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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> see what's happening this instant. abc news at 6:00 starts right now. caitlin: new this morning, a plane crash in russia. all are said to be dead. what went wrong. and a murder in fayetteville. where police made the deadly discovery. we are off to a warm start this weekend. steve looking at some afternoon showers. it is saturday, march showers. i'm caitlin knute and anthony wilson is off this weekend. steve, you don't even know how jealous i am. steve: yeah, i said, hey, do you have any tickets? sure. it was a lot of fun. it was really neat to do something like that. around here, what a warm week, 80s. the concern is everything is
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our last freeze is quite a ways from now. take a look at the temperatures outside now in the 40s. again, normally, we would see temperatures in the low 40s. 49 at rdu, 51, fayetteville. a relatively mild start, cooler than recent mornings by far. you see showers towards the mountains, rain coming in later on today. our model has us in the low 50s. we may be in the upper 50s through the afternoon. our model has us starting with showers around 3:00. so a dreary weekend for you but we'll be warming up. caitlin: fayetteville police are investigating what they're murder-suicide. officers were called to the 100 block of jones discrete just before 10:00 last night for a well being check.
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in their 60s dead inside the home. detectives are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. so far, the victims' names have not been released. a big rig leaving a big mess in durham. we're told this truck was coming off the ramp and didn't make the curve all the way and rolled onto its side. the driver was not seriously hurt. developing this morning, the search begins after a plane crash in russia. that plane left from dubai. all 61 people on board were killed. new video just coming in appearing to show that plane crash. emergency officials say the plane made a second round
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the landed without any issues and the faa are notifying police looking for the drone's owner. a setback this morning for a durham high school student facing deportation. wilden accosta is being detained in georgia after he was picked up in january. g.k. butterfield reached out to immigration officials and this morning, he revealed the director will not use her executive authority to stop the deportation. as a result, he is scheduled to be sent back to honeduras tomorrow. the problem with that is any appeal on decision isn't possible until monday morning. accosta came to the u.s. to get away from violence in honedeura. and temperatures flaring on the campaign trail.
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trump at a rally. police in riot gear had to block the entrance to the building where trump was speaking. meanwhile, former g.o.p. candidate mitt romney has intensified his criticism of the frontrunner. and on the democratic side, bernie sanders making an appearance in salt lake city. the presidential candidate spoke about the corner stone issues of his campaign, including corrupt campaign finance laws, a rigged economy and a broken justice system. some possible new evidence in the akiel denkins shooting. a bullet hole could be a new piece of the puzzle. a raleigh police officer shot and killed denkins last month. a lawyer for the family says their investigation leads them to eyewitnesss who contradicted
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they say they heard gunshots on the opposite side of the house and a new discovery may prove them correct. >> if that is a bullet hole and there's a bullet that would match the officer's gun, that would contradict his statement that the shoot inging happened around behind the patio. caitlin: he chased denkins on foot. the family lawyer claims he was shot in the back. they say the newly discovered bullet hole only fuels more questions and they want to talk to officer twiddy themselves. the top suspect in last woke's deadly attack. he was captured in belgium yesterday after spending four months on the run. he was shot in the leg during that raid. four other people were also detained.
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could file an extradition request as early as this weekend. family and friends want him to face justice in france where 139 people were killed in the attack. one person is recovering this morning after a house fire in fayetteville. a dog, however, did die in the blaze. this all happened on ironwood drive last night. firefighters say four adults and two children managed to escape the fire. although, one man did suffer smoke inhalation. a fire chief is in fair condition this morning after being badly burned in an explosion. the sheriff's office says michael scott was fighting a wood fire when a nearby storage shed caught on fire. flammable liquids inside that shed exploded burning scott.
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coming up, that player who was killed in a dirt bike accident in florida. it is day 2 of an adoption fair after hundreds of animals were rescued in our area. the furry friends looking for a forever home. please pick up another bon. steve: that's not even funny. caitlin: full house already. steve: good morning. , everybody.
