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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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. today on "fox news morning" after nearly two years of back and form talks and months of television ads it's finally your turn top say who will be the next president at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> a live look outside on this elect day. it's a cool those of you voting this afternoon will feel some warmth at the polls. >> we say good morning to you on this historical day. i think it's fair to say we're so happy you're with us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> tuesday, november we've been tling you you know it's election day 2016. couldn't come soon enough. i'm sure you're thinking gary mcgrady will talk about warm-up coming up. erin como will talk about traffic f there are any issues you need to be aware of. >> the first votes are already
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donald trump has a very early lead. we're talking about the three tiny new hampshire towns that vote at midnight. hillary clinton won more votes in towns of dixville nox and trump was overwhelming favorite in millsville. >> both candidates sent monday in sprint for election day donald trump making snopz florida, north hampshire, pennsylvania and michigan and one of the final stopss with in grand rapids he made a final plea for change. >> we're hours away from a once in a lifetime change. we're going to have real change. not obama change. the corrupt politicians and their special interests ruled over this country for a very long time.
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>> today the american working class is going to strike back, finally. >> trump went on to say if he does not win this election this willen the single greatest waste of time and money in his life. this morning, hillary clinton back home in new york after cam paining in four states yesterday. she made her final case on why she should be president in raleigh, north carolina tens of thousands turned out to hear her and in philadelphia. >> we can do this. we don't have to accept a dark and deviceive vision for america. >> i think i have work to do to bring the country together. >> like millions of americans klil ton and trump plan to cast votes this morning. clip ton heads to a poling place here her home and trump will be voting in man at anp.
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and vote. >> it's funny we say that it used to be only day wow vote. with all the early voting it's amazing. in app hour or so polls will on in virginia. anjali hemphill is live in arlington with more whoon voters need know before they rock the vote today an we definitely want people who will have not voted yet anjali to get out. right? >> we do. we do. we want everyone to cast their ballot today and that's why they'll be a lot of places all over the state for folks to two a list of poling places is on the web site we're an hour away from polls opening here madison community center in arlington. we have seen poll workers coming in and out of the building the last few minutes getting set up for what they expect a very crowded and busy day of voters. while the crowds are not here yet they have come out and droves already for early absent tee voting as you mentioned here in the state of virginia
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slowing dramatically higher than 201. 2% more people across the state already cast their ballot compared to four years ago. if you vote in vir vr you want to renee few important things today. polls again on 6 a.m. and will stay on until 7 tonight. voters need to arrive early. they're encouraged to. as long as you are in line by 7 you will be loued to voxt you'll want to bring your photo id when you vote. others to provide a photo id before they vote. if you vote by mail absent tee ballot must be received by local registrar 7 today and ballot selfies became popular. those are legal in virginia and you're able to take picture of ballot and other voters in the poling place and post to social media. if you come early and want to spend time in line bundle up.
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anjali hemphill. "fox5 local news". >> if you vote in the district or maryland here's what you need to know. d.c. polls on this morning 7:00 and stay on until 8:00 tonight. d.c. allows same day registration on election day. you'll need to bring a proof of residents now that can be government issued id. copy of current utility bill. bank statement or paycheck. and in maryland polls on between 7 and 8 as we same time there. absent tee ballots must be hand delivered by:00 tonight to local election board and maryland bapz electronic devices in poling places and prohibit showing a picture of yourself voting. >> 42 i should say. but it will warm up for those concerned about the weather as they head out to the polls.
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>> close to 70 for us in up to. 70 some of the outward suburbs. i'll show new a moment. here's where we are in terms of froingts advisory, freeze warnings. there's frost advisory again in d.c. this morning. it's definitely frostee in suburbs. lighter blue that's prince william county okay and down towards stafford under a freeze warping that would awe go -- all advisories will go to 8 a.m. in morning. culpeper is 29. we just came back from 4. we're 43 city. annapolis colder than we are. 4 leonardtown and quite cold this morning as well 37. >> look where we go today we start chilly and end mild. we'll go up to 6 for high temperature today. late today there will be a few clouds coming in to make for a georgous sunset with high to mid lovl clouds. all right.
