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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you. saving you hundreds of dollars. >> see what's happening this instant, from the raleigh eyewitness news center. abc 11 eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] anchor: north carolina has new congressional maps in the new primary date for that election. anna: today lawmakers voted to push the congressional primary
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that could change but the supreme court could step in. some could wind up voting twice. we have the best political team to lay it all out. what do we need to know? >> the one thing we are going to hear is vote march 15. the primaries are still going to go forward. we are all supposed to vote just like we always would have even for our congressional delegates and met is not to say it will count. you may have to go back to the polls in june to redo your vote. today. the notion if the supreme court doesn't step in we will have this separate congressional primary june 7 two vote on who
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there will have to be a new filing. all of this goes to a federal court ruling that two congressional districts in the state were drawn predominantly using race. that is unconstitutional. the legislature remains -- maintains that was legal. they excluded race as a factor completely. that has democrats crying foul again because instead of using race they say republicans used voting data to draw the lines. >> the court sent them back to chair a racial gerrymander. the republicans remedied to a racial gerrymander is a partisan gerrymander. >> we have drawn without using rates. we did what they said. if the order was constitutional
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reporter: all the primaries will be happening march 15. this only applies to the congressional race and the supreme court can step in and undo all of this until the primaries. you've got that? it gets confusing. we will do our best to sort it for folks. the big take away, go vote for all of the races. in anchor: thank you. the big question, should they still had to the polls. yes but injury a is following that angle of the story for us. andrea: we can't stress this enough. do you need to vote, the answer is yes. the state board of elections wants all north carolinians to go to the march 15 primary. we have new congressional
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congressional primary but state elections officials tell us it's important you go to the polls. it is important. here is why. the presidential and legislative races are not affected. you still need to vote for your candidate of choice. you have to keep voting. republicans are still at this moment hoping that u.s. supreme court chief justice john roberts will change this. if he does issue this day your congressional votes will count. that is important for the 22,000 voters who have gotten absentee ballots and are sitting at home wondering whether they should
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the answer is yes. the state board says they will handle what happens next. take a listen. >> there may be congressional races. we don't want voters to make that decision. they would count. anchor: if the state does not hear back from the supreme court you will need to go back to the polls and recap the ballots. your votes based on these old maps will not count. you will need to vote based on the new maps state lawmakers just approved. very important to plan on voting as you always have planned to. much more explaining to do on this.
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polls. thank you. the first case of zika virus confirmed in north carolina. state officials are revealing anything about the patient or saying where the person lives. ed crump is live in raleigh. why won't they reveal that information? reporter: one for the privacy of the patient. they say it doesn't pose a serious health threat. it was likely a mosquito bite gave them the zika virus. the virus is not life threatening in bulk. 20% show symptoms. the real threat is that it can be transmitted to fetuses. pregnant women are being told not to travel to places where
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north ca the disease but there is one possible way it can be spread. by the way, and that soundbite which we are missing, the health and human services, one of the officials said there is one case where they believe zika was transmitted potentially by sexual contact in texas. that one case isn't a concern but they say there is still research going on to see if that will be transmitted that way. we have all the information you need on the zika virus. that includes interview that i did with the head of the department at n.c. state who talks and explains to you why mosquitoes will not be able to
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anchor: good information there. ed crump is live from raleigh. anchor: lawsuit toss. a judge dismissed former chapel hill athletes claims that school officials course them into taking bogus classes. students did not attend classes and turned in grades at the end of the semester. the lawsuit lacked merit and argued the deadline closed years ago paid the judge agreed and the lawsuit was tossed out. >> we made it to friday. anchor: we still had to get through today. chris hohmann is outside with his coat on. >> we were talking yesterday low mid 50's. they are coming. don't worry. we started out in the mid 20's. if you are headed out this
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it will fall fast into the 50's. we do hit the 60's over the weekend. that is coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. >> the owner of the mount fact shinning vortex ride was given a special deal for pleading guilty. writers were tossed from their seats when the ride started. now the punishment that comes with the plea. >> the prosecutor thinks they got off lightly considering the injuries sustained. they left in one line. they entered an alford plea.
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his family -- five people rushed to the hospital after it was determined a safety mechanism had been disabled. there was a civil lawsuit. the case was settled for $5 million. his attorney would not pay out. his client takes full responsibility. >> he and the courtroom again apologize to them. they felt bad for the pain and suffering they had gone through because of his employees. >> he was sentenced to 30 days in jail.
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elaina athans, abc 11 eyewitness news. anchor: that family has been through a lot. anchor: teachers are gathered in downtown durham to send a student his homework. why they are doing this. see where she and other candidates stand. anchor: and hoverboards are considered unsafe. see the last been put on notice. chris hohmann has put us on notice.
