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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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anna:announcer: see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news starts right now. joel: first, a strong line of storms is pounding north carolina. these storms are moving through the triangle right now. this could affect your evening commute. this same system has caused flash flood warnings. roads are inundated with water and many of them are closed at this hour. this storm is bringing heavy rain. anna: the good news is this system is moving fast and it could be out of our viewing area in the next couple of hours. chris hohmann is in the storm
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chris: the good news is that these thunderstorm warnings in the triangle have been canceled and we let it go at 4:00. let's take a look at doppler xp. there is no thunder or lightning with this because this is the time of year where you rarely get thunder or lightning here with the winter months. it does happen but not with the system. it roars in with heavy rain. you can see in sections of wake county and franklin county, that has expired as of 4:00. there are no reports of any damage. heavy rains and heavy gusts of wind can be a part of these. very heavy rain now. we had gusting winds here pushing towards clayton very rapidly moving east at about 35 through 40 miles per hour.
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around fayetteville. this will be moving out of the triangle and into the coastal plain. at around 7:00 or 8:00, this will be pushing on out. it will move out of here along east 95 at around 8:00 or 9:00. if you are in downtown raleigh or the city, the threat of weather is over for you. but east of raleigh and around i-95, it will linger for the next few hours. we will look at that forecast and the threat of next surveyor weather coming up. anna: many people are barreling through the heavy rains and it is making a real mess for the evening commute. joel: we have a correspondent in wake county. angelica will show us the conditions there live this hour. angelica?
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cam here in breaking news one, and it was coming down a lot harder than this a few minutes ago. oh wait, there you go, now you can see it. this is the rain that we are seeing right now at this hour. it was a lot worse than this, but as we are getting on the interstate, visibility is a low and another thing we are noticing is that there is a lot of ponding on the sides of the roads. we are taking it nice and slow as we are heading out and if you are heading out, this is what you are going to see. we will keep you updated throughout our newscast. for now, back to you guys. joel: angelica alvarez on a rainy day. we are also getting our first reports of some storm damage in durham. steve daniels is in the breaking
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steve? steve d.: this is the gusty wind that they were talking about. it can see that tree across alpine road there is also blocking one-family's driveway. that is exactly what chris is talking about. the gusting wind is coming through entries trees that are prone to coming down can come down in your yard. we just want to show you what one of our breaking news crew found -- crews found. joel: if you want to say updated on these weather alerts, download our first alert weather app. anna: the drg decided to utilize three routes to finish roads in southern wake county, but that means that several homes will be
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>> the dot tells us that they have chosen a route that will affect the least amount of people. in this recommendation, and that is what this is, a recommendation, the dot went with the path of least resistance, at least human resistance, and there could be consequences with that. the federal department of fish and wildlife still needs to sign off on that and there is an endangered mussel that lives along this area. but communities will not be a part of this plan. mayors who protested stood by and as we heard from the dot today, there is still a long way to go working out the details. >> if there is a proposed
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look at that and examine the corridor with the goal of minimizing the impact. >> 280 one homes and businesses are still threatened and in the next several hours, how to find out if your home or business is on the list and what to do about it if it is. we will also touch on the projected timeline and costs. in gardner, jon camp, abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: thank you, jon. and an officer has been busted with a dui after he rear-ended a vehicle on highway 96 at around 6:30. his blood alcohol level was .017 -- .17. joel: you voted to improve
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schools. heather waliga has more where county officials are scheduled to meet at 5:30 and talk about how to find all of that money. heather? heather: yeah, joel, the two groups will meet for the first time since 2013 in the next half-hour, just like you said. the last time they met was when voters approved the school bond, but wake county schools says that it needs more than double that amount just for construction and renovation projects over the next several years. school board members and county commissioners will talk about those buildings tonight. according to the district capital improvement plan, they would need $358 million per year to cover all of the projects. $100 million is needed just for new school construction that would cover 10 elementary schools, and two middle schools
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staff project it would cost $100 million to build one new high school. they say extra funding is critical to accommodate the 21,000 new school students expected by 2022. >> schools are different than they used to be. they are not just a group of classrooms with four walls, they are different now because there are different technology issues that need to be addressed. this is to meet bear necessities and absolute minimal requirements. this is not the direction we want to go in. >> i don't see how wake county citizens can afford to continue to fund the expected amount that the school system designers and also fund an excessive transit system that some of these people feel they just must have. heather: now the county's plan
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funding the school district's request and commissioners are considering skipping a school referendum this year to protect this plan. they would have to come up with another plan to find the money. heather waliga, abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: that school district keeps getting bigger and that comes with a hefty price tag. heather, thank you. and the investigation into a murder case. back in may of 2013, raleigh police had no clue who killed a young mother in her apartment. then they got a break. ed crump joins us of the wake county conventions -- detention center. ed, what was that big break? ed: this was relatively unique
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this orange laptop computer was the key to solving this murder according to witnesses. it was missing from an apartment downstairs from where the young mother was murdered. it soon became apparent that the murder was random. it would be one week before detectives honed in on three suspects. the big break came when suspects saw a picture of the stole a laptop on the craigslist website. >> it shows a picture of the computer's control system on a screenshot and on that screen is a windows identifying number. ed: yeah, and that turned out to be an exact match that led police to ronald anthony who has already pled guilty to the murder and who is facing life in prison without parole.
