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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 30, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ straight ahead, an eye for e an eye. russia suggesting possibleg retaliation after president psi obama promises to kick out dozens of russian diplomats. what else the sanctions includec and what they could mea
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relations between washington and the >> second chance city, d.c.'s ds criminal justice system gettingg a second look aft the murder ofe a popular actress and yoga teacher.acr. this morning the city's deputy d mayor answers our questions que about why the suspect was stilli on the streets. very simple win or go home.. washington redskins whole seasoo comes down to this last game.tam we will preview the rematch between the we are gundy andun gold and the new york giants. later, it is the countdownno to 2017. 201 we'll show you how the big apple will protect the tens of tens thousands of people ringing in n the new year.e ne we'll also go live to times t square to get up close and personal look with the star of the show.e good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ friday, december 30th. i'm ev
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>> i make a couple. cou >> do you? >> not the same every year.ryea i change them little bit. b but this year my biggest one iso to just keep on at the gym and also to remember to pack myac meals every day.very a lot of times i -- i >> every yea >> simple stuff. >> go back to the gym get moreyr organized.orga >> the basics. t basics. >> next december get back to tho gym and get more organized.aniz. >> mine is more daily.. >> yeah. >> like what? >> stay in your lane. lane >> don't hate as much. m >> no, no, no.o, the hate will come with theith e territory. >> i have a huge ones but i but won't share that
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>> personal resolutions.olut >> right. >> huge ones. >> it's all good. >> idea.ave no idea. >> daily resolution.n >> maybe you guys can enlightenl us with some of your resolutions #gooddaydc, right. r >> curious to see what everyoney is thinking this y first at 9:00 let's talk about the weather.e er. yesterday's rain good news that is all gone and we're endingnd 2016 on a mild note but way up interstate 95 that is tolllyol different story.dierent st >> that's right new englandt's region getting hit withri blizzd like conditions by the time it's over the nature will have dumpee 2 feet of winter storm warnings are ins ai effect for most of that area and for more on that storm and whatw we can expect here at home as as you head out and get your partyy on, tucker barnes joins us now live with first check check of the forecast. k.heuck. >> hey, guys.>> heyys let me clean up that lead in lei just little bit.just little storm is over to the north andtn west. they had thundersnow last nightn in boston. bosn but heaviest of the snow back ik vermont and new hampshire and ad maine where they had up to abouo 18-inches that was impressive. and we are no longer il
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mild yesterday but it feels iee chilly out there this look at that. 39 degrees, and with pretty goog wind out of the west and north r and west it feels like 32 hereee in the city and lots of the area it feels like the wind chill wdi right now in the 20s so just s s heads up here. her very cool day. not only cool but actually actua developed little band of snow on showers just off to our northor and west. look at that. tha get up 270 here there's there frederick right there. working up towards hagerstown at little band of showers acrosscrs the northern tear of maryland, and got to be honest here, you know, some of our -- some of you off to the north and west here h will probably encounter some quick-moving snow tweet me tucker fox5.ox determined to get one on myne on twitter account of that snow flying off to the north andffo d west. bigger picture it's lake effectc snows really firing up overnighn look at that. lo very impreokssive.. and mountains out to the west ws five to perhaps 10-inches ofches snow great for the ski resortsks out there along with cooler cle temperatures and again we'll bel blow normal temperature wise wis later today with daytime highs g only in the low 40s.
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look at the winds gusting atwist times to 40. make sure you are properlyroperl dressed here as you head out. i'll have details on our holiday weekend forecast and the first f couple days of 2017 coming up momentarily, guys, i'll toss iti back to you. >> thank you tucker barnes. not 05:00 is the time.he t let's talk politics political pl chess match between the unitedh states and russia still going og this morning after threats ofeas retaliation from russian foreign minister. however president vladimir putiv now stepping into theo t conversation he says russia wilw not expel u.s. diplomats in response to us sanctions. fox's doug luzader has >> reporter: president obama oba making his case against russiasi and by clear implications russian president vladimir vladi putin. for starters 35 russian officials are being expelled exl from the united states and sent back to russia.back tssia. and the white house alsoouse announced series of sanctionss targeting russian intelligence age sees.eee >> our bottom line what russiaui has been engaged in over the t last few months and years isears unacceptable. it's outside the norms of
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diplomatic behavior and theior e president is sending a messagens to tell them to cut it out.ut i. >> reporter: f bit.>>orte and department of homelandd security issued a joint analysis of the election season hacking that targeted the democraticem national comttee making it clear that russia was behind it. i russia denied any involvement ie and has promised to respond in kind. kind clearly skeptical president-elect donald trumpt-eo announced that he would meet he with us intelligence officials next week to learn more but his top advisers we're talking about suggestions that the white house moves were really about targeting trump. >> the allegation or the sup pop position perhaps one reason that these sanctions are taking placi is to quote box in president-elect donald trumpeled forcing him to take a position o or otherwise once he takes tak ofce.e. i hope that this isn't motivatet by politics even a little bit. >> reporter:.eporter: >> that was doug luzade reporting. president-elect donald trump has reacectiont ed. released statement saying the us can should move on to bigger anr better thing. be he would
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intelligence leaders for an for update. well 90:00 sick. 90:00 s they say times square iss crossroads of the world. wor and tomorrow about a millionilli people they're going to packac into midtown manhattan to usher in 2017. and as you can imagine the nypdn stepping up security big time. fox's rick leventhal has all the details. >> reporter: big events likes l new year's eve bring big safetyy concerns for new york city andkd while the nypd says there are no specific threats, security sur measures will be strictor thanrt ever just in case. >> everybody knows that the eyes of the world are kno upon timess square on new year's eve night, so they'll be no complain zenmpn see. >> reporter: earlier this month suspected terrorist depore a truck through crowded cwd christmas market in berlin killing 1 to prevent similar tack on newk year's eve, 65 sand trucks willl block side streets serving ass barriers around times square. >> we'll have one of the most well-policed, best protectest pt events at one safe test venues in the and tire world given alln the a
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>> reporter: thousands off uniformed officers had patrolofs the crossroads of the h world ar revelers will have to go through at least two checkpoints to get in. >> a lot you will see and as pea usual a lot you will not see. and that's that combination that keeps us >> reporter: nearby hotels, theaters and parking garages ara already being swept and securedr mailboxes and trash cans removed and manhole covers sealed shut.. hundreds of surveillance cameram will be monitored and heavilyeai armed cops will eye ball the bal crowd from land, air and sea.ea >> if you plan on joining the ji party this year, the nypd saysds leave your alcohol, yourol, backpacks and your umbrellas at meme. in times square, rick r leventhal, fox news. >> more questions remain thisait morning other news back here ine d.c. over how the man accused of murdering tricia macauley managed to freely walk the the streets after so many run insaf with the law.ter with macauley was a local yogaog teacher found dead in her caradc earlier this week after goingft missing on christmas day.asay. suspected killer adrian dwayne johnson skipped court heangs
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he failed to show up to get a a gps tracking device that he had been ordered to wear.ea earlier this morning we talkedet with d.c. deputy mayor whatt seems to be a gap in the city'ss criminal justice system.yste >> a lost people don't realize'a how complicated the dc system is. so essentially after someone iso arrested in the dc system justmj about every touch point they poe will have with the government on the justice system will be withw the federal agency. anc that includes the pre-trialrial system, the court system, the prosecutors incarcerations done at federal prisons, and then ife someone is back in the city c under supervision, it's often ot usually done by federal agencies, and this has its roots actually in the back runt see of d.c. 20 years ago, but itt creates an incredibly complex system for both people in theine system to navigate but also forr the city to be able to understand how we can work more collaboratively with individuald and with agencies.
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dwayne johnson told police macauley offered him sex andex claimed she hanged her sideer inside of her car afterward.fter prosecutors don't buy it. they show her injuriesdo you do now if the city s ely ons to ry the feds fr this? >> exactly. >> one possible solution is with the new administration ifatio someone can be appointed to be lay yea son between the whiteene house and d.c. i the feds are going to be doing this they cany make changes without having toan go through congress. many many layers in thisy layerh process. >> in fairness during this wholw discussion i heard a soundbite from mayor muriel bowser who who sounded out raised at this at t process in place. it doesn't make any sense. to what we were talking about wk yesterday saying why isn't isn't something being done, i think it is clear that people recognizeer there's a problem getting it fixed now is the issue always. okay. in the news this morning hisning band is called the unknown butno thanks to new video sweeping the web the name might not be soo accurate any more..
