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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 15, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ straight ahead, old man m winter arriving early.. temperatures just tumblingin overnight and we could see ouree first dose of winter weather byb this weekend. but it's nothing compared to what other parts of the countryy are dealing with.aral we'll have a live report. new proof that russia russia interfered with the us electiono coming up why americanmerin intelligence agencies are underr plus the new concerns the president-elect's business coul be benefiting from a white house win. a major warning for yahooah users. 1 billion accounts hacked moreac than three years ago and we'ree' just learning about it now. now what that means for yourou personal privacy
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>> it's rogue, rogue one.. >> later, the wait almost over for star wars fans. the new spin off debuts tonight. wait until you hear what someom fans were willing to do to beo first in line. good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ >> here i was thinking theg amount of time in the cold toolt jump out like a cab to get intot the theater that's a lot to deal with.wi. >> right.. >> these guys are spending all e night out there.ght out ther >> dedication.ed >> good day dc it ist is 9:00 o'clock on thursday'cloth morning. it's december's i'mem steve alongside maureen,a, holly and wisdom. >> d.c. reign as america's sex s jest city two years running rng comes to an end who dethroned dd the national's capital want makes a city sexy. >> this is where you talk wisdom with your voice.ce. >> what voice? vce >> what voice? voice ughtughter ] >> we missed you.ssedou w
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>> welcome back.k. >> >> sounding better by the day. >> i sound better? bette >> i can still kind of like thit voice. >> oh okay. >> i don't want it to leave useu too >> i'll keep it a little bite bt longer. long >> you can read all the storiest >> i was going to say reador ala the stories why don't you.n'tou first at 900:00:00s of o people caught in a grips old mam winter much check out theut the temperatures across the upperppr midwest. parts of the region could seeiod wind chills as low as negative 30 degrees, right? and that's just prelude. plude major winter storm can hit in hi the coming days dumping ice from north dakota to upstate new york affected dealing with blizzard conditioni there. it could be worse around here. we just have temperatures thatst feel like the teens. tns we could also get our first ourr taste of winter wet thiset weekend. for details tucker barnes backk with first check of the checkf h forecast. wasn't so bad this morning it'sh been droppinisg m 23 degreesee thermometer dupont circle sayina now. >> dropped about 10 degrees inbo the last three hours, mutaureene di
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chicago. >> i did. one at 4:30. whe at is it now.ow >> minus two.inus two. >> yeah, okay. >> these are actual airhesere a temperatures so i'm not showingi you wind chills which many cases minus 20, minus 30 all kinds off advisories warning people of the dangerous cold off to the north and west. we're now 26.ld off e now take look at our local l temperatures and again thesees n have been falling for the past several hours even with the sunn going up. temperatures continue to goe tog down. 21 now in gaithersburg.sburg. this is real deal of cold. cold. 21 in frederick. 23 dulles.ulles. afternoon high temperatures you know what you're pretty much mh looking at them i don't think tk they'll budge a lot later thisea afternoon we got to factor inte the winds the winds have been b gusting look at that 39 milest 9 per hour wind gust at last lookt here at reagan national.atio 36 in hagerstown.n 33 in annapolis. bitter cold winds accompanyingcy these temperatures.ratu that's giving us wind chillsd which are just prettyrey extraordinary here for thein t middle of december.middle of de feels like 12 right now ince tht city.ty six in gaithersburg. one in winchester.ester two in hagerstown.ow i mentioned earlier out inn garrett county minus 15 as the
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couple of days. of ds. lots of sunshine today. tod. it will be dry wl be but very very cold bitter winden chills this afternoon andonnd tonight and into your day onay friday we are -- here's the gooo news. this cold blast only last two ls days. we'll be back into the 50s by saturday and sack uninday but tt couple of days definitely wantte to limit your time outdoors anda if you are going to be spentingt time out there make sure you'veu got lots of layers and ready for it. 20 this afternoon winds north wh and west 20 to 30 with windhin chills single digits and low a teens this afternoon.ther okay. coming up, maureen mentioned a a wintry mix around here.der i'll let you know when that t arrives want we can expect eec momentarily, guys, back to you.y ll rll right. .hanks, tuck. all right.all ri 9:04 is the time. te. the other big story attory a 9:00 o'clock new accusations russia's president was personally involved in hacks i target us elections according to sources who talked to nbc news. kremlin has of course denied d those claims but cia and fbi ari now raising more questions byiob not meeting with congress over intelligence into those ithos accusations.action meanwhile, president-elect donald trump continues his thana
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today in the keystone state. ste one day after a meeting with tot tech leaders that raised more mr eyebrows about his businessiness connections.tions. fox's jackie ibanez has the latest from the transitionnsio effort. >> reporter: united states intelligence agencies refuse toe meet with congress after lawmakers called for meeting on possible russian interference in the us election.. intelligence has suggestedugst moscow worked to put president-elect donald trumpele into officedona. >> they have an obligation toob show it to you. there is none much this couldshl a whole house of cards. car i see some type of diss dis information to discredit thehe incoming president-elect andctnd that's absolutely >> reporter: democrats haverate: been trying to dem coconravinceo to change their vote againstinst mr. trump over the intelligence. but analysts say there's almosts no chance they can change theha election results. >> they're selling snake oil. they're selling false hope toop democrats so, one more time.eim one more try to try to stopo sto trump and by the way legitimizez him as he goes into his his presidency.
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are renewed concerns over or trump's businesses benefitingenn from his presidency. some of his kids will take overr his company sat in on meetingnei with tech ceo's wednesday. but his advisers say they aresay figuring out what they'rere legally a loud to do.o do. >> there's a lot of activity on the 25th and 26th floor ofloor o the trump tower right now with t lawyers and protocol officersffr great expense to the trumppens family. >> former trump campaignn spokesperson katrina pearson pes being considered for the role of press secretary.ta >> i have been coming to trumpou tower for over a year and a half now, and all all of a sudden sud this week it became a headline. so there's really nothing theree >> reporter: the the president-elect will head toelwl hershey, pennsylvania torquea rq night as part of his thank you y tour after winning the keystonen state. st in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. meanwhile we're getting ourr first glimpse at voter sent mann since election.since el 47% of voters have favorableavab view of donald trump. 51% still have an favorable opinion.inio as for his cabinet p
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split there. the. 44% approve. 46% disapprove.e. meanwhile self groups sayile the president election has too much baggage to lead the country petitions today being delivered to properties in variousda citye including washington, d.c.shon,c over potential conflicts off interest.interest >> the petitions demand trumpits unload his businesses before bef being sworn in or risk violating federal bob barnard is live at trump tmp hotel with the details. dai explain this to us, bob. >> reporter: sure, hold. hol they picked today because thisei was the day that donald trumpru was going to have a news news conference to explain how he was going to separate himself fromim some of his businesses.. and so these groups say they've collected 400,000 signatures.tus they'll be coming here to theert trump international hotel in dcd all the trump tower in new yorkw city to the president-elect's-ee hotel in las vegas to deliver dr these petitions basicallyasicly calling on donald trump to separate himself, to liquidateia his businesses, put night a blind trust, all his assets anda
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to investigate. concern that perhaps donaldps d trump would put his own interests ahead of the country's when he becomes president onde n january twenty seventh.tweven so again, these 400,000 4,0 petitions being split up acrossr the country to different hotelsl owned by donald trump and properties including this one here.. this comes at the same time thaa northern virginia congressmanren jerry connolly and few otherser who sit on sub committees with g oversight say that the deputyept commissioner of the generalenal services administration has told them that they believe donaldond trump needs to sell his interests in this hotel hereel h which is in the old post officef building federal property donald trump signed a long-term leaseml with the federal government and according to these democratic congress members that the deputy commissioner of the generalneral services administration told them that because he will will i be president come january 20thrh donald tru
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violation of a clause of thef lease here. now, officially, the general service administration in a neww release yesterday said, noaid, decision has been made and thatt staffers with the governmentthee agency need to meet with donaldd trump's business people toeo figure out what needs to be done with this property goingy gng forward. but again those members off congress say they've been toldd by high ranking person at the g-s-a that donald trump needs tt sell his interests here in the international hotel just a few blocks from the white house, guys. guys >> all right of the bob thankhto you.f 9:09. new this ming metro board ofinmr directors all set to voteo v whether to suspend light nighthg service for at least two moreor years. metro used to stay open until ut 3:00 a.m. on friday and saturday nights closing earlier since sce starting safetrack back in junen now general manager paull wiedefeld says shorter operatini hours are necessary to keep the transit system in good repair. and during that meeting, we area expecting to hear more aboutut breaking news that wmau
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contributor martin dicaro justoj tweeted out. metro has apparently fired at least two track inspectors inpet the aftermath of a derailmentaim near east falls church back onko july 29th.. now four workers previously beel placed on administrative leave l following the accident which whh involved a silver line train but now at least two have been officially terminated. dicaro says it's unclear if if anyone has or will be chargeded with a crime in that incident.t also new this morning, major hack targeting 1 billion yahoooo erers. but even though we just found out about it it actuallylly happened three years ago.go let's fine out more about this. >> indeed it's more bad news foo yahoo. second announcement of major m hack in the last three months.oh the tech giant believe that thet incident likely diss ding fromdo the breach disclosed back in bkn september when informationennfor associated with at least least 500 million user accounts wasccw stolen from its network in 2014. yahoo says the stellar user account information may ha
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included names, dates of birth b and e-mail addresses and encrypted or unencryptedncpted security questions and answers.s one security expert says as frightening as the yahoo breachc is it may only be the beginningg >> to access that information in probably what's most critical ci because it's a stepping stoneto into other sites.. so even if that person doesn'tst keep their financial informatioa or medical information online,ne by having the credentials andiaa logging in, it's easy to spoofoo that person. it's easy to act as that person. >> donaldson says people tend td use the same user name and log g in info for multiple sites. ses if their information was hackedd in this breach other e-mail and social media accounts could bebe at rick. ric user impacted should have received an e-mail letting themt know that their account has been compromised but experts say soms other signs to look out for arer these. not receiving any e-mails at all your account sending spam to t contacts and if you see log inss from unexpected locations on o your rec
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sign that you may have been a he victim of this latest hack.t h >> the worst part they notifyy y you by e-mails. how many times do we say don't d click on-mails you get unless ul you know they're concern as -- - secure as well. >> you're about to send mored fake e-mails out.ails o. >> 2014 the damage is done g whw are they just coming out with ii now. >> i think those are questions verizonho ises asking if they wt to buy yahoo i don't think thatt will go through smoothly.mohl >> breaking overnight let's gets to local news right now.ri a body that was found in awas fn driveway by an officer had was w on we'll have life report with theo latest information there next.t >> why we,, what we spend oureno time looking for online in 20161 google out with its year end list. list. we'll share the top five searches little bit later. 9:12. back in a moment.a moment.
