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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  July 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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story coming together in the last few hours, this is carlos de angelo bell. he worked here at benjamin school in waldorf until december o last year, when he was fired by the school system after a student came forward and showed a phone to a relative. investigators were able to track that phone to mr. bell, he was then relieved of duties here at the school. now, this all didn't come together though until last week when the maryland state police were able to take a look at his computer and determine there were sexually explicit videos on there. some recorded right here inside this middle school. let's hear from the sheriff now who describes a little bit of what they have to against mr. bell. >> some of the evidence
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included graphic images of bell sexually assaulting victims. some of the crimes appear to have been committed on school property and others at his home in waldorf. investigators have identified some victims seen on the images and have obtained statements. so far, we are aware of seven victims. >> if you don't think i've asked myself that, thousands of times, since learning, you're wrong. it is devastating to us that something like this could take place in a classroom, in a school building where adults are charged with taking care of children. i can assure you that there will be persistent follow-up for us to determine exactly what happened and how it was allowed to happen. >> i will tell you that it takes about eig
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when you're talking about computers. you have in a new day and age, computers and other devices are used all the time in crime. and we have not upgraded the forensics unit as far as personnel and resources. that's not the unit's fault, it's the problem of folks not putting the resources towards it. >> reporter: that state's attorney tony covington. the question is, of course, is why did it take so long for that computer to be looked at? apparently, there's a backlog with the maryland state police. so even even though bell was not working in the school system, they're not able to charge him until that he had the evidence they found on his computer. let me give you more information. we know that he worked at four locations here in the county. he worked here at stoddert. initially worked at
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track coach as mcdon on a high school as well as la play at a and accused of having unprotected sex with boys not only here but also at his waldorf home. he recorded these encounters according to investigators. not all of the victims have been tested for hiv, so far the health department says only two and those two have tested negative. now, as far as bell is concerned, he was indicted friday, arrested spent the weekend in jail. he came up for a bond hearing today and was held without bond. we're still digging into this story. we're getting some details of that so what we have at this point we'll be back again with you at 6:00. live in waldorf, paul wagner fox 5 local news. developing the search continues for the gunman shot and killed a man on the
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he was found shot to death in the driver's seat saturday. his was blocking a lane on the outer loop near pennsylvania avenue. lombre's said he had a party. he called his family to say he was 15 minutes away but never returned. >> the most caring dad you'd ever think. he was very caring i'll miss our talks. we would talk literally every day. if we have a little chat. literally every day. i'm going to miss they will. >> we're confident that somebody had to have seen something. again, that the beltway at the time of the night is extremely busy. >> reporter: no word on a motive yet but a award of up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest and a conviction. . man detained by immigration officials is back in custody this evening after making a daring escape in northern virginia. a spokesperson for u.s. immigration and
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enforcement said carlos mendez broke fee from ice agents. this happened near dulles international airport. police launch add search on the toll road and found him. it is unclear how he escaped. meanwhile, in baltimore, dozens of people held a rally this afternoon in front of the federal building speaking out about what they say are unfair tactic to say targeting immigrants >> this comes after the boathouse incident when 30 employees left the restauant after a request from ice to review i 9 forms >> christian leone live at ice headquarters in southwest dc with more. >> reporter: good evening, jim and marina. immigrant rights activists came together today speaking out against the current administration, and their policies toward immigration. in particular, the family of moral less talking to us today, an emotional plea fromhe
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asking for the asylum of their father saying that he is a good man trying to make ends meet for their family. here's more on what that he had to say. >> daughter never demonstrated selfish actions only honesty and courage to give a better life to my mother and brother and sisters. >> reporter: that was moral less's daughter, she told the crowd her father has no criminal history and essentially is a fabric of the annapolis community creating chickens, chicken statues that surround that area. others spoke out not only in support but rallying behind other immigrants. they say who have been terrorized by the government and their message today? was loud and clear. >> our nation's capitol has been infected with chickens.
