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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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barbara: breaking wild life refuge. john: two deputies killed in a maryland restaurant. what we learn about the shooter. barbara: how long the frigid temperatures will be around. meteorologist don schwenneker is watching for a chance of snow. good morning, carolina, welcome on thursday february 11, 23 degrees and 5:31. i'm barbara gibbs john: i'm john clark thanks for tuning in. we are in first alerts mode. we start with meteorologist don schwenneker. don: good morning to you. we start on this thursday morning with colder temperatures than we saw yesterday. it will stay cold throughout today. looking at the day ahead the numbers barely climbing. by 9:00 still in the 20's and 11:00 we go before freezing. we will be in the 30's this afternoon. 39 by 3:00 that is the high. current numbers 19 in roxboro,
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17 sanford, 21 fayetteville. 25 clinton, 24 wilson and 2 roanoke rapids. factor in the weekend it feels like 15 roanoke rapids, 16 r.d.u. and fayetteville teens. looking at the day ahead, 22 right now and mainly clear. by lunchtime 36 and sunny. snowflakes by tomorrow. now we have traffic and amber rupinta is off so i will handle the traffic through the morning. we are not seeing any accidents. we have this one area highlighted. this sis a shoulder closed due to maintenance on n.c. 540 both ways from exit 54-a, b, chapel hill road. watch for that. it may slow things done on n.c. 540.
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looking at cameras, the i-40 camera not working from n.c. dot. 147 and alston avenue quiet. we will go to one more camera, u.s. 70 and cheek road and right now volume very light on the roads for an early thursday morning. john: no matter what happens tomorrow we are your first alert to any went weather. download the first alert weather app to track developing conditions and instant alerts to any watches an warnings -- and warnings. barbara: it appears the standoff in oregon is end being. the last four say they will turn themselves in this morning. a few hours ago the group's leader was arrested in portland. that is according to the local sheriff's office. that decision to end the standoff comes after the f.b.i. surrounded the remaining four holdouts last night. at one point an open phone line
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shouting the only way we leave is dead or without charges. caitlin: today maryland is mourning the loss of two sheriff deputies shot and scheduled by a gunman. within deputy was shot in the head and second killed during a shootout. this was at a panera bred in abingdon 20 miles northeast of baltimore feel the suspect 68-year-old david evans had warpbts for his arrest. he was in the restaurant we one deputy approached him and sat down to speak with him. >> he took out his gun and shot him in the head after the officer said how is your day. caitlin:. the deputy was shot and killed as he pursued the suspect. the suspect was also killed. today the governor has ordered flags at half-staff to honor those two fallen deputies.
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open after a crash in the five points area. a driver took out a pole before crashing through a fence and hitting a house. he's been charged with d.w.i. we will check with the highway patrol to see how one of their troopers is doing after it crash. it left the kraouszcruiser with a charlotted window. i-40 westbound and davis drive is where it happened. the trooper was taken away on a stretcher and another person was in the back of an ambulance. john: u.s. senators putting aside differences to approve sanctions against north korea. the goal is to keep the north from advancing its nuclear ambition after a rocket launch last weekends. meantime, north korea is responding to south korethe south's assets and deport
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primary many already there. after donald trump won the new hampshire primary followed by john kasich we know where everyone else rubio. chris christie and carly fiorina ended their campaigns yesterday. on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders will meet ak as a civil rights activist during college years to attract voters. john: family and friends praying for justice. >> people love you. come on, y'all.
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john: this candlelight vigil marking tkiller. barbara: how you can help finds durham's next police. don: as you head out it is colder than it was yesterday. with temperatures in the 20's. if you think this is cold wait until you see the weekend i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable. 300 megs. crazy-fast. dad! you can get wifi all over this place. cool! make your home as connected as possible. get 50 meg internet with unlimited data for $39.99 per month. and ask about free installation.
