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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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heather: they will only say they traveled to central america within the last month and the symptoms associated with the virus. he says she is not of since it is mainly transmitted through a certain type of mosquito. the county health director says at this point, residents do not
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flex rest at this time shall be -- >> at residence at this time should not be concerned. secret is not one of the things to be concerned about it this point because we do not have any transmission in the united dates. -- united states. heather: there are 100 cases of travel related seeker in the u.s. and it has also been reported to be sexually transmitted. symptoms include fever, joint pains, and a rash. if you recently traveled to south or central america particular, and you think you may have symptoms, you are urged to call your doctor. john: thank you. turning now to the fatal police shooting in raleigh. a public viewing begins in about one hour. prayer and discussion on the shooting that has polarized the community is just getting underway. john has more.
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this is your fourth straight day that there has been some kind of vigil or memorial. we were there just after the call went out when here in raleigh turned into a -- intense scene. since then, he was unarmed and shot in the back after a brief chase. the police union has come out supporting the officer who shot jenkins here he was serving a warrant on him and reportedly was saying the shooting was in self-defense. the conflict built into those positions is part of what religious leaders want to talk about today. how to move forward and make something positive out of it all. a couple dozen are here. we expect a bigger turnout later today. there will be a public viewing of the body at 1:00.
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tomorrow, the funeral is also at 1:00. we will be back in the next half hour and let you know how things are looking here. also check on abc we will stream on our website so you can see for yourself. john: thank you. raleigh police are making an arrest in last weekend's robbery at a jewelers in north hill. assess that is a teenager. accused of robbing the store at gunpoint saturday night while it was still open. police say the 18-year-old stole nine rolex watches valued at nearly $150,000. he is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon and is appearance later this afternoon. barbara: registered voters are casting their ballots in north
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you can choose whichever site polls will stay open until saturday, march 12. beginning this year, you will need to bring a photo id a -- id with you. the primary election is march 16. republican candidates are preparing to face off again tonight in another debate. john: fox news channel is hosting the debate and donald trump will be there this time. he skipped last debate because of his ongoing conflict with reporter megyn kelly. >> today, the 2012 nominee, mitt romney, making his case against
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mitt romney: he mocked a disabled reporter, attributed a mental -- menstrual cycle, bragged about his marital affairs and laces his public speeches with low guaranty. >> this morning, trump thinking on -- taking on romney. mr. trump: millions of people are taking on the republican party because of may. the republican establishment is probably going to give it right back and go back to the old days of mitt romney, who could not win. >> senator ted cruz says there are too many candidates to be trump. mr. cruz: if we will be donald trump, the field cannot remain. >> he says he will win after winning only one state out of 15. marco rubio: i am willing to do whatever it takes. >> on wednesday, announcing there is no political path forward. on the democratic side, hillary
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victory on tuesday. the e-mail investigation continues to haunt her campaign. today, reports to a clinton eight who establish the private server has been granted immunity by the fbi. mr. sanders: she is not so inevitable today area >> republicans -- today. >> republicans will face-off tonight and megyn kelly will be there. abc news, washington. barbara: donald trump finally explains how he plans to repeal and replace the affordable care act. the plan includes breaking down barriers that prevent the sale of health insurance across state lines and making individual health insurance premium payments fully tax-deductible. president obama continues to tout his signature insurance overhaul. he says it has helped millions
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from 44.8 million in 2013, the year before the coverage expansion. in the meantime, critics ask -- argue the luck's mandate include coverage costs unnecessarily. john: due back at fayetteville state university today, margaret will attend the board of governors meeting tomorrow. yesterday, she spent the day touring the cap this and will have a possible name change. senator phil has been putting together a bill that would change the name of historically black campuses and cut tuition there. he says any talk of a name change needs to be a local discussion. to update us on the flu here in north carolina. four people have died from the year. the flu vaccine is working better this season than in years
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effective. barbara: now to an update. dugout fiber lines and now the that contractors messed up. live at the home of that man good afternoon. gloria: good afternoon. the city's investigation into that one man's house and now what could be happening at your home. they sit outside john's home in the neighborhood. left behind from a city investigation claiming that contractors were digging huge holes like this in his front yard outside the right-of-way. >> basically my property. >> a statement sent to abc 11 says now that the survey is complete, we determined the work
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right-of-way. i have spoken with responsible parties involved and ask how they plan to resolve the issue. proceed. crews are taking similar holes in neighbors yards. several residents tell me they contacted the city even planning to ask for reparations for damages to their yards. >> they invested what money i have in taking down trees and renovating my lawn and all of the landscaping after it has been concluded has now been torn up. gloria: crews are trained and has not commented since the outcome of the investigation. abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: local firefighters are working to get pay increases.