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chickens who hide behind pens and paper. chickens who hide behind security. chickens who hide behind fists. instead of getting out with the people. chickens who hide behind toxic things. >> reporter: now, in the video, following that statement, you can see there were a couple of people looking out from their windows in the federal building, watching all of on the activity unfolding. advocates are calling for the government in this case to change their immigration laws to change their laws to make it easier for those to become u.s. citizens. we also spoke with ice officials today about this and they were saying that anyone who violates immigration laws could be detained. arrested or in some severe cases deported. removed from the country and as far as those i 9s forms requesting those. the notice of inspection from businesses in this case,
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they were saying that businesses have up to three days to turn those over to them. we're live in northwest dc, kristen leone. a much less crowded version of their performance, the rehearsal is free and open to the public. the official capitol 4th celebration hell tomorrow on independence day. the show starts at 8:00. free to attend and guess kanye? fireworks afterwards lighting up the national and we have a complete list of fireworks around area and everything you need to know to make a july 4th celebration great >> for a complete list of displays planned, check out the website fox 5 dc.. >> now we're going to go to talk about what we'll see tomorrow. we had clouds rolling in today. nice shot of the
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i think caitlin a lot of people are wondering, i had been away. >> drop the mic. >> just a little bit. so we're talking about fireworks, cloud cover, will that be an issue >> a little bit. this is probably one of the most high pressure forecast of the year. i want to say >> it's all on you. >> no one wants to be outside at 9:00 p.m. >> i thought you were referring to the bar metric pressure, she met all eyes on you. >> yes, you got that. >> it is high pressure situation when you're trying to nail down where thunderstorms will be if there are thunderstorms in the forecast. which, of course, there's thunderstorms in the forecast seems to happen every year on july 4th. we do have the small chance for that coming up tomorrow evening. i don't think it will ruin plans. back to right now, let's sum up day, hopefully you enjoyed it made it by the pool or somewhere cool. it was a hot afternoon, 91 in washington. 90 in baltimore, if you're boy the chesapeake and annapolis beautiful town to be spending independence day weekend.
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a helping you out. 90 in martinsberg and 88 in winchester. all across the area, we've got temperatures ranging from 80's to the 90's in the midatlantic. look off towards our north and east. much cooler 72 in new york city with clouds and showers. 86 in boston. we haven't had rain today, and i don't think we're going to go see much rain as we go into tonight, storm tracker radar quiet. we had a rogue shower that moved through montgomery county but for the most part it's been quiet and it will be the same. evening planner 88 by 7:00 p.m. 84 by 9:00. 81 warm and muggy summer night. overnight not falling off too far from the 70's. we haven't gotten below 75 in a couple days. 75 in dc. 72 annapolis, 68, culpeper. the humidity hasn't been unbearable. it will be on the increase tomorrow and i'm going to have to make you wait, the july 4th fireworks forecast coming up at
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5:30. how gubernatorial candidate is trying to the debate over fireworks >> that's right we're going to what's not.rough what's legal, - we'll tell you about one man's mission to change it all coming up. jim? >> the internet vice president pence saying he doesn't go to dinner with opposite sex unless his wife is there. the percentage of men versus women who feel it could be inappropriate >> the city of dc giving out $2 million in grant money for nonprofits, who serve dc's youth that qualifies for the funding coming up. coming up. . before we head to break, we're stealing the lead because ronica was going to talk about this. the patriotism at its best. the homeowneron
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design himself along with the help of friends. it's great way to kick off this independence day on monday. >> that's america right there. >> thanks for sticking with us at fox. back after this.
