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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> and excellence of sale>> from the raleigh eyewitness news center, w tv news four starts right now. >> a threat of snow later this week. good afternoon, i am anna laurel. fred: we had a truck out in johnson county. crews focusing on interstate 40 and 95. there is a chance for flurries on friday and we could see a dusting of snow into the triangle. we have meteorologist chris leaving us with the latest storm tracking. chris: a quiet day tomorrow, it will be called. that is the big news, bundle up. a lot of clouds out there. we had some snow showers last night, but not today. it is all dry. we will stay that way through the evening and overnight.
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the coast, and it starts off dry. temperatures around 25 to 30 degrees. some light snow, maybe some sleet mixed in, mixing its way into sampson county. it moves out and we get nothing. to the further west, there is a brief the bank of leiter's note on interstate five -- leiter snow. there may be isolated spots along 95. if it all is correct, nobody gets anything. we'll watch the for the next couple of days. it does not look like a major winter storm. on the weekend, more winter precipitation by monday. more details and a bit. anna: we are glad to have you. a wake county sheriff deputy ambushed at a child's birthday party. several suspects leeward the deputy outside and started beating him.
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andrea spoke with them just a short time ago. i'm sure the sheriff is very upset about this areas how did all of this happen? how is the deputy this afternoon? reporter: he is taking this very personally. this deputy and all others are like family to the sheriff. he is recovering at home. he did not go to the hospital. he is is going back and forth to the doctor's office to recover from these injuries. he has very serious injuries to his entire body, back, face. this happened around 11:45 last night. about 100 people including his off to be deputy -- off-duty deputy rid of birthday party. people were trading at the party
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the deputy was asked to come outside. when he did, they jumped out from behind parked cars and pinned to the deputy on the ground and started punching and kicking him. it was so bad, the officer did not have a chance to fight back. they are accused of trying to kill the deputy. harrison said they targeted him because he is a law enforcement officer. but the sister of the suspect says that is not true. secures are not telling the story the way it actually happened. >> to me, that is just uncalled for. a child's birthday party, people attacking law enforcement, singling him out to beat him up. >> i know how they are, i know what they are. they are not victims. they are just exaggerating. we know this person.
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there was a lot of things he does that the cop does not do. reporter: alex moreno says she was at the party earlier, before the deputy was beaten. she said the alcohol at the party likely played a role at what happens. all four suspects are validated gang members. they are now being held separately at the lake county jail. they will appear in court early next month. fred: thank you. it was one year ago today that this person was gunned down in chapel hill. memorials are being held today in the triangle honoring the victims. the first was at unc chapel hill. that is where we are joined by steve. i'm sure it was an emotional day.
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the memorial took place inside the atrium. it was a very large gathering. students, staff, and the victim's parents came together. he was a second-year dental student, had just been accepted. students and staff talked about the violence in the community. the school honor both of them by putting this on display so that everyone can remember their legacy. >> here is to him. a brother, a sister to all of us. the relationships that are created other than to call them family, that is what i feel like. i feel like i lost a brother. i can only continue to live like he did. reporter: tonight, the victims family will make another memorial, a candlelit vigil at n.c. state.
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anna: i will never forget their murders are the community's outpouring of support. thank you very much. vice president joe biden in the triangle this afternoon heading up a roundtable on cancer research at the duke medical center. here's a live look. biden is meeting with oncologists. president obama put biden in charge of this $1 billion national cancer moonshot experiment. this was from a promise in october promising absolute national commitment to end cancer as we know it. we are airing the roundtable discussion live on we will have a live report in about one hour. a popular downtown raleigh club is shut down after a main break caused a wall to collapse inside the business. happened after 11:00 at the
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injuries inside -- andrew is inside. water started feeling the rim. crews are on the scene try to figure out if the business can reopen. it was closed to traffic and pedestrians for several hours, but it is back open this afternoon. fred: on eyewitness news, the family of a wheelchair-bound man found dead, shearing what they knew about this person of interest in the case. nicole carr is life outside the fayetteville police department. we know it was not easy for them to discuss this. reporter: not at all. answers. they just want to talk with the man who was in a car when he was he is the person of interest.
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driver found the body. >> he found the body behind the bus stop. >> up dead body behind the bus stop? >> yes, ma'am. reporter: that was at 1:30 tuesday afternoon. before midnight we learned that the 37-year-old's body was found in the woods on o'hara drive. he was a wheelchair-bound man, or in a wheelchair because of a serious car accident he had when he was 15. the less is seen them was down the street. that was saturday night in it black ford focus 2012 with a 23-year-old. he was a childhood friend, just trying to help out. that person is a person of interest, someone the need to talk to about saturday night.
