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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Saturday SEVEN AM  ABC  March 5, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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we'll tell you who was in the middle of all that madness. anthony: we're all smiles around here on saturday, march 5. it's not warm outside. 37 degrees outside. i'm anthony wilson. it's 7. caitlin: i'm caitlin knute. i've got my hot coffee keeping me warm. steve: this week, you're going big way. we're looking at a warm-up. it's pretty cold in places this morning, still in the upper 20s around siler city and sanford, but 38 at rdu, 32 in roxboro, 37
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some low clouds forming out there in places this morning that will break apart and we'll see partly sunny skies today with more clouds later on this afternoon. temperatures only in the low 50s today with a normal high of 60. a little bit warmer tomorrow and monday, a wind shift and a warm-up begins, and we'll see 70s for the next part of next week. caitlin: new this morning, an overnight shooting near the same spot where a man was fatally shot by a police officer earlier this week. this happened on bragg street in southeast raleigh just yards away from akiel denkins was killed during an encounter with a raleigh police officer. this time, police were not involved. we're told that victim was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle. his injuries are said to be non-life threatening. police are still investigating. anthony: meanwhile, the investigation of akiel denkins' death does continue. friday, hundreds of people turned out in southeast raleigh for his funeral. several people wanted to attend
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bible way temple, many listening from the grass outside. witnesses say denkins struggled with the officer and denkins pulled a gun. meanwhile, the investigation into denkins' death is underway and the naacp attorney irv joyner says there are too many questions left unanswered by the police report. >> this question about the gun, where did the gun come from, if it had mr. denkins' prints on it and yet the evidence there, whether he was armed. witnesses indicate he was not. anthony: the joyner family intends to have an independent autopsy performed on his body. the fbi investigation could take weeks or months. caitlin: protesters trying to shut down a performance of "the lion king" at the dpac. the show was not the target of
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in the parent company of abc. elaina athans, abc 11 eyewitness news. anthony: that is a donald trump rally in new orleans. it turned ugly when itself supporters turned on protesters who interrupted the billionaire republican. the video shows trump supporters shouting and shoving the protesters, many of whom were with the black lives matter movement. trump is scheduled to open his first campaign office in raleigh today. it will be at the 800 block of spring forest road. trump has also scheduled two visits to north carolina next week. he will campaign in concord monday and fayetteville wednesday. both are free and open to the public. caitlin: democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are set to square off in the presidential debate tomorrow in flint, michigan. that city's water crisis of course is expected to be a major focus. clinton has said the crisis never would have happened in a wealthy predominantly white community. sanders is calling for republican governor rick
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disaster. anthony: it's six minutes past 7:00 and a tornado outbreak last month left behind lots of damage. caitlin: the technology that could provide an even earlier warning. anthony: and there is a popular raleigh barbecue joint ready to open again after someone mistook this place for a parking garage. still feels like winter outside with 37 degrees, steve, when do we get a break? steve: next week, anthony, it will feel like spring in a big way but a chilly weekend on tap. live look, clouds around, rdu this morning, and temperatures
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steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. a live look in the north hills, cloudy skies, low cloud deck in place, fairly show, 30 degrees. and we are expecting to see temperatures only climbing today to the low to mid-50s. cool day, pair of 28s in san ford and siler city. most areas seeing temperatures in the 30s this morning. as you step out the door it's cold and you need the jacket and numbers only warming to 50 by lunch time and we'll stay in the 50s right through the afternoon. low clouds have formed for now and a weak little disturbance, we'r seeing some snow across the mountains there pushing into kentucky. we'll watch this disturbance coming this way late this evening overnight tonight for light rain showers, and that's all we're going to see.
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going up over the coming days. next week will really feel like spring. travel-wise looking pretty good. all major hubs out of rdu showing no delays. the seven-day forecast is coming up in a few minutes, anthony. anthony: steve, thank you. tornadoes are a fact of life in this part of the country, something we were reminded of a few weeks ago but new technology could give people a better warning. researchers say they have found a link between tornado activity and complicated atmospheric wave patterns that shift every 40-60 days. last year, the technology was used to predict overall tornado activity in the nation. it was right 10 out of 15 times. the system is a bit higher than normal tornado activity across the nation the first half of this month. caitlin: investigators say a fire that damaged a large home in raleigh was started by an electrical problem. check this out. chopper 11 hd flying over the scene last night. this was just inside the belt line near north hills. we're told everyone inside got out safely, including the family dog who thankfully was rescued
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fire also ended up damaging an apartment in raleigh. this is the trinity commons apartment off edward snow road. we're told it was a possible kitchen fire and heavy smoke left that apartment uninhabitable. anthony: barbecue fans, eastern style barbecue will be served again. it's the first time they're opening since a truck crashed through its building in january. it first opened in 1993. it's gotten rave reviews from locals and visitors for its eastern style barbecue. caitlin: and now i'm craving barbecue at 7:00 in the morning. anthony: it's 7:11. caitlin: a knife found buried at o.j. simpson's old house. anthony: coming up, could that be the missing piece of evidence in the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. what police are saying about that possibility this morning.