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>> redskins facing nfc east rival the giants to determine di their playoff fate. f we'll check in with grant g paulsen for preview coming upom next. time right now 9:10.:10. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ >> so you can insert any cliche right here. make or break, do or die, winnen die win go home. the bottom line the redskinss entire season rides on sunday'sn season finale against the newhe york giants. the giants have already clinchec a spot so the big question thiss morning, whether the best -- rest will their starters or nots risk any injuries.ies. burgundy and gold play off fatef rests in their own hands. hands. win and they're in.the in that's another cliche you can c throw in there.row in there for a preview and hopefully some good luck were go live to fox5's grant paulsen good morning ton r you, grant. gra we have established the giantsia don't have anything to play for but it is a rivalry game and they can stick it to thehe redskins by beating them and sending them home. h how do you think this is going i to play out? to p >> well, first of all, i thinkik they'll play their starters aplr the least to begin the i'll be really surprised if somo of their better playersrla quarterback eli manning, wide receiver owe o'dell beckham, jrm on defense. free agent acquisitions, linebacker or
9:15 am
manhattan play for the entirehe game. it wouldn't make sense for thatt aosre the five the fiv seed in the conference they plap their starters a quarter. qrt somewhat what the redskins didis in dallas week 17.eek 1 but i do think they're py p their starters and they wouldheu take pride ending the redskinss season. >> keys to the game. offensive side of the ball and>d defensive side of the ball. most important keys for thisorta game for the redskins to gets t victory here. >> well, on avenue offense notee turning the football when they haven't this year they scored a lot of points they area really tough to get off theghge field with punts and to end to e drives against defensively.sily they're actually the hardestarde team in the league to force into three and outs.ou quarterback kirk cousins is asis great trigger man for offenseen with terrific weapons. weans desean jackson, pierre garson, jamison crowder, all in thenhe passing game jordan read will b back playing this week. two catchene
9:16 am
games and missed one with an ona injury. that's big deal. ing game gotten going. goi i think not turning the ball thl over something they didn't do it new york the last time d they ww there and because of that they y scored about 30 points in win. w on defense, i think the big keyy for me is pressure. p whether it's eli manning or guyg without much nfl experience hiss back up josh johnson i think iff you can collapse the pocket andt get to the quarterback, we've,ve seen time and time again from f eli he throws the ball up for grabs. grab he through three is.nterceptions against the redskins earlierthks this year, three at fed he canfn last year. last so get to the quarterback andera good things are going to happen. >> absolutely.ut now, the other big matchup hereh will be josh norman versuser o'dell beckham because we know how much they love each other. how much penalties, how many fights, how do you think this iu going to play out? even thoughg they're not on each other lot ot talk here if they do get on each other, they're very but table bt when they're in the same space e at the same time.e t how do you think that's going ti play out?nk >> these guypls, they're basical trying to say that that's behind them. th i don't believe it at all
9:17 am
they spent essentially the off o season talking trash to one to n another through the media me magazines or in the newspaper.e. they don't like each other veryo much. there's no doubt about that. remember o'dell beckham goteckhg suspended for on field fld altercation we josh norman yeary ago in carl lionism the famousam head butting of the kicking netc game that got him into so muchh hot water with people around the league where they said this guyg can't control himself, that camc in game where josh norman had with the redskins had this ts season three week not year.ea i could expect frankly that inky the first quarter they'll dor td some jawing and they'll be facee mask to face mask a couple a cpl times. obj will not be on the field ind my opinion enough for this toiso really reach the level that it has in the past. again, i'll be stunned he's toot important an apes and he's apess peaking he doesn't have anythine to prove thisns week.s wee i just don't think he's going tt play enough for those two guys y to have beckham versus normanora three the showdown everybody isn looking for. >> all right. nt. gnt it out, gra give us the score and a winner. >> i'm going redskins on thisoni one. i think they've got so much more on the line than
9:18 am
primarily because i don't think new york will play theiryork starters deep in the game.rsee i'll be surprised if washingtono doesn't win.n't win i think 27-20 maybe 27-17 final score. something along those lines.tho. if the giants do play theirla starters for the whole game i think it's a toss the w up. field goal at the end of fourtho quarter kind of game but i'm going to say redskins win ands n for the second time in as manys seasons for the first time sincr the early '90's they make the playoffs.fs. >> wow, okay.ow, real quick before we let you go, talk about some of the big bowlw games we got coming up we know k about the big matchup.up. the playoff system that they the have in college football no more wheat eater bowl.ter owl. watching the role deal now.. >> at least not that you have ty watch. >> right. echh want to give virginia t a lot of credit in the belt bowl yesterday they fell 24-zero camm back five unanswered touchdowns. turned arkansas over multiple me times in the second half.he seca and won by 11 in a game theyamet trailed by three plus by th touchdowns. biggest come back in teamest b history.ory. waying to hk
9:19 am
for me it's all about thet t playoffs, right? it's the ohioo states and the washingtons oftoo the world.e w i think alabama ends up winning the national championship. four-team play off right now i'w hoping we up that in the nextine few years to eight teams he'll h with wisdom the play off wayff better than all the bowl gameslg really don't mean a whole lot to anybody.ybody. >> absolutely. grant paulsen, thank you very much., good to see you we'll see you su neck year, grant, happy new yeay to you. don't party too hard.t pao hard. [ laughter ] >> all right. i appreciate it.. >> see you later grant. >> great reaction.. >> all those bowl games you cang cut them in half. half >> it's ridiculous. >> the poo -- >> there used pew lanny wheat w eater bowl. i don't know what it was. >> i thought you were sayinge sn something nasty there.mena >> i'm surprised there's not's n good day bowl at this point.s pt >> right. maureen umeh bow >> good day bowl.d day wl >> i agree with grant on then t skins. sk i think the giants are going toi play pro bowl defense and i a think the skins are going to gog role but i will say this. t as far as oh dem beckham and josh
9:20 am
nothing to lose.oe. he can get 15 penalties and it doesn't make a difference.ferenc if norman against one it willtil hurt the team. theeam >> joint funeral for carrie forr fisher and her they'll do it together. t another pie in the sky playinge for amazon and t the second chaa of a life for a teen caughtaut smoking pot.oking p we'll check on what else iseconw making headlines coming up next. >> later third time is the charm. kevin sitchting down with mallml wahlberg and peter bird talkingn about their latest true story sy coming to the big screen thehe boston marathon bombing patriott day. we'll i really like that ♪♪ about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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♪♪ >> ever blessed month. >> lots of bills. >> that ain't changing in 2017.e >> it's pay day for some of us. [ laughter ] >> erin you get the hospital nor. thank you very much steve.e. 9:23.9:23 u.s. coast guard says there's t been no sign of debris or the six passengers aboard plane thaa went missing overnight in ohio.. it took off around 11:00 p.m. p. last night from small ohioo airport on lake erie. e it disappeared from radar little while later. officials do say they will be tw searching for the plane that'spe going to continue today. debbie reynolds and carrie fisher's pamly are planning a joint memorial service. reynolds died wednesday at the a age of 841 day after her daughter's death.ea
9:24 am
service will be held alsod a another pie in the sky idea from amazon. now dreams of blimps stocked with stuff and drones to getnest packages to customers even faster. the e commerce giant filed a patent for flying full fit many center.nter. it includes drugs of how the hot stuff you would buy in warehousw will be taken to the air.tan to. that's pretty cool. c ton night rhonda rousey gettingt back in the much anticipated fight she'll be facing off with a amanda nunez is her first ufc fight since s they lost to holly holme lastmes that was her first degree career defeat much this is a video from yesterday's weigh in.n. nunez is the current woman's ban tam weight champion much that'sc pretty exciting. looking forward to that fight.ti and finally, the second son chance of a lifetime for aor a teenager caught smoking pot. p an off duty texas police officec gave the teenager choice. 200 push ups or the encounter was filmed andild posted to facebook earlier t
9:25 am
tells the teen, this is whats iw they used to do back in the dayd when we played football in highh school. the police department actuallyal applauded the officer's decisioc saying they're happy he chose as more impactful result andest a judging by the reactions quite questionable decision there.. >> how the world reacts to things these days. days. people will say this is harsh hh punishment dollared out by theub police officer without a job. aj >> i don't think it's punish't t many at all.manyt al you got caught with pot and youu punishment is to do push ups.h u >> you'll hear from all sides os the argument.the >> i know. >> it's going to be much talkedl about decision i think. >> so -- >> if i was the teen i would wou take the push ups. u >> did he he have sizeableave sa amount of marijuana or tiny o t yesterday bit and this is slapla on the wrist for, you know, kno minor crime? bring up another o issue. so the officer was judge, jury,j and executioner right there thee because -- >> that's kind of the point i was trying to make off the top.e >> yeah. the >> i thought that would get
9:26 am
wisdom.wisdom. >> i'm with you steve. wyou ste. i got you. >> police department applauded p n.s decision. >> which is another issue. >> >> good talkerti.d taer >> i know no more. m coming up next why the local group kenny sway and unknowns hit it big online.. special performance of a whitney houston classic life in thee lo.t. >> first though what 2017 has is store weather tucker barnes coming back with a check of the new year's forecast. time right now 9:26. now 9:2 back in a moment.momen ♪♪ game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. time right now 9:26. now 9:2 back in a moment.momen ♪♪ and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way.
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your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals.