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cooler weekend and dar steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. overall, looking cloudy for now. rain coming in a little bit later on. a live look at the terminal at rdu. an hour. well above normal but cooler than recent mornings. in the 40s out there. 51 in fayetteville, 53 clinton the warmest spot. 46 up in south hill. stepping out the door, expect cloudy skies. should be dry this morning and have a slight chance in as we get closer to the mid-day area. showers climbing up to 57. if rain holds off until later in the day, we could peak to around 60-62.
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the coolest day will be tomorrow in the upper 40s, then we'll see a warming trend day by day getting warmer to the mid-upper 70s on thursday. tomorrow, we can officially call it spring. we'll have the vernal equinn ox. the timing is 12:30 in the morning so it's really later on tonight as we welcome in spring. sun's rays directly over the equator. all major hubs at this hour showing no delays. caitlin: we have a sad update to pass along this morning. baltimore ravens cornerback trey walker has died. police say he was riding a dirt bike with no lights and protective clothing. the 21-year-old played one season in the nfl.
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wrester hulk hogan, gawker media. they will award punitive damages returning monday, and he will appeal. abc 11 together is always highlighting good deals. and many have stepped up adopting a huge number of dogs in sanford. the aspca said they had the three-day adoption fair starting yesterday for the nearly 700 animals in a shelter. all the dogs have been adopted. however, many cats still need a home. if you are interested in making them part of your family, that event runs through tomorrow on nash street in sanford. you will need a photo id, proof of address, and a pet carrier if you have one.
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please send us your pictures to eyewitness @abc and a new crew at the international space station, the
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. caitlin: good morning. here's what's making headlines this morning. a dubai airliner crashed in
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winds gusting to near hurricane levels. the plane crashed and burned about 800 feet away from the run way. a black box has been recovered. officers were called to the 100 block of jones street just before 10:00 last night for a well being check. when they got there, they found a man and woman both in their 60s dead inside their home. family and friends of matthew mccain and dennis murray are planning a vigil outside the jail. both men died behind bars. new this morning, we are learning the name of a south carolina police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. officer allen jacob was a four and-a-half year veteran of the greenville police department. before that, he served during the iraq war. police say jacobs was shot while serving a warrant to a suspected gang member.
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opened fire hitting jacob several times. he later died at the hospital. police say the suspect then turned the gun on himself. a new england prep school grad back in jail this morning after violating his agreement. he was convicted of sexually assaulting a younger student. a curfew was part of the bail requirement and the prosecutor says he violated that at least eight times. in court yesterday, he apologized, but a judge ordered him to begin serving his one-year sentence. the u.n. security council is condemning korea's latest missile launch. a statement from the most powerful body reiterated the demands that the council comply with resolutions banning such tests. the international space station got a little more crowded.
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with two russian cos monauts and jeff williams. williams will spend six months on the station and will become the u.s. record holder for most accumulative days in space. he and the two russians are expected to return to earth in september. for thousands of people diagnosed every year with life threatening blood cancer such as leukemia and lymphoma, a cure exists. the national marrow donor has been has managed to be the match, encouraging people to be bone marrow donors and possibly save someone's life. abc 11 is a proud sponsor of the be the match event at the mall. they are looking for donors between ages 18 and 44. all it takes to register is a simple swab inside your mouth with a q-tip. join us today from 11:00 to 2:00. you'll find everything you need to know when you log onto
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guarantee to be called. chances are you won't but even if you do, there's a far less invasive procedure to extract the bone marrow. when you see families whose lives depend on it, how can you not help out. steve: you want to help out as much as you can. you just have to get some blood. wonderful. a cool weekend around here. officially, it will be spring tomorrow. caitlin: won't feel like it. steve: not at all. the last freeze on average, 10 days around the triangle of april. if you bought those flowers and been tempted to get out there, with record temperatures, high record temperature last week, again, go ahead and keep it a little bit in check. we expect to see, again, cold temperatures coming away tuesday morning. active weather day today, tomorrow and friday. we'll be dealing with showers around the area scomb that's
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severe weather, rain showers moving in. headlines, highs in the upper 50s today. 40s tomorrow with chilly rain. i think most of the rain will happen today but we'll still get scattered showers tomorrow. 70s as we get into mid-week and finally, frost and freeze. it's possible lows freezing near monday and tuesday morning. if you planted some of those flowers, you might want to cover them up to be safe. rdu, 55 degrees. light breeze. cloudy skies around with 40s and a few low 50s out there. warmer temperatures to the south and i expect the temperatures to climb to the mid-upper 60s in the sandhills. get out early if you have yard work. it will be cloudy and cool, showers developing. the earlier the better. sprinkles off to the south and west. more organized rain is out to the west and the heavier showers will stay down there.