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anthony: welcome back. we've got 38 degrees outside. these stories making headlines this morning at 7:14. an overnight shooting in raleigh not far from where a man was shot during an encounter with police earlier this week. this morning's shooting on bragg street in southeast raleigh did not involve police and no one was killed. police say one person was transported to the hospital in a private vehicle.
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lifethreatening. more states up for grabs today for the white house, kentucky, louisiana and maine will cast their ballots for the republicans. for democrats, three states, kansas, louisiana and nebraska. duke and carolina set to resume their tobacco road rivalry tonight. the eighth ranked tar heels heading to durham to take on the blue devils. the match-up has drawn the attention of the espn college day crew. they will broadcast live starting at 11:00 this morning. tip-off is at 6:30. caitlin: a news story that has a lot of people talking online and on air. that knife police say was found on o.j. simpson's old property apparently does not appear to be the same knife used in the 1994 stabbings of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. it was supposedly found in the demolition of o.j.'s home in 1998. it was turned over to a now retired police officer. the knife came back to the
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simpson was acquitted of murder charges in the 1994 stabbings of his ex-wife and her friend. the knife used in those murders was never found. a law enforcement official says a preliminary assessment indicates that this knife is not the missing murder weapon. a new autopsy revealing more about the death of bobbi christina brown, indicating a combination of drugs and drowning. the one thing remaining is whether her death was intentional or accidental. she was found unconscious in her bath tub in her atlanta home in 2015. she was in a coma seven months after being found unconscious. the 22-year-old was pronounced dead in hospice care this past july. anthony: jury in the erin andrews case will begin on monday, on whether a hotel chain and convicted stalker should be forced to pay her millions of dollars. the marriott is partially to blame for allowing the stalker to secretly record naked video
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her hotel room. andrews says that incident has caused lasting emotional scars. caitlin: country music fans around the world mourning the passing of joey feek. she and her husband rory formed the award-winning country duo joey and rory. she passed away yesterday after a two-year battle with cervical cancer. even after her diagnosis, the couple continued to record the album of surrounded by loved ones and family. he was 70 years old. anthony: astronaut scott kelly revealing more about the impact a year in space is having on his body. >> initially, this time, coming out of the capsule, i felt
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at some point, those two lines have crossed, and my level of muscle soreness and fatigue is a lot higher than it was last time. it almost makes me think maybe there's a linear function to it. i also have an issue with my skin that because it hadn't touched anything for so long, like any significant contact, it's very, very sensitive to -- it's almost like a burning feeling on wherever i, like, sit or lie or walk. anthony: aches and pains just part of the physical reminders of his year in space. he is part of 450 experiments on the international space station. nasa will investigate all of those and his physical changes and then compare those to his twin brother mark who stayed behind on earth. caitlin: the ceremonial start to the world's most famous sled dog race is today in downtown anchorage, alaska but you notice
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something missing there, the snow. the normally snowy alaska has had about as much snow as we've gotten in raleigh this year. however, they say the iditarod will still be run. they just may have to bring the snow in by train. anthony: the last place i worked before i came here 20 years ago in winston-salem, i worked for a photographer who was in alaska and was in the iditarod. she said it was a really great experience. caitlin: she wasn't just covering it, she was in it. anthony: she was a dog sledder. caitlin: the stories she could tell. really cool. anthony: she was working for the sheriff's department then. caitlin: interesting. i'd love to go see that. but when i go, i want to see snow. steve: right. typically, you will see a lot of that, and a season like this with el nino, the pattern changes. they're going to get slammed in california again. caitlin: because of el nino? steve: a lot of moisture coming their way this week. not for us though, we're just dealing with a cool weekend, temperatures in the 50s, warmer
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as a matter of fact, a good part of this afternoon will be mostly cloudy out there. showers around tonight, but otherwise, it's mainly going to be dry. we've got a dry week coming up here in the next -- at least through friday, next weekend chance of showers coming in, and a warming friend, high temperatures climbing into the 70s. this ridge of high pressure continues to build and the warmest day looks to be on thursday. we'll be in those mid-upper 70s and a few areas could be flirting with 80 degrees. live look into north hills seeing that low cloud deck in place, 38 degrees, light breeze around 2 miles an hour. mainly 30s. we have a pair of upper 20s, siler city and sanford right now, southern pines right at 36. mid-day today, only 47 degrees, low clouds around. they'll break apart a bit and more clouds coming into play later on this afternoon. still cool too with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. huge game, duke and carolina today, tip-off at 6:30 at cameron indoor.
