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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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the state's first witness was a worker in the apartment complex which was still under construction. he says the 8-year-old girl came out and was crying because she couldn't wake her mother up. >> i put two fingers on her wrist. and there was no pulse. and she was cold as ice. and i really talking to the ems. they were asking me to do this and that and i told them that it was too late. >> jones' family stifled their sobs but by the end of the testimony they were crying openly but quietly in the courtroom. we have just wrapped up with a second construction witness.
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and now the ems worker is on the stand. you can watch this life as it happens. john: thank you. >> this afternoon, to durham men are scheduled make their first court appearance in connection with a terrifying home invasion. howard earl jr. and -- are both charged with burglary and armed robbery and kidnapping. they kicked in the door of a north carry home and went room to room, demanding money. three women were inside, two sisters and their mom. he suspects got away with cash and a cell phone. police tracked them to a hotel thanks to the signal of that cell phone. today, police are investigating a sexual assault that happened yesterday afternoon. the victim was attacked from behind. we are alive with the latest.
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nicole: this is the sign that great you when you drive into the mobile home park. it is an alert warning homeowners of increased break-ins and to report anything suspicious. and now we know that this incident followed a break-in. you will see increased security when you drive into the neighborhood in fayetteville. we know the victim is a woman in her 40's and only left home for 30 minutes. investigators say this is what happened, she walked in her front door yesterday afternoon. >> the suspect had already broken in. as soon as she got in her living room, he attacked her and threw her to the ground and sexually assaulted her. unfortunately for us we don't have that great of a description. these suspect told the victim not to look at him.
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deep voice with a thick southern accent. a blackmail from 5'6"-five at eight -- 5'6"-5'8". if you remember anything yesterday that matches the description of what you have heard, crime -- call crimestoppers. for now, we are live in fayetteville. john: thank you. new details about an overpass. today, three people were directed on felony charges. the incident happened last night, one car and for tractor-trailers went onto i-95 -- they reported bricks thrown. one of them barely missed the driver and his passenger. another brick smashed the sunroof of a car. this isn't the first time this
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authorities were hoping to catch someone in the act. this afternoon, charges are pending in an accident that killed a wake county man last night. the 79-year-old crossed the centerline, hitting one vehicle before he slammed into another vehicle head-on. the driver of that vehicle was killed. >> it could be weeks before a decision is made in a federal trial challenging the voter id law. the trial started yesterday. they argued that the law will keep black and latino voters away from the pole. starting with the primaries here in north carolina, voters will be required to have a voter id before they can cast a ballot. and the race for the white house now moves to new hampshire after last night's caucuses. one week from today, they will
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we have the latest. of victory. >> the most votes ever cast for any republican primary winner. >> and defeat in iowa. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something -- i am just honored. >> it is now all about new hampshire. >> this is now the center of the political universe. >> donald trump is trying to reclaim his status following last night's loss to ted cruz. marco rubio working on his momentum after surpassing expectations coming in a close third. >> they told me we have no chance because my hair isn't gray enough. >> it was the closest ever and some precincts it came down to a
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>> i stand here tonight breathing a big sign of relief. thank you. >> hillary clinton only ahead of bernie sanders by a fraction of one point. >> what has begun tonight is a political revolution. >> mike huckabee and martin o'malley have dropped out of the race. the rest of the campaigns are state. some of them were ramping up before the caucuses were over. jeb bush and john kasich and -- began here in iowa -- began here in new hampshire, hoping to get a head start. john: this morning, the governor signed a declaration declaiming but history month. he did this at a historically black college. we have the retails. anthony?
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right before noon. we can give you an idea of how it went down. the governor's appearance here in north carolina central university was to sign a proclamation about left history month. it was a symbolic act. organizers billed this as a dialogue between the chancellor and the governor who took no questions from the media. but he had the chancellor talked about business, particularly the construction of a new business march. it is a $30 million project. the governor called it a bipartisan project made possible through the joint work of legislature in raleigh.
