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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> we thank i for joining us tonight i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons in for shawn yancy. whether you commute, live or visit the district, safety is the number one priority for police. one of the biggest challenges to safer city streets is begun violence and the department struggle todd get a handle on it. >> another soot shooting left a man critically injured in southeast ironically steps away from mpd crime deterrent
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"fox5" maryland even 'morocco has for from the scene. >> and in this neighborhood a 26-year-old man shot in the middle of the street 16 and w streets here in southeast. and right here on the sidewalk a daily reminder of the violent crimes here in the city. another crime scene. ironically the man taken to the hospital with 11 gun shot wounds was shot on the watch of not one but two crime cameras set up by electronic billboard that says cram in use in this area. >> do you thing the signs are deter excellent no they don't mean nothing to this younger generation out here and evidence of that today when they shot right in front of two cameras, two crime cameras in the middle of the block. the individual shuingt jot. i mean they keep telling us they're getting guns off the street.
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there's more gun violence and with that, that is a cry to me that something else needs to be done in order to get guns off our street in southeast. >> sources say shots fired picked up ten gun shots and victim, despite his serious injuries. is expected to survive. in south east d.c., marina morocco, "fox5 local news". new at 10:00. video to show you of a violent encounter here on your screen right now. this is just a d.c. popular union market. around:00 in the morning november 26 a man was approached by a group of people on moore street northeast. and they knocked him to the ground and punched him in this video several times and left him motionless. the suspect took the man's phone, debit card, id and took off in a car. and d.c. police are offering a 10,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction in this case. >> and scary moments in southeast d.c. tonight when a
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police say the metro bus hit a car as it was maybeing a turn from malcolm x avenue southeast on to south capitol streets southeast. we're told ten people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. eight of those people were passengers on the metro bus. and no word yet on what led up to that crash. >> a 20-year-old man is accused of following a teenage girl inside sure home and raping her. the incident happened in mannasas neighborhood. police say the accused trail the 14 entered her home. it is a cautionary tale of the dangers facing even older children often left home alone before or after school. "fox5" tisha lewis joins us now from min as is now. tisha. >> well, ton yes, i only three states have minimum age requirement for leaving children at home alone. maryland is one of them. virginia is not. now, what i can till, even show
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todd keep them safe when they're home alone. in this particular case, what i can say we have limited details about specifically what happened to protect the victim's identity we're not showing her house and we're not in her neighborhood. but what we do know is that the 14-year-old girl walked through her backyard similar to the one you're looking at to get inside the house. and now, police say 20-year-old andre cabin followed her. once inside the house, there was unwanted sexual encounter and the victim told a family member what happened and that family member told police. it stk a cord because scores of teenagers are home alone, especially after school. so what are some additional steps you can take to keep children safe at any age? home security guy are yous at
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khaipz and re note controls with panic buttons that immediately summon police and home security apps which offer video access toss your home via smart phone are also an option and then also recommended a good old fashioned check in plan that is where you call a trusted family member or friend, and let them know that you have made it inside the house safely sound. now, in this particular case what we can tell you is that 20-year-old andre cabin remains behind bars. he was not g bond and his next court appearance is on february 8. tisha lewis. "fox5 local news". tonight, police are investigating a noose found at a major construction site. and it is not the first time. police say this is the fifth time a noose was discovered at dominion cove point facility in maryland. two nooses were found in april and two more were found in november. authorities from keywit construction sought news and
