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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  March 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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big winners. role. barbara: we have results from the big local contest including the race for the governor's mansion down to two men. john: the harsh sentence for an american college student arrested in north korea. first, we are following breaking news in durham. barbara: a murder investigation is under way now. these pictures from hardy street. caitlin knute will have the developments in a moment. first it is time for weather apartment traffic together with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. warm-up. look at the jump from the 50's to the 80's. that is the red area there. a look at the day ahead and we are in the 50's to start. by 9:00 we are in the 60's. by 11:0070's and by 2:00 p.m. won't remember in the 80's. current numbers, 63 southern pines, 53 goldsboro the 52 wilson.
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and 59 fayetteville and 54 chapel hill. looking at the day ahead right now 59, mainly clear. by lunchtime mostly sunny and 77 degrees. it will be warm. through the afternoon 84 and partly sunny skies. today by far the warmest of the next several. now we have weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: we are still pretty cool on the roads. we don't have any issues to tell you about thankfully. this is the road weather index. nothing but sunshine today. a little patchy fog around i-95 north of roubt. -- rocky mount. all the overnight construction is picked up about two minutes ago. 40 and south saunders and a lot of green there. same in durham, durham freeway and alston avenue.
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40 and rock quarry same. we will check the drive times in a few minutes. john: to the breaking news, a murder investigation in durham. barbara: caitlin knute is live on hardy street with the details. caitlin: good morning to you. officers were called here around 2:00 but it is an active scene as at the process -- as they process the scene. i will show you a lot of activity seems to center around this vehicle in the parking lot. this is the hardy terrace apartments apartments. we have video that jim skew -- schumaker shot. very limited information released at this point. all police are saying is that there were shots fired and they got the call and came to the scene and fond a deceased -- found a deceased male. they have not released his identity and don't have any
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we talked to people living here and they said they thought they may though who the vehicle belonged to an hispanic male that lives here. past that they could not identify him further and that is not confirmed by police. you come back out live and it is still developing and police ask anyone with information about the shooting, the deceased male, to contact them. you can do it-athon mustily -- you can do it amon thusly or with police. this area has been sectioned off for right now so they are asking people to stay away as they 10 to process. we will have another update at 6:30. live in durham, caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: more breaking news appear american college student arrested in north korea has been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. that is the student a university
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taling a banner. no response from the state department or white house. barbara: to vote 2016 and the results from super tuesday 3 still coming in. donald trump and hillary clinton got big victories including north carolina. bernie sanders's campaign losing momentumed a it is the end of the road for marco rubio. the race for the white house is clearer. john: donald trump and hillary clinton extending their leads thanks in part to voters in our state. hillary clinton besting bernie sanders 55% to 41%. on the republican side donald
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40% compared it qualified. john: it was not all about the white house. a lot of big contests across the state including the racer north carolina governor. that down to two men. governor pat mccrory bested his republican challengers to win and his opponent be attorney general roy cooper who gets the democratic nod with a win over lawyer ken spaulding. that sets up what is expected to be an expensive and contentious election. most polls have mccrory and
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mccrory a storm are charlotte mayor elected governor in 2012 says he puts the state on strong are financial footing and made government more efficient. cooper has been critical of republican policies pushed by the general assembly and signed ao law by mccrory. in another closely watched race richard burr will fight to keep his seat in washington after he handily beat his challengers debra ross will try to unseat him. she got 62% of the vote in the democratic primary. we will be following the local races through november. barbara: governor mccrory thanking foulke voters for approving -- north carolina divorce for i proving the n.c. connect bond. it allows the state to borrow $2 billionor campus construction an trur improvements.
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a continuing conk of vote -- coverage of vote 2016. you can go to and see the results from all the local races. the link is at the top of the home page. john: wake county schools asking for more money. barbara: how the state's largest john: it is getting hot in here. barbara: no, he didn't. don: it is getting hot in her. i like it when von gets all modern. we are dry across the carolinas
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we will talk more about the dry don: welcome back. let's talk about the drive in this morning. it will be a sunny one for you and warm one. the normal high this time of year is 63. we will be a few degrees below that at 7:00.