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motive behind jumping -- dumping the body in the woods. >> i hope they catch the person who did this. i want justice for my brother. and i want to stop this. he did not deserve to be killed. reporter: at this point, investigators don't have a motive here. we don't know how he was killed. his body is headed to the medical examiner's office. ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00 , we will hear more from the family and how they plan on honoring their son. nicole carr, abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: tough for the family. thank you. carly fiorina ends her race for president. we just heard that. more news about another candidate who could be dropping out any time. we will look at what that candidate is doing today.
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sending more troops overseas, where they are going, and what is behind the move. anna: police overhaul in ferguson. the justice department is serious about the adjustment ferguson officials are making. chris: a live look outside the eyewitness news center. oakland a's fans, sunglasses on, and man's best friend taking a chilly walk. it is 37 frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working? can't handle the side effects? botox treats symptoms of leaking,
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joel: hundreds of american soldiers are headed to afghanistan. the army will deploy soldiers to the southern afghan province, were taliban forces have pushed afghan forces to the brink. the mission will be to train, advise, and assist the afghan counterparts, not to take active combat roles. this will be the largest deployment of american troops outside of afghanistan since 2015. anna: former technology
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dropped out of the republican wrote their frustration to victory in new hampshire, the candidates are working hard to keep that momentouth carolina. you can see the primary february 20. joel: president obama spent the afternoon in springfield, illinois where, nine years ago today, he announced his bid for president in the same
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he was a state senator from 1997 to 2004. he spoke about the gaping difference between his lofty political talk from 2007 and the reality of politics today, meaner and more divided than ever. the number of job openings is at a record high. 5.6 million jobs are unfulfilled in december. the problem, many u.s. workers do not have the skills. required vocational driving like truck drivers or plumbers. some employees are simply asking for too much, acquiring -- employers are simply asking for too much like a college degree. anna: wednesday is the 40 day lent period that left until is her sunday.
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another custom is giving back to charity. we were in raleigh to visit the mass at this cathedral. we are 40 days until easter. definitely hoping to have spring by then. it seems like a long way but hopefully there is no snow. chris: i would like to give up the cold three 40's yesterday, 30's today. the big story, as we head for tomorrow and into the weekend, we look at the coldest air mass of the season by sunday morning. you will not see record-setting, but still very cold. it will be cold this evening. already mid to upper 30's, low-to-mid 20's as we get to 4:00 a.m. some spots will be in the teens. 37 right now, 38 fayetteville. a cold day.
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today. cold air continues to pour on in temperatures in the teens barely. and kansas city that in rapid city. look at oklahoma city, 72. us anytime soon. we have some sunshine that will build at 37 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. here are some satellite pictures. it is not impossible there is snow. more substantial is near st. louis to about middle tennessee. even this will dry up as a comes our way. no worries from that. it will stay clear or become clear after clouds move out after sunset. upper teens north, 20 in the triangle, 22 in fayetteville. a little close, 27 at noon tomorrow. mostly sunny.
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afternoon. upper 30's to around 40 for afternoon highs tomorrow. beautiful today, but about as cold. mid-30's up north, upper 30's in the triangle, 42 in fayetteville with mostly sunny skies. the storm system moves in from georgia and off the coast on friday. he will bring clouds and maybe a little bit of ice and snow. our new model shows all of this east of us. it is still a couple of days away, so the potential for some light dusting. that looks to be it. a flurry or two in the triangle. the most substantial triangle is on monday. one model has a low pressure system off the coast with a good deal of moisture. we could see a writ mix of snow and rain. another model we look at is mainly rain, and it changes to
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weather, but that is five or six days out. a lot can change. there is the potential on monday of some winter weather changing terrain potentially on tuesday. we will stay on top of that right through the weekend. a cold weekend, look at saturday, only 34. a very cold at sunday. monday, we talked about that wintry mix changing terrain by tuesday. we are up in the 50's by wednesday. anna: even more than the possible snow flurries, it is
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chris: usually itfour passengers reported minor injuries. anna: the justice department is criticizing ferguson city officials for demanding changes to oppose reform agreements. after seven months of a negotiation, they agreed on terms to improve the police and court system. last night, the city council voted to adopt the agreement but with seven amendments. they would change deadlines and drop mandatory police pay raises. the financial burden of the original agreement is sadly too heavy, but it does not stop there. joel: many months later, this healing process continues in ferguson. anna: the zika virus could keep athletes out of the olympics. we would hear about concerns. joel: the latest bedbug alert.
