose abdelkader now with 47 secondto go, and connolly sent it back across and gliding ahead with it now and hoisting it back in is spooner and goes into the, and kept alive by colin miller and rolled along and settled down by hayes and hayes able to play at close quarters and sent on back to the point and colin miller and the shot one and riricheted around behind in the last 25. punched back ahead against spooner and he's got hayes' position there and got@ it on to the back and collen miller right and the that one is ahead right and crashing in was abdelkader and front center and still time and they have to hurry and to the last nine seconds and colin miller ahead a the left run, and run by mrazek and mrazek and
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[ cheers and applause ] points number 66 and 67. the red wings are now three behind florida for first. and they move on to brooklyn to play the islanders. >> a multiple-point day, they salute the fans and on his 24th birthdayay petr mrazek had a different day than he probably envisioned, but he emerges with the win anyway. thanks for wching the nhl on nbc. once again, our final score, red wings, 6, boston, 5 for eddie, and our entire crew, saying so long from detroit. coming up next except on the
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and at 7:00, 6:00 central it's "dateline" followed by snl and jimmy fall orn theonfallon, the valentine's day special.
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live the news onbc 6 starts now. now on 6, surprising heist. how robber mag managed to make off with a hall half million dollars in jewels from a store. and innocent bystander killed in a standoff with police. making things worse he w 5 years old. a nation in mourning for the loss of supreme courter antonin scalia. flags lowered to half staff in honor the c cnservative who looefds behind a major legacy. he died y@sterday of natural causes. his death set up an important controversial question, should president obama in his last ten
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appoint a justice that will lilily create a liberal majority on the high court? let's get to it. we have more on the battle that's already begun. >> as soon as his death was aanounced the battle has pretty much begun. already president obama had ated he plans to make an appointment. republicans say they will delay that decision. today we spoke to the former u.s. attorney who says doing that could backfire in republican faces in the worst way. >> rerter: it's been a little more than a day since the passing of supreme court justice antonin scalia, praised by many as the most influential justice, not the chief. former south florida attorney many. he realizes how important scalia's replacement will be. >> i think most people in the country understand that it has been 5-4 on portant decisions. and now the identity of that fifth vote is up in the air.
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term the are plenty of important decisions on the dockets including abortion and affirmative action. the republican-controlled senatete leaders have announced they will delay a president obama selection. something coffey says wouldn't be rht. >> it would be disgraceful if the president can't get a jusce in and we spend the rest of the year. 4-4. >> reporter: he thinks scalia could be replaced by a judge that both parties a aee on. >> i think he should look for eminently qualified judges. >> reporter: he said it may not be wise to block an obama appointment. obama could be a great choice. >> he is a brilliant guy and his temperament is more judicious than anything else. >> reporter: coffey wants to remind everyone how i iluential a justice can be. >> he took the lead in the
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he wrote opinions that will never be forgotten saying basically the court's decided there's not going to be a recount. >> reportererhe asked everyone to see where their favorite presidentialandidate stands. >> this decision to replace a man like this is vitally important. it could emerge as one of the critical issues in the presidential election. >> reporter: okay. so until a replacement is found f there is a 4-4 vote in the courts what happens is the lower court decision will stand. for now live in the studio, nbc 6 news. a procession of law enforcement officers escorted ka scalia's body this morning. they traveled three hours from the texas resort where his body was found yesterday. tentative plans call for his body to be flown to a northern virginia suburb on tuesday. there are reports they do not want an autopsy performed. s stching gears back here at home.
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in store for tomorrow. get ready. adam berg is in the forecast center with what's become a roller coaster weather pattern for us. >> i know. nice to be finally dry. however, when that moisture creeps in across south florida, sometimes it comes pretty quickly. already seeing a few light showers on live first alert doppler. we will start a little off to the north. there's broward, miami-dade, and then zoom in and put it in to motion. you will see they are riding these showers on the east breeze. interstate 95 feeling a few of these. as with oakland park nott too long ago. downtown ft. lauderdale seeing these right now. a few light showers in fompld farther to the sout miami-dade, key biscayne, a few showers and very few showers for the beaches. nothing that will hurt your evening too badly out there. not sure if you need an umbrella
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temperatures a little cool today. 73 the high in miami. 72 ft. lauderdale. the breeze brought in clouds and sunshine. here's the winds right now. gusty at times in excess of 20 miles an hour. good 10 to 15 miles an hour. that breeze will be elevated through the day today r again tomoqrow. watch for rip currents to be elevated tomorrow. other changes we will get to later. the future tracker. starting off tonight at 7:00, picking up on the showers. putting this in to motion. you will notice the showers continue through 8:00, 9:00, we will call them anytime showers. enough moisture out there you see through midnight. a few showers continuing, possibly through to tomorrow morning and beyond. much re on that and plus the temperature forecast. we will be@ up, down and then back up again.
