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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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out of a pizza shop. john: breaking news north korea test firing a ballistics missile overnight. reaction from around the world. barbara: hundreds of animals rescued in need of help. how you can bring one home today. john: march madness in full swing. big upsets on day one and how local teams fared. good morning, carolina, welcome on friday march 18. 6:00 and 55 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but time for weather and traffic. amber is following an issue on john: 40. amber: if you are headed to r.d.u. we have an issue right here at airport boulevard. you see the lights to the side. that is 40 in the eastbound lanes at airport boulevard. there is police activity and
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it was causing a pretty big backup but it looks like they have moved it to the side and traffic is getting by but something to watch for. a lot people catch flights tri. fore accident on airport boulevard at garden square lane. a stone's throw from the one on 40. obviously a lot of activity near the airport. rest of the area guys. no delays at rock quarry. light volume and everything on time here and same into fayetteville fort bragg. don: good morning. as head out we have a nice day shaping up. it will be about where we were yesterday temperaturewise this morning and into the 60's. another nice day to have lunch outside. current numbers, 55 chapel hill, 50 sanford, 52 smithfield. 52 in goldsboro. 55 fayetteville and 40's
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rapids. looking at the day ahead. 53 now and mostly cloudy. by lunchtime porn skies and 67. through the late day a lot of sunshine and 71. gorgeous afternoon. don't get used to it. you will need the rain gear this weekend. we will have that in the complete forecast. john: rising tensions after north korea test fires a new missile. officials of the pentagon confirm that north korea launched a medium range ballistics missile this morning. it flew about 500 miles before crashing into the sea. this comes days after north korea's leader kim jong un ordered weapons test lived to the pursuit of a long-range missile capable of reaching the u.s.a. barbara: effort are under way to free a college student sentenced to 15 years. otto warm buyer was convicted of stealing a propaganda poster. americans can travel this but
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rest against it. john: to vote 2016 and effort to stop donald trump from inside
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barbara: a and utah. barbara: both sides are gearing up for a fight over the nomination to the supreme court. petitions are on the desk of thom tillis. common cause north carolina delivered them calling on him
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president obama in filling the vacancy. the president nominated merrick garland but senate republicans say they will not hold hearings. hands of animals rescued are ready for new forever homes. tkhror gloria:-- gloria rodriguez has the story. gloria: if you are looking for a pet this is the place to find your new furry friend. more than 600 pets will be up for adoption today. the animals were fond living in filth in a raid. many were sick and some died. the dogs an cats have gone through weeks of medical care and recovery and now as you can see they are healthy and they are adorable. all of the animals have been spayed and neutered and have all the shots so they are ready. aspca employees say it is amazing to see there capacity for love after everything they
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>> especially those that are special needs. gloria: it starts today at 10:00 a.m. and runs through sunday at a temporary shert on nash treat in sanford. there is no fee to adopt so it is absolutely free. if you are interested you should take a photo i.d. proof of address and crate if you have one of the we have all the information on our website go to the home page and look under the pet section and you will see all the information. live in the "eyewitness news center" center". barbara: big changes coming to r.d.u. in the way you park. next month it will take parking reservations on april 4. it is debuting park r.d.: you can go online and reserve a spot before you arrive. the price at some lots is going up.
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barbara: why a local hospita restricting access to some visitors. >> shocking video a car slams into a pizza restaurant. we will so you what happens next. don is talking about the change in the weather. don: today we are dry and look at first alert doppler network you see not much in the way of rainfall but it will be lit up
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we will talk about the don: welcome back. we are looking at the morning commute. it will be cloudy. not much in the way of sunshine breaking through to start. of dry roads though. no rain out of the clouds. by 10:00 almost 60. 46 roanoke rapids, 48 south hill. 50 roxboro. 52 durham and 51 raleigh and 52 rocky mount, 52 siler city, 50 hillsborough and 51 cary, 52 lillington, 55 fayetteville. 48 sanford, 51 pinehurst and 52 in goldsboro. looking at the day ahead cloudy and 53.
