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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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protesters pepper-sprayed in kansas city. angry mobs facing off in the streets. our reporter in the middle of it. >> i got a mouthful of pepper spray. >> we're going to take our country -- >> while inside, donald trump struggling to get a word in. >> get out of here. get him out. >> the close call. a protester storming the stage. secret service springing into action. why trump's rivals are blaming him for all of this unrest. water rescues. neighborhoods in louisiana evacuated. cars submerged. hundreds of homes destroyed by record rain. >> it went from the ditch into your house in 20 minutes? >> with bayous ready to crest, will this now go from bad to worse? iditarod attack. the terror on the trail. two dog teams left reeling by a snowmobile driver. >> someone tried to kill me. with a snow machine. >> the crushing results. this morning, the driver under
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his shocking confession. and ready for the big dance. the biggest buzzer-beater in this team's history. >> and he hit it! and bakersfield goes to the tournament for the first time! >> the amazing victory. catapulting a cinderella team into march madness. we have your expert advice for the brackets on this selection sunday. go big or go home hey, good morning. before we get to our top story. a quick reminder. it's spring forward. daylight saving time. so if you haven't done it yet, set your clocks ahead by an hour. we apologize for that obnoxious noise. >> and a very alarming alarm clock. we do apologize. a fresh round of chaos at donald trump rallies. look at this video out of kansas city. police using pepper spray on angry protesters. >> earlier in the day, a real scare for trump himself.
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you can see the security team surrounding the candidate. it comes on the heels of trump having to cancel an event in chicago because of brawls between supporters and protesters. >> and the timing is crucial here. we're fewer than 48 hours from another big tuesday. primaries in five states, including two key battlegrounds, florida and ohio. we keep saying they're winner-take-all states. we do have team coverage. george stephanopoulos standing by. we start with david wright, who got caught up in the chaos in kansas city overnight. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we got a little too close for comfort there. the rally last night here in kansas city looked a little bit like an occupy wall street march. the protesters determined to disrupt trump. shouting him down. the police using pepper spray to disperse them. inside this grand old kansas city theater, the crowd was mostly trump supporters. there were packs of trump haters, too. >> get out of here.
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get him out. bye bye. >> reporter: security ejected the infiltrators the moment they revealed themselves. >> i think they're bernie supporters. i think they're bernie supporters. >> reporter: the trump fans shouted them out of the room. [ chanting ] >> usa, usa! >> reporter: outside, the two angry mobs faced off across the barricades on main street. >> let's go! [ bleep ] >> reporter: on the one side, a lot of trump fans. on the other, protesters. how is this making america great again? >> free speech is always good. >> and a woman grabs me by my hair and yanks me down. >> it was twice. >> reporter: by your hair? mounted police did crowd control. twis police squirted pepper
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we got hit by it, too. it gives a whole new meaning to phrase feeling the burn. >> if you've been pepper-sprayed, come here. >> reporter: the scene here marked an escalation in the battle against trump. kansas city police arrested four people overnight. [ chanting ] >> all: we gonna be all right. >> reporter: in chicago, a rally was canceled. yesterday, in dayton, ohio, a demonstrator jumped over the barricade, rushing the podium. scary moment. watch that again. trump's secret service detail quickly flanked the candidate. and frog-marched the demonstrator away in handcuffs. >> thank you for the warning. i was ready for him. but it's much easier if the cops do it, don't we agree? what a great job. what a great job. life. what do i need this for, right?
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guy was from isis. no government agency is joining him in that claim. the protester in that case arrested for disorderly conduct. not terrorism. for all the commotion, only a handful of arrests. dan? >> these images so tough to watch. for so many americans. david wright, thank you. now to the democrats, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders firing off shots at donald trump overnight. mostly, however, they're focused on one another. after his surprise victory in michigan, sanders is hoping for a game-changing upset in ohio on tuesday. mary bruce is in cleveland. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, dan. good morning. well, the candidates are pulling out all of the stops here. this is the third largest prize on tuesday. the race seems to be closer here than some other states. that's why the candidates are so busy crisscrossing the state. before the polls open on tuesday. >> there's going to be a very important election here in illinois. >> thank you so much, tampa.
