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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> see what is happening this instant. from the raleigh eyewitness news center, abc 11 eyewitness news at 4:00 starts right now. joel: first of 4:00, a week county man pleads guilty to killing his girlfriend. good evening. i'm joel brown. anna: logan mclean pled guilty in the murder of britny puryear. angelica alvarez is live in raleigh with the breaking angelica? angelica: the judge just accepted that plea deal in the
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logan mclean now faces a deal. there were lots of tears in the courtroom as mclean sat with his head down at the defendant's table. they found 22-year-old britny puryear with a gunshot to the head in 2014. since then, her family has kept her memory alive through vigils. puryear and mclean were dating and had a baby together. when britny's dad stood up to give his statement to the court, he said that they were ready to fight for a first-degree murder charge. he also spoke of his peers for
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chef but i fear what may happen if he finds out that his mother was murdered by his father. angelica: logan mclean faces 32 years under the deal that the judge just accepted. the sun was five years old when this happened. since then, he has been living with her parents. angelica alvarez, abc 11 eyewitness news. joel: we are eight days away from north carolina's presidential primary. the campaigns are shifting focus to the tar heel state. donald trump spent the afternoon in western north carolina, and so did a handful of protesters. teams of law enforcement and security removed more than a half-dozen groups of people who interrupted the businessman's rally.
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from the building, and the interruptions continued when trump was on stage. mr. trump: uh-oh, we have another one. looks like a nice little guy actually. go home to mommy. nasty people. are you sure we are in north carolina? he is a nasty guy. he will go home to mom now. go home to mommy. joel: trump spent much of his time on stage discussing trade and his ability to create jobs, carolina. trump will be back in north carolina wednesday. crown center coliseum in fayetteville. and former president bill clinton stopped in downtown raleigh today, hoping to give here is anthony wilson reporting. anthony: we are a few days away from the arrival of hillary
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her family -- her husband fired he called her an advocate for families and mentioned the importance of keeping a democrat in the white house at a time of partisan bickering and the republican led congress. mr. clinton: we have to keep the door open. you have to stand your ground and find common ground, and you both. hillary is the only one who has consistently done that. anthony: among the crowd, some as you you would think would support bernie sanders. >> these policies sound nice, but they do not mean as much if policies do not work. anthony: clinton did not mention sanders or any republicans by name during his remarks. >> this is the kind of leadership this country needs, the kind of leadership it deserves.
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name-calling and fighting. anthony: state republicans have responded already, saying that north carolinians average acted her and her husband three times before. nothing will change the fact that people do not trust hillary clinton. she will be in the state on wednesday. no word on exactly when she will appear. anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: as we march closer to our primary. a teenager tied up and locked in a closet area probably police looking for two men responsible for a terrifying home invasion reported at a home in northeast raleigh. andrea blanford is live in that neighborhood. we had a post about this. a lot of people are concerned
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andrea: it's interesting. raleigh police are investigating this as a burglary and forcible rape. they say that people living in that northeast raleigh neighborhood are not facing immediate danger because the rep this in the area. around 3:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon, a mother said she got a series of text messages from her daughter that read "i'm tied up in the closet. help. robbers, hands tied, have gone." -- [have gun." the stepfather says his stepdaughter was upstairs. the robbers found her. they tried to get her to unhook
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her up, then stuff in your in the closet. he does not know how, but she was able to face time a friend and send a voicemail to her mother asking for help. >> she says she is fine, but she don't look fine to me. she's been traumatized by what is going on. i just want to let her calm down and speak to her later on. andrea: he has not been able to sit down and talk with his stepdaughter to figure out exactly what happened from her. mid-20's. anyone with information is asked to call police with information. andrea blanford, abc 11 eyewitness news.