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coming up in just a few minutes. but until then, we are live. john: thank you. today is groundhog day and we all know what that means. >> if the groundhog sees his shadow, six more weeks of winter. that's what we don't want. luckily, pox attorney phil emerge from a tree stump and did not see his shadow. so does this prediction happy packing up your winter close? probably not. they paid his accuracy at 45%. it would be more wise to watch the abc11 weather team. what about here in raleigh? where sir walter raleigh makes an annual prediction? the ceremony is underway right now. any indication from sir walter
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>> we are still waiting for him to make his prediction but we are right outside the museum of natural sciences. you can see him right behind the. everybody has their eyes glued on him. of course he is raleigh's very own groundhog. and if he sees his shadow that means we get six more weeks of winter. if he doesn't, that means spring will come early. a lot of us are hoping that spring will come early. it is tradition here in raleigh for the past 19 years. and they had served walter wally inside earlier so the kids could pet him and hang out with him. he is a big star. everyone wants to know what he will predict. by the way, in case you were wondering, organizers say his accuracy rate is about 55%. so they say he is right that you
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they say he is better than punxsutawney phil. i will send it back to you in the studio. i will let you know when he makes his prediction. thank you so much. hopefully if the kids were able to pet him, they could persuade him. john: luckily don's accuracy is better.
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john: welcome back. the zika virus is causing a problem for an indian motor company. their name is zica, as opposed to the virus which is spelled zika. i company spokesperson has reevaluated the car's name and has decided to change it. the zika virus has spread to 24 countries but not india. this afternoon, chipotle has a clean bill of health. the centers for disease control says the recent e. coli outbreak appears to be over.
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chipotle is planning deep discounts for super bowl weekend. anna: american airlines is bringing back some freebies. but bags do not fly free. last year they reported a $1.3 billion profit for the fourth quarter. i think the bags had something to do with that. for the fourth straight year, -- has pulled in more money than the previous year. that is one of the private owned software companies. let's take a look at the eyewitness news money watch report at midday. the dow jones is down 277 points.
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nasdaq -- and the s&p 500 is also down.
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john: osby hits the court oanna: bill cosby appears in a pennsylvania courtroom this
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sexual assault charges against him thrown out because of what his lawyers say was a binding agreement by a previous attorney not to prosecute him a decade ago. the current da says he has no record of such agreement. bill cosby is accused of dragging and violating andrea constand's at his mansion. we will have more on his appearance in the next half hour. the truck driver accused of crashing into a limousine carrying tracy morgan pleads not guilty to aggravated manslaughter and other charges. he was driving a walmart truck when the crash happened in 2014. an investigation by the ntsb said he hadn't slept in the 28 hours before the crash. morgan was seriously hurt and one of his friends was killed. john: another honor for robin
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this morning, the peace announced that the anchor will be honored in may at the 11th annual gala in florida. robin roberts inspired the nation as she bravely shared her blood disorder. that was shortly after she defeated breast cancer. o'brien and ohio state football coach. what a great organization. and what a gift in the temperatures from yesterday. don: yesterday we were in the 60's and now we are cooler. we will see the cooler temperatures sticking around. it will get warmer tomorrow but the warmer air does bring a chance to cool down. you will see temperatures staying in the mid-upper 50's. we stay in the 50's even i
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in the sandhills, temperatures spots and then we will see the temperatures falling back. taking a look at what's happening in downtown raleigh, numbers in the mid-50's with the dew point at 44. per hour. sandhills. 58 and blue skies showing up on the map. 57 degrees -- look at what is happening across the region? when we zoom out, you will everywhere. 54 degrees in roxboro. 58 degrees in fayetteville.
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the western counties. we do see a little bit of a break right now around durham and into the south and east. a big missed west that -- a big missed best -- a big midwest snowstorm is going on. that will advance soon. as it works and here we will see some stronger storms in here tomorrow. 7:00 tonight we are dry. as we wake up tomorrow morning, we can have one or two sprinkles working. rain around in the overnight shower. we will see a line of thunderstorms and showers worked through. by friday morning, the cloudy skies do work back in as we had
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we will have to watch for the risk for that on wednesday. coming up this afternoon, temperatures in the 50's in raleigh and we will stay there the region. 57 degrees in chapel hill. up around 60 degrees in fayetteville. 57 degrees in rocky mountains. 54 degrees in it'salso virginia. we will stay in the 50's for the overnight lows. roxboro will get into the upper 40's with a slight chance of a shower in the overnight hours. the better chance comes later. tomorrow, temperatures back into the 70's ahead of the front and then the front works through. friday is 51 degrees.
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tell your doctor your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects.
