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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Extra  ABC  March 19, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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and we lookngozi: he has had an incredible season and so the player had of wrestling match and it was in
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neither guy had lost all season long and in the end, it turned into a thriller with him leading for about 20 seconds left. it was tied at five-five and it went into overtime where a sudden victory and their snyder again had the takedown winning the fourth time all americans. now with 10 games left in the season, [indiscernible] seven of the games have gone into overtime. they were on the road in minnesota. there was a three-game losing skid. it was 1-1 until the third game period. later in the third with about
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staal got an action shot and it went into overtime. we needed a shoot out to decide the winner and there the kings are now 2-1. they can't get it passed devon and there was a shootout loss. unfortunate for them. andrea: it is still a big night for the ncaa tournament. coming up at 11:30, investigators are trying to figure out what pulled down that playing in russia last night.
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announcer: see what's happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news starts right now. andrea: the tar heels are having a great evening and so are their fans. those who could make it into the arena could still watch it in the bars with their friends. >> we are here at backyard bistro and the game is really tight, as you can see. people are watching the game,
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>> i definitely think they can win. i have a lot of faith in my heels. >> i think that they are going to move today and play indiana. so it would be pretty cool to take another round. >> at the backyard bistro, the managers and said that they have been planning this for weeks. they are expecting hundreds of people to come here. they are expecting to fill it up. andrea: and earlier this afternoon, the blue devils moved on to the sweet 16, beating yale, 71-64. the cozy -- ngozi will have more on that in sports. and matthew mccain and dennis mcmurray had a memorial walk today to honor the people who have died at the durham county jail.
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mcmurray died one year earlier. the family says that they died because of medical neglect at the jail. >> [indiscernible] this is the anniversary coming up and secondly, people in jail lead to care for them. andrea: another man died within the past year while in custody but the circumstances behind his death have not been revealed. since 2010, people have [indiscernible] died while in the county jail. one person is dead and another person is injured in a crash outside of pinehurst last night. one person died at the scene, while the other driver was taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok. a big mess on durham freeways this morning.
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we are hearing that the truck did not make it onto the on ramp and got tipped onto its side. and nontenure track professors joined an international union saying that they want better payment, benefits, and job security. duke released a statement saying it's respecting the employees' decisions. and in his weekly radio and internet address today, president obama called on senate republicans to consider his supreme court nominee, merrick garland. >> this is about principle. not a person that the president 's nominating. this is why the majority of the senate has used this unique
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to let the american people have a voice. andrea: he repeated the argument that the president should wait and the elections in november and let the next president assad. and president obama visits havana, cuba tomorrow. this is the first time in 90 years since a u.s. president has visited the country. only congress can lift the embargo, but the president's executive action has softened relations. and u.s. hotel chain starwood has signed a deal to run three cuban hotels. it is the first time in 50 years that american hotels will operate on the island. currently all hotels are state run, so it is the first time that an american company will
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state-run organization. 62 people on board killed in a plane crash in russia. the final moments caught on video with surveillance video recording the impact.
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joining in get the airplane on the ground, everything suggest at this point that it was human error. >> investigators say that [no audio] last fall in egypt. they were overcome [no audio] --andrea: to cover two popular
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steve. s.: you bet. it is going to be a pretty cold
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announcer: the big stories happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. andrea: abc 11 community together highlights good deeds and how you viewers can help. many of you came through with abc 11 and univision 40 hosting the annual abc 11 together bone marrow registration drive. the goal was to sign people up to save people's lives. caitlin knute has more. caitlin: the most important part of the event is those who have
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mary and her husband were raising awareness for their three-week old son, cameron. mary: he was diagnosed with a very rare disease which is life threatening. it is a cell disease where the cells attack each other, and it attacks your brain, your liver, and your bone marrow. caitlin: cameron was born three weeks premature. his family hopes that he can find a match. [no audio] abc 11 is hoping to find more people to sign up. and another important part today was getting people of other ethnicities to sign up because some minorities are very underrepresented on the registries. that is why this individual comes on behalf of her brother. filipinos account for less than
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>> bone marrow is so specific to ethnicity and tissue type, so that is why it is important to encourage people of all walks of life and all ethnicities to participate. caitlin: this is also why katie encourages this because her son was born with a deadly disease that caused his bone marrow to fail. he did find a suitable donor but sadly later died of complications. they are grateful for the gift that donors gave them and now they are here to support others. katie: we met so many people who are still waiting for bone marrow donors to come through. anybody could be waiting for that match. andrea: such a simple thing to do that can just make all of the difference. steve. s.: all of the difference. that's good. andrea: not a bad day to go inside for that, either, because it was colder. steve. s.: tomorrow is a cold day. you're going to notice.