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late day we 70 degrees under mostly sunny skies. gorgeous conditions today but tomorrow clouds roll in and cool air and it will be wet. we will talk about rain for the weekend in the complete forecast up next. barbara: wake county high school student charged with firing a gun in a parking lot at wagon med. he is being held on a $150,000 bond accuse tpaorg a shot at a man he was trying to rob. officials at the hospital say cooper and another person went to the hospital parking deck to do a drug deal but he tried to rob him. cooper's attorney says he is class president and trying to get two college. i think so two recovering after they were injured when a car slams in a pizza restaurant where they were eating. the engaged couple in this oakland park, florida, restaurant when appear s.u.v. plowed through into where they were sitting. he was able to push her out of the way just in time. thankfully they are both ok.
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driver lose control. here is another scary incident at a high school in florida. a fire breather recovering at a hospital after catching on fire during a pep rally. several student were hurt trying to put out the flame. seven were transported to hospitals but are expect to be ok. the fire breather who was hired by the school said he's done the raopbt 30 years without a problem but this time he was white and mostly green in honor of st. patrick's day. barbara: duke university medical center implementing enough related restrictions. it is temporarily restricting patient visitation. children except special occasions are banned and only two adults can visit a patient at one time. there have been 10 flu deaths in north carolina this year.
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under way. barbara: a complete wrap-up of how the local teams fared. john: biggest there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. come up for air. asheville.
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there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little.
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asheville. discovery, inside and out. john: good morning. 6:17. the pentagon confirming that north korea has test fired a medium range missile. it crashed into the ocean. earlier this month it said it is trying to develop a missile capable of reaching the u.s. the wake county d.a. is expecting to have the f.b.i. report on a man shot and killed by a raleigh police officer next week. lauren freeman is waiting for evidence and final autopsy report on akiel denkins. he was shot on february 29 by an officer trying to arrest hill on an outstanding warrant. hundreds of dogs and cats
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animal shert are ready for new homes. an adoption fair begins this morning and runs through sunday at the temporary shelter on nash treat in sanford. there is no fee. big upsets already in the ncaa tournament. barbara: not for our local teams. mark armstrong has more from u.n.c.'s win. mark: we saw both tar heel teams the one that could crash out of the torlt early if not careful and one that could potentially cut down the nets as fat champions. we start in the first half it looked under control. marcus paige on the fast break and drains the three. 29-18. it went wrong the rest of the first. morelia a reverse lay-up and 41-40 leading florida gulf coast by one point at the break. roy williams let them have it at halftime and they showed it. bryce johnson what an effort.
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the other end and bryce gets on the offensive glass and follow plus the tpoulfoul. more to come later. a human helicopter is pries in the second half. zack johnson was trying to throw down and bryce sent him packing back to his mother. what a block that was. a career high eight rejections. isaiah hicks continues to find himself as the man child of the team off the bench. carolina up 63-46 and he had a cosmetic. one more touch of bryce with a block and then to the other end where he will finish off. he had a team high 18 as the heels advance 83-67. they know they need to be better. >> the coach was getting on us and coach davis was so mad. we have to play better. we know we are a better team. >> playing with more effort and being the kpwres sore. they were taking it to us and we were back on our heels the first
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then the second half we decide to be the aggressor. i hit a shot right out of the gate and we got a steal and lay-up. >> coach always gets on me because he foes what i can do. it took me a while to realize i need to get it going. mark: next,providence friars a team they had to scrape past in 2014. john: u.n.c. will play providence. the friars capped it with a win over u.s.c. down one point with three second left they get the winning score we a player is free. barbara: duke a fourth seed had a touch matchup with u. tphfplt krfpltn.c. wilmington but win and will face yale saturday. yale is the cinderella story so far upsetting baylor for the