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we're told the construction company is cooperating with the investigation and police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> and meanwhile, new information tonight about the bus driver who died in a deadly school bus crash in baltimore last month. it happened on november 1. well, the ntsb is releasing a preliminary nary report and said the driver, glen shapel had a history of crashes and seizures. they also found he had been us is spend twod months before the crash because his medical certificate was not on file. investigators say traveling 57 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone and there were no mechanical defect. here's what the teacher aid who was on that bus had to say. >> after he hit this car he like just picked up more speed. he didn't slow down. >> didn't slow down at all. >> reporter: six people were killed in the crash and we reached out to the bus company. but they did not comment on that incident. and a double dui one for the driver and accused of hitting two maryland state
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away. police say ruth youngian was driving drunk monday along route 301 south of small wood drive in charles countsy and they say she slammed into one car and then spun out of control and hit a state police cruiser with two troopers inside. and officers say when the tow truck driver arrived on the scene, they could smell alcohol on her, too. and not only was she charged with dui but the tow truck driver was also arrested for driving with a suspended license. >> ep denial that it could not be. but, at that point, i realized that anything is possible. >> another crash this week in st. mary county was much more serious. a 21-year-old was charged with duxt i after hitting a sheriff deputy corporal shawn car berry was hurt and is still in the hospital. all right. fasten your seat belts. more changes on the horizon in
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coldest air of the season is headed our way. sue palka is here with the forecast, sue. >> tony, hope you had a chance to enjoy the nice sunshine we had this afternoon and the temperatures that climbed into the low 50s. hey, tomorrow is what we'll call a day of transition. but we are tracking some very cold air and i think by this time tomorrow night wind chills are going to be in the 20s. so let me show you where that cold is now. not here yet. 41 in the district and suburban area into the low 30s. it will be seasonably chilly night for us tonight and look chicago, only 22 degrees right now. and detroit, 30. and minneapolis, current temperature 16. and casper wyoming, 15 degrees and below zero and denver is 4 and we can follow this all the way up to canada and alaska and see that there's more cold air to resupply this and a piece of that cold air is going to be traveling in our direction. so, most of the day tomorrow, not bad. you'll wonder, where is this cold air sue was talking about last night. but you'll start to notice it
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cast is showing tomorrow morning when this front crosses. there could be a couple of widely scattered showers even at 8:00 in the morning and clouds increase tonight and a few showers around tomorrow morning and not particularly wet. and a better chance of seeing those showers as likely south and east of d.c.. and don't be shocked and in a few places if maybe a flurryism manys in it should not be a big deal. that's the fronts crossing and cool air lags 8:00 in the morning we're cloudy and 40 and by noon 47 and chilly and by 4:00 paging up and while we may be 49 degrees it's going to get cold very quickly after that. i'll show you wind chill temperatures we're forecasting for 6:00 tomorrow night and 20s north and west and 31 in the district and so those winds will be picking up and the cold air gets pulled in with the wind and by 11:00, we've got some wind chills in the teens north and west and the wind chill here in the district, 235. so, get ready to bundle up and thursday night, friday, and even saturday. the coldest air we've seen so
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as tomorrow afternoon seeing gusts of 20 to 25 miles an hour and that will continue through the day on friday. all right. you have been warned. the cold air is on the way and wait there's more another outbreak of cold air i'll let you know what affect that has on the 7 day forecast and we'll have a look at that at 10:30, tony and sarah. >> all right. >> here we go. >> winter. >> yes, it is that time of year. >> and coming up, alcohol districttors in montgomery county are fighting for legislation that could impack the way you bbo with moran this, anjali. >> small beer and wine shops like this one are worried that proposed legislation could push them out of business. we'll till what their concerns are after the break. lauren. a one and a half billion dollar project years in the making. well the mgm grand national harbor finally set to on tomorrow. we'll have a preview coming up
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sides signing off on bill that would allow alcohol mega shape total wine operate a store in the county. it is not allowed in chain or grocery stores now. why not everyone is for all this. hey anjali hemphill. >> reporter: the mc 2017 bill as it's called would allow small stores like this one who has a license to sell booze in the county toy sem a second one to on up another location. good well the bill would also allow national chain total wine which already houses their headquarters here in montgomery county to on up another location where they could sell their beer and wine here too. at some time at a meeting in front of the mling montgomery county delegation we heard from critics who worry the change would hurt small business here and as well as supporters who want to see more alcohol access and choices and better prices.
