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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> thanks for joining us tonight i'm lauren sglawrn i'm matt sglat breaking news race for white house. donald trump was rushed off the stapling tonight by secret service agents at his rally in reno, nevada. moments later, trump returned to finish speaking to the crowd. >> right now it's unclear exactly what caused response. one man was escorted out of the room and is being detained for
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everyone is safe. trump returned to the stage aft chaos thanked the secret service and returned to his speech the rally ended shortly ooh. >> we're just getting in the pictures to "fox5" of the man detained at the trump rally. you can see police and secret service agents surrounding the man who is handcuffed. again we don't have the man's identity or what caused him to be removed from tonight's rally in reno. >> also, tonight, the press bus for democratic candidate time kaine was involved in a crash. everyone appeared to be okay. >> time kaine was several cars ahead in motorcade and not on the bus. >> meanwhile, donald trump's running mate is in our area tonight. >> rally featuring mike pence wrapped up in fairfax. lindsay watts is live at george mason university, lindsay. lauren, matt, the rally happened here at the student center and there was a huge crowd out just to give you a sense the line to get in
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block and around the corner. so many people that some had to be turned away. as we know, there have been a lot of surprises and a lot of unexpected twists this election season and just one more to add to the list when i went to talk to the students at the front of the line. >> trump supporters started lining up here five hours early. >> i want to make america greet again sdmri think hillary is crooked and should number jail. >> across the street. >> i believe we will win believe we will win. >> students came together in support of clinton. >> we have a responsibility to combat negative and hateful rhetoric of donald trump and mike pence. >> days before one of the most device is elections in u.s. history and most chose their side of the road long before now. >> we got here at. >> 3? >> five hours of waiting. >> yes. >> certainly first people in line waiting to see mike pence but not to fast. >> we're all undecided i'm
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pence has to say maybe it will influence my vote. >> so much happened the fbi reopened case with hillary and the scandal with trump with all the girls and i don't know it's hard to pick between the two because they have so many bad things going for them. >> i want to choose the best person for the country and there's so much trauma like this person said this and this person did that. >> mike pence made the case and hundred are undecided friends front and center. >> i choose stronger america. >> whatever the outcome november 8 each those unsure about it all say this election has made unforgettable impact. >> kind of crazy andy decided
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are happening and why. that's why i khotz major and right now it's how this election went for me why i chose my major. aan update from one of the students we interviewed she said she would be writing in mike pence for president based on what she saw tonight. >> donald trump will be coming to northern virginia tomorrow set to speak at the loudoun county fairgrounds in leesburg right around this time and by that point, likely know a lot more about what happened at that rally tonight. and maybe something he'll mention when here tomorrow join us for "fox5" tomorrow at 10 and 11 of course we'll be covering that then for now liver in fairfax, lindsay watts. "fox5 local news". >> i'm sure it will be a big crowd tomorrow. democrats keeping busy tomorrow. they appeared at a big rally in pennsylvania. >> spns a key battle ground state and clinton supporters
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? ? got the eye of the tiger? fire dancing through the fire? because i'm a champion and you're going to hear me roar? >> singer katy perry are entertaining the big crowd before she took the stage. clinton spoke urning the crowd to get out and vote on tuesday she is encouraged because millions have taken advantage of early voting. >> voting, because i believe they are standing up for a hopeful inclusive vision of america. aim i'm asking you to stand up for the same vision own november 8 come out and vote. it's your turn, philadelphia. [ cheese ]. >> clinton will be back in philadelphia monday.
