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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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you talk to the business owner inside at the time. anchor: yes. he was pretty shaken when we arrived. not to tears at one point after he described what happened. all this water you see here flooded the inside of his woodworking shop. he was feet away when a concrete wall inside came crashing down. >> andrew set stunned as he dried out his socks. he was inside his woodworking shop when he heard a loud rumbling. >> the wall gave way in the middle and scattered concrete blocks. it busted my big saw altarpieces. reporter: the business that sits
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>> pretty soon it was six inches deep. reporter: a water main break is to blame. the bridge was shut down to traffic for hours while . >> it was pretty scary. reporter: he will have to replace tens of thousands of dollars of damage to equipment. >> i have voided a disaster. by the skin of my teeth. reporter: the bridges back open tonight but the pub is when to shut down. he is hoping to have things open back by then but the city says there is no timeline for when that will happen.
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murder of a raleigh cabdriver driver. two separate police departments are investigating. glory rodriguez explains how a cab driver's sharp eyes widening the investigation. reporter: candles and flowers sit outside the apartment of hose a dominguez. two people are charged. the police department is investigating whether at bridges connected to the assault of a different taxi driver. i hang cover a copy of the police report last march. if edwards was involved, jackie boykin tells me they have fingerprints that could link him to the assault.
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place edwards at the scene. many do not reported to police. . anna: thank you. new developments in the death of a teacher in goldsboro. grief counselors or at meadow lane elementary after a future was killed in the parking lot. a bus dropping off students hit kincaid in his wheelchair. he lives behind a wife expecting their first child in june. a gofundme is set up online to help the family. joel: police are warning about a phone scam that has returned the triangle. starting to arrest victims for missing jury duty if they don't provide bank account information. the scammer claims the victim is facing charges. if you get a call threatening arrest or demanding money hang
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anna: i cruise ship nightmare.
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few hours after ship's seaworthiness has not been affected. joel: what a ride. anna: last night, rob said the storm was forecasted. they went right into it. joel: a crook with a guilty conscience. anna: see what happened when he returned with a package to one from the porch.
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the match is incredibly rare. the story ahead. joel: we will see you in a little bit. first to look at what's coming up at 6:00. reporter: an emotional day for faculty and staff. today marks one year since a violent incident left students dead. what the family is saying as a vigil begins. and joe biden making its way to rdu airport. he discussed the white house
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plus,>> abc 11 keeping you connected. find us on facebook. get notifications for the latest eyewitness news of dates. the number of job openings in
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the labor department says there were 5.6 million unfulfilled jobs in december. many u.s. workers don't have the skills to fill the job. many open jobs require vocational training. experts say some employers ask for too much, requiring a college degree for entry-level positions. joel: the u.s. got one step closer to a driverless car. regulators have insisted driverless cars still need a driver to take control and grabbed the steering wheel to slam on the brakes. regulators gave google the go-ahead to build a car without any of that. norse -- no steering wheel or breaks. states can pass laws to make them have those things. anna: a carful of backseat drivers now. love is in the air.
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valentine's day diane wilson has a warning about online dating. the $400,000 one woman lost
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anna: a suspected thief returned to the scene of the crime. joel: and bedbugs forcing agency to temporarily shut down. and mountains now blanketed in snow. anna: police are investigating an unusual ending in a theft case. after cubs released a picture of a man who stole a package from a man's doorstep he returned to the home, apologized and gave
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by the time police arrived he was gone. police still want to identify him. joel: now to a story that will make a bedbug outbreak is closed in eastern carolina. the county manager says and employees spotted a bedbug on the second floor of the building last thursday. the building houses the social services and health department for the county. an exterminator has been called in. the problem comes less than a
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thschools across the mountains are taking no chances and many were closed today. joel: into the consumer alert, a warning for anyone looking for love valentine's day. anna: be careful where you are looking. diane wilson is here with more. reporter: online dating websites see a surge around this time. they may bring a match. they can also bring mayhem. it could be part of a sweetheart scam. >> i look at it now and think how could i be so naive? reporter: this woman is still healing after losing hundreds of thousands of dollars and a scam. she has asked us not to use her name. she says it happened after she decided to use an online dating service. >> he was calling almost every day to see how i was. he realized how musical i was,
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he would send music videos. reporter: they decided to meet. he abruptly needed to go to malaysia to work. at one point he said that he needed money. >> it was always legitimate. i sent him the first $9,000. >> she sent more money. $400,000 in all. when he asked for a ticket to travel to the u.s. something didn't sing -- seem right. >> i called the embassy and they said he has -- you have been scammed. >> the man use someone else's picture and name for his profile. >> i thought i was doing well to do a background check. these people steal identities. >> the most important red flag is money.