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right now let get to erin como with a look at traffic. >> 5:08 it sounds like it will be a great day weather-wise to get out and vote. if you take metro gear up for service at 5. all rail line on time. except safe track impacting the line. totten and bus president place trains and easy work around if you look for alternate. can use the green or yellow brookland and rhode island avenue stations closed. there are services to stop at those stations and the rest of your metro commutes on time. dale city to parkway meantty of green and south of that ten fred rigsburg and stafford you're wide on. beltway to 1 street bridge quiet conditions on secondarys and arlington and false church.
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fix news morning a number of north carolina families living in tents in temporary shelters nor plan a month after hurricane matthew. >> news broke overnight in joely pit divorce child custody bat. >> let's look live across the d.c. region. 5:09. we'll be soaking up sun later today. we're back after this don't go anywhere. busy news day. right, fox news morning is what
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>> it's 5:10 crews in kentucky continue to fight different forest fires there. five fires were contained sunday and the ball is far from over. a new fire popped newspaper one eastern ken condition county and still not contained. national guard is set to accepted out helicopters to and this will be tone sure that the fires do not turn into larger ones. >> north carolina families are still without permanent homes after hurricane matthew left them high and dry lasts month they're living in tent after they completely lost homes or were told they're not safe enough to continue to live in. lot of families say they're weighing on fema to bring them relief. >> mother faces possible james
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where people share recipes and share what they cook. an undercover officer placed an order with her. she was charged with misdemeanor operatesing a business without a license and she refused to plead out and is now headed to trial. >> when the school has a bake sale. >> is that considered without a license. >> that's crazy. >> 5:11 now hollywood news in this morning. kids will stay with angelina joely. actress will continue sole custody of six children weapon brad pitt according to remember they it reached a joint agreement more than a week ago and kids continue to have therapeutic visits with brad for the time being. however it's not clear what those visits entail. >> coming up on "fox news morning" they may be mild apart political my but two presidential candidates have plans to spend election night within shouting distance of one
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boy. >> and new nba three point record no. surprise there. >> nope. >> as we head to break let look live across the d.c. region, 5:12 on election day tuesday. chilly out there and layers for sure. it will warm up nicely. 4 right now. we'll talk about the forecast when we come back. fox news morning is what you're
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experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. >> "fox5" is home for election day 2016 we have full coverage of the national and local races and our live election special starts 7:00 tonight and "fox5" tom fitzgerald and melanie alnwick are live in new york city. the live election updates check with us on air and online. also tonight there will be such election coverage that at 10 and 11 if you have any problems
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#fox5votes. >> 5:14 and it's chilly out there. but it's clear. it will be a nice fall day. so the weather not giving anyone any excuse not to get out and vote today. right, gar. >> all those people we saw in the last shot with going to vote. >> all of them. >> let's hope so. >> that means you got to get there early -- not early and often just get this early. one time. it's a winning four cast. definitely. lots of sunshine today. temperatures will warm up. we're starting chilled throw. dulles 30. bwi marshall is 3. reagan national is 4. keep in mind that's national temperature it's not reflective of what is going on in suburbs and even in the suburbs inside the beltway i mean it's pretty cold there. and i know that out there in the suburbs and inside the beltway temperatures are down to 35, 36, maybe even a little frost out there too. frost advisory is in place for the entire metro and that goes until 8:00 this morning.