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uffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice. we all know this fireworks in the 4th go hand-in-hand, this year's republican nomination for govern is making it a campaign issue >> ronica is live
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ronica? >> reporter: jim and marina, if you want to celebrate the 4th of july at home in virginia and if you think the way to do that is with fireworks, you don't have a lot of options before we get into any of this, let's take you through what's legal and what's not. i don't set off fireworks on my own, this was new language to me, sparklers are legal. fountains are legal, pin wheels are legal. what is prohibited? firecrackers sky rockets anything that fires project ills, eddie gillespie is the nominate in virginia. he released a campaign add addressing this, take a listen. >> in virgini, our fireworks are pretty ring key dink. across the border in west virginia and tennessee where i am now, our neighbors get to celebrate the 4th of july with fireworks like these. in virginia we're missing out on being able to create thous
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dollars in tax revenue, not to mention having fun. >> reporter: glees me goes on to say if he becomes governor he will work to create more types of fireworks legal for adults in virginia. we can celebrate independence day in the american fashion and way i want. what do you think is this issue important? do you think it matters? we took to the streets. >> i'm not really sure, maybe. i don't really see any issue with that with them >> no, we already have enough, and the explosive and they're dangerous and there's a lot of kids involved. >> yes. of as a kid we drive to south carolina to pick up fireworks for the show >> i think the laws they currently have are fine. i don't think we immediate anymore fly in the air and explode. >> reporter: do you think that's important issue when you go to the polls >> not necessarily >> there's an awful lot of other issues i'd be concerned about before i get
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>> not so much. >> no it doesn't matter to me, republican or democrat. the fireworks laws are fine. >> reporter: a lot of you decided to vote no today's twitter poll should more fireworks be legal in virginia? for those who voted 65% say yes. 35% say no. we'll be back on 5at630 with the man himself, ed speaks with us about why he thinks this is important and why it should matter to you. reporting live in great falls virginia, ronica cleary, fox 5 local news. they play an important role for parents and children in the district. dozens of community groups care and even care on the chool- weekends. today, dc mayor mayor bowser announced 40 of these nonprofits will receive grant money for next school year. overall $2 million when be distributed. they serve more than 21,000
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students. mayor bowser is committed to helping every child reach their full potential and proud to partner with these community groups to achieve that goal. coming up, they're calling it a bit of a beach blunder >> why contracts contracts is under fire and being ridiculed for a photo with his family at the beach. that's venus williams getting be emotional during a press conference. she walks out, talk about the question a reporter asks that apparently hit a bit of a soft spot with the tennis star. making a come back, a congressional aid shot by a gunman during a congressional baseball practice takes the field again, the heart warming and celebratory moment coming up. ing up.
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did he have licks
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♪ ♪'s ♪ ♪. i want you to take in the music genius smash mouth for a quick moment. thank you. major league basebal all star game takes place one week from tomorrow, you can watch it on fox 5. there will be no shortage of nats. bryce harper ryan zimmerman, and matt >> and harper received the most votes collecting more than four and a half million votes >> this afternoon some of the nats talked about their selection to the big game. >> you're around the best of the best. you want to be there. it's a huge honor. being able to go with a lot of my team mates this year. it's a blast >> we get to play baseball every day. and you know, we get to form relationships with a lot of guys from playing against them for 84s, you get to hang out with those
5:23 pm
>> a lot of people love to see harper in the home run derby. >> one of those candidates anthony rendone, spread the word and vote for him. you know where it is next year >> here at home. >> it will be nice >> hopefully we'll still have mr. harper >> we will. that's the good news. >> that's what they say >> it's been three weeks sanses's since a gunman opened fire in in alexandria, one of the victims is thanking community for supporting him >> zach barth threw out the first pitch. lindsey henry has the story. >> reporter: crowds stood as the anthem was as you know before the astros took on the yankees and standing while congressional aid zach barth threw out the first pitch >>