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to shut down after the critters found their way inside. reporter: could one of the suspects charged in the death of a taxicab driver be linked to other assaults? able to you about the investigation. a man set years at the hospital helping, no getting help at his own.
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reannouncer: abc 11 is keeping you connected. find us on facebook, like our page, and get updates. joel: olympic athletes are note raising concerns over the zika virus. the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases took part in a hearing on
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in the theaters in brazil anna: thank you, stephanie. breast-feeding moms traveling through atlanta's airport now have their own secluded spot to feed babies. it is called a nursing pod. there are benches, a diaper changing and electrical outlets for phone chargers. they are all located in the terminals past security checkpoint. there is also a move to create spaces closer to the atrium. that is difficult. joel: bedbugs force a county we will tell you about the anna: the second largest diamond ever discovered. and especially close to valentine's day. reporter: as downtown raleigh is growing, business owners are competitive.
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smartphones to solve crimes. coming all at 6:30. reporter: you will hear the call
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anna: caught in the act, downtown raleigh business owners snapped this picture to make sure a suspected thief did not get away. the woman said she had to do something to stop the crime problem where they are trying to make a living. joel: while police don't want you to put yourself in danger, they say efforts to help these shoplifters behind bars. what do these employees witnessed been doing? --witnessed the man doing? >> the owner of this store came out to go to lunch. as they walked by, they saw a
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they saw that he unzipped his coat and started stuffing merchandise into a duffel bag like this one. the owner of nikki's was going to lunch with her employees on saturday when they spotted the man. he was a few steps ahead of them and deduct into a doorway. as they walked by, they spotted the merchandise they knew was exclusive to the store. they hatched a plan to get the men on camera. one man snapped pictures while the man walked by. they showed them to police, who immediately recognize the man. he is now in jail charged with habitual death. --habitual theft. brooks is proud of their effort. >> this is what brought me down here, to invest in downtown raleigh as a community. that is what we do. we watch out for our neighbors. that is how it should be.
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the suspect remains in jail under a $75,000 bond. this is the 28th time he has been arrested in wake county in the past 8 years. joel: neighborhoods looking out for each other. a second police department is now joining the investigation into a cab drivers murder. they share with eyewitness news that one of the suspects is the same manner that targeted him last year. gloria rodriguez shares of your that is spreading as the investigation continues. gloria: today, candles and flowers sit outside the government of the -- the apartment of the taxi driver, now dead. >> he looked like a very kind person. gloria: the driver for amigo taxi was going down while on duty in raleigh early monday morning. fellow employees say he was responding to a call for pickup
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police are still not commenting on motive. two people have been charged in connection with his murder. the latest, 2 2year-old conrad patterson of zebulun. earl majored junior of edwards burke appeared yesterday. the police department is investigating whether edwards is connected to the assault of a different amigo taxidriver. i uncovered a copy of the police report filed last march. the cap driver that filed it does not want his name revealed, but it will be over the phone that he is 90% sure edwards is the person that tried to rob him at gunpoint. megadeal captain -- nightdale captain tells me they have fingerprint that could link edwards to the case. all the suspects from dominga's murder are caught, cabdrivers say they continue to work in
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>> the community and police are going to be after them. gloria: as for the nightingale assault, the captain tells me there is nothing concrete to place edwards at the scene. other cabbies tell me they have been assaulted, but many of them do not reported to police. in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> i will put my hands up. joel: that is part of the 911 call sherrod stewart made when he decided to surrender to roxboro police. he turned himself in after being linked to the stabbing death of a woman monday. they were in a relationship, but a motive and not been released.
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anna: that bugs shut down the -- bedbugs shutdown the human services building. an exterminator and special bedbug sniffing dog had to sweep the building. four problem areas were located. this comes less than a month after a bedbug outbreak at the social services building. chris: there are some clouds, but in no shouts hours -- note -- no snow showers or flurries. it has been a chilly day. temperatures running well below average. there is a quick peak peak at your 4 day. you're into the 30's for the next four days. it will be that long before we get into baseball season. 30 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. mid 30's north, upper 30's from the triangle southward. 44 in roxboro. 38 and fayetteville.