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large dollar amounts, it is probably a scam. >> that is something you have to remember. just stop communicating with them. this is so sad. i hear from people all the time who lose money to this scam. hopefully you do not fall for it valentine's day. anna: a lot of red flags. that is one. joel: if you have a consumer complaint or needy troubleshooter to get involved send an e-mail or reach out on twitter. chris hohmann joins us now. the arctic air continues to dig deeper. chris: it keeps coming. some spots by sunday could be in the single digits but most likely low in midteens.
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let's show you the temperatures. these are high temperatures. 54 for quite a while. we will be getting back to around 50 or so. our high is going down by sunday, upper 20's to near 30 with a full day of sunshine. downtown durham looking good. some clearing to the west. everyone pretty much in the 30's. it has been a cold one. 36 that rdu. the west wind at 13 is producing a wind chill in the low and mid 20's. 37 in durham. 38 degrees in rolesville. ground the rest of the region, temperatures in the 30's. 37 at goldsboro. with skies clearing and the wind
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a little band of snow here. not amounting to much. that is going to dissipate and not come our way. you just need to dress warmly. temperatures 20, upper teens near the virginia border. 31 by 10:00 a.m.. some spots by sunday, dry and sunny tomorrow with high pressure building in. that made bring a brief. of light snow or flurries on friday. right now our model keeps it to the east of us. if you live around rocky mount wilson, clinton, you may see flurries, a light dusting at best. it is drive but cold over the weekend.
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it will be called again on friday as well. a lot of folks talking about this. maybe off the coast. it is five or six days out. we are going to be really cold. warm air off the coast could send temperatures up by monday night into tuesday. it doesn't appear to be a major winter storm but we are 5-6 days out. there is a chance of a makes of the outset. 38 friday. a small chance of light snow or snow showers east of the triangle. barely above freezing. rather windy at times. windchill in the 20's. it could be easily 5-6 degrees and air temperatures 10-15. a whopping high of 30. it could be a light snow
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terrain with signatures rising. it could be dangerous called. >> that is really low for us. joel: let's check in with david. anna: he is in new york with a look at what is coming up at 6:30. >> is donald trump on stoppable after his big win? the hospital nightmare that doctors who operate on the wrong child. and your credit card, the step you can take that finds the fees you do not need to be paying. hope to see you shortly. anna: a local man in need of a life-saving kidney transplant. just ahead, see how his perfect match was right in front of his eyes. first, outside looking down at us here in the news center.
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joel: a valentine's day love story. it begins with a durham man in desperate need of a kidney transplant. anna: his wife is the perfect match in more ways than one. live from duke university hospital. we love this couple and their story. tell us more. >> they are going to have the surgery here and they are both familiar with the facility. they both work here is nurses. he took a leave of absence after becoming too weak to work. >> i love nursing. >> he has spent years helping
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now, he spins the week receiving dialysis. he has been battling a kidney disease. >> very depressing. >> he could wait up to seven years for a donation. his wife learned she is a perfect match. >> it felt too good to be true. i was nervous to get excited. it is like winning the lottery. reporter: it is incredibly rare for a spouse to be a match. the national kidney foundation says there are 100,000 people across the country waiting for an organ. 12 people died waiting for donors. >> we thought we had more time and we don't. im so glad i can do this for him. reporter: they have supported
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college. when they married all those years ago as kids, 19 and 20 years old he knew they were a great match. he had no idea just how perfect they would be. >> it is amazing. the chances that we married, her becoming a match, it is slim to none. it is amazing. i can't thank her enough. >> they will go in for surgery in two weeks. they have options of when they could go in but they have decided to go in near their wedding anniversary. joel: talk about having chemistry. not just finding a life partner but someone in match for your kidney transplant.
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joel: eyewitness news continues. tisha: an emotional afternoon continues through this evening. steve: three students lost their lives today. we take you to the ceremony just beginning. tisha: governor's symbol is a task force to tackle underage drinking. what it says parents need to do. steve: it takes a village to
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tisha:>> abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. steve: winter weather preparing for a comeback. bone chilling temperatures on the way. snow is also a possibility. tisha: a live look of the raleigh skyline, the sun is down and two butchers are falling. chris is tracking for us. chris: the cold is nothing to take lightly. we will tell you about that coming up. here is a look at friday. folks talking with the possibility of snow. here we are with our first alert predictor. it will be dry. a wave of low pressure will move
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our model brings a light
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