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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> right now at 11:00 a massive fire rips through several town homes. how the cold weather sim pacting firefighters battling the blaze. >> and for the first time a local, white nationalist, fired from teaching job is speaking out. >> i expected them to act as they did. >> how the former substitute teacher kept his identity a secret for months. >> shots fired i'm hit, i'm hit. >> first look at chaotic police chase and crash on busy highway. your news starts now. and developing story right now. fire fight rear working to make sure a huge fire and row of town homes stay under control tonight. >> how massive this fire was tonight on soft wood ter res olney and if that was not
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chilling temperatures. >> lauren lauren was live at the scene with us, lauren. >> sarah, tony, bone chilling is accurate. you can see it's frozen in front of the homes they played all the water this say row of taken to homes. five of them. we just learned the cause of the fire and there was a man inside one of them at a fireplace trying to use li lightser nrid inside the fire and he left the door open as he plead and it spread to the outdoor decks in back of home. sky fox was over the scene as you saw all those flames and a million in damage to five town homes here and ground video from the pack of back of the homes. there was a partial collapse there and fire spreading to five homes. about a million in
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dozen people displaced at this scene here and firefighters dealing with frigid temperatures. here's what montgomery country fire spokesman pete barringer had to say. >> during the course of operation there was a building collapse, structure collapse middle of the road townhouse appears to be the townhouse of original in. air temperature 9 and feels like is 5 below. difficult for firefighters. its equipment is freezing up and getting stiff. >> reporter: two firefighters and homeowner injured but minor. this is eye look at another in gaithersburg shortly before this one in olney. gaithersburg fire on garth ter res two town homes involve and caused by a dryer. started in basement and spread up and out to neighboring town
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home and she place the half of the montgomery country fire and mass personnel was deployed at the scenz and with the cold companies you can imagine how hard it is for people, you have the american red cross as well. we've seen increase in number of fires over the past few weeks in the area and here in montgomery countsy. pete was telling me it's not just the cold weather-related fires they're seeing for the for some reason a lot of severe fear. these dpiz out doing the hard work trying to find people a warm place to stay and firefighters getting things under control asteakly as possible. the latest in olney, back to you in the the studio. >> how a deep freeze made things difficult for firefighters up here. >> and dangerously cold tomorrow. we'll be dealing with pretty low wind chills ais cot area and we're not alone.
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great portion of kupty just in the path of this arctic express as it continues to pump all that very cold arctic air our way and cold, strong 15 in the nation capital feel being like. >> they're probably elsewhere and 4 fredericks and 10 hagerstown and 12 baltimore and nine westminster and winds are gusting you know anywhere from 25 to even 9 miles an hour. here's wind chill factors. feels like 3 in d.c. and minus 8 westminster and minus 5 gainersburg and minus 4 baltimore. that's a good indication. windchill warning and adv advisorys in effect through tomorrow in the warning area to feel as low as minus 5. and in the wind chill advisory area could feel as low as minus 10. here's a quick look at what you can expect this weekend warming up every so slightly on
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i'll have the foul forecast later it's up to you. >> a big fire is investigation it broke off post office in millersville and no one was hurt your this and spoingtal inspector is see if any mail was damaged. tonight we're hearing from a former local teacher and coach and how his students discovered he's a member of white nationalist group. the all girls academy of the holy cross in concernsing torngs maryland, fired him. "fox5" evan lamb sbert live outside the school. what did he he have to say. >> tony we wanted to know if greg conti regretted white supremists and racist views of the fact caught his job at the school. he doesn't have any regrets and understands the school did what it had to do. >> the school is trying to protect its own position. i get why they're doing the that. they're doing it was
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where they employed somebody with whom they had no problem and did not affect school's operations. >> we spoke to former teacher greling conti this is his picture from twitter profile there he wept by name greg riter. students had discovered at right views on social media and that employed firing in october. it led todd richard spencer con sti use. and this was video at the white nationalist in char charlotteville that ended upturning deadly a academy of the holy cross found out about highs to the building and that's when he was fired. but the school just sent out a letter rather about couldn't he's