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no idea where it came from and when it came to confessing to the murder, the other suspect had showed no remorse. anna: we know the crime has really gripped that area of wake thank you, ed. joel: it looks like bookstores are in amazon's future. anna: and a new case of the zika virus found in the u.s.. just confirmed. where the american red cross is requesting new blood donors. joel: and our own mark armstrong caught up with cam newton. hear what cam has to say about the big game. but first, here is a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news center. there is rain and wind and we are in the midst of a strong storm moving through the viewing area which has brought down trees in durham county.
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joel: we are getting closer to super bowl l and the panthers are pressing for their time in the spotlight. mark armstrong spoke with one of the main attractions out in california, cam newton. marx, just five days before the
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mark: cam is basically and i mean very literally dragging himself up to the podium. his third straight day of media availability. he walks up like every step pains him but after a 20 minute barrage of questions that he answered very thoroughly and very well, he was asked again about his role as a role model because kids everywhere are watching his every step. cam: i am given a stage and what i do on that stage means a lot because for people i am going to actually meet and for people who are watching this live and saying, "damn, cam is cool," you know what i am saying? or even if they say, i hate cam, i am going to fulfill the things that are important to me and for
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i just want to make the road as clear as possible. mark: he takes very seriously his role as a leader in the community and the youth growing up and whoever is watching him. one reporter asked about what about expanding your brand during super bowl week? and he said, you know what? i'm focused on the broncos and for such a -- and versace can wait. we will have more coming up at 6:00 and hear more from his teammates about what a linebacker he is. joel: he has plenty of time to work on the brand after the big game. that is marked live in santa clara for us. -- mark live in santa clara for us. mark, thank you. he will have all of the pregame
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haven't seen. his show airs at friday night at 7:30 live from santa clara. anna: the zika virus is now in georgia. lateexas had been contracted through sexual transmission. when we were just coming in, the rain was coming down in sheets. we have been watching this line of rain across the viewing area.
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chris: if you are under this, it will last 20 minutes or so, but probably not too much longer than that. there are no cloud-to-ground lightning. no thunder or lightning, but there are gusts of wind. the good news is there are no warnings in effect right now but knows of wind. we will watch this line as it continues to track through the region. from raleigh to the west, the threat of severe weather is over. these are flood advisories for eastern warren and halifax county and through johnson and harney county -- harnett county. this line is writer for zebulon and it is moving on -- line is
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it is moving out of franklin county and tracking eastward at about 30 miles per hour and stretching into northern parts of cumberland county. any one of these could have not necessarily damaging winds but winds of about 35 to 40 miles per hour. liz horton's steady by with more. hey, liz. liz: all of the circles you see here indicate areas of damage. we are going to zoom in on one of these in morgan son -- morgantown. we have seen many trees down in randolph county and trees have fallen on power lines. multiple reports of trees down on homes.