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ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. anna: the teen who use the in an adult court. ethan couch could face jail time for the 2013 crash that killed four people. couch was 16 years old at the time of the crash. you could get 120 days in jail then finish his probation if you violate his probation. he could get 10 years in prison
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heather: justices and 98 of his former law clerks joined in the privatanna: things are red and blue hot on the campaign trail. they are still stinging from getting booted in las vegas. ted cruz and marco rubio are battling it out for second. donald trump is softening his message to the pope calling him a wonderful guy he doesn't want
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anna: harper lee died in her sleep this morning at her home in alabama. her novel to kill a mockingbird immortalized her name with its story of justice and race. it became a classic of american literature. she won the pulitzer prize for the book in 1961. she was 89 years old. anna: just in time for friday's rush hour, steve daniels is with us. steve: this is impacting i 40 eastbound, shut down right now approaching 15 501. that is a flipped over pickup truck. they have just been able to drag
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we're just getting the first view from chopper 11 overhead. it is hard to make out how many vehicles are overhead. first responders, ambulances on the scene. that is the big trouble. i 40 eastbound shutdown. it's backed up for miles. westbound backed up as well. the westbound side, if you are in that area, orange, durham county, eastbound and westbound, a real mess. eastbound shutdown. we have more information from authorities. anna: bad news for drivers out there. thank you for that. let's talk better news. the weekend weather. those 60's can't get here soon enough. anchor: you are right. we have been waiting all week.
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two nice days coming up. most of the day is going to be rain free. here we go pick temperatures and mid-upper 60's. a few spots at or above 70 degrees. it's going to be nice. late sunday into monday, tuesday and wednesday the steadier rain gets here. temperatures go below average. we are going to enjoy every minute of the warm air coming our way. it is seasonably cool. 52 degrees, not that far off the mark. humidity 54%. 50 at south hill. 50 roxboro. a cool but sunny day. southern pines. 54 and 55 degrees at clinton.
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chicago is warmer than us. 65 louisville. still warm and kansas city. close to 80 in dallas. up to 55 miles per hour causing damage and air delays. the warm air is streaking our way. sunny skies. a gorgeous start. not a lot going on around the country just yet. things will get more active into the early part of next week. then we see some rain. low temperatures, mid-30's to upper 30's around the triangle. you still need a jacket. it will fall faster than level off. tomorrow morning 38. 56 by midmorning, late morning. there'll be clouds around. southwest winds will push temperatures into the mid 60's.
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notice a little rain. some of that could get here during the evening hours but the vast majority of the rain is free. there could be light showers around. most of that will occur after dark. much of monday, a spotty shower here in their. high clouds around. partly sunny. mid-60's down to the south. low and mid 60's to the north. first alert, 68 sunday. lay in the day into sunday evening, mostly cloudy. a spotty shower. ending tuesday night, coming back wednesday. temperatures cooler there. it does turn cooler and it gets wet.
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anna: clouds almost all next week. enjoy the weekend. $2 million thrown at the flint water crisis. see how it would be used. heather: and the little guy with big moves. the local boy who well the crowd. anna: and hazardous hoverboards. celebrate disneyland's 60th on abc. watch the wonderful world of disney. right here on abc 11.
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show your favoriteheather: a fight broke out in vegas that ended with two people dead and one injured. once the fight spilled outside shots were fired. a woman's body was found in the street. the other victims pulled up in the car. the woman inside died. there is video of the fight and police are helping -- hoping it will make an arrest in the case. flint, michigan will get $2 million to replace its old water pipes. the grant money is coming from the state's distressed cities
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they leadthe governor wanted and engineering company to map the pipes. the grantanna: you can relate to this too many of us are not getting enough sleep. the study of sleep levels on a state level, hundreds of thousands reported getting less than the seven hours of sleep recommended every day. the least amount of state with the single reporters levels of sleep was hawaii. the government is cracking down on hoverboards.
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manufacturers lettings in the hoverboard could start a fire have led to bands by several airlines and college campuses. and all those terrible falls. you still see them everywhere. anchor: they look like fine until you see video like that. anna: a local bus station is about to get better for riders. heather: and a lesson that had nothing to do with getting them wore ready. reporter: some teachers are rallying behind a student facing deportation. >> we may understand but we are rallying for you. we have your back. >> here what they are doing to make sure he doesn't get behind in school. >> they genuinely care and are interested. that has been the unique thing.
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more attention than their owner
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heather: an update on the crash shutting down i. steve daniels with the latest. steve: things are slowly improving in southern durham county. you can see this the ot truck has the pickup that was flipped over. flames are just now sweeping up and reopening. one lane is getting by. we are trying to make sense of how many vehicles were involved. that is i 40 eastbound backing up traffic into orange county. the other direction moving a little better. it was bogged down as well. we have more details from
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heather: crews have started to smooth over the westbound lanes of i-40. they are putting a thin layer of asphalt over the groups that have made driving difficult. the work will repair potholes and add new reflective markers. the winter weather and rain delayed the project. work will continue through the weekend. anna: standing room only in the soldier support center of fort bragg. soldiers gathered to meet with them. the course was set up to teach the men how to transition from military to civilian jobs. governor pat mccrory launched the partnership in 2015 to help veterans find employment. heather: a man who has been volunteering with the airborne and special operations museum sent an open received a special honor today.