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♪♪ 9:15 is the time right now. developing overnight in montgomery county a man an woma shotan as they sat in their carr this morning that gunman is gunn still on the run. stpolice say it happened aroundd midnight in the 3800 block ofocf palmyra lane in aspen hill. victims say suspect in lateat teens or early 20's approached o cae car. talk with them briefly and shot
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thankfully both victims have non-life threatening it's unclear if they knew eachee other. >> temple hills a murder investigationempl underway an on routine patrol found a man lyini in a driveway from a gunshotun wound. >> let's get right to annie yu.. she's been there all morningor th updpdates. what can you tell us now annie.e >> reporter: good morning. morng homicide detectives from prince george's county spent six hoursu out here investigating thehe we have video from early this t morning that we shot when we gog here it was an officer on a on a routine patrol that actually aua spotted the body here at thee e driveway along the 2700 block of cole brook drive. dri this is in the temple hills h area. discover the having tim aroundhv 2:00 o'clock. o'c and we know that it's a mail victim, again, lying at the ende of the driveway of a home.f a h we actually spoke to a personero who lives here at the house hou earlier this morning who told us that he does not know the victic but take a listen how he
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informed about the incident.. >> i heard a banking at the dooo around, what, 2:00 o'clock inoci the morning, and then they saids oh, there's body in youryn driveway.ay so we're looking outside.ookingi we see it. we didn't know who this brothero was, we didn't know who shotho him, how he got how did he get there, any of a o that.. so we were all taken a back byec what was going on. >> reporter: now, back out here live, just beyond thisond trash truck here the dumpsterum truck there's an suv that tha belongs to the homeowner.wn he let us know that a bullet actually pierced through the the vehicle and pierced through thet radiator so detectives spentvess some time looking through thisgi suv here.ere. this the home here on cole brooo drive.. but the detectives have since hv cleared the scene. they don't have any informationa regarding a suspect at this time. we spoke to some neighbors here. some, you know, say that this is p
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another neighbor did tell usneib that they've seen a recent ren increase in violence of courseou you have the incident yesterdaye over at the iverson mall which h is literally just, you know,oun, less than a mile from here. so they're very -- they're notyn happy about this obviously butlb prince george's county policenty want to hear from you.from if you have any informationnfman they're giving out the numberr one-866-411-tips.411-ti that's the very latest from temple hills, maryland annie yu, fox5 local >> still to come this morning aa record setting holiday season. why it could mean big headachesh for that trip home. tp h plus a moment of joy after major surgery. and why you don't want to mess m with xwwe -- ex wwe wrestlers.r. we were always nice to them whee they come to visit us. >> the secret to stress freeholo day hosting from someone who knows a thing or two about throwing a party.arty i mean all my parties look likek that, don't yours?don't y >> of course.>> ocour >> we'll get good insider tipsep when we come back. ♪♪
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>> 9:21 on this extremely chilli thursday morning here in the nation's capitolay m.. >> move a little faster. >> is that what it does?oes? >> that's what we're going with. allison joining the partyn p right now she has check of thect other stories making headlinesnn this morning. hi al. >> it's always warm inng t.he l. >> always. >> always hot in here. we begin with big news f>>rom ao overseas today.oday on the crisis on syria.
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a cease fire it appears rebels civilians started to leave the a western part of aleppo. alepp there are reports some shellinge in that area but officials say a planned evacuation of tens ofs o thousands of civilians is now happening.ening. still though we're hearing from active visits overnightveer ambulances have been shot att trying to leave allen poe allen injuring three people. people closing arguments areents a expected today in the case ofe s dylan roof. he is accused of killing ninelig black people at an historicallyy african-american church in i charlestown, south carolina heia faces live in prison or ther death penalty.enalty final prosecution witness wasssw survivor who says that roofhat r claimed did he it because blacks were raping white women and taking over the nation.. a touching moment captured on twin girls formally conjoined an the sternum seeing each other eh for the first time after life-saving the pair was reunited on mondayn after their 18 hour operationr a back on de
9:23 am
can be seen just staring at eace other in a shared hospital bed.b doctors say the girls are a growing healthier by the day. record number of americans i more than 100 million set toet travel for the holidays and neww year's.year aaa says that's the highest hig number on record. r most people will drive that'st' about 93 million but 2% more me people will fly this year thann last. st despite gas prices rising ing in recent days they are still amoni the lowest since 2009. 2 and finally, former wrestlee is still cracking heads outsidee of the rink, you know, former wwe star chad gaspar took an t a armed robber saturday night havh you seen this at a convenience i store in florida and won.nd won sick foot seven, 300-pound wwe star grabbed -- we need to seeoe it. i believe it's outside actually. grabbed the armed suspect aftert he showed him a gun.. he held the suspect until policl got there.. gaspar said he hopes the suspect quote never tries a stunt lik
9:24 am
action and i'm not sure if we'r' not showing okay. here we go little bit more. ka okay. any way -- >> yeah. >> i was looking for smack downn >> you need to, you know, gaspas needs to be careful, too.ful, i know people want to jump inn like this i always fear -- fr >> because, you know --auyou >> the guy has gun.. 6-foot seven, 300 is no >> took him down pretty good.reo >> that's it. >> thanks, al.. d.c. no longer america'sca sexiest city.t city. coming up who took the nation'ss capital place, that's the bigats question.questi what we spend our time searchinc for online in 2016. 201 >> first though bracing for the bitter cold and tho theug firsts of snow. tucker will be back with more o the winter weather taking overea the dc region and when we couldu see those first flakes. fla >> fresh at 10a empire's fall finale. finale. we're sharing our favoritevori moments and the ones that leftet our jaws on the floor. f we want to know what yours arers as well. w
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#gooddaydc right now. now. the time is now 24:00. now . we'll be right back. ♪♪ ♪ hi, i'm sergeant first class courtney ross wishing my familyl a merry christmas and a happy h new year.ear. see you soon. thanks for all the support.ll to ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ just one day now until our l big fox5 make a wish day kaheemm will be our star of the day.he y he is just five years old. old he's from maryland and is activt treatment for leukemia.a. listen closely as kaheem tellset us exactly what he wishes for. >> i want to be a super hero.. >> good job. >> did you get that? he said i am kaheem and i want to be a super her row. r you already are sweet boy that'' exactly what will happen to him we asked kaheem to shoughs hisuh super hero run.un there you go.the you outstanding, young fox5 and make a wish mid atlantic know kaheem definitely has what it takes to be a superr so do montgomery county cnt firefighters, prince george'seo
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u.s. capitol police and d.c. police.. they are all helping us make hie wish come true tomorrow.omro kaheem will join those localocal heroes and help people all day long because that is his wish ts be brave, to be courageous, andd to do good things.hi isn't that amazing? that's hiss wish. it will be an awesome day. you can watch life on air onlinl on our face bock page. p be sure to use our special hash tag tomorrow kaheem saves d.c. . got that? kaheem saves dc.c. it's going to be great. gre we're taking part in it to help make his wish come true.ome tru i'm excited for him.. >> ilove his little laugh.augh >> i know. >> to be five and your wish youo can have anything in yourishis and your wish to help otherelp h people.peop >> the best part. bes >> i'm telling you, kid, prayera to you. you'll be you'll get well.ell. you'll do this.u'llthis >> tucker will be big part of ii morrrrow as well. off busy day planned. planned. i know you're looking forward if to tuck. >> i can't wait. i guess it's a surprise we won't talk too much about it it shoulh be fun filled day.ille d
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it will be a long day.ay i hope he gets a good night's nt sleep tonight let's talket'sal weather.he all about the wind chills rightg now. just extraordinary i'm looking'i at the numbers, and we'ree' looking at places out to theuto west where we've got 0 degrees e but it feels like right now.ighw feels like 12 here in the city.. with air temperature of 26. of look at the winds west north atr west gusting at times 30, 35, 40 miles an hour and here's anda look the your wind ch locally so these numbers fallinl all morning feels like 14 in14 n annapolis one of the warmer wme spots. winchester minus two what itha i feel like for you hagerstownagst two. obviously this is very dangeroue when you get wind chills in thee single digits and low teens andd this is where we'll beis is ere throughout the day today.ut day so, again, prepare for day windw will be blowing at times out oft the north and west at about 30,, maybe up to 40, 45 miles an houh at tim because of that we have a wind w advisory in effect here until ul 3:00 o'clock this afternoon.ft all right. satellite/radar lake effectla ef snows kicking in that arctict ai front blasted through lastgh l night. not a lot of moisture with it.t sog
