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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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>> black lives matter. black lives matter. john: emotions high after a man is fatally shot by a raleigh police officer. calls for justice and what the police chief is saying. barbara: first day on the job the protests the u.n.c. president will face. john: dozens of fort bragg soldiers return from iraq. barbara: march coming in like a lamb. "big weather" has the springlike forecast. john: good morning, carolina, welcome on on this first day of march. 41 degrees. barbara: thank you for joining us. we will have more but first it is time for weather and traffic together. don, good morning. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door we have a pretty nice day shaping up across the region. a big jump in temperatures. you see the jump through the morning.
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50's and 11:00 we are in the 60's. currently 32 in roxboro. 41 chapel hill. 34 sanford, 37 smithfield, 47 fayetteville. 35 roanoke rapids. looking at the day ahead mainly clear now and 40's by lunch 67. this afternoon 7 11. warmest day of the next seven today. tomorrow a big cooldown. now we talk weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: a couple of minor issues to deal with as you start tuesday morning and none of it has to do with the weather as don said starting nice and dry. the sun is starting to come up over within of our live d.o.t. cameras where you can see everything is moving well and we have dry conditions and that is the case all across the viewing area. road weather index no issues. a couple minor ones. this is a lane blocked with an accident on millburnie at
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then a stalled vehicle on fairbanks drive in both directions at leesville road in north wake county. rock quarry volume in the westbound area but still on time. 440 and wade looking very good. barbara: tensions are high in southeast raleigh after a police officer shot a phapbman who was wanted on drug charges. a gun was found near the body of the man shot. it is leading to calls for justice. here are the latest details. the naacp is holding a news conference to address the shooting and meantime raleigh's police officer is asking for prayers and patience. last night dozens gathered for a vigil for akiel denkins. anthony wilson is live at the scene near pwrarg and east streets. anthony: very quiet here right now although earlier there were still people here who were writing messages over there on the wall. that is a picture of akiel
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and killed after a foot chase by a raleigh police officer which led to hundreds coming out for a vigil and rally. from 6:30 on an outpouring of outrage over the death of the man memorialized on protest signs. 24-year-old akiel denkins. >> let's not let this brother's death be in vain. anthony: people chanting. they demand accountability for what many consider a case of deadly police force against an unarmed man running away from officers. leaders tried to urge calm. >> we need to march tonight. we are going to march but we have to know what we are marching for. we have to fight them on their level and it don't involve burning up buildings and burning things things, that don't solve nothing.
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crowd control gave young protesters a chance to vent after an emotional day. again, the protesters say the man was unarmed but the raleigh police say there was a weapon fond near his body -- found near his body. there's an investigation understood way by the f.b.i. and the raleigh police department's internal affairs division. the people who were here many say they will come to the next raleigh city council meeting. they demand the use of body cameras by all officers and want a community review board to look into things like there that involve the community and police. live on bragg street, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: we have live team coverage on this developing story that is making national heads lines. in the next half hour gloria rodriguez has reaction from the raleigh police chief and we hear from akiel denkins's mere. we have more on this developing
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john: the cumberland county sheriff says a dog shot by a deputy during a call over the weekend has a history of aggressive behavior. the sheriff's office said this german shepherds bit a child on the thigh last year and was it quarantine 10 days. tamara pwraeufpl said the dog was trying to protect her from a man trying to get in her house. when the deputy arrived the man was gone but astros started barking and growling at him. he fired a shot to protect heufrpls. the sheriff's office says a nonprofit group agreed to pay for the emergency treatments of the dog. barbara: nearly two decades after being charge tdz for the murder of a shaw university student chris lawing is serving a life sentence. it took minutes for a jury to convict hill of killing lecoy mcqueen. she was pregnant with his baby when she vanished.