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50 roanoke rapids, 52 rocky mount and 57 louisburg, 56 henderson, 54 south hill. 57 durham and dowtown raleigh. 59 in cary. 50 sanford, 62 pinehurst. 59 hope mills appear fayetteville. 57 lillington and 50's goldsboro and clinton. right now mainly clear and 59. by lunchtime temperatures climbing into the 70's, 77. through the late day 8 # under partly sunny skies. lots of sunshine today and could see a stray thunderstorm in the near part of the viewing area. we will talk in that and we have the seven-day forecast coming up next. barbara: while many voters in illinois were heading to the poll some were dodging tornadoes. this tornado touched town in a largely rural area west of
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a 20-county swath was pbsen drank. john: wake county public schools asking for more money. the superintendent plans to ask the board of commissioners for $421.7 million for the next school year that. is a $5 million -- $35 million increase. he wants to raise salariesor teachers and employees. barbara: 6:12 and 59 degrees. we have a crime alert. john: how you can help police catch a serial bank robbers hitting banks in several states. barbara: don't plan to see the self-driving cars soon. what is putting the there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. come up for air. asheville.
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there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. asheville. discovery, inside and out. barbara: welcome back. we have a crime alert. the f.b.i. is looking for a
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hitting banks in two states chug our area. this is a heavy-set man about 6'2" mid 40's with a mole on the right cheek. latest was in knoxville friday. he is suspected of robbing two banks in raleigh and within in greensboro. the former charlotte mayor is back in court on voter fraud. he cast a ballot during the 2014 early voting paoerbd that he can not do because of felony conviction. he lost his right to vote after accepting bribes from undercover f.b.i. agents. john: a health alert. the c.d.c. urging doctors to avoid prescribing powerful opiate pain killers for patients with chronic pain. it is the first guideline for dispensing the drug such as vicodin and oxycontin.
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the benefit. the federal reserve is expected to take a wait and see approach to see if we need motheranother rate hike. the characterization of u.s. and global economies and financial markets could provide clues to the timing and pace of rate hikes. barbara: a local expert puts the brakes on self-driving cars. she says self-driving cars are absolutely not ready for wide spread deployment despite a rush to put them on the road. she says they are not able to handle many types of weather including rain or snow and another concern she says is relatively easy for hackers to get control of the g.p. sfplts. system. i'm a control freak and if something is a little dicey and i don't have my hands on the
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john: makes me nervous. don: part of me when it is completely set and everything to walk out of work and say attack -- take me home. today is the warmest of the next seven. we have a cooldown after today. won't remember above -- we are above average today through friday and then we dip into the 50's for the weekend but a warm day today. live look into downtown raleigh and 59 right now, dew point 51. 75% humidity. south wind three miles an hour. 12 hours of sunlight today. sunrise 7:24. sunset 7:24. durham temperature now 59, 74% humidity. weekend calm. now 54 roxboro and chapel hill. 52 smithfield.
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53 goldsboro. looking at the latest satellite and radar composite it is clear and dry. this is a weak frontal boundary that will work through later this afternoon. as it does it could bring clouds feel lunchtime nothing there. we are clear. because the front is relatively day it will give us a few clouds. a little green there. best chance of rain northeastern quadrant and because of that the storm prediction center has them under a marginal risk of severe weather weather. doesn't mean you will see it but it you could the threat is there for high winds or hail. in raleigh partly sunny and by this afternoon. we go from the 60's at 9:00 to the 70's by lunchtime and then into the afternoon mostly sunny skies and temperatures continue to climb into the 80's. very warm. across the area topping out in the mid 80's.