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hundreds of delegates up for grabs, the democratic candidates are scrambling to make their final pitch to voters in five key states. >> thank you, tampa bay! >> everybody needs to come out and vote in the illinois primary. >> reporter: call it super duper tuesday. close to 800 delegates on the line. the biggest day since super tuesday. the top prizes, ohio, illinois, and florida. hillary clinton is looking to widen her lead as she marches toward the nomination. >> we gotta get moving here. >> reporter: after his stunning upset in michigan, sanders is hoping to pull off another sanders surprise. >> if there is a large voter turnout, we will win. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and "saturday night live's" bernie says he's got the votes he needs. >> i've got supporters of all ages. 18-year-olds. 19-year-olds. >> reporter: but the math is against him. clinton's delegate lead is so strong, he could lose all five states by double digits and
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both candidates are looking ahead to the general election. accusing donald trump of inciting violence after the clashes at his rallies. >> donald trump has got to be loud and clear and tell his supporters that violence at rallies is not what america is about, and to end it. >> if you play with matches, you can start a fire you can't control. that is not leadership. that is political arson. >> reporter: and while clinton still has a huge delegate lead. if sanders is able to pull off a surprise here, it could further dent that front-runner status of hers. dan and paula? for more on all this, let's bring in george stephanopoulos, abc news chief anchor, who is getting ready to host "this week." good morning. as you saw, two of trump's main rivals have come out and blamed him for the chaos. let's take a listen to what they had to say. >> if he's the nominee? >> i don't know. i still -- at this moment,
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the republican nominee. but -- it's getting harder every day. >> governor, you talk about the toxic atmosphere that he's creating. is that disqualifying to be the nominee? >> well, you know, he's getting close to it. i will tell you. i said he's getting close to it. >> wait, rubio quite striking in that -- >> shook up. no question. that's a big change. all year long, they have said quite forthrightly, they'll support the nominee. they're not quite not saying it right now. but you saw how shook up they were. they're laying the blame at donald trump's feet for setting this campaign environment right now. >> do they have a point though? >> look what's been happening at the rallies. if you go back through some of mr. trump's rhetoric. talking about punching protesters. paying the legal fees for those who assault protesters. you can say, listen, as many of the candidates have said, when you start a dynamic like this, it's hard to contain. hard to stop. >> in positions like that, it's about who you surround yourself with.
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donald trump's ear saying, this is not good for the gop, it's not good for america? is there a trusted adviser right now? >> he says he's spoken to the women around him. his daughter, his wife. who, at times, have told him to tone down the rhetoric. there's a bit of a push and pull here. as much as it turns off some people, it might also fire up some of donald trump's supporters. that is the balancing act he's been going through. lost a little bit of control of it right now. >> do you think this is a momentary flare-up? or is this heading into a protracted period of ugliness? >> it's hard to know. it's hard to see how this gets stopped rignow. we'll talk about it on the show. it seems to have gone almost viral. an action-reaction spiral that can't be controlled. you're seeing some calmer voices come out and say, we have to do something about it. i don't think it will happen anytime soon. >> george stephanopoulos, we always love having you on the show. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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anchoring a big show this morning. he'll go one on one with candidates ted cruz, john kasich, and bernie sanders. later this morning on "this week." right here on abc. >> looks to be a big show. we want to turn now to the historic rainfall in the south. it's flooded hundreds of homes. those dramatic rescues still happening. many in louisiana and mississippi are being evacuated from the worst hit areas. this morning, the news they don't want to hear. it could get worse before it gets better. phillip mena is covering this. in covington, louisiana. good morning, phil lip. >> reporter: paula, good morning. this neighborhood may not look dangerously flooded. don't let that fool you. just hours ago, this was the site of dozens of dramatic rescues. it just goes to show you that the waters here can rise just as quickly as they can recede. this morning, people sand-bagging. in neighborhoods evacuated. >> the bayou, everything is starting to crest by tuesday. >> reporter: as inundated
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anticipate further destruction. bracing f weekend's flood waters to breach their levees. >> we believe the sandbags are holding the water back. >> reporter: in many areas, they didn't have time the prepare. it went from the ditch to into your house in 20 minutes? >> 20 minutes. >> reporter: cars submerged. roadways mangled. hundreds of homes destroyed. in covington, louisiana, the winter family captured the moment the water rushed into their homes. >> flowing in. >> reporter: and these families rescued nearby late saturday, after they were trapped by the encroaching waters. the fire department using five-on the trucks like this one and boats to pull those still stranded in their flooded homes to safety. ryan and his son among those rescued. did you like the boat ride? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: it was fun? >> yeah. >> reporter: not so much fun for you, right? >> no. not so much. >> reporter: got to be a scary situation when you open your door and see water to that level. >> oh, yeah.