9:31 am
and now we're just looking at arctic high pressure overheadvea and that's going to be juste ruling the mid atlantic for ther next couple of days.oupl so today, tonight and tomorrowrw temperatures well well belowello normal and then we'll start a'lt warmup this weekend as we geteet our next storm system. syste i'm fast forwarding to saturdays morning. i just want to give you heads is you you've got travel plans outl and about early saturday we mayy have a period that we got toeot contend with winter weather andd that would be snow, transitioning to mix and eventually all rain most of thef event will be a rain event butnt it may take couple of hours to o warm up the atmosphere enough tt get it to flip over to liquid here by late morning earlyar afternoon then we'll be dealingd with some showers saturdayowersy afternoon and sunday afternooner before our next cold frontold ft arrives and brings us anotherans round of pretty chilly temperatures into next week. future cast again sunshineine today, don't be fooled by it. b. it looks beautiful.ookseautiful. not warm out there. the and then tomorrow we will have l clouds around tomorrow nightow t 8:00 o'clock i just want to fast forward this to early saturdayda morning. it look like we could again have mess tee mix around here early
9:32 am
saturday afternoon.on there's your weekend forecast. the red box highlighting ourg or weekend and you can see into sei early next week right back intoa the 30s next monday, tuesday. ty lots of layers today if you gotg to be outdoors. i'm venturing outdoors with erie on an adventure to chipotle for the show.theho i'll let you know what it feelst like out o the all right.ig i will toss it back to you guysg one of the reasons we're thee're sexiest city in d.c. we havewe h allison seymour here. >> aww. >> i agree.>> i >> i agree.. >> right. but unfortunately, tucker, d.c.d that was at the top of the lists the past two years has droppedao to number three. t so the question who is at theate top, right? >> pure romance come out with ot its list of sexiest we'll go from five to >> okay.. five is new york city. >> okay. >> what do you think?? >> top five. top fiv interestingly enough this is ths first time they made top 20.0. they went below 20 to numberoum five. >> i feel like that throws off the restlike of my guesses thene >> really? number four isy? n minneapolis, st. paul.l. >> who knew?
9:33 am
>> doesn't strike you as sexy. >> nah. his on.hire we basing t >> we'll name the cities firstts and then we'll give you the criteria.criter faiair enough. >> exactly. number three is the nation'stios capitol.. >> fantastic. >> we have fallen from one to three. >> not so ll in the toll in the top three. that gets you on the podium atou the olympic. >> out of all the cities out cie there.ther >> number two, dramatic pause, detroit.det. >> okay.ka >> the d. >> nothing is sexier than than detroit, michigan this time ofsm year, right?ht >> right.>> r >> what's number one?er one >> number one sexiest city in america... >> of course. aftee's the drum roll after the fact.. excellent.cellen. philadelphia i think i hearea chris cheering in the controlon room, right, chris? he's from filly. >> snug look on his face like i knew it allok on that's right. that's right. chris actually --th he calls cal philadelphia his native home but he lives in d.c. so chris might be the factor. >> this is done by pure om
9:34 am
pure romance is the company that sells relationship enhancement tsoducts. >> hmm. >> what is relationship what enhancement product? pdu >> go ahead maureen, tell him. >> we'll let you think abouthi that one. o >> a relationship enhancementcee product could be a piece -- iiei can't write a note.t wre a that could enhance my relationship. >> something you y >> i could purchase the paper and the pen.ld pur >> have partiearties for it. >> we're talking abouts fo ar dl products here.oductsere. >> adult products.s >> why they call theml t relationship enhance many and not adult product.. >> it sounds better.te >> exactly. they based it on the sales. so apparently wisdom dropped hih account and that's why wes why w dropped from one to three andhre washington, d.c.. and we're not selling as much of online sales. >> so let me get this straight.t >> listen, there are also regional consultants. you want to see if there's anyry openings?en >> i'm confused.>> ionfused. i'm really confused right now gg because people buy more producte that makes it
9:35 am
>> according to this survey,urve steve. >> they sponsored the survey.d >> of course they did. >> what's going on with you? y >> i don't understand how buyine that stuff makes you sexrsy. y s >> the more you buy the moreuy m you're getting in.n. that makes you sexy. sexy. >> the whole city. who cit >> yeah.>> >> really? >> once upon time.>> once upon >> if you can explain it toyou l wisdom hash tag good day dc.c. >> or if it makes sense to you,y hash tag me. m >> tweet him.. meanwhile --meanwhil >> i'm seeing a lot of cold seen weather cities on there.her i think it's people that need a little -- >> that makes more sense, stevee >> you just jumped on that.n tha >> i'm just saying.t that's great point.reoi >> they're buying toys for cold atheher. >> steve, i'm feeling whatelin you're putting down. down. everyone of these cities isie i super duper. duper the only one not on that list is chicago. >> they get it in there, too. t >> fans toys. >> chicago was not on the list s this query hate to tell you butu steve philadelphia -- no, no i read something about pittsburghh >> it's cold >> pittsburgh jumped from 20 too 14. >> it got cold this y >> that means steve oned upve o his account with his pi
9:36 am
store.ore. >> nobody on the west coast --s- >> made the top five. >> anybody on the west coast --t >> maybe they don't need the the relationships enhanced there. >> denver, 12th. saul lake city is 11. is portland oregon 17. >> i mean miami.. >> i need warm.m >> la. >> where is south carolina onuto there? >> la and miami are not on theoo list of sexiest cities.stit >> because you're right, steve i think you hit it on the head. h they're cold places.ces. salt lake city is. is. denver is cold.s cold. all these places on the eastaceh we just debunked that wholedhat >> we didn't debunk it.e 't d every list we ever put up is objectionable. that you know. >> they'll be another one hey'llow. >> i'm l ike giddy at theto factmo at t what's that?t? >> exactly. how does it work? what does that do? >> i wasn't familiar with the lingo. >> wisdom is very >> you aredom too. t >> what was it again? >> plausible deny ability does y not work with you.not w >> what's the name of the stufft lley're selling. >> relationship enhance manyiopn products. >> yes. >> can we just put up one
9:37 am
on you look at you like really?? >> well, here's the thing.hi the next thing we'll talk abouta google search that.ogt you need to google search that.a do images.ges. >> i want to know anybody whotob just heard that story has the same thoughts i had.s had that's what i want to know.. >> those thoughts are probablyrl keep it rolling. >> keep all right. speaking of lists this mornings m look at the top google search s trends from 2016 sitting prettye at the top in the u.s. powerball. remember that that we we'd weed never win. hat th neve everybody has --r -- >> our time is coming. o ur>> everybody was in frenzy bab in january when three winners ws split a record $1.6 billionll jackpot.. the number two top trendingin search the sudden death of popfp icon prince back in also the top celebrity in the ie world. std tderstand those. hurricane matthew came in at a number four. it devastated the caribbean as well as the coastal unitedte states. st that was followed by pokemon go. >> really pokemon go was four. f >> oh, my gosh.>> oy pokemon go.pon go >> peo
9:38 am
>> exactly. >> what it i>> i you know what you're right because when it first came outft didn't we sit up here and try td figure out -- how does thisshis work? globally the top trending search was pokemon go as well.l. mobile app had millions glued tt smart phones this summer summer followed by, wait for it, iphone >> really? >> yeah. iphone seven.hone sev i guess they need their iphoneih seven to play all that pokemonlk go stuff. next up, donald trump the worldw was obviously just as fascinatea by the president-elect as the t united states.te prince once again making an appearance as for hollywood thed top trending actors and actressa brad pitt wildly popular afterft his split with angelina jolie also actress meghan markell ass she's on that show suit prince harry's girlfriend 10ing most 1m among actresses. >> what stands out to me on then surface when you go through donald trump had ao biggerr presence in the global searchloh than did he in the united states >> right.ight >> which is interesting.hiinte >> yeah. very much so.
9:39 am
people look up online, right? like the end of year stuff.. >> pokemon go. g >> pokemon go. >> is that a relationshipelatiop enhancement.enha >> let me see. for some people it is. >> actually it was aas a relationship detractor for somem leople. >> probably. >> got some people in trouble al well.. >> exactly. >> separations no 9:39. >> i know what i can get you for christmas.s >> new movie out. they woke opponent years tooears soon and kevin sits down with the new thriller call passengerr heading back into space a littlt sci-fi action. a jennifer lauren, chris pratt, pa kevin mccarthy all coming up.