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apwhorgs -- abortion. gaston county authorities charge a woman with triple murder killing her husband and two others. they have not been identified. our partner station reports authorities received a call about 8:00 last night about the safety of the people at a home in a community and when people arrived they found three lot to death. she is due in court this morning. now to super tuesday and there are more delegates up for grabs today than any other day of the primary calendar. john: primaries and republican voters going into today. and democratic frontrunner hillary clinton who is hoping to solidify her lead today is looking beyond the bernie
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today margaret spellings takes over as heads of the u.n.c. system and it won't be a quiet day. since she was chosen to head the system there have been dozens of protests. today some students plan a classroom walk out and rally on the u.n.c. chapel hill campus. barbara: more than 150 tpragfort bragg soldiers are back home. they arrived to the waiting arms of loved ones. they were in iraq nine months. greg barnes was there for the homecoming and he has reaction. reporter: it was a rousing hero's welcome home tuesday morning and in the midst of an invasion of emotion and tears this sign said it all. she knew exactly what she would say when she first saw her dad. the calendar may say march but this was valentine's day, christmas and birthday as all in one. >> we have been back and forth the last two or three years.
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usual, nine months. reporter: since june they have helped train and assist iraqi ground forces in their fight dependence islamic terrorist the and it paid off commanders say. isis has lost 40% of the land they initially conquered. but the payoff for the families is welcoming home their loved homes to a job well done, their worry and fear over for now. >> we will spend the next couple of days with him. reporter: sounds like he has his marching orders. >> yes. reporter: about 160s were in this wave. in all of this love and joy you see and feel why homecomings like this are a big dealing for military families as they should be. a moment we can all share with pride. john: you can finds a slide show of great pictures of that at
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barbara: it is 6:09 and 41 police chase involving a u-haul truck. barbara: new health crisis that could be linked to the zika virus. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door we have dry air across the region. we will talk about that.
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it is dr in. you will need the sunglasses. it is cool to start. 42 by 7:00. by 10:00 we are almost 60 degrees. current numbers from across the region some 30's on the board. freezing in roxboro at 32. 37 in south hill. 34 roanoke rapids. 39 hillsborough and hold on to a 40 in raleigh and cary. 39 goldsboro. 41 lillington but sanford just 34. 47 fayetteville. hope mills you are 43 degrees.
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by lunchtime 60's and partly sunny to mostly sunny skies. around 70 with lots of sunshine. we will have the seven-day forecast up next. john: school bell changes could come to self wake county schools next year. the school board is expected to have bell change proposals during a work session. it could impact six existing schools including inlow high school. classes there would begin five minutes later and ends 15 minutes earlier next year. the school board is to not expected to vote until mid month. barbara: a police chase is involving a u-haul. the camera captured the chase that played out in michigan. with a tire missing and driving on the rim it was leaning to the right as it sped down the highway with sparks flying. the driver exited the freeway under a was in a residential street street.
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he crashed in a tree before coming to a stop. the driver and panic gave themselves up. two state troopers and deputy suffered injuries. the driver was charged with multiple felony charges. incredible video as firefighter is blown backwards when an explosion rocks a gas station. francisco. the driver of a bus pulled in after noticing it was overheating and it caught fire and spread to the bus. one firefighter was injured. and now to a parking fail. the driver of this bentley struggled to navigate around traffic cones and runs in a cone. a bistander moves it for its own good. he parks it before doing more damage. john: 6:14. a peufrltal day in -- pivotal day in the case of the man
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barbara: ending to a kidnapping. a woman and children are safe. how it tied up traffic for horse. john: the astronaut who is returning the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer, cracked down on domestic violence, and stein took on scam artists who prey on seniors. stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first.
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john: 6:15 and 41 degrees. here is what is making headlines. the f.b.i. investigating yesterday's fayetteville police shooting in raleigh. officer d.c. twitty shot and killed akiel denkins as the officer attempted to serve an arrest warrant. witnesses say denkins ran and they heard gunfire. a vigil was held as an upset community demanded answers. the naacp will hold a news conference this morning. it is super tuesday and there are more delegates up for grabs than any other day much the primary calendar.