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>> out there somewhere many the young tucker barnes. >> young alabama boysreyo dreamo become a meteorologist comingin true on christmas day. >> i want to hear >> i know. >> what's he saying? >> aww. >> let's just imagine the wondee in that young boy. >> cold front coming up at 3:00 p.m. >> that's three-year-old woods mcfarland he wanted to put onn his weatherman outfit don theutt weather. the video of him doing theim dot forecast went viral. went viral as a result he met his idol whoo was the local meteorologist. >> yea. >> he apparently -- lucky lucky coordinated they have the samehs tie on. he's looking sharp. sharp. pictures are apparently he didn't take the hh suit off for two days. two days. >> i'll bet. >> slept in his suit.ep his >> i love this. t viewed more than 52,000 times.0m >> i love it. i
9:30 am >> i know not to get too much oh your personal business you kneww from very young age this is what you wanted to do.too. >> steve, yeah. probably from that age i knew ii wanted to weather.eather so, >> lock at you now.>>ock >> sometimes our calling isim or early in life.rly l he was very handsome, wasn't heh >> very sharp. s >> nice suit. >> let's do some weather. w guess what, snow showers flyingg off to the north and west. take look at this picture cominm out of hagerstown. thank alice for center it in. she's got just enough innough hagerstown for the fur babies tt have great time this morning bug it's out there. and you can see a light dusting out in hagerstown.agerow i'll show you snow showersower flying. if you're seeing snow showers ig think some of you off to the the northth west will, tweet me tucker fox five and i'll try too repost those but thanks againhaa alice for sending that pictureic frst hagerstown. you can see snow flying outgut there this morning with someit s bands of snow gotten across thee mountains.mountains. let's get back to the 39 in washington.ngto 36 in 32 hagerstown it's chilly outllo there. winds north
9:31 am
blustery. winds out of the north and westn at about 15orth to 20 gusting t. making it feel like 20 more of0m the of the area. feels like 22 in city. cy. 18 now in west minster so cold c and blustery condition even with tnshine today. much more like winter out theret for our friday. fri all there's your snow showers sno activity it's very light.. but it is sneaking down now down 270 this is western howard county out towards lisbon, mt.t. airy get light snow showerow tytivity. frederick has been getting iteni working down 81 there perhaps winchester and front royal you r guys might get a couple snowpl showers as well a few of these e sneak down in in lon down andown montgomery county won't bemery surprised. let me know if you'r e seeing see flurries and showers as they'res moving on that. t that is impressive site look at the lake effect snows firing upg during the overnight hours.htous heaviest of the snow will be inn the mountains out to the west up to 10-inches expected all the at ski resorts out here loving it as got cold conditions, greaton snow making
9:32 am
some natural snow flying at thia hour, and again, up to 10-inchen expected out there.cted out the you can see some of those snowr showers pushing across our areae later today, low fours it will feel like low 30s and then we'rw setting up for decent weekend. e it will be cool tomorrow withrow high pressure overhead. and sunny start to the day as ww get into tomorrow night i'll show you the new year's night ee want to mention quickly sunday a think we'll have clouds aroundro but hold the showers off untilil after the game sunday which isyh great news.great going out tomorrow night, you'lu want a it will be chilly. low 40s. low 40s here with some cloudse d but it will remain dry. d most importantly remain dry here for new year's eve and there's e your seven day forecast and we w got a nice up to look forward td early next week, tuesday, tuesd, wednesday about 60. on the horizon possibility oftyf some winter weather tore the end of next week. wee still a lot of question markssto may or may not happen. hap nothing to panic about but kindn of keep that in mind as we get into 2017 certainly turn colderr and more wintry here tour theur end of next week.end of next all right. a few flurries today.
9:33 am
maureen, toss it back to you. yu >> tuck, thank for you that. y a grab your tissues this nexts net story sure to bring to you t tears. his name is kenny sway and he's' a local r and b singer recentlyn he and his band kenny sway and the unknowns performed a pop up concert outside the chinatownto metro station and now they're te going viral for it. check it out. ♪♪ >> more than million people milo watched to video singing to t young girl online now you can yc see them performing life. the band stopped by the loft for a special performance of their t rendition of the dolly partonar whitney houston classic i will l alys l love you. kenny and unknowns, take it away. ♪♪ ♪♪ if i should
9:34 am
be in your way, so i go but i b know i'll think of you every step of the way ♪♪ ♪♪ >> and i will always love you, will always love you ♪♪ >> ♪♪
9:35 am
bittersweet memories, that ists all i'm taking with me ♪♪ >> ♪♪ so goodbye, please don't cry, we both know that i'm not worth your need ♪♪ >> ♪♪ and i will always love you, i will always love you
9:36 am
>> ♪♪ i hope to give you time, and i hope you have a -- i wishs joy and happiness but above all i wish you love ♪♪ ♪♪ >> and i will always love you, will
9:37 am
>> ♪♪ will always love you, will always love you ♪♪ ♪♪ love you, love you ♪♪ [ applause ]
9:38 am
>> thank you. >> kenny way and the unknowns.nn unknown no longer.onr. hello.hello >> how are you.>> >> i'm goodness your falsetto is ridiculous.culous >> appreciate i thank you sociat much. >> you got the attention because video wept viral little girl yog were singing to. how did this little girl comelom about. about. >> what's her name. >> her name is>> w mary evelyn.e she's from north carolina.. her and her sister annie wasas just walking passed and theyhey stopped, you know, like her face and everything her movementement was -- was -- >> your music touched >> just exposed to her and youny know, she was jumping with joy.j >> we can see it.>> wn se she came to me and, you know, ww were just having a good time.. >> music touches people in so tp many ways.ny w this is such a clear definitiono of how music can move people ana just transcend genres and classc and race and all of that.. you've been doing this a longon time. street finally comi i
9:39 am
what does it mean to you to finally have this recognition and to get this group of the unknowns finally knooewn?s ithat >> yeah. well, i'm nothing without them.t >> yeah there.yea for starters.rts. yeah. yeah. i'm nothing without god and you know, with his, you know, his guidance and his presence always covering us while we outside, i, helps us do what we need to doto the strtreet. >> how can people cachucha withc you and do you have an album oro what do they call the. cd's coming out. o. >> i just released an album december 5th.mbth. >> congrats. >> and that is on i tunes.i tun and google play and every, youro know, digital outlet.ut >> what kind of music do you do? >> r and b, pop, gospel, littlet bit of everything. >> you can do everything. quick shout out to the bandou cn members. let's get some names real quick. >> joe. sonny.. >> jackie. >> and dan. d >> little base in the group. >> all right. rig. can't know sway and the unknowns thank you very much.thyou for cheering up with this viralv video it touched a lot of o people. keep doing what you're doing.oig
9:40 am
>> happy new year g thanks lot.t >> i'll tell was, serious pipes. >> wow! >> for sure.e. >> love all the talent here inlt the dmv. 9:40 right now. mark wahlberg bringing thein the manhunt for the boston marchar than bombing suspects to the big screen.scen he have rin. he >> kevin will be sitting down w with the star and the directorto of new drama patriots day.ri that's next. right now it's 9:40.s 9 we'll be right back on this last friday 2016.friday 2016.