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also, heavy rain reported in rockingham county and of that actually is causing flooding on the roads. we still could be seeing more rain ahead. right, chris? chris: behind that area there is a good amount of rainfall. behind that line, standby for that to come through in the next couple of hours. in the evening hours, it will diminish tonight overall, but we will see more rain tomorrow. just a thunderstorm warning imports of south carolina. at the airport, rain is settling down a bit there. you have low 60's in the triangle but upper 60's to near 70 to the east where you haven't had much rain yet. your temperatures will get knocked down. notice that louisville, chicago, and other towns, you are all
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with the rain this evening, it will be in the mid 50's to the low 60's, and i go through tomorrow morning because of this front. warmer than they are in the afternoon. saturday is dry but there is a chance of rain. we will talk about that and it will be much colder next week. we will worry about that later. anna: it looks like those clouds are starting to kick in on our saturday. i see that.
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and rocks thrown along i-95 and what one victim is showing us today. anna: plus, what a convicted murderer shares in court for a sentenced prison break. and remember this guy wanted for swiping packages off of doorsteps in durham? we now know who it is.
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>>announcer: abc 11 is keeping you connected. find our facebook, like our page, and keep updated on the stories. joel: the murderer who broke out of a new york prison last year is now offering an apology. he told everyone in the courtroom and in the community that he feels bad out the fear his escape created and he must now pay over $650,000 in restitution for damage. a u.s. legislator is threatening to hump down an official to get him to testify on the water crisis in flint. this morning, a representative
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afterthis is after flint found out its drinking water was contaminated with lead. at today's congressional hearing on the contamination, lawyers refused to bring him to washington in time for the hearing. anna: and you now may see changes to target stores. that is because you may see a cvs inside. this is part of a $1.5 billion acquisition deal. eventually, all target pharmacies will be rebranded under cvs. joel: amazon wants an even bigger share of the book market. the online retailer's plan is to open several hundred look and mortar stores around --hundred book-rick-and-mortar stores
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anna: it seems like nothing amazon can't do at this point. hold onto your library card. illegal activity uncovered at a local spa. you are going to want to hear this story. what police uncovered in their investigation. joel: plus, whatere -- where you can get free dental coverage for your children. >> and someone appeared before a judge but asked the wrong
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chris: hello, everybody. we've got some showers.
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just a little bit as we work through the afternoon. they are not quite as intense as they were earlier. you can see showers very heavy now across extreme eastern wake county and across harnett county and approaching fayetteville now. this line again has gusty winds and it is heading to ronan oh county as well. there is not so much damaging wind but there are flood advisories in effect from parts of war and county and into halifax county and into harnett county and wake county. this is part of the issue as it moves on towards the east. in the triangle now, wade county back to the west, it is along this line as a long east of i-95 and a couple of hours where this storm will continue to press east. again, it is moving out of the triangle but moving ease.
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the rain is heaviest but the rain will continue right behind this line. the threat of severe weather ends in the coastal plains in the next couple of hours. we have much cooler weather to talk about. joel? joel: chris, thank you. meanwhile a high school student bonds out of jail after getting arrested for hacking into a high school computer network. this is a story that we first broke in october. the 17-year-old was charged with a felony. we have more on what happens next. >> the 17-year-old single-handedly hacked into his high school's system to manipulate grades last fall. police arrested the high school senior this morning, months
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computer and one in the public library where he volunteered to hack into the database system, called powerschool, and that is were he manipulate grades. this happened over the course of several days last october and he used a software to boost not only his grades but those grades of seven other students as well. one night he was caught on school surveillance breaking into different classrooms where another teacher spotted him using a laptop. they later reported that his test grades were manipulated. investigators say since they first search his home last fall, he and his family have cooperated in tire. investigators -- cooperated entirely. investigators don't believe anyone else is involved.
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felony of breaking and entering and he faces a wake county judge tomorrow morning. abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: andrea, thank you. since we spotted this sign outside of clyde cooper's barbecue, we have seen more and more of them popping up across the triangle. the sign preaches tolerance and asks people to stop profiling muslims. we are seeing several of the signs on businesses downtown. >> anna, we have found several of these signs including this one here. we found this sign at this cafe just a short walk from our location and we sound similar science welcoming -- similar
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this is from the group tojewish voices for peace. you can see the signs all around town and it seems like more businesses are getting on board. >> it is definitely not right to profile people. my barber is a muslim and i know many muslims and they are all fine people, those whom i have met. >> so what anthony is basically trying to say is that you cannot judge someone at face value. so far, there have been no negative comments on these signs. anna: more tolerance popping up around the triangle. thank you. 4:00, police arrested a woman -- thank you. new at 4:00, police arrested a woman who they say was giving massages without a license.