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states as the new nationwide cnn-orc poll finds trump and clinton way ahead. students are expected to walk out of classes on the u.n.c. chapel hill campus to protest margaret spellings' first day. there have been protests since she was chosen to lead the system in october. barbara: scientists may have the first evidence that zika can cause temporary paralysis. that is according to a new study of parents who developed in during an outbreak in tahiti. it is rapidly spreading in the americas and linked to birth defects. a former hospital worker charged with two murders is expected to take a plea deal. jesse matthew is serving for sex assault and charged with murdering hannah graham and morgan harrington. graham vanished in 2014 and
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concert at u.v.a. in 2009. the police chase turns to a standoff and it is over but the suspect is on the loose. john: it was on camera. you see the suspect releasing the young mother and children as he runs toward a park. he was able to get away. police are using search dogs to find him. the case was first reported to police as a restraining order violation. astronaut scott kelly is preparing to come back to earth after nearly a year in space. he has been at the international space station longer than any other u.s. astronaut. it was 340 days. yesterday in the last briefing before heading home he said he's feeling good. once he lands he will undergo a battery of physicals and psychic tests and -- scientific tests and compare him to his twin
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barbara: can you manual being in space -- can you imagine being in space that long. don: i could. barbara: could you be from your family that long? don: for a year that would be all right. but if my kids were grown and my wife -- barbara: mad at you. keep digging that hole. don: i hope she is not up yet. good morning, honey. we will show you what is going on. barbara: i don't want to be in space a year. don: i don't want to be in space a year. 67 degrees and mostly sunny. we will warm up quickly. this afternoon we will see more clouds working through. we will be around 70 degrees the live look into downtown raleigh and we have 40 right now and dew point is 36. 86% humidity.
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we have high clouds working through the city of medicine. 44, northeast winds five miles an hour. numbers from across the region, 32 roxboro. 41 oxford. 37 wilson. 41 chapel hill. 34 sanford. 47 fayetteville. 37 smithfield and 38 in goldsboro. a couple of high clouds mainly from durham north. to the south it is clearer. you can see the system, lots of snow to the north from michigan, wisconsin, iowa but the trailing boundary is what will advance east and take all day to cross the u.s. by the time it gets here it will bring rain. by 9:00 tonight we are seeing cloud cover ahead of t. most of the rain holds off until after midnight. then between midnight and 7:00 we will have showers and tomorrow at lunchtime we are clear and dry. today we will be dry for lunchtime. you want to attack lunch outside -- take lunch out if you can.
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into the afternoon and evening around 70 under partly sunny skies. we will see the numbers across the region around 70 chapel hill. cary 71. 71 holly springs. 70 durham. 73 pinehurst, 74 fayetteville. 74 goldsboro, 72 lillington. 70 roanoke rapids. 66 south hill and 72 in wilson. tonight showers after midnight and it will be breezy tonight as well. winds could gust 30 miles an hour and 48 raleigh. 50 fayetteville. 47 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow 54 will be the morning high and we will fall into the 40's by tomorrow afternoon. thursday 53. clear friday night and cooler for the weekend. john: warm today. don: very warm. barbara: how are we doing? amber: looking forward to that. looks good this morning as you head out the door. we have clear dry conditions. good start to tuesday but rain
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we will watch for that for you. this morning not a lot to watch with the road weather index. a little fog in some of the areas east of raleigh. first, i want to point out the lane blocked due to an accident millburnie and raleigh boulevard. that is about it. that is the fog i was referring to. it is east of rose hill all the orange there some of the fog. none of that is here in downtown raleigh. 40 and south saunders sunrise over the capital city looking nice there. drive times are on time. durham freeway and alston clear, 540 eastbound 10 minutes 70 to 1 and 85 northbound finde. barbara: it is 6:23 and 41 degrees. the new bugatti unveiled. john: the fastest car ever. millions of tkhrarsdollars this car will cost you. >> do you want to be in the
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abc11 wants to send you to the live premiere.
