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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in mississippi in michigan both parties compete. poll show donald trump leading in all of them despite negative publicity. the better business bureau set the record straight on trump university. they received multiple complaints when it was opened. >> the rating was as low as a d-in 2010. reporter: hillary clinton is also expected to win tonight. ted cruz and north carolina. >> maybe now you are supporting marco rubio and john kasich none of them have a path to be donald trump -- beat donald trump. >> the state of michigan send a message and launch me into the state of ohio where we will have
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reporter: robo calls from mitt romney may have given a boost. >> i'm calling on behalf of john kasich for america. rubio in florida looking ahead. florida as well as ohio will be among five states of for grabs next tuesday. megan hughes, abc news, detroit. joel: a huge crowd turning out for senator ted cruz. he is the only person still in the race who can beat donald trump. andrea blanford live now. reporter: ted cruz did not waste time going after donald trump at his campaign stop. it was standing room only inside calvary baptist church where they participated in a town hall
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applause greeted everyone of his promises. he is traveling donald trump in delegates but is a close number 2. he says our state will have a decisive impact on the primary. he made an appeal to voters throwing their weight behind one of the many candidates who are no longer running and those who still plan to vote for marco rubio or john kasich. >> none of them have a path to beating donald trump. if you do not want to see donald trump is the nominee or hillary clinton as the president, come join us, let us stand together. reporter: ted cruz hit the road and is headed to annapolis. joel: donald trump will be back
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fayetteville. the doors open at 5:00. fort bragg commanders reminding soldiers not to wear uniforms to the rally. you can catch it on the abc 11 mobile news that. tisha: hillary clinton comes to the triangle on thursday but no word on where she will appear. we invite you for continuing coverage of the presidential race and key answers to questions you have about voting. you will find the updated delegate tracker charting the exact number the delegates need. it is abc steve: we have a man at the center of a high-speed chase. alex thompson has now died. family members are blaming the police. reporter: he died sunday after spending days on life-support.
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she is blaming police for her brother's death. >> nobody needs to go from being a best friend to a guarding angel. reporter: authorities say the 37 euros crashed his pickup truck, got out and started running towards an officer. that is when the officer used a stun gun. the state bureau of investigation is looking into the case. his family is not sure when they will be able to get his body back and lay him to rest. he leaves behind a fiance and three children. tisha: now to an update on the gold heist along interstate 95. a judge denying bond for perez who will remain in jail until trial. he's accused of orchestrating a highest of gold bars from a truck heading from miami to
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joel: quite a commotion in cary. explosions waking up people before daylight. ed crump spent the day trying to figure out what it was all about. reporter: it went down before daylight here at the townhouses. they were still around after the arrest was made but the man who lives here sold two ounces of cocaine to an informant. the most recent was saturday. some neighbors by shocked -- were shocked. the neighbor described johnson
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with his wife and four children. some question wild -- by such a big deal was made over a relatively small amount of cocaine. the fbi will not say. >> major development in the freddie gray case and baltimore. officer william porter must testify at the trials of his fellow officers. officer porter's first trial ended in a hung jury. he was handcuffed and shackled but unrestrained by his seatbelt. law enforcement grieving the death of a state trooper who died early this morning. he was responding to an accident on interstate 295 when he was hit by a car walking the shoulder. the car was on fire.
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he died from his severe head injuries. he's been a trooper for two years. steve: the military launching new airstrikes in somalia killing 150 militants. they targeted a training camp run by the islamic terrorist group north of the capital. the airstrikes killed fighters preparing to launch a large-scale attack against american troops and african peacekeeping forces in somalia. tisha: heavy equipment being used in california, the train plunging into a creek in northern california. a downed tree caused that accident. nine people were injured. rescuers battled the currents to pull people to safety.
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steve: governor mccrory attended the groundbreaking for the new bonar bridge on the outer bank. it signifies the start of construction on the replacement over oregon inlet. the total price on the project is $216 million. it is the only land link over to hatteras island. tisha: there is one confirmed case of zika virus in wake county. anthony wilson now at the legislative building. >> the state is monitoring zika cases but there is no reason for concern at this point. the secretary of the department of health and human services spoke with the committee this morning telling them about zika preparedness efforts. in a state of 10 million people they anticipate more cases and they're making this a reportable disease.
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in the entire state including the first case in wake county last week. that patient is a woman who traveled to south america. she is doingth three universities working with scientists. >> we are contracting with academic entomologists and hiring three entomologists in the state to help us track of the presence of mosquitoes. >> that mosquito is in north carolina but it is not predominate here. steve: a report highlighting the danger of being a pedestrian. the number of pedestrians killed in 2015 increased by 10%, the
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this report revealed a combination of factors including more cars on the road and people walking to improve their health. it is traction of mobile phones could also be an issue. coming up, what officials in chapel hill are doing to keep drivers on the lookout for pedestrians. tisha: the wolf is moving on with a victory over weight force but the roads are no less easy -- no easier. >> i mark armstrong. washington is one went down. n.c. state holds on 75-72. it was a seesaw battle. that is when maverick roland started torching. six of them on his way to 21 points. the wolfpack will move on for a date tomorrow with the blue
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from d.c., i mark armstrong. steve: it is 76 degrees and beautiful outside. that is the big headline as you look at the weather headlines. chris is taking his show on the road. chris: a gorgeous day across the region. we decided to get out and enjoy the weather. it has been awesome, humidity levels below. you don't even need a jacket. we will fall through the 60's. by midnight we will be around 58. it's going to feel more like late april or early may around here. if you love today, you have seven more opportunities. it is march. it can't last forever.