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her location after hours and proper licenses were not displayed. police explained the licensing rules but she did not comply and so she was arrested yesterday. joel: remember we showed you this video last month of a man stealing packages from durham doorsteps? police have identified the crook as a 29-year-old in the area and now there are warrants out for his arrest. one happened on spring meadow drive and the man is not a custody at this time. anna: parents of three men who are charged with throwing rocks at cars on 395 were in court today. -- on i-95 were in court today. we have more information on that.
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bridge had collapsed upon them night just before 10:00. we have more breaking news in this case, as we have learned forward. a man told detectives that he was unable to find a safe place to pull over on i-95 and so he had to walk into a police incident. let's take you into the court section this afternoon. all 17 and 18-year-old men have been charged with brick throwing off of an overpass income run county at mile marker 66 there. the trio were found not far from the overpass where they damaged five cars and now maybe six cars and they were throwing building bricks according to the victims.
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this incident and the mothers of each teenager appeared in court to make sure they understood what was going on, what a felony assault with a deadly weaopon meant for them. book a question to the judge did not go over well. a teenager asked whether his the m been seized and this was the judge's reaction. -- his bmw had been seized and this was the judge's reaction. >> you are worrying about your car? [indiscernible] not concurrent but consecutive.
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your mind should be on hiring an attorney. >> by the way, that car is in county custody and the lead investigator is trying to clear a search warrant to go through it to see if there is anything in there and to see if there were any other rocks or bricks or two connect these teenagers to 11 other brick-throwing incidents along i-95. the parents did not want to speak today, they were represented by a couple of attorneys here. the tractor-trailer driver who returned to fayetteville from columbia, south carolina who was hit returned to court and we will hear from him ahead on eyewitness news at 5:30. joel: absolutely. we look forward to that interview at 5:30. and there is an investigation to pinpoint the cause to an early
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this is a look at the scene off of west broad street. this is a single-family home that has been converted into several apartments. investigators are looking for clues. anna: terrible. all right, here is something that everybody is talking about online today. an employee loves were he works and he lives in he wrote a song about it. joel: red hat is now using his lyrics. anna: and we've got customer reactions to a new store. >> this clinic provides for the uninsured and the underinsured. i will have all of the details coming up. anna: all right. and this is a live look from our doppler xp radar. check it out, that red line is where the heaviest rain is coming down in eastern north
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we are w that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling.
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a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling joel: free dental care for children in need. anna: and as amber reports, this provides not only dental but also other health care for those
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amber: kids smiled aim-- smile day is coming up for hundreds of uninsured or underinsured patients. there will be an all-day clinic providing free treatment for kids up to 19 years old. >> we are offering dental exams, dental x-rays, and dental procedures to any child up to the age of 19. amber: the free clinic on friday is going to be the first of many at this multimillion dollar facility here in raleigh. >> we want to be able to serve the entire family, so we have adult medicine and senior medicine on the third floor. amber: many advanced community health has been around for decades. >> we offer plenty of programs,
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can provide free dental clinics. amber: the free dental clinic occurs all day until 6:00. >> if you don't have dental insurance and you come to us, you might not have to pay anything. amber: and that is something to smile about. abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: that is something to smile about. this free clinic is on friday from 7:00 until 6:00 on tory road in raleigh. if you need more information, just go to our website at and click on the money tab. joel: it is good to see them continuing this work. anna: a safety alert leads to more recalls this afternoon. joel: plus, it is that time of the year where home depot, the home improvement store, is going
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anna:joel: some signs today that spring is around the corner. home depot is hiring more seasonal workers and about half
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they will hire up to 40 through 45 workers. anna: another recall this afternoon. chrysler is recalling half a million dodge chargers. the recall covers charges from 2011 through 2015. the company says the cars can become unstable. and months after they hit the market, honda has recalled all 2016 civics to stay at the dealers. there is affects thousands of civics and they will give more information to the national highway transportation and safety board on friday. and according to aaa, the national average for a gallon of