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about before the game, rather chilly on that long walk to the stadium and back to your carat about 47. so grab that heavier jacket. so el nino pattern change again causing significant moisture coming into california. they've been dry recently but they're going to go through in the next three to four days with heavy rainfall. doppler estimates could easily be up to 6-7"when it's said and done and the mountains will get significant snow. we are talking 2-3 feet of snow expected up there. so late-season skiing is going to be nice and a lot of times those storms make it all the way to the east coast but that's not the case this time. we are looking at just low clouds around now, there's a little clipper system moving across from cleveland, cincinnati, with some snow there. this is moving our direction fairly quickly and i expect that to be here later on tonight. as it does, that will fall apart and our model showing sprinkles after 10:00 tonight and a spotty light shower and that's it. tomorrow morning, we're cloudy to start.
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the sunshine comes out later on in the day. high pressure will be to the north. we'll still have a little bit of a north flow tomorrow. relatively chilly day, but as the high shifts off to the south and east, we'll see more of a southwesterly flow around that high. that's the beginning of the warming on monday and that trend continues tuesday, wednesday and thursday with thursday being the warmest day. so after tonight -- and it's just a chance of a light rain shower, that's it. we are dry as we go all the way through next week. heading up to the mountains to do some skiing today, looking okay. as a matter of fact, some light snow flurries are possible. beach mountain and sugar mountain. partly sunny skies expected there. around here, high temperatures for today. 51 in roxboro. tonight, cloudy skies, light showers are possible. not a big deal. again, we're talking less than a 10th of an inch here. as we look ahead tomorrow, a
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mix, probably more sun in the afternoon. monday looking good, 60s at the beginning, and look at all the 70s as the week goes on, partly cloudy by the end of the week where they should be rain-free and rather mild. caitlin: we're watching this weekend. that is the tobacco marathon, the half that we're running. steve: right now, the canadian and the european model both hinting at some rain potentially maybe saturday but lingering into sunday morning. caitlin: keep your fingers crossed for us. anthony: good luck. thank you, steve. 37 degrees at 7:23.
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try new rhinocort allergy spray. muddle no more caitlin: here's the case of a history lesson comingg to life inside one wake county classroom. anthony: students at cary christian school are getting to learn about world war ii from people who lived it. how veterans are teaching a new generation. >> many people come to the capital grounds to see this memorial dedicated to world war ii veterans but today, local students got to hear first hand from veterans who experienced the war. >> for generations, so they will know what happened. anthony: these world war ii veterans shared tears. stories. >> i'm okay. anthony: and laughs while talking to christian school
7:27 am
these stories from don black sherman in the '90s resonating with these fifth graders. >> i just relate to them. such a few things that aren't in text books. anthony: this all came about when 10-year-old lyn fisher told his dad david, who's a doctor, that he was learning about world war ii. >> my dad came up with most of it, i was really honored. >> two showers in 70 days. anthony: sherman in the army shared pictures and memories from serving in the battle of the bulge. he also recalled the concentration camps. >> i was there for the invasion. anthony: the navy shared mementos from the d-day invasion. the students say they loved hearing from these heroes. >> it's been a really good
7:28 am
anthony: those memorialized here have sacrificed so much for our freedom and that's why the veterans say it's so important to continue sharing the stories with the younger generations. in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news news. caitlin: what a gift for those themselves. you're not going to get that out of a text book. anthony: or a movie. it's 38 degrees, 728. officer. the investigation into his death just getting started.
