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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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friends and family gathered to remember tricia mccaully the yoga instructor and discovered e her car in northwest >> anjali hemphill is live with the good morning. >> reporter: we're learning the suspect not only had long criminal rap sheet five days before tricia m cc auley he was ordered to enroll in gpsmonitoring. 29-year-old dwayne adrian johnson is from upper marlboro but has multiple dc addresses an criminal rap sheet dated back to 2011. most shoplifting where he plead guilty. less than a week before she disappeared, our judge order stones wear a gps monitoring device. he was supposed to show up next morning but there's no record he ever
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while johnson was me in possession of mccaully's car after he disappeared. he once again stole from a dc cvs store. the medical examiner's office says 46-year-old tricia mccauley was strangled and last night friends and family gathered at a vigil to insure memories and say good-bye. >> what happened to tricia has really thrown me for a loop. and i don't even know what to think. to tell you the truth. it's frightening, and i think there's a lot of things happening in our community that we need to pay attention to. >> reporter: records also show the court requested johnson under go multiple mental health screenings to determine competency. in previous cases he's been ordered to attend drug rehab, a series of times. for now, live in northwest. anjali hemphill fox 5 local news. we'll be checking
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throughout the morning. meantime a northeast dc family is asking for justice after they say police body camera video shows their loved one was unarmed after being shot and killed by a dc police officer. that happened christmas day. police say 29-year-old >> erlad hal had a knife and refused to put it deadline. they say the video paints a different picture >> none of that video shows nothing about him waiving a knife. they shot him dead. they told the girl, move, move, move out the way. pow, pow, pow. after that. that was it. i don't feel like my son deserved none of this. all i'm saying that police officer shot him we want justice. >> the family is planning a vigil at 7:00 at the scene of the shooting. he leaves behind four children. also in the district, accumulations of police misconduct reportedly costing the city over $30 million in court
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since 2005. about 95% came from allegations of false arrests. 4% said their civil rights had been violated. just the first nine monthss of this year, misconduct lawsuits cost taxpayering nearly $4 million. donald trump's cabinet is almost full. while democrats plan to grill and oppose most of the cabinet nominees, republicans control the majority and have few complaints. >> all in all, trump is going to get virtually everyone that he nominates. it's possible he'll have to withdrawal one or two because of problems. >> there are at least six multi-millionaires and five billionaires committed to the incoming trump administration. including steven mnuchin for treasure secretary and wilbert ross for commerce, but they're likely to be approved. and of course, the president elect has his own business of conflicts of interest to sort out. how he plans to do that
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before he is inaugurated. wifi can access public wifi at six metro stops only. now, metroly general manager paul weidefeld is planning that program starting next summer. 60 percent of stations complete by the end of next year, remaining will be completed in 2018. 4:34 is the time. let's talk to gary mcgrady and the weather it was so nice yesterday. i got to expect things will change soon >> it's not going to be bad, just cooler and i feel most us are really going to enjoy this. it's going to be cooler obviously. here's where we are this morning, starting off much cooler this morning in most locations, all location, actually than what we were yesterday morning. where we were in like the 50's, pretty much area-wide yesterday. to start the day. so it's 46 in town now. gaithersburg is holding at 37. these temperatures can still drop off a little bit more.
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i suspect culpeper probably drops off a little bit more. skies are generally clear. wind is generally light. so give it a little bit more time and we'll probably see, a couple of 33s, maybe couple of 32s and then several more temperatures in the lower 40's. so that's where we're going to be head this morning, how about this afternoon? we're going to talk about temperatures middle to upper 40's generally north and west. interior city, we'll be about 50. briefly up to 50. we'll cool off into the 40's late today fredericksberg 52. culpeper at 52. pretty much lots of sunshine today. certainly going to be dry. more showers in the forecast. we'll come back and tell you when that's going to happen again then start looking towards the weekend because it is wednesday and on wednesday, it's always time to start looking toward the weekend. this is a big weekend. it's a holiday weekend. a lot to tuck about. we got to get to traffic. erin como with that on wednesday morning.