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cary. 83 chapel hill, wendell. 84 durham. 83 siler city. 86 in fayetteville. 85 lillington and 84 sanford and pinehurst. 86 clinton appear 85 goldsboro. 72 henderson. 83 awake dress. wilson 84. tonight clear skies after the chance of evening thunderstorm. overnight lows 50's. 56 raleigh. 58 fayetteville and 55 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow for st. patrick's day mid 70's. into friday highs in the 60's. by saturday 10 degrees colder, 58 saturday. clouds increasing. sunday we have a chance of rain. feel more like the end of winter and could see snow in the mountains. today very warm.
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go there and check in with ginger zee. ginger: good morning. we are doing all right but not as all right in illinois where at least eight reported tornadoes one in iowa overnight caused damage. we will have the latest on that and high wind warnings. a new fight for judge judy. the courtroom tv tar at the center -- star at the center of a lawsuit her talent agent saying the sal is -- salary is costing them. harrison ford will be andy jones again. what we know so far about the franchise reboot. all that on g.m.a. don: we will check in with you in about a half hour. john: amber, how is the traffic? amber: john, let's go outside and take a look.
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weather and traffic at 6:21. this is 40 and gorman. we have had a nice start. we have a little volume here. taillights headed westbound. eastbound lanes fine and we are still dark due to the time change but sun will be up probably an hour or so. as far as the accidents, there are gone. everything is looking fine on the major interstates. as far as the weather goes, sun will be the only concern today. don't forget the sunglasses. a little patchy fog north of rocky mount on 95 but to major accidents to slow you down. 40 and 15/501 same here into durham. fayetteville we have not seen think issues. 40 season five minutes u.s. 64 to u.s. 70. beltline westbound four minutes capital to u.s. 70's and durham troy also smooth 40 to 15 fplt. john: north carolina set to begin the road to the final four tomorrow. barbara: we will reveal their
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incredible bladder protection now comes with an incredible double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it, love it or get double your money back. always discreet. barbara: welcome back. john: the tar heels begin their quest for another basketball championship tomorrow. this morning we though who they will play the first round. in the play-in game florida gulf coast coasted 96-65 over fair lay dick on -- fairleigh dickinson.
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the shelves or internet but if you would rather to see them for free they have appear open practice session from 4:25 to 5:05. sony is getting into the virtual reality world with a new playstation. john: the pope is embracing fore form of social media. here is reena ninan and kendis gibson with our tech news. >> a 360 degree view from video gamers the head set features a 5 5.7 inch display. it goes on sale in october. a few big changes on instagram. changing the order. getting rid of the chronological time line. it will focus on items the use are cares most about similar to facebook. and on instagram pope francis. he began posting selfies saturday. he will use a handle.
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talked about the power of images to unite people. he does well on social media. toes are krar "tech bytes" -- those are your "tech bytes."".." john: a murray investigation under way -- a murder investigation under way. barbara: why some voters were
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midnight. barbara: we are following two breaking stories. murder investigation under way in durham and raleigh police looking for chews in a -- clues in a home invasion. john: and who came out on top in the prrblesidential race. barbara: it is march 16, 59 frees and 6:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. meteorologist don schwenneker is in the first alert storm center talking about how warm it will be. don: it will be very warm today. many places 20 or more degrees above average. warmest day so far of the year. being see the temperatures jump quickly from 50's at 8:00 to the
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are in the 80's across the region. current numbers, 54 in roxboro and louisburg. 54 chapel hill. 61 southern pines, 59 fayetteville of 52 smithfield. looking at the day ahead. 59 now and mainly clear. by lunchtime mostly sunny and 77 degrees. through the afternoon we will go to 84 under partly sunny skies. we have a chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm in the northeastern part of the viewing area. we are under a marginal risk this including roanoke rapids to tar bow. we will talk about that. in the seven-day stores we see temperatures 30 degrees colder by the weekend. we will talk about that in a bit. now we have traffic with amber rupinta. amber: we have a nice start to wednesday morning as we show you how things are moving. as don said we are going to have a lot of sunshine and no fog or precipitation this morning to slow you down.