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there and he had a lot of support it's good to see he's back and doing well >> i'm sure a baseball game in itself is in the triggering but brings back memories. it's a big step. >> reporter: barth were you one of four people that had been injured after a shooting took place at the republican baseball practice for the congressional game in dc. barth recalls exactly what happened that day. >> and at that point, i made myself the smallest target possible. laid down on the ground. i saw the shooter turn his long gun towards me. and you know, probably about ten shots around me, everything started to pop. i got struck in the leg my lower level calf and at that point i decided i didn't want to let this guy take target practice on me. so i ran down the first baseline and dove into the dug-out where i stayed until it was over. >> reporter: when called to ask what number he wanted, he sai 14, a number that represents a day that changed his life, a day
5:25 pm
to remember what happened and what he calls the luckiest day of his life for surviving >> there's a couple guys, who could simultaneously use your prayers and thoughts. but i really appreciate. i'm proud to have the community around me, lifting me up. couldn't have done it without you all. >> the capitol police officers credited with saving lives at the congressional baseball shooting will be honored tomorrow during a 4th of july celebration. special agents crystal beginner and david bailey will receive the capitol police law enforcement accommodation male. it will take place at congressional cemetery at 10:00 tomorrow morning. >> on the way, violence in the district. >> two women stabbed in southeast dc, latest on investigation ahead. >> a woman sexual assaulted at a hotel. we'll tell you about suspect in a little bit more about the situation coming up next. ion coming up next. . online war with the media twitteues but some say his -
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far. caitlin >> well, hot few days in a row. we got another one coming up for your 4th of july. introducing thunderstorm chances. i'll have the latest when you can possibly see a storm for the holiday. that is coming up when we take a look at your forecast ahead. a spectacular display of patriotic fireworks at the hollywood bowl last night. you saw the red, white and blue >> the golden west was joined by an act pell low group, the pent tonics to help celebrate on the eve of independence day, keep listening. we'll be right back. pent
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♪ ♪. this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. look now at some top stories first dc police are investigating a double stabbing in the 2900 block of if it is street southeast. two women were found stabbed around 11:30 this morning. still no word on conditions and so far, there are no suspects or a motive. this man is facing charges for sexual assaulting a woman in arlington. police say amad attacked an employee at the hyatt regenc found shortly after police got there and tonight the safety and guest is top priority and are cooperating with police. in montgomery county, kohl'sville road is back hope following a multi-car crash that left a vehicle overturned. skyfox was over the scene this morning in silver spring. it happened around 6:30 on colesville road. no word if anyone injured. tell you what the twitter
5:31 pm
on despite bipartisan backlash. kevin cork has the latest. >> reporter: presidential fireworks over social media this 4th of july holiday. president trump, accusing the media of not covering the real issues tweeting this morning, at some point, the fake news will be forced to discuss our great jobs numbers. strong economy, success with isis, the border and so much else. >> i know it's a heck of a lot easier to cover 140 characters here or there with the president may be saying about the media here or there. then it is to learn the finer point of how medicaid is funded in this country. >> reporter: but it was the sunday's twitter take-down of cnn that has many questioning if the president is taking his social media strategy too far. >> he could solve a lot of problems quickly with his tweets and instead creating a lot with his tweets. >> the commander in chief spending his monday making calls to world leaders just ahead of the g 20
5:32 pm
week. some republicans senators as he tries to prevent healthcare reform from flat lining in the senate. some are pushing the idea of repeal now and replace later >> the bill is being lit up like a christmas tree full of billionly did other than tenants. i think you can get 52 for clean repeal. >> reporter: should are suggesting they scrub the august break if they can't work out something with reluctant republicans and democrats >> you're going to have to get bipartisan agreement. start working with us. >> reporter: on the president's agenda at the white house, hosting a picnic, military service members and families. fox news.ite house, kevin cork,- new jersey govern chris christie under fire tonight after he was caught on camera soaking up sun on an empty beach over the weekend. take a look at these pictures. that beach was supposed to be closed due to the state government shutdown but penalize the governor made an exception for he and his family.