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>> reporter: the nearest river miles away. mother nature finding her way to their doorstep. >> no matter how much you prepare, mother nature bats last. she hit a home run this time. >> reporter: flooding will remain a problem here until all the rainfall from earlier this week makes its way down to the gulf. >> powerful statement there about mother nature. phillip, thank you. the south now dealing with the threat of damaging wind and tornadoes, indra? >> we're talking about many places in the south have seen two feet of rain. you can see the flood watches and warnings will remain in place. even as one system makes its way out. you'll notice another system is making a way in behind it. that threat for severe weather will be out there. it will look like it's clearing. you'll see scattered showers. the ground is saturated. it only takes a few minutes before you see the floodwaters rise. especially when many places along the mississippi are in major flood stage. another system kicking on through. the threat of thunderstorms. heavy downpours in a short period of time. exactly what they don't want to
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also the threat for tornadoes is going to be out there. strong winds. the ground is saturated. strong winds could rip the trees right out of the ground. dan? >> meteorologist indra petersons, thank you. the zika crisis. with fresh cases emerging this version of fighting fire with fire. altered mosquitos stem this tide? it's a controversial plan. and ever have a pilgrim is on the story. >> reporter: as we prepare to head into the height of mosquito season, the threat of zika virus continues to grow. this morning, scientists are fighting back. using the mosquitos themselves. this morning, the fda is moving ahead with an experiment intended to help control the mosquitos that spread zeke have a virus in the u.s.
8:14 am
to use the insect itself, creating a line of genetically modified mosquitos that will die before it can bite anybody. >> in two to four days after we release it, it will be dead. >> two to four days? >> yeah, exactly. >> reporter: dr. richard besser saw them in february. >> this building here, it produces 2 million male mosquitos genetically modified every week. >> reporter: how does it work? the male mosquitos, who don't bite, are alters so their offspring will die before they can transmit the disease. they're sprayed out the window of a van. >> they said they're all male. males don't bite. i hope that's the case, because there's 245,000 of them. >> reporter: since the start of the study in brazil, the number of mosquitos that can spread the disease has gone way down. it's a controversial topic. critics worry that messing with genetics may not be safe right now. the fda is asking for public comments on this. after that, the mosquitos could be approved for use.
8:15 am
there's no guarantee this will work. >> a lot of questions. they have some answers. but not all the answers. >> we're a ways away from a vaccine as well. thank you, eva. >> thank you, eva. we want to send things to ron. and ron, you're tracking a big story out of new mexico. >> that's right. good morning to you, paula and dan. good morning, everyone. the three-day manhunt for an escaped prisoner in new mexico. that is over. police nabbing 29-year-old lionel clah 200 miles from where he and another inmate, joseph cruz, were being transferred. an alabama prison in lockdown after about 100 inmates set a fire and took control of the dormitory. at that facility, the prison warden and an officer were stabbed. one inmate used a kron tra band cell phone to take video of the uprising. alabama prison officials say the situation is now under control. and an accidental shooting at a gun range in florida lands six people in the hospital. four of them children.