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♪♪ those are not our guys. guy. meanwhile you guys aren't any a closer to identifying the two we're looking for.or we need to release those >> if we release the photos noww we have zero control.trol >> if we over play our head weed may force these guys to react. >> gentlemen, if i may, right rg now boss is working against us. normally you got a murder no one rats. rats. we don't got to problem. got tpb in this city, when it comes to terrorism everybody wants to talk. talk you got lot of people talking tg but they're talking about theabe wrong people.g peo release the photos of our guysuy sit back and listen trust me let boston work for us.s. i'm telling you. >> i understand boston but i but can't just snap my fingers thisi decision goes all the way up to the attorney general. >> i'll call him right now. n this is my bleep city, rick. ric wee lease the bleep pictures. >> talking a
9:44 am
>> whoo! >> powerful stuff there. that's a clip from the newerfu e patriots day. day tells the story of the 2013 201 manhunt fort boston marathon bombing suspects it's thirdhird collaboration between director o pete berg and mark wahlbergk wab their third movie in row basedad on true story featuring wahlberb as every day kevin mccarthy got to chance tot sit down with them. kevin, it must have beene bee incredible to talk to those thoe stars. >> it was maze the story iss ma incrzeedible t obviously. horrible story but also had aad lot of positive things come out of it in regards to people ppl really coming together andnd helping people out immediately. once that happened, you know, very negative thing but theng bt beauty of what people wereeo w coming out with this saying oh,o my gosh, people came right toht their help and tried to helpriep them. i spoke to mark wahlberg playini the characters he played in hiss career and three specificallype you mentioned deep water horizon also little film called lonelelo survivor and now this movie. i'm sorry i'm i'm a littletle tired. i spoke to him about
9:45 am
affected him. >> for you, these people thateol you play obviously incredible human beings.huma i'm wondering how if you canouan walk me thee through briefly how of them affected your life in li regards when you played marcusd when you were in deep waterpat horizon.n. sentence or two how each of them.em >> that's good question gt's changed you personally.. >> well, god, i think, um, you,y know, you look at especially marcus. i just talk to marcus the other day. da we talk quiet often. mike, god, the amount of love of that he has for his wife and his daughter and i don't know they'y made me want to be a betterr person, to be better father andd a husband, um, and -- and >> you feel like you changed asa person after you play -- >> absolutely f you're fortunate enough to have an experience like this once in career wherece you get to make a in movie aboo something real and it no longerr becomes about your individual i experience as an act it's aboutu the people. it just -- it just takes it to t whole other level, and then
9:46 am
this is my this is where i grew up.w up. i went to school 250 yards fromm the finish line. lin you know, i was down there as a kid every year, you know, it waw the end of the winter weatherr h was starting to turn, you know,, usually nice day, very festive f mood, people coming down there t and celebrating, but when this tragedy occurred, you know,ouno everybody ran towards theran to problem.oblem it just inspired me so much andd made me so proud to be a bostons yann and not because of the things that i always liked whici are nice, you know, being, youno know, the home of the patriotsai and the celtics the red sox and the bruins and mickey ward, but being home of regular people who did extraordinary things but refined the term hero for me, fm and these are men and women froo all walks of life and this is christian, muss little, jews itw mean you name it people justplej went towards the problem. and for me, i mean, it's just,ss you know, it's so inspiring. it makes me so proud.roud >> thank you for sharing
9:47 am
ories.s. >> wonderful to meet both of u you. >> a pleasure g that's what i was getting at. idea twahat the people who w plan this horrible horriblebl event at the boston marathon mat took weeks, whatever it was tovo plan it but it took seconds forf people to react and help. >> right. >> that's kind of the idea of what the movie is kind okifnd oo and the idea that inspired and a shows how great we are as humanh beings and like it shows thatwsa while something negative can can happen, it can show how great ww are as people. peoe. >> human spirit. h spirit. >> the point of this story is.t. >> kevin, they didn't doin' vin cybill together did did they. >> invisible mark wahlberg wahlg starred in. berg did friday night lights. >> i that was thinking aboutkina invincible at any time.ime. >> invincible is vince papale from philadelphia. >> another real life character he played. >> he did a lot real lifeli characters. for me boogie nights is the bese thing he's ever he is a good actor. >> you're not fan of you'rt transformers.transformers. >> i liked the first transf
9:48 am
transformer i didn't like the one he was in. the forwould go super hero mark wahlberg to play. pla >> please don't do that. >> i think he would do wolverine well.we >> whoa,. >> come on erin. >> erin to the gavels. >> hugh jackman.. >> don't you dare. dar >> i don't know.'tw >> i was commenting i felt likek mark wahlberg does awful lot oft movies in one year. yea >> does he. >> he work really he produced entourage.ra. entourage based on his life. l >> strike while it's hot. hot keep working.. >> mark wahlberg been my numbere one crush since i was in his school. >> since he was mark key mark.w >> all i want mark to say is say hello to your mother for me.herm >> did you notice when you said that about wolverine the claws a came out? >> that was a good one, steve. >> lex luther that. would be a goodex character forr him to play. >> patriots day hits theaters ir january.janu we'll take you live to times square. we'll get dee days behind thend crystal ball. >> it's 9
9:49 am
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♪♪ countdown is officially on.. a day away the new year means is is big time for the big ball above times square time to shinn much this morning we're get upwp close and personal with thatan star of thed show.the joining us now to help out sincn the ball itself doesn't really a talk so well from the top of t times square amy hunning ton ceo market group america phillips p lighting. good morning, amy. first of all, it loroonik out tt morning. >> good morning. i am freezing, i literally 24ly2 stories above the ground and itd is cold but there's no place i'e rather be in right now. >> that's so awe i wish we could see the view the other way to see the view you ve have. describe for us who don't get tg go up to the top what that viewt is like. >> well, it's actually amazing.i i can see, you know, great vieww of the city. c there are a million people p standing up who err on thiserr t platform with me.h m it's been bustling with activitv all day. it's the day we test the ball. certainly a lot of crew walkingg aro
9:53 am
talking to the world about whatw we're going to be here doinge di here tomorrow evening. >> back in the day you mightk e have been able to flip the the switch on that ball and get heat emanating from it with led technology i'm guessing that's not the case any more.not e ca >> that's right.hat's rig we've been lighting the ball fol 17 years, and today we're wre celebrating the 10-year anniversary equipping the balle with led's the ball is equipped with 32,000 individuallyuay controlled l. d capable of creating a colorol palate of 60 million colors inor billions of lighting effects.ecs you know, energy efficiency, 90% more energy efficient than theei old technology and certainly cta long lasting. lting so it's the same le technlogy --chno >> as far as when you talk about the change from year to year iaa understand there are actually al some themes that go and changeng from year to year, the colors, c that type of thing, who does als that scripting like how far inhr advance do you have to plan whap color the ball will be as itt comes down and is it differents from year to year??
9:54 am
possibilities are endless. that preparation starts a yearr in advance. adv to put on just an mazing show. but i think one of the cool things you don't really need toe be in times square to experiencc isis. if you have a phillips lightingg system you can download an app p called hugh fireworks andks and replicate the time square drop e in your house with color andor a lighting effects with the lights in your own home.home >> which is very cool. c i know most of us have beenee watching times square the ball b dropped since we were old enough to watch tv. so it just becomes traditiontion every year. is there such a thing amy for you since you're so closely cse involved in this as a favoriteor new years or like a favorite fat ball drop or is it just it's new year's and here's the ball the t star of the show? >> no, to me it's a party, thea, ball is iconic.. it's always been part of that celebration, but i think a greag new year's celebration reallyraa depends on the people you're pee with. the friends and family you celebrate with.frie out agouldn't agree with you real quick before we let you gog run down the specifics. the sfis how big is that ball? we can barely see y
9:55 am
towering behind you right now. n as far as size and things thatns might blow our minds what do yoo ve f for us? >> yeah the ball is 12 feet in diameter, weighs 6 tons and as i said perched 24 stories above ground floor and that ball is is just, you're right, the star ofe the show. >> all right. dress rehearsal is today.ay big show tomorrow night. night amy thanks for joining us andnia happy knee year! >> thank you same to you. >> hopefully she gets a chance to warm up. >> looks cold out there. the >> we're talking about our resolutions, right? what arehat your resolutions going to new n year. tweet us #gooddaydc.odda want to hear from you.r ou what you got? >> anything come up.e u >> are you going share yours. su >> no. >> it's a secret. >> it's not really a secret one of those things actually i can resolve all i want, i think ithi probably incumbent on other o things >> maybe that should be youreou resolution.luti in tune with everything else. >> one way with the universe. us >> eat more bacon because i becu smell it cooking over there.r >> g y you started. >> is there any othe
9:56 am
has the nasal impact on you that bacon does.n d >> i don't think there is. d >> you smell it? you immediately hup agree good i'me baking some and frying some tame. you're getting an overwhelminglm aroma right now.ow >> bacon two ways today. >> all of a sudden chopped champion over here. >> date for everything. does. >> we'll talk about national chcon day and how you can ce>> dlebrateathing i.ll tt acon about bacon coming up.p >> our bacon two way on the 10a coming up in just a few minutes. >> national bacon day.on how cool is t. >> that is cool. taking a little trip down memory lane 2016 sharing our favorite v moments from good day dc.ood dad today we'll talk about some ofut the videos that went viral.went some that you know we had hand d in. and some that others kind of -- >> handed us.and >> handed us. organic and others kind of way w to put our faces it around thede world. we'll share on the 10a. 10a >> coffee time.feime. wisdom.. >> coffee time on if day dc. if you've been eyeing our cool c good day mugs listen we have non have a new good day