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watch leader ends up b caitlin: stay connected with abc 11 on facebook and twitter. now, abc 11 eyewitness news continues. caitlin: good morning, carolina. it is saturday, march 5. i'm caitlin knute. anthony: anthony wilson. we've got 38 degrees outside at 7:31. all the news just ahead right after we check in with meteorologist steve daniels to tell us when it gets a little warmer. steve: a cool day, a lot of clouds around. expect a stellar weekend. next week, temperatures are really going to go up. it will feel like spring. temperatures pretty cold. we have 29, siler city, 28 in sanford, 33 in irwin. a lot of clouds around, a low cloud deck in place this morning. that will break apart a little bit and then we'll see more
7:32 am
afternoon and low to mid-50s for high temperatures later on today. tomorrow, a little bit warmer, more sunshine, especially in the afternoon. and then the warm-up begins monday. you're going to love the seven-day. more on that coming up in a few minutes. anthony: thank you, steve. new this morning, gunshots heard in raleigh where a man was shot by police earlier this week. you're looking at the scene on bragg street just after midnight. this is close to the place where 24-year-old akiel denkins was killed. this time, police were not involved. the victim, taken by private vehicle to the hospital, is expected to recover from his injuries. caitlin: speaking of that shooting that ended the life of akiel denkins, hundreds of people turned out in southeast raleigh yesterday for his funeral. in fact, there were so many people, they were billowing out of bible way temple and ended up listening to the service from the grass outside. meanwhile, there are three investigations into denkins' death right now. one, raleigh police are conducting their internal review. two, the fbi is doing an independent investigation. and the third one, the naacp is
7:33 am
conduct their own private inquiry. if you would like to keep track of all these developments in the akiel denkins shooting, go to web site, and you can read the report, the officer's events and the autopsy report, all on our web site. anthony: police are investigating a shooting inging last night. the victim was targeted inside his house and there is a manhunt for those two men. those two men we're told took off in a rental car. two people had to be cut from their vehicles after this bad crash in johnston county. a van and suv collided head on. troopers have not said what they believe led to the crash. caitlin: a community leader in fayetteville has been arrested
7:34 am
maintains these she's innocent. narcotics officers say a box with three pounds of marijuana was delivered to her home. after spending five years fighting crime in her neighborhood, she claims she's a victim of mistaken identity and told us she's not a drug dealer. >> i didn't look at the box. i took the box and sat it down. i don't know whose name was on it. i didn't even look at it, and i can't find my glasses so if i'd have looked at it, i wouldn't even have known whose name was on it. i'm not a drug dealer. caitlin: she's now facing charges of possessing a controlled substance, intent to sell, maintaining a dwelling to sell a controlled substance. gutierrez says she had no idea what was in the box, where it came from, or who it was supposed to go to. anthony: the republican debate thursday night, the g.o.p. has spilled onto the campaign trail,
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7:36 am
another on sunday. michelle franzen, abc news, new york. anthony: 7:36 is our time. duke energy firing back. caitlin: coming up, the power company's response about concerns for plans around the state state. anthony: 38 degrees, steve, when do we get the cold temperatures to leave? steve: anthony, be patient. looks like today will be a cool day. a lot of clouds around. we'll see some breaks in the clouds a little bit later on.
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you can see the overcast skies. tomorr (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates
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steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. a live look at terminal 2 at rdu seeing a low cloud deck. we are overcast out there, 38 degrees right now. a light breeze, nothing significant. temperatures quite a range too. we've been seeing 20s, like sanford, siler city, 36,
7:40 am
this morning, 37 in rocky mount, goldsboro. you're at 35 this morning. when you step out the door, it's going to be cold. keep the jacket handy, chilly day today, mid-day, 49 degrees under partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. there's the low cloud deck firmly in place. that will break apart a bit and here comes this disturbance that will bring more clouds around. as you go into the late afternoon and evening hours, watch for a light spotty shower later on tonight. want some more? here it comes. next week, temperatures go to the 70s, maybe upper70s by thursday, well above average. if you're traveling out of rdu, looks good. no major hubs at this showing any delays. caitlin: we have some must-see video for you this morning. first this story. three burglars caught on video in florida breaking into a home while the owner was at work. the homeowner's new security system alerted her to the break-in while she was at her desk, gave her this look inside her home. within seconds, she set off the
7:41 am
that started the burglars, and as you see there, has them empty-handed. check this out. right? but a snow mobile car. it's kind of a hybrid here. a canadian mechanic added skis to his 2006 mercedes smart car. he created this invention. the diesel-fueled skid car allows the driver to jet across the snow on skis up to 44 miles per hour while staying nice and cozy inside. the designer says it only takes about an hour to put the wheels back on afterwards. don't go looking for this at the dealership. for now, it is the only car like it. back here at home, ashboro welcoming a new male polar bear. officials hope he'll mate with the bear's female polar bear. he formerly lived at the kansas city zoo. nana has been at the zoo since 2014. anthony: firing back at state
7:42 am
the department of environmental equality, violations of 13 pole ash dumps. officials warned duke it's considering several penalties to address violation where waste water was found leaking from a dozen coal ash basins. the company has been reporting the seepage to the state for two years and has been working to close those basins. the state warns more violations could be coming if it finds the seepage has affected water quality in those areas. duke energy now has 30 days to respond and potential penalties could include fines of up to $10,000 a day for every day each basin is out of compliance. caitlin: time right now is 7:42. the zika virus becoming a real threat all across the world.