9:40 am
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♪♪ you have a visitor.. ♪♪ >> wow! >> clean up pretty go yourself >> you went shopping. p i you w went shopping.pping two look fine this evening.veng >> we're on a date. >> very nice.e >> it took you long enough tog t ask. >> i was giving you space. >> oh, space.pace. the one thing i do not need more of. >> you see the joke there. the they're the only people there. t >> you see it took that long too >> a clip from the new movieov passengers a romanti
9:43 am
fiction thriller lost genrest nr inlveded there. about two people on board a spaceship to a new planet andlad wake up from induced hibernation 90 years before everybody else.e chris pratt, jennifer lawrence c starring as the strandedanded passengers trying figure out tiu what went wrong and of course oe they fall in love.they f now here's what you need. back story this movie chris chr pratt shows his back side.ide. there's no other way to say itai shows it off in the movie. kevin while he was on his honeymoon taking theseth wonderfully romantic picturesicu with his new wife his wife found out about that scene and she was kind of excited so kevin feltinl jealous wanted advice from stara of the movie when it came toe t looking sexy so he asked chrishr pratt about this dilemma off being on his honeymoon with his beautiful new wife and her thinking about chris pratt's pra butt the whole time. t >> i'm in the honeymoon she'sone talking about another man's m rear. re do i have anything to worry about? can you give me some s tips? i'm just wonder wagon i should do. >> man - >> squats. >> squats and dead lifts.. >> swats, dead lifts
9:44 am
in that or. thaor >> okay. >> and then, um,. >> stand a certain way in theaye shower. do i stand a certain way? i need to do this for my why.hy >> all about the properhe pro lighting. >> okay. knoou know what i mean. >> um-hmm. >> can i just say i'm so happy to hear two men worryint sag abo what their butts look like. >> hey, we did it. >> we reached equality. you really did. d >> i want to get morton to comem in there and shoot it for i'll work on this.hi >> 15 to 17 takes in the showerr [ htughter ] >> on a friday night. >> >> good god.>> >> we did many takes of every ee tame. morton is ata passionate guy.. he loves to gather a lot of rawa material and, you know, therew,e was a lot of material there anda it was all pretty raw. r [ laughter ] >> you know what i'm saying.w in >> i'm a huge fan of movies are made. jennifer i love the concept howw a film was shot.. that pool sequence blew my minen yeah.h. >> i saw a clip online. online. i was shocked by it when i watcw the movie i found myself holdini my breath kind of for your y character. >> y
9:45 am
shot in the sense arederi you oo wires in water? how are they ay moving you? >> there were lot ofheere different -- i was in a tank for awhile for, you know, being in the bubble and then i was inn wires and water and then i was s sitting on like a weird bicyclee seat that had like a green polee on it where i'd go up and down.. >> you were actually in water?a? >> yeah. i was in water for awhile. >> wow.ow like the moment you come overe e and you're about to go into thee next piece of water you are likk swimming downward.nwar how do they even shoot that. th. >> that's insane.s ins >> that i was swimming eitherswt swimming -- that i would justus hold my breath gosh under in thr tank and then they would -- itl was really cool scene. sne i had never seen anything like a it. >> unbelievable. i was literally holding my>>ter breath the entire time. >> passengers hits theaters nexr wednesday. kevin would be here to tell that story he's out hanging out witht star wars fans in the bitterhe e cold. >> he's frozen is what he isat s right now.ght >> yeah. >> bless his heart.>> b h it is 9:45 right now. n coming up taking a headache oute of holiday hosting with someit m help of course from an expert.
9:46 am
wells joins us live in the loftt coming up next. ♪♪
9:47 am
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♪♪ wisdom, this is to help you out little bit here. people on board with, thisou yo. >> may not be the best term when it comes to what we were talkini about earlier or the best gauge of whether or not the city is oh >> i got two for.woor i am one with the people.eo >> look at this.>> loo this. i am one with the people.e >> how buying adult productscts makes a city sexy. if anything it makes it stressgs free. alrighght. >> we stand corrected, wisdomis you're not a lone. l keep them coming.hem cin wisdom needs company.. >> maybe i'll come up with my list. >> of what.t >> of the sexiest places i'vee e ever been in my life.xier bn inl how aboutif that?e. >> huh. >> huh. >> i'll give you my criteriaveer after i give you my -- m >> that sounds like a bad thing. >> '80s or '70's or whenever ite was.wa it's a good's a good te >> there you go.. keep the tweets coming.p tweets there you go.. >> ♪♪>> ♪ >> you know we're on tv rightvht now.. >> executive producer -- come in and tell us what to do.hat >> what to do. >> meantime i'm curious aboutuso this. th holly is in the good day kitchet with a
9:50 am
needs no explanation.naon no introduction rather but, heyh do it any way. >> exactly. we are smack dab in the middlecb of holiday party i hosting seasa and there's still a few weeksee left to squeeze yours in butn bt anyone whoever thrown a party ap knows it can be a hassle but this morning we're helping taket the stress out of the partyresso planning with a little help frol a guy who knows a thing or two about throwing a shindig.. andre wells organized everythinn from monthly holly wood balls t presidential galas and accountst aretha and president obama a oba couple of his clients if he hade to name drop. namdro he joins us live to share secrets.seets. it's good to see you.ood to y >> so glad to see you.see y glad to be to be here. thank you. th >> i'm so glad that you broughto all of this for myu b house. [ laughter ]lauger ] >> and share with everyone how h host party. ho i'm just kidng where are we beginning and whatd is stuff that we can really do?? >> i'm going to only tell you stuff that you can really do.. >> awesome. >> a lot of people have -- wentn out and got christmas
9:51 am
n make sure you have them sit att your home for a day or two justj so they can fall out.ut. that's number one tip and just,j you know, water it, water it,at, water it.water it >> yes.. >> and the next -- i wanted too talk about hostess gifts andts d things like that.gse th great, you know, to bring bri wreaths, you know, bring a wreath something that they arent not expecting. expecti here we just did a simple little, um, bouquet that wehat e gathered and attached it to the wreath.wrth. i love using fresh organic things like apples, you know, you can just get a stick, you sk can stick this in here.e >> that's like a real apple.pp >> a real apple.. >> okay, wow.kay, wow. >> real apple. you get a stick from outside and then you just press and you juss kind of tuck in.n >> who knew? that's awesome.the loveve that. >> really cool.oo >> yeah. >> this time of year these areaa my favorite things. sis soar, sharpey, floral wirefr these little picks that you cane get from y pouicr local drugstos isn't um-hmm.m. >> they just really add.
9:52 am
home. pine cones, for instance, you know we also use a lot of glass containers and vessels.sels. we fill it with water and putut floating candles very simple.ime >> the thing i love about this it's so simple but it's so s sophisticated.isti i do -- i actually a bowl of pine cones at my home as welch l this not expensive.xpenve >> you can go out in your jar.rr i am not a traditional holidayol color person.. so i love purples. lavenders.lave and then you just put thingsut g like this in it and you know what, it turn holiday or you can -- >> makes it festive real quick.. >> very festive or just leave is alone and leave it also, adding, you know, christmas tree branches is great. when you're entertaining at homt oh, gosh they get so i don't know who to sit -- wherh to but if you identify your guestse through little place cards..