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>> see you in a few. a half million dollar jewelry heist in hollywood. two employees were forced in to a bathroom. one of them hurt. nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez is live. laura? >> reporter: well, the scene cleared moments ago. the store apparently closes on sundays and a sign that was removed from the door said they would be open for valentine's s day from 10:00 to 3:00. unfortunately this became the scene of an armed robbery. according to hollywood police, a man who was buzzed in by an employee here at o-f jewellers, the man pulled out a gun and forced two employees in a bathroom. one pistol-whipped and suffered minor injuries. the robber took off with $500,000 worth of jewelry and the emoyees ran out of the bathroom, called 911. area residents enjoying their sunday in this shopping center where the jewelry store is say
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is concerning. >> terrible because it is a nice neighborhood. to hear that the store next to yogurtland that we come to often with our family got robbed is a little upsetting. >> reporter: the jewelry store was also robbed in 2012. meanwhile, witnesses are telling police they believe this man acted alone. for more people. if you know anythhg about this case, make sure to give police a call. call crime stoppers anonymously. the number is 954-493-tips. live n hollywood, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. nbc 6 is everywhere. in hialeah now police are searching for a group of robbers behind a rash of smash and grabs friday ght. it took place at four locations blocks from each oth. surveillance video captured the crooks as they used a sledgehammer to break in. they got away with merchandise
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if you have any information on the case call diamond crime stoppers. police are searching for a robbery suspect who hit a cyclist and kept going. he jumped in to another car and hit a cyclist as he made hi getaway. police are looking for a car similar to this, 2013/14, chrysler 300 with a missing side mirror and front end damage. if help call crime stoppers. > boynton beach, 5-year-old killed during a high-speed chase with police yesterday. police say lex eugene lost control and hopped a sidewalk running do you know sidewalk, jayden readon. half taken in to custody, eugene was charged with felony murder, drivering without a license, and leaving the scene of fatal
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unclear why he was being chased by police in the first lace. the head of the russian orthodox church met fidel castro in havana for a private meeting. according to repepts, they met at castro's home and discussed the friendly relationship between russia and cuba and world affairs. this is a dave he held a meeting with pope francis at a airport terminal the first meeting between roman catholic pope and russian orthodox patriarch. > the pope is speaking at a children's hospital. moments ago he greeted young patients and their families. there he is. after the speech heill head to the mexican holy embassy. this morning, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in a crime-ridden suburb for mass led by the pontiff. at the service, pope francis told mexicans there can be no dialogue with the ddil. he said he will always defeat us
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of god can defeat him. speakakg out against the drug trade and associated violence, the central theme of the pope's five-day visit. still ahead /n 6, a scare at an arkansas college campus thh afternoon. what sent police scrambling to the university forcing students in to lockdown. >> an officer gunned down in mississippi. thehe suspects caught on camera. what triggered the gun play. and the big chill. our friends to the north trying to dig out of a bitter (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephanannoise) (donkey noise)
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a scare on the campus of arkansas state university following reports of a gunman at the school. the university later lifted the lockdown after police determined there was no threat. arkansas state sent out the alert just before 2:00 this afternoon saying two armed men were seen near the student union. an hour later, the campus was given the all clear. the lockdown was the second at the schoolin the last three months alone. in december, a man with a
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surrendered. police are searching for two people in connection with the shooting of a police officer in clarks dale, mississippi. corporal couch was shot in the head investigating a robbery. anan employee and witness said two men in masks came in, t teatened two people inside. investigators say the suspect appeared to separate after t robbery and shooting. corporal couch was taken to th hospital where he is in critical conditiwn. british rock band killed when a car plunged in to a canal near sweden's capital city. four were found dead in a car submerged in the water. the car crashed through a barrier that was closed to stop vehicles as the drawbribge was opening ahead. the car fell 80 feet in to the canal. all the victims were ages 20 to 35. the van was in a friday night line up at a music festival and were due in play in austin, texas n nt month.
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open one day after a deadly pile up there. three were killed, 40 hurt. it happened 75 miles northwest of philadelphia. to word on what caused the chain-reaction accident. but bad weather is believed to be a factor. frigid temperatates in the northeast may keep love birds indoors this valuevalentine's day. minus 9 in worcester, massachusetts, negative 16. vermont minus 19 tying a record in 2003. first alert weather with meteorologist adada berg. south florida's most accurate forecast. >> thth is why when i say today was a little on e chilly side. temperatures were below average. people give m the strange look, especially if they are from the northeast.
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felt temperatures below zero? that's cold. yes, that is cold. gloomy looking skieie back here. this is our biscayne camera showing you watson island in the background. even a few showers under the clouds as the winds shifted to the east and picked up just enough moisture off of the waters of the atlantic to get a couple of showers going. this vantage point herer not really showing the showers. too light to pick up. but they are a couple of light ones out the. you can see the winds from the northeast to the southwest and kind of cool upstairs in the environment. water temperatures in the 70s. relatively warm at the surface. a little cool up top. an unstable temperature profile. it will get a couple of showers going with the east winds. this is why we have been seeing those tracking inland. not really much more than 10% of us seeing some of the showers each our who on the hour tonight. breezy and slightly below average temperatures.
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that will be the story overnight again tonight. but, look at that, the east winds, rain chances, not going much more than 10% as we go between now and 1:00 a.m. another thing these winds will do, temperatures don't budge much. they will drop maybe to 66 tonight in miami. this is what it looks like looking at tomorrow's lows. 60s through the keys. east wind will typically bring you -- if it is strong enonoh, miami 66. average lows for us around 62.. 65 westin as you wake up tomorrow morning. 66 for pompano beach and ft. lauderdale. you get the idea. temperatures pretty steady tonight. in the seven-day forecast, this is where things get interesting. we will be a little warmer as we go in to the day on monday. few showers, as well with the eaea breeze continuing. a couple more clouds in to tuesday. afternoon front delaying just
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to warm in to the 80s with the south winds. not too cool behind the front. 79 but a strong east breeze locked in for the balance of next week. and then in t tnext weekend. look at the 2350u67 tracker. you will notice with the east winds, some clouds and showers. that's what the green is about. we will get some baks as we go through the day and not much more than 10 to 20% of us seeing some showers again on monday. warm tuesday, and back to the 70s for the rest of the week. >> all right. thank you, sir. the weekend weather creating a picture e rfect backdrop at the coconut grove arts festival. it just wrapped up for the day but 380 artists around the world will be back at it tomorrow. plenty totdo at the festival. check out the artistic pieces, enjoy food and listen to tunes from several bands. tomorrow gates open at 10:00 and close at 6:00.


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