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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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year to all: today she spoke to reporters ahead of a date and race forum. >> she says not a day goes by that she does not think about this tragedy. she says that these issues trying to create some type of normalcy for her daughter. today, jennifer says that the aftermath in the charleston shooting still hurts and continues to build her face. >> even though this violent act happens, i think we all have to put god first. >> she was hiding inside of the church with her youngest daughter the night her fellow church members were gunned down in the basement. including her husband, the reverend. the trial for the suspect is to set the summer. >> my focus -- [indiscernible] >> and on tonight's format duke
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she told reporters the discussion would be an open dialogue about race relations. faith, finding peace, and moving her family forward from the tragedy. >> girls, you are going back to p&f. mom, you're going back to work. >> she says part of her work now is supporting president obama's executive action on guns. pushing for 40 will health care and education. she says the hardest part is nothing her husband on sundays in the pulpit. she says that she and her daughters went on their face most of those times. >> i believe that one day i'm going to -- [indiscernible] i know that he is looking down on me and the girls and i know that he is smiling down. >> she says she will carry on her husband's legacy through their foundation. her goal is to purchase a full-service, mobile health unit
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joel: the father of 13-year-old nicole is now speaking out for the first time since his daughter's death. david says they tried to stop her from going down the wrong
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of him.
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joel: both suspects, david eisenhower and natalie, are still behind bars. neither have entered a plea. both are expected back in court at the end of march. two more stories including a local law now under new management. anna: a traffic alert from durham drivers and disappointing fourth quarter results for the year. joel: we began raleigh with the new -- renovations beginning with the triangle town center mop. in your company is now a new majority owner of the north raleigh mall. they say it is being restructured to move that with improvements. no word on what the improvements will be. anna: from fayetteville, the goodyear tire & rubber company says that it lost $380 million in the fourth quarter of last year. goodyear operates a plant in fayetteville. the company shares have got 19% since the start of the year. the company lost money, it was not as much as investors on wall
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joel: from the durham newsroom, major news for drivers on the durham freeway. starting friday night, the southbound lanes will be shifted into temporary lanes that have been built in the median of the highway near alice road. the lane shift is expected to last until mid-june and then the northbound lanes will be shifted. the lane shifts make way for construction of the $142 million east and connector. a four mile-long interchange that will connect the durham freeway with u.s. 70. a victory parade for the denver broncos. anna:, his first comments and he walked at a press
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joel: some of us would never be able to make it through a workout without music and earphones. if you are in the army, earbuds are not allowed, but changes are on the way. we will show you what is coming up at 6:00. >> the state's to delay a major ruling hits a roadblock. a judge refusing to put a request that could change how we vote on hold. the issue may now be heading to the u.s. supreme court. the u.s. attorney general as calling the police force a model for other departments to follow. what fayetteville police chief
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we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose.
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>> and abc 11 eyewitness working across the street from panera bread tells us that he was confused when he thought ems and police cruisers surrounding the place. >> they pulled off in the police were still there. [indiscernible] >> adrian checkers says that he was shocked to learn what authorities have confirmed, that a man was shot in the face by a flare gun. >> you would expect it to be relatively calm around this time. there is a lot of homeschooled traffic around us that morning. >> is it surprising that that happened? >> not in durham. >> durham gets a bad rap i think. there are places i prefer not to be in, but that is true of most towns. >> james bennett who works at a nearby computer store says that the early morning shooting is very surprising. >> i don't have any --
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fairly quiet. decent neighbors. nothing really to say. >> we come here for lunch like twice a week. to hear that is very alarming and kind of scary. this location behind me. the victim or the suspect. or if there are any charges right now. we know that the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. anna: that is so wild. vice president joe biden will be in durham at duke university tomorrow. he is taking part in a discussion on the so-called cancer moonshot. that is the new national issue to and cancer. president obama talked about it during the state of the union address last month. the white house also announced a $1 billion initiative to
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joe biden sign, -- son beau died from brain cancer last may. joel: u.s. army is about to give the go-ahead to soldiers to where airbus while working out. current regulations bar them from wearing wireless or non-wireless devices or earpieces will working out in a gym. in their personal training uniform. the army's top general has approved a proposal to change the old policy. the changes are awaiting final approval, but even when it takes effect, the army will still ban earbuds while doing training outside, citing safety concerns. anna: the military men and women are always on the clock. they have to be ready at any moment. i'm sure that is where that comes from. the super bowl is congress. joel: today for the first time, cam newton is talking about why he walked out on reporters.
