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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 24, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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> president up dr. parisiande full steam ahead and it's a full workday p the whitenthead house. ette ' met with top auto makers, signed an executive order, meantime am of his cabinet pics still unconfirmed. you can see on the run on then side of your screen that's whatt we're talking about tonight at 6. 30. we have a lot of tweets to get to. join the crowd at 5@6:30, but 5 this is the one story that'sha getting a lot of play. sean spicer once again reiterated unsubstantiated thatt there was widespread voter fraud in the 2016 election. he continues to maintain that that belief based on studies and evidence that people presentedps to they said there's no evidence,in secretaries of state say thatt they don't agree with the president's assessment. what evidence do you have? >> as i said, i think the president has believed that fort a while based on studies and information he has
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did not offer any of those studies or any information andnd here's the question a lot of people have much if there were 3 million ill legal votes castes in the election, the conscious a al races would likely have l been swayed. you would see the republicans loss some seats in the house. the other big thing they're saying if there is some concern if the white house indeed doeste believe this, why hasn't there been any action to investigate.e sean spicer was asked that question. he said we're not going to ruleto r anything on the. it set up the whole back andd forth about what was true, what was not. he's president, move forwardside with the agenda, no need to rehash what we saw back in november. a the look of people are sayinga it's distracting.stra it's credibility, too. they're trying to distract the media and here we are talkingtak about it. there you have it. et cetera ' apparently working. also happening today, congressman tomorrow price, his
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backing hem. the deps are questioning hisesti support for dismantling obama. president trump signed would executive orders, the keystonees xl pipeline, the other the dakota pipeline. environmental activists havee been protests the pipeline for years. they give them six months to maximize the steel for theor t pipeline. s that he's the main gist to get s steel workers working on it and to expedite the environmental permit process like pipelines, roads and bridge alsoge executives from detroit p three auto industries met with the president today and theyey discussed the future and theand economy and ways to help itit grow. the heads of if i at, ford and general motors were all there with president trump. mar situate a founder of women'o global initiative, happy new year and welcome back to the sob happy new year to you you. pnew if you could rate thes
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trump administration, what sort of grade would you give them?he >> well, based upon his own agenda want a he promised on the campaign trail i think he's ate' least at a c-plus.c-pl he's going forth with his agenda as he said forth during his campaign. it has to be a b-plus muchlus whether we agree with the billse that he's signing or the thingtn that he's extending like the gag rule, the mexico gag rule, the epa pull back as far as thehe keystone pipelines and how it might effect p the native americans and the dakota, the northwest area of the united states has yet to be scene, but as far as keeping hold on thethe agenda and keeping his feet tohs the fire i think he's doing what he said and there's no advises there. in terms of voices being heard, those opposing president trump we certainly saw across the country over the weekend, iskend this drive, is this fire going to stay strong in opposing somei of these policies.
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strong. i think ever since presidentever obama was elected into the office of the presidency we have a more engaged sitsry of opposition of support.po i thinksi we're even more' waked now that president trump is in the off. you have an over swelling of the democrats and a great loss. i heard the voter fraud oror illegal voting, i'm from chicagm so you have to show us the bodies. until then we're always opposing no matter what.ha we had an irregular, irrational, mostly irritating, but hopely not a non irrepairable reformreo coming out of somewhere. maybe that's something that we should march for and make sure it happens. i travel a lot in nationally ann the one thing we have a standard mostly for our didn'tries toto receive fopping is that they have to have a simplistic,si uniform and democratic way of voting. we have so many things that gong ons in the united states.ates 50 states and 48
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and making someone besides the electoral college. i think we may be ought to look at that. since president trump is irritated by illegal voting, maybe that will be one of his stops. as.s. i know we will certainly bee watching that. as the o and founder the women's global initiative.tiat i'm curious what do you think the trump situate f will be for women as we move forward. >> since i don't have the crystal ball. i'm looking more toward ivanka and her particular role in then white house.e. i'm curious about that. i know that she has always beeny for women and
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role with that and that she'll be the whisperer as far as women and children concerns.once a lot of people say she's his secret weapon, we'll see. >> i think she is the securelyul weapon. i like that terminology that you gave her, the trump whispererwhs >> thanks so for coming on knowr thank you having me. over the c nthextan few weeks, president trump is likely toto face some for adversary as well. i'm looking at an article in thc national revielew much you outlined three countries and yod get into china. this has been a country that donald trump has been quitequit vocal about leading to the election. >> good to be with you.ou. first of all, as president trump has articulated many timesmany during the campaign and since he was elected, the notion of trade
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wants to take a tougher linee that he wants essentially to consider putting in on measure of tariff on chinese goods and services so that could create a controversy. but in terms of specific physical risk in term of morere military dimension of relationship, the challenge is china's construction of artificial island and milterrization of those islandss and n the south and east china see and china is doing that very close to the philippines and vietnam and jap pan so as to dominate the trading routesra through that region.gion and the trump administration and the secretary of state, and thee president himself have said thae they're going to put a stop too thatment the chinese coming out again saying no, you're not. there is really quite potential for a serous show down and quito possiblywn a military show down. you mentioned iran, you also mentioned russia, what sort