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-- 36 in southern pines. we are going to fall fast through the 20's. through the mid-20's by 4:00 a.m.. a nice sunny day, but a cold one. temperatures starting out at 23 at 8:00, 35 at noon. temperatures mainly in the upper 30's to low 40's. we will talk about a chance for snow on friday. your weekend forecast is called. that is coming up. --forecast is cold. joel: a local man knew his wife was the perfect match when they exchanged vows 15 years ago. he never expected this gift from her. anna: it's not something you can buy, but it decision that will save his life. a abc 11 eyewitness news viewer reached out to share his appreciation after he just learned they were perfect matches for a kidney donation. we sat down with the couple as they share one of the most special moments in their life.
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elena: it is quite emotional in accepting appreciation for his wife. they are quite familiar with university hospital. they both worked here as nurses. jason has something called polycystic kidney disease. that is when you have a bunch of cysts on his kidneys. they are attacking his body. he needs a transplant. doctors told him the weight would be around seven years. his wife was tested and found to be a perfect match. this is a critically rare. the chance less than 1%. >> would he do it for her? absolutely. it's just amazing. the chances that the marry --
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it's is limited on. its amazing. -- it's slim to none. i can't thank her enough. elena: the couple will go into surgery in about two weeks. they had a few different date to go in, but they picked one very specific date, meaningful for them. ahead at 5:30, i will tell you why they chose that specific date. anna: what a story. that is a soulmate story. joel: talk about a life partner. anna: i love that. perfect matches. a lot of buzz. we have been talking about this in the newsroom. surrounding beyonce's super bowl performance. but it's not just love and admiration for queen bee. joel: we want to hear you as protests are in the work against the nfl. headed to abc 11's twitter page and vote on this question. were you offended by beyonce's performance?
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joel: beyonce got a boost from her super bowl performance, but today the backlash. for they february 15 -- a february 15 protest outside nfl headquarters in new york. queen be performed her latest hit "formation," a salute to the black lives matter movement. rudy giuliani called it "ridiculous." never group is calling it "are you offended as american that beyonce pulled a race baiting start at the super bowl?" others showed up to counter the attack. we ask you if you found her
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72% said no, they were not offended at all. pretty overwhelming in the no category. if you have not voted in so far, headed to the acb 11 twitter page and weight in for yourself. anna: several hundred people haven't voted on twitter. i am sure the answer is not shocked she's getting a conversation going. -- i am sure beyonce is not shocked she's getting a conversation going. joel: there is no doubt many of us bust our budgets going out shopping. anna: we found a website that will pay you tmaking purchases for your favorite stores. if you're and avid online shopper, before you make your next purchase offer on your computer or smartphone, stop and watch this. you can get cold hard cash just for doing that shopping. >> you get paid to shop online. it is just one click, any
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-- adele concert. >> without clicking a button, part of your sale also benefits charity. >> we are giving 10% to soles for souls. they donate shoes to third world countries and help create jobs. >> the site is shoptiiviy. you can get coupon codes and free shipping on ebay. you can get 40% cash back from they can also give you sale alerts. you can earn gift cards for shopping as well. you can find links to all of these sites on under the money saver tab. abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: great ways to take advantage of that amber, thank you. it's going to make you hungry -- the home of the waffle will soon still -- soon sell hot dogs.
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the classic grilled hot dog will be added to the menu for $1.99. a chili dog will cost about $2.99. -- about $2.29. joel: the pictures look really good. anna: parents, you are not going to be able to let it go. your kids will still be singing "do you wants to build a snowman?" in 2016. joel: airbag problems blowing up for volkswagen. the problems found and of the recalled you will soon hear about. -- and the recall you will soon hear about. >> our body works at wendy's. joel: remember that alligator in the drive-through window?