9:53 am
comes in.come. >> yes. >> here's a question about e's seating people i always feee like it is better to seatea people. people don't ever complain when you tell them where to it's often becomes more awkwardk when you don't tell them wherehe to sit because people are peoe r trying -- you know what i'm -- o saying. >> people live direction.e live. they love good direction.on. and if they beat you to the youo table sometimes they will changa where they're seat. sea >> that is a party foul. f >> don't do that.o that. >> do not do that.>> do >> here's my question. do you set spouses or couplesoul together if it's at a table or o split them up?t em u >> well it depends upon yourr crowd. crow always great to separate coupleu because then that way they havev great conversation for the waytw home. >> it forces them to meet newrct people.he >> forces them to meet new meew people. >> yeah. you can also do ice breakers when they arrive.alsoe. so they can meet people that way as well. >> like what's an example forxae ice breaker? breaker? >> as soon as they come in given them their place card and put ap dot on the orange dot or red dot, blue dot and the person whw has the matching dot that's who' you sit next to. t >> i like that, too.oo. that's great as
9:54 am
so don't be intimidated ornaments you know how they falw off the tree. te floral wire we use them becauseb i add them to wreaths. wrehs i add them to floral arrangement. >> the thing i love about this, too, you can literal goal tong t likeal g the discount bin of a a store and get little things likk this.this. >> absolutely. >> all of a sudden you change>>u something that's plain ands pln beautiful and of itself but yout change it into something super special.ecial >> and cabbage and kale just a l with, you know, holiday greens.n ook at that.hat. i didn't even realize.relize you just put the little greens e in there as >> yeah. >> i've done that with -- i hang green gallon land on the front of my home i have little extra i just kind of go inside and stics it in places put it around myd manger scene.nger scene. >> i love that. also f you're hosting breakfastt just go to the grocery store and get whole bunch of fresh herbsrh and put them in vessels and calc 8-day. 8-da that's your centerpiece.te >> those are all great ideas. ae thank you very >> thank you holly for having
9:55 am
>> as always you are always welcome here. >> thank you. >> in the loft. wu have a wonderful wonderful chrfriulstmas. >> you too. over to you guys. >> that's on my buck list to li have andre do an event for me. i don't care what it is. >> thank you. >> years.. your work for brilliant. >> thank you so much.>> t you >> maureen just planned a party. >> no matter how small, call me. >> andre doing it you're all all invited. invited. >> thank you.. >> ice breaker work we'll get tt sit next to each >> i'm breaking ya'll up. >> look, also, since you y mentioned ice and cold and all a that stuff, rogue one is comingm out tonight and some people arel sleeping out in the cold so theh can be the first ones. >> there are people out there.r kevin is with wh t we'll find out why they were out in the cold all night why -- look i know you want toan be first in line.ine. >> but not like this. t i'll let them have it. >> i know you stayed up lastp l night watching empire the season finale. i should say this finale foralef this time.this it was great. a lot of mustit s weeas moments. ome moments what was yours,as tweet us, we'd like to >> all right
9:56 am
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>> the red hot good day at 10aot will warm you up this bitter gut cold thursday. >>meme. the fall finale was epic.. cookie did what? oh, we have so much to dish about at 10 sol 15. >> live in
10:00 am
performed with lady gaga,med wid britney spears, usher, music producer and drummer aaronar spears is here and, yes, he wilw perform a holiday classic. >> our favorite things weekee continues looking to man get your -- get your man something stylish.h. >> don't miss me interview withw john waters. he conveniented me into hisntis baltimore home for a one of a oa kind interview. just wait.stait. >> let's do it. the 10a>> starts now. ♪♪ i would take anything withgh john waters would bes d be interesting. >> that's a good word for it,d , right?t? >> not necessarily normal.. >> yes. >> eclectic.clc. >> yes. yes >> memorable. >> i love -- >> andre wells did this for us u giving us party hosting i'll tell you how you can stilli see john waters he has christmam show next week.eek. tickets still available. >> very cool. out how weut h wfind can see wisdom martin.. >> wisdom martin and tucker tke barnes will be at the verizon vz center at the wizards game
10:01 am
7:00 o'clock. wizards are hosting their social night. they're social media night soeds what they do you have a chancee to meet kelly aubrey shake his s hasn't they'll have q and a youy get these shirts, buy them as part of your package whole big event.ent. >> are you actually playing?y pg >> my.y. >> i might suit up. >> depends how deep on the bencn they needing to.di >> that's right.haright >> he's available to play.tola >> i'm definitely available.a >> put me in, coach.ile incoac >> i'm ready to go.'m rea. any way tucker barnes and i wili be down at the verizon sentizon tomorrow. >> that's the most importantt ia part. >> with the team. team. hanging out.hangg out. >> i'm steve alongside holly,, maureen and wizards baller balle himself wisdom martin. >> want in a be. >> the wisdom martin big storyiy at 10:00 this morning 10 days ty christmas dc starting to feelin more like the north pole. pe. temperatures tumbling overnightg we're talking wind chills in the teens.ens. single digits in fact today andd the first snowflakes, snowflakes, snowflakes could beo right around thewfla corner.. details, okay, gary, you're ino
10:02 am
>> you cover it all maureen. mrn i don't know what else is leftt for me. >> i like to kind of give you gu the whole scope and have youeou shade in the areas. aas >> i understand, thank you.. early this morning holly was h saying it's not too bad outut the.e. have you been out lately,ou bee holdly? holdly? >> no, i haven't. no, iaven but at 4:25 it was tropical.. >> compared to now.. absolutely. hey, check out -- this is justut temperatures. okay.. steadily the temperatures haverv been dropping early early thishi morning we were touching thehine arctic air. a it's here now at 25-degrees outside.ide. 19 for hagerstown.ern. i got a tweet earlier it's it's absolutely freezing ing hagerstown.rswn. and one of the reasons it's so so up there is because -- look k at the wind gusts we'r approaching 40 miles per hourg p wind gusts here in the city. 35 miles an hour wind gusts inhn frederick in hagerstown now 33.. now look the wind chill is not n measured off the gusts. gusts the wind chill is basically basy measured off the sustained winds which are 15 to 25 miles perlepe hour so this is what it feels fe like out there.. minus two the feels like l temperature up in west minster. in
10:03 am
here in town it feels like 11.i1 you know what, it's not going to get much better.ette so the arctic cold is moving in. the winds have kicked up. up. wind chills today single digits and teens.ns bitter cold but not so windy. so it looks like it's not goingg to be as miserable tomorrow andd as we start getting into i tomorrow night and sunday sunday morning, we're talking snow, maybe a little accumulation ovee to a mixture of sleet, freezinge rain and then we're talking alla rain by saturday.atday so in terms of where we're going to be for the weekend, actuallyl the weekend will be a lot warmee so we'll struggle through thee h the next couple of days thendhe we'll watch the first flakesstle fall friday evening into early early saturday morning.orng more details coming up we'lle' keep you warm. war don't worry. worry. >> thanks gary. the cold weather of course>> is a big wea story, and so too t now is what's happening atappe metro. me listen to this breaking newsg ne coming out of today's bore meeting. having to do with the derailmenl at east falls church. crch. remember that happened back intc july. it was reported afterward tht
10:04 am
some track inspections involvinv that area had either been fail f tide or never hammed in theer hn first place. now win the last hour, we have learned that four trackra inspections and two supervisorso have been fired.. six more inspectors face fac termination or unpaid suspensioo and 10 more are facing discipline. there also been definitelyde demotion of managers over thisri much general manager wield field selling the board it's reprehensible any supervisor oro mid level manager would toleratr or encourage such actions. much more to come on thise on t throughout the day of course.her follow us at fox5se d.c. on o twitter and across all ourur social media platforms and of ao course tune for fox5 news at 5:00. >> let's check what's trending this morning. movie fanif you areck a w specifically a star wars fan, the wait now almost over. the new spinoff called rogue on hits theaters to night the eighth big screen inn stale manm of franchise anticipation skynky high. this time aroundhi
10:05 am
revolves around small group of f rebels trying to steal plans foa the original death star.ta you have to go all the way backk before the first star wars movie that came out in 1977. 197 this is set before that.ha it basically sets in motion thee story lines of luke skywalker, princess lea and hans solo. so >> darth vader is this. is ts. i've seen him in couple ofcole o clips. there you go. >> okay. >> that gives you some referenco to the timeline i guess if youmy follow all of theseou stories.ts this movie not getting as much c hype as force awakens last yearr believe it or not a few dieharda fans camping out to be the first in line to see this kevin mccarthy live in clevelana park with these fans of thes te gallon lack see far far away. kevin g morning. morning >> reporter: hey, guys.. it's freezing. i didn't wear a big enoughugh jacket. 23 degrees and if you don't dont understand where we are, we'rehw at thee ar up town theater 7:00 o'clock tonight star wars rogue one will open up.
10:06 am
this gentleman named david has s been camping out since lastceas night. david, how you doing buddy. >> good, staying warm.m. >> reporter: we are noteporar staying warm at all. we are here at -- talk about hoh much of a tradition this -- i can't speak, my mouth is frozeno how much of a tradition has thit become for you? >> it goes back to '99 we try ty come out for every star warsars >> okay, cool.oo orange hat what does that signify. >> i wore this for the first time i ever campedthis out my my spot me on the news.. i've worn it every time. >> this is 17 years you've beenb doing this since episode one. oe now talk about what you'reou're wearing here off lot of clothes on. >> three pairs of socks, threeke pairs of pants. six layers on top and dual layer gloves. >> do you have any tips on how iow can speak better because my lips are frozen.zen i can't move my mouth. >> breathe slow. slow. [ laughter ] ] >> all right.ll r talk about the anticipation forr this movie is huge.uge it takes
10:07 am
of episode four.ou what do you hoping to see ino s this movie besides darth vader? >> just, you know, different die kind of feel of star wars. i'm interested in the new chteacters. to see how this story plays out. i'm seeing it tonight at 7:00 o'clock i'll actually be be seeing it in night warm theaterr in tysons corner. i'll walk right in five minutess before it starts to see it. it. before we go, though, you'veou been out here since last night.t what are you going to do between now and 7:00 o'clock? it's onll 10am, dude.e. >> yeah, jut sit here, eat, tall to people.ple >> you should have brought a dvd player and watch the star warsrw vie.e. >> we have star wars trivia tri we'll play some later.l play s >> that's awesome.>> check out the seats andthe seatd everything in here, guys. guy i'm out here at the up town eaeater. come join police the amazing ami guys and back to you guys in the studio. and my hands i don't even knownk if they're attached to my bodyyd any more. an i love you guys. g >> kevin, i want to ask youo asu because i know you're kev you're just a big star wars fan yoursrs self.lf after hanging out with these guys for the last couple of
10:08 am
are they way above your level? >> no. they're way above my level, steve. they're way above my level. lev this is -- first of all i askedd david -- i joke earlier what'ss wrong with you? i get the wholo idea being a fan but this feels like -- i'm worried about you. . i don't want to you die, dude. >> little prospective i say i s you're crazy for not being outnt here. i love you guys. yuys. back to you steve.back t >> hold up kevin.>> hd up what is the difference seeinge e this movie by sleeping out ining the cold and doing like i'm going to do wait until saturdaya i'll be good and warm and i'll i go in saturday gone to matineeie it will be the same thing. >> he's first. >> what difference it make it'se the same movie. i ask him.the sak hi i want to know. >> all about the tradition. >> i don't want to know what yok think. i want him to ask not you.tou >> he wants to know what theat t difference in the movie will be for if you you watchn th ie t nw while waiting in the cold ord o just walking into a theatera tat tonight where it's warm? >> i want to see it in this it
10:09 am
lot of -- real special to me m it's got history to be the firsr in to get my first choice ofho o seats all of that is part of tht experience.rien >> you could get here at 6:00 gr p.m. and still bee okay. >> i might in the back of the line at that point.nt you never know.ver kn >> listen i get this. t i'm totally with you.ou >> last question. >> last question. queio >> where is the best seat in the theater then from his his perspective he gets to chooseets the see he has the whole theater to hisself. hself where is the best seat in the theater? >> steve, my hands are gettingng colder and wrap is the best seat in thet in theater? >> probably balcony >> you know i just figure out? t they're only asking me questions so i have to sit here longer.ger thank you.k you. [ laughter ] >> kevin -- >> thank you.>> k >> come back and get warm, kev.v you're a good sport.ood srt. thank you kevin.thk you ke isn't one more thing, kevin. >> thanks, guys. g >> one more thing?>> mor >> no, no, no. >> bless his march. mch. kevin, come come come home to the loft, kevin
10:10 am
>> you can go on saturday. satd. i don't get the differenceferenc between first in the door andrs fifth in the doort .in >> yeah.eah >> i'm more than happy jumping m out of a cab and walking in, you know, getting in maybe my second voririte row. >> if the movie came out in june i'd do it. i >> i'm with you there.'mith i'm just saying.i'm just sing. > all l right. real quick new questions thisues morning about a story of one of santa's helpers, and a dying a i child that went viral earlier this week.. next sunday a knoxville kxv newspaper published a story a s about santa helper eric beingng called to the bedside of a dying child but now the paper says tht story cannot be verified.. that schmidt is not revealingea the department at the of thehe family he had the touching enter action with. now yesterday the newspaper officially retracked the t veracity of the santa's accountu saying it did not meet the paper's standards of veer if you indication. >> hmm. >> that's disappoint.t's di >> it's disappointing.