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john: we will be with the triangle teams all the way. mark armstrong with the tar homes and joe mazur with the blue devils. you can follow them on social media on twitter and facebook for the behind scenes action and analysis. barbara: gloria rodriguez went to u.s.c. john: she is a little disappointed. barbara: she was asking carolina fans if they would root for duke. i said girl that brave. don: like never. john: and vice versa. don: it may be a good weekend to stay inside and watch basketball or a movie. peewee herman has a new film. another adventure. barbara: i don't think i will be watching attachment don: i'm checking it out. as you head out the next couple days today well before average. 70's. tomorrow and sunday we go way below average. sunday is the first day of spring and coldest of the next six and nice climb two next
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we will show what you is going on with a live look into downtown raleigh. temperature right now 53 and dew point 33, 47% humidity, wind calm. live look into fayetteville and temperature right now 59. northeast winds 10 miles an hour. everybody in the 0's and 50's from 49 in sanford, 50 roxboro, 55 chapel hill. 50 smithfield. 55 fayetteville. looking at the satellite and radar composite we see cloud cover. that will move out through the morning. the back edge now into boone and you see clearing skies an showers staying south of us. first alert predictor forecast model and i think it is way aggressive on how fast it gets the clouds out of here. i think we will have a lot of sunshine at lunchtime but will be a few clouds. through the afternoon the sunshine wins out. tonight into tomorrow the cloud cover builds and this tomorrow at lunchtime. two the afternoon pops of green
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heavier showers get in here and it will be wet into sunday. by the afternoon on sunday the skies clear and by sunday evening we have dry conditions and cold temperatures moving in sunday night and monday tight. the rest of today we start mostly cloudy in raleigh with the sail temperatures as -- same temperatures as yesterday. by lunchtime 67. two the a we go to the 70's and blue skies return and more sunshine on the way. looking across region you will see temperatures in the 70's from wendell to durham, 71 cary and who will springs. 72 smithfield. 71 sanford and 72 in lillington. 72 goldsboro and 73 favorite and 73 raeford. slide north in the 60's from south hill to roxboro and 70 wake forest today and 71 rocky mount and wilson. tonight temperatures back into the 40's for overnight lows.
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powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 50's, cloudy and showers move in. sunday spring begins but it will feel support like winter. in the 40's sunday. sunday night into upon around freezing and monday night into tuesday so i wouldn't be surprised to see frost advisories or freeze warnings. you could see frost problems as you go upon into tuesday. by wednesday we are back to 70 and thursday flirting with 80. a little cooldown over the weekend. it is that time when we go to new york city to check in with ginger zee. ginger: good morning, don. good to be with you in raleigh. we will talk about the hail in the south and ear weather moving through and that becomes the same coastal storm that you have been talking about. plus terrifying moments for passengers on a flight heading
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it hit turbulence and was struck by lining. and the being a rest who made headlines after she and sean penn met with el chapo. sitting down with diane sawyer her first tv interview since that meeting and diane will have a preview. that is next on g.m.a. don: i don't know if we will talk to you monday because i know you have a busy day but we want to wish you good luck monday fight "dancing with the stars" so go out there and kick some butt. >> thank you. i will feed your vote. don: you have four from us here. barbara: i think she will do well. don: in previews they looks good. stpaoeufplt i kaepbtcan't -- amber: i can imagine that. it takes up so much time and we
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don: it that is over fine weeks. amber: that is good so good for her. let's go out on a friday morning and hopefully your energy is higher at 6:23. we made it to friday so hope it is off to a ties start. we had the earlier accident 40 and airport boulevard eastbound and you can see the flashing lights. looks like a tow truck has arrived. slight delay getting past there. it was worse about 30 minutes ago. that better and traffic is getting by. that is 40 eastbound heading to r.d.u. fplt murchison into fayetteville guys and to problems there. worth looking good into this friday morning and it will change as we approach sunday. we have an accident on airport boulevard at garden square lane. 540 and u.s. 70 moving fine and volume there but to big delay.
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drive times on these roads on time 40 eastbound no problem and seven minutes 40 to 15 fplt. john: 6:24 and slow internet can be truck. barbara: did you know it can be bad for your health.
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kendis gibson with the tech news. >> a new edition to t-mobile's streaming. you can watch unlimited youtube video without using any of their poll data allowance. >> michael coore is getting into the spart watch business with a new line of high fashion android watches expected to go on sale this fall in department stores and interviewboutiques. the stress waiting for websites to load is real. a study finds the delay of two second makes our stress level go up 16%. >> it says if it stops playing to rebuffer it goes up another 15%. that is comparable to watching a horror movie.