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try it, love it or get double your money back. always discreet. barbara: welcome back. john: more proof that snap chat is growing quickly. reena ninan and kendis gibson have our tech news. >> battle over online video
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the big new player is snapchat. the c.e.o. says users watch 8 billion videos a day the same that facebook and five times larger than a year ago. high tech and super fast. the new bugatti goes from zero to 62 in 2.35 poeu2.5 seconds. it is $2.6 million. finally the umbrella that not only keeps you dry it will tell you when it is going to rain. barbara: it knows when it will rain. thanks to a sensor that measures humidity. it can send you a reminder of its location if you lose it. >> you just have to remember the umbrella. those are your "tech bytes." have a great day. john: it tells you when it is going to rain but why would you have it unless you thought it was going to rain?
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the forecast is wrong. 6:27. calls for peace and patience in raleigh after a fatal police shooting.
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the local hospital wi barbara: hundreds of people take to the streets in raleigh
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by a police officer. the investigation under way. john: the most important day in the primary season just getting started. what is at stake for the presidential race. barbara: wake county cake artist's life turned up side do you know after a freak accident. how she is trying to take her life back. good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday march 1. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. glad you are with us. we will get to the overnight stories but first weather and traffic together. here is meteorologist don schwenneker schwenneker. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door we have dry conditions and great day shaping up. temperatures jumping quickly. 8:0044, 10:00 almost 60. near 70 in the afternoon. current numbers from doctors the area right now 32 roxboro. that is the cold spot. oxford 41. 35 roanoke rapids. 41 chapel hill. 33 sanford and 37 spheufrd and 47 fayetteville.
6:31 am
40 now and mainly clear. by lunchtime 67, partly sunny. then through the afternoon 71 degrees under partly sunny skies. today by far the warmest of the next seven. we have a cooldown coming. rupinta. way. we have the usual volume building 40 westbound and clayton bypass one area. you can see the road weather index is clear. no fog and no precipitation to deal w. still is an ongoing accident near millburnie and raleigh boulevard. little bit of fog to the southeast of raleigh. this sis east of warsaw and i-40. just watch for that. if you are heading into joined raleigh 40 and south standards looking nice here and still pretty light volume around the capital city and no major accidents. we will check the drive times in a few minutes. john: the naacp is planning to
6:32 am
shooting in raleigh. barbara: hundreds gathered where the shooting took place and this morning the investigation is getting started. gloria rodriguez is live at the raleigh police department with more. gloria: this morning we are learning more about the officer involved in this shooting. he works for the raleigh police department since 2009. he is on administrative duty while the state bureau of investigations conducts a probe in the shooting. the raleigh police chief is asking for prayers and patience as tensions are running high. >> it is on the news where the police is shooting our people. today it hit raleigh. gloria: anger and tears as the shooting spread. the police department has not released the identity of the deceased man.
6:33 am
killed. >> 24. just turned 24 the 8th of this month. got two kids. 2-year-old and 3-year-old. gloria: the raleigh police department said just after noon d.c. twitty was chasing a man for a felony drug charge. >> he jumped the fence and the police pulled his gun out and shot him six times. gloria: that specific information about the number of shots fired is not confirmed by police. from arrest records we found he has a lengthy criminal record with more than a dozen arrests back five years. the raleigh police department says a firearm was found by the body but there is nothing but anger in the neighborhood. >> this is execution. gloria: coincidentally before the shooting the police chief was supposed to give a
6:34 am
about bringing body cameras to the department. i'm told that cover helped shed light into what happened here but the police chief was unable to give the presentation because of the shooting. john: has live team coverage of the shooting in raleigh. you can get more on the story on our website and mobile apps. barbara: dozens of fort bragg paratroopers back in the arms of loved runs. more than 160 arrived on post about 2:00 this morning. they have been in iraq nine months helping train iraqi ground forces and coordinating air strikes of suspected terror sites. john: a dozen states are holding primaries or caucuses today.