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don: welcome back. let's look out the weather window. mostly sunny skies and another pretty day. you say look at the sunshine then you step out and you are slapped in the face by the cold air. lunchtime only 30's and we will be in the 30's in much of the region. some are in the teens now. 19 south hill, oxford, roxboro. 21 chapel hill and louisburg, 23
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26 in goldsboro, 24 wilson and 17 in sanford, 18 southern pines and fayetteville in the 20's but wind-chill in the teens. the temperatures climb mid 30's by lunchtime and fayetteville may see the 40's but the triangle will be in the 30's all afternoon under mostly sunny skies. sunshine is replaced by snowflakes tomorrow. we will have that and the seven-day forecast including the second round of snow,next. john: a grieving fayetteville family looking for answers. they want to know who killed lanny byrd and why. his body was fond tuesday in a wooded area off shaw mill road. family gathered there to remember a gentle man they say would give anyone the shirt off his back. loved ones can't understand who would want to hurt byrd and dump his body in the woods. >> he didn't deserve this. i hope they catch the person that did this because i want justice for my brother.
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to talk to this man 23-year-old damien boyd. family members say he was a friend who was helping byrd out. authorities say they were seen together saturday night. his autopsy is set for t week. a more extensive jeanning process is -- screening process is under way. they want your input to have it done by april. behind the government decision it take the city to court.
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wal-mart barbara: welcome back. another bitter blast is one story making headlines this morning. the arctic air lingering the rest of the weekend and we could see precipitation tomorrow. "big weather" is talking about the possibility of snow in some hind and walk one by one to a police check point. today the do you recall school
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reviseing the code after parents protested after students were not allowed to wear african led wraps. they say it infringes cultural expression. john: the federal government is taking ferguson, missouri, to court. the u.s. attorney general the proposed agreement. we expect to hear a response from ferguson officials today. for the 15 the time parole is denied for senator robert f. kennedy's assassin. sirhan sirhan now 71 told a parole panel he doesn't remember the shooting. a kennedy confidant told the panel he believes sirhan shot him but an unidentified second shooter killed kennedy. he was one of five hurt after
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presidential primary in california. barbara: a disturbing find in a wal-mart parking lot. a young woman's body in her car. investigators say it could have been there as long as three months. she was last seen alive november 13 the same day she left a rehab center. they say her car will tinted windows and sun said making tit difficult to spot someone inside. the cause is not determined but police believe it was likely suicide. for the first time in 30 years a massachusetts resident is waking up a free man. he was 17 years when he was arrested for the rape of a 78-year-old neighbor. a single strand of hair helped convict him despite the victim saying he was not the attacker. the scientific analysis proving guilt is one fof the f.b.i. says is flawed. else out of jail. john: a stunning medical error this morning.
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was being lawyer said the doctor apologized but the hospital billed them. >> now to new york and 8-year-old girl saving the life of her baby brother. >> this is ambulance dispatcher. can i help you? >> my brother is about to dry.
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barbara: that little girl made the call for her parents who don't speak english. she told the dispatcher their address and police officer was the first to get there. he said the baby had a seizure and he started c.p.r. on the boy and the boy started breathing again. all the credit going to his sister. the family has signed up for c.p.r. training in case it happens again. a local man knew his wife was the perfect match when they exchanged vows 15 years ago but he never expected this gift from her. he learned that she is his perfect match for a kidney donation. he has kidney disease and took a leave of absence. doctors sid he feeded a transplant but the wait could be up to seven years. recently his wife nicole went in for testing and learned she is a perfect match.
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the chances that we married and her becoming a match? it is slim to none. it is amazing, amazing. i can't thank her enough. barbara: they will go in for surgery in about that weeks. the chance of nicole being a phafptd for her husband is less than 1%. john: incredible story. they are both nurses at duke hospital. barbara: we wish them well when they go in for surgery. amazing. some people wait and don't live waiting. john: some don't make it for their donation. don: that is great. another reason why you could be the match. get out and get typed. you could be carrying somebody else's life. barbara: he probably said i knew i picked well. don: let's talk weather today. it is going to be cold as you head out. looking at the day ahead we have temperatures in the 20's, meteorologistly clear.