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>> rain is on the way. chris has the right idea. tisha: maybe so. move the desks. gawker for $100 million. steve: and pretty incredible video, check that out. a woman driving with a tree stuck in her car. we explain what this is about coming up. reporter: a cashier at this
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geico motorcycle,
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steve: new developments in the shooting death of a nine-year-old boy in chicago. police are arresting a second person charged with first-degree murder. he was lured from a playground and shot because of his father's gang involvement. he is charge of murder in the shooting death of a 19-year-old
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tisha: hulk hogan is suing gawker over the sex tape made with a friend's wife. audio of the tape was played in court for the jury. elizabeth has the story. >> hulk hogan is back on the stand for his legal fight against g>> i hoped it was just a part of the end not the whole video. >> they played it for months and months and it made so much damage. we had to live with it. >> he is claiming gawker
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>> the defense told the jury the tape was already newsworthy for gawker. >> it is something to click, there is a simple reason for this. advertisers don't like ads to be next to stories like this. reporter: hogan is the one who went on howard stern laughing and joking about the tape. >> i was trying to make the best of a bad situation. reporter: he gave interviews to prove it wasn't a publicity stunt and now he becomes the first celebrity to take a fight over a sex tape to trial. steve: personal items belonging to joan rivers are going on the
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jewelry, designer gowns, paintings and other things. melissa rivers announcing christie's auction house will sell 200 items. the proceeds will go to a program for the blind. joan rivers died at the age of 81 years old. did you hear chris say today would be a good day to play hooky? tisha: it is your but we are here. steve: chris tried to find the next best thing. chris: i did say that. and monday night t-shirt told me to take the week off. tisha: i did say that. but we are out here. it has been beautiful. temperatures in the 70's. everybody is so nice. my photographer was sitting here and the guy across the street
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very friendly people and very nice. let's talk about this evening. temperatures in the 70's. it is nice across the area. low humidity, a fantastic day and will continue through the evening hours. satellite and radar, gorgeous here. all the bad weather is in the central u.s. with thunderstorms across the mississippi valley. tornado watches, flash flood watches. a rough so there -- a rough several days for the southern plains. that system may get here over the weekend. there may be some rain by then. otherwise mostly fair skies. temperatures bottom out to the
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kids may need a light jacket. you may want them to have one. temperatures warm rapidly through the evening. high pressure off the coast is going to stay there. the wind continues. temperatures above the average of 62. the same thing for the day thursday. maybe a few more clouds around. mostly sunny skies. the system to the west holds at bay and we don't see any effect from that at all. gorgeous again like today. pretty much status quo. near 80. your seven-day forecast, temperatures around 80.
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friday. the week and may offer a couple of showers. temperatures will go down a bit. we have several more days of awesome weather to enjoy. >> high temperatures make it very nice. steve: how often do we get pizza in the weather forecast? and the cupcake place maybe they will bring you some. chris: i can look by -- walk by looking kind of hungry. steve: we all know the dangers of drinking and driving. tisha: police are releasing video of what happens after a drunk driver hit a tree and kept going.
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with passengerstisha: one of aviation's greatest mysteries, two years ago today they veered off course . the crews are still searching for the wreckage in the indian ocean. 239 people on board. no victims found. investigators don't know what went wrong. the only confirmed the prewashed
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steve: i police department wants people to stop drinking and driving so they released this bizarre picture. a car with a 15 foot tall tree lodged in the grill. police pulled over that driver. the driver was charged with driving under the influence after people on facebook question whether it was real the police responded by releasing the -- cam video. tisha: it appears no one noticed anything different about mac & cheese. craft removed artificial dyes from its product pick consumers are still loving it. the company has sold 15,000 boxes of the new mac & cheese so far. it was one of my favorite things growing up. tisha: shocking video of a child accidentally injuring themselves
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from the raleigh eyewitness news center, abc 11 eyewitness news at 5:30 starts right now. joel: hi, again. i'm joel brown. anna: i'm anna laurel. a touching moment in the local community. it touched the mothers so much, the picture is going viral. joel: a special needs customer got to order like everyone else things to this act. greg barnes is there at the chick-fil-a. explain to everybody our favorite story of the day. greg: absolutely. this is a video, a gesture that has gone viral. it is one woman reaching out to another to make that person feel
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this is cynthia walker's world. hearing impaired since birth, cynthia is fluent in sign language, that in a world where others do not always understand, something as simple as trying to order fast food can be embarrassing. >> people look at us like -- what are we supposed to do? we always had to do the ordering fouror her. greg: they heard about a cashier at chick-fil-a who helped hearing-impaired customers with their order. so, they went there. she started signing and was instantly surprised and overjoyed when the cashier responded. >> if you notice on the video, she was looking at me like -- is this working? she enjoyed doing this.


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