10:11 am
push this wherever it is. severing not been completelyy debunked and there are questiono there as far as what may havemae happened because the hospital ii in the area when they weren ey w contacted couldn't say that thi haenen. >> right. >> so you don't know what it is. but, upping, look this falls back to who put this story outrt first? making sure that theyt t have the facts right becauseau we've seen in this era you put p one story out there it juste itj spreads like >> here's what i said earlieratr i'll choose to believe this is t true and he's not giving up the family's name only because he h wants to protect their identityt i hate to think anyone would wou make up something like this forf personal gain or internetntne notoriety. it's ugh physical that's thecalt case i'll live in my bubble of l goodness this time of year anded say i believe and this boy if i did he pass away he died the the happiest kid alive because santa helped make that happen for him. >> that's what you want to hopen for.t >> i'm going to hold to that.o . hope you do too. t here's musician who -- he's' a musician performed alongsidede everyone talking miley cyrus,yr britney spears, lady gaga he'
10:12 am
paying it forward with the giftg of music and coming up later drummer aaron spears he'sars joining us live with a special performance and a special event. >> % though sharing our favoritt and most jaw-dropping momentspps from last night's fall finale of empire. >> he want to know yours too, t tweet us with the #gooddaydc. it's 10:12. 1 back in a moment. >> people on board kevin youin need a coat, hat, gloves allvell that good stuff because it'sset' cold out there, baby. >> keep those tweets we enjoy them after this. ♪♪
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
♪♪ i will say that's an interestini pick up line to say i can't wait for to you
10:16 am
with another woman. >> any way maybe that's just me.e. listen shocking moments, heartbreaking scenes. >> um-hmm.>> um-hmm >> and it all just goes away.wa just like that. tha okay. there weok go. bomb shells revealed empire's e' fall finale lived up to all ofal the hype. having all of us saying ome! >> thank you for playing alonglo allison.son >> sorry. we'll start with mo. >>eses. yes. let's start with meme as youme know there's been some troublero in the lyon family to say the least. >> lucious and his now we knoww his brother tariq tariq thearq freak hadn't been getting along. tariq hates we don't know why. lucious about to drop the bombhm why baby brother doesn't likesn him so well he's doing in it i t grand style at the fbi headquarters.ters. take look.. >> he never told ya'll.a' agent cousins never told ya'll
10:17 am
we're brothers. >> our father was a philadelphii cop. he was aco he made one mistake and he was murdered for that and that mistake was you.ou as he died in a philadelphialphi street, he made me promise tose look after my brother but he h never told me your name. n i know you want to holdol something that belonged to my father, this ain't what brothers do. >> everybody get back to work.k >> you heard him.>> you back to h
10:18 am
>> okay. >> i have a question. >> what is it? >> did lucious take the hair off land daal calories see? isn't t what? aka billy d williams. w i'm over it.. >> last week he was getting a this week -- i have to say thist is so boss because lucious is as master of deception. we've seen flashback what mighta have really happened here sosh e story he's telling we know maynm not be quite true but he rattlel his brother all lucious doess be.t. so i say bravo terrence how warw >> well >> well played. pye >> all right, wis you're neck. c >> jamal got a drug problem. >> wt?t? >> yeah, i know. he has toeah, perform and he'sn' talking to mom cookie about w how -- take a look at the cliphi she has thrown the drugs in thei sink so he wouldn't keep using them.. here's what she had to do. >> i'm not going to stand by and watch you become pill popping artists who dice alone in motel. >> ma -- i
10:19 am
come on. >> god help me. >> what are you doing? >> my daddy was drunk. ♪♪ >> wisdom left it off. >> wait a minute.a min
10:20 am
who think that is jamal actually has a plumbing kit in his househ under their ready to get under r there?e? >> i don't agree. >> nobody. >> no, no. >> let me tell you something.hig jamal ain't got no plumbing kitk >> willing suspension ofpensn o disbelief when we watch thesehee shows.. >> okay. i'm not willing. willing.t >> okay. >> i'm just not able.>> i'm j >> that part is what got me. g >> he's not willing. i'm not able. >> the whole show that's whatha got me. >> throwing up in buck. b >> everything else is good.ryth he's got plumbing kit under the sink where the drugs were.gsere. >> here's my part. basically he is -- cookie as wea know gets rid of the pills buthb then she has to give him oneim because he is -- he's thats that withdrawal and he cannot perforo here's what happens when he doed finally get to the stage.tage >> okay. >> i'm so proud of you.prou thank you for coming.. >> come on.omen. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> hey -- you going to rehab,
10:21 am
okay? >> just go. please don't do this to me righg now.. >> jamal -- don't touch me.e >> don't touch me. >> okay.>>kay. >> basically she has to give his the pills so he can get up there perform because it's importantst now she's takely him which is wi responsible.sp i would have been disappointed if she didn't follow through. >> this is the family comingin together. if you had a loved one that hass an addiction and you're doing aa intervention this is the realsha >> it's an intervention. >> what about you holdly? >> the last clip i thought washt powerful as well a lot of powerful moments this is whenisw andre and rhonda had their last meeting and he asked rhonda tont let him go. g take a look at what happened
10:22 am
>> andre, promise me you'll you destroy that bleep that murdered me and killed our baby. bye andre. >> all right. >> i thought this was pretty -- all lee daniels up here. he. >> pretty powerful moment.omt he's like let me know.n she does.e does all tender and she's like bute b he's avenge full ghost. gst you get that woman that killed e me and my baby. >> but also the scene thatcene a basically they're just playing, um
10:23 am
her name on the show. >> who? >> >> his love interest.>> >> oh, yeah. they're just playing her. t.'re ju teally know h thais so that she can become thisec artist and then he can have alle the power at empire.e >> he throws his wedding ringdir into the ocean. >> what? >> we'll explain it all later.x empire returns with all new episodes next year, next march? >> apparently.pparen >> three months to go. >> wow!! >> okay. so we're having a little break.k >> we'll have empire. >> let's have lunch o wednesdays. >> we need to have lunch opneedt wednesdays and just recap andrea make sure we all -- >> does anybody believe he has e that whole kit under his sink. >> nobody believing that.ob >> i have plumbing kit underodyy sing. sing >> we got a pack show for you 10:23. another edition of this day's favorite things.his. we're in the just shopping forpn the guys in your life we'll go luxury shopping for the guys ini your life.if how about lunch at chipotle itlt would make a wish come we'll
10:24 am
tucker sharing tips this mornini as well. we have all the details next. ♪♪ he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, “thank you for serving our country”
10:25 am
's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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♪♪ 10:26. talk about a two for one deal. today only today only if you eat at chipotle you can help make wishes come true. all you have to do is mentionutl haveo wdois ih as t anyone of e mexican grills dmv locations.ats if they can get in between bitet tuer
10:27 am
explain how this works from donely town reminder two for one does not mean double dipping iss allow. [ laughter ] >> we saw tucker double dip forf the record.e d. >> now, wait a minute.>> let's be honest. e dipper.ipn ngl but what a great day. day what great cause.what great c let's get started.les ge >> it's freezing perfect weathew to eat a giant burrito. >> this is our guest.urue >> this is britney and she's a a former wish kid. britney got to go to greece and we're celebrating her remission. you've been in remission for hor long now. >> about year and a half. >> all right. r tell us your bacigkground.kgro tell us about how you gothoou involved with make a wish and wh we'll fast forward to being t b chipotle today and what kind ofd deal we got. >> well, i got make a wish from my hospital children my wish was to go to grease i wonderfulonrf time. went on a yacht tour and went tt all the different beaches and ih was fun. >> why do you think it's so d important for folks to donate tn make a wish and participateti today? >> well, i think all childrenre who are ill my wish i
10:28 am
good time. t i made memories and it's reallyl important for like to have thate time away from like your y hospital time your sickness ands have a great time and kind ofndn step out of that like. le. >> britney let us know how did d make a wish make a difference ie your life.yo lif obviously the trip to they got involved while you wer getting treated, right? >> yeah. they were very supportive i wer woulde sveay.uld say. >> you want to share that withhh other kids? >> tell me about what we'reme aa doing here today and whatndha proceeds go to benefit make ait wish. >> so today which it popely goey to the counter you're ordering r say make a wish you get 50% off your burrito, your taco. >> any chipotle in the dmv. d >> any chipotle in the dmv. >> donating 50% of pour united n states. like i said bundle up.e u come inside have some case so. . they're a lot more sal at a is a near and a lot more chips when w we sat down. sat let's be serious, tucker -- >> put food in front of it it'sf going to happen. >> the chips are a mazing.he c >> britney, i go uhip and ordery