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a new study on traffic stops in
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rb barbara: proof in the numbers a new study revealing racial bias with traffic tops in durham. >> it was bad.
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missile. john: traumatic plane ride from r.d.u. to new york. a lightning strikeforces an emergency landing. hear from the passengers happy to be back on the ground. barbara: good morning, carolina, welcome on friday march 18. 53 degrees and 6:31. i'm barbara gibbs. john: thanks for joining us. we will get to the news but first we will say good morning to meteorologist don schwenneker. tpwhrao good morning to you. as you head out we have a great day shaping up. we start with clouds but the sun will win out, upper 60's to lower 70's through the afternoon. current numbers from across the region right now 47 in sanford, 46 louisburg and roanoke rapids. those are the cold spots. 55 fayetteville. clinton 59. 50 smithfield. 50 roxboro and 50 oxford. looking at the day ahead, by lunchtime it is 67 and sunshine and some clouds lingering.
6:32 am
into the afternoon. mostly sunny and 70's degrees. it is the last day above the average high of 64 and last day for a while. it will be cold and wet it weekend. now we will go to amber rupinta. amber: we have had issue this sis out to r.d.u. on 40. first we look at fayetteville and this is murchison and moving fine. the issue on 40 is eastbound at airport boulevard and there was some police activity that was slowing things down but it looks like everything is back to normal. if you are heading to r.d.u. keep your eyes peeled. you may see a lingering police car on the shoulder. 40 eastbound at airport. it looks like it is zooming along. road weather index no problems with the weather. no rain or fog. also on airport boulevard another accident at garden
6:33 am
we look two durham and freeway alston avenue a lot green on the returns. no problems there. pretty quiet around the area. john: breaking news, chopper 11 h.d. is on scene of a crash involving a lee county sheriff deputy and a.t.v. on east forest ok drive about a mool southwest of moncure. we are hearing the driver of the a.t.v. was killed and deputy injured. we will follow this and bring you more. barbara: the f.b.i. is wrapping up the investigation into a man shot and killed by raleigh police. the wake county d.a. says she is waiting for evidence but expects to have the full report next week. akiel denkins was shot by an officer trying to arrest him on an outsang warrant. the d.a. released a preliminary report showing he was shot in the chest, arm a.m. shoulder. his family says one was in the back of the shoulder. the d.a. says she's trying to move forward on the case as
6:34 am
release information from the f.b.i. report until she's examined it. she will then decide what to present the case to the grand jury. john: one suspect in custody and another on the run after a double murder in raleigh. we were first on the scene when this provoke last week. die kwan ragland is charged with two kontz of murder. they are looking for denzel dancy. they are suspected in deaths of pedro diaz and allen roeugsz who were shot to death in a car. barbara: the do you recall police department is taking steps to be support trarpbt and a new study shows proof of racial bias in traffic stops. john: we will hear from advocacy groups. we will go to caitlin knute at city hall with more. great at 11:00 this morning the advocacy groups will meet here at city plaza to discuss this study. that is we we should find out what they want to see happen
6:35 am
do you recall police officers were pulling over some block male drivers disproportionately. >> we just cautiously are optimistic. caitlin: that is how tread foster describes the reaction to the police department's study. while he appreciates the effort at transparency, he says the study itself backs claims that his organization has long been making. according to research group r.t.i. black men in don't recall were 20% more likely to be pulled over. the police chief says many of the stops have come at the hands of the high enforcement abatement too many or heat which focuses on drug ahnd gang violence. >> they have been asked to go into some of the highest crime community and try to help deal with the crime problem. if you are forth careful we you do that you can feed into that implicit bias. gloria: he satisfies they are
6:36 am
years show pullover rates going own. so the study look at 2010 to 2015 and the first three years that is where the issue was. the last it years didn't show they were being pulled over disproportionately. it is worth pointing out that again the heat officers were the only ones who perhaps were pull over drivers des proportionately. the regular traffic unit loves no signs of that. but we will follow to see what happens at 11:00 today so stay tuned tuned. barbara: now to a frightening flight a passenger plane from r.d.u. to fork is hit by lightning. we are hear passenger reaction. gloria rodriguez has the story. gloria: good morning to you, barbara. 55 passengers and four crew members on that flight are safe this morning but as you can
6:37 am
experience. american airlines flight 4233 took off from r.d. yesterday afternoon and it was headed to laguardia in new york but the flight path of the jet took they will head long into a storm. it is struck by lightning and diverted to j.f.k. which has longer runways. we have pictures of the plane shortly after it landed safely. there is smoke damage on the wing and near the >> out o dipped about 100 feet. i don't know, it felt like i was on a roller coaster. gloria: the average commercial jet is struck by lightning at least bossonce a year.
