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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Saturday SEVEN AM  ABC  March 19, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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appearing to show a plane crash in russia. all those on board are said to be dead. what went wrong? plus, an apparent murders-suicide in fayetteville. where police made the deadly discovery. and then on a lighter note after a warm week, we are off to a cool start. at least tomorrow anyway. steve also tracking some afternoon showers. we'll get to that in a minute. good morning, carolina. it is saturday, march 19 this morning. i'm caitlin knute. anthony is off this weekend. i don't like this big cool-down here. i was all set. i had the shorts ready. steve: yeah, really, tomorrow is the big chill. we've got 49, but some of the areas showing lower 40s. caitlin: and that's for highs? chilly day. it will turn around. get right to it. some warmer temperatures. taking a look, i want to show you some sprinkles out to the western counties now. a lot of this won't reach the ground, dew points in the 30s
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lower delveils are still dry. showers movaling moving in. 52 at fayetteville, and 43 right now in roxboro. as we go throughout the day, our model has us around 61. that might be a little optimistic, especially if showers do come in before lunch time. regardless, a cooler day today with rain more likely to go through the afternoon. tomorrow, still a shower chance, and a really cool day. more on that coming up in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve. we start with breaking news this morning. fayetteville police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide. officers were called to the 100 block of jones street just before 10:00 last night for a well being check. when they got there, they found a man and a woman both in their 60s dead inside that home. detectives are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. so far, the victims' names have not been released. new this morning, a big rig
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this happened on the durham freeway near 15501. we're told the truck was coming off the ramp and didn't make the curve all the way and rolled onto its side. he was not hurt. a story developing this morning, the search for answers begins after a plane crash in russia. that's the flight path for the plane. it left from dubai. all 62 people on board were killed. there's new video coming in now appearing to show that plane when it crashed. russian emergency shall ifs say the plane made a second round coming in to land because of bad weather. however, when it tried to land, the wing touched down on the run way. the plane then burst intofaa notified los angeles
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owner of that drone. a setback this morning for a durham high school student who's facing deportation. 19-year-old wilden accosta is being detained in georgia after being picked up in january. there was a vigil held for him yesterday afternoon and congressman g.k. butterfield reached out to immigration officials. but early this morning, he revealed the ice director said she will not use her executive authority to stop accosta's deportation. he's scheduled to be sent back to hondurastomorrow. any appeal wouldn't be until monday morning after the scheduled deportation. accosta came to the u.s. to get away from violence and gangs in hondureas. protesters clashed with supporters of a donald trump rally in new york city. presidential candidate
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in utah which holds its caucuses on tuesday and mitt romney has intensified his criticism of the republican frontrunner. for the democratic side, bernie sanders also making an appearance in salt lake city. thousands of supporters showed up for a rally there. the presidential candidate spoke about the cornerstone issues of his campaign. those include corrupt campaign finance laws, a weak economy, and a broken criminal justice system. possible new evidence in the akiel denkins shooting. the family's lawyer says a bullet hole could be a new piece of that puzzle. a raleigh police officer shot and killed denkins last month. how it all unfolded is being hashed out. a team of lawyers for denkins' family says their own independent investigation led them to eyewitnesss who contradicted the account given by the raleigh police department. these witnesses say they heard gunshots on the opposite side of the house and this new discovery
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>> if that is a bullet hole and there's a bullet in there that would match the opposite gun, that would contradict his statement that the shooting happened on around the corner and back behind on the patio. >> meanwhile, raleigh police say that officer d.c. twitty chased denkins on foot after trying to serve a felony warrant. denkins was shot in the back and say this newly discovered bullet hole only fuels more questions and they want to talk to officer twitty themselves. the top suspect in last year's deadly paris attacks will face police questioning and a fast-track effort to expedite him to france. salah abdeslam was captured in belgium yesterday after spending four months on the run. he was shot in the leg during the raid. four other people were also detained. french anti-terrorist judges could file an extradition request as early as this
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families of victims and surveys want him to face justice in france, where 130 people were killed in those attacks back in november. the white house congratulated european authorities on making that arrest. one person is recovering this morning after a house fire in fayetteville. a dog died in that blaze. this happened on ironwood drive last night. four adults and two children managed to escape in time. although, one man suffered smoke inhalation. two other dogs also escaped. a hope county fire chief is in fair condition this morning after he was badly burned in an explosion. the sheriff's office says hillcrest fire department chief michael scott was fighting a woods fire when a nearby storage shed caught on fire. flammable liquids inside the shed exploded and ended up burning the chief. he was sent to the burn center
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the player who was killed in a dirt bike accident in florida. and it is day 2 of an adoption fair after hundreds of animals were rescued in our area. we've got great news for the dogs, but cat lovers, we need you to step up. we'll explain in just a minute. right now, steve, what are we looking at outside? steve: caitlyn.
