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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> have a great weekend. >> boom, boom, boom. barbara: breaking overnight horror am hesston, a gunman takes three lives, 14 others hurt. why the gunman did it. john: two weeks after a grandmother lost her leg in a drive-by shooting still no answers. this morning we hear from her as authorities make a new push to find a suspect. barbara: chilly morning temperatures as they flirt with freezing but don is tracking a warm-up. good morning, carolina, welcome on friday february 26. 35 degrees, 4:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark.
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let's talk about these cold temperatures. don: it will be colder tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be the coldest day in the next week but then we have a warm-up. let's look at the day ahead right now and the next 12 hours we are below freezing and in the 30's through 8:00. then we will get to the 40's but many places won't get out of the 40's. currently 35 in roxboro, 36 roanoke rapids. 35 sanford, 38 goldsboro and fayetteville. looking at the day ahead. 35 now and mainly clear. lunchtime lots of sunshine but 40's. late day 49 degrees, mostly sunny skies. lots of sunshine and nice dry conditions for the weekend. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a bit. caitlin: we are starting off as we 10 to piece together events
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spree in hesston, kansas. that isw enforcement in a standoff with the gunman's roommate. a nearby hospital is on lockdown. the main crime scene is the excel industries lawn care plant where 15 were shot, three killed. last night the suspect was employee there. >> by the time law enforcement killed him 15 were shot inside the building. eyewitnesses describe the moment when bullets started flying. >> i witnessed him shoot the
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i saw thenor asked the nation to keep the people of hearse ton in your prayers. five of the 14 injured are said to be in critical condition. the plant is closed today. barbara: also breaking the u.s. military sending a emergency to north korea by testing a missile carrying of cable of cargo nuclear weapons. it blasted over the pacific. it is routine but one reminding north korea of u.s. power as concerns degree about north korea's push to have nuclear weapons that could reach u.s. soil. several top military brass were there for the launch including the deputy defense secretary. durham county deputies are pushing for new clues in a shooting. they were in her neighborhood yesterday. door think holloway is opening
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she talked to joel brown. reporter: they are family have come to visit in the hospital but she can't bring herself to tell them why she is there. >> although know is that i'm in the hospital. i didn't want to tell them that. reporter: none of what happened february 12 makes sense to her. she remembers coming back to her only forrester street from shopping and someone heard gunshot and her daughter jumped on her mom to shield her but when she regained consciousness she was at duke hospital and her leg was amputated. >> i don't remember nothing else. nothing. but waking up with an amputated leg. reporter: the sheriff deputies were back in the neighborhood thursday passing out fliers trying to keep the case from going cold. her son shared this stephon
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with his mother learning how to walk again after a debilitating nerve condition. since the shooting he is been at a loss for what it tell her. >> she says why did they shoot me. i don't know. >> i'm going to recover but i have to get a leg and then learn how to walk again. barbara: that was joel brown. she is legally blind and has a tough road ahead. durham county investigators are eyeing three potential suspects but need more information. call crime stoppers if you can help. john: to vote 2016 now and the
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the in the next half hour the key take aways from the debate. trump drew criticism out side the field. the former mexican president used an obscenity when he discussed building a wall along the border and said trump should pay for it. barbara: we expect one of the names of a person killed in a crash in wake county. this is mitchellville road and fowler road near zebulon. it appears that the red car collided with a white s.u.v. sexual others were hurt. -- several others were hurt. john: a durham man attacked and robbed in a parking garage. >> it was a really bad experience.
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exclusively to "eyewitness news." find out the last thing he remembers before this unbelievable crime went down. don, good morning. don: good morning to you, john and barbara. we have got dry conditions across the region. not seeing any rainfall.
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weather that sticks around and don: welcome back. let's look at the commuter forecast. as you drive in it should be easy. temperatures running in the mid 30's. by 10:00, 42 and mainly clear. 37 south hill. 5 roxboro. 38 rocky mount. 36 hills proceed. 37 cary. 33 sanford, 38 fayetteville.