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convention delegates up primaries. degrees. get ready for sticker shock. john: why it will cost more for certain services like car and home repairs. barbara: local hospital on restricted access to illness officials are trying to keep out. don: good morning to you. temperatures across the region
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we will see warmer temperatures. >> do you want to be in the audience for "dancing with the stars"? abc11 wants to send you to the
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don: welcome back. let's talk bus stop forecast. as the kids head out they will need the jackets. some places in the 30's. by this afternoon they won't be wearing them as we are around 70 degrees. by 8:00 we are still just 46. current numbers, 32 roanoke rapids and roxboro. 36 south hill. 38 hillsborough. raleigh 39. 34 sanford and 40 lillington and 41 pinehurst. 44 fayetteville and goldsboro 39
6:40 am
looking at the day ahead 40 now and by lunchtime 67 and partly sunny. 5:00 this afternoon partly sunny and 68 degrees. today the warmest of the next seven. tomorrow almost a 40-degree swing in spots. we will talk about that in the forecast coming up in a couple minutes. john: expect to pay more the next time you need something repaired. new sales taxes take effected it in knock adding to the costs of car repairs and appliance installations. the legislature approved the additional tax lastier. part of it will be distributed to poorer counties. auto mechanics say they have been trying to get the word out on small labor repairs under $50 they say it may not be significant. but larger areas $200 or more you could see an increase of $15. most businesses in the repair and installation service
6:41 am
clothing, shoe repair, professional painting, plumbing and car wash detailing. barbara: rising flu cases has a visitors. cape fear is banning children under 12 from visiting paeurbtsd and limiting visitors that can accompany a patient in the emergency department. john: we are keeping you connected to big stories online. barbara: amber is tracking it from the big board. amber: pretty interesting story from space. scientists releasing these pictures and saying this is going to help them to closer solve the mystery of how mars's moon was formed. that is trending. and someyou tphoeknow the kardashians are making headlines this time kiley jenner attempted to trademark
6:42 am
she now has a legal battle brewing with kylie minute knowing who says she is not the old person to have that name and of course it is going to be going back and forth. they are taking shots and all the legal paperwork but we will see who should be standing in the end. barbara: wow. john: maybe i can have john copyrighted. barbara: 6:42. 41 degrees. big victory for apple. >> how it relates to the case involving the iphone of a san bernardino terrorist. barbara: a this is connor like so many kids,
6:43 am
distracted - disengaged - just not getting it. we tried tutors but they didn't connect. then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync. personal lessons, taught by sylvan certified instructors, using technology kids love. i've never seen him more engaged. and the results are kids like connor typically
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er barbara: welcome back. apple's top lawyer will have a san bernardino attacks. apple maintains that writing code to unlocation a phone would compromise the security of millions. a judge in brooklyn ruled that apple can't be compelled to help the government in a narcotics case. john: pat mccrory opting against calling a special session to address the nondiscrimination ordinance in charlotte. the governor vowed to fight that part of the around that allows
6:46 am
use brooms based on their gender identity rather than the gender they were born with. now he says he would rather wait to deal with tit when lawmakers return in april than call for a special session. that could cost more than $42,000 a day. barbara: some viewers have been watching know one of my robbyhobbies is to decorate cakes. john: a freak accident keeps this person from making a living. >> works of art. each and every one of her cakes. at 26 she's the head cake decorator at this bakery in wake forest. she was. before an afternoon of fun with wrong.
6:47 am
emergency room r -- trip to the emergency ramoom. once i got there i was pretty much asleep but i knew i lost my arm. barbara: that was five months ago. she wants to get back to work and attack her life back. but one thing is in her way. tonight at 5:30 hear the rest of her story. around 5:55. she is an amazing young woman. her talent is incredible and it is sad what is in already way. john: wow. we will have to -- 5:30? don: i hate it when tease us like that. i will watch. can't wait. we have a pretty great day weatherwise. we don't have to worry about anything bad. after today i tell you the bottom drops out. we are way botch normal and the
6:48 am
below average the rest of the week. into the weekend we will talk about that. live look into joined raleigh and temperature at 40. 86% humidity and winds calm. beautiful sunrise in fayetteville. 44 right now and 87% humidity. northeast wind two miles an hour. numbers from across the region 32 roxboro and roanoke rapids. 42 in oxford. 34 lawsouisburg. 39 southern pines. 44 in clinton. satellite and radar composite shows a few clouds and that's it. we zoom out and big system moving from the midwest with snow from iowa to michigan, wisconsin, minnesota. the trailing boundary will work across the u.s. and gets here by midnight.