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by lunchtime 36 and in the afternoon we don't see much cloud cover. sunny and temperatures below average in the 30's across raleigh and low 40's in the sand hills. live look into downtown raleigh and 22, do you want five, that is 48% humidity. northwest wind five miles an hour. looking into fayetteville, 25, 49% humidity, winds are calm. clear morning, satellite and radar composite not showing much in the way of cloud cover. we have this line of clouds where we are seeing the low track out. it will slide off the coast and develop. that could throw snow back at us tomorrow. today we are not seeing anything. we have the first alert predictor forecast model and lunchtime sunshine, not a lot to show you. 5:00 or 6:00 tonight, sunshine, not a lot to show you. tomorrow we see the cloud cover verying. this is lunchtime tomorrow with the system developing down to the south throwing moisture to the north and the i-95 corridor will be the cutoff but we could
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triangle and a few flurries to the north. it is a quick hitter. by 5:00 it has moved east and takes the moisture with it. how much snow will we see? this is -- first of all we will look at models. you'reeuropean forecast keeps it out of raleigh. the american model brings it back into the region. that is the one to three inches. i think we will be less than this. i think we will see enough cold air that our forecast tomorrow will show about a half inch or less. we are talk about trace flurries. we you get to i-95 and east more than a half inch is possible and you could get up to an inch in eastern most counties. today high pressure is giving us sunshine. this is the low toll tapping into the moisture and throws it back into the cold air and triggers the snow showers. for today sunshine, cooler
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lunchtime 36 degrees and into the afternoon mostly sunny in raleigh. below average with temperatures in the 30's. the rest of the region temperatures will run in the 30's from cary to chapel hill. 40 smithfield. 39 holly springs and 38 siler city. 40 pinehurst, 43 raeford. 42 fayetteville. 40 lillington. 39 rocky mount, 38 roanoke rapids, 35 south hill. tonight the temperatures back into the 20's and teens for overnight lows. 21 raleigh and durham. 19 henderson, 18 roxboro and 23 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow staying in the 30's. we will be in the 30's the next five days. chance of snowflakes tomorrow and 38. 4 saturday. sunday many places in the 20's. coldest day of the winter so far. monday another system approaches for presidents day. could start as snow and could get an inch or two in spots before it changes to rain.
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then moves out. wednesday partly sunny and back into the 50's. time for weather and traffic. amber rupinta is off so i will handle the traffic. we are looking at the shoulders closed over on n. krfpltc. 540 north of morrisville doing road work on both sides near chapel hill road and n.c. 55. that may cause a slow not. the rest of the region dry and not much to show you in the way of our weather center and not much to show you with the traffic centers. no accidents. checking some spots this is i-40 and south saunders. it will slow down the next hour but right now traffic moving fine. we go to downtown raleigh we have green on all the maps. up to the north and east 440 meets capital boulevard we have more volume but no accidents so good news.
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barbara: 5:53 and if you are looking it take a vacation now
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john: coming up barbara: welcome back, 5:56. john: airline tickets prices falling to a six-year low. the transportation department says domestic airfares dropped more than 6% the that is correct of 2015. the average price is now about $372 $372. expansion of low cost airlines
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big driver. people usually decorate homes for christmas appear halloween. -- and halloween. barbara: for valentine's day this person's love has four-foot harps with sweet valentine wishes. there is a kissing booth. she said it is a labor of love for all to enjoy. abc's tv i.t. is back with gray's anatomy and scandal and how to get away with murder are returning. martin henderson is one of the movie actors on g barbara: today the episode is
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don't miss how to get away with murder. john: weary passengers after hurricane-force winds batter their cruise ship. barbara: another cold start to
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how you can john: right now what we are herring about a crash that -- learning about a crash. barbara: frigid air pouring in
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second threat.
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