10:29 am
>> you say make a wish. >> i get dou>>bl yeou everythinh >> then i just say make a wish. >> you get 50% off.0% go to chipotle today.. >> but i pay full 50% of the t proceeds go to benefit make aefk wish. >> that's so important becausesi that way everybody wmporins andi think the lines are going to be around -- really big through t chipotle around the area because they open at 10:45 in the morning.rng open till 10:00 o'clock at night this is a special make a wishaka day. preparation for our huge fox5e make wish day tomorrow that loaded with surprises.h >> that's what we wanted tot's o mention. we have a huge day tomorrow. tom please join us we're going to bb teaming up with make a wish ands try to transform this entire city into -- i >> don't give too much away.iveh >>'re 're right. >> big secret.ret. >> super heroes involved. >> chipotle for lunch y tune into good day d. tomorrow. hey, i think we need to end thit party right now britney and go a order our burritos many i want chicken i want extra guacamoleua and i want to eat the hole thini so bye guys. guy >> i'll take this with me. m we'll go over there and order.r. >>
10:30 am
>> i just say make a wish, right. >> they went away. >> all right. all rig >> you will pay the regular menn ice.e. >> right. >> but half of what you're y paying will then go to make aak wish. >> yes. exact. >> wire doing a good deed byd de eating there today. tay >> >> say make a wish.e wis >> exact when you order.n u ord. >> half of what you're payingeay will help make a wish.. >> it all smells delicious anylm way you cut it. >> that's true. tha >> it is 10:30 right now. n. he has performed alongside thene likes of usher, lady gaga, britney spears, and now this t morning he is paying it forwardt with the gift of music coming up next drummer aaron spears joinsi us live in the loft. loft. 10:30. we'll be right back.webe r ♪♪ ♪♪
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
>> so you know we love to highlight talented individuals who are from the dmv and our neck guest is just kn he iles a grantmmyom tuestst noc producer and renounced celebriti drummer and he's work with today's hottest acts, usher, uer britt if he spears, lady gaga ss so much more. more. now this weekend he is comingomg back home to give back. b he's hosting a toy drive too benefit the non-profit buildingi hope inc we'll talk to him about it and how you can help just a a minute.nute first here's here his renditioni of holid
10:34 am
christmas.sts please welcome aaron spears. spr take it away. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:35 am
10:36 am
>> aaron spears everybody.evedy woo-hoo. nice to meet you.nice t >> nice to meet you as well. w >> let's get the ban membersrs names. >> vernon. >> good to meet you. k kenny. >> kenny good to meet you. good. >> i can't shake your hasn't. >> danny weather spoon. weathers >> it's his birthday today aspoa well.we >> happy birthday.appy bthda another statue taurus baby minem n sun sunday. good to have you here. beautiful rendition thisfurd christmas. i know a lot of people heard hea this song over and over againrga but do you it with a funny beat. >> that's kenny arrangements. kenny's vocals e made it happen. >> you played with some of theh best now you're here to shareoha your music and give why? >> i just feel like it's reallyl important, you know, times likee this where, you know, people ara just so down and kind of really sad with the climate oflimate o everything that's kind of going' on with the electios n that wast kind of a big blow and also, you know, like the racial profilingi and different injustices we suffered.suffer people just kind of tend to be little bit down. bit
10:37 am
i wanted to do something to king of help lift people's spirits.. >> and being from the area itrei means that much mucore. >> absolutely. really really important tour mem to be able to do something forer this community this is home forr me. me >> you share the music and doini a toy drive.ri. >> absolutely. the way it all star the i was speaking to my brother all s jaa just talking about something we can do to just kind of like help give back. bk. it started off as, you know, let's do like a concert or let't try to see if we can do something more decided to, you know, some of the instruments and things that we've of th been as artists wee decided to be t b able to give those things asnga raffle. >> i love that. >> so in order to get a raffleaf ticket, to get like these itemss these big tick items, you have, to bring a toy. t so at the rental of the nightta all the toys we collect they goy to the organization stalled building hope so that's kind of how it came glue we have theve e information on the screencree happening saturday december 18th at 6:00 p.m. 18t t this sunday. >> i know know it's my birthdaya
10:38 am
>> december 18th at the blindhed wine know. ne k >> absolutely. how did you get into this? >> ao obu intoviously you're so talene playing the where did that come from? whenn did you start? was eight family affair?fair >> i started as a kid. started in church and, my parents of course they say i waw playing like maybe two and a three. i don't remember that. but definitely i think the first time i played in church probably might be six or so.ix o s for me it's just always beenee something that's connected with -- connected really reallya heavy with meme always lovedayse music as young age. a >> who inspired you. you. so many people. so many people. man so many differentso mus micianso many drummers. we'd be here all day. >> yeah.>> y you played with must big names,n too. too. >> very very fortunate.very ftua i feel like whole reason i'mso'm here god just kind of opened upp the door for me to be able to d what it is i love and to be abla to help inspire and be a ae blessing. >> when you find your purpose i mean the sky is the limfindit y. >> you definitely found yours.el >> thank you.y ringhank you for sharing your gift with us.giftith
10:39 am
sharing your gift.sharin this christmas i love thathat rendition. keep doing it.keoing keep me in the rolodex. >> let's drop the information if for the toy drive one last namem happening this sunday at the t blind whine know, 6:00 p.m.kn6:0 get the information it's coming. patience, patience, patience.iec and there you go.o >> there it is!>> t i >> boom. b >> yes. >> all right.ight. >> aaron spears thank you sopeao much. >> thank you maureen. have a wonderful christmas thanm season. >> pleasure to meet you. thanks a lot. er tack over to you guys.asur >> thank you that was fabulous.a we are taking a trip on i95 coming up next we'll head out tt charm city to sit down with aith baltimore legend.egend we're talking about director john man behind hair spry and cry baby coming up next het he actually welcomed me inside ofne his very eclectic home and he ad talks all about his bigig christmas show coming up at the birchmere.birc 10:39 is our time right now. i'll tell you how you can get tickets.
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
original hair spray and pinkal h flamingos to feathers in johnn h waters cap.rsap but each so much more than justs a director.a director. he has his own christmas showw which will actually be at the te birch mr. next week.h john waters recently invited med to his home in baltimore andtime after spending time with him, ii understand why he's oftene' o referred to as maryland'syland' favorite weird son. s it's not every day we drive an a hour and a half just for an interview.rvie. but this isn't any day.ay because we have a very special i
10:43 am
to t i can't tell you exact wrl i amm but i can show you who i am h with. >> hi. >> this is none other than filmf director entertainer extraordinary, active visit, author -- >> elder. e >> christmas elf. >> christmas elf of the naughtya kind. water so i are is to do this.o t >> all right.. >> okay? ♪♪ good morning mor baltimore ♪♪ >> you owe me 10 ken.e 1 ken >> what? you just sang theyou n lyric. i didn't write it. you owe mark shaye man.haye we have graciously been invitedv to the home of john waters and so we are going to make the mose of our time together.e toget and i have to ask because you'vu done so much.done m people know you for so manyfo different things.enings >> >> do they associate you with yt hair spray the most?pray t m >> it depends what circle i'me'm in. in. when i'm on the subway in newe i york people recognize me most m for being in the chuckie movie. >> jesus
10:44 am
>> when i'm with children theyht recognize me for being on thenhe >> when i'm with strange peoplet they recognize mray movies.ovie when i'm with old people and families -- >> ♪♪ it depend.end. as long as you have your fingere in one pie everywhere you'reere okay. ok >> there you go. you're successful. sucful. >> yes. >> as long as you have a finger ng as in all those pies.ll one of thing you're doing rightr now and you've done for sometimt your christmas show.asho >> right. i've done it for over a decade.. >> wow that's amazing. >> especially at the birchmereab where i've done it for reallyeay many, many years it's a great g audience there.di it's amazing because they have h to eat while they watch what i i have to say. sometimes march.time rigight. >> let's -- for people thateoe haven't experienced yourve christmasn' show --sho >> every year it's different. de >> every year it's different.ryy >> i add new stuffea. rewrite i do it in july becauseb i don't want at the last minutes i got to think up all this news stuff. i'm thinking about christ nass n july wee rewrite my show for the next year many times they sayhes about your christmas show it puts the x in x mass.