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northern counties. you think today was cool, roxboro, wait until you see tomorrow. look at fayetteville, it was 73 today. yes, you had some clouds and passing showers, but quite a gradient all the way down. it was really feeling nice. this made you want to go out and get some flowers, get some yard work done. keep in mind that we still have our last freeze of the year probably to, on average between the first of april and the 11th for most of us. we could come close to that on tuesday morning. i think the outlying areas could get a freeze, but that is about it. there could be a couple of showers around tomorrow but it could be a quiet week until we get the next weather maker coming in. we will have a band of showers moving across the region, but otherwise, it is going to be a nice, quiet week for you. later on tonight in just a little bit, as a matter of fact,
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equinox officially at 12:00 in the morning. that is when we will have the sun directly over the equator. outside it is very light, some sprinkles, durham, you can see there are passing showers. a cold day tomorrow. we will struggle to hit 50. as a matter of fact, i don't think we will make it to 50. [no audio] and 70's as we get to the high winds on thursday. outlying areas on tuesday morning, a pretty good that. [no audio] if you want to plant your flowers, you might want to wait, and if you have flowers, you might want to cover them up. a light breeze at six miles per hour, low 40's already in our northern counties. able to down to the 30's tonight. fayetteville is right at 52. colder than this time yesterday.
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the trend overnight, we are going to dip down in the lower 40's for the triangle but colder in our northern counties. highs tomorrow in the lower 40's. then we go above that on wednesday, thursday, and friday with temperatures back to the 70's. light showers moving around the area right now. not much back here. we will be watching a developing low moving along the coast bringing one to three inches of snow to philadelphia, new york, and hartford, and all the way up to boston. they could see six inches plus. that is a late-season nor'easter moving on up the coast line. for us, a spotty shower here or there, it should be very light. i think most of the day tomorrow should be dry. a little bit of a wraparound moisture, but that north breeze is really going to make us feel cold. this will pinwheel through and
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then we clear out for the rest. so your temperatures for tonight, lows in the upper 30's in our northern county -- counties, and tomorrow, a cloudy day with a few showers around. a north breeze at five to 10 miles per hour. 48 raleigh, 50 in fayetteville. 55 owner monday with maybe a brief shower early in the day and then we are going to see some sunshine. tuesday looks great and wednesday, low 70's. 77 on thursday and friday a shower chance. a little bit cooler next weekend, still, it will be normal. andrea: yeah, talk about this cold weather. that is a bummer.
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breaking news in the ncaa tournament, the tar heels win in a second half of -- in a dominant control of the second half. and a warning for taxpayers,
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andrea: of raleigh man is in custody today after he barricaded himself inside a home. police responded around 9:00 last night. we're told the man had a weapon. no one was hurt but officers had to negotiate with the man for about three hours. he was taken to lake med to be evaluated. a warning thieves are taking refunds and putting them into your bank account and filing returns in your names and hitting the same victims twice.
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extra security for fraud system and adding pin numbers for thousands of taxpayers. this year, the irs is defending the online tool, finding 800 fraudulent fraud, use a strong password, do not fall for phishing scams, and do not fall for phone call identifying itself as the irs. the group that helps at risk girls is saying thank you tonight. the receive $1 million to keep the program going. this group helps at risk teens and girls who experienced trauma in their lives. the group was in danger of shutting down if they did not raise $1 million. today there was a big party to celebrate the generosity of others.
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raised $1 million in three months is because the lord was behind us. i think you love these girls and he wants to protect andrea: them and he loves them abundantly. -- protect them and he loves them abundantly. andrea: and a local event that helped rescue cats and dogs was so successful it had to end one day early. animals were rescued from a horrible situation at a shelter in cook county. the event started yesterday in sanford a but due to the overwhelming response, the adoption fair and did today with all of those pets finding their forever homes. there are still dogs and cats and farm animals who were not part of the drive the given to shelters across the country. in garner, a church had its first helicopter egg drop this morning.
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thousands of candy filled eggs fell from the sky. very neat stuff there. joel: -- ngozi: and in sports,
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hengozi: in the blink of an eye, carolina pulled away from providence. this was the final that just [no audio] next friday. and on the diamond duke and unc square off, the heels took the first game of the series. they had another start in game two. top of the first here, unc's tyler ramirez took a deep hit, bouncing off of these center field walls.
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later in and ramirez would end up scoring. the tar heels started to pull here in the fifth. they were up, 9-1. you can see that pop fly to right field. brian miller is going to tag up the score to help carolina get its fourth straight game for 10 or more to win. [no audio] they were winless in acc play and early on in this one, they sent a hit deep to center field. and stephen and edmund would come around. they led four-nothing for most of the game. the fighting irish were going away. they were down 4-3 and would end up tying it. it went 12 innings and was an 8-4 victory for unc state.


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