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anna: we are counting down to
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fans are starting to arrive in the media is already there and yesterday was media day. all eyes were on cam newton as he fielded dozens of questions including preparations for the game and facing i plan on having a lot of things
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john: our coverage will have hour. coverage of the panthers continues all week long. we have been with the team since the start of the season. mark armstrong is there with behind-the-scenes action. you can see his live reports starting on friday. it will be a lot of fun and they look like they had having a good time. john: they are having a ball. bill cosby goes back to court. anna: just ahead, why his attorneys are arguing the
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john:>> the only station with three newsrooms in downtown raleigh, europe and fayetteville.
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continues. anna: happening now, the capital murder trial accused -- trial of a man accused of killing a woman has started. we are joined now from the wake county justice center. >> right now, the victim's mother is on the stand. we will tell you how you can watch that life. this trial was expected to last a month. but it seems to me moving along at quite a fast pace. they started with opening statements from one of two prosecutors handling the case. she said that smith delivered the first of the blows. that was in may of 2013. the attorney took less than 10 minutes for his opening. he says they have to prove that the codefendant anthony killed the victim, not smith.
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the construction worker who was in the apartment complex came out crying because she couldn't wake her mother up and he went out with her. >>w she had blood all over her face. tvd -- she had blood all over her face. i put two fingers on her wrists. and there was no pulse. and she was as cold as ice. and i was talking to the ems. the rescue me to do this and that. i had to tell them, it was too late. >> it was all full emotional testimony for the family of the victim to sit through. it was a very tough time. the victim's mother is now on the stand.
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logging on to and look for the story. there is a link right there. anna: that is such a sad story. now to bill cosby's first and crucial hearing in his sexual assault case.
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john: defensejohn: happening now in durham, the governor is signing a declaration proclaiming february as black history month. we have the latest details. >> this room at the business school shows there is a lot of excitement here. we will you what we saw from the governor here. the governor here served two purposes. he signed a proclamation to make february but history month as a symbolic act performed on the campus of this historically black university.
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the governor with many observers watching. organizers billed this as a dialogue between the chancellor and governor but during the conversation, they talk about the role that the university played as a place for investment for big companies. >> we sell our university. we sell north carolina central university. we sell north carolina university. >> they could beat internship opportunities that could be done with the cooperation of other businesses in the area. especially a bond that goes before the voters. a portion of that bond is to design and construct a new business school on campus. and that project is one that the governor called a bipartisan project.
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the chancellor and the governor are hoping that the voters will say yes to that bond. we are live on the campus of north carolina central university. john: thank you. this afternoon, the presidential candidates have moved on to new hampshire. anna: one week from today, that state will hold the first presidential primary. last night at the caucuses, ted cruz outperformed donald trump who this great nation. >> we will go on to easily beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whoever they throw up there.
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first place there the people of iowa have sent a profound message. martin o'malley is suspending his campaign after barely registering support among democrats and with publicans, mike huckabee has also decided to end his presidential bid. anna: happening right now, the annual groundhog show, sir walter wally, makes his protection about how much winter we have left. we are there at bicentennial plaza where the ceremony just took place. ok, did he see his shadow?
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we are going to send you some video about that. the hind me can see the stage and every thing has cleared because the ceremony just ended but we do have some video of the big moment. take a look at this, it is a very exciting day. dozens of children attended. and organizers announced that sir walter wally didn't see his shadow. so that means an early spring for all of us. we hope that sir walter wally is right. because he has been right about 55% of the time. i will now send it back to the studio. are you guys happy? anna: thrilled. john: absolutely. give him a little something there. anna: tell him we said thank you. john: super bowl ads. they are a big part of watching
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anna: just ahead, a preview of
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plus, the take on thanna: a surfer takes an extreme
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john: a professional surfer's recounting his experience after freefalling 40 feet to white belt. it is one of the must-see videos. he fell while he tried to ride this massive wave. he says he was blinded for a few seconds because of the strong sea spray before falling. hawaii has been hit by enormous waves with the el nio. even the most seasoned surfers are tumbling as they attempt to navigate down the near vertical waves. anna: and mountain dew is getting back into the advertising game this year. that what they plan to do could cause many viewers to scratch their heads. they tweeted these videos of the commercials star, a mix of a baby, a monkey, a horse and a space alien.