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>> the city is a military town that knows about military and falling out of airplanes. heather: all of the was fans would not fit on the one stone. chris: a lot of sunshine after a cold start across the region. nice afternoon out there. a little bit on the cool side. skies are sunny. 53 degrees. you need that jacket headed out this evening. 53 at south hill. 55 in fayetteville. typical february day will fall quickly. you need to grab a jacket. look at how steady the temperature falls.
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partly sunny skies. a good-looking day tomorrow. temperatures warming up dramatically from what we've had. it gets a little wet and chilly. a nice weekend on the way. anna: transportation is expected to explode in the triangle. the first of to getting ready is revamping the raleigh transit station. the raleigh mayor joined other leaders for the renovation groundbreaking. it will take a year to complete. anna: we have been following the story sense ice showed up at riverside high school and took them to a detention center. live in the middle of downtown
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family members are there to give them homework. >> they met here at the post office. they say that this is something that he requested. this is an effort to ensure that the teenager finishes his past assignments leaking graduate from riverside high school in may. advocates are fighting his removal. >> we're hoping to file a motion to reopen in his case. a stay of removal was denied. there will be something pending by the time this event takes
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anchor: while they have more followers on social media than most of us on facebook. to internet sensations right here in raleigh. anna: you may have seen this picture on the internet. it's been shared millions of times. i met them and found a how their fame has become a big career. this is cedi tripod, the three leg and chihuahua. like she is the boss of the house. she is a grumpy old lady. reporter: her mother takes videos of her and posts them online. one of them went viral. >> it was completely shocking. i'm in law school. i got up for school.
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i was like, oh my gosh. there are 30,000 people following my dog. it went from five followers to 30,000 in 19. anna: set my they were asking for more videos. reporter: she is kind of inspirational. >> they relate to her story that she is strong and happy even though she only has three legs. reporter: knox joined the family and he became internet sensation. he and cedi have 230,000 followers on social media. >> that many people have seen our lives and our house home and our dog. reporter: they even caught snoop dogg's eye.
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>> is more than a great picture. our audiences connect with them. they have their own story. they have a personality online. anna: you know you love that. last year cedi broker one good front leg and her followers helped raise enough money to cover her surgery and physical therapy. companies are hiring them as part of ad campaigns. be will tell you more about that coming up. heather: that is a genius idea. anna: high wind and fire don't makes.
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anna: the weather is going to be springlike this weekend. enjoy it. hockey. amber rupinta hooks you up with friday freebies. the corner. are plenty of freebies to get you ready for nicer weather but there is lots of eyes to take advantage of. this is hockey weekend across america. kids for years old and up can to the sport. if movies are more your thing you can exchange three new or gently used books at the marble museum for a buy one get one free movie ticket.
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events and others downtown here by downloading a new free app. it is brought to you by the downtown raleigh alliance. reporter: the app includes information about how to get around and finding ticketed or free events at your fingertips. with the forecast, it is a great time to join them for a stargazing event from 6:00 to 8:00 where they will have the telescope set up for stackable under the stars. saturday a starlet view will be park. you can take in a priceless view of the milky way for free. heather: you can find more details on all of these freebies in more ways to save by going to
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anna: stargazing sounds good. we don't care what it is. just get us outside. we are tracking cases of the months in north carolina. where the victims were working. heather: and buzz over a stolen beehive. why the crime is so costly and what beekeepers are being told to do. >> this video is going viral. a third grader dancing like michael jackson. heather: we are all waiting for that one. we are living for the weekend. lots of people outside on fayetteville street. they have their coats on. there is lots of great stuff going on this weekend. you may want to download that
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se t>> abc 11 eyewitness news continues. heather: check out this incredible video out of tolls salt, oklahoma where 40,000 acres of land are burning as intense gusty winds follow a
4:47 pm
one county burn 17,000 acres in three hours. no one has been hurt but a number of homes are lost. anna: more wild video. a huge grass fire in missouri pay check out this. this is a firenado. there is no word on what started the fire. consumers $200 a year.