5:33 pm
because of the budget stand-off and saying his family trip to a beach was a previously planned vacation and that coat the media caught a politician keeping his word. officials say the governor was staying at his own retreat. the internet mocked mike pence for saying he doesn't go to dinner with the opposite sex unless his wife was present >> there was a new study and 60% of women polled said it's inappropriate to have a drink from someone from the opposite sex. 48% of men agreed. when it comes to having dinner, 53% of women and 48% of men think it is inappropriate. more than half of men said having lunch or driving a car with a woman alone was ok, more than 60% of both men and women felt having a work meeting with someone of the opposite sex was appropriate. that, to me, makes most sense, of course, you know, in the business world, you got to have a business meeting. it doesn't matter >> the
5:34 pm
assessment of the poll and i think vice president pence has a point. especial in such a high profile job, what the talk about lloyds and everyone would be saying >> a lot of people grabbed on to that. different strokes for different folks. little bit about weather and a - what we're going to go see coming up over the next couple days, give you i was live look outside. >> it is hot, cloudy and hopeful. it will stay at least just overcast. no rain at least for tomorrow >> hopefully. today has been the only holiday weekend rain-free if you're counting today as part of the extended holiday weekend. we had strong storms saturday and showers yesterday. i think we're going to have showers around tomorrow. right now though, partly cloudy skies, 91 if you have evening plans whether it's work, because now it's your friday night, or rolling on with the holiday weekend, looks great outside. it is a little warm, due points have been a bit lower, humidity
5:35 pm
difference, have been a little bit more bearable. 91 outside right now. satellite and radar showing a few scattered showers up in the ohio valley. there's one towards or south bringing heavy clusters of showers and thunderstorms over the tennessee valley to the carolinas. we still got the high pressure over bermuda bringing us heat and humidity the southerly flow in between these two fronts is going to guarantee that tomorrow, independence day it's hazy, it's a little bit more humid, high temperatures while not incredibly high, upper 80's to low 90's, just like today, will still be warm and of course, that holiday, being out on the lawn or sight seeing it will be tough because it's so hot and humid. the thunderstorm chances for tomorrow, starting in the morning, hazy sunshine, don't think we have threat of showers until after lunch hour, mid afternoon, you start to see the
5:36 pm
pop up. there's just enough instability with the heat and humidity that you get these slow moving really high moisture content storms. it can get caught under a downpour and if this model holds correct. widely scattered. this is not a widespread event. these thunderstorms can bring your evening plans to a halt as we speak, and to stop the clock at 10:00 p.m. nothing is right over washington but the chance does exist. so whatever does form, i think we'll be short lived, even if in your town you have to put the fireworks plans on hold for a minute, we should be able to resume as we go through the evening. this is what we're going to say for independence day, the day part fine, warm, humid but the parade should be ok but hazy sunshine, indian. isolated shower keep it in the forecast because there's a chance we could have a few pop-up storms hopefully not over the national mall. that's the way it looks for tomorrow, a look at that seven-day forecast which features cooler temperatur
5:37 pm
jim and marina >> we will get through it together. >> help me and i'll help you >> thank you. quite i'm sure breakdown. venus williams in tears today during a wimbelton press conference what she was questioned about that left her crying >>. an all-time high, a couple ties the knot at a marijuana grow facility but there was a message behind their butting idea after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. is
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earlier, williams is playing for the first time since a family of a florida man filed a civil suit against her involved in a traffic crash killing a 78-year-old man and teared up when a reporter asked him >> really no words to describe how devastating and -- yeah. i'm completely speechless and it's just -- yeah. i mean, i'm just -- >> williams explained more on facebook. maria man new nose is resigning after being diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, she underwent surgery to remove a golf ball size tumor discovered back in february. he she said 99.9% was remove but there's a small chance it could come back. the 39-year-old is caring for
5:42 pm