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was fine1963 fplt. john: 6:37 and 53 degrees. hillary clinton picking up support delegates after appear owe football win in missouri -- official win in missouri. barbara: the plot to stop trump from clinching the follow nation. don: we have temperatures about
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by -- where they were yrd by lunchtime 67 an lots of sunshine this afternoon near 70. today the warmest day as we head to the weekend. it will be cooler. we will talk about that in complete forecast next. john: turning to vote 2016 and hitter officially declared the western in the primary in missouri. her opponent bernie sanders says he will not ask for a recount and concede the race. clinton finished 15 hupb00 votes ahead but it was close enough sarah palin could get a -- saoerpbdz could get a recount. hillary clinton won florida. ohio, illinois and north carolina. barbara: some leaders trying to stop donald trump from getting the republican nomination. they met in washington to develop a plan yesterday after trump was dominant in the promise mayors.
6:42 am
alarm. groups have signed a letter urging the party to 89 against him something that would likely help hillary clinton. trump needs to win more than half the delegates left which is difficult but doable. john: merrick gar garland had his first meeting on capitol hill. he met with patrick leahy and harry reed. leahy says the court would be better off with garland as a justice. but republicans made it kehr they won't budge from their refusal to consider a replacement for ability antonin scalia john: a look at damage in texas
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this afternoon at dunkin', save when you sip. get a free donut or turbo shot when you buy any beverage between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. was rushed to the hospital in miami. he reportedly suffered head trauma. his sister says he underwent surgery. pointed their weapons.
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john: a college student who went on a stabbing spree on a laptop but nothing to indicate he was directed by them. barbara: a my to flint river to save money. residents demand accountability. saying insider has not been willing to meet with them. john: folks in texas tasting
6:47 am
check out the damage. they piled up on roads and fields and made for a slick commute. insurance companies handled a flood of calls after hail pelted cars and homes. it killed several bird at the fort worth zoo. that is the latest who hit texas where flooding has does placed people. barbara: day two of the ncaa tournament and both local teams are on. u.n.c. got it done against florida gulf coast 83-67. heels take on providence tomorrow in raleigh. duke had a tough matchup with u. tphfplt u.n. krfplt u.n.c. wilmington but won. we will be with the triangle teams all the way. mark armstrong with the tar heels and joe mazur with the blue devils. you can follow them for all the action and analysis. john: mark armstrong is a hoot on twitter.
6:48 am
barbara: it will be a good weekend to chill. don: there are some outdoor activities and i think there is a walk. take the umbrella and rain gear. it will be damp. we will talk about that but now we will show you what is going on as far as the allergy forecast. they have been huge all week. it will stay there today and tomorrow and sunday green. that is because we have rain and it should knock it down. monday into tuesday it starts to climb. i will warn you next week is the week of yellow. you may as well bring in stuff that is outside and get it inside because next week is when everything goes pollen. live look two raleigh and you see clouds and sunlight. 53 and 47% humidity. fayetteville temperature is 59, north wind at seven. from across the region a confidential 40's in roanoke
6:49 am
55 southern pines and 53 goldsboro. satellite and radar composite shows the cloud cover working out and notice the clear skies out west. that will work in and we will see source to the south and lots -- see showers to the south. we have clouds and honey in raleigh. by lunchtime 67 and this afternoon blue skies and more sunshine and temperatures in the 70's. we will top out around 71 in garner and cary, 70 chapel hill. 71 durham. 72 smithfield this afternoon. 71 holly springs. 70 siler city. 72 lillington. 73 favorite. 72 piano hrs and -- pinehurst and 70 roanoke rapids, 71 into rocky mount and 70 in wake forest appear 68 roxboro. top back into the 40's for overnight lows. 45 raleigh and 47 fayetteville and 44 durham. first alert seven-day forecast
6:50 am
temperatures tomorrow only in the 50's. clouds move in, expect rain an spotty showers after lunchtime. better chance of rain tomorrow night into sunday. monday 55, tuesday 61 and 70's midweek. "big weather" pic of the day. st. patrick's day. winslow is saying hello from susan bray and happy st. patrick's. barbara: what a sweet face. don: we thank you for sending that. john: is that an irish terrier? don: it was yesterday. amber: everyone is a little irish on st. patrick's day. john, you always have the hits, don't you? john: and misses. amber: we have been having knees hits friday. we had one issue around r.d.u. and it cleared and now we are nice. this is 40 and airport boulevard and this is the camera looking down aviation parkway.