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68. how great is that. dry conditions today. late this afternoon we'll get more clouds. i don't think it will be late this afternoon. i think we'll see them by noontime or so. high to thin clouds coming west to east. they'll be great. tomorrow we're still calling with showers. it won't amount to much but looks like we could wake up to showers early in the morning and that could basically mean we would have wet commute to start. but, again it won't be anything too heavy. you been fortunately we need to rain the forecast for today, 6 rain the forecast for today, 68. winds out of south, southwest at 5 miles an hour. it's definitely chilly start. it will be mile finish late this afternoon with temperatures approaching 70. some of you will get to 70 degrees for a high temperature. this is future cast tomorrow. perfectly dry. perfectly sunny. sun comes up this morning it's gorgeous. watch what happens this afternoon. clouds start to fill in. lovr night night tonight we have showers comeing across and by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening we should begin to dry
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with showers out there and then in the afternoon it looks like it could be dry. we're all dry today. 6. we cool off tomorrow only 60 and stay in the 60s and really chilly saturday. close to our first freeze in d.c. sunday morning. we'll have to watch that real, real close. that's your forecast. how about traffic. here's erin como. >> well, 5:17 gary we have a crash you need to be aware of on the beltway. outer loop arena drive and two left lanes blocked. we're seeing a lot of green on the map and that's because it's not causing any major slow downs, i'll let you know if that changes you can see upper and outer loop looking nice. 270 southbound it's a quiet commute frederick past the truck scales to montgomery county. let's look live outside and show you 270. near father surely boulevard volume increaseing a smith and not enough to cause slow downs yet. northbound side to 70 also moving along long without any
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and traffic is light in both directions as you make your way inareaen outer loopp through prince george country and sick aires looking g metro on time a.m. safe track surge ten any questions @erinfoxdc. if you have not participated in early voting we love to hear from you. let us know how the polls are #fox5vote. >> 5:18 let's look at stories you'en social media. >> hi, wiz, can morning to you both as we count down to new president hillary clinton and donald trump will practically be within shouting distance of eevb other and both be in midtown man at an. that is creating a security headache. she is going to be at the javis convention center and trump will be at the hilton. the largest department of security was during appropriate francis mast year.
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rolling zone sdaring and over cam us with rain is awarding $3 million. they awarded it to nicole after typing rolling stone and she laimd khaimd it passed her as a victim before running to police. >> steph curry continues to cook it up last night he se set nba single seasonest for most three pointers in the game. 13 from behind the perimeter. there's a new report. he said that against the new york bell caps. when you play yourself you finish to be 4 points. previous record was 12. we took like 5,000 shots to get the record and then with marsha
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that i'm glad you did. >> did i get enough shade in the report at the end. >> steph cushy wanted to make sure everyone remembered he didn't want too much focus going to kevin durant. >> i don't think he has much to worry about. >> coming up the navy has new gun can hit a target more than 70 miles away but there's one problem though it can into the fortd ammunition. hate what that happens. >> after you spend all tight time waiting in line to vote today how giveaways all you need is your i voted sticker. we'll let you know where to go when we come back. >> all right as we head to break a live look at the fox did d.c. ream more news morning
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electronics as part of a scandal around the president. they are are investigating allegations that samsung gave money to daughter of a close friend of the president daughter. >> navry warship has a new gun but won't be used any time soon. the royndz cost a million a piece. the new gun can hit a target more than 70 miles away. ,000 rounds would cost nearly billion and anyy is looking for alternatives. >> sure. >> southwest airlines has a new contract. it will boost pay almost 30% and was approved yesterday by the southwest airlines pilot association. last month the flight attendants contract was approved making them best paid in industry. >> immediate help with election day stress? what does this little guy have to do with. it okay, look no further than
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it's adding cute to your tree with the pandas. right there. made my day. the three red pan tas are tensing hillary and hunter. the cams will go live on the fire fox facebook page. >> what would election day be without free giveaways. here's a list of some byes that want to help you out today and coop you happy. 7:11 has a free cup of coffee when you download the store's app. crispy extreme free donuts with i voted sticker and ber tu cci's free canoli and uber are $20 off first ride if you never used uber before. a lot of stipulations for these. ymca offering free childcare while parents vote and california tortilla free chips and queso with any purchase when you say one of three
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queso, make queso great again or i vote for queso. >> all right. eating good on this election someday. >> we go from one to the next. >> why snot. >> it's like a progressive. >> who would not vote for more queso. >> qeuso. >> and my favorite food nacho cheese. >> what is it. >> apparently nothing. >> it's whatever you want it to. >> it's no real classification. we'll talk about that. >> that was joke i'm sorry but i like to say nacho. who doesn't like to say nacho cheese. here you go. enough non sense. frost advisory this morning goes until 8 a.m. there's a freeze warning you see the light blue counties that is prince william county spotsylvania county down top stafford county or stafford county spotsylvania county do it in order and caroline south there. and potential freeze we're getting a lot of freezing temperatures in the suburbs.