9:57 am
donuts mug to give to . the per fact cup for that greatt dunkin' donuts coffee.du' do so head to fox5 or facebook page ww d.c. to entert our mug contest. one lucky winner selected byy random drawing. hurry, you only have from now n until 11am to enter. back in a moment with more good day. ♪♪
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10:00 am
♪♪ >> last good day at 10a foror 2016. 2016. let's make it it >> as we countdown we look backk at the biggest viral videos created right here on good day from the justin timberlake approved music video to our own mannequin challenge.challenge. >> kevin is here to give us his topics of 2016 and one movie he really
10:01 am
year. >> a sitcom, a late night talk show, comedian tom roads is liv in the ou rou ready. >> you ready? three, two, one. good day starts now. n. ♪♪ >> your favorite song. sg. >> yes, yes, yes. >> how appropriate is this theia last time we'll play this. thi >> we hope.. >> retire it.etir >> we're trying. a couple of songs we need to>>dt retire. >> can you smell what the comb mow is cooking? >> you got turkey and original bacon. bake turkey bacon much it'st' national bacon day celebratedela every year on this day. >> you all right. right. >> popping grease.>> p popping grease.po take a name.ame. [ laughter ] >> look, you can celebratete national bacon day. day >> by sitting around anddnd watching kevin bacon movies, do you care tha >> that's good one.hat'good >> or get mistletoe kind of bacon pork thing and put it it above the door and kiss somebodd under a bacon pork mistletoe.tlt all kind of ways you canu c celebrate.brate >> piecef
10:02 am
mary.ry >> you can eat it too.ou >> that's what it's all about. >> i want to know hash tag goodg day d d.c. prefer bacon fried ii the frying pan like this.his. >> yes. y >> or baked in the oven like i do the turkey >> how about in the microwave.w. >> i've done that before. >> i've zen that donee done in n house as well.el i have to leave the room. roo >> it smokes up the microwave.pi >> it does.oe >> it's really christie though. >> we'll flip it again. >> first and probably only my om life i've her the term porkrk mistletoe.mistletoe. >> it's popular in the >> it gives the house a very fray grant smell.rant smell. >> in the south we don't makeutd mistletoe with the bacon. >> have you ever had benton'sn's bacon real thick cut apple woodo smoke bacon. >> okay.>> >> that take your bacon day toro otheher level. >> all right. aight okay. >> this is ready. i'll turn off the oven>> t and,d disturb we got work to d >> i'm coming, wisdom. wis >> here's the deal.ers th bacon we know it's popular inuli the united states
10:03 am
you can find everything baconytn popular, you like that? >> bacon popcorn i've had. i'ved it's not >> bacon soap?oa >> i've seen that.e tha >> you can't eat that.ou e >> bacon candles. >> can't eat that either. >> air freshner. a >> can't eat that either. teith >> we'll stick with regularticke bacon.baco >> i was telling wis earlier ilr love bacon and the smell ofll bacon and i will eat it. i >> me too. >> i don't love the baconon doughnuts and bacon -- - >> i don't like the sweet and sd savory, steve.. >> not a big fan of that.ig f oh >> not good at all. >> if you like bacon it's all good. >> i like bacon and eggs on o sunday morning.ning. >> amen for that. amen r th >> it's the last good day the 2016.16 we have been diving no bacon n it's national bacon day.nay. enough about that.en let's get to what'ous 10ing thii morning we'll start with security preps for new year'sres celebration in new for york's ts square are under way. under way. a total of 65 garbage truckru placed at differentiffe intersections for added security. those trucks will be filled with 15 tons of sanildl . sd there will be army
10:04 am
too on hasn't close toisech tse thousand in all. all. last hour we asked to you tweetu us your resolutions, and here ad they go. >> rachel says good day d.c. mym mew nears of years resolution r continue to remain grounded andd look at all challenges and facee them head on. on >> that's a good one.odne >> i like it for the past few tw years i've done a lot to helpo h everyone before i helped myself. my new year's resolution toio to include myself.ud >> that's so true.t's tru so many people fall into that.h. you're always so worried about a what others are thinking that t you forget about yourself. >> got to take care of yourselfs >> make yourself happy first.apt you can make other people happy. >> damien i new year'sam resolution to eat more bacon. national bacon day. >> i respect that best one from new year's resolution, better body.body kitty in the bag with muscle. >> love that.ha >> steve loves cats. >> you do? good all right.. >> moving on. on >> i tolerate them g staying in the big apple right now.ow. i'm a d
10:05 am
>> marking the end of and era after 79 years of serving up oversized san witches we meanea oversize that's one sandwich. >> 20 bucks. >> that's -- i'd pay 20 bucks for that. for >> i would too.that bre>>ad to goo f of with it and eat for a week. carnegie deli is shutting down no more $20 san witches wit overflowing with pa tram me, non more woody allens stuffed fullul of corned beef it's been a tourist main stain real newinl e yorkers tendon to go for placesa with lower prices.ri closing caps off a rough periodd for the establishment it klein l you had nearly 10 month closingi due to illegal gas hook up and highly publicized divorce of tht owner.owner. to .6 settlement over an employee wage dispute.te >> they have a lot going on. lo. >> having to shut the doors.oors it was in great location.atn. >> yup. >> and you could eat for a week. >> ought the times i went therei i never got a chance to try it. >> someone made a list of iconio new york places closing
10:06 am
that was plus fao >> i'm also not a fan of the over meeted sandwiches. i love meat on sandwich.dwic >> right.>>ight. >> when you have like little bit of bread and then --he - >> falling all out. o >> pound of meat on the top youy end up eating that. tt. >> i feel like the same time wai about burgers.aboubu give me normal sized good one. >> they give you huge bees of bread and left searching for the burger. >> perfect ratio bread, cheese,s meat. me >> it's all the balance.ance. it's all the fen sway of food.of >> now i'm hungry bacacon. >> we got plenty of bacon over there.the you can grab a couple slices ofo that. back here at home little l controversy sha local restaurans iconic adams morgan eatery momma ayesha' says it won't feature aa president donald trump in its presidential mural. mur. since 2009 the restaurant hast featured every us president from eisen he was to obama on then t side of the building butut according to the washingtonianai the owner says "our officiall po
10:07 am
the budge". so there you go. >> they're refront their choicet >> you have to take them fore to what they say. >> right now, fitting another ah food story for you. you d.c. restaurant that gained fame over the top prices it'sces dropping the price of tastingasg menu to under $100 for seven s courses. the owner of shaw bijou is andad effort to effort to cater to ano wider audience the old menuen could clock in $1,000 just for two diners if drink pairingsf weredr ordered.ered. instagram the restaurant postede this message in it it says "humility creeps up on when you you least expect it and the opening of this restaurant has taught us just this.s this beginning of our firstir restaurant and for some a firstr business venture we had substantial amount of learningea and adjustment to do and we have immensely ". ". they learned about what theyut y needed to serve the d.c. publicp we have had the owner of shaw bijou on here very tal
10:08 am
before. >> i haven't because i'll be't b honest with you, that price tagg just seemed a little hefty for me. >> prohibitive. i had wanted to go it was a little pricey. >> i'll say want to go now addon it to my restaurant list because i can avenue for it.n >> it is a little betavter prie. was the food good.doo i don't remember.i do i didn't taste it. >> when he came in was he madeii was onam pe oint. that's good sign. >> i can fill myself up on 20 bucks. i'm old school. >> practical leader.ctical lead. >> i get it a lot of people likl to go maybe as much for the event as it is for the food foo but you go to pairing dinner yor might sit there for three hourss and, you know, have some drinks and good company.and i think you're paying in casesnc for the experience as for theor food itself. i >> i won't mention the name i te went to one of these restaurantn one time with a girlfriend.en >> fancy restaurant like that.h. >> extremely expensive.en >> what did you think.hat did >> nine course meals and ofcoure course everything was mea like - bite sized. sized >> at the end every it, my my friend and me w
10:09 am
mcdonald's. a we were like, we had like little shrapnel of beef withbeet like air. like air they called -- what the hell is this? >> fries on the way home.y home >> never again.ever we drove so far to get to that,a but my girlfriend kim and i, oho my god, never again. again >> shout out to my favoriteite tasting menu in d.c. >> ms. rhea. >> they are good.>>y ar >> if you haven't been, go.n, g. i dream of that place.. >> are these place that is youhy two just mentioned are they they affordable or just -- j >> they're pricey i won't even e lie to you. >> they're spore special speal occasions. >> not for wisdom marti fiscally responsible.le >> celebrating a an anniversaryv birthday, not a typical fridaypi night for me restaurant.urt >> sounds like fun but i don'tut need to know any more aboutorut those places. >> wisdom, i'll meet you at app bee's. >> i'll buy. b >> rare moment in history. his >> i love a good olive garr gar n ain meal. don't think i would not go. >> olive garden they give youou free salad. >> endless.ndle. >> endless salad bar >> i'm all about that.'mll abou. >> and bread stick
10:10 am
new year might mean new jobs for lot of people.eople. 33% of people under the age of o 35 plan to change jobs in 2017.. that's big in itself. iel here's the kicker.. the same study shows what those millennials want in the office.. so -- so -- >> lay it on me. m list season up, this is what the young employees want that willtw have them choose one job over je another.anher. >> right.ight. >> the greatest perk that people said they wanted that wouldat wd convince to leave one job foror another, half day fridays. 40% said they would take half day fridays. fridays. on site fitness center. 27% saying that would convince e them to take a new job.ob >> okay. >> being able to wear jeans too work also big. b almost one in four said thatai a might be a game changer. >> um-hmm. >> how about this one dailyhis l catered >> what.>> wt. 22% said that would get them tom switch jobs and the same for saf they would like their ow office. now, i've been working for abour as many years as millennialsasln have been alive.