6:51 am
at airport boulevard. toes headlights -- those headlights eastbound. back to normal the are in tkd shape going to r.d. and it is dry on the road. looks like we have another issue with flashing lights. at is 40 westbound to 70 clayton bypass police activity off the shoulder. that is the typical delay. mean a little slower -- might be a little slower due to that police activity. a lot of green on the interstates. road weather index clear around airport boulevard there was another accident on a secondary road at garden square lane. watch for that. here is 40 and 15/501 quiet and fine. durham freeway foreclosure to delays, seven minutes i-40 to u.s. 15 and fortune wake county 540 westbound capital to 70 clear four minutes on this
6:52 am
barbara: it is 6:51 and 53 degrees. we are following breaking news. >> a bad crash involving a sheriff deputy and a.t.v. barbara: hundreds of animals
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6:55 am
weather and traffic you need. barbara: we are following big stories including new missile launch from north korea and pet adoption. john: breaking news in lee county where chopper 11 h.d. shows you a crash involving a sheriff deputy and a.t.v. the a.t. srfpltv. crashed head on into cruiser on east dress oebs drive. the man driving it was killed and deputy injured. barbara: north korea fired a immediate ideal range missile in the sea days after the leader ordered tests there. another violation of u.n. resolutions. the pentagon confirmed it was fired from a mobile launcher. john: terrifying ride for passengers on a plane from r.d. to new york. it was headed to laguardia and hit by lightning and diverted to j.f.k. there was smoke damage on the wing and near the door. barbara: wake county d.a. expects to have the f.b.i. report on a man shot and killed
6:56 am
she is waiting for evidence and final autopsy report on akiel denkins. was shot on february 29 in southeast raleigh by appear officer trying to arrest him. john: advocacy groups will meet at city hall plaza at 11:00 to discuss a traffic stop study. police released it that showed a higher number of block male drivers pulled over by officers the department's interim police chief says it is part of appear effort by the department to be more transparent. barbara: hundreds of dogs and cats rescued from a shelter in hoke county are ready for a new home the a tpaeurfair runs threw sunday on nash street in sanford. there's no fee. john: match madness is up and running as in be the match. we are asking you to join us for the bone marrow donor reg have i drive tomorrow from 11:00 to 2:00 at streets at south point in durham.
6:57 am
donateers 18 to 44. you can log on to don: rest of today testifies to stay about where alternative yesterday. lots of clouds to start and by the end of the day 70. amber: not bad on the roads. 440 and glenwood live camera and light volume and no problems. accident 40 westbound clayton bypass. barbara: "good morning america" is next.
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make it a great weekend. good morning, america. spring on hold. a snowstorm and freezing temperatures targeting millions in the northeast after record-breaking heat as more violent storms slam the south. two reported tornadoes touching down and blinding hail putting drivers in danger. donald trump under attack. hackers reveal his personal information in an attempt to take down the gop front-runner. >> we are serious about stopping any proposed forthright fascist donald trump. >> new attack ads. >> the woman who found the world's most wanted man. how mexican actress kate del castillo tracked down the drug lord authorities hunted for years now speaking out in an abc news exclusive about what drove her to find el chapo. >> i love adrenaline.


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