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we'll have showers developing late morning. that could be a little bit quick but regardless, it is possible. and spotty showers here and there throughout the afternoon. periods of rain continuing overnight tonight into tomorrow. the low is going to be away from us, starting to get a little stronger offshore. we'll see this little trough is basically indicative of an upper level low that will squeeze back. maybe a snow flake tomorrow night causing an issue. a northwesterly breeze, warmer on monday with temperatures getting back to the low 60s to mid-60s for high. the coolest day tomorrow. the rain chances likely today, a decent chance tomorrow and dry through thursday.
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see it climbing into that medium category into monday, tuesday and wednesday. the predominant pollen is the tree pollen. not the stuff you can see but the tiny stuff that causes the itchy eyes and sneezing. showers today, upper 50s in the triangle. quite a temperature gradient today. tonight, light showers, upper 30s to low 40, a little warmer in the sandhills. notice the little flowers on there as we welcome in spring tomorrow, but 40s for highs. we'll see temperatures climbing, plenty of sun. really a nice week and a chance of rain coming back on friday. caitlin: so you are saying hold off on flowers. i should have called you first. steve: every year, we have a few days. everyone runs out to get them. be safe. or if you do, hold off.
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caitlin: a raleigh family just found out their home video should be shared with all of america. it started with an older brother's lesson to his brother. and it will appear tomorrow on "america's funniest home videos". >> we were hanging out in the backyard having fun.
6:26 am
this. [laughter] >> eight-year-old calvin says since america's funniest video, the family's favorite show. this was their first entry. they shot the video in september and submitted it the very same week but last week, they learned they made the show. 20 month old zan doesn't seem phased and the rest of the family is really excited. >> i really wanted mom to put it online. and then now it's on national tv with zane. >> that family was great. yesterday. they're very pumped about this. you can see the hatley brothers on "america's funniest home
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p.m. on abc 11:00. still to come in the next half hour. a wake family man missing. where he was last seen and where he could be going. and tensions rising over
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law, new protests and calls to >> the big stories happening this instant. eyewitness news continues.
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this saturday, march 19th. i'm caitlin knute. anthony is off this morning. steve is off to chicago to get graphics. my first question was did you get any chicago pizza? steve: no. i lost a pound. caitlin: really? i don't know how that's possible in chicago. i'm impressed. steve: i did splurge a little at the bulls game. caitlin: who could help it, i know. steve: not as warm as recent mornings. 43 in louisburg, 49 in rdu. a relatively mild start but today will be cooler than recent days. sprinkles developing out to the west right now. a lot of clouds around, depending on when the rain moves on in, our temperatures could be capped. our model goes low 60s. i think that's a little bit optimistic. probably in the mid-upper 50s for highs today with rain more likely as we go through the afternoon. even colder tomorrow, a nice
6:31 am
more on that in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve. we're getting a new look at video that appears to show a plane crash in russia. this plane was trying to land when its wing clipped the run way and exploded. all 55 passengers and seven crew members on board were are said to be among the dead. it was a boeing 737, belonging to budget carrier who has a good record. strong winds were likely a factor in that crash. to some breaking news out of fayetteville this morning. police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide. officers were called to the 100 block of jones street last night for a well being check. they found a man and a woman in their 60s dead inside the home. as of right now, the victims'
6:32 am
the family of this wake county man asking for your help to bring him home. donald ethridge lyle hasn't been seen in eight days. he was last seen driving a 2015 orange jeep wrangler with north carolina plates reading newblk. his sister says the transponder on the jeep was pinged heading towards charlotte. >> bring him back. my family, we have five children. my parents are gone, and it's five kids, but we need him back. caitlin: if you have any information about him, find that number posted on the web site at caitlin: the durham county jail is facing new scrutiny. family and ends are planning a vigil outside of a jail.