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joined on the campaign trail by president obama. to the district now where a major protest turned ugly this morning. >> two demonstrators were arrested after they vandalized the fbi headquarters and the trump hotel. both on pennsylvania avenue. the buildings and sidewalks were spray painted and also a police car was damaged. eric roberts of florida and danny hamilton of louisiana are charged with damaging government property and resisting arrest. and they were participating what was called the million mask march or nitioned gi activist group anonymous. tag a live look at the white house earlier today the building was put on look down after secret service spot aid masked man with a gun. there was a brief struggle and the man was arrested and charged with carrying a gun without a license and weapons violations. president obama was not home at the time of the incident he was
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andrews. >> security experts on high alert for possible election day sign area tack. >> it's highly unlikely hackers could affect the voting that is counted they could cause other issues. >> officials at the development homeland security are are "very concerned about sign area tacks that could "cause confusion on election day" the real concern is not that hack kerz screw the the that is changing votes from one can diet another the real concern is that hackers could attack state voter databases, stealing personal information and attack state election web sites that report official election results. and hackers could manipulate these web sites or launch denial of service attacks shutting sites down entirely causing foam question integrity of results and especially if the election is close. and given the huge mistrust between two parties and
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candidates donald trump that the system is rigged. now the probability of hackers or a foreign government like russia altering presidential vote count is slim because the u.s. voting system is fragmented and decent ralizeed. voting is done state by state, district by district and poling place by poling place and also electronic voting machines are not connected to the internet further protecting the voting system from sign area tacks. sign area tacks are a concern following wikileak breach known attempts by vladimir put into disrupt the election process and also this summer two state election systems in arizona and illinois were successfully infiltrated by hackers. in illinois hackers took voter data though the stolen information was not deemed sensitive. dhs has taken steps to protect us offering states risk assessment and scanning for malware, specifically helping states protect their election
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cyber security experts will monitor election day from dhs's cyber security center and cyber fly teams will be standing by to deploy if there are any major attacks. in new york, brian yep is, fox news. >> we innovate invite you to join us on "fox5"at 8:30. tom, bob and ronica will have more on "fox5"on the hill followed by fox news sunday. time now owe take a look at forecast. here's the live l looks lie masonic temple in alexandria search a beautiful saturday. hopefully you got out there and enjoyed some sunshine. >> gwynn is standing by in the weather center. it started out beautiful. i walked outdoors and it couldn't be more perfect. >> it was absolutely great and we keep this the going this weekend. i'm telling you could not ask for better weather for people to get out and enjoy the fall foliage and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere that fall is offering around here. take a look at numbers for
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airports. flirt aid little with the 70 degree mark we d and as we know, lost week we were into the 80s but since then we have really come down quite a bit in the temperatures and getting back to pretty much where we should be to a bit of bob and actually these temperatures are 4 to 7 above the seasonal average. and so right now, if you are wonder what we're at we're at 54 annapolis and 46 baltimore and 54 in washington and gaithersburg at while dulles is at 47. 48 winchester and 41 culpeper. winds will remain light and moving in from the west. sky conditions clear as a bell. ridge of high pressure large and in charge and we don't have any clouds to even talk about here as you can see on the maps. and 4 degrees for overnight low with that westerly wind flow. a little on the chilly side in the overnight hours for you. and the next couple of days, of course, we will still be in the
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clock back because we're going to gain an hour of sleep which is all good. i'll have details in the 7 day forecast in a bit. back to you. >> i agree. that's all g thanks you, gwynn. now to loudoun country investigators say two people stabbed at apartment complex in ashburn were apparently targeted and attack left one person dead and another man badly hurt and this happened near ashburn meadows apartments 6:00 last night and sheriff office says it is working with the northern virginia gang task force and to find the person responsible and investigators tonight are asking anyone with information to call them. >> staff ford county the sheriff office wants to you take a look at a sketch of a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman earlier this week. and it happened early monday morning on king's highway. investigators say the suspect let the distinctive shirt at the scream and it was a plaid american living shirt with white, orange and blue colors, the sheriff office says the