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today, uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. a lot of clouds around, a live look into north hills. 53, light breeze around 2 miles an hour. some sprinkles possible this morning. moisture coming in from the west right now. temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. cooler spot, roxboro 45. 52 right now down in fayetteville. our highs today could be quite a range from are the low 50s in our northern counties all the way to mid-upper 60s in the sandhills. but around the triangle, we'll keep it in the 50s through the morning hours. i have a shower chance going and that shower starts late morning, early afternoon. could put a cap on the temperatures keeping us in the 50s today. there's no organized band of heavy rain coming our way but
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40s for the high and starting to rebound as temperatures get up to mid-upper 70s by thursday. we can officially call it spring tomorrow. the vernal equinox happens tomorrow morning at 12:30. that's when the sun's rays will be directly over the equator. won't feel like spring tomorrow with temperatures in the 40s. travel wise looking pretty good. all major hubs out of rdu at this hour showing no delays. caitlin: we have a sad update to pass along this morning. we've learned baltimore ravens cornerback tray walker has died. police say he was wearing dark clothing and had no lights when collided with an suv thursday night. his god mother confirmed he passed away last night. the 21-year-old played just one season in the nfl. a florida jury has sided with ex-pro wrestler hulk hogan
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sex tape lawsuit againl return to court on monday to award punitive damages. abc 11 together is always highlighting good deeds, and many of you certainly stepped up adopting a huge number of dogs in sanford. coming after hundreds of animals had to be rescued after horrendous conditions. the aspca said they had the three-day adoption fair. the good news is all of the dogs have been adopted, which is fantastic, but we've learned many of the cats still need a good home. if you are interested in making one a permanent part of your family, check it out. the adoption event runs tomorrow on nash street in sanford. you'll need a photo id, proof of address and a pet carrier if you have one. if you get a furry member of your family, we would love to see it. send us your pictures to eyewitness@abc
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south carolina police officer is killed in the line of duty. what we've learned about him and what led up to the deadly shooting. then there's a new crew at the
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the international caitlin: good morning and welcome back this saturday morning. here's a look at your headlines. a dubai airliner crashed in russia killing all 62 people on board.
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wind gust near hurricane levels. the plane crashed and burned 800 feet short of the run way. russian officials say one so-called black box has already been recovered. fayetteville police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide this morning. investigators say they were called to the 100 block of jones street just before 10:00 last night for a well being check. they found a man and woman both said to be in their 60s dead inside the home. their identities have not been released. happening today, the durham county jail is facing new scrutiny. family and friends of matthew mccain and dennis mcmurray are planning a vigil outside the jail. both men died behind bars. new this morning, we are learning the name of a south carolina police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty. officer allen jacobs was a 4.5-year veteran of the greenville police department. before that, he served in the iraq war. police say jacobs was shot while trying to serve a warrant to a
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that man ran from police and opened fire hitting jacobs several times. jacobs later died at the hospital. police say that suspect then turned the gun on himself. the international space station getting a little more crowded. the spacecraft blasted off from ca kazakistan with a russian cos monaut and jeff williams. he and the two russians are expected to return to earth in september. a weekend storm is bearing down on the northeast just in time for the start of spring. more than 6" snow is possible in some places, mostly in new england. new york and philadelphia will get at least a few inches too. the snow will start tomorrow and could stick around to monday
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messy commute. [laughter] i could see my kids doing that. that's the moment the rest of america will see. it didn't go quite as planned and he immediately knew the video had to go to the family's favorite show, america's funniest home video. their video has been picked. they're not in the running for the cash prize, but they love that show. the fact that their first submission ever has been picked, steve: and they get to go. caitlin: they'll be watching from home on sunday telling all their family and friends, and they get a free t-shirt too. it's fun. steve: for the people in the audience. caitlin: those are just people who come to watch. the three entries are at the end, they get to go out there for it. steve: look at you.