5:26 am
knew it would be freezing, 28 freezing, martinsburg freezing, win chester you keep troping and you may touch freezing before all said and done and frederick dropped to 828 and sitting at 4 and holding. some neighborhoods close in are are down in low 30s. there could be frost out there. watch for that. 68 for a high temperature. wow, 67 annapolis and 70 in a few spots. how nice social security tuesday election day traffic. >> 5:26 now and taking a look at cameras we have a delay popping up on the outer loop and that is because of a crash walking two lanes aat arena sdriv. just beyond this point we're dealing with the crash scene delays back to central avenue and if you head out outer loop give yourself five ten extra minutes get through the area. slow past the scene. upper loop looking good. let's move over to maps. we'll show you the crash on the map. you can see we're starting to build again two left lanes block outer loop arena drive.
5:27 am
point 50 inbound from annapolis inside the beltway through chefly quiet and northern maryland things looking good. if you have a flight to catch today traffic on way to bwi, reagan national and dulles looking good great and problem free 20 and now i'm craving nachos for breakfast. >> nothing wrong with breakfast nachos ever. >> coming up on "fox news morning" the early morning results are coming in and latest from new hampshire. >> if you need a ride to the polls we'll car service is is offering to take you and when. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. live look at reagan national there. all flights should be on time. at 5:37, 43.
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message
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for your vote. >> today on "fox5 news morning". >> tomorrow night this election will end. but i want to you understand our beginning. >> we're hours away from a once in a lifetime change. we're going to have real change. not obama change. >> election day 2016. and early result are already in as voteers in three small new hampshire towns cast their ballots. "fox5 news morning" starts now with everything you need to know before you head out to the
5:31 am
you you very much for joining us. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, november 8, elect day, 2016 finally here. >> that's right gar cigar has a look at the forecast and how you can dress when you get ready to get up and vote. erin como will tell you about the traffic you deal with on election day. coming up in a moment. fivrment let's talk politics. both candidates back home in new york after a whirl win monday on the campaign trail. donald trump landed in kennedy airport in queens and hillary ago in new york international in until nnl. both will spend election day surrounded by family and friends in new york city. meanwhile donald trump off to early lead in the presidential election winning over voters of three new hampshire precincts and polls in dixville nox hearts location and millsville opened and closeded once everyone voted. trump was overwhelming favorite in mills field.
5:32 am
monday in a sprint to election day. donald trump chris crossed country making spopdz it nor darks north carolina, new hampshire, pennsylvania and michigan and one of his final stops in grand rapids michigan he made a final plea for change. >> with all of the democratic voters in our country who are thrifting for change hillary clinton is the last stand for wall vitae and special interest done ors and face of failure. >> trump went on to say if he does not win this will be single greatest waste of time and non his life. >> meanwhile hillary clinton stayed up late into the night. she hit four states monday beginning day in new york and finishing in george car line awith midnight rally and made closing argument with final two-minute tv ad. >> i want to be a president for all americans.
5:33 am
in the election. for everyone. >> a number of you cast your ballots in early voting. for those who did not today is the day to go to the polls. >> we'll begin in virginia where polls up at 6. "fox5" anjali hemphill is live at the polls in arlington where people kill come at some point once they get out of bed. good morning >> literally as we were waiting for a live shot to start they'll be here. poll workers are still getting things set up. they have a sample ballot while people are waiting in line they can get acquainted and also the local district race.