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caitlin: good morning and welcome back this saturday. here's what's making headlines so far this morning. an overnight shooting in raleigh not far from where a man was fatally shot during an encounter with police earlier this week. the shooting on bragg street did not involve police and no one was killed. police say one person was transported to the hospital in a private vehicle. his injuries are considered non-life threatening. protesters tried to stop a showing of the"the lion king" at the dpac last night. however, the show wasn't the real target. instead, the crowd of demonstrators trying to bring attention to concerns at the
7:46 am
say inmates are being abused. and police say a knife allegedly found at the home where o.j. simpson was living in 1994 is likely not the weapon that was used to kill his ex-wife and her friend. the knife was found years ago but just now resurfaced. officials say preliminary tests show it is not the murder weapon. anthony: unc researchers are tackling zika looking at the likelihood of that disease spreading in the u.s. experts say the risk of the disease spreading locally is relatively low but the number of people bringing the disease into this country like other places like the caribbean, south america and central america is something they focus on going forward. the number of cases is relatively low considering the number of people who travel to those areas.
7:47 am
cases of zika in nort scattered across 11 counties which makes pin pointing a cause even tougher. caitlin: a story that's left an entire community shocked and outraged. police in west virginia arrested a woman they say she conned countless people out of their money after she led them to falsely believe she had terminal cancer. investigators say kendall jones went to extreme lengths trying to fool her friends, family and complete strangers. the young mother used social media to defriend people, often complete strangers, many times telling them she only had a few years left to live. she even started a go fund me page to raise money for treatment. police say she finally came clean after they were called to investigate her claims. jones is facing several charges,
7:48 am
false pretenses. johns, but they're out in san francisco in the bay area. caitlin: it is prom season. some young women got a chance to go shopping at school for the big dance. a boutique was set up in a classroom at west henderson high for students to stop in and take home a dress. this is aimed for students who might have a tough time affording an outfit for prom this year. local businesses joined in by donating hair and make up appointments and jewelry for the big night. anthony: abc 11 highlighting a good deed in the community. caitlin: thousands of high school students doing their part to try to stop hunger. abc's anna laurel shows us.
7:49 am
yes, this is high school in 2015. >> having the experience that every student could be involved in on the same day, really working together to do something important in the world. anna: at the high school, every student packed the gym for the school's annual stop hunger now meal packing day. these students had the system down. today alone, they packed 50,000 boxes, a mix of soy, proteins, dehydrated veggies, rice, and a vitamin mineral package. >> it's a really good feeling because you walk in and you see everyone in the school working towards the same goal. anna: all of these will go to the dominican republic, to schools that can't afford school lunch programs, and these kids are excited to help. they can tell when someone comes to school hungry. even in wake county, some kids don't have food at home. >> if students aren't fed, it's hard for them to do a lot of other things that are important. they don't eat well, it's hard for them to learn and it's hard
7:50 am
>> so today, the entire student body of 2100 students passed the gym, thinking about kids in another country they are helping, and about each other and how they can make a difference. >> an opportunity for them for all the students to come together as a community, to feel the fact that they are a community. caitlin: and that, of course, was anna laurel with that report. how impressive were though students? they raised all the money themselves for the food they used to pack up the boxes. anthony: showing care for people they don't even know. in the past four years, they have packed nearly 15,000 meals and raised $85,000. caitlin: wow. very impressive. give them some extra recess, you know, i mean -- reward that good behavior. i always loved recess. just throwing it out there. steve: yeah, it was a good time. caitlin: it was, wasn't it? steve: yeah. now it's gone. chilly day today, tomorrow, a little bit warmer and next week you'll be happy when you see these numbers. take a look right now. i want to show you the
7:51 am
a cool weekend for you. temperatures in the 50s. although tomorrow will be warmer than today, but below average temperatures all weekend long. mainly dry. i've got some showers around tonight, but next week, monday through friday is going to be a dry week and then a warming trend, high temperatures climb into the 70s starting tuesday, and lasting all the way into friday. a ridge of high pressure building and day by day we'll start to get warmer temperatures. on thursday, highs in the upper 70s. i wouldn't be surprised if a couple of spots flirt with 80 degrees. overcast skies at rdu, temperature 38. a light breeze at around 4 miles an hour. numbers across the board mainly in the 30s, but still have a -- well, no longer 20. sanford you've updated to 30 degrees, 32 in siler city, 36 in southern pines, 34 in south hill and rocky mount wilson at 37 degrees. sun and cloud mix. the more clouds than anything early this morning. as we go through mid-day around 47, there could be more clouds as we go through the afternoon.