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35 mainly clear now. by lunchtime mostly sunny and 44. through the late day 47 under memorandum skies -- mostly sunny skies. still a little cool but we are going to warm up and we will see 60's by the end of the weekend. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a bit. barbara: now to an "eyewitness news" exclusive a durham man home this morning nursing a number of wounds. john: he was viciously attacked and robbed in a downtown parking garage. he talked to elena athens about what he remembers. >> i'm angry about this. this was a really bad experience. reporter: ralph gildehaus has a gash on the head and lip cut and head taped up after being attack and robbed in the corcoran parking garage. all he remembers is walking into the stairwell and seeing two men. >> the next thing that i
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me holding a wound and police and emergency responders were there and there was a pool of blood. john: a co-worker found him on the ground and called authorities. >> is he awake? >> he is lost a lot of blood. get here really quickly. reporter: he was assault and robbed by a 15-year-old who took his wallet. the minor is facing charges. the city owns the garbage and police say officers regularly patrol. we are told there hasn't been an incident like this since 2008. while he is angry he called it ironic. >> i'm not the only one who is a victim. reporter: he works for a nonprofit next to the garage that advocates for social injustice. >> i hope it is something we can come together about and improve security downtown but talk about issues of crime and violence and
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are the issues that i work on. john: gildehaus hopes to go back to his work next week. police continue to investigate but wouldn't say if they are searching for other suspects. barbara: 4:42 and 35 degrees. they might be competitors but google is throwing its support behind apple. how the search engine is getting involved in a court battle with the f.b.i. john: he is a model honor student just shy of graduation. why is he headed to jail? >> a 10-year-old girl who may not make it to today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in
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barbara: good friday morning. the kansas police officer called a hero for stopping a series of shootings. that is one story making headlines. he gunned down a man who stormed a factory where he worked in hesston, kansas. he killed three people, wounded 14 others before being shot dead by the police officer. officers are in a standoff with the gunman's roommate. the victims' identity have not been released. a tornado in appomattox had estimated winds up to 165 165-mile-per-hour. it was an reporter: f-3 and was on the ground 3 miles damaging more than 100 homes. four were killed. the cary town council gave the green light for the use of 21 acres of land to put in a publix grows are store at green level church and carpenter fire station road. some residents have been
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john: apple getting back-up in the court battle with the f.b.i. going plans to file a friend of the court brief. last week a court ordered appear toll help the f.b.i. hack a locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino terror shooters. apple is against it. google makes android software. google fierce creating a precedent that -- fears creating a precedent. ramping up against isis. president obama directing his national security team to pursue the terror group including cyber attacks. the president says since last summer the group has not launched a single successful operation in syria or iraq where it controls large amounts of territory. barbara: nevada's governor is ruling himself out as the u.s. supreme court nominee saying he notified the white house he doesn't wish to be considered as
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he expressed the same thing it harry reid and others. reid suggested sandoval. a source confirmed that the white house was vetting him. he said it is humbling being considered. more trouble for the department of veterans affairs. two officials are pushed in ohio one fired as the head of the state regional network the other disciplined at the cincinnati v.a. medical center of a an investigation. it says it may lead to a possible federal criminal srgs. >> bill pennsylvania. there he is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting
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cosby plans to refile the case against johnson before the statute of limitations expires. barbara: an alarming case in pennsylvania a high school it is not clear why he did this but he had an expired visa. john: a mansion goes up in flames in newport, rhode island. flames were shooting 60 feet into the air. the cause is under investigation. officials say it was being renovated at the time and no one was hurt. barbara: a south dakota high school teenager shares an important night with his sister. john: his sister was diagnosed with cancer several years ago
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failed and they decided to do no more treatment. she may not live to see high school so he came up with a plan to make sure she got to experience an important rite of passage her first high school dance. sweet story. don: heart-breaking. barbara: i hate cancer. don: that makes all of us. john: it is cold out there, don. don: still a little bit of wind. we could see winds 10 to 15 miles an hour today. we will show you the next five to six days and we are below average today and tomorrow. still cool. but look what happens sunday. we jump into the 60's and stay there as we start the first week of march. let's show what you is going opbn as far as a live look into raleigh. temperature now is 35, dew point 25, 67% humidity. west wind three so we are around
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a live look into joined fayetteville. 39, west wind eight miles an hour. numbers from across the region 35 roxboro, 34 louisburg, 34 sanford. 32 chapel hill. 38 fayetteville and 38 in clinton. we look at the clear skies above and we are seeing clear conditions really across the entire region. zoom out and the snow all staying well to the north t. is snowing significantly in portions of pennsylvania and upstate new york into ohio and northern indiana being pounded with lake-effect snow. some show in boone. if you are a skier you have a great weekend. sunny weekend, by lunchtime today only at 43 degrees. as we go into the evening if you have plans on this friday night by 8:00 the temperatures fall back into the upper 30's. then as we go through tomorrow by lunchtime tomorrow nothing but sunshine, upper 40's. a little warmer tomorrow.