8:16 am
loading an antique shotgun. when it accidentally fired. the pellets hit the ground, the concrete floor, and ricocheted. the children ages 8, 10, 14, and 15, along with two adults were hit. none of the injuries is considered life-threatening. and in chicago, a harrowing ordeal for two window washers who were left dangling from a building when their scaffolding broke. firefighters rescued them from between the 15th and 16th floors of the high-rise. those workers were wearing harnesses, so, at least in theory, they were safe from falling. you don't want to test that one. and the view from a police helicopter just outside of seattle, washington. two cars believed to be drag races collide on the street below. police officers rescuing one person from one of the cars. it caught fire there. three people were injured in that crash. and finally, the harlem globetrotters reached new heights. you could say. making the team's highest basketball shot in its history. watch. bucket blakes goes up in a cable car to the top of stone mountain
8:17 am
that's "sweet georgia brown" playing. the theme song of the globetrotters. from 300 feet in the air, he fires. shoots, makes it. all net. from 300 feet. we don't know how many times he tried that before he got it right. the fact that he got it, pretty darn good. >> off camera, there's a stack of 50 balls. >> yeah, right. 500 maybe. look, he made it. i could stay there all day and never make it. >> i have confidence that you actually would make it. >> eventually. >> you're good with the buzzer beaters. because, 'tis the time of year, right? >> yesterday morning, we had an amazing buzzer beater. today, we have another. paula, tell us about it. yes, you guys. we want to go to the cinderella story. we want you to check out an amazing buzzer-beater. first, it will be great inside for all of those games. right? because the weather doesn't affect the games inside. that's the big joke. let check out the weather, then the buzzer beater. >> we've been talking about the gulf.
8:18 am
weather. i'll show you video. they've seen series after series of storms out there. it's made the ground so
8:19 am
the residents are not taking right now. the enstate dealing with that. showers for the afternoon. mild start, 60's for the northern sections. and fayetteville 62. and 58 in goldsboro. later this afternoon most of us will warmup to the 70's. sections. upper 70's for the south. rain chances today and tomorrow and more sunshine returns. we could see strong storms tomorrow as well. the abc 11 eyewitness news accuweather seven-day >> i would like you all to know, paula can sing. you just missed out. >> no. you didn't miss out. no. >> the audience is waiting. >> if my bracket wins for march madness, then i'll sing for you. fair warning for everybody. >> the odds of that -- >> 1 in 10 million. >> yeah. not that you're a bad picker of teams. >> vote of confidence there, ron.
8:20 am
>> i'm in trouble now. let's go to the cinder elella story. we were so excited. we want you to check out an amazing buzzer-beater from overnight. >> here we go. final eight seconds. can history be made for bakersfield? basile for the win. and he hit it! and bakersfield goes to the tournament for the first time! >> who needs the play-by-play guy when you have ron claiborne screaming in your ear? let's look at that shot again. that was guard dedrick basile. they're relatively new. he hit that shot with 0.2 seconds left. a fifth of a second. if you really want to break it down. >> i was going to get my abacus out. >> they beat new mexico state in the wac championship game. congratulations to them. it's their first time going to the division one dance. we should clarify, they've only been playing division one for five, six years.
8:21 am
they were a powerhouse in division two. >> they're a young team. so they could continue to play in a strong way. >> look at you. >> you told me that. >> you can teach an old dog new tricks apparently. there you have it. there's a little hope for all of us. coming up, great strategies for filling out your march madness bracket to face those astronomical odds that dan told us about. also coming up on "gma," the attack at the iditarod. a snowmobile crashes into several sled dog teams. why authorities say this may have been no accident. >> really terrible story. if you're feeling like you're lagging this morning, after losing an hour of sleep, maybe you should try what magic mike is having. rebecca jarvis heads into the rain forest with channing tatum. for taste of the rain forest brew he swears by. and ariana grande showing off some great impressions.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone.
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if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. anthony: good morning. 8:27ism we have 62 degrees outside. i'm anthony wilson with a look at the stories at 9:00. our presidential primary is tuesday, five big contests that day. thousands of voters already cast their ballot many without a votto id. including senator richard burr, he cast a ballot. a change to the voter i.d. law allows people without an id to
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bill and chelsea clinton will keep for hillary clinton. she and bernie sanders will be in our area tomorrow night. those full stories part of 90 minutes of news coming up at 9:00. right now, "good morning america" continues.
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news go to (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. and welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning, everyone.