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caitlin: no. this i do know, but that's about it it. steve: it's going to be a chilly weekend, temperatures below average and then going back up. but we typically get freezing temperatures this time of the year. as a matter of fact, our average last freeze, between the 1st of april and the 11th. we have some cold temperatures coming away, if you bought some flowers, maybe hold off on planting them. if you have planted them already, with recent warm temperatures, everyone likes to get out early, make sure to cover them up. monday and tuesday morning will be the coldest morning. active weather tomorrow and nothing significant. spotty showers popping up on the tri-ad. notice they don't make much progression off towards the east. they are relatively dry. they could reach the ground. southern pines with sprinkles later on this morning.
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cheap rain today-- chilly rain today. northern counties, mid-upper 60s in the sandhills but upper 50s around the triangle today. warmer numbers, slow warming trend we'll call it as we go into next week. 70s by wednesday and continue that trend into next weekend. frost and freeze is possible. monday and tuesday morning. numbers will be close to the freezing temperature line. meantime, live in the north hills, a lot of clouds around, no rain yet. 53 degrees, a light breeze around 2. numbers in the 40s out there in our northern counties. 50 and 51 in the triangle. mid-50s in clinton. if you have yard work that needs to get done, if you can, get out earlier in the day because showers will be developing. it's going to be a little messy out there so if you can do it this morning, much better for you. you see the sprinkles and spotty like showers to the west. you don't see any organized rain coming our way, but the showers will be developing on the lead
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the heavier showers to the south not making it here. sprinkles, our forecast models having it move a little bit quick. the lion's share, heavier showers off to the south and east with spotty showers throughout the rest of the region. at any time, you could get caught in the light showers, so keep the umbrella handy. as far as the amount of rainfall, not much. the european model a little bullish on the rainfall seeing a half inch today and tomorrow. speaking of tomorrow, the low is offshore. could be some snow across new york. we'll see a spotty shower or two maybe continuing into the evening as an upper level disturbance moves on by. monday, improving conditions, warmer, temperatures in the mid-upper 60s. after this weekend, rain chances slim to none as we'll be dry a while. 58 in raleigh, 68 in
7:22 am
quite a temperature gradient there. and for tomorrow, more showers as we welcome in spring, and upper 40s for highs. after that, big change. temperatures start to warm back up. my pick two days of the week will be tuesday and wednesday. 77 on thursday, a little warm but again, rain chances coming back by friday. caitlin: all right. well, my flowers will need it once i eventually get them in the ground. keep them in pots and covered for now. steve: good idea. caitlin: thanks, steve. should have called in about the flowers yesterday. that's what i get. coming up, a great story you have to check out. a sister and brother sharing a unique story and unique bond in the hopes of encouraging others
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caitlin: welcome back this saturday morning. we are hoping you will join us today for our big match madness bone marrow donor registry event. you can sign up and possibly save someone else's life. for one local college student, 25% found a match within his own family but he knows others aren't that fortunate. kelly and carson are closer than most siblings their age, and not just because they're both proud tar heels at unc chapel hill. their family was dealt a
7:26 am
>> lympho blastic leukemia at age 3 and-a-half. i went through about a year and-a-half of chemotherapy and went into remission. caitlin: however, that only lasted about six months before it returned. >> they said the best chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. caitlin: thankfully, doctors found a match in kelly. although, the prospect was scary for the then five-year-old. >> on the way home from the hospital, my dad said we got the results back and you're a perfect match. i didn't understand what bone marrow was or didn't know what the process would be like. caitlin: even at such a young age, she realized she was her brother's only hope. she went through with the transplant, giving carson a new lease on life. >> january 21st of this year was 13 years post transplant. and i have honestly just been
7:27 am
>> now the pair is active and encouraging fellow college students to join the bone marrow registry. he says it's the least he can do after being blessed with a second chance, something his sister teases she won't soon let him forget. >> i won't have it forever, but if he's hard to get along with, i'll remind him of the donation. caitlin: i'm wondering growing up, if she got him to do her chores occasionally. a reminder, hey, i donated and saved your life. they were a great pair to talk to. the drive is today. it's going on from 11:00 this morning to 2:00 this afternoon in durham. they are looking for donors. you have to be between 18 and 44 years old. that's important. for more information, look under our abc 11 together tab on our web site. it doesn't take that long.
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they swab your cheek, sign some paperwork, and you're on your way. coming up in the next half hour, a wake county man is missing and
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and tensions rising o >> stay connected with abc 11 on facebook and twitter. now, abc 11 eyewitness news continues. caitlin: good morning, carolina.