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he worked as substitute teacher, field hockey and track coach and spoke to student this too much say they were shocked to discover the greatest they were doing. i was on the field hockey team and it was pretty shocking for me and for everybodyto see there. i'm upset because i didn't know he had a double life going on. but it's also shocking because i wouldn't think in this type of -- sentencery that there's people system like that out there. and the school president and ceo says she does not think conti views nrups the face interview multiple times and deposit get the the memo. >> "fox5 local news". >> new tonight an unwelcomed site for drivers in norp virginia at least eight cars stripped of doors, trunk hoods and
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ground parking garage. it happened last night to people living st. asap square is koptd min yums in 800 block of south pit street. they are vehicleing. >> we're getting a first look at dramatic dashcam video showing an accident, a police chase that it was ended in violent crash stafford country along i 95 last week after they say gregory lee killed his wife at their apartment in fredericksburg. 37 shots fired i'm hit, i'm hit. trooper northbound on 95, 142. >> that moment came after lee fivrd several times during pursuit along with deputy car he hit a troper car. they were not seriously hurt. shortly after investigators believe lee shot himself in the head and lost control of his
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141, 142 over 5. >> and you can see that suv flipping over in the northbound lanes. lee later died at a hospital. lee's sister told "fox5" he and wife melissa were married more than i decade and had two children believed to be home at the time of the shooting. >> new at 11 funeral arrangements were made for aramni cole shot to death at the maryland d.c. border december 28. his funeral is monday at the greater mount calvary holy church in northeast d.c. and set to begin 10 a.m. so far police have not announced a motive or any suspect in the case. however they are looking into whether his death is connected to the murder of carise lewis she was found in trunk of burning car an hour later and few miles away in southeast d.c.. friends say k
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lewis knew each other. >> a 17-year-old red robin employee in fairfax country is facing charges tonight after he allegedly filled a second year customer in the grawnt bat happened next one happens october 26. the employee was rj chaed with unlawful filming of minor even possession of marijuana. >> in maryland a montgomery county school lunch aid is under arrest accused of possessing and distributing child pornography. shawn kelley worked part time in silver spring. we're told he is also a former employee at kids after hours to. that's a daycare at cannon road elementary school. maryland state police do not believe any students were victimized by kelly and the school says he is now on administrative leave. >> maryland -- he was admitted for a bacterial
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his knees. the the 66-year-old suffered a spring of health issues since last year. cummings wife today auns noed she was suspending campaign for maryland governor. >> jose carati was found not guilty in the death ever kate steinly he was given time performed on gun possession charges and will be turned over to u.s. marshalls to face firearm charges in federal court and case sparked a national debate over immigration reform and sank uarie cities. >> they're asking congress for nearly 18 billion for the proposed border wall. there's barriers on the southwest border. money would pay for additional 700 miles. border wall was a campaign promise. he says it will help stop illegal immigration and drug tasking. >> and explosive new books about
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administration is now on sale. michael wolff's fire and fury goes into detail about the you like them. >> he questions his mental stab ill six the president says the book is full of lies. he even tried to stop the book's publication. wolf says he can back up everything in the the book. >> not only is he helping me call books but the point of the truck. this is coordinate fairy that a president of of the united states would try to stop the publication of a book. >> book also takes a look at other things such as russia investigation, first lady melania trump and president love of fast food. >> straight ahead at 11. tacos and booze coming together and taco bell where they opened up latest restaurant. >> and matt lauer refusing to step away from the today show
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he's giving to producers. the. >> for most of us this is a favorite routine m coming into the gym before or after work ape getting in our favorite news program. but for one gym that's not a possibility anymore at least when it comes to cable news. i'll explain. >> and coming up tonight on "the final 5" it's already been a chaotic year for politics and we're only five days into 2018. jim lokay is breaking down the political landscape and what may lie ahead in the months to come. catch "the final 5" tonight at 11:30. ♪ ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. ♪ ♪ ♪
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a former charles county school aaccepted aunt lot is hi investment pods could spend mower than 100 years if prison for abuse children. carlos bell pled guilty to 27 counts of sexual abuse of a minor and molested 42 children between may of 2015 and june is of 2017. >> carlos bell was in a position of trust of young people. and he misused that trust to violate the most vulnerable people in our community. our children. >> this three agreement holds mr. bell accountable for