4 brain cancer, she's been with e news since 2014. big story, the man who inspired the ice bucket challenge is in boston hospital. he was just 27 years old when diagnosed with als. being treated for symptoms. he launched the challenge back in 2014. it became a viral sensation, his family and friends each other to have a buck of ice water dumped on their heads. that raised $115 million. florida where aerial footage shows a hot air balloon that made a crash landing officials say it was carrying 17 people and crashed into a retention pond near wallet disney world before 8:00. police say the pilot was attempting to less than on a designate landing strip but reported problems with the wind. the royal family is gearing up for a summer tour. kensington palace is prince william and princess kate will head out
5:43 pm
starting july 17th. they plan to bring their children prince george and princess charlotte. it ends in germany. this is not the first royal trip. three-year-old george and 2-year-old tagged along on an official tour to canada next year >> i know you love reading those stories. your favorite. >> lot of royals. talk about a guaranteed high. one couple tied the knot marijuana grow facility >> here's kathleen jacobs. >> reporter: taking vowels >> we come together today july 1st, 2017, this beautiful place in las vegas nevada. >> reporter: among the flowers. >> i love you. >> reporter: this couple >> i take you anna to be my wife. >> reporter:
5:44 pm
holy mat moan knee in a marijuana grow facility. the idea stemmed from mark's past. >> >> i absolutely had my fathom prisoned when i was at school because of a cannabis related offense. it's molded my life at an early age. >> reporter: mark went on to write a dissertation and start his phd project on cannabis but the university put out the spark >> i'm taking a stand here because i want to celebrate the in fact that there's common sense coming behind some regulations. it's not here encouraging people to go out and become a recreational smoker. it's about the freedom to have choice. >> reporter: as these two exchanged their tokens of love? >> mark will you have anna to be your
5:45 pm
>> yes, i will. >> reporter: they took a stand in support of a butting movement. >> will you have mark to be your husband. >> i will. >> reporter: today was an all-time high >> i love you. >> lots of puns in that one. dazzling but dangerous, a common 4th of july injury that happens to kids even if they don't touch firework >> lots of dining or visiting the district. we sent the fox 5 in persons to check out some hottest spots around town. that's next.
5:46 pm
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5:48 pm
z2ejdz z16fz y2ejdy y16fy ♪ ♪. eye doctors are warning folks about the dangers of firecrackers sparklers and bowl rockets, the
5:49 pm
on this methodology says there's ten r 10,000 firework realed injuries every year most are from legal fireworks bought by parents. there's no such thing as a safe firework, sparkers burn at 1800 degrees. that is enough to melt some metals. lots of tourists in town. >> two in persons denver lar kin and amber darby talked to visitors to see what they hoped to see while here. >> we just wanted -- what would you guys like >> we just want to know what we could tell to tourists to come see and eat here >> we haven't had too many tell us so far >> i would say go to the to african-american museum >> the rent wick museum >> the lincoln memorial. the roosevelt memorial, the
5:50 pm
and >> i really wanted to see the supreme court because i'm a lawyer >> i like the library of congress >> we're zero to see the museum >> i wanted to go to the african-american museum >> dc is awesome for the history and the museums. >> monuments and the grounds and the mall and, you know, all the different buildings. >> i think it's like really hot in dc right now. it's like so hot. it's like so humid feels like the rain forrest. i don't think it's the bet time to come >> maybe you can tell us good places to eat around here >> i think the best food place in dc is actually pizzeria parade iso in georgetown >> we came from veg, dc got a blooming veg scene. >> somebody told me about that. >> i like taylor gourmet, we just went there >> mass
5:51 pm
>> i love dc life. >> you love dc too >> big ups to denver and ander but ronnie mccray >> do we live in a great city? feels like a rain forrest >> astro doughnuts, big fan, fried chicken and doughnuts in one place, sold? >> i'm partial to the taylor gourmet >> that's why this button is a little tight. just a little bit. let's talk about people coming into town, will we see rain forrest like conditions >> without a doubt. >> it is hot, humid >> i walked ten minutes down the street and i'm -- i was -- >> welcome, i was, you know. >> we're glad your back >> good to be back. >> it is like a rain forrest most days in the summer we'll get more of that. i'll tell you, wow, if you're looking for something to do, all summer long, i think you've got options after listening to that indoor and outdoors. we take a
5:52 pm