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developments this afternoon in the case of that murdered 15-year-old girl in cumberland county. anna: the team would face a judge this afternoon. greg barnes is live in fayetteville forest. what just happened in court? greg: this was a very short hearing for malloy, but the outcome of this hearing could have a big influence on his future. malloy himself did not speak during the proceedings, other than to answer a couple of yes or no questions from the judge. but his attorney told the judge that malloy is ready to accept a plea deal for capital murder charges that would send him to jail for 25 years to life, but with the possibility of parole. if he does not take the deal, he could face life in prison without parole, or be convicted
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malloy has confessed to strangling the 15-year-old back in march of 2014 and a friend also confessed to helping malloy dispose of her body. her family came to trial, came to the proceedings, saying they are torn between the plea deal or the life in prison. they do not want to face the agony of her death all over again. he has to decide whether he wants to take the plea deal and roll the dice with a jury. greg barnes, abc 11 eyewitness news. joel: we will see what he decides. the weather. could you dig in your purse and see if you have a couple of as built, because i think i have
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-- have a couple of advil, because i think i have spring fever coming on? anna: oh, spring fever. chris: of course, things are going to start to green up. it's nice now. temperatures in the 60's, upper cool weekend. lower and mid 40's. warmer. we'll talk about 70's and even close to 80 in a little bit. joel, anna? joel: close to 80, we will take it. chris hohmann, thank you. a burglar accused of breaking into the home of several n.c. state students while they were asleep. it happened over the weekend. the student victims are telling eyewitness news they feel
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ed crump on this at the wake county justice center. ed, this sounds alarming for the students and their parents? ed: it is, joel. as the parent of a college student myself, what most concerned me was when i heard from teed up all the residents of those houses that their doors were not locked. they lived across from the n.c. state campus where the burglar first showed up. the intruder had already taken hundreds of dollars of electronics out into the yard and helped himself to liquor when one of the resident spotted him coming back in the door. he told the man to leave and he ran away. a few hours later, that man, 38-year-old marc leslie williams , broke into two more houses on either side of the first house. a woman asleep on the couch vaguely recalled a man standing
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she woke up and found her purse missing. one of the women heard a car start up. officers caught the intruder inside the car. the young man says that there is a new mindset at his house. >> it's very scary. we want to make sure it does not happen again. we are very fortunate. ed: after his fourth stint in prison, he was released before thanksgiving. his bond is 100 $40,000 -- $140,000. joel: frightening details. ed crump outside the wake county justice center for us. thank you. remembering nancy reagan.
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survivors of the boston marathon bombing was killed in a car accident overseas. mcgrath died in a car accident in dubai. mcgrath was near the finish line when the bombs went off. shrapnel went into her leg. a first responder used a t-shirt as a turning kit. responded to a domestic
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officer.invitation-only, and she will be buried alongside her husband. mrs. reagan was 94 years old. anna: a busy week for
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the momentum may be shifting inabc news, washington. joel: thank you. ted cruz will be in raleigh tomorrow. and the supreme court reversing an alabama supreme court decision that refuse to recognize the same-sex parent adoption from georgia. the justices upheld a suit brought by a woman who refused -- brought by a woman. anna: all right, you have spring fever coming on. chris was just mentioning in the 80's? joel: not just mild. it's going to get warm.
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not much above it. it still very warm. average. today we were right where we a little bit above. we will stay in the 60's and then fall into the 50's. every time you head out jacket. many spots it was a frosty start today. tomorrow, not so much. a pretty shot from our first alert weather station. 66 degrees, very mild. raleigh durham international, 68. sunset coming up at 6:16. roanoke rapids, 63. fayetteville, lumberton, 60 7, 66 as southern pines, mid 60's around goldsboro, too. look at chicago and minneapolis.
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barely above 40 degrees. 62 chicago. it's warm across all of the eastern u.s.. the 70's -- memphis, jackson, mississippi, coming our way. beautiful monday. storms just beginning to fire up oklahoma, texas, just west of dallas. notice it does not move much, but it gets stronger, enhanced risk west of houston in to south-central texas. all of this stays to the west of us. also the heavy rain threat. we have eight, even 10 inches of rain are possible. it will rain day after day out there right through the end of the week. for us, not going to happen. mid 40's fayetteville. patchy fog to start. by noon, we are warmer than we were all day today at 70.