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actions without a trial. which could have caused further trauma to the victims of many of whom are our students. >> the victims were between ages of 11 and 17. arlington county police are asking four your help these say this map gave the teller a note demanding money today after getting the cash he ran off. if you have seen him call police. a major health and fitness club decided to batch certain types of programming sxvrkly cable news. as "fox5" korey cough map reports about getting favorite news shows to favorite lifestyle programs but one they're turning off cable news networks
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>> new year new you how the saying goes lifetime fitness. they're off cable news. no more cnn fox news msnbc or cn. push. >> it's a decision that comes with mixed reaction. >> gym being respite away from political conversation. i think it's already. i think it's good. we should focus more on commonalitys in the space. >> as gym goer that appeals to me if what i would make your company is in d.c. >> skyler and people schedule workouts around their shows. >> if that's what motivates you hey deep to yourself and stay right. >> we had to put signs out because people were coming in
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pretty frustrated. so we said hey pleads come in force -- >> lifetime is not the first to enact a ban. ymca paid 25 thundershowers programs twitter. >> banning news is reallyen american. >> if customers can still get cable news fixed on way through through own redirections. >> will this be a bold new decision or are members go going to make the call and change their policies. tell us what you think and whoung you think it will last a few days, months, permanent, let us know on fox 5 d.c. twitter back to you guys. >> pretty good. there. >> doing vet and better though even though they're not going to have cable news lifetime fit ys
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that will still be there. >> we will still be on your tv. >> that's it's going to be cold all weekend right? >> colder tomorrow. slightly warmer on sunday. >> you know, tony, what i'm serving up for you is warmer conditions in the 7 day forecast. >> okay. >> you know, i aim to please. i aim top please. everybody is over this cold weather already and we really want it to winter area wanted snow for the holidays. not much can go do you. i saw her i seep the system wawnl well off northeast tomorrow is worse than today because we have gusty wind and dangerous wind chills. 15 this hour in d.c.. 11 mannasas. same fredericksburg and martinsburg and the westminster and 10 hagerstown and twelve baltimorehi
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at 15. winds are strong. gusting from 16 to 29 miles an hour. they've about strong and gusty all day long. so they he are producing significant wind chills. right now if you step outside feels like in d.c. us 8 westminster and minus 5 same as winchester avenue mip us flour baltimore and one at can't co. >> we're speaking about the danger with a wind chill. >> alleghany, mineral, pe peoplebleton, higher elevations could see up snow looks good. wintd khilt for this area puts values at -- as low i should say minus 25 as possibility. wind chill advisory greater area headed in blue anywhere from plus five to minus ten. that's what it will feel like once we get to overnight hours and do it people foam. this is dangerous. i want to you take it seriously and be drug out. there 23 by
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it will feel minus 6 by the the:00 hour and zero at 123 and only 4 by the 4 o'clock hermine us four at mar martinsburg. >> just be aware a pout dangerous right now can trees in a 30 minute. these are real dangers and police do not leave pets out in this warm. if you love them keep them and put them inside where it's warm. they will not survey outside. >> warm front as they're looking at the weekend and wintery precipitation serves on temperatures. look likes it will be cold. we could see he freezing rain wintry mix. there's tony warm-up it's coming your way being back to you. >> foreman today show host matt lauer is report reportedly still trying to call the shots on the show. according to th
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lauer has been spenting one von in writers and producer and wrong music at the start of a segment. >> that's just crazy. >> yulingt go apay. >> yeah. >> take a great. >> back. >> and a different point of fast frod join
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♪ ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> listen up, taco bell looking to opening a canteen arestaurant in alexandria. according to washington business journal taco bell canteen afiled plans to open location on king street and food will be considered carryout and booze not. >> okay i'm not familiar with taco bell canteen a. >> i'm not either actually. >> you should ask kevin mccarthy about it. >> probably has a table
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>> all right. >> will be cold. >> yes, it s. jim lokay is is up next with "the final 5".
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>> and un security council holds emergency session to talk about iran and president trump tells economy ooh a strong day for dow and jobs report this is final five. let do this. >>. >> how was your day. did you have fire and fury today the book that is hitting stores midnight and quickly finding out. good luck fi


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