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riots and rallies, we're less than 48 hours away from yet another big tuesday. voters on both the democratic and republican sides ready to head to the polls in five states. shots fired when police in pennsylvania tried to stop a pair of suspected car thieves. our station there, wpvi, reporting one officer was hit by a bullet. and one of the suspects died in the gun fight. and on a much lighter note, green. the chicago river has gone bright green as part of the annual celebration of st. patrick's day. >> it's always beautiful there. as it is every day in chicago. 366 days this year. because of leap day. >> said like a woman who once lived in chicago. >> i am a mid westerner. i heart the midwest. coming up, we're all a little sluggish this morning. losing that hour of sleep. actor channing tatum may have the answer to wake all of us up. he says the secret to his energy can be found in the amazon jungle.
8:31 am
we start with the bizarre and disturbing attack at the iditarod race in alaska. a snowmobiler plowing into the dog sled teams at high speed. >> a little while ago, teams were spotted pulling into this checkpoint, after hearing the news. is a suspect is in custody this morning and has been talking about what happened. marci gonzalez joining us with the details. >> reporter: the suspect is giving his explanation about what led up to this nightmare for two teams. of all the challenges, this is the last thing they expected. this morning, outrage after an alleged vicious attack on two iditarod race teams. killing one of the iconic sled dogs and injuring several others. police saying they were mowed down by man on a snowmobile, intentionally. >> someone tried to kill me with a snow machine. >> missed me by inches. at 80 miles an hour.
8:32 am
>> reporter: police claim the suspect, arnold demoski first drove repeatedly into alli's team yesterday morning, injuring one of the dogs. >> he freaking tried to kill me. >> reporter: less than an hour later, police say demoski came upon four-time iditarod champion jeff king's team and splam slamlammed into them from behind, killing 3-year-old nash. >> i was hit from a snow machine. i have one dead and several hurt. >> he found a piece of the snow machine that helped us to identify the driver. >> reporter: arresting the 26-year-old on several charges. he told alaska tv station ktuu it was an accident after a night of drinking. >> it wasn't intentional. i didn't intentionally do that. like the papers are saying. i turned around to -- because i was concerned about them. >> come on, good dogs. >> reporter: and we're told he
8:33 am
this morning. meanwhile, at least three of the injured dogs are being treated in anchorage. expected to be okay as the rest of their teams continue on with the race. >> good news about the injured dogs. marci, thank you. let's send things back over to indra petersons. indra, good morning. >> i know i told you guys it
8:34 am
we have a bit of a hiccup on a liz: well, clouds right now to start our morning. showers expected later in the day. we're in the 60's right now. in the triangle a new 50's out there. later today the rain chances rising. and temperatures trying, to hit 73 for a high. we will be >> this weather brought to you by farmer's insurance. point being, every day, it goes a little bit downhill from here. you said yesterday, the heart stays. you know what i'm saying. >> just make it through the next couple of weeks. and we'll be fine. >> you're my midwest girl. love the cold. >> i don't love the cold. fortunately, i'm just used to it. >> you can deal with it. coming up, we go to a place where they don't have to worry about cold weather. we're going with "people's" one-time sexiest man alive. he's making the trip from hollywood to the jungles of the amazon. he said he's found a secret energy booster.
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it requires a lot of energy to gyrate as channing tatum does in the "magic mike" movies.
8:39 am
experience. i'm just saying it from just looking at it. now we know where the guy gets his mojo. >> i'm sorry. i'm a little distracted. what are we doing? oh, yeah. hey, everybody. he swears by a special tea. >> for some of us more than others. >> he swears by a special tea brewed in the amazon. rebecca jarvis traveled with him to learn more about it. >> reporter: deep inside the rainforests of ecuador, we're witnessing the unlikeliest of scenes. channing tatum. the actor once called the sexiest man alive. >> i like her because she's got a groove to it. >> reporter: having a dance party with a group of amazonian women. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: these people begin every day like this. drinking tea made from the mystical guayusa leaf. in the united states, it's packaged and sold as runa.