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the man tt joel: volkswagen already hampered by the emissions cheating scandal. airbag problems now forcing them to recall more than 680,000 vehicles. the company says the cars with driver-side airbags may have defective insulators from takata. difficult several models between 2006-2014. folks like and planes to notify all owners of affected vehicles. the national highway traffic and safety administration projected
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from takata airbags would expand from 5 million to 24 million. the u.s. made major progress to a true driverless car. regulators have insisted that it driverless cars have long needed a driver. they gave google the go-ahead to do the car without any of that. new steering wheel, no accelerator, no brakes. it can still pass laws that require vehicles to have those things. federal ringleaders have opened the way to development of a truly driverless car. anna: twitter may not be popular enough to be successful. shares of the social networking site fell to record lows ahead of today's quarterly earnings report. the company lost more than half its value since twitter cofounder jack dorsey took over as ceo in july. it had a 307 million active users in september. but that's not a lot compared to
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facebook has 1.6 billion users. joel: at the vatican, pope francis met with iraqi prime minister. they talked about the situation of christians and ethnic and religious minorities living in iraq. they also discussed the importance of their presence and the need to protect their rights and the responsibility of religious communities to promote tolerance and peace. anna: if diamonds are a girls best friend, we might be fighting over this bestie. the second largest diamond ever found. it means "our light" international language of botswana. that is where the 11 carat stone was discovered in a november. the price is not been set yet because the stone is to obig for scanners. -- too big for the scanners used to determine the diamond's worth. the most expensive was found in
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that would make such a pretty ring. [laughter] joel: it would make a nice couple of chunky earrings. anna: the florida man that through an alligator in 12 wendy's drive-through. -- into a wendy's drive-through. he is apologizing this afternoon. joel: this was a weird story that had lot of you talking yesterday. authorities say joshua james placed his order at wendy's, then reached into the back of his pickup truck and threw a 3.5 foot alligator through the window when the server had turned around. >> we were fishing and hanging out. we stumbled upon an alligator. we thought we would pull a prank on her body that worked at wendy's. we would throw it at him through the drive-through window. i am sorry for what i did. yeah, just being stupid, not thinking. obviously i found out what the consequences were. joel: he thought he was playing a prank on one of his buddies
4:45 pm
the incident happened back in october. james was just arrested this week. he is 23 years old. out of jail on a $6,000 bond. the judge ordered him to avoid contact with any animals other than his mother's dog and to undergo a mental health inauguration. anna: now he straightened it out. he just wasn't thinking, is what he said. joel: we will update you on the water break causing problems in downtown raleigh. anna: steve daniels is tracking other stories al lnew from the breaking news center. steve: we have an eyewitness news exclusive at 5:00. the family of a wheelchair-bound man found dead in the woods is now speaking out. what the families of saying that the person of interest now identified by police. also at 5:00, you are not seeing things, those are brian trucks getting the roads ready -- b rine trucks getting the roads ready. chris is tracking the storm on when and where you could see it.
4:46 pm
triangle might see snow on friday. we will talk about that and a look at a cold weekend coming up. it is already called now, it's going to get colder. joel: you will getdisney is abc 11's parent company. "let it go" will be forever burned in your mind. anna: that are -- that is people's life song. i'm going to go see it. joan operators constantly making headlines. -- drone operators constantly
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what one man did to land him in trouble not once, but twice. joel: a crash on a north carolina highway that left one car in two pieces.what led to the mess and the questions that still need answered. stay connected to breaking news, weather, and the big stories of the day with the abc mobile app
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anna: a big rig breaks apart on a north carolina highway. one of several developing stories runs the state. troopers say the tractor-trailer slid on i-77 in huntersville. a spokesman says the incident is extremely rare and is not clear how it happened. the driver pulled off the road safely. no one will be charged.
4:49 pm
the outer banks. the dot put picture a few hours ago saying that crews were working hard to reopen the road. water and sand from ocean over watched -- overwash forced officials to close the road. high water closed the section in cakewalk. joel: bond has been increased for a greenville man that flew his drone near a medical helicopter at once, but twice. the court office says his bond was increased after he violated a bond to stay away from a witness in the case. the 27-year-old was originally arrested for flying his drone above the helicopter pad at the medical center in january. anna: it was a controversial move to the second-largest school district mistake, voting to extract --school district in the state voting to extend the superintendent's contract. many debates along racial lines.
4:50 pm
after two hours of debate, the board voted to extend clark's contract to june 2017. that gives him stability as board members continue the national search for her replacement. clark says she will retire this summer. thanks so much for joining us today at 4:00. joel: steve and tisha are here what's happening now at 5:00. the threat of snow for friday. the latest details just ahead. a wake county deputy entered into april. the suspects behind bars tonight. the show speaking out,: them cowards. -- the sheriff speaking out, calling them cowards. >> they business underwater.
4:51 pm
steve: that is coming right up. we begin live at 5:00 with the weather. cloudy skies as we look at our live cams in raleigh, fayette. bona chilling temperatures outside. tisha: dot crews preparing for icy conditions on friday. crews mainly focused on interstate 40 and 95 south of raleigh. could even one. -- good evening everyone. steve: for the latest on the threat of snow, let's check in with chief meteorologist in our downtown storm center. chris: it is cold out there. that's what you need to focus on tonight. temperatures on the mid 30's. 34 in roxboro. in the 30's everywhere. factoring in the wind, it feels like it's in the 20's. bundle up if you are heading out. it's going to stay cold for quite a while. dry tomorrow. friday, a system goes off the coast.
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