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with the road weather index. a lot of green. a couple manner issues coming in. this is a utalled vehicle on wake forest appear atlantic avenue into raleigh. accident here at secondary road ridge and glen eden. all the majors moving fine. this is 540 an glenwood with you -- and glenwood. we will check the drive times in a few minutes. barbara: back to the breaking news police responding to a shooting call and find a man dead. it is the 500 block of hardy street. caitlin knute joins us live with an update. caitlin: we want to put this in perspective for the viewers. this is hard kwreuy and down the street from the popular village lanes bowling alley. the cross treat is sixth street -- street is sixth street.
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activity. you see some police on the scene. behind this vehicle there's kind of a silver gray police vehicle then a second vehicle. we have video that you can look. that seemed to be where investigator were centering the investigation, processing that and taking pictures, gathering evidence. very limited information released at this point. besides the fact that there were reports of shots and when police arrived shortly after 2:00 they found a man who was dead. we spoke with some residents of the apartment complex off camera and one woman said she heard at least three shots this morning. she was frightened by the noise. when they came out and saw the car that we described for you that was here they thought they knew the person it belonged to a fellow resident. but police have forth released -- have not released the
6:33 am
no description on a suspect. out here they are asking people to let them know if they have any information. you can contact don't recall authorities at police department or anonymously at crime stoppers. we have that information for sraors on website,, if you would like the phone numbers. we hope to get more information. we are hearing we may get more later on this morning. you can always stay tuned for the latest on air and online. reporting live in durham, caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: also breaking this morning raleigh police looking for the suspect or suspects who broke into an apartment. this shows you officers at the carolina terrace apartments on stardust drive off carolina pines avenue and lake wheeler road. no one was hurt. we don't know if anything was stolen. we will push out updates as we get them. john: here is where we stand in vote 2016. as the day starts in the race
6:34 am
on top here in north carolina winning the republican primary with 40% of the vote compared to ted cruz's 37%. barbara: for the democrats hillary clinton won big with more than 54% of the vote to bernie sanders's 40%. we have breaking results from fat races. hillary clinton and donald trump both picked up significant delegates and it appears that missouri is too close to call. clinton gained 88 from illinois and toes two wins in ohio, florida and north carolina she's got more than 1,500 of the 2,383 need to get the democratic nomination. bernie sanders is at 800. john: donald trump also grabbing more delegates for the republicans. he took illinois with 39% to ted cruz's 30%. the biggest prize was florida went to donald trump as well. ohio governor john kasich
6:35 am
barbara: here at home hundreds shared our facebook posts about within man's kind jest kerr. he had papa john's deliver pizza for those waiting horse to vote. gloria rodriguez is here. we toe they stayed late to vote. gloria: they stayed very late, some until 11:00 last fight waiting to vote. -- last night waiting to vote. it stretched around the corner here. today we will be asking state election officials if they were prepared to handle it very large voter turnout. we had a record number of primary voters in north carolina leading to very long lines at some polling sights like the bolling community center in raleigh. those in line at 7:30 when it closed were allowed to stay to cast their ballots. some waited well after dark at
6:36 am
and this was a line at east regional branch of the durham county library around so,10:15. the state board of elections kept polls open until 8:00 at one site in cabarrus county appear within in edgecombe county. some expressed concerns about voting so late. >> we were told there are very few volunteers here to help with the election and now we are concerned if our vote will be countedor because the numbers are in and people are winning elections and we have not voted yet. gloria: all of the voters who were lined up here until 11:00 were able to vote as long as there were in line by 7:30 p.m. we the polls were officially set to close. we will be expressing those concerns of voters to state election officials today and hope to have the answers later on today.