10:11 am
at any point in my life. life. >> those are hefty requests.uess >> the work force is changing. >> it is >> depends what type of job it i is. is there are companies out thereoma that do offer those perks.the pe >> are there still? likee bust.must. those type of perks went by they way side.wa sid >> i'm pretty sure google one oo those places that has some ofass them.. >> smart young employees theympy might want to think about it.t i >> half day fridays.ridays catered lunch.un >> look how many people workeope from home though. what's the difference betweeneet working from home and havingdavg half day >> that's all dream. monday through thursday wouldoul you work adn extra hour to half half day friday. >> 100%.>> 1%. >> you get your hours in and --- i want one day before christmasm and new year's off. >> you were off >> you were off monday g that's true. i'll take monday through friday and keep that if you bring mengm that catered lunch.. >> catered lunch does sound lun good. >> i'm just saying. give me that lunch.>> i'm >> we have little kitchen ingivl e here. >> i'll take the catered lunch.n >> it's empty. iempt >> covered with bacon
10:12 am
>> 10:11 is the time.e. best and worst of 2016 at the t box office is what we're talking about. coming up later on kevinin mccarthy sharing his favoriteavt movies he saw this year and thet ones you should avoid at allll costs. i'm guessing that's going to bet the subject of a lot of debatehl up here.ere. >> first, though, our girlir serena williams she's engaged eg and no one saw this one coming.n i guarantee you. you run dmc suing wal*mart. for wisdom one last beiber story to close out 2016 much.6 much. >> it's only fitting. fitting >> it is. celebrity dish served up next. . ♪♪ ♪♪
10:13 am
i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> time for breck will the dishr the last celebrityec dish of 20. >> serving it up nice and hot.ot >> what we got first?>> wwe g >> let's talk about carrieare fisher and her mother debbie ynynolds. the two passing away this week.k carrie fisher on tuesday. debbie ren nods a day after herf dahterer died. funeral plans carrie fisher's brother announcing that theyingt will -- there will be joint jnt funeral for carrie fisher and ad debbie reynolds. no place and time name just yett but he's saying that that's how' it's shaping up two will have av joint funeral.joint ne he had mentioned that right after carrie died that debbie di said she just couldn't bringoulr herself to go to carrie'srie' funeral but now he's saying nown the tw
10:16 am
their death and burial and sond people looking forward toorwardo hearing the details of that butt the two hollywood icons will bee having a joint funeral thaterala announce many coming from themhe reynolds family. okay. all right. we'll go from that sad story to another sad ro story.m th george michael the singer andger global super star 53 years old o tragically died on christmas das at his home and it's nowt' n reported that he was hoping togt become a father in just few months.. now according to the daily star the wham star and solo artistt super star previously put off pf starring a family due to hisis hectic work schedule but hade bt recently become a high priorityy for him. h. source told the newspaper thatep george's dream was to be fathert he wanted to adopt or use ar e surrogate. also reported had the full support of his ceploorse friendr elton john who has sons elijah and zachary with his partneris r through a surveillance row gay.g >> very sad. >> able to realize that.hat. okay. okay let's talk about mily cyrus and
10:17 am
together miley made news with some of heh antic over the last couple of years now she's kind of turningr things around.inund this is her over the last couplo of days. she visited children's hospital. the rad dee children's hospitali in san diego and took selfies s witness patients they posed forr pictures. pictur posted them on social media.ia if you notice the dress she'ssss wearing like a throw back 60s 6s dress. now miley says that she woreore this assort of a nod to her happy hip thee foundation she f launched last year to help young people fight injustice and she s said that she was sharing thisht and also the pictures the dresss and everything because theecau foundation was for her what i at most thankful for this year y because the purpose -- because-u of the purpose that it gives me. miley cyrus and liam hemsworthsr visiting sick children in thelde hospital making their holidayol season just a little brighter ar you can see right there >> all right. >>ood d for them. >> um-hmm.>> u >> all right. let's talk about love being in the air. a >> yes, please.>> yesease >> yes. talk about your girl serena.a >> serena williams, okaying. okg >> she's dying knot apparently.
10:18 am
she announced her engagement to alexis >> who you say.ay >> not just any old daughteraugh he's the co-founder of reddit.ri >> what is reddit.eddit it is that mega sight that is like worth at gill sill i don't' know dollars not about theol money. serena has her her. she and alexis apparently havety been dating for well over year r across paths in rome and so the were there on vacation, and went back to a spa and he asked her to marry -- asked her to marry r him what i'm trying to say.o say she did a little really cuteeale poem about it and at the end shs said, i said yes, of course,of s posted it on reddit. he posted it again on facebookeo and linking back to there you go.youo. the two are going to jump thep broom, tie the knot, whatever ka you want to call it. an lot of guys are really upsett today.toy >> why, because she's going to be off the market.ff tarke >> she's off the mark. listen --st >> did you really have in have a shot any way?
10:19 am
>> probably not most men i wouli say. >> all right. be ups then. you don't have shot don't be seset. >> serena doing it big endingndn the year on high note.h let's talk about run, run, run dmc. >> all right.>> all right. >> you know what run dmc is on,, right.righ >> come on now. >> i was just asking. i don't know how you roll at thh university of illinois.ow y i know hower i rolled down south >> this is back at high school.. run dnc on the couch, right?ig >> oh, yeah. >> list let's talk about this ti rap group filed $50 million50il lawsuit in new york accusing aun wall march, amazon, and other retailers of selling productsg o traded on the group's nameup n without permission. owner of the run dmc brandrand darrell dmc mcdaniels listed ass the plaintiff in the lawsuitsu filed on thursday in southernour district court in new york. defendants are advertisingdvertg selling manufacturing, promoting and distributing multipleuring,e products and the group's trademark name. name glasses, hats, t-shirts wallets, all kds
10:20 am
they're trying to stop them fort doing this in the future.g th i one hadn't dread million dollars they -- they made $100 million.o >> that's lot. >> since they started doing thin back in the dayg t. >> i wouldn't why this suitthis hadn't come sooner.. if i'm a big group like this ana people have been using my name n to promote items and making lott of money, i'd be a littlee a concerned. >> you remember they had aey haa little -- a bit of falling outao amongst -- >> that's right. >> one jam master jay died the d group broke up.grbroke simmons and dmc, they went theit separate ways. ws. >> right. ig >> big russell doing his own own thing. th rick ruben doing his own thing. >> okay.kay. >> now they're coming togethergo united to sue these people.eo >> right. >> all right.>> wisdom, this one is for you. >> thank you maureen. >> let's play it one more againa as they say. tsay. justin beiber, hit it. >> ♪♪ >> this is worth his weight in i pennies. >> let's not hate on the young man coming into hiots own h lad, right? look at that. share less on beach somewhere.he looking like he's been workingoi out.t >> uh-hu
10:21 am
>> somebody ate their wheaties.. >> aww. >> aww >> is that all you got.. you just wanted me just is tots me justin beiber without hisis >> just to annoy you one last os time ending 2016 with beiberr caption. caption this we should name it.m i got one for you. >> you do. what you got.wh >> enough already.y. >> oh, don't hate on the biebs.a >> i'm not hating i'm just'm jus saying enough >> we all agreed he was we l ag tanteded. >> enough with the shirt less.s >> his talents are pro bust.. >> you're justifying justine ifi beiber.beib >> i'm here for the next 45 nex minutes. >> he's a good singer and let'ss give credit where it's do.s he's been working out. >> taking care of his littleit sister hanging out having familm fun on the >> i knew you'd understand. we'll see more of this?his? >> more beiber for today.. >> you're saying it won't gowon' away.ay >> can't escape it.>>an't it's everywhere.ry >> i'm not going to let it bring my 2016 down. d >> you don't let that happen. te >> we'll lit 10 the mood too. comedian tom roads will join uss live in the loft. >> plus the pe erfect desserts e help you ring in the new year. y we got you cover right here in
10:22 am
from some we'll be right ♪♪ sure, you could sit around all night iting for a pizza to be livered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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10:24 am
♪♪ >> there you go, y >> i senior justin beiber and raise i was flow-rida.. >> florida. his name is florida, people. >> it's not flow-rida.ri >> it's florida.da if you put a little dash.e >> no. i refuse to like him or this
10:25 am
song. >> make it stop, please!! >> we asked for new year'sea maureen, no nor florida or flow-rida.-rid >> exactly.ctly. miss smarty pants stop making mk new year's resolutions i try tot be great every year. >> that's right. tri >> great s >> i try to be great, too. >> so diamond love sean says mys new year's resolution is too leave the pat nest past strive t for the future and live for a lv today.toda >> i like that. >> amen. >> new year's resolution to yea live, lover' and prosper for 20. >> hello. >> look at that.k tha we continue to watch you allchou every morning and continue to b great. like that one brandon.. >> practice finding joy it is jt just that simple.m >> i like that one. o >> more water, more veggies. >> exercises and finishing myngy book.. >> all a >> i'll drink to the more waterr >> find something you love gonen after it. that's why i say. >> 10:25 right now.ow. tucker barnes loves the weather. he loves telling us about theelu weather.athe e he does. >> sometimes there ares in thes
10:26 am
any other resolutions this year, tuck. >> that's about it steve. i'll try to embrace thehat' heaa humidity we have around here foe six months every summer. sumr >> that would be a huge step for you.yo >> yes, it's going to be >> i'll try to accept the facty th youou keep theto air-conditioning running evenito when it's 30 degrniees outside.i >> and wear no shoes in theear i winter while you report the weather. >> you guys need to realize that studio is like a stagnant pond.. we need to keep the air moving g little bit for five minutes inut the >>nk ynk you. >> in the new year we will tryi to understand you better. bter. >> okay. that's great. hey, we've got some snow showero off to the north and west.est. thank you tucker fox5 i've beenb getting lots and lots of tweetss with fabulous pictures of light coating or dusting in germantown, polesville now working down 2town70. 2 i'll show the snow showersw s coming up. 41 in washington. look at those cold temperashitu. gaithersburg down to 30.o 3 34 in frederick.ri 39 dulles. dle mix in these winds which are w really starting to blow and it t feel like 20s to about 30 out there. make sure i know we've goture sunshine for parts of the area.h make sure you're ready for a rer chilly afternoon here. h daytime highs only be
10:27 am
all right.l rht. here's your snow shower activity and again working right down 272 if this makes it into the district i expect everybody toro send me a picture as it will w enough to coat the ground in aun spot or two but there you go working right down 270 now on27n the north side of the beltway.ay let's see. see. olney, sandy spring, barts of bo loudoun county there getting get some right across the potomac getting showers as well and outd towards winchester.. we're seeing additional snow showers the mountains they're t getting jackpot.g jat. measured in inches as we've gott a very strong northwesterly winy today. 42 this afternoon way few more r showers and flurries.s. we'll clear it out tonight. oong cold tonight.. chilly tomorrow. you're fine for new year's eveve if your going out it will beoutl cool with overnight lows back i the upper 30s to about 40. aut . again tomorrow night we're dryrt but it will be cool when you'reu headed out.headed out all right, guys that's the gt latest. send me your pictures.ictures. back to you.u. >> thanks tuck. 10:27. sometimes the things we do hereh on good day end up with a life f of their own and sometimesomim justin timberlak ends up a fan
10:28 am
coming remembering some of the e most moments from 2016 and the one that went viral we had no control over. >> first though it's almostitlms impossible to see every movierym that hit the theaters in 2017. coming up next kevin mccarthy mh kathy will share his annual list of which ones you must see and which ones you should definitelt skip. >> 10:28 is the time. 10:28e. back in a moment.