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beautiful day. -- mostly sunny skies. upper 70's or mid 70's, upper 70's may be around lumberton. but overall a beautiful tuesday with a southwest went at five to 10. the reason we say drive -- high pressure over the weekend. it's stalled and blocks the storm system from coming our way. all we see are sunny, warm days and clear night through the middle of the week. by the end of the week, we may see some clouds, but temperatures get warm. upper 40's tomorrow night. upper 70's to near 80 thursday. mid 70's friday with more clouds , and then maybe a couple showers over the weekend. does not look like a washout. we will be losing sleep this weekend, too. joel: already?
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joel: the calendar is going forward. it thinks it is spring already. still aheaduterus transplant. we are meeting the recipient. what she says about the
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>> not stop the truck fast enough if the fluid leaks. joel: many studies have shown the benefits of nuts and peanut butter in your diet. those who do so are less likely to develop type two diabetes and
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recent study results out of the university of houston suggest that peanuts and peanut butter may hold the key to preventing obesity as well. the study follows middle schoolchildren swapping out peanuts for unhealthy snacks. children who ate nuts had a lower body mass index than those who did not, and they continued to lower their bmi for 12 we on the stud -- for 12 weeks on the study. anna: when she was 16 and since then she has prayed for the opportunity to experience pregnancy. >> [indiscernible]
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hospital plansors attempt in vitro fertilization. helping families with a lifelong dream. joel: pretty darn amazing. anna: phenomenal what doctors can do. wake town residents upset this afternoon. looking at a project that is supposed to be fixed. joel: plus it is severe weather awareness week. we are about lightning. you may be surprised how many people do not know what to do to be safe in a storm. that is next at 5:00.
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anna: right now, the solution for cleaning up jordan lake that is not working, but is costing taxpayers money. joel: the turbines that are designed to reduce algae in the lake have not made a big difference. jon camp is outside the department of environmental quality. two years ago officials thought it would be the magic bullet. jon: yeah, they really did. you will remember, joel, a few years back there were new rules, complicated rules that would go into effect to clean up jordan lake. it was 2014 -- i know you
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those rules to try these. how these things work -- they turn up the water and increase the amount of oxygen in the water, decreasing harmful nutrients are algae. that is what they are supposed to do. almost two years after 36 of these were installed at jordan lake at the north and south end, a new report is blistering. it says the first two years of the program cost $1.3 million and has shown no improvement in water quality. environmentalists say they called it from the get-go. >> the pollution needs to be stopped from entering the lake. it's absurd to think you can remove the pollutant from the lake without doing anything to stem the flow of it into the lake. the measures need to be taken at the beginning rather than at the end. jon: just last year, state
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beams, budgeting another 1.5 million dollars for the next three years. in the next hour we will run down other potential problems this new report highlights that may have lawmakers questioning that commitment. we will be back with that at 5:30 p.m. jon camp, abc 11 eyewitness news . anna: a big commitment with nothing to show for it so far. thanks for that. and the bridge opens in some people advocated for years not everyone is happy. elaina athans is there live. what was the problem? elaina: yes, they signed a would be here. cars are making their way down right now. look how close the road is to
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there are two new developments on either side of this section of try on. people say cars, tractor-trailers -- but crews are still out here this night finishing up. >> we had no idea it would be so close to the fence. >> it's very, very noisy. that was a major route right here. plans to put up sound barriers in the backyards here. the work on this construction project will last another year live in southeast raleigh, news. joel: another year and a half of thank you. in the meantime, police searching for suspects after several cars were tagged with spray-painted graffiti.
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durham with a look at the damage. stephanie: police tell us at least three different cars were vandalized over the weekend, one on cross lane and two on oakbrook drive. the driver of this car did not want to appear on camera after vandals ruined the side of his chrysler suv and says he will likely have the whole thing repainted. he says he usually parks on the side of the street like many neighbors because his driveway is so steep. his neighbor a few doors down said the same thing. their mercedes sedan also hit on the driver side as well. >> if i am not the person who confronts them about this, it will be something else that comes back to you, next week or five years from now. >> it's just mean. i don't enter stand why somebody would do something like that. it's just vandalism -- i don't
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stephanie: in durham, stephanie lopez, abc 11 eyewitness news. chris: a beautiful monday after a pretty nice weekend. it has warmed up quite a bit since saturday. temperatures in the 60's. if you will be out this evening, maybe a light jacket. temperatures will fall into the 50's, even the 40's. argue airport at 68. -- rdu airport, at 68. 62 south oh. rdu 68. low 60's to the east. if you clouds here and there. up for the winners. 70 by the noon hour. you see that average at 61.