6:33 am
their families have been critical from the response they've received from the durham county sheriff's office. in the wake of a recent ordinance passed in charlotte would let transgender people use the bathroom of their choice. the latest move on this battle and what it means for our area. >> today i call on governor mccrory to make good on his promise for the people of north carolina. >> protesters filing a nondiscrimination ordinance passed last month that will, among many things, allow transgender people to use locker rooms and bathrooms. the pass and the majority vote of the city council and back lash is coming from all over the state. >> our heart goes out today and while they're created to protect the masses of society. >> helping to plan a news conference on monday, asking the governor for a special session to get rid of that new
6:34 am
effect in 14 days. >> it's not about love or hating. i think when you're looking at some of the things that were on television, that's what it sort of comes out to be portrayed as. it has nothing to do with love or hate. it's common sense. >> in a news conference yesterday at the legislative building and by phone with us tonight, he says the issue is for transgender people and the ordinance is just another city. >> between myrtle beach and columbia, south carolina, that these laws have been in effect for years without actual public safety problems. >> and it's the question of safety from both sides, the governor and lawmakers will have to weigh going forward. i'm on the south side of the capital. she says law enforcement officials and state administrators will be in attendance. and, of course, we'll keep you updated on this developing
6:35 am
in downtown raleigh, -- abc 11 eyewitness news. caitlin: eight sailors are recovering after an accident on board of the us s dwight eisenhower in norfolk. the sailors were not seriously hurt, but six of them were taken to area hospitals as a precaution to be checked out. hundreds of fort bragg soldiers joining the fight against isis this summer. the army announcing 450 soldiers will now go to kuwait as part of operation inherent resolve. they're expected to leave late this summer. another 400 troopers also will be deploying this summer. they're headed to south korea. a nonprofit in north carolina helping veterans deal with combat trauma through tattoo therapy. operation tattooing freedom works with tattoo artists to provide free tattoos to
6:36 am
suffering from anxiety or post traumatic distress disorder. a fellow veteran, who is also his tattoo artist, helped him. he is working to get his donations to expand the operation nation wide. the latest "mazerunner" movie shut down. we'll tell you the actor hurt on set. and how much americans are expected to spend on easter as they're filling up easter goodies. we'll tell you in a minute. right now, steve, we better improve these temperatures. steve: yeah, a cool weekend. cooler recently, for sure.
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. steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning, everybody. in durham, cloudy skies, light breeze around six miles per hour. a few 50s in the sandhills. tomorrow, temperatures will be cooler than recent days by far. should make it into the 60s later on. should be dry this morning but i put a slight chance in this morning of getting a spotty shower. if the showers start late morning, early afternoon, we could cap in the mid-upper 50s with temperatures through the rest of the day today. sprinkles out to the west as we speak. more organized showers moving into the mountains. temperatures today in the 50s. tomorrow, even cooler and a slow warming trend next week and mid-late week, temperatures well above average. so tomorrow, officially early in the morning at 12:30, we can say
6:40 am
it's the vernal equinn -- equinox. the sun's rays at the equator. officially spring. give yourself a little extra time as rain moves in later today. for now, all major hubs showing no delays. your seven-day forecast minutes away, caitlin. caitlin: thank you, steve. easter is a little early this year. in fact, it's one week from tomorrow. spending for this holiday is expected to reach $17.3 billion. those celebrating plan to spend, on average, $146 per person. that is the highest level in the 13 years the survey has been conducted. abc 11 together highlighting good deeds in the community. the durham commission is closer to reaching its goal of 1300 easter baskets. durham officials say they have
6:41 am
thanks to donations and money raised. the summit church has promised an additional 350 baskets. that would bring the total to 911. if you would like to donate a basket or money, go ahead and contact the durham rescue mission. still to come, a tragic story out of texas this morning. a teenager found dead nearly a week after her father was killed. police now looking for a person of interest. and then a big welcome home for a young burn victim. how long she's been recovering in the hospital and how her home town has rallied around her.