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in a much you pay rate plus, information about a north carolina man allegedly killed by his life. the congressional campaign he was heading. [beep] barbara: the slap seen and heard around the country. did this school police officer go too far? why officials say he was not in the wrong. john: a little cool but shaping up to be nice. don: yes, sunshine mixed into those clouds. as we head to the day. we will talk more about that coming up.
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barbara: welcome back. don is coming up with the seven-day forecast. the garner fire department will talk about pay raises with the wake county fire commission. john: the last time firefighters got a raise was in 2008. firefighters are among the lowest paid in the county, 20 about $30,000 per year. the average is three $6,000. the fire chief would like to see firefighters garnering 7000 per year. 7:00 at the wake county safety center. barbara: now, a chatham county
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over the scene at highway 64, the highway patrol says that is of their cruiser. authorities say they have the blue lights on after the crash. also hurt but not seriously. he is charged with reckless driving. john: a post office is a step closer to being named. for the celibate author and civil rights activist who died in 2014. the relatively uncontroversial step of naming the post office, putting the name on the building. the republicans voted against the building. andy harris. his press secretary despite he voted against it because he was
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barbara: we learning more about a triple murder. john: she is charged with killing her husband and another couple monday night at her home. gam,bino -- gambino walked in on the couple together. they were found inside a bedroom. the third victim's body was outside. crystal gambino tried to burn the body. giovanni was a prominent member of the republican party and was kimball. barbara: to a developing and disturbing story out of baltimore, maryland, where a slapping and kicking a student. [beep] the acting school police chief explained the boy hit by an officer was an intruder on
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says that is not true. no charges were filed. the police investigation will determine any should be filed against the police officers but the school police chief and other officers seen in the video leave. john: a new mexico sheriff deputy -- after a suspect fled away with a deputy inside his vehicle. the incident was reported on dash cam. see if he could get the suspect out of the car, that is when the man put the car in here and began driving away with a deputy still inside. the deputy struck the man on the head with his flashlight, getting him to stop a short
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barbara:they were not hurt. $6,000 in damage to the car, which had just been purchased. barbara: a teenager is posing as a -- was posing as a doctor. third time after making a house call to 86 year old woman. he stole the will -- sold the woman phony vitamins and then took her check look, $30,000 to pay bills. the deputy ordered robinson to undergo a mental evaluation. john: one man's trash is another man's treasure. a baseball card. they were cleaning out the rundown home o otheir deceased great grandfather they found seven identical baseball cards inside an old paper bag. they were printed in 1911. were only about 15 known to
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about $1 million. anonymous. barbara: i bet they do. john: i loved baseball cards when i was a kid. don: lots of sunshine and not as much wind as we saw. temperatures are chili and we will talk more about that in a moment. the temperature trend over the next several days. it trends down today and tomorrow. we will go to 51 and tomorrow, 49. after that, we will be in the mid 60's and 70's are back in on tuesday. let's take a live look into downtown raleigh. temperatures are 46 and that brings us humidity. we will look at what is going on as far as temperatures across the region. a live look into our traffic
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let's check on the current temperatures. 40 right now in roxboro. temperature right now is 46 in sanford. 45 in roanoke rapids and 45 in wilson. the satellite radar composite shows the cloud cover. see the clouds to the west of us. those will be pushing and. we will bring in that guy. look at the showers from atlanta, georgia, all the way down to alabama. you will see that rain tonight and it will be like a couple of nights ago. all the rain will happen in the overnight hours. by 6:00, we should see the cloud cover building in. showers and even snow trying to show up. i think we will see a few flakes mixing in and mainly rain. we will not see big
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by 7:00, precipitation out through the morning, skies are clear through the day and as we had in saturday and sunday, -- for the rest of today, partly sunny skies and the cooler morning temperatures in the 30's and 40's. we're hovering near 50 degrees. from chapel hill, 51, mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon. 53 in pinehurst and goldsboro. wind out of the south, five to 10 miles an hour. temperatures across the region back in the 30's for overnight lows. 36 in durham. tomorrow, 49 degree morning showers. we will have a few clouds working in. sunday, a little bit warmer out
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we see the warmer temperatures we talked about at the start. wednesday, we are in the 70's. barbara: driving around the
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brutal at times but not asad john: e-cigarettes on commercial flights. the rule will protect passengers from unwanted fumes. if you think your morning commute in the dry glass been bad, you have not seen anything. barbara: the highest average commute time in the country is nearly 35 minutes one way. data. long island came in second place with an average commute time of 37 -- 33 minutes. seven of the top 10 longest commutes located on the eastern seaboard.
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have the shortest commute, at 20 minutes on average. a ruling coming down in the appeal. john: the former olympian before the senate for murdering his girlfriend. barbara: at centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more -- all in crystal-clear hd. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home.