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keeping our eye on last wednesday of year, you can see light volume on the west and eastbound side. be beltway without any issues all the way back towards gainville. it's real quiet yesterday as well. we'll go ahead and show you what else you're facing for wednesday morning as we just start to get out of bed things very quiet on 295 as well. southbound side from 50. no issues and northbound side all the way down to the bottom side of the beltway past the 11th street bridge, very quiet and calm this morning, we'll take a look the a our maps as we can see the beltway inner and outer loop looking good. we're tracking a disabled vehicle on the left lane. there's just not enough volumes to close slow downs as you pass through. problem-free in laurel on 95 and i like what i'm seeing on baltimore and washington parkway both directions if you decided to stay in dc longer and getting a flight out right now, traffic won't slow you down on the way
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national and dulles and look at my frederick commuters, back to you wisdom and maureen. coming back a bag of toys leads to a security scare at trump tower. an idle cabinet maker gave all 800 of his employees a special gift that will make your jaw drop. we're taking a live look outside cross the dmv. the time 4:37. the temperature, 46 degrees. back in a moment. nt.
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carrie fisher best known as the iconic princess leia in the star wars franchise died following a heart attack, just 60 years old. fisher starred in a lot of of the popular 1980s movies and became a
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after revealing she suffered from bipolar and did you go addiction. her last were in wonder wall and as star wars episode 7 more headaches for trump tower in new york city. police had to evacuate the lobby yesterday after reports of suspicious package. traffic was installed around area as they investigated and turns out the package was a backpack full of children's toys. since donald trump was elected grid lock has become a huge problem near the building because of increased security measures. president-elect trump was in florida during all of this. it's been a year for honor of basketball star labron james, now he was named the male athlete of the year for the second year in a row. james led the cleveland cavaliers to its first nba championship in june of he was also named athlete of the year a at the 2016 sbes and sports illustrated of the
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appreciation an iowa cabinet maker is rewarding his employees for a good year, a caribbean cruise. they're going to spend one night at a five-star hotel in miami before they get on the boat. the reward came after they met company goals for a recession >> this is a cabinet maker >> 800 employees, nicely done. >> we got a lunch. >> better than nothing. >> that's all i'm saying. >> that's true. coming up on fox 5. new reports of fewer people getting behind the wheel while drunk or intoxicated >> buying a gun in maryland is about to get a lot easier, but it could still also be complicated for some people. >> heading to break right now with a live look across dc, it is 4:41 and a lot cooler this morning, i think that the 48
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need glasses on top of my contacts. wisdom. we'll back more with fox 5 news morning.
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family of a man killed by dc police, they say body cam video conflicts with the official story. l
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after temps in the mid and upper 60's feels a lot colder outside than 60 degrees. >> it sure enough does >> but it's all good. >> good morning to you, thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh >> i'm wisdom martin. gary mcgrady is here to talk about weather and the stark contrast from yet. . cooler dark all indicationings looks like we're going to stay above normal. we should be middle 40 or so for highs, up to around 50's tomorrow we're going to be around 50, kind of depends ton clouds and showers, i want to talk with the windchill, there's no much of a difference with the windchill temperatures and what the actual temperature but the feels like temperature is running low, wind speeds are generally five to ten across the area. so in places where the wind is five or less, i tin
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a little bit more. we're 46 in town, with a ten miles an hour wind, it feels like it's 41 here in town. so it's a little cool out there. not necessarily uncomfortable but a little cool. here's a forecast for the day, lots of sunshine, 43. 8:00 a.m. kind of chilly. 48 at lunch time and we'll be up to about 50 for high temperature in the city, we're talking lower to mid 40's for northwestern suburb, lower 50's down south, by 4:00 or so we'll back the temperatures back through the 46 or 47. but still sunny and we'll see a lot of sunshine today. real quickly look at your holiday weekend here. new years eve 46, new year's day few showers, high of 51, nothing super cold. here's erin como with traffic. 4:46, 66 eastbound slowing, no problems on 29, 50, fault church as well as arlington this morning, 28 is also
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along as you head towards 66. problem-free by dulles if you have an early morning flight and 395 northbound. 14th street bridge, it's at speed, once you cross the 14th street bridge, both sides of the freeway east and westbound pretty light and the tribade continues, no slowdowns past the third street tunnel and alexandria things in old town moving along. across the bridge, we're nice and quiet, 95 northbound zero delays to the beltway, we're at speed, route one looking good, problem free, light volume as you head out on 210 through fort washington, five at the 301 split through ban di wine. i'll let you know if any of that changes metro service begins at 5:00 police body camera video show their loved one was unarmed when fatally shot by a dc police officer >> that hap
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annie yu joins us from police headquarters in northwest with the latest. annie? >> reporter: good morning. the family of 29-year-old gerald hall says they watched the body cam video yesterday on tuesday and shows that their loved one was not unarmed, did not have a knife which is contrary to what police say. the family is now seeking justice. police involved shooting. the walnut street northeast. police was calls,ed, police were called -- the to the neighborhood for a domestic disturbance involving hall and his girlfriend. when they say he was armed with a knife, ignored the commands directing him to drop the weapon and at least one officer we know discharged their service weapon striking hall. police also say that hall's weapon was recovered on scene. that weapon now at the center of this controversy. we know that at least one officer has been placed on administrative leave, again, the
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story, we reached out to dc police regarding the family's claim. they have yet to give us a response about this incident. meantime, the family is planning a vigil at 7:00 this friday at the scene of the shooting on walnut street. we know that hall leaves behind four children and according to the family, he was a five-year navy veteran who was working as a mechanic. that's the latest here from northwest dc. annie yu fox 5 local news. as 2016 comes to a close, there's a 9% decrease. that includes an 8% decrease in homicide from 160 to 132. sexual abuses are up, while assault are down by 6 and 13% respectfully. a 4% decrease in property climb so far. residents will be able to apply to purchase handguns and other firearms online instead of filling out paper forms.