10:45 am
nobody gets mad any more. any i can talk about the most aboutm hideous stuff i talk about iti t with joy and i i talk about it t with excitement and i don't think i'm ever mean and so my show talks about appeals toea everybody.yb if you hate christmas i can telc you how to ain't of i can tellia wall to do. i can tell you how to put curses ow to put on your relat civures at work.t >> here's a good question.. because i think it's fair to sas you've always been just a little ffererent. >> yeah, but that's been fine f with me.e. >> no. >> i heard my parents describint me when i was a child he mustmu be -- oh just an odd duck. o so then i thought, well that's s reason to live. l i learned early what i was and was happy to be one. to be one >> that was what i was going toh ask. when did you realize that youliy just kind of saw things a little differently? >> always because even in graden school i wasn't interested in we what the other kids weres w interested in. you know, there's a picture of e me in my family christmas when i was -- under 12, and i got -- -- after christmas it's me undere u the tree with a hand puppet anda ray charles album.. i'm kind of amazed
10:46 am
old i asked for ray charleses album. m. genius of ray charles i thinkest was his first album. >> i still love ray charles. do you have a favorite christmas carol? yes santa claus is black man. >> fat daddy by -- fat daddy way a great dj in baltimore that haa a great ♪♪ i'm fat daddy la, la, la ♪♪ >> they were black christmas chs carols all the white kids hearde on the black radio stations inos baltimore when we were growingen up.. >> why -- which led to hairch lo spray. >> why have you never lefte youe baltimore. >> i do. i have an apartment in new york, san francisco and province town. i left it certainly. cer >> why do you come back tohy do baltimore. >> this is where i love. t people are cuter and they havesc the better sense of humor andofr they don't think they're bettere than anybody else.e. when did you realize you made it. it. >> when i could buy every book wanted and without looking at lg the price and i never had to be
10:47 am
around bleep holes. >> classic john waters.ns. tell me something about johnthit waters people would be surprises knonow. >> that i have very traditionall christmas with my i have my whole family for christmas dinner last year. y in some ways i celebrate christc nass a very conventional way. even though i'm like a drage dra queen at halloween if it'sf i christmas i'm at work. really. >> what's the favorite christmac gift you've ever received. rece. >> he gave me a kashmir blanketa i think he shop lived that maded it doubling as good.ood. i'm against shoplifting becauseg my friends own fds o >> there you go. t if you had to describe john waters, how would you describeou yourself? >> you know, 70-year-old filth elder, has youth spice so ipice still know what's going on andhd at the same time been very luckb that i've been able to tell t stories in many different fieldf my whole life since i've been 1b years old because i was a a puppeteer when i was 12 even2 used to write scary stories in
10:48 am
the parents would flip out andno call their counselors andnd campaign. nothing has changed.nothin jerks that are still aliveg . [ laughter ]er >> i wish i can say i believedve in karma. kar aware can you remember ma wasyom true but i don't believe it is.b so for christmas, just be gladd you're here. >> never have truer words been n spoken, right.spokenrigh >> sure beats the alternative. i john waters christmas show iss next tuesday december 20th atbet the birchmere in alexandria shoi time 7:30 but we have justus learned it is sold out. >> oh h. >> sold out. >> a lot of people love that show. he is a one of a kind.f a he is so busy.. >> understatement, right. he's currently working on twourr different books.dient he's got many projects, yous, yu know, in the fire continuingnu that's one of his keys to his ky success do lot of different dife things at one time. apple to a lot of different dfe people. pe he's a veracious reader. i don't know if you can tellde from where we were kind of likel a study the only place he let ut go in his house.s house books everywhere. i mean in every nook, cranny, all different kinds piled
10:49 am
>> that's why he never moved.erm did you ever try to move book.oo >> my gosh. >> how did you know that you made it? he said when i can walk n didot? a bookstore andy book i wanted and didn't have tt look at the price. >> i love it. le it >> yes. y it was great. it was a fun day. was a i do want to add that just j yesterday it was actuallysterda announced that waters will bece given lifetime achievethment awa by the writers gill of americafi east. which is a very big deal i think also aaron sorkin is beingkin ig honored that level of peoplethel that are getting that kind of gg award. >> some people want to be retired at 70. some work harder. hder. >> we'll look for invitations. >> you have invitation to goio t shopping for sure. we're down to good days favorite thg.g. we'll splurge, wisdom i hopedoih you'll help me with this.ith t i need a good watch model.. >> ut-oh. >> will you do that for me.ill o >> i might be able to handledle that.that talking about shopping for the guys in yourabou life. might want to start saving now. >> oh. >> 10:49.
10:50 am
10:51 am
sing along with furry friends and stomp your feet to a sesame street beat sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eaglebank arena this weekend only tickets on sale now through ticketmaster z26i0z z17vz
10:52 am
y26i0y y17vy ♪♪ these are a few of my favorite r things ♪♪ >> christmas is now just 10 dayy away. count them.t unless you'll shop christmas morning nine shopping days leftl for some people that's
10:53 am no vet sweat, right entire weekw plus a couple bonus d this week we've been sharingn si gift inspiration for everyoneve from families to fashionista to the makeup lover in your life.if it's called good day favoritee so this morning we'll splurge ar little bit we'll talk about thet men in your e. here to tell us more amy editorr of capitol file magazine. good to see you everything shevy brought with her is available aa tysons. good to see you amy. happy holidays in advance. >> you too. >> we have plethora of goodhora thing here i wanted wisdom todoo model everything for us this foh morning. but he's being a little shy. but we'll see if we can convinci him to come over at the end tnd maybe. maybe. >> okay. >> let's start here with andithd work our way over.ver >> okay film we have a bigy fila surprise at the end. so what do we suhave herrpe? cm on over and tell me >> we work with oy our friends f at tysons gally ya the best b gifts for men this year firsteai store we went into mitchell.. these classic old-fashioned glasses are $35 for set of four. they make great host giftt gif
10:54 am
your father. ur >> very nice. gold trim on them.go tri >> yup.>> >> it like it. upgrading their bar invest in a new -- what is this. >> ice bucket.ket. acrylic ice buck.. 144 from mitchell.ell >> it definitely has the log foy it no doubt about it. you'll get the attention on the bar. >> all right. >> this is the greatest -- kits .isveitike a >> shave kit. >> what make it the greatest.mai >> it comes with everything youg need for to keep your skinn winter ready.eady. polar vortex coming in. i don't know if your skin iskn i drying out yet it will be soll e it's time to take care of that.a >> if it hasn't yet today or t tomorrow it will.morr >> i know. is i wind is insane. so you've got your shave gel, g after shave, lotion, oilsn, o everything you need in their signature $72.$7 >> all in one place.onplac >> let's move on to the clothino now.. es yes. >> warm weather gear.>> i like w it.arke i >> suit supply is the newest nes store in tysons galleria.ala but they have a lot more than t just suits. they have beautiful kashmir kasr collection so soft. so s everything under $100. $ so turtles next, very in for this season.easo
10:55 am
scarf, hat which you will need n this weekend.eeke. >> touching these earlier it'sga very soft. >> i i could wear that it as mate 10 i think. and then we have ties. t so ties such a classic holiday h gift. these two are beautiful. ties range between 60 and $80. bow ties i love a good bow tie t and these are textured add a a little something extra. extra. very nice much here the thinge i it's not just clothing at this t particular location.atio >> nope.>> nope. because they also do some otherr things and for that we need some help. always fashionable justin stuar who works with us here at fox5.5 wheel it on here what do you have d >> this is the race case exactle what you need for the nan yourhr life who's literally on the go.g >> we have leather grips, weer g have a little scooter thingscoot here. this is -- we can wheelan w ourselves through the airport. >> if you constantly 15 minutest behind this will get you whereee you need to go oren time.n >> what does this cost. >> 499.>> >> you'll pay for it but you goo the convenience i guess.eniee i >> yeah. then you just, you know -- >> all folds um.>> all fol there you can
10:56 am
does that fit in carry on it. >> looks like does it.oo i'll show the larger suitcases s in carry car >> good stuff here.>> gd stuf wisdom all for you a couple ofef watches here at the end.he >> i'ls l take two.wo >> let's start with this one. o >> they just opened theirheir renovated watch shop in tysons galleria. they're the exclusive shop and shop roll election dealer. dear. so the first item that we have v tutor watch in the rolex familyl i don't know if you knew that. . >> okay. >> i want to get this real quicq the price on that. >> $3,600. $3,600 nothing compared to theot grand of them all rolex. >> $37,000. the'm not going to touch it oyster perpetual day at any timt 40 comes in rose gold and white gold. it's got -- this watch is the creme de la creme.. >> wisdom this matches your thio eyes. come over here. earit's been in the rolexey y family for 60 years.ea >> how much did you say it was. >> 36,000. >> we can start up a gofundme. >> three
10:57 am
>> how much is the other one. >> 3600.0. >> thanks very much.>> thank we can find all the giftss onlo at tysons galleria. thank you for coming in.
10:58 am
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