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barbara: >> the only station with three newsrooms in downtown raleigh, and downtown fayetteville. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. john: a lake county -- wake county woman who traveled abroad tested positive for zika virus. it is the fifth confirmed case of the virus in north carolina.
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are not naming this woman. they will only say she recently traveled to south and central america's and said symptoms associated with the virus -- they say she was they say at this point, residents do not need to be alarmed. >> we are not a reactionary group. we follow what the science tells
12:32 pm
indicates we have had a low probability of anything spreading in our area. we need to watch this and be vigilant as far as when they are traveling. take the precautions necessary. heather: there are more than 100 cases of travel related zika in the u.s. in some cases, they have been sexually transmitted. symptoms include fever and joint pain and rash. if you recently traveled outside the u.s. in particular to south and central america and think you may have been affected, as you are urged -- infected, you are urged to contact your doctor. barbara: people are gathering after a fatal shooting. the 23-year-old was shot after officers tried to arrest him on
12:33 pm
live at a church where that dialogue is now. good afternoon. don: you used the word dialogue there. that is the right word. leaders are here hosting more of a conversation than a prayer service. there is plenty of that as well. trying to figure out how to bring something positive out of this. trying to leave that conversation with the community. the message we have been hearing from across the board with wieters is one urging calm and patience. police have until monday to release an initial report and an attorney said the results of the autopsy on the body could be released as early as today. we do expect to get answers and that is largely what we have been hearing from folks in the community, the search for answers. certainly from the family. that is what they have asking for.
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tell, but i do understand why the community would want transparency, even in the investigations, to make sure whatever the fact is, at least we have the facts. collect the naacp has been spearheading its own independent investigation and are holding a community meeting today at three. we hope to learn more about what they found out at that event. also today, a public viewing at 1:00. live, abc 11, eyewitness news. barbara: a lawyer for oscar pistorius says a court dismissed his appeal. a hearing scheduled for next month. he killed his girlfriend in his home in 2013 and had appealed to
12:35 pm
the minimum sentence for murder in south africa is 15 years. a judge can reduce that sentence for what the law describes as exceptional cert stances. he is currently under house arrest. john: early voting is underway in south carolina. you can cast your vote in whatever place is more convenient to you. you can go to the same polling place on the same day. you must bring id to vote this year. no problems have been reported so far with the controversial new law. >> i used my driver's license, no problem whatsoever. >> it puts an extra burden on voting. i think the cure is worse than the disease. john: early voting ends 30 days before primary election on election day. all the information you need to know will be on our website. go to abc barbara: mitt romney delivering
12:36 pm
front runner, donald trump here during a news conference that wrapped up 30 minutes ago. he called trump a fake, a misogynist, ancestral is dangerous and lacks the temperament to be president. many republican presidential candidates, including trump, will face off in another debate tonight on fox news in detroit. the claim that senator ted cruz is ineligible to be president is going before a judge. most scholars agree he is a natural born citizen as required under the constitution. the matter has never been held in court. a point has been seized on by ted cruz's opponent donald trump and questioning his eligibility has been filed in several states. the case was supposed to be heard on tuesday but was pushed back because of super tuesday voting. john: hillary clinton is celebrating a big super tuesday at a star-studded fundraiser last night.
12:37 pm
continues to haunt her campaign. there are reports of a clinton aide who established the private server and has been granted immunity by the fbi. barbara: new details about the debris discovered that could be linked to the missing malaysia and airline flight 370. this piece of debris could be from the flight that two years ago had 239 people on board. >> right now, officials say it is too early to confirm anything.
12:38 pm
was defended. very gentle, very caring. >> investigators are working together to get to the bottom of this and get closure for the grieving fs our right to have closure. we want and need closure.
12:39 pm
>> is on its way to australia to get analyzed and we could get a report on the ongoing investigation next week. john: more news, a police officer is now charged with murder. barbara: the new developments ahead. a toddler falls out of a van right in the middle of the busy road.
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for causing this i barbara: a florida family is probably on guard after dealing with an unwelcome houseguest. john: the alligator visited yesterday. homeowners found him making his way home in the swimming pool. he went to the back patio to let the cat out. he rushed inside to tell his wife heard she happened to be taken care of the six-month-old son. the gator came in from a pond close to the house. the mating season, the family believes he got lost while looking for love. the must-see video. amber: we begin with the job dropping video and watch as a toddler tumbles out of the van and lands on a busy highway. a child gets up and begins to
12:43 pm
good samaritans rescue the boy and take down the grandfather, who was driving. he says the lock of his vehicle's tailgate was damaged in a rear end accident earlier but is being criticized for not using a child car seat. from this surveillance video, you can see a suspect time from the truck to the door, and then he knocks the hinges off the door. the second time, he yanked the door right off and then breaking the cases with hammers and grabbing handguns right off the rack. that heist taking only two minutes. three suspects are already in custody. now to georgia, a robbery attempt at this convenience store. watch this suspect pulling a gun right out on a clerk. she reacts by slapping the gun out of his hand. they stronger -- they struggle. she grabs a hammer, still ready
12:44 pm
suspect. check out extreme winter weather happening now. blizzard conditions prove challenging for well with police officers there. police said earlier, several highways were closed after heavy snowfall and wind gusts reduced visibility. those are your must-see videos. back to you. john: you can see the must-see videos any time by going to abc argues mobile apps on your phone or tablet. a local man vindicated. astronauts got kelly is back in houston. why he is calling his return to earth bittersweet. first, live picture in fayetteville this afternoon. a beautiful sky. don: the wind is not nearly as
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admitting a contractor made a mistake.