6:37 am
announce his pick for the next supreme court justice today. the president and his team reportedly have finished the vetting processor potential candidates. president obama now has to a final decision of which candidate he wants to nominate to replace antonin scalia. kphaorts -- commuters will feel. john: we will show you a teenage expect for this double murder. don: temperatures hovering around 60.
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we will tkpwgo way above attachmen don: welcome back.
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head out it is a warm morning, almost the normal high for this time of your. you can dress them in shorts because afternoon mid 80's and it will be warm in some schools it they have not cranked the a.c. yet. 50 in roanoke rapids, 53 south hill. 52 rocky mount and 61 hillsborough and 57 durham, raleigh 56. 59 cary and fayetteville. 56 lillington, 50 sanford, 61 pinehurst and goldsboro 53 degrees. we look at the day ahead. right now around 60. by lunch upper 70's. late day 83 and partly sunny skies. 80's today but 50's by the weekend. we will talk about that in the seven-day force up -- forecast. barbara: a damage wanted after two machine men murdered.
6:41 am
were shot in the parking lot of the panera ready on glenwood. they are trying to get denzel dancy. police ask you to call 911 if you know where he is. he is considered armed and dangerous. john: a cumberland county man doing the wrong house to rob. the expect ended up in the hospital after he was shot by one of the men inside. this was in the 1600 block of eureka avenue. deputies say billy taylor called 911 after the man came into the house with a gun and told him to get on the floor. his brother robert heard the commotion and came out of his bedroom and saw taylor face down on the floor with a gun pointed at has head. authorities say that is when he got his own gun and shot the suspect identified as clarence kebrew. chicago top prosecutor voted out. barbara: the high profile police shooting that came back to haunt her.
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barbara: welcome back. john: our nation's capital bracing for what could be a day of commuter chaos. barbara: we will go live to lana dakota showing us the impact of the shutdown. reporter: good morning. d.c.'s metrorail system has they
6:45 am
other than a weather as their trapped car filled with smoke. it is an inglorious chapter in the 40-year history of the system. it was once toutedor efficiency and cleanliness and now is suffering the consequences. it has continued to have problems even as it has expanded in recent years. the ridership is down falling 10% since 2010.
6:46 am
land that zack. john: being that this is the city that depends heavily on metro for school and work how is the school system dealing with this? reporter: the school system in d.c. public schools is continuing though a lot of teachers don't know how they will get there. uber is going to pool rides. the bike system here sis offering free rides. and for federal workers and a lot of other employers they are telling employees to try to stay home today. this is really unlike anything that d.c. has experienced. john: sounds bad. barbara: a deadly bus bombing in pakistani 15 died as it traveled in peshawar. about 40 others are hurt. government employees were on board. officials believe an i. democratic e.d.
6:47 am
so far no one has claimed responsibility for the tack.attack. john: the fallout on a police shooting cost the chicago top prosecutor her job. more than a year passed before anita alvarez charged the officer. it came after a judge ordered the release of the video. alvarez's top assistant won tuesday's democratic primary. the u.s. justice department one step closer to a deal with ferguson, missouri. the city council unanimously accepting a plan to overhaul the police department and municipal court system. unrest over the shooting of michael brown led to a federal review that found remarkable bias in agency. from here the plan needs court approval. barbara: a car plunges into the ohio river after this pile-up. crews trying to figure out how many are believed to be dead inside. a total of 12 vehicles involved in four crashes on a bridge
6:48 am
cincinnati of it was about halfway across when it fell over the side of water rescue teams used sonar to find the car hours after the crash. john: residents in texas forced out of homes as rivers 10 to rise from days of heavy rain. you see some pictures here. authorities are warning a record flooding forth -- not seen since 1884. the governor has issued a disaster tkhraergs over much of the region and plans it tour it today. barbara: there's been a lot of massive fooding in the united states. -- flooding in the united states. don: the system that we had was acting leak like -- like a wall the the pollen is high. if you are new to the area in the next week the car will kaeupg colors.