8:40 am
stamina booster writing and filming "magic mike." >> i was going through about six to seven cans. we were exhausted. >> reporter: now, channing says it's an essential part of his life at home with his daughter and wife, actress jenna dewan-tatum. >> i get up, put a pot on. and me and my wife, we wake our daughter up. and we start our day. >> reporter: runa is market as a clean energy drink. differentiating itself in a $50 billion industry. the company says one bottle provides the same stimulating effects as a cup of coffee. with the benefit of amino acids. >> it has caffeine. antioxidants. it tastes great. it gives you functionality. you can feel it. >> reporter: that's tyler gage, the man responsible for bringing it to the masses. he first tried guayusa years ago. he built a company around this.
8:41 am
tyler reach out to see if channing might invest in the company. >> reed and i had just been drinking tons and tons of that to stay up and write "magic mike 1." >> reporter: channing was in. we wanted to find out the secrets behind his favorite energy source. to see firsthand now this ancient leaf has made its way to customers around the world. back at the tea ceremony, we learn there's no limit on refills. upi. >> upi. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, ecuador. >> dan, i know you were wondering, if you you drink that, it will give you moves like channing. >> well, then, i will never drink it. >> why? then you'll be more irresistible to your wife than you already are. >> you laugh when you say that. >> isn't it time for a commercial break? >> yes, it is. hey, everybody. coming up, we're going to help you build your march madness brackets. we have a look at the best strategies coming up in your weekend. you are cute, dan. brackets. you are cute, dan. people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza .
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i believe in building ladders of opportunity for people, knocking down the barriers that stand in the way. hillary knows educationis the way up... a good job,a decent living. so she wants pre-school for every child... ...great teachers... ...and college without crushing debt. together we can break down barriers for our kids so they get the education they need and deserve
8:45 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. welcome back, everyone. i gotta say, today might be one of the favorite sundays for all of us. it's selection sunday. it's when the march madness tournament brackets are announced. we're going to help you. by we, i mean me and tony reali. pick some winners with the help of this guy. it's all about your chances to win. >> your chances are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. you have a better shot of being a potato farmer on mars than having a perfect bracket. but that's okay. >> okay, matt damon. first and foremost, how do we start? who are the favorites this year? >> there was a wide-open season all year long. kansas has emerged last three weeks. kansas is the presumptive favorite. we have villanova, north carolina, michigan state, oklahoma, and virginia
8:46 am
i think it will be virginia and villa nova and north carolina. >> everybody loves a little cinderella. slip on that glass slipper. >> boston. the lumber jacks. vcu as well. monmouth university, from new jersey. they're real good. they also celebrate hilariously on the bench. they did the sistine chapel. they reenacted the hand of god from the sistine chapel during a game. they're going to be sweating today. to see if they get into the tournament. >> i love following the good cinderella stories. what is the best strategy? i always go a little bit of head, a little bit of heart. >> some people work from the final four and work their way back. if you do that, it's all favorites. some like mascots. when it's rainbows versus zips, what do you do? >> pick the rainbows. >> the banana slugs are not in the tournament. >> they're a legit mascot. >> i like the lumberjacks early. vcu.
8:47 am
kansas. >> i can't read your handwriting. i'm really struggling with this. >> i'm sorry. they all bow before michigan state. this is the chalk talk. michigan state, the champion. >> even the wolverine will bow to michigan state this time of year. what do you say? it's january, february, izzo. march is izzo. tony, we always love having you in studio. >> thank you, i wish my penmanship was better. >> you need to work on your brackets. coming up, the question people are asking, is it a canine or a cuisine? the woman behind this craze, straight ahead in "pop news." >> you want to sistine chapel? so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems.
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we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. time for "pop news."
8:52 am
>> oh, my gosh. some fun stuff this morning for you guys. good morning to all of you. >> good morning, rachel. >> we haven't heard from you enough until now. >> oh, yeah? here we go. "hamilton" is heading the white house. the cast of the production will be welcomed by the first lady michelle obama tomorrow for what promises to be one amazing event. the cast couldn't be more excited. >> we're going to be trying out our education program with kids. we're going to do a concert for the first family. we're going to shoot so many ham for ham videos from there. you have no idea what's about to hit you. >> they're doing great things. the show is also providing $10 tickets to students who want to see that show. >> i'm dying, dying, dying to see this. it's incredibly hard to get a ticket. everybody says it's extraordinary. extraordinary. >> good on them for doing something good and positive with all their success. >> absolutely. >> a very creative way to get education in there. >> teaches history in a creative way. tonight's l.a. clippers game is sure to be special. because of a guest who stopped by practice.