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i'm caitlin knute. anthony wilson is off this morning, and tomorrow morning, he is actually shaping young journalists. he does this every year. budding young jourmnalists in school. it is so neat. he's even seen some of them come work for us. anthony does such a great job. steve: good for him. around here, it will be a cool weekend. nothing like last week, but 80 is a far cry from that. take a look now on doppler xd. some sprinkles now, notice not making much progress to the east. the air is relatively dry. we can get a sprinkle in our western counties this morning. 40s and 50s on the way to upper 50s and even upper 60s in the sandhills possible. our models are getting barely into 61 today, possible if the
7:32 am
but if the rain comes mid-day, temperatures capped. caitlin: we're getting new video this morning that appears to show a plane crash in russia. that plane was trying to land when its wing clipped the runway and exploded. all 55 passengers and seven crew members on board were to be among the dead. it was a boeing 737 800 belonging to budget carrier fly dubai which does have a good safety record. boeing says it's ready to assist in the investigation if asked. they say strong winds were likely a factor in the crash. to breaking news out of fayetteville. police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide. officers were called to the 100 block of jones street just before 10:00 for a well being check. they say when they got there, they found a man and woman both in their 60s dead inside that home.
7:33 am
been released. the family of this wake county man wants your help to bring him home safely. donald ethridge lyle is 40 years old and hasn't been seen in eight days. his sister says he borrowed her jeep because his truck had broken down. he was seen driving the 2015 orange jeep wrangler. it has north carolina plates that read new blk. the transponder on the jeep was pinged as possibly heading towards charlotte. >> we need him back. my family, we have five children, our parents are gone, we're tight kids, but we need him back. >> if you have any information, please contact the wake county sheriff's office. you can find the number for that on our web site some opposing views this morning in the wake of a recent ordinance that passed in charlotte that would let transgender people use the
7:34 am
the latest now in this battle and what it means for our area. >> today i call on governor mccrory to make good on his promise. >> protesters file a nondiscrimination ordinance last month, that will among many things allow transgender people to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. a majority vote of city council but back lash comes from all over the state. >> my heart goes out to those in pain but now they're created to protect the masses of society. >> tammy mueller with nc state has planned a news conference on monday, asking the governor for a special session to get rid of that new ordinance which goes into effect in 13 days. >> it's not about love or hate. i think when you're looking at some of the things on television, that's what it comes
7:35 am
it has nothing to do with love or hate. it's common sense. men should not be allowed innem with's bathrooms, period. >> some beg to differ. he says the issue of protection is for transgender people and says the ordinance. >> in myrtle beach and columbia, south carolina, the laws have been in effect for years without actual public safety problems. >> and the question of safety for both sides, the governor and lawmakers will have to weigh going forward. the news conference on the south side of the capitol. law enforcement officials and administrators will be in attendance, and we'll keep you updated on this developing story. in downtown raleigh, abc 11, eyewitness news. caitlin: the air force is investigating more than a dozen air men in the nuclear weapons security force.
7:36 am
assigned to wyoming. officials say there are concerns of possible drug activity. they're suspended from duty while the investigation is under way. hundreds of fort bragg soldiers are joining the fight against isis. they will be going to kuwait as part of operation inherent resolve. they're expected to leave late this summer. another 400 paratroopers from the 82nd combat brigade will be employed this summer and are headed to south korea. still to come this half hour. filming for the latest maze runner movie is temporarily shut down. we'll tell you the actor injured on set and the latest condition this morning. believe it or not, easter just a week away. how much will americans spend? you might be surprised. steve: high temperatures for most of us in the 40s. doppler network showing showers out to the west.
7:37 am
highs below average and stay man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even.
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steve: good morning, everybody. a lot of clouds in the north hills. light breeze around 4 miles per hour, temperatures around 52. 40s in the northern counties this morning. 45 in louisburg, goldsboro at 49. 52 in clinton and fayetteville. stepping out the door this
7:40 am
a break or two here and there. a shower chance this morning, likely this afternoon. temperatures climbing around 57 around lunch time. if that rain happens around mid-day, that will keep a cap on the upper 50s for us throughout the day. we'll see more organized showers out to the west. the dew points are pretty low right now, upper 50s today, upper 40s tomorrow, and then we'll see a slow warming trend and by wednesday, back to the 70s and we stay into the 70s into next week and the warmest day being on thursday, and tomorrow, we can officially say it's spring. equinox happens at 12:30 in the morning after the sun's rays are directly over the equator. it won't feel like spring, temperatures down right chilly. all major hubs at this hour showing no delays. your seven-day forecast minutes away. caitlin: thank you, steve.