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right now in raleigh you will pay $1.81 unless you go to cosco and you will pay -- costco and there you will pay $1.50. joel: and now something that you might want to hear if you are flying the skies, american airlines will be re-induced -- reintroducing free snacks in the main cabin. american airlines is also expanding its free entertainment options. joel: yes, this is part of a four minute rap video performed by a red hat employee who goes
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called "we love raleigh." this song became so popular with employees, you can now download the video online of the company is using it as a recruiting tool. anna: we wanted to know what is going on there to inspire one of its engineers to rap about it. this is a raleigh rapper. his song, "we love raleigh" is in honor of his town. >> this is just representing my home city where i have lived most of my life. anna: he said the town served as an inspiration for this song. >> i have been really been happy about my career here and it allows me to be creatively free and to do something like this. anna: he was a graduate at you
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to rap during the day. he is a worker by day and a rapper by night. >> quick turnaround because we are burnin' the ground anna: the company wanted to produce this for its own usage. >> the resolution is about trinity anna: this became so popular that they put this on youtube for the public. >> this is not just about me, but everybody at the company. anna: basically, if you've got a red-hot problem, red hat is there to solve it. anna: now at the end of that
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this is gone viral and the company is using this as a recruiting tool. you can see the full video plus get a link at our website at joel: i tell you what, if i knew anything about computers, i would want to work at the company. anna: it is very cool. it is stuck in your head. joel: we need to make a rap video. anna: we could come up with a good one. coming up, we need to check in with steve. steve d.: coming up on the news at 5:00, with we are real dialed -- really dialed in with first alert xp. we have a warning out on the road and a watch for the rush-hour. we will have an update and chris hohmann is tracking all of this weather on the radar right now. chris: the good news is the threat of severe weather around the triangle is now over. there is just some rain it could cause some traffic problems.
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we will have the full weather report as well as cooler weather coming up. joel: and coming up, at the super bowl, authorities are calling the security unprecedented. we are the official panthers station and we are with our team every step of the way. we will see you just a few minutes from now. anna: all right, thank you. and check this out, a sea lion in california. this video shows customers at a store in la jolla running into a still-wet sea lion. the animal must have climbed the 145 step staircase from the shoreline into this store. after some a salmon, he was back to the sea in no time. well, one of the greatest cause
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special tonight on abc 11. the story on bernie made off and the biggest scam ever will start tonight at 8:00 and it is going to be a great look inside the life that he lived and he created for himself with other people's money. joel: he is in prison right now, federal prison. anna: right. a federal corrections officer accused of helping inmates.
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joel:anna: a state correctional officer quits his job the same day he was arrested for trying to smuggle contraband into a prison. he was attempting to furnish tobacco products to inmates. he had worked for the
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past two years and deputies say during a random search, they found hundreds of cigarettes. joel: and deaths in the triad this afternoon, someone has broken into several churches. investigators say it happened in several churches. the suspect took money from the first church and electronics from the second. united methodist and mount zion. anna: and one company that offers helicopter rides in north again. a mediation session is set for later this month against a water park and the myrtle beach group, as the water park wants to add helicopter rides but the neighbors say it would create
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joel: and a friendly mayor-to-mayor wager this afternoon as to mayors -- two mayors will post pictures of themselves on twitter wearing the jersey of the other team in the super bowl if they win. anna: get that carolina panthers jersey where it needs to go. good idea. joel: that is it for us today for the news at 4:00. with the news at 5:00. watch. tornadoes are ripping through north carolina. chris hohmann is tracking this storm in the first alert storm center. tisha: and super bowl has more
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canines and metal detectors plus thousands of security officers. steve d.: and law anchor: we begin with the weather happening now. you can expect in standing water and a lot of rain happening as you make your way home this evening. we're live here in the first alert storm center. tisha: the system is dumping heavy rain here and also spun some tornadoes across the southeast. in alabama and mississippi destroying homes and taking down trees. chris: the main thread as we told you about yesterday is that
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