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upper 70's to near 80 thursday. it stays warm and dry into friday. this is severe weather awareness week in north carolina. we have had a taste of severe weather. and liz horton is standing by with more on the dangers of lightning. hi, liz. liz: it's beautiful, but that is not always the case in the spring. each week we will be exploring a new topic. today is lightning. you see it and then you hear it. [thunder] more than 400 people are struck by lightning each year and nearly 60 die from their injuries. hundred suffern urological disabilities. -- hundreds suffer neurological disabilities. what should you do? first, go inside. no place outside is ever safe
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stay away from phones, computers, plumbing. remember -- water is never a thunderstorm. swimming pools, oceans, and creeks are hotspots for lightning. if there is not enough time to get inside to a safe place, go to a car or truck in stay inside the last rumble of thunder. and remember -- if you can hear thunder, that means you are close enough to be struck by lightning. for more tips, go to, click on the accuweather tab. we will have tips each day about different kinds of severe weather that can impact here. joel and anna. joel: that's right, if you can hear that thunder, the lightning is not far away. anna: last spring, we reported numerous times that people in our area were struck by lightning.
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apple users, you need to beware. joel: we are learning about the first known ran somewhere attack on a mac computer. anna: and jetblue looking for pilots. the new program in place and how you could fly a plane by this summer. reporter: there's a lot of money available for low income energy assistance. we have the details in today's money saver. joel: amber, thank you. we are turning up the heat outdoors. it is 68 degrees. we are going into the 70's -- not just the low 70's.
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it your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't.
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you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. now you can own a 3e series tractor for as low as 135 dollars per month. learn more at your john deere dealer. anna: jet will wants to know if you want to be a top gun. the airline is launching a new pilot training program. it involves four years of rigorous training. the highly selective program is specifically designed for people with no previous flight training. some could start as soon as this summer. jetblue says it's a chance for some who may not otherwise have the opportunity to live their dream of becoming a pilot. at it would be a lot of fun. joel: yes.
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cold january and february were. joel: for residents in need, there is still funds available to cover those expenses. we have more on how to get assistance in today's money saver. reporter: it was a few weeks ago we were dealing with the winter in north carolina. but if you or someone you know is struggling to pay, the low income energy assistance program may be able to help. >> it's a one time heating assistance payment that is paid directly to vendors for households that need assistance in the coldest month of the year. reporter: she says that durham county alone has plenty of funds available for those in need. >> we urge all households interested in the program to
4:44 pm
reporter: there are income requirements to qualify for the once a year payment that does go directly to your heating vendor. >> you have to be at 130% of theaccount or a savings and checking accounts over $2050. reporter: to apply for the program, you have to do so at your local social services office, like this one in durham. applications are being accepted until the end of march, just in time for the warmer weather. amber rupinta, abc 11 eyewitness news. joel: and you can apply for the low income energy assistance through march 31st in all 100 counties in the state. we put up quick links with more information on the money saver
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winter seems like a lifetime ago. anna: i'm glad it seems like that.
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anna:anna: mac users may not be as safe as they think. malicious software has targeted apple computers for the very first time. the ransom ware was spotted on mac systems friday. the trojan in question requires users to pay one bitcoin to rich reeve -- to retrieve files. that's about 400 bucks you have to pay a hacker. the report the issue to apple as soon as they discovered at an apple sent out a patch to protect users as soon as it was reported. joel: the with publishers to raise prices when it tried to challenge amazon's dominance of the market and
4:49 pm
anna: people visiting facilities in the big apple must be able to visit restrooms or locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. he says every new yorker's should feel safe and welcome and that includes buildings and the bathroom is a fundamental right. joel: now to the urgent search for a man who tried to kidnap a
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surveillan. and always still a adult about any encounters. anna: thank you. those are good tips. stranger danger is a thing. 18 years and two super bowl titles -- peyton manning is headed into retirement. quarterback made it official after helping the broncos upset the panthers in super bowl 50. i say upset because they should have one. -- shold have won. manning goes out with dozens of nfl records and m.v.p. reports on what a class act.