5:34 am
inside here the magic happens the nerve center of the poling play mace you see them working hill milling about set up to the right where you see electronic devices voteers come in and get id scanned and check in and go over to the second table that sets this is where they will make and cast ballots. if you vote in virginia there's morning information i want to get to you. polls will not on until 6:00, 0 minute from now and stay on 7 p.m. tonight. you must number line by 7 . they require a volt owe bixt d before you vote and if you it would need to be 7 p.m. on election day.
5:35 am
thing going on people love taking they are allowed in virginia and encouraged. another reason we're in filming here now you can take pictures of the process here in the still state of sir vir and post to social media payments. again we're waiting for vote others to show up and things are happening and getting ready for the chaos of election day. for now we're live in arlington, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> all right. 5:35 is the time now if you vote in the district or maryland here's what you need to know. to p.m. if you still need to recommendster he allows same day rej estimation. you can bring proof of residents, a bank statement or a paycheck. in maryland polls are on 7 to 7 and absent tees must be handed
5:36 am
and "fox5" is home for election day 2016 we have full coverage of national and local races. our live election coverage start 7 . tom fitzgerald and melanie alnwick are live in new york city. for live aelection updates check with us on air and online. also, tonight, it will be a special election coverage that starts at 10 and 11. did you have any problems at the polls sweet is using #fox5. >> there you go. >> almost here. it's almost over. >> it is it is not almost here it is here. >> you have to start voting. >> already did in new hampshire. >> they already closed polls. they said everybody voted and they're good. >> all 100 people. >> every vote counts wisdom. >> i'm amazed how many vote early. >> amazing. i know in the state of maryland alone they said 20% of voters i think. which is amazing. >> am i odd -- >> i like to vote on election dayfy i can would like to.
5:37 am
>> he's old school. >> he. >> there are a lot of kids not in school. but i will stop with the school bus stop. >> wisdom you need to cool m down you. >> got me excited about election. >> he dropped walky talky. here's where we are. 30s and 40s this morning and sunshine and once the sun comes up chilly out there after school and 63 to 68 and again i know a lot of kids are not in school this morning and there are some out there. and gain urzburg 30. look how cold it is cup pepper and mannasas. culpeper came up one and mannasas up one was one degree amongst friends. forecast for today lots of sunshine to start. more clouds in the afternoon. and just almost i mean nearly a perfect day for voting. so no excuses there at least not weather-wise. should be a great turnout with the weather and again just georgous out there. >> rain in the forecast for
5:38 am
let's talk traffic with erin como. >> 5:37 breaking news with metro off the top, gary. police investigation right now because of that the orange and silver line this will impact you collarton station closed and bus service requested between virginia square and courthouse. this could add time to commute. i talked to kenny on our assignment desk. transit saying unattend item there at the station and traipdz are bypas and we get more information this morning. if you take orange or silver line normally use collardon stop. we'll let you you know when the bus service kicks in between virginia square and courthouse. aside from that a wide view from roads election day. crash outer loop by arena drive moved over to the shoulder app you can see the red zone we're dealing with dissipated.
5:39 am
loop as you pass balt mar washington parkway. looking good. i'll let you know infy problems preponderance up ot the road, back to you. >> time, 5:9 if you need help getting to the polls today we you have covered. >> communities across the country are adding police to poling stations to prevent any possible violence. >> as we head to break now a live look across the region. time now is 5:39 rjts temperature 43.
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> we're back at 5:42. braking any concerning ride on metro. >> right now the collar done station is closed at metro investigate an unintended item. trains are bypassing that and virginia square and courthouse station. >> we'll share updates as soon as we get them. meanwhile, police if bridgeport, west virginia are asking residents to act responsibly regardless of the presidential election outcome. law enforcement officials believe tensions will run high today as voters await result of election and both please and residents believe the risk for violence in the area is low. and officials remind everyone to be respectful for fellow community members. >> this car wants to help out
5:43 am
if you need a ride to get to polls the company is offering more than 7,000 squares across the country for free tonight. now in the district, 800 zip cars willing free to reserve between 6 p.m. and p.m.. it's using #drive to vote. you can reserve a zipcar online or via zipcar mobile app. >> coming up on "fox news morning" california mother of after caught selling food that's right selling food. >> and plane in mexico force todz make emergency landing after something slithers out of the overhead compartment there it is right now. >> no it did not. >> yes, it did holly. >> okay let's move ton this please let's move on there we go. all is calm in this live look outside at reagan national speaking of air planes and airports hopefully no if snakes
5:44 am
region election day. of course, get out and vote people if you have not already.