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see temperatures returning into the 60's. nice jump in temperatures by the end of the weekend. today high pressure, we are on the front side and it is pulling cooler air in. mostly sunny, near 50. as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours, we have a couple of clouds, a little warmer with the high pressure continuing to slide east pulling the warmer air and makes for a nice end of the weekend. the rest of the day by lunchtime 44 and into the evening and afternoon hours mostly sunny, breezy, temperatures running near 50 in the capital city. let's look at the highs. 50 holly springs, 50 durham, chapel hill 48. 51 in smithfield. 50 wendell, 48 siler city. pinehurst 51, 52 fayetteville. 51 goldsboro and 53 clinton. south hill 44 today and 48 roanoke rapids and 49 rocky mount.
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region back into the 20's for overnight lows. 25 henderson, 27 raleigh, 29 fayetteville. it will be the coldest night of the next seven. after tonight we see temperatures start to moderate. 51 saturday. sunday 63. monday partly sunny and we will see showers monday night into tuesday and we could see another rounds of rain wednesday into thursday. the temperatures in the 60's next week. we had four tornadoes confirmed by the national weather service. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. barbara: thank you. it is now 4:52 and 35 degrees. durham school teacher a grammy award winner.
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music barbara: happy friday, 4:54 and 35 degrees. john: a durham school teacher just won a grammy. he was at the ceremony between john legend and lady gaga. barbara: others say they wouldn't be where they are without a great music teacher like him. reporter: phillip riggs teaches music at the north carolina school of science and math in durham. he led middle and high school bands and choirs all over the state. >> music education and ensembles are the only activity in the school day where students are asked it use their entire brain the left and ride right sides. reporter: he doesn't just teach kids how to carry a tune. he teaches them how to be better people. >> music is the tool we use to teach students how to be productive citizens.
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and hopefully enhance their quality of life as they move into adulthood. reporter: it doesn't stop when class is over. >> i try to work with them individually and know about what is going on in their lives. reporter: he's concerned about the future of music education here. the average music teacher lasts about three years. he created a mentorship program for new band teachers and works to encourage and inspire them. he helped direct thousands of lives and he won a grammy for best music educatorment >> mr. phillip riggs whose top taught band in north carolina 27 years. well done. we appreciate you. reporter: to every artist who made it to this stage a community theatre, auditorium a teacher like there played a critical role getting them there. barbara: that is awesome. congratulations.
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he won out of 4,500 others nominated from all 50 states. a former teacher of his nominated him. she says he taught students to be inspirations. john: i didn't know they give away awards like that. well deserved. 4:57 and a daunting task for folks in granville county.
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john: breaking news deadly rampage in kansas. what we are debate before surgeon tuesday. the verbal jabs. caitlin: breaking news about a plane crash. how many victims there are and why getting to them will be a challenge. john: good morning, carolina. it is 5:00, 35 degrees, i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. we will have more but first meteorologist meteorologist don schwenneker in the storm storm. it is cooler this morning. don: we are seeing temperatures


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