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line and more supports this legislation it gives us the opportunity we sought to on a store here at home this bill is not just about us. this bill would give any class a license holder an opportunity to apply for a license in montgomery county. for small are retailer this may be their best opportunity grow their business there's certainly a big operation. we operate in 21 states and have over 150 stores but the fact their national head quart certifies lobed in montgomery county where 500 individuals, local individuals. they have future plans nat whim double the number of employees in headquarters but under current law, they're not allow todd on a store here in montgomery country. >> it throws over 350 local retail beer and wine licensees under the bus. and this delegation should
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localences not external tuneists. >> as a retailner montgomery county i already have one extraordinary powerful chain in the form of the department of liquor control which boosts 25 retail stores as well as doing hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues. and meanwhile, you want me and my colleagues to compete against a did that does offer a billion dollars of revenue in over 20 states. >> >> now the biggest stumbling block in making any changes to alcohol sales in the county it would ultimately impact the 31 million a year the county makes under current law. country delegates will take up this issue again in january if approved by them it will go back to the county council for a vote. for now we're live in rockville, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> wow.
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we're just about 24 hours away from grand opening of the mgm hotel and casino national harbor. doors will on for the first time tomorrow night 11:00 from how can you get there to what you can expect at the multi-million dollar facility. lauren demarco is live with i preview. lauren. >> tony was that a special animation i love that. >> yes, it was. >> it is fancy here. everything lit up tomorrow at 11 a.m. and they'll have all the the opening ceremony and prince george county executive rash earn baker will be here and maryland governor larry hogan and then as you said, 11 p.m. the doors officially on to the public. there will be a big party going on and it's a black tie affair and there will be fireworks and there are some concerns, however, and the big thing that everyone is talking about is how to get here. the traffic. so take a lack at some video that we took as we drove here tonight. and it was a quick and beautiful trip around the ramp
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wheel you saw lightsing up in the dance and then you come around and see the new hotel and casino shipping bright. beck oning you to come and spend your money. and as you pull up you see that signature mgm line at the entrance and we had zero problems getting here it's well lit and signs are clear and tomorrow in the days ahead will likely be a different story. there's an entire traffic control center where police will be monitoring for issues and they're expecting extra congestion particularly thursday through sunday night betw the past couple years ten million dollars has been spent on road improvements and widening and it's much needed because tomorrow for the opening night just imagine this nine ten thousand and extra vehicles expected to be on the roads around here. prince george county police will be out at intersections and they're asking drivers to avoid oxon hill road and use indian head highway instead. that's one good tip. they're asking you be careful
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going forward. now, to get here officials are really pushing metro. there's huntington station and king street net alexandria and also the southern avenue metro station. you can then access bus. there's nh 1 and nh 2 us abouts which will tell take you here and there's also water taxi taken from virginia and then regular taxis of course. once you get here, there's plenty to do. a lot to enjoy. the 300 room hoe tell 24 theater, restaurants, by some well known chefs including jose andre and the botagio brothers and artwork by bob dillon and weeks ahead we've been looking at the sign out here there's boys ii men, bruno mars, during ran during ran all these acts coming as you can imagine getting here will also be an issue in the weeks and months ahead especially when big 'veents. you can sign up for prince george county alerts and get
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before the traffic or if anything is going on. if you liver in this area or travel through here definitely something to consider going forward and i just want to mention that today, the director of the maryland lotsry in gaming division he just simd the operational license for the mgm grand here at national harbor. you can imagine just in time. good thing they got that covered. they're good to go ready for opening tomorrow. we will be out here life then. national harbor live back to you. >> what i heard tt they gotta approval to do it today. okay. >> well you know it's all about gambling. you take a gamble that it will happen. >> thank you, lauren. >> thanks. >> and paid sick leave benefits could be available to millions of people who live in maryland. >> when we come back the bill that governor hogan is backing and who could benefit from it and plus people want to protest inauguration of president-elect donald trump say they're running into big roadblock. what they say could halt their right to protest.