7:41 am
it's a week from tomorrow. spending for the holiday is expected to reach 17.3 billion. that's a lot of chocolate bunnies. those celebrating plan to spend on average $146 per person. it's the highest level in 13 years the survey has been conducted. abc 11 is highlighting good deeds in the community. the rescue mission says they have reached most of its goal. they have received 511 baskets thanks to donations and money raised. the summit church is promising an additional 400 baskets. if you would like to donate, please do so. a lot of people really appreciate the helping hand. a tragic story out of texas this morning. a teenager found dead nearly a week after her father was killed.
7:42 am
don't forget to join abc 11 together for match madness bone marrow registration. we have the drive going on. be the match is running from 11:00 this morning to 2:00 p.m.
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point caitlin: good morning and welcome back. a dubai airliner trying to land in southern russia crashed and burned killing all 62 people on
7:45 am
it was operated by the budget carrier fly dubai. it's their first crash since it began operating in 2009. bad weather could be to blame. g.k. butterfield says ice officials won't stop the deportation of a durham teenager. william accosta was picked up in january and being detained in georgia. he's set to be heading back to the honduras tomorrow. any chance to appeal the decision wouldn't happen until after the scheduled deportation. opponents of republican presidential frontrunner donald trump continues. protesters clashing with trump supporters after he gave a speech in utah yesterday. police in riot gear had to block the entrance to that building. new this morning, the search for a texas teen coming to a tragic end. 14-year-old adriana coronado has been found dead after she went missing last saturday. her father was found fatally
7:46 am
time around when she disappeared. police are looking for a person of interest in this case. to hollywood now, on the set of maze runner films, dylan o'brian suffered multiple broken bones. as a result, production has been shut down in vancouver while he recovers. the good news is according to the 24-year-old actor, he is expected to recover and will be just fine. a nonprofit in north carolina is helping veterans to deal with combat trauma with tattoo therapy. free tattoos to veterans, for those suffering anxiety or ptsd. the charity owner says connecting with a fellow veteran artist helped him. he's asking for donations so he can expand operation tattooing freedom nation wide. anything you can do to help veterans and those who have
7:47 am
if that helps them, why not. steve: so you don't have any tattoos? caitlin: no, i don't. >> . steve: is it that obvious. caitlin: you strike me as someone afraid of needles. steve: no no. it used to but it doesn't bother me at all. caitlin: when you're not at work. a little weather symbol. steve: let's get right to it and see what's going on. i want to talk about some cold temperatures coming monday and tuesday morning. that's right where we typically get our average last freeze, between the first of april and the 11th. so this is not out of the ordinary by any threats to have cold temperatures. it's been so warm lately and i know a lot of you went out and got flowers and ready to put them in the ground. you can do that, just cover them up to be safe or hold off on planting for a little while. weather days, today and
7:48 am
tomorrow the majority of the rainfall and tonight. and friday we'll get showers in here. but monday through thursday we'll be quiet across the region. quiet on doppler xd. showers making its way. the sprinkles on the ground and dew points are low enough that a lot of it will evaporate before reaching the ground but it will keep you cooler as well. chilly rain, highs in the 50s around the triangle today. 60s in the sandhills. 40s tomorrow, the farther north, the cooler it will be. quite a temperature gradient, especially today. a slow warming trend we'll call it, 70s by mid-week, and upper 70s potentially on thursday. frost and freeze possible. morning lows near 32 and again monday morning. north hills, looking cloudy, 52, a light breeze less than 5 miles an hour. 40s in the northern counties, lower 50s to the south with 54 in clinton. one of the warmest spots in southern pines at 52.