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future hall of famer. let's check in with steve daniels. hey, steve. steve: hey, joel. people in a rolling neighborhood are concerned. a young girl found tied up in her closet after an apparent home invasion. why police say there is no threat to the public. also at 5:00, the political spotlight shining on us in north carolina today. donald trump and bill clinton in our state. another top candidate going to appear in raleigh tomorrow. and chris is watching the temperatures rising. a great evening outside our downtown raleigh studios, chris. chris: it is. upper 60's, 70's in many spots. if anything, it gets warmer. 80 coming up at 5:00. steve: also, new details for the funeral for former first lady
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anna: we will see you in just a few minutes, steve. we just learned who will take center stage during the prime time emmy awards this year. our very favorite jimmy kimmel will host to the 68th annual awards show. it will not be his first go around. he hosted the emmys in 2012. nominations will be announced in july, and it will be oh, so funny. joel: very nice. in the meantime, a nascar team plane forced to make an emergency landing. anna: and part of history found on the north carolina coast. wilmington. joel: and fake parking tickets. where they are popping up. anna: and you can stay connected to abc 11 wherever you go.
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joel: a plane with a nascar racing team on board had to make an emergency landing. the hendricks motorsports airplane was returning from las vegas is morning and made a fuel stop in oklahoma before it took off again down for charlotte. an hour later, the airplane was forced to land in memphis. no nascar drivers were on board. a second plane was sent to memphis to pick up team members. anna: nick tennyson is meeting with texas officials hoping to
4:57 pm
failed and gave the likelihood charlotte. a similar project built by sentra filed for bankruptcy just last week. joel: considering changing the age at which children would be allowed to sit in the front of the car. it would raise the age from six to 13 years old. the bill would raise the age at which kids are required to be buckled into a car seat from a five to seven. anna: archaeologists believe they found the wreck of a ship of an -- wreck of a confederate ship. researchers say it would be the first civil war era vessel found in the area in decades. it is very well preserved.
4:58 pm
joel: bogus parking tickets are upsetting drivers in western north carolina. the fake tickets were for $100, way more than the normal fine of $10. they also include a code that can be scanned with a smart phone. the code pulls up this 1987 music video for rick astley. remember him? so whoever put out the tickets could be just charged with littering. so it's a scam. don't do that. thanks for joining us today. remember, we want you on our came. anna: whatever you see news or weather break, take a picture or video and send it to steve: a girl is attacked inside
4:59 pm
tonight, we have details about the two men the police are trying to find a. tisha: the presidential candidates stumping through north carolina and remembering first lady nancy reagan. steve: a teenage girl was found tied up and naked after a home invasion. it happened in this neighborhood near new hope road and buffalo road andrea blandford talking to investigators about their search for two men who are on the run. andrea: they don't have a reason to believe there is an immediate threat in the neighborhood where a teenage girl was found tied up after home invasion. the mother talked with eyewitness news shortly after it happened yesterday afternoon. she said her daughter was able to send messages saying "i am tied up in a closet," "rape,"
5:00 pm
the girls stepfather tells us two men came into the house and tried to get her to unhook the tv so they could steal it and ended of sexually assaulting her . one is described as short and the other as tall with curly hair. tisha: an emotional scene as a man pleads guilty to killing his girlfriend. logan mclean pleading out in the murder of britny puryear. puryear and mclean were dating at the time and had a baby boy together. mclean is sentenced to 32 years in prison for the time. coming up at 6:00, the emotional reaction from family members inside the courtroom. steve: i'm update on a high-profile murder of a, one


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