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>> in case you didn't hear. president-elect donald trump is time magazine's pen of the year for 2016. the cover calls him president of the divided states of america. now every year timed tores select the person or idea that is most influenced news for better or worse. trump beat out ten other final lights including democratic rival hillary clinton for the top spot. frustration is mounting
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to protest during the week of donald trump's up august ration and the issue is demonstrators still don't know where they're allow todd pro test. today a group of attorneys and activists de manned the national park service and presidential up august ration committee stop trying to block protests by not issuing permits and here's a group's message for anyone that plans to protest. >> for all of those who are worried, who are concerned, who are thinking about changing plans because that is the unconstitutional affect of what the park service and trump's we're here to say, that it is lawful to march in washington d.c. and we welcome everyone to the districts of columbia to engage in free speech rights. >> now we spoke take member of inaugural committee today and he said they're trying to figure out logistics and there's no timetable for an answer. >> we have an update now to a story we brought you earlier this week. president-elect trump transition team says the son of national security advisor designated michael flynn is no
10:26 pm
this following some controversial tweets about a d.c. pizza restaurant. and michael g. flynn was serving as advisor to dad, general michael flynn and the younger flynn sent out this tweet fueling a conspiracy theory that the restaurant comet ping-pong was runing a child sex trafficking ring and there is no validity behind those claims. vice-president elect mike pence told cnn flynn jr. is no longer working with the trump camp following that >> paid sick leave benefits to be available to millions of people that live in maryland. today governor larry hogan announces he'll back a new bill toll require companys with 50 or more employees to provide at least five days of paid circumstance leave and governor hogan calls it a common sense approach to covering nearly everyone in maryland without placing a burden on job creators. the bill would also require businesses to cover part time employees who work at least 30 hours. >> and a strong majority marylanders want to see the
10:27 pm
in a common sense way that benefits our workers while also protecting our small business job creators. we look forward to working with legislators on both sides of the aisle to reach agreement on a balanced, fair common sense approach. to paid sick leave. >> small businesses with fewer than 50 employees that offer paid sick leave will be eligible for tax relever incentives. introduce the bill next month. >> coming up at 10 a puppy stolen from prince george county animal shelter tonight a break in the case. >> and on this 75 anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor we honor the family who's lost loved ones that faithful day.
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>> we're back with a look at tonight's top stories starting with a violent robbery near d.c. union market the video is tough to watch. around 3:00 in the morning on november 26 a man was approached by a group of puchks on moore street northeast and they knocked him to the ground and punched himself times and left him motionless. the suspects took the man's phone, debit card, i.d., and took off in that car that you see there the dark car in the center of your screen. d.c. police are offering a 10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and con snrix this case. scary moments in south east d.c. tonight when a metro bus crashed into a car. police say the metro bus hit a car as it was making a turn on malcolm x avenue south east to south call toll street south east. ten people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and eight people were passengers on the metro bus.