7:52 am
through the afternoon. if you're heading out to duke unc, if you're lucky enough to have tickets. heavier jackets before the game. when you head back to the car, probably around 47 degrees so definitely a chilly day today and chilly night tonight. to california we go, where we're seeing significant moisture coming on shore. this is something we're going to see day after day now all the way through monday probably. look at the amounts of rainfall potential, at 6-7". you're going to hear a lot of national stories about flooding in california and the mountain, big-time snow. they are talking anywhere from 2-3 feet of snow in the next three days and then more storms lined up after that. so this could be quite a mess out in california for days to come. around here, those storms don't make it out to the east coast. they're going to be dry all week. low clouds in place for now, watching this disturbance coming our way. as they get closer to us, later today, the clouds will increase even more and we could see a shower or two.
7:53 am
predictor model tries to bring a light shower to our northern counties by 5:00. as we go through the later hours, this shield of rain comes across the triad and makes it to the triangle. very light rain as we go into the evening hours. tomorrow should be a dry day. might be damp to start but the clouds should be clearing from west to east as we go throughout the afternoon but chilly. the high is going to settle into our south and east. that means the flow around the high will be tapping into some warmer air. that means our numbers start to go up on monday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we're going to see temperatures climbing all the way into those 70s. so tonight, that chance of rain. after that, no rain all the way through thursday. heading up to the mountains to do some skiing today, looking pretty good as the northern mountains could get some light snow today. temperatures there will be in the upper 30s for highs, and partly sunny in the southern mountains, and mid-40s. so here we go, around here, a little warmer tomorrow, and then a few clouds around as we go into monday. that's the day we start to see the warming trend and look at
7:54 am
72, 74, 77, 72 on friday. caitlin: here comes the heat wave. steve: looking pretty good. anthony: and a little college rivalry getting a lot of attention nationally. what is this miraculous invention? it separates our side of the room from theirs. listen. now you hear them.
7:55 am
every family deserves a two-room suite.
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anthony: by now, you must have heard that duke and carolina are set to resume their tobacco-road rivalry tonight.
7:57 am
to take on the 17th ranked blue devils. tip off is at 6:30. before tonight's showdown, duke fans can enjoy the crew from the espn college day. caitlin: they're all hosting the national broadcast from cameron. that's from 11 to noon. the doors open up early at 9:00 so kids head on over there, bring your parents. the public, you're all welcome, if you can get in. espn is the place, of course, you can catch all that action. the tobacco road showdown tonight at 6:30 and we will have your post game coverage here on abc 11 and our abc 11 mobile app. anthony: she will go crazy if you're there. caitlin: absolutely. steve: that would be a blast. caitlin: some day. steve: a little chilly today, next week looking great. here comes the 70s. caitlin: sounds good to me. thanks for joining us.
7:58 am
back with headlines in about all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time.
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good morning, america. happening right now, the saturday showdown. they're voting in five states today. will it be another trump triumph? >> did you get him out? >> overnight his rally turned ugly. the biggest conservative gathering. >> someone told him megyn kelly was going to be here. >> and hillary clinton tries to extend her lead over bernie sanders. is this his do-or-die moment? shocking find. the new twist in the infamous o.j. simpson murder case. that knife allegedly found buried in o.j.'s old estate. >> the facts of the case remains an open case and that is the case here. >> how it suddenly turned up and the new crucial details. what we're just learning about it now. high-tech heist. how armed robbers stole $5 million in gold. their daring highway truck robbery. >> there's a couple of guys that look like they just got their hands zip tied behind their back.


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