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joel: here it is, an estimated one million people today lining the streets of denver to celebrate the broncos super bowl victory over the carolina panthers. the celebration marking the broncos first super bowl victory in 18 years. the denver broncos including quarterback peyton manning and super bowl m.v.p. von miller all boarded firetrucks for a slow roll through the crowded streets of the mile high city. it, native with a rally at the denver civic center. anna: i don't really like cnet. joel: that was not fun to watch at all. in the meantime, today would have been for a day in charlotte
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anna: front and center was courted by cam newton, who took a lot of heat at the posted will news conference that he walked out of. this afternoon, he claims about what happened. he got backing from his head coach. joel: joe mazur's just got back with the -- back from the super bowl. joe: when athletes come up short, we expect them to take their medicine and handle it professionally. it does not always happen like that. today, cam newton made no apologies for a debbie downer attitude on sunday night. here's the moment that he took the podium as is required after the game. he mostly gave one-word answers, but, it is not what he said that a strong negative reaction. after clearly expressing his lack of interest in talking, padding through the entire three minutes, he ended the discussion by walking off. it was not the finest hour for cam newton. the man who is at the center of the controversy spoke about what
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>> pictures truth of the matter is i'm not trying to be this person. i said it since day one, and i know what i'm capable of. i know i'm going. i do not have to conform to anybody's else's wants for me to do. i'm not that guy. i've a lot of time to go back and play everything back. i am human. i never once said that i was perfect. >> i don't think it is fair. you don't know the man personally. there are a lot of young men like this, losing is not an easy thing. again, he really does not like to lose. >> has answers today do not really surprised me considering he has not one time apologize for the on-field celebrations or the team pictures.
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will be interesting is to see how he handles this the next time. anna: that is interesting. joel: hopefully we will be back. anna: nobody likes to lose. joel: we are winning with weather. depending on how you look at things. anna: a nice quick snow shower came through and now it is gone. steve: we'll never have a problem with the roads with this. still a few snow showers out there. good news, temperatures are well above freezing and they will stay that way until all this mess out. in the evening, temperatures falling slowly. by the time we get two or 10:00, we will be around 30 or 32 degrees. precipitation will be gone by then. roads should be dry. not anticipating any travel problems. a cold start your day. still a few showers, north of raleigh and granville county and frequent county, warren county.
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this know is coming down at a accumulate much at all. it should blow away or dry up. the roads should be no problem. this should be out of here by 8:00 or 9:00 as a continues tracking eastwardn not much down to the south. overall, a very quiet evening coming up. once this miss out, a couple is no showers to about 6:00 or 7:00, and by 9:00 or 10:00, it is all gone. anything north and west of that -- at the airport, camera shaking a bit in the winds. 37 degrees, it is called with a north wind at 10-50 miles per hour. wenzhou factors in the upper 20's and knows it -- low 30's. bundle up. airport at 39. that was as a 5:00, with a southwest wind at nine miles per hour. lots of clouds around today. scattered flurries, a few sprinkles.