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away area when a local work of art was dug up and destroyed gloria has been following this story and has more on the investigation. gloria: sitting outside the home in the neighborhood. left behind from a city investigation, at&t contractors -- in his front yard outside the right-of-way. a statement by the services coordinator says, now that the survey is complete, we have determined the rope -- the work is done outside the city right-of-way. i have spoken with the responsible parties involved and ask how they plan to resolve the issue. they are currently discussing how to proceed. crews are digging a similar hole . >> i got my home less a year ago. we invested what money i had in
12:49 pm
less a month after hit it has been completed, it is now torn up. >> several residents tell me they already contacted the city about this and some are planning to ask for reparations for damage to their yard. abc 11, eyewitness news. barbara: an alabama police officer is charged with murder. john: accused of shooting greg on outside a home. he had a cane and struggled with smith. the neighbors said this was an extension handle for a pain holder. a texas state trooper officially off the job this afternoon after his arrest with a woman later found dead in jail. charged with surgery three months ago. accused of lying about this arrest. the controversial traffic stop
12:50 pm
meanwhile, his familye will probably shrink
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>> maybe i could go up there. i could use it. not you, don. don: tonight, a gorgeous day, little on the cool side. we will see the warmer temperatures warming and over the next couple of days. let's talk about the next 12 hours. you will see the temperatures across the region only hovering around 50's at 4:00 and falling back through the 40's this evening by midnight. that is when the rain will be here. it does save rain and not snow as we are at the 40 degree mark. he six by 4:00 in the afternoon. a live look into downtown raleigh, just 20's. southeast winds at eight miles an hour. a live look in downtown durham. southeast wind at six.
12:52 pm
37% humidity or the swing at six . almost time to play baseball. cannot wait. you might want to play. let's show you what is going on as far as temperatures across the region. it is cool. 43 and roxboro and 46 in chapel hill. 50's down in fayetteville. 51 clinton. 48 in the southern pines pair we look at what is going on, colder air to the north. 52 in chicago. with this push of cold air, they are seeing mixed precipitation through kentucky and tennessee, mainly rain down in alabama. this will swing of into it. as it does, we will see mainly rain with the push of warmer air. clouds are thickening and we see those building in as the afternoon progresses. mostly cloudy skies at 5:00 and still drive. as we go to the evening hours,
12:53 pm
rain is with us through the overnight, could see snowflakes and that pushes out of here as we go through the day tomorrow. a nice day is shaping up for saturday. sunday looks even better. today, below average. temperatures in the low 50's. 51 holly springs, 51 and durham. 53 in goldsboro. 50 in wake forest. tonight, the temperatures across the area in the mid-to-upper 30's for lows. rain at five to 10 miles an hour. morning rain and then clearing skies, breezy and cooler with highs of in the 40's. then we start to warm it back up. could see some sprinkles saturday night. monday, 65. on your tuesday and wednesday, we see the temperatures climbing
12:54 pm
tomorrow, the coolest of them. not so bad.
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12:57 pm
barbara: plus, the latest into the investigation of a fatal shooting. at the top of the hour, a public viewing. a meeting will be held to discuss the shooting. the police chief is going on record saying he shot jenkins in self-defense. the fish -- no official or from the raleigh police department. you can stay connected all day with developing stories by going to abc or going to the mobile app on your phone or tablet. don: the rest of the day, we will see sunshine. tomorrow's high of 49 is the coldest of the next seven, gradually warming to the 50's in the weekend. tuesday, 71. wednesday is 73 degrees. barbara: i am barbara gibbs.
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news team, we'll see you abarbara: >> announcer: can you keep a secret? well, we can't. all hour long we're revealing perfect sandwich secrets that you can sink your teeth into. mario's getting things started with this mouthwatering pork masterpiece. then, michael's in the kitchen with the fabulous hilary duff. and they're serving up a toasty, cheesy italian favorite. plus, see how one program is turning school lunchtime into a fine dining experience. >> round tables, food right in the middle. the chef brings out what they have made for you. >> announcer: get ready for the best thing since sliced bread, right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everybody, welcome to "the chew."


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