6:49 am
after mid night this is 1:00 to 2:00 retain rain arriving. then it clears out. mostly sunny, temperatures from the 50's at 9:00 to 60's at lunchtime and into the afternoon we will see temperatures around 70 degrees through the day. we look at terms -- temperatures. 71 cary, 71 siler city. 70 durham. 71 wendell. 73 pinehurst today. raeford 75. 74 fayetteville. 72 lillington. north temperatures in the 60's. 6 66 south hill. 72 wilson. then into the 50's and 40 agencies agencies. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing
6:50 am
the morning high of 54, by tomorrow afternoon 40's. 30 degrees colder tomorrow afternoon. thursday 53 and into friday we will see rain around and moves out on friday and 51. saturday 53. sunday 57 and 60's return next week. "big weather" pic of the day. johnny cash right there. with all the gorgeous weather johnny was out and played a hreullittle frisbee. she uploaded that to my facebook. we would love to is he your -- we would love to see that. barbara: we want to see one of your jumping videos. amber: any park get out and enjoy it. we don't have any rain to deal with.
6:51 am
we have an accident 40 westbound n.c. 42 that could cause a slowdown. that is from johnston to wake. 42 at 40 westbound. fayetteville to fort bragg this is ramsey and no problems and clear conditions there. on the road weather index that is the same. we were seeing a little fog east of i-40 but that is about it. it is pretty well east and there is a lane whrbg. millburnie and raleigh. durham freeway into the city of medicine no problems. six minutes 40 to 15 and 540 westbound moving fine capital to 70 four minutes.
6:53 am
6:54 am
emotions high john: all the news, weather and traffic you need before you showed out. barbara: you see some of the stories behind us including the investigation into an officer involved shooting in raleigh and big day for the presidential candidates. naacp plans to address the shooting involving the raleigh police officer today. last night hundreds gathered near the site where akiel
6:55 am
monday during a foot chase. raleigh police chief says the department's internal affairs unit is investigating. she plans to have her report to the city manager within the next five days. john: critics of the u.n.c. system new president expect to show on her first day on the job. she will be the leader today but protests states and u.s. territory will go tots the polls. john: scott kelly returns to earth after nearly a year in space. he's been at the international space station longer than any other u.s. astronaut. when he lands he will ends go tests. barbara: going to be pretty. don: gorgeous weather. out-the-door forecast with temperatures this morning in the 40's.
6:56 am
the way to 71 degreed it. we will see a few clouds late day and showers after midnight and rain overnight and low 40, 54 the morning high and then into the 40's tomorrow and breezy. thursday 53 partly sunny and showers thursday night into friday and 51 then and sunday 57 degrees. amber: we have an accident off to the shoulder 40 westbound n.c. 42. looks like it is not causing a big slow down. clear conditions and weather shouldn't slow you down. barbara: "good morning america" is next. john: we will see you again in
6:57 am
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he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty. good morning, america. millions of americans head to the polls on the biggest day of voting yet. >> now i'm going to be greedy for the united states. i'm going to take and take and take. >> donald trump looks unstoppable with 11 states up for grabs for each party. his rivals hitting him harder than ever. >> and we are not going to allow
7:00 am
the party of lincoln and reagan. >> one trump rally takes an ugly turn. a journalist roughed up. >> it matters what you say when you run for president and it really matters if you are president. >> and hillary clinton sets her sights on the gop front-runner. donald trump here exclusively live this morning as we kick off super tuesday. also this morning, erin andrews breaks down on the stand. her emotional testimony about the stalker who filmed her. >> the "anthem of the seas" races home again. the giant cruise ship that survived a severe storm turned back by a new one as passengers battle a norovirus outbreak. and the twister miracle. the woman locked out as a terrible tornado destroyed everything around her. wait until you hear how she


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