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away from the pen and paper and that's going to streamline the process. applicants will need an e-mail address and a credit card or debit card to pay the $10 application fee good news for america's drivers. the drunk driving incidents are on the decline, the federal government released a report and the numbers are encouraging. in 2014, roughlily 11% of americans drove while intoxicated that's down from 15% in 2002. dozens are injured during a train derailment in india. u n dropped a resolution for chemical weapons being used in the syrian civil war the time is 4:50. the temperature 46. back in a moment. nt.
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happening in india, where authorities say at least 38 people were injured after train derailed in the northern part of that country. 14 train coaches were involved in this accident. it happened early this morning because not immediately known at this time. it's the second recent train accident in that region. back in november, 127 were killed several coaches of a passenger train slid off the tracks. in nigeria, families and lawyers are accusing officials of preventing kidnapped girls free for more than to years of captivity from spending christmas at home with their country. islamic extremists back in october. they had been held in the capitol for trauma counseling were held at a legislature's house. a group of syrians for their alleged involvement in chemical
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a un security council would, investigators have endorsement wanted used in chemical attacks. two major precipitation drugs distributors agreed to settle a lawsuit. alleges they feel the state of opiate epidemic. drug companies shipped nearly 800 million hydrocodone and october see codeine pills over there six years ago, in that period, more than 1700 people fatally overdaft christmas is the season of giving. january is the months returns, ups said it respects to return more than 5 million packages. ups says january 5th is traditionally celebrated by delivery companies as national returns day. on that day alone, an average of 1.5 million packages are returned to retail companies in 2015 more than 260 billion dollars worth of merchandise was returned
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season. that will affect your bottom line. speaking of your bottom line, you better cover it uptightly. >> nowhere your receipt. >> gary had an interesting to tell. >> if you don't have your receipt >> depends on the store. >> we have a stack of returns in our house like that. some of them go back to stores. some go back to kind of -- from >> regift. >> it's temperatures colder this morning than where we were. this is a 24-hour temperature change. you can see all of the temperatures here are cooler than where we were yesterday morning. some of them dramatic, but it was so mild yesterday morning. so we were in the 50's yesterday, pretty much area-wide, winchester at 20 degree drop. gaithersburg 20. frederick was one of the coolest so far,
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town than where we were yesterday at 4:00. that was 4:30 temperature there. 45 degrees now here in town, we -- culpeper dropped up to down to 41. winchester is 34 degrees. feels like temperature or the windchill factor is generally a little bit cooler in most locations in than the actual air temperature but not too bad. sunny, we're going to go for 50. upper 40's late this afternoon, some spots north and west will stay in the 40's. that's your forecast, here's erin como. she's sunny too. >> that was so sweet. 4:56. 66 nice and quiet, no problems there in virginia. same story 395, all of our majors into the district right now looking really g if you're out and about early and trying to get to work, you're not going to hit slowdowns there, past pentagon and crystal city, no issues on the inner loop. all of our area bridges are quiet, wilson bridge, 14th, 11th, arrows vel memorial, i could in this case them all. the freeway is l
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like what i'm seeing 95 south of the district in virginia, zero delays as you cruise toward the beltway. and quiet as you make your way on secondaries, metro service picking up in the next five minutes. and on time across all rail lines, i'll let you know if that changes at erin fox 5 on twitter. accusation of police misconduct. costing the district millions >> free wifi is coming to all metro stations. >> before we hit the break, let's take a quick look at today's stock features. things looking up. it's 4:47. more fox 5 morning after the break. k.
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family by the man killed by dc police, the body cam conflicts with the official story says the family. right now at this very moment, it trueing feels cold outside. good morning thank you for


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