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the bone marrow drive. caitlin: good morning, a dubai airliner trying to land in southern russia ends up crashing and burning killing all 62 people on board. the plane was operated by the budget carrier fly dubai. it is the airline's first crash since it began operating in 2009. emergency officials say bad weather likely is to blame. congressman g.k. butterfiled says ice officials won't stop the deportation of a durham teenager. accosta is being detained in georgia and is set to be headed back to the honduras tomorrow.
6:45 am
supporters and opponents of republican presidential frontrunner donald trump continues. protesters clashed with trump supporters after he gave a speech in utah yesterday. police in riot gear had to block the entrance to that building. and a story that's new this morning, the search for a texas teen coming to a tragic end. 14-year-old adriana coron ado has been found dead after going missing on saturday. her father was fatally shot in houston on sunday, around the time she disappeared. police are looking for a person of interest. star dylan o'brien was injured while filming the latest installment of "the mazerunner." he has suffered multiple broken bones. a representative of the 24-year-old actor says he is expected to be just fine. pop icon prince delving into the
6:46 am
his memoire set to be released next year. in the book, prince will take readers on a poetic journey through life and his creative work. a big homecoming celebration for an eight-year-old girl who spent the last two years in the hospital after she was burned in a house fire. residents in the home town of pennsylvania gave her the star treatment yesterday. they decked the town out in purple, his favorite color. a fan caused a fire at her grandparent's home in 2013. more than 45% of her body was burned and she suffered extreme smoke inhalation. she will need therapy to get stronger and work on a prosthetic leg but it is her goal to be able to walk by this summer. we wish her well as she continues to recover. it's wonderful to have her whole town rally around her.
6:47 am
steve: we hope she does. caitlin: i know. steve: it almost felt like summer last week. at least it wasn't terribly humid. it was nice 80s. it will be a while before we see 80s again. let's talk about freezing temperatures because we have at least one day next week, tuesday morning, we could see temperatures at or below freezing in the outlying areas. our latest last freeze on average between april 1 and april 11. so again, this is not out of the ordinary, by any stretch. here's your active weather days. today and tomorrow with today being the lion's share of the rain event and friday see some showers moving on in. doppler xd is quiet until we get into the sandhills. sprinkles and spotty light showers. if you live in moore county, might have some sprinkles here
6:48 am
so chilly rain this weekend, highs in the upper 50s today, upper 40s tomorrow as we welcome in spring. we'll call it a slow warming trend as we go through the week. 70s by wednesday, thursday should be the warmest day in the upper 70s. frost and freeze is possible. morning lows near 32. monday morning. and especially tuesday morning i think will be the coldest start this coming work week. in fayetteville, looking at hay street there, 53 degrees, light breeze, less than 5 miles per hour. 40s in the northern counties. 50s in the sandhills. a temperature gradient today from lower 40s to mid-upper 60s in the sandhills later on. if you have yard work to get done, get out early. cloudy and cool. showers developing and the longer you wait, the better chance. try to get out there if you can. sprinkles out to the west. let's zoom it out. we'll see more scattered showers
6:49 am
doesn't look like a heavy band of rain moving away. the showers will be developing close to us. this heavy rain to the south won't affect us. that will move offshore. but the area of low pressure does develop offshore and causes a bit of a noreaster causing a few spotty showers. at 9:30 this morning, the majority of the rain along and east of interstate 95 not dealing with the rain. spotty showers around this afternoon. keep the umbrella handy and watch for showers today. high probability you're going to get wet at your house today, lesser chance tomorrow. the lows will move offshore and intensify a bit. we'll get some wrap-around light rain showers today and an upper level disturbance could keep those showers going by tomorrow night. meantime on monday, a northwesterly breeze, a chilly breeze and slightly warmer. temperatures climbing back to the low 60s for highs.