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challenges do you think we could see from them?m? >> on the part of iran whatn you're going to see is a pushpuh back from any efforts by the united states to try and tighteh the nuclear deal, to try andtry stop the iran ands doing the missile research. which i imagine the defensethe secretary will be pushing for. there's potential there and the iranians might react in thehe persian golf and i suggest that that's probably quite likely tol challenge the us navy and threatennen the us navy. on russia, the concern is what president trump has said aboutid russia and the relationship with vladimir putin.ut president put in might try andad manipulate present, he might say forrese example, if you do thisn europe, if you pull back frombak american forces from nato we'll contribute more cohesively withh you in terms of counteng
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and my concern that would be a chosen horse just to get trump into their pocket.cket we'll have to > we are certainly in new territory no doubt. tom rogue and, thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate. moving on president trump signed an executive order that freezese the hiring of federal workers. lawmakers are racking. tom fitzgerald is live on theli hill tonight with more on thisis one. i know that politicians on both sides of the aisle aren't sore sure withstanding right with thg president on this one.t on >>reporter: you're right aboutr that, shawn.wn everybody enjoys equals these days. remember the big free phraseth that drove donald trump toe far on theum apprentice? what was that.that >> you you buy you're fired.ed. he's got a new one. you're not hired. because the effect of this iss going to be right now that i
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you work in a federal government department that is not the defense department, that is not the intelligence or is not law enforcement or security, they put a hiring freeze in here, folks and none of thesethes departments are going to be able to higher anybody right nowght because of this.this now, the goals of this are notae all that complicated. they want to safe money and they want to cut costs and they want to safe the american taxpayer money.ay now, while some people here inin our area are concerned about this, we talked to some folks that live outside of the beltwat and they are paying attentionate and so far reacting to what thet president did. listen to this. to how long do you think this will last? i think within six monthi it will be honored in the there will be more exceptionse than there will be the rule because every agency, everyagen division in every agency will have its own special exceptionsi and many of them will have merits and they will have to be recognized or
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ed. > okay, that who you just saw there was just not any person a who was walking around here onhe capital hill, that was democratic congressman jerry connelly, virginia, maryland, d.c., they are said to have a big impact from all of this.this keep in mind, over 2016 the federal government hired 221,00d people. there are 2.1 million federalio workers in all. only about 15 percent of them, though actually work here in our area. it's not just democrats like jerry connelly you just saw there. we talked to the office of republican congressman barbaraba comstock over in virginia. she's not on board with this, either. comstock is saying a loft times with these federal governmentov highering freezes eventually they h wind up having to liftift them. they wind up having to higher more people to make up for theor time that they weren't hiring. and in the end comstock
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than they orange millionly thought they were saving fromavn the get > a lot of the employees life in our district. >> barbara comstock, her original person for president was not donald trump.rump it was a big issue in the election. > politicians make all kinds of promises when they're on the campaign trail and tonight when they get into office.offi according to the washington post president obama kept some, butps not others. during the presidential campaign president obama said several times he wanted to negotiate healthcare reform publicly. never happened, though. there were talks behind closedl doors at the white mouse and congress. president obama promised to ed t create or safe 1 million jobson with a 20 billion-dollar in infrastructure jobs. well, he kept that promise. it included 30 bill for infrastructure. it's estimated they stimulatedma or saved between 1.3 million by 2011.
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maleficent. he also promised to end the war in iraq. the last troops were taken out by 2010. all troops withdrew in december of 2011. overall, president obama made 4a props zest over the eight years he was in office. o 17 of those were broken.ken. as you can see, 12 were compromised and he kept 11 of those promises. i don't know what it's like to's be president. i don't want to ever find out. >> not you. you >> owe, not, at all, but i imagine, you know -- i'd be there for your press briefings. that's the thing when you makeke the promises out there, thats ' what the media's role. we hear a lot of from presidentt trump, we'll see what happens moving forward. let's move forward to thee weather.we sue, you said tomorrow is goingg to be --be - >> owe, yes, i'm loving thisovin much the thought of tomorrow and hopefully the clouds will continue moving on and out.
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big noreaster that is heading off the coast is heading on out. we are clearing october, thecl clouds are breaking up.eari they're still getting pounded un in new york state.k st they're getting some snow in ne york state, but for us, it's als about the wind direction and the wind direction changes tomorrow and starts coming in out of the south. a the lot of places will be in the 30s. at 8 in the morning we'll be about 41-degrees. by noon up to 52-degrees and byd the time we get to 4:00 we should be 358-degrees and finally wall to wall sunshine tomorrow. 58 for quantico, 60 for d.c., 55 for hagerstown, 52 for52 annapolis. it looks like it's going to a little taste of early spring. feeling like late march on our wednesday. > that's the seven dayhe s forecast. >> but then we still havestil february to get through. > life in the moment, jim. the race for governor in virginia is just getting started. we're talking to the outgoing governor about his four years in office.