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not unusual to see that through indiana, kentucky, west virginia. not that difficult to see it all the way down south in georgia and alabama. snow showers they're causing a little bit of interest. a few problems. liz: the same system is bringing winter weather to a few states that do not normally see it. legs are flying today and alabama. this is the senior huntsville. snow is covering the grass and many roads, the winter blast made for a very slick spots on the road. lease were forced to close several areas. snow fell in northern georgia today. snowflakes collected on homes and grassy surfaces. a winter weather advisory has been issued for the northern counties. an additional 1-2 inches could fall before it is all said and done. behind me, the winter weather advisory's are in effect and run all the way through the north carolina mountains. this system is moving east that
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chris: it shall be over in the next two hours. 41, raleigh. 40, durham. temperatures across the region generally the 30's north, 34, roxboro. 42, fayetteville. temperatures continue to slide down to the evening hours. a cold start, and a dry starting wednesday. 28, 8:00. 35, noon. mostly sunny and the morning and a few clouds in the afternoon. a dry day tomorrow. not looking for snow showers or flurries. upper 30's north, 40 in the jungle. 43, fayetteville. the wind will make it feel even: third. average high, 54. a cold, dry winds. same for thursday. arctic high pressure is in control and temperatures on thursday will be even colder. everybody is staying in the 30's to near 40's, but that is not the end of the cold weather.
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anatomy and all of the favorites. new episode that 8:00. we drop in the 20's through the evening hours. friday, 41. look at the weekends, very cold. lows at 10-15. highs, upper 20's, low 30's. there could be a system that comes in monday into tuesday. we will have a lot of time to watch that. for the weekend, no problem. anna: kind of getting used to it after today. it is an eyesore. in north raleigh, piles of trash
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joel: neighbors in a north raleigh neighborhood are fed up with the house of trash and garbage dump on sidewalks, and even yards of people's homes. anna: you see it all of a tranquil. mattresses, broken furniture, all on the side of the road. it is not miraculously disappear on its own. we wanted to find out how you can get rid of things that people dumping your neighborhood. mattresses, box springs, furniture, even a mailbox, people dump this junk into piles all over the northeast raleigh neighborhood and no, it is not trash day. neighbors are furious. >> i think it is ridiculous.
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later our neighborhoods like that, causing it to be that for other people to live. >> that is one thing you do not want to see. it throws you off. it is the difference of the kind of people living in the neighborhood. anna: it is not just big bulk items getting people great. check out this yard. littered with every kind of can and rapper. >> they do not care about -- [indiscernible] anna: we caught up with the city of raleigh's parks department, neighborhood to pick up trash. >> [indiscernible] of it? you need to toss these items, pickup. ahead. you can still reported to the city for pickup. if you see a trash complex, you reported. the city will contact the
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in wake county, if summit he uses your road as a dumping ground, contact somebody for pickup. >> i wanted to look nice. everybody should pidgeon. anna: here's a happy ending. at least for today, after we call the city to ask about special bulk pickup, i told them what we found we were driving around and they scheduled a pickup to locations where we found those piles. that is how easy it is. you can do it, too. we put several links for the story likely to call to get the pickup and a links report trash, all of that is on joel: you have to speak up about these things, not just the debbie, but also if you see people dumping. report that. anna: you want your neighborhood to look good. here's what coming up at 6:00. >> we are nearly a month away from heading to the polls. >> we are on the verge of a major shakeup and how we vote and who we vote for.
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in about our election map and how the u.s. up in court may now get involved. >> emotions are high today and it or, we hear the man now charged with killing a rally mother. the exchange at with a police officer. >> calix want to expand in wake county, what they're asking for
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>> see what is happening this instant, abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> flurries became the talk on social media late today. steve: between started happening before 4:00 from people in raleigh. we capture them coming down right outside of our downtown raleigh newsroom. half an hour later, we had a camera rolling as the flurries came down in downtown durham. we go to chris tracking them in the storm center. any more snow on the way? there. it will not amount to much. it is just nice to look at. it is very widely scattered activity on first alert doppler. there could be some flurry activity, but it is so light it is not being shown on radar. it could be starring in parts of wake county are durham county, but it is a little bit heavier across portions of franklin
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a legitimate cluster of snow
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