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>> 5:46 this morning we're tracking breaking news on election day a police investigation and tended item found that the collar ton station metro station is crossclaimed and bus service requested between virginia --
5:47 am
item and were able to reon the clairedon station. watch for delays on the orange and silver line. that's breaking news unattended item is cleared and it has been reopened and police investigation wrapping up we'll brung the lailingtet on metro commute this morning. we'll go ahead and move over to roads if coming out of frederick 270 southbound crash blocking left lane and left shoulder at 85 delays coming down 70 to truck scales. watch additional time added to commute past that crash. once you get clear of 85 things on up through germantown. there's a crash previously blocking to klainz and bigger delays dissipated but watt for delays pasta iriana drive. once you clear arena drive things are quiet. 50 inside beltway chefly to 295 as usual and 50 on down through pennsylvania i'll let you know
5:48 am
and then northern maryland 95. baltimore washington parkway outer loop looking good. if you happen to have early morning flight traffic on way to bwi. reagan national, dulles nice and quiet we will keep you updated on morning commute and let you know what else, is popping up. gary. >> what gary. >> i was trying to frame the shot. >> i wanted to make it look good. >> that was great. >> i can multi-task. >> i was going to sit next to holly >> i wanted you to standby me because obviously. >> weather and traffic. >> she makes you look better gary. >> that's all i'm saying. >> you're a charmer and what's raerlly nice besides charming you have a beautiful election day forecast sdmri take no credit for this. >> you're just the messenger. >> i understand. >> not a write in candidate. >> they plame you when the warm is bad so revel in the fact it's beautiful and they're giving you credit.
5:49 am
the cred ut because i don't want the blame. >> you will get blame anyway, it's election day you brought us beautiful forecast smile and enjoy. it you're winning. >> it's a winning forecast. >> that's righting. >> go ta hear. >> here we go. all right. it is a little on the cold side. there's no doubt about that. 4 in town. down to 20s and 30s in suburbs and most suburbs are colder than pittsburgh this morning. pittsburgh is at 41. high pressure is so dominant up with beautiful weather out there. this will all shift off east of us today. as it continues to shift it will be great. seasonal temperatures, dry conditions we'll have clouds late in the day coming in from west and i'll show you how those are advancing in our direction. but we're dry. mostly sunny. 68. that's 68 here in up to. i think suburkz easily in some spots could be 70. much cooler tomorrow. more clouds.