6:49 am
it happens every year and lasts about three weeks. the forecast is way up today through sunday. sunday it falls off because we will have rain moving in. raleigh temperature right now 59 and 75% humidity. south wind three miles an hour. live look into fayetteville sunrise about a half hour away. 62 with west wind two you wantunclear skies. 59 fayetteville. 58 clinton. 52 wilson. we are clear at the moment and we zoom out and this is the frontal boundary that will work later today. doesn't have a lot of moisture so before it gets here by lunchtime we will have sunshine and not much to show you. into the afternoon here is the line. our model shows one dot up there but this is the best chance of rain in the northeastern part of the viewing area. any rain could be severe. because that area is under a
6:50 am
lowest but it is a risk. biggest threat high wind or hail. in raleigh lots of sunshine, by lunchtime aware 77 degrees -- we are 77 degrees an in the afternoon 80's. by 5:00, 84. 83 chapel hill today. 84 durham. 83 siler city. 84 holly springs. fayetteville 86 today and 85 wilmington. 85 pinehurst, 86 clinton. in the northern counties you will make it up to 80 south hill. 82 henderson, 81 wilson. tonight back that the 50's for overnight lows. 56 raleigh and 58 fayetteville. seven first alert seven-day forecast showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 70's. 76 and 68 on friday and saturday 50's.
6:51 am
rain arrives and only mid 50's. this picture stood in line for an hour in angier. our democracy can be khrufrpgy but it -- clunky but it works. althoughle say i was looking at the state voting only 35% of yesterday. barbara: there were long lines. don: if it were higher. amber: does that could not early vote? don: 2.4 million voted yesterday. amber: the early voting lines were around the building over the weekend. it was a great day weatherwise. today that weather is going to continue. hot. we will show you how is looks. you will need the sun glasses. we don't have any rain or fog to slow you down. we have the usual delay like 40
6:52 am
you can set your clock to this it is there about five minutes. that issor johnston county folks gosh is for johnston county fox. folks. raeford road and hope mills and light volume. no problems, no delays there. this is the road weather index. the viewing area is clear. nothing coming back on the radar. we have a couple of issues. appear accident glen eden and rim road and stalled vehicle old wake forest and atlantic avenue. the drive times moving on time and looking good. we will let you know in "good morning america" as it gets busier. barbara: it is 6:53 and 59 degrees. murder scene active.
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don't recall john: all the news, weather and traffic you need. >> we start with breaking news out of durham police investigating a murder case and you are looking at the scene. 500 block of hardy. the call was about 2:00 and they found a man shot to death. north carolina voters gave
6:56 am
he won with 40% to 37% for ted cruz. big night for hillary clinton in our state beating bernie sanders with 55% to 40%. john: fork's highest court -- north korea's sentenced an american tourist to 15 years. otto warmbier allegedly tried to steal a propaganda banner. the university of virginia student was sentenced in a one-hour trial. barbara: going to be warm. don: starting off and the forecast blue skies and sunshine and from the 50's to the 60's by 9:00. 80 this afternoon.
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good morning, america. split decision. donald trump winning big in florida. >> we're going to win, win, which, and we're not stopping. >> and john kasich scoring his first victory in his home state of ohio. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> as marco rubio drops out. >> it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever. the race now entering uncharted waters as hillary
7:00 am
up the democratic nomination and takes direct aim at the gop front-runner. >> our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass. >> our team breaks down the winners and losers and donald trump joins us live. and breaking news. president obama announces he's decided who he's nominating for the supreme court. the very latest right now. also breaking overnight, twisters tearing through the midwest. nine reported tornadoes touch down destroying homes. as hail, lightning and severe storms wreak havoc on roads now there are new warnings out this morning. we do say good morning, america. big night in the race for the white house. both hillary clinton and donald trump winning big. we'll have more on that in just a moment. >> breaking news right now, president obama has just announced he's made his choice


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