8:53 am
magic to the court. >> it turns out today's practice is going to be a little bit different. we have a special guest. his name is -- mickey mouse. >> oh, yeah. >> mickey's a basketball genius. his method is unconventional. i don't always understand it. i know he's operating on a higher level. >> for a three. >> oh, yeah, i like that. >> mickey's got moves on the basketball court. those cavs better watch out after that less yon. sure to be a fun night. >> we should say, we should say that disney, is the owner of abc news. we have a lot of disney paraphernalia around the house. my kid addicted to mickey mouse. >> oh, stop it. we know you run around with the ears on. >> that's also true.
8:54 am
the hashtag ariana on snl is still trending this morning. after she hosted and performed on "snl" last night. it was a skit featuring her posing as an intern at a music streaming company who had to do vocal impersonations. that was her moment of the night. take a listen. >> what was hispanic. >> that's a common mistake. i'm just very, very italian. >> can you do shakira? >> i can try. can't you see whatever, whatever >> i mean, is that not incredible or what? i mean, spot on. besides shakira, she did impersonations of celine dion and whitney houston. britney spears, rihanna. incredible. >> do you mind if i google that? >> she might have better moves than channing. >> watch out. >> she's seriously talented. >> we have got to get to this.
8:55 am
burning up the internet. they'll make you hungry, want to cuddle, or both. karen zack of portland, oregon, created galleries comparing dogs to food. these pictures ask labradoodle or fried chicken. what do you think? >> they're all fried chicken. right? oh, they're food? >> the one on the right, labradoodle. the one of the the right is fried chicken. >> that is incredible. so many fun ones. and, now, people are chiming in with their own -- >> did you bring us food, rachel? now that you made us hungry. >> oddly enough, karen doesn't have a dog. she actually has a cat named toast. she's been posting all these pictures that have gone viral. i thought that was too funny not to throw in the mix. >> do your cats look like food? >> my cats look like meatloaf, just sitting around. all day long. sorry, cats. stay tuned for george with
8:56 am
thanks for joining us. anthony: and coming up in full news. new claims this morning by a family killed by raleigh police. akiel denkins and her mother and attorney are saying that denkins was shot in the back. the report from raleigh police have not specified if the shots came from the front or the back. u.n.c. tarheels are winners after knocking off virginia in the title game last night. the men's first championship win of the tournament since 2008. the race is officially underway at the tobacco road marathon.
8:57 am
several members of the abc11 eyewitness news team are running. abc11 eyewitness news together is a proud sponsor of that event. those stories, part of a full 90 minutes of news coming up on the other side of this break. outside, we have coo degrees. keep it your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better.
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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit ] anthony: welcome back on this sunday. march the 13th. 64 degrees outside as we approach 9:00. anthony wilson with meteorologist liz horton. and meteorologist steve stewart and caitlin knute right now in the tobacco road marathon, we will hear from them before we are through this morning. liz: weather holding out as well. we could have showers later today. right now seeing any. 64 in raleigh, 64 in chapel hill. and upper 50's for other areas including louisburg and south hill, but we will warmup in the afternoon and evening. 70's expected by later this afternoon. isolated showers and thunderstorms possible. we could see severe weather tomorrow. more details coming up. anthony: thank you, liz, u.n.c. fans are winners this morning. and the a.c.c. championship
9:00 am
the men's first title game win since 258. carolina knocking off virginia. mark armstrong was at the verizon center for the whole thing and more on the thrilling finish. mark: there is something special happening with the tarheel team, it seemed like the midseason they might have been doomed now the look of champions, the hardware to match, and the want for more. they were looking to strip every bit of signage from the verizon center. >> on the way out i'm grabbing more posters and everything that i can. mark: speaking to them afterwards it is impossible to over state how much the title of champion means to this group. >> to finely get over the hump and win if, and get a chance to celebrate. >> we have won 16 and 28 years, this would be the only group that hadn't done that. it was special. >> all four years, just having


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