5:50 am
and looks like those showers tomorrow will be pretty much through the first part of the day into the early afternoon. look how clear we are today. high pressure again ruling the roost. once the sun comes up it's georgous. look back west. clouds ahead of frontal system brings us rain tonight and tomorrow. not a lot of it and certainly not enough. later today we start seeing high clouds come across and thickening a little bit. we'll remain mostly sunny through most of the day. late this afternoon. more cloud set. temperatures up to 68 to 70 for a high. how about that. beautiful this morning. future cast shows clouds arrive this afternoon. showers come in overnight tonight. tomorrow morning we could have a wet commute. it's not a lot of rain but enough rain to cause problems and by tomorrow it's out of here. check out the forecast for today. 68. get out there and vote if you can. showers or if you have not already voted wednesday,
5:51 am
in the upper 40s. middle 50s, early, early, sunday morning tc could get first grief i think i toss to holly and wisdom. >> we'll take it. >> thank you very much, gary. >> donald trump is is up for an early lead. close when everybody voted. clip ton and they is a chance to change history and make d.c. become the 51 state giving tax cares represent the in congress. if d.c. becomes a state they vote the unanimously to call it the state of washington d.c.. d.c. would stand for douglass
5:52 am
issues on the polls. they'll vote and sales tax increase. it goes to school funding and property taxes. already is surprise ton county, for schooled and metro capitol improvement. in montgomery country they'll decide whether to set term limits on country council. >> we'll have leave team core range for tonight and then live tom fitzgerald and melanie alnwick are live in new york city. for live election updates and results you can check us out online fox news i there will be special election could have ram at 10 and 11. if i have problems at the polls sweet us using #fox5 vote. >> time now is 5:3. >> mature each standing by
5:53 am
good morning, mel. >> first off the justice department is taking extra precautions today dispatching more than 500 staffers to monitor polls. they'll be disbursed 28 states and 16 injures diego diego castellanoss and watching for civil rights violations lining discrimination based on race. nextp a mother in california is facing jail time for selling homemade food through facebook. you have to listen to this one. mar is auto ruell. e is part of single unemployed mother of six poing poinged a picture of her dish and offered it $1 2. a man trove to minimum and paid cash for he'll. turns out he was undercover investigator. she was charged with operateing a foot facility without a license. she defendle herself on facebook saying i gave the same food away that i brought family. never would i bring them any
5:54 am
it's coveted baseballs of mott earn time, cups, it could fetch up to $million if it's ever sold after the game ending m. >> i'm imagining that somehow it's going to end up some place where we can all share in the glory, coopers town, new york. >> thank you well, listen to this. this is not a joke or movie this amateur video shows a snake wiggling itself out of overhead cab up on mexican commercial flight. the air lien is aero mexico and it's investigating how the snake got. there they made emergency landing in mexico city and this -- all i think about what i see that is sam jackson snakes on a plane. >> i think never fly tat air line. >> ever.
5:55 am
things on this [bleep] [bleep] plane. >> all right. awe, that may cause me to never fly again. >> all right. five minute before the hour. a face back fan of the day. she's looking fly. speaking of that. today angel johnson says her life would not be complete without her "fox5" news family. >> angel says the fox news morning team music is her alarm clock and she says that she opens the rockville memorial library on morning because of "fox5". thank you for the loyalty. we appreciate. it keep it it locked on "fox5". >> we're locked in on forecast for election day, right, gary. >> what's worse that snakes on a plane. >> what. >> snakes in the studio. >> holly watch out. >> there's a dead bug next to me and i'm already done with that. >> 44. sunny and chilly. still in the 0s in the suburbs. even . we're starting cool upper 0s in
5:56 am
out there down below freezing. frost advisory in place for d.c. until 8 a.m. look where we are lunchtime today. beautiful. 65 degrees and sunny. we'll top out in the upper 60s. some folks will be in the 70 degree range for high today. how about that. late this afternoon. just high cloud coming out across. watch showers tonight. they'll stream across and as they come across they could potentially be around tomorrow morning for the commute. it's no heavy it doesn't salt. something fall from the sky. tomorrow afternoon and evening we're dry and it means the evening commute will be spared some rain that caused all the problems. there's the 7 day forecast. vote today. much, much cooler for the weekend. 50s for a high and couple 40s nor highs throughout the weekend. first cold air coming in. >> make sure you get your vote on. >> get the vote on absolutely.
5:57 am
if you have problems around the dmv single tracking now new issues between vandoren and braddock on the blue line. expect delays outside vandoren street and because of single tracking there you may see additional delays on 6:00 hour coming up. adds we head to break let look live vice presidential candidates for democrats time kaine voting in virginia out and about ely
5:58 am
dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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6:00 am
sglvt core up the poll intergitys and special interests ruled over this county for a very long time. today is our independence day. >> years from today when your kids and you did in 016 when everything was on the line, you will be able to say, you voted for a stronger, fairer, better america. >> a presidential race like we have never seen before. both donald trump and hillary clinton campaigned into the early hours this morning. this is it. election day finally here. >> and the polls now on in virginia. the commonwealth prepared for


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