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the past. most recently, a monkey. anna: you can see the must-see videos any time by going to or by using our mobile app on your phone or tablet. those are great stories. john: super bowl 15 -- super bowl 50 is coming. anna: we had the opening known as opening night. >> they call it opening night, another presentation by the nfl.
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it is a little insane. media day moved to prime time. the panthers, true to form, enjoyed themselves. >> it is an awesome game. we all enjoyed playing it and people enjoy watching. >> the stars got a cozy podium to sit and chat while lesser players are left to the wolves. >> did you hear what i was saying? [laughter] >> there are a lot of folks here mining for nuggets about the game itself. there is a lot of self-promotion and plenty of silliness.
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>> it is great. we are enjoying it. >> through the clowning there was important news regarding the status of thomas davis. >> 1% -- 100%. god for bid something happens. >> it was an interesting night for all. in san jose forced to roll 50. abc 11 eyewitness news. john: our eyewitness news coverage of the panthers continues all week. mark armstrong there with behind-the-scenes action. anna: you hate to jinx it but the city of charlotte is always making plans for a big parade if the panthers come home victorious. officials say there is so much to gut that goes into planning the event that they have to
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we really hope their plans pan out.
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john: a french drugmaker announced this morning there are an effort to research and develop an vaccine to prevent the zika virus. in a statement, they say it's experience with the vaccine can be leveraged to help understand the spread of the seeker virus. meanwhile the world health organization has declared it an international emergency. countries around the world must work together to combat the virus. experts talked about the link tween the virus and babies born with small heads. the vaccine is spread by mosquitoes. anna: this morning, u.s. airstrikes in a remote region of afghanistan destroyed a radio station operated by isis. the radio station was broadcasting
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y that they use as headquarters. john: we are back with don schwenneker now. talking about the difference from yesterday and today. don: we are above normal for this time of year. temperatures in the low 50's. we are in the mid 50's today but we will go a lot warmer tomorrow. let's take a look at the next 24 hours. out of outcome ecb temperatures near 60's in the sandhills. a shower tonight, mostly because we may see a sprinkle in the overnight hours. take a live look here in downtown raleigh.
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a rare sprinkle or two. the east wind is at six miles for our. 51% humidity with a southeast wind. we go from there. 60 degrees with a wind at eight miles per hour. a lot of sunshine at the beast -- at the beach. we go from there to the mountains. yesterday we battled snow in the mountains. the current numbers across the region show 55 degrees in smithfield. 56 degrees in stamford. look at the 24 hour temperature change. 14 degrees colder in smithfield. nine degrees colder in wilson. 13 degrees colder in chapel hill. here is the big midwest storm putting down a lot of snow in
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it is this frontal boundary that is trailing off as it advances to the east. today, we have a satellite showing clouds ahead of that. we will see breaks in the cluster the afternoon hours. 7:00 tonight, a nice sunset and we are clear as far as the rainfall goes. you may see a stray sprinkle in the overnight hours. the best chances are tomorrow afternoon between 3:00-7:00 when the frontal boundary works through. as it does that it could bring thunderstorms into the region. for the rest of the afternoon, more clouds and a cool afternoon. highs today in the mid-upper 50's in raleigh. down in holly springs, 57 degrees. and 57 in durham. in the sandhills, fda degrees.
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56 degrees in roanoke rapids. 56 degrees in wake forest. tonight, the clouds are with us still. 62 degrees in fayetteville. your forecast is showing temperatures tomorrow in the 70's. 72 degrees with a shower and some thunderstorms are likely. we are at a marginal risk for severe weather with high wind. the showers will be east of i-95. along friday, 61. in sunday 61 degrees. we are showing temperatures next week getting colder but we will have to wait and see.
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john:john: here is a look at a story that is still developing. testimony is underway in a capital murder trial of trading on smith. he is charged with killing melissa huggins-jones. that was in may, two thousand 13. his attorney says another man delivered the blow that killed her. you can watch the trial live by going to anna: in fayetteville, a woman was sexually assaulted as she walked in her home. it happened yesterday afternoon
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police are asking anyone who saw anything suspicious to please give them a call. remember you can stay connected all day with the developing stories by going to or to the abc11 mobile at on your phone or tablet. john: the two is up next. anna: we will see you again starting at 4:00.
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