7:49 am
if you can, get out earlier the better today, with showers developing, moving in this afternoon, and maybe even mid-morning hours, you see the light showers to the west now. a lot of that is evaporating. we'll see more showers developing on the lead side of the mountains, pushing through throughout the rest of the day. the heavy rain stays to the south. predictor of our forecast model shows showers developing later on this morning into the early afternoon with the lion's share staying off to the east. a good part of the day, not going to have rain, but spotty light showers could pop up just about any time as we go throughout the afternoon. not a lot of rain today and tomorrow. amounts less than a half inch. the european model saying over a half inch. i'd lean to a quarter inch or less with this one. wrap-around moisture tomorrow, the upper level disturbance will sweep on through. by monday, rain moving in,
7:50 am
temperatures will start to warm into thursday. high probability today, decent chance of rain tomorrow. then we're done with the rain, monday all the way through thursday. so keep the umbrella handy. could get caught in a shower today. again, let's stress it's not going to be raining all day but a chance of scattered showers around pretty much anytime. tonight, a shower chance, we'll be in the upper 30s to near 40s, so a little bit colder, and looking ahead to spring, 49, hello, won't feel like it. but spring-like temperatures caitlin: that's a little more like it. that we can handle. steve: that's my pick day. caitlin: why not. thank you, steve. it's called pluto's haze. nasa is giving us a closer look at it. coming up, new photos from the
7:51 am
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mark: we saw several of the heels personalities, both good and bad in round 1 of florida gulf coast. the heels displaying their a game, or things can be over in a hurry. just ask any number of high-seeded teams on friday about that, after a half time haranguing, the providence
7:54 am
all american point guard chris dunn and sharp shooting big man. >> it's crazy that we've seen that. >> looking for the three shooter. it's something we're going to have to deal with. but we're going to need an overall great defensive effort. >> just happened that north carolina won the game for us. we know that now. so we'll have to play for all 40 minutes. >> rematches are usually rare when it comes to march madness but the blue devils will get a second look at yale. the devils are not putting much stock in that first meeting. joe mazur has more. joe: two of the first round upsets have happened here in providence. arizona taken out by wichita state and baylor bounced by yale.
7:55 am
match-up for duke saturday afternoon. >> is there an exhale because yale wins or not? >> no, not at all. yale is a really good team. joe: how good? well, four months ago in cameron indoor stadium, yale led 9-0 and made duke earn a hard-fought fictry. mike krzyzewski says that was a whole season again. brandon ingram didn't even start in that game. >> i thought so as well. looking at the team, playing in the fall, it's a disservice to them and ourselves. >> i remember the first time we played them, we had trouble guarding them for a lot of that game. they're a really good team. played really well. joe: yale is one of the best rebounding teams in the country and has the potential to exploit one of duke's biggest weaknesses.
7:56 am
>> i think biggest thing is rebounding. yale is a terrific team rebounding on both ends. one of the best offenses in the country too so we've got to be able to pull our own down. joe: just like they did last november, they were able to rally past uncw, after a slow start. a habit that could be season-ending. >> the last 20 minutes of our last performance, and it would be great. joe: tip time tomorrow at 2:40. in rhode island, joe mazur, abc 11 eyewitness news news. mark: potentially maybe arguably, i'm thinking the biggest upset in tournament history on friday. 15th seeded middle tennessee state and jaquan raymond, one of the heros, knocking off number 2 seed michigan state. a team many thought should be a one seed and had a chance to win it all but the middle tennessee state takes them out. unbelievable stuff.
7:57 am
and yale at 2:40 and the tar heels taking on their opposition at 9:40. and nick cryzowski goes for a third straight ncaa heavy weight championship. caitlin: check out this. it's a photo share of pluto's haze. we're getting a look from the new horizon spacecraft snapped this picture. about 20 layers can be seen in the photo. pretty cool. sounds like a band name. steve: exactly. they rock. a tiny bit of an atmosphere they're trying to figure out. caitlin: i don't know. it's cool. steve: weather for today, temperatures in the upper 50s. showers develop. hello, spring. not going to feel like it. 49 tomorrow, back up to warmer
7:58 am
caitlin: thank you, all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that! ahhhhhh! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window,
7:59 am
will alert you with the exact time we'll get there. you'll even have their name and picture. geico motorcycle,
8:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly crash. a boeing 737 explodes while attempting to land. the disaster caught on camera. the plane erupting into a fireball. the investigation this morning, was bad weather to blame or perhaps something else? paris fugitive captured. the terror raid takedown. people running for cover as europe's most wanted is hauled away in this dramatic assault in his alleged role in the paris attacks hiding in the same neighborhood police have been searching for months. how did he evade them for so long? hulk hogan's huge courtroom victory. >> just give us something, hulk. >> awarded $115 million. his emotional reaction winning his lawsuit against the website that posted his sex tape. >> this is not only his victory today but also anyone else who's


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