6:50 am
next chance for rain and after this weekend, monday through thursday, we're going to be on the dry side. pollen levels have been high recently. low for today because of the rain, starting to go up over the coming days, back to the medium category by tuesday and wednesday. a look ahead, chilly day to welcome in spring, monday and tuesday, temperatures start to come back a bit, and back into the 70s. caitlin: thank you, steve. first, it was twitter. now instagram. when the pope is expected to launch his own personal account
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6:52 am
6:53 am
mark: and i'm mark >> abc 11 eyewitness news sports. mark: we saw several of the heels' personalities, both good and bad in round 1. the heels displaying their "a" game, things can be over in a hurry. just ask any number of teams on friday about that, after a half time from roy williams and the coaching staff, unc figured it out against the eagles of gulf coast. the providence presents an entirely unique challenge. later today, all american point guard chris dunn and
6:54 am
>> does well with the ball and it's crazy. >> for five men, the point shooter, it's something we'll have to deal with. we need an overall defensive effort, similar to what we had in notre dame. >> just happened north carolina, we know that now, so we'll play for all 40 minutes. >> rematches are usually rare when it comes to march madness, and the blue devils will get a second look at yale. earlier this year, succumbing by double digits. the devils are not putting that much thought into the first meeting. joe mazur has more. joe: arizona taken out by wichita state and baylor bounced by yale. another higher-seeded match-up for duke saturday afternoon. >> is there an exhale because yale wins or not? >> not at all.
6:55 am
joe: four months ago in cameron indoor stadium. duke had a hard-fought victory. mike . >> looking at the team in the fall, we're a disservice to them and a disservice to ourselves. >> i can remember the first time we played them, we had trouble guarding them for a lot of that game. so they're a really good team. they play really well. joe: yale is one of the best rebounding teams in the country and has a potential to destroy one of duke's biggest weaknesses. >> every game we have that, out-rebound the players. >> i think for us big time, is rebounding and yale is a terrific rebounding team on both ends. one of the best offense of rebounding teams in the country. so we've got to be able to hold our own down.
6:56 am
november, duke was able to rally past uncw after a slow start. could be season-ending. >> we're proud of the last 20 minutes of our last performance, and coming into this game will be great. >> tip time at 2:40. in rhode island with the blue devils, joe mazur, abc 11 eyewitness news. mark: all right, joe. potentially arguably the biggest upset in tournament history on friday. 15th seeded middle nc state, knocking off number 2 seed michigan state, a team many people thought would be a one seed and have a chance to win it all. but middle tennessee state takes them out. later today, duke and yale. first at 2:40 and the tar heels taking on the friars at 9:40. and nick goes for a third
6:57 am
wrestling championship. back to you guys. caitlin: thank you, mark. pope francis starting his own instagram account. starting today, you'll be able to find instagram under the name francisco. they discussed the power of images to unite people across different cultures and languages. the official vatican network maintains accounts on facebook, twitter and instagram but the pope does have his own personal twitter account. there you go. follow the pope. coming up in our next half hour, a truck driver walking away from a roll-over wreck in durham. how his big rig ended up on its side.
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>> see what's happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 7:00 starts right now.
7:00 am
appearing to show a plane crash in russia. all those on board are said to be dead. what went wrong? plus, an apparent murders-suicide in fayetteville. where police made the deadly discovery. and then on a lighter note after a warm week, we are off to a cool start. at least tomorrow anyway. steve also tracking some afternoon showers. we'll get to that in a minute. good morning, carolina. it is saturday, march 19 this morning. i'm caitlin knute. anthony is off this weekend. i don't like this big cool-down here. i was all set. i had the shorts ready. steve: yeah, really, tomorrow is the big chill. we've got 49, but some of the areas showing lower 40s. caitlin: and that's for highs? chilly day. it will turn around. get right to it. some warmer temperatures. taking a look, i want to show you some sprinkles out to the western counties now. a lot of this won't reach the ground, dew points in the 30s


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