10:29 am
game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals.
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♪♪ >> i'm sorry i forgot we were on television. >> the cameras gave it away. >> yeah. i actually forgot we wer feor eras sitting in tvt we wer studio. si we had television to do.o. >> the end of the year the stara of all the year end lists andiss this morning kevin he's gettingn in on the action >> yup. >> coming up with his list of>>t the best and the worse moviess and 2016.an01 here now to share which ones you need to see and which ones youne never want to see again.nt to s. >> this is first for me to havev my name in big letters right above my head.ead >> oh yeah. yea. >> that's great for the ego. >> wait until you get your whole meme up there. >> yeah, yeah, yeah.ea >> another level.noth >> i'm waiting for kevin to beoe added to it.ded it >> when you get the in front of it, whoo. whoo. >> all right. you have the wisdom martihtn. >> that's right.s right. >> that's part of your crack.pao >> that's part of the deal.s pao let's f talk about these moviess kevin. >> i saw over a hundred films ii theaters so many movies i lovedl it's been great year for cinemam everything from hidden figuresde to fences to so many great films
10:32 am
overall.all i thought -- sausage party was w fun. rogue one was fun. fun hell or high water batman versus superman. captain america civil war someam of high mon nor rabble mentions. >> what?? >> captain america civil war isi honorable mention.. >> my top 10 honorable mention.n >> we're only doing top fivesiv here.he >> number five this year movie called moonlig this film absolutely brilliant from everye as spec of film making shotgt gorgeously.eo it's a film about young man man growing up in poor neighborhoodr in miamiei, and three sections f his life from young to teenageee to older and you're seeing the older version of the charactercr right here driving.ri the character name is shy ron. r three versions.e rsio you see him growing up in thatpt edit. it's phenomenal film. barry jenkins directed it i masterful score honest al film f that makes you think. you think i've been thinking about it fori weeks now.w. the ending is beyond devastating it's beautiful story overall. naomi harris
10:33 am
i think it will be nominated for best picture.stture. la-la land are the two films fil you'll see at the academy awardd everybody is talking >> what's next. >> number four sink street movim available on netflix now.ow through under the radar no onedo has talk about it and irish film from the director john carneyrn who also did a film called oncec and also begin again with mark m front of low the idea behinda bh this movie young teenaged boyd b falls in love with this girl ani tries to impress her by creatiig a band, and really the movie ise is really about music.ic the songs created for the film.. i really found myself totally tl smiling when this movie came toe an end. you will love wi it's available on netflix highll recommend it. >> number thee? >> la-la land. no question.n >> okay. >> this film is considered to bo one of the greatest films maderm in years. this is damien she sell directee his movie who also did whiplashs a masterpiece.. he wrote whiplash because he beh couldn't get this movie made. >> okay. whiplash was an anger peaceasn e because he couldn't get la had d land mad
10:34 am
has ryan gosling, emma stone, se ryan gosling plays all his piana in the film all really him.. they original hired a hand a h double he learn all the parts ss well they fired the hand doubleu and let him do it himself. himlf ma stone is incredible.ble number three of the year. opening shot is one of the bests shots i've ever seen in a film f in my life six minute trackingin shot. >> take away from he had a handa double and he got fire. how do you get fire a hand hand double. do >> they originally were going tt hire a hand double ryan goslingg said i'll learn it all and theyy just let ryan do it. i >> that poor hand double.oue >> i don't know if he got firedf >> he's not in the movie.s no >> he't s not not movie. >> poor hand double.e what's next. >> number two arrival starringtr jeremy renner as well as amy adams. the director did a czar yo andnd prisoner. and amazing movie called enemy. the idea behind this film amy adams play as link gift broughtg in to help decipher andhe a translate what the aliens areli saying. i think it's a mind blowing
10:35 am
ending.endi i know steve chenevey didn'ty d' love it as much as i did. i d i absolutely loved this movie.h. i think it's one of theofhe consistent film makers workingog today. and best score of the year inyei music. >> we only got a minute left.ef now you go the to shoot throughh the ones you didn't yid >> we have to do number one. nue >> you better hurry up.ou br hu we got minute left. >> spending a minute on number one. >> we live the hater asian aan alone. >> i keep looking at the wrongag camera. my apologies.pologi >> you got time.>> number one of the year, deadd pool.po. >> okay. dead pool. no question. i mean this movie i've seen it vie i've s nine times.een i nine it is a phenome tnaimles. film m every aspect. >> yes. >> action, comedy, drama it hass everything in it i think ryannka reynolds really was born to play this role 11 year passionpa project. phenomenal movie. >> i like him better in greeneen >> i'm kidding.idding keep going. s upssays these things to upset me. >> we don't have time to upsetps .ou. green lantern was terrible.e. >> it was awful.>> dead pool incredible very r v r rated very very raunchy. raunchy i do rem it not for kids ks whatsoever. i'm going to watch it for theato tenth time t
10:36 am
>> we didn't get a chan to dohao the bad movies. onbae bad movie.ov >> real quick.. 30 seconds.. >> here we go.. zoolander two.wo >> okay. it's absolutely terrible. >> enough said right there. i hated this movieh said.. i found this movie to be ridiculously stupid.. i thought it was too many cameom i loved zoolander one, love ben stiller he's a great directoriro this movie horrendous one of the worst films i've seen in years.y i wanted to walk out after 10 1 minutes. because it's my job i watch theh whole thing.e thing. but have you very very bad. bad and that's my list this year. >> ridiculously stupid and a ana hand model got cut out of thef t movie. >> i don't know if he got fired. they might never have hired him officially.officily. they might had him in the back. >> they complain to the handmp model >> to be fair, i liked deadd pool. pool i liked dead pool.l. but if dead pool is number oner of the best movie of the yearf r this is why i don't go to thetot movies. >> great year for yea >> i seer . captain america civil war was so much >> we all know wisdom
10:37 am
worst taste in movies ever.s >> you and i liked captainin ererica. >> we like civil war and batmana versus superman you didn't likek rogue one. >>yokay. >> keep talking. >> i don't like rogue >> just argue quietly. >> sometimes we do here on goodd day has life own online.. only the internets can decide dd what goes viral. val sometimes you can never guessves what people will share. peoplll other times, you call in the ihe heavy hitters like justinn >> thank you kevin good this goi morning we're looking back atact some of the good days most virav moments from 2016. ♪♪ >> i got this feeling and sideid my bones it goes electric wavyrw when i turn it on, all through u my city, all through my home, we're flying up no ceiling whene we in our zone. i got that sunshine in my pockee got that
10:38 am
♪♪ ♪♪
10:39 am
♪♪ ♪♪
10:40 am
>> nasal tip row teague those are the ones considered the mosi beautidefureld th and hers is 1. >> measure our nasal tipasal rotation.rotati >> we know if we have the most beautiful notices.. >> the second most requesteded eyelids.s. >> i wouldn't have asked thatt k eierer. >> the clip that is will never die. >> in fairness the last one was like really only one had a lifed of its own.. >> and for good reason.eason >> very funny. >> it was just a random viewermr who actually did her own editing you're right the thing just toot off. until this day i don't know youy do you still get people. get pe. >> oh yeah. >> all the time. i got cousins t>>hat don't even live close here.lo here. people all over the countryr un looking at that >> i had people from due by. nigeria, e quipped it was crazyz >> it was nuts
10:41 am
>> we're famous. >> who knows what will happen ie 2017. no no. >> it's 10:40.0:40. let's send it over to thesend i kitchen with erin g might have v fate clip of the year.the yea you've only one day left to make up your menu for new year's eve. we're show you perfect helpctel ideas to ring in the 2017.017. look at this spread you've got set up. ♪♪
10:42 am
i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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♪♪ all right. 10:43. welcome back to good day at 10a. we couldn't to countdown to 2017 now. yesterday on good day we showedo you how to host and decorate for new year's eve party. p something important to keep inap mind if you're still worrying'r about what to feed your guests,e don't worry at all. all. we have brought in the pros froo 11 course indicator to go shownc us very easy newator year's pary desserts that will have your guests mouths watering.g jim benson thanks for coming inn >> thank you for having me.or h. a pleasure to be here.reo be h and you know we have a lot of o great wonderful options for your family and friends. fen now with that new year's resolution cut back on the galleries let's go miniature ast well going gold this year.ear. >> half the flavor but not allvu the calories.. >> wide variety as well.asel >> what do we have here.haha >> we have a few wonderful itemi such as blackberry tart with a kiwi puree. hazelnut tart with wonderful lemon meringue mews. play on smores with a wonderful gram toolly filled withh
10:45 am