house right now. monday of this independence day and a long holiday weekend for hopefully some of you, lot of visitors, wish we could show more ideal weather. it hasn't been that bad if you like heat and humidity. we will have a couple of they don't remember chances as we head into the holiday. it just can't be like 81 or 82. it's got to be 92 with stiff stiff link humidity >> warm but fine for outdoor plan, more humidity for tomorrow. today, by the way for visitors is a day with not much humidity if you can believe that. tomorrow will be very humid as the due points will be almost en degrees higher. hazy sunshine for the 4th with thunderstorm chances, few pop-up thunderstorms, but if they pop up in wrong place at the wrong time, it's not fun. storms are much more likely and more widespread wednesday, thursday and into early friday. outside right now, it's 91 in dc, high temperature this afternoon. 90 in baltimore,
5:53 pm
stevensville, 83 in annapolis, upper 80's out west, 88 dulles, 86 in winchester. the due points, any time you get below 65 feels like we're winning on a summer afternoon, we're at 60 in dc. 50's in the higher elevations where it's cooler and drier, 73 in annapolis, i think the due points will be closer to 70 guaranteeing a totally soup i afternoon we can had partly cloudy skies. band of clouds streaming from west to east overhead but in between a couple of systems, one front bringing showers and thunderstorms to the carolina, or a widely scattered thunder showers to pennsylvania maybe getting close to the mason dixon line late but staying outside of our area, in between the two fronts, we got warm humid conditions, we got sunshine. with temperatures reach and the upper 80's to the low 90's. the closer the boundary gets during the daytime heating hour, mid afternoon, enough instability will cause a couple of thunderstorms to pop up.
5:54 pm
evening. luckily these look widing scattered. i think we'll be ok. tomorrow's planner this is what it looks like. 8:00 a.m. hazy sunshine, 78. humid at 87 by noon. 5:00 p.m. isolated thunderstorm, 91 after dark. we should see any's those thunderstorms start to dissipate. that's good news for fireworks, that would be after dark. 91 for tomorrow, temperatures fall as we got a lot of clouds and showers in the forecast wednesday and thursday, mid to upper 80's. friday clearing out temperatures jump into the low 90's. for now i'm saying next weekend looks great, more comfortable. it looks like we're going to have temperatures around normal in the upper 80's saturday with early clouds giving way to sunshine, a beautiful sunday, pleasant and comfortable before we get back to that 90 degree mark there for next monday. so getting pretty unsettled, less of a chance tomorrow definitely more of a chance as we head back to work here wednesday and thursday, and possibly into early friday.
5:55 pm
forecast. jim, back over to you. hot dogs, ham burgers? some people eating a bunch of those burger >> we'll show you who 88 the z burgers contest and how many the winner scarfed down. we'll be right back.
5:56 pm
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. three, two, one. 14 people wolfing down a bunch of burgers as part of the z burger eating championship, the goal who can the most burgers in ten minutes. defending champ molly did it and did it 21 burgers in 21 minutes be enough to win the cash prize, she munched down 28 burgers in ten minutes last year. >> talk to her during the 10:00 news, i'll see
5:59 pm
but it news at 6:00 begins now this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. a teacher's aide and coach accused of a despicable crime. target multiple middle school students. weeks after the ambush on the infield, one of the victims in the congressional shooting is playing ball again. and ♪ ♪ >> the holiday fun is in full swing and so are the security preps. the news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ ♪. a former charles county teacher's aide is in jail accused of having unprotected sex with as many as ten middle school students >> we learned the suspect, carlos deangelus bell is hiv positive. fox 5's paul wagner starts us off live from the middle school where bell last worked. paul? >> reporter: ladies, this story really sending shock waves through charlesou
6:00 pm
evening. this is carlos de angelo bell. he worked at stoddert middle school in waldorf where he was a teacher's aide and today, investigators in charles county say they have found videos indicating that he was having having second with these boys inside the school as well as at his home in waldorf. the boys are all to be in the grades of six through eight. he started working for charles county schools in 2014. let's now hear from the sheriff, troy berry, here's what he had to say at a news conference about the evidence against mr. bell >> some of the evidence found included graphic images of bell sexually assaulting victims. some of the crimes appear to have been committed on school property and others at his home in waldorf. inve


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