10:32 pm
>> and new information tonight about the bus driver involved in that deadly school bus crash in baltimore. the ntsb released preliminary report that said the driver, glen shapel had a history of crashes and seizures. they also found shapel was suspended two months before the november 1 crash because his medical certificate was not on file. six people were killed in the crash including shapel. hi tony w weather changes on the horizon as we talked about beginning of our broadcast. if you missed it let me sum it up for you so you know what to expect. first of all we'll have a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow. most of the day will feel pretty nice to you. we will see clouds increasing later tonight. there could be a couple of creek showers tomorrow morning and maybe a flurry here and there. but what you'll notice is the afternoon on thursday starts to gets a little breezy. and those breezes will help to bring in a much colder air we're expecting for friday and saturday. and we're talking wind chills
10:33 pm
so it will give you an idea of that temperature trend. let's show what you you can expect, average highs 49. we should be able to touch 50 tomorrow and then we're down to 4 on friday and feeling colder. certainly colder in the suburbs. and 40 on saturday. sunday 44 degrees and there's even a new batch of cold air behind this one. we'll talk about that in a few minutes with the full weather forecast, sarah. >> sue, thanks. as fdr put it it was a day that would live in infamy and it took the united states int anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor we honor families that lost loved ones that fateful day and pause to look at history from december 7, 1941. here's "fox5" bob barnard. >> it's the only aircraft that survived the attack on pearl harbor in the smithsonian vast collection. it's a s se korskijrs 1 restoration hanger at the air
10:34 pm
>> we are keepers of america's heritage. >> pat robinson is museum specialist here. >> we can see you know the original silver that's underneath as this blue paint fades. the airplane is silver and orange jello wings after the attack would have over sprayed the airplane blue to tone precolors down and add camouflage to it. >> am if i hadian was on forld island pearl harbor december 1941 in hours after surprise attack 57 years ago today, navy pilots blue the amphibian off the coast of hawaii searching for japanese submarines. >> the logo of utility squadron one is viblz upen the nose as it's coming through the paint after 70 some odd years. >> retired from active duty in 1944 the aircraft was zest inked for the scrap heap before the smithsonian claimed it in 1960.
10:35 pm
somebody noticed in the logbooks it was present at pearl harbor december 7 and brought that to the attention of the museum and of course then the museum acted on that. >> these are not battle scars you see. no, all this damage is from years of weatheringing elements at the smith sewnian in sutland, maryland. >> that's heat damage from sitting outside the terrible heat of the summertime. >> 17 flying machines were built by only one that survives. >> on the interior there's quite a few objects in the airplane. as an example the fresh water drinking kit was found under the pilot seat. >> it will take pat and team about five years to get the aircraft museum wrd and it will one day be put on display with enola gay and artifacts of the world war 2 era. >> first the rehab team here is bringing back to life a
10:36 pm
veteran of d-day. >> we have our work cut out when the time comes to restore the airplane. we'll return it to the way it appears on december of 1941. >> in the meantime you can watch the working done here from observation gallery at this museum next to dulles airport. >> it's an absolute time capsule. >> in chantilly, virginia, bob barnard, "fox5 local news". >> wow, incredible. and only a handful of men who survived the attack on pearl harbor are still a for the first time one of them is sharing their story. and this is former seaman first class from nebraska thb 94-year-old ed just published first memoir by uss arizona survivor entitled all the galant men. >> sunday morning was like about every other surprised morning and stepped out on the deck there and sailors were hollering and pointing towards for the island and the aircraft
10:37 pm
and we knew it was japanese or i did, anyway. >> during at tack strat ton suffered severe burns on over 60% of his body and spent nearly a year recovering. with some part of his body never regapeing feeling. >> i can't believe he is the first one of them to write a memoir. >> to tell the story. >> or to write that book. >> right. >> that should be fascinating reading. >> it really is. >> "fox5" viewers once again making a difference and earlier today we told you about a newborn pit bull >> tonight a happy resolution to the story thankfully and how the pup was returned safe and sound. >> and make sure tomorrow morning to catch "fox5 news morning" tomorrow. we will be live at the mgm national harbor ahead of grand oning with a behind the scenes look at the casino own restaurants. and plus, what you need to know about toy safety for young children. and some creative ideas for decorating your house this holiday season it all kicks off
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a newborn pit bull returned to animal shelter in prince george county two help on camera stealing the dog one man distracted employee and another snatched a puppy. a woman who knew the man called several times asking if she would be arrests philadelphia they returned the dog. the three week old puppy was checked out and said to be doing fine sol far no charges filed. >> the story was out there and
10:42 pm
right. tonight at 11 catching a few zs and push for a napping station. >> a napping station. >> wow. >> and also tonight a heads up for parents with babies popular product that may cop taken harmful chemicals. >> and payday for a local student how she won 25,000 and wait until you hear the goal she set for herself when she grows up. those story and more coming up grows up. those story and more coming up at young and restless at work millennials are generation to tell the bossy quit nearly one in three planning to leave their job over the next six months. the reason they're haeking out is because managers are not checking in and giving enough feedback. employers posting fewer job onings in october down nearly%
10:43 pm
coffee seller haning to on up 2,000 stores over the next five years and record breaking day on wall street with dow, s&p 5 0 0 and russel 2,000 hitting lifetime highs and well it looks like traditional american dream may be losing its luster for the first time in five years fewer people say homeownership is part of their dream. main they realize the upkeep can be a nightmare mayor. that's business.