graham covered pearls. pearls. you can go on and on today we're going to do a really fun dishaln that you can do at hom >> i can make it at home.e. >> yes, you can. c >> that's right. we're going to do approachedppre holiday pair. >> that sounds great. >> wonderful bosque pairs thatpa we've peeled.we put in it about half cup off water bring it to zimmer andim then we add to our poachingin we'll add wonderful sag viv nonv blank. >> i'm for cooking with wine.oo >> exactly. save little bit for yourself to enjoy afterwardse bit .ds >> exact while you're >> fresh vanilla and aromatic spices. we have sea salt, brown sugar, cinema non stick, all spice, nut leg little bit of everything tot make you think about the holidays make sure it' os you al combined and reduced in there t and then let it go for 20 20 minutes.tes. afterwards you can chill it it down, let it steep in the liquid, and then here you cane n pair it with some simpleimpl flavors. we pureed simply and
10:46 am
some mango.ango we also had little bit of cinnamon to did you have the plate. e chocolate favorit let the kids be a part of iwst.f they can pipe it out for you you help you.lp y >> jim what i'm gathering fromtf your presentation presentationpr at a party ises just as importar as flavor. >> you want to have fun and givo the guests h somavething to loo. presentation is everything.g. and you know, it can be makee m things dave better, too. so -- >> look how beautiful. lnothing wrong withoo opulencec especially on new year's eve.. >> go with the gold and kind ofn bring us some of that elegance a into life and it's easy to do at home. home. >> gold act zen, pretty plate.. >> something your guests will bl talking about for the year too come and your house will be thet place to go the following year.. >> you're part of a catering company.e pa >> yes. >> y >> so if say you're not aes y skilled baker but you still wan these great treats, can peoplean still contact to you place ance order. >> definitely contact us. we do allefin titypes of customn events, year round.ound ,
10:47 am
a call. e right in the right direction or if you just wantu t recipes give us a call we lovell to share.tohare >> okay. if you want to trite recipes onn your own what do you think the number one piece of advice for doing your own party on newartyo year's eve.. >> keep it simple.. take out the extra steps andps focus on interaction of familiar family and friends go with foodo that can be simple roome r temperature you don't have touro worry about keeping it hn'ot. >> that's really good tip. >> something you can prepare aoa head of time and put out on >> you're enjoying the party. >> and small bites create smalla hors d'oeuvres and lends itselff to have more time. t >> i know we made the revolution of not eating on camera for 2012 i'll break that right now. n >> i won't judge you for it. >> you need these smores at youe >> tollly. >> jim, this is so great there. thank you very much. >> i love all the presentationtn advice you gave all talhe fl las enjoy your new year's eve.'s eve thank you so much for >> it was a>> it we'll toss it over to you se while i finish this. this >> road warrior this guy you'lll
10:48 am
any late night talk show or sho comedy show.ho tom roads joins us live with aih sneak peek what to expect his ep new year's weekend show at the e d.c. improv.mprov. we'll chat with him coming upomn next. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> wisdom, you like this song, don't you. >> oh, yeah. ♪♪ you
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
>> next guest has been doinggu stand up comedy for over 30esup year years. he was four when he started. he's been traveling the worldord building quite the impressive resume.. host of top rated podcast. pcast where does he fine the time. t we're talking about abo international comedian tom roads performing to night through thet 31st d.c. improv before heefor h kicks off the new year with a wh bank of com bee he joins us liv in the loft. loft. thanks for coming in thisks for morning. >> how are you, steve. how are >> happy new year.stev hap >> how do you find the time tont do all of this stuff. stu you're all over the place on aia on podcast on shows. s at the >> you know i live and breathe comedy, and i've bee
10:52 am
enough to do the worldwideldwi comedy circuit, so, never beenn better time to be comedian. >> the world is in crisis, my my brother. >> that's ripe pour material, isn't it? [ laughter ] yeah.ughter yea >> take it from anywhere. >> it's not a bad strategy, though. i like to play little game evere once in while with our guest how accurate is your wick key. key referring to wick key mediaey m which may or may not be true. the first question how accurate is your wick key tom roads you y were the first comic signed tod comedy central true or not trueu >> yeah. i was the face of the network for the first few years it was w on. and it was great.and it it was like being a junior filmf maker i could do whatever i wanted.. and, um, i going to -- my fathet flu helicopters in vietnam and he was shot down, and he survived but the topic of o vietnam was pretty big in our or house, so in 1994 when bill clinton opened vietnam foram for americans to travel there,he comedy central let me go therehe and make an hour good really?od reall >> yea
10:53 am
vietnam. >> i was waiting to see where wi the cometidy list was going to come in. >> so i got to do a lot of lot really cool things for comedy central. >> mentioned your dad. this is brings me questionue number two how accurate is youru wick key. you grew up in washington d.c.od you lived here until 12 yearsa old.ol >> i was born in st my parents met at anacostia high school. >> here's the question for you. do you in fact oh ythoue qur car part to wear a washingtonng redskins jack. jac >> it is true. yeah.yeah. my father loved stand up comedyy my dad loved richard pry your. y i remember his little kide k driving around listening to pryp your with my dad, and in 1978 my dad i was 11 my dad took me to a comedy show in washington, d.c., and the stage was next to the entrance and i was wearing a a washington redskins jacket, anda the comedian on stage pull me oo stage and he interviewed me like i was the coach of the redskinsk >> that's awesome.>> t >> i was 12. i was 11 so i just gave little l one word dopey answers, you w know. but that moment changed my life i'll never forget standing on
10:54 am
that stage and seeing all thosee happy people with their heads hs thrown back in laughter and alll the teeth in their mouth.. >> it seems like it also kind of gave you the incentive to kindv of push your way through theghhe scene, right? even when you met jay leno you had to force youroe way into meeting jay leno to leo make things happen?n >> i was obsessed and became ana student of comedy since then ict started when i was 17 with a wha fake id. so that's why i've been doing ig for so long.r soong >> some may consider that to beo aggressive in some ways. way i want to ask you -- trying tog get the car stated with a fake comedy id whom does that? dot? you do a will the of travel stuff. you're working on your own youro travel show but you also doo comedy in a lot of places around the world.orld. foreign audience do's they stily get it? do you have to changeng the delivery at all or the subject matter or the joke fortf foreign audiences?udnc >> well, i mean, you have to hat change a little bit. a litbit like certain references don'tson wo.k. but what you lose in referencese you gain in observations and and english is the internationalernn language of bus
10:55 am
so i played all over china. and the audiences are half exale pat people and half chinese people who love english language comedy. come i was in hanoi a few years ago. it translates.ns >> those china jokes should gohl over well the next four you'll have a lot to talk aboutt oh yeah.eah. >> when somebody comes to yourmc show with all your diverseer background what do they get. g >> i do everything.g i got one liners stories, sto social, political, personal, um, you know, i don't think you't ty shall limit yourself to oneo one particular style. >> are you one of those people who continues to play off the te audience and thus can kind ofd change the performance dependced owing what the audience reactiot is or do you kind of stick to to script. scri >> my favorite thing to ask whaa people are from differ countries in the audience because thatausa work great in d.c. because it's' always international audience because i have a joke or a stors about pretty much everywhere
10:56 am
i'll get stumped on lithuania oo you know something like thathine once in awhile. in hile i usual val a story for story everybody. good all right. we'll leave the comedy to the improv. you still get a chance to have youave thegen d.c. when come back.t . wh inily ie lots of family around d.c. you know my heart is here.s her. i love it. >> i love that your studior stu smells like bacon.smells like >> it does. t's beens beer to you i sitting out for good hour now.rn if you will want to take thate risk again in life like thehe 17-year-old fake comedy idedy you're more than welcomed it tot there's the info through newgh n year's eve check out tom roads at the t improve. improve. welcome back to dc.o dc. good to see you.see you. >> back over to you guys. >> we got >> quick look at the radar. rar getting lots and lots of tweetse everybody seeing it.y see it. send me your tweets tucker fox55 that is enough to coat thet the ground in few spots as it'sots ' coming through.hrou you might see a quick burst ofst snow isn't the next hour or so.. and then we'll be left with lef partly sunny skies later today.y but everybody sending pictures c and zenning video much it'ss fantastic.ntastic. >> wow. >> beautiful out there. >> that's how we're ending our last g booead dutayhow of 2016.
10:57 am
it, everybody., thank you so much. eank yo m >> happy new year!py yea >> happy new year!ear! >> love you.>> lov you >> see in you 2017!017! >> ♪♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: it's going to be juicy. >> here's wendy! [ music playing ] [ music playing ] ♪♪ ♪♪ >> wendy: well well know why? you're watching


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