4:48 pm
yahoo! is shutting down several online digital magazines. they will start phasing out yahoo! food, health, travel, real estate. marissa mayer outlined a cost-cutting plan to simplify the company and reduce staff by 15%. heather: beekeepers are trying to figure out who is stealing beehives. they have been disappearing as pollination season is getting underway. beekeepers shifted to allman farmers. that adds to the crop value in california. if you do the math the thieves make out big time. >> you have $17,000 within the next month without doing anything. heather: beekeepers should mark
4:49 pm
anna: a home was sohe's been getting calls every day about the house but so far no offers. anna: he has moves like michael jackson. that is a third grader who put on quite a show during the talent competition. heather: his mom share the video with us. 9000 people have viewed it. stephanie lopez got some lessons. reporter: jonah loves to best a move just like michael jackson. his mom tells us he didn't have any choreography planned for his performance because he already
4:50 pm
school watching michael jackson music videos and learning the moves. jonah has autism and learning the dance is everything to him. his singular interest. he showed us how he does the moonwalk and shared his favorite moves. >> the moonwalk, you stand. we were at the beach and we solve this is it, his last concert. that is how began to like him. reporter: he will start dancing when he gets bored. people will stop. several people have gotten his autograph. reporter: you can watch the full video on our website. just look on the home page. anna: let's check in with steve coming up at 5:00.
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on the books for north carolina voters. big changes as lawmakers draw new maps and delay the congressional primary. we sorted out for you. what you need to know at the top of the hour. we have this video, we have new video of the good samaritans jumping into the waters and hawaii after the terrifying crash. a bunch of vacationers in the water waiting to get rescued. chris hohmann looking head to the weekend. another chance for rain. >> until then things are warming up nicely just in time as promised. it may top off at 70. it's not that far down the road coming up at 5:00. steve: we will see you in a few minutes. all the news happening now straightahead. anna: thank you. first, it was the grammys. now rihanna's postponing her
4:52 pm
she was set to start her to her last friday. the singer is canceling the production delays. performance because of bronchitis. the tour will now start march 12 in jacksonville, florida. heather: take a look at this special treat for visitors a salmon the national park. it only happens around this time of year. it looks like fire falling off a cliff. park rangers say it is the son flowing through a waterfall. the angle has to be just right. when it does the park website says it is awesome.
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>> concerns about a cancer cluster here in north carolina, what the patients battling i cancer have in common anchor:. and a plane goes down in union county. but the pilot recorded before the crash. anchor: and it's been a few weeks. we want to talk about it some more. 53 degrees is the temperature now. it's going to be 10 degrees warmer than that tomorrow. warmer on sunday. stay with us. we have big stories for you ahead. anchor: stay on top of the weather. you will be the very first to know about watches and warnings for your neighborhood preach a cap live doppler radar anytime you want it.
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abc 11 mobile app andanchor: to lowe's employees confirm they have cases of the moms are they work in the customer's mort -- customer support system. six possible cases are being investigated. they are waiting on test results from a possible case. the best defenses to get vaccinated and practice good hygiene habits. anchor: a major intersection shut down for hours in wes charlotte. a driver crashed into utility poles this morning. it brought them down along with traffic signals. officers have charge a person with dwi. anna: the faa is on the scene of a deadly plane crash. we are learning the pilot killed engine problems before the aircraft went down. 68-year-old jim cook was the only person on board. the plane nosedived but it was
4:57 pm
anchor: check out this intense fire. firefighters say the blaze started after someone left food on the stove. everyone was able to get out safely. the home is considered -- anna: that makes for fire departments hit and a little more than a week. police worked a similar case last week while several firefighters were responding to a call. heather: leaders in western north carolina towns want answers about a high number of cancers. ocular melanoma have been identified in huntersville. it normally strikes only five
4:58 pm
in all the cases the patients went to high school or lived or worked nearby. those health officials have said they see no need for environmental testing. but huntersville town commissioner pushing for independent third-party to test the campus for possible environmental leaks. as you start your weekend take your phone with you to send pictures and video of what you can encounter. use the hashtag abc 11. anna: here is stephen t ship. >> shakeup. new voting maps approved. the primary pushed to june. what it means to you. by the controversy may not be over. details coming in.
4:59 pm
the first confirmed details on the youngest victim in critical condition. steve: we have new eyewitness accounts. good evening. tisha: we begin with breaking news in the primary shakeup. lawmakers approved new maps that shift the districts. the legislative caucus calling behold thing unconstitutional. the house and senate both an action. it changes maps and primary dates. republicans say they did not factor in race when making these
5:00 pm
to draw the lines. critics say that opened up a new set of concerns calling this political gerrymandering instead of racial gerrymandering. they say the way the maps are drawn will leave to more court challenges and another redo of the legislator. they are holding out hope the supreme court will step down and let the state hold congressional primaries as previously planned with all the rest of them. if that doesn't happen a separate congressional primary will be held in june. i'm jon camp, now in raleigh. clearing out the voting issues. we need to get out and vote march 15. andrea blanford on that part of the story. andrea: go out and vote march 15. fill out your entire ballot.


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