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we'll go right fast, sarah. >> and you can feel the temperatures dropping. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. >> it's in here too. >> hot in here. >> yes, it definitely is cold tonight and tomorrow night a different story whipped will pick up and wind chills will be in the teens and 20s and by this time tomorrow night friday morning very cold xd bundle up. bring heavier pup puffy coat. >> or zip uv "fox5" jack wets couple players because the winds will pick up as coldest air of the season begins pushing in. during the day tomorrow, not so bad. you won't notice it until later in the day. but the frontal boundary with leading eling of that frontal air you know this morning we had clouds around and we'll have cloud around tomorrow morning. but isn't this picture absolutely stunning. we got this from kelly richardson and she stand this picture look at the steam coming in out of the event for
10:48 pm
fire frederick county virginia and by the way we're using that to tell you tomorrow morning sunrise temperature here in the district should be about 39 and sunrises at 7:15. thank you, kelly for georgous picture and many others sent us beautiful picture of the sunset tonight. sue palka, "fox5" d.c. if you get ate great shot. here come the clouds they thickening up overnight tomorrow morning hit or miss showers around and you see a little snow streaking across st. louis and i would not be surprised if some of our mountain communities get snow well and maybe a flurry here or there and mostly a cloudy start and chilly start too. sewn by dr. notices temperatures dropping 30 gaithersburg and winchester already and 32 dulles and 31 culpeper and so it is a cold start tomorrow morning and wait because real cold is still coming. overnight temperatures definitely going to be near 30 in many areas and our cold blast behind the strong front that again crosses early cold air lags a bill bit and friday,
10:49 pm
30s and 40s and that wind will make it feel like it's in the 20s and in some indications the teens. so, here's where we get a few flurries tomorrow morning and showers from our area of low pressure and frontal boundary moving on by and big snow for eary and buffalo. lake affect snow machine will be really getting cranking and for us, it's the breeze that will notice it begins tomorrow afternoon and continues tomorrow night and continues friday with gusts of 20 it 25 taking cold temperatures and making them i wanted to run you through the wind chills. it's a noon hour tomorrow. not terrible. by the time we get to 6:00 wind klilz in the 20s to near 32. and by 11:00 we've got teens out there and mid 20s and friday morning 7:00 wind chill may be 15 in gaithersburg and 17 dulles and 15 martinsburg and winchester and 21 mannasas and even as we go into pbg friday evening we have a lot of 20s out there so clearly we're
10:50 pm
warnings are flying up to our north for one to two feet of snow between thursday and saturday. so if you really need to see snow head up there. if are you like the cold air stay put. because here's what we have coming and again near 40s saturday and friday but feeling much colder because of breezes. suburbs will be more into the 30s and sunday, 44. we're watching sunday night into monday morning it's possible there could be a little mixed precipitation monday morning we had to talk about that and that would be for the early part of day and rest of day we get to near 50. tuesday and wednesday, 47 and then second cold shot comes in next week and even colder than the air we're expecting tomorrow night. and all right, that's very chilly forecast. jim over to you. what's up. >> you're talking about cold weather we're talking about baseball now and this guy, he's no longer a net. lucas gilitto is no longer a nat along to the red sox and
10:51 pm
harbor. in exchange they get center fielder they've been looking for at least the one not andrew mccutchen we want to introduce you to adam eaton that allows trea turner to the infield there you see him with white sox. 14 overs and 59 lbis and led major in triples, gm mike rizzo on why he pull the trigger on the deal. >> adam fills a lot of things we were looking for in the player we wanted to acquire. it's never easy to let your spros inspects and you feel like broud daddy when you get to the big leagues and it's difficult to let them go. all three of those guys are high everybody ising guys they have a bright future. >> one of the few times you don't see mike rizzo in a three piece suit. >> big story is return of trent williams. we turn to law firm of logan an paulson at redskins park. >> brody logan and grant paulson here redskins park and