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>>reporter: yes, we bring youbn the news makers here at 5@6:30 and today we have governor tearr t imac cullive. we're going to interview him after the break.
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5 at 6. 30. welcome back. election year in we're talking about the governor's race. a guy who knows the job quite well. hi, ronica. >>reporter: jim and shawn, i'mw here in washington, d.c. but i'm with the governor of virginiaof and the reason that we're together is that you're theou chair of the govern o's you've got the state of the state dress for governors of the country. why does this matter to our viewers? how does this effecth them. >>reporter: your job creation,i your transport, hur healthcare delivery systems. governors matter. basically the governor is the most important thing as relatesn to ang
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we have to get things done. i'm here with my partner fromr nevada, we are going to layout what we need to do moving florida. we have a new administration,ins but you if they block aid medicaid, that's a disaster. we want to work with administration, about they workn on, the infrastructure t. i we have to actually implement these policies and we don't want them to be making policies thatt will adversely effect our cyst sense. another point about the pole which i thought was interestings the fact that american voters and people they feel morere connected and closer to their elected politicians that are governors rather than nationalna office. tell me about that. when you thinktell about it, toa just announced in virginia, we've got our unemployment rate down to 4.1 percent.1 pe our initial unemployment claimse today hit a 40-year low. people relate to that they.they they understand that governors
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new business. when you have a snowstorm, it's your governor who makes sure that we can move the snow out. we are involved in the every day lives of citizens. unlike congress we don't filibuster. we don't have an action. we have to act, make decisions every day to safe people's lives. we work together.geth the great thing about the governor's association, deps and republicans. we're best buddies. governors get along but we all have the same goal, we have to create jobs. take best practices from statest i think people in washington if they learn to act like the governors it doesn't matter what your political parties is they want results. i love of that governorr mcauliffe you you can certainly tell you're passionate it.t. a lot of it is about makingak getting the politicians to get along. we're sending it back to you. northern patriots tom brady andd
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the president. 5 at 6.6. 30.30 we'll be right back.
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> did you hear about this, jimb >> the obamas left palm springsn >> they're done. for the british virgin islands. turns out their trip was a little washed out so they robbed on richard bomb son's plane and headed to his retreat.retr the former first couple left washington friday, flu to california, their last trip on air force one. following their vacation, which is now to richard branson's place they will come back to d.c. where they will live until sasha finishes high school.choo > they're not at the pointoint where they have to takee southwest. >> they'renying their time inrey the britishin virgin elan. malia obama is working at the sun dance festival.
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apparently she has an internship presidentpresident trump is frie tom brady are loyal and can avoid the verbal shrapnel. it's just a fabulous man andman leader in this country. kelly and conway made the remarks on fox and was talkingtk about the intense scrutiny they president is facing. go patriots, right., >> not really. i was at that there's a new way to drink cocktails by eating them. what?wh >> yep. coming up next on 5569:30 we've got the magic going in thethe kitchen and we will be with you guys. you'll want to hear this. we'll be right back.
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so this is a definitely way to enjoy cocktails. bite my cocktail. a perfect way we can eat our cocktails. they're completely part of the cocktail. we incorporated it so it's not just our regular old garnishgarn like a lime wheel, but actuallyc a component over the cock alien. so if the garnish isn't with it, tell us what you're making. right here we have a classic bourbon and we have a little power one, some cherry, a pepper corn syrup. we have grilled lemon juice and then a burnt onion salted rim.m. and delicious hanger steek. >> that's pretty fabulous. we also have a few other onesher that we do. we tried to make a whole menu of them. one with med could you
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cream i avocado that goes with i. and you've got something else with peepers there. >> that's our scotch and peepers. >> is this who the? >> cherries owe peepers, scotch a little balance samic vin gear. this is awesome. so you can drink and eat your cocktail. tony is the master chef. that's's that's steek ready to go.'s we're ste going to put a littlet of onion you've got your pepper, your onon. >> its incrediblement we're leaked at 777i street northwestw downtown chinatown. > how long will these bite my cocktail go on. >> on the menu forever. they might go on seasonally.easo we'll change as far as thehe seasons go. we're going to keep on trying to do new different things. we were
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> i don't eat red meet. >> but i do. bring it. thank you very my pleasure. thank you so much for coming in h. my pleasure, thank you for having me.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: donald trump clearly does not like hillary clinton's foreign policy. but likes her tastes in drapes. >> when he came into the oval office, first thing he did is redecorate it. these drapes were not brand new though. they were actually chosen by hillary clinton for bill clinton's oval office. hillary was famously like hands on. >> not hands on enough. [laughter] >> department of homeland security, they are worried about getting a new gym for the immigration control enforcement, their office in d.c. they want state of the art fitness equipment and they're ready to pay upwards of $200,000 a year. >> you got to be fit to run after these mexicans, bro. >> the obamas after three days in palm springs decided to take a private jet from richard branson to necker island.


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