10:52 pm
reed back out at practice. left tackle trent williams back off a four game suspension. grant what does it mean to have trent williams back on the field. >> he's one of the three post most talented players on the team and organization and they deposit miss him as much as i thought they would. tie and sicky did a great job at left tackle and it opens the play book up in entirety and they'll go back to some bread and butter in the offense. it's good to see them back out >> having four games off he's freshest he's been in the season in his career and he did say although the team may not have missed him as much he missed team. >> i'm grateful to be back. you know? and it's a little things you take for granted going out and practicing every day and kind of gets monotonous during the season and when you can go you understand you know what are you missing. so i'm glad to be back. >> interpret williams back on the field going to help the offense and doesn't do much for
10:53 pm
offer the field they rank last nfl 3rd down percentage. this is a problem and has been all season long week one against pitburg steelers third and long has been the issue and it's two 3rd & 3 that's normally when teens would have success. they do. the problem is third and 11 and third and 12 and normally the defense is where they had problems. >> it's no excuse we have like a lock down. 1st and 2nd down we kick tail and 3rd down we get in those situations shouldn't >> once again redskins pressed with four games to end the season with their playoff fate at stake. now, kirk cousins says they did it last year and all that shows they did it before. there's not much you can clean on from last year. >> no, it's not. you will face good defenses rest of day they should win against philadelphia if they play their game. all they have to worry about eagles on the roads gave up 32 to bengals 0 a week in the last
10:54 pm
offense to get right. they have to have a strong game on the road. >> they beat earlier in the year at fedex field they have to go on the road and do the same thing again. grant paulson, brody logan back
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
fox's jonathan hunt gives us a sneak sglooek i'm excited christmas eve copping to life. >> the white hot holiday special returns to fox with host teragip henson celebrating the surprise with empire costars jessie and take digs and super stars ferrell, missy, elliot, alicia keys, tie reez
10:58 pm
tyler perry. >> it is only variety television comedy show will find on tv it's christmas and everyone needs to be gathered around the television around the television sgivr me something else here. >>? this christmas will be a very special christmas to me. ? what else?
10:59 pm
>> taragi guest stars have suggestions. >> when i was a kid we didn't have many and very memorable christmas was when another family friday church literally gave our family christmas taken was one of the best christmases i ever experienced. so people i think forget the powder that they have i cannot be stressed, depress,ed miserable or fraught rated over things you have clarity over. when are you willing to mentor and on up and give advice and know how much easier it makes the holidays. >> who is ready to spread cheer. >> in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> "fox 5 news" at 11 starts right now. >> rights now at 11:00. two states troopers are recovering after a suspected drunk driver hit them and wait until you hear what happened next. >> plus, we are exactly 24
11:00 pm
opening. vring you need to know about the mgm national harbor and impact on the area. >> and push for some extra z's at a local university. the nats station debate on "fox5"local news at 11. thanks for staying with us i'm sarah simmons in for shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins the fight ep keep you safe in the city. shooting tonight highlighting the struggle to curble crime in so condition after someone shot him in southeast. but it apparently deposit matter in the gunman it all happened in fuel view m crime cameras. marina morocco had more. >> here in the anacostia neighborhood south east a 26-year-old man shot in the middle of the street 16 and w on southeast and right on the sidewalk a daily reminder of the violent crimes here in the city and another crime scene.


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