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suspect was driveing a dark-colored suv and rammed into his victim's vehicle. after the accident he dragged her out of the vehicle and then sexually assaulted her. there's a $2500 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. in prince george county the community foundation held a meeting between the school disstrict and residents to address safety and accountability. >> "fox5" alexandra limon has more on concerns from parents and what the district is doing to address safety of students [ applause ] at the prince george c safety and accountsbility community summit, ceo superintendent kevin maxwell explained how the district is moving forward from a slew of problems that the school district has faced in the short two months since the school year started. and the worst allegations of unreport add bus in the head start program. >> we focused our training on you know the reporting responsibilities and things and we're working on those issues that are related to actual
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even bigger problem last year. and when school volunteer deonteo caroway allegedly sexually abused at least 2 3-7b students and according to police and federal investigators. >> it's one thing to tell people you know, you have a legal obligation to report. it's another things to say, you're going to be held accountable for that and that change in culture says if you don't do that there are consequences for not doing it. >> summit was an opportunity for a two-way conversation ou some of them. and in all, about 50 people were there including school district officials and pta president bernice reese who represents parents in prince george county. >> we want to be clear about what next steps are for our school system. what are the plans and things being put into place we want to know what's going on inside each of our individual schools. >> at the start ever the meeting people were asked to write down their top concerns, the results showed lack of
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prince george county public schools were the thing people worried about most. in the past, some parent and school board members have also been very critical about doctor maxwell and direction of school district under his leader. whenever newer positions of leadership and things are not going well those kinds of things occur i have no up tension of resigning and that's the only part of that i can speak to. >> in prince george county alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> straight ahead on "fox5"it's time to fall back. >> you happy about that? >> yes. >> i am as well. we get an extra hour of sleep tonight. and daylight savings time end and the switch is not always good for your body. how it could impact your health.
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before you know it we'll be in the middle of winter and those cold temperatures will be all around us. >> i'm not ready.
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but some homes and narments d.c. are simply not weatherizeed and they really have a hard time keeping the cold out and the heat in. so today, volunteers with parent company of washington gas helped "fox5" photo journalist mike bishop was there. >> great alternatives is the nation's largest non profit solar installer and we work exclusively mod troot low income communities and use a training mod tol installations themselves. >> this is second year we partnered with sgrid alternatives putting up solar here on multi family site. >> solar industry is growing five times faster than u.s. economy. >> we basically measured out and squared up at ray and drew all the lines and laid down pallets and concrete blocks. >> what i love about solar is
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taking fans and you're you turning it noo silicon ingit shining sunlight on it and protons kicks looking electron and there you have the current. no moving parts. no pollution. virtually no maintenance. although it is sophisticated technology it's not highly complex. >> we've got probably around 7 or 8 more we'll try to finish throughout until december until we get snowed out or rained out. and so it sometimes snows. >> talking about snow. >> yes, but we're slaves to the weather here on the east coast. >> this is part of our broader weatherization efforts where we have 00 employees out in the community today helping families lower their utility bills and stay comfortable
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sirt fiction process and get you connected to industry where you can get a for profit job or come and work at grid alternatives because we're installing solar and teaching people how to install solar. >> we help each other. >> and it's almost time to fall back. so go ahead, set those clocks back and hour. god i hate that noise. daylight saving time ends overnight. it means an extra hour of sleep. while most of us including matt here c extra hour experts say adjustment can throw offer somebody's intermal clock. >> fall easier for us to adapt to and so the key principle with all this is every single one of us has our own internal clock and that clock helps regulate when we feel sleepilyy and when we're more alerts and more likely to eat and be likely to be less hungry and just like having to turn your watch back and having to turn the clock on the wall back, you
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internal clock. >> so you get the extra hour of sleep and the disruption could thread insomnia are sleepyness for a few days. hopefully nothing bad. come on we're getting extra sleep. clocks officially turn back to standard time at 2 a.m. and you know of course reminder if you are turning back the clock they always say check batterys in smoke alarm. i've seen all the fire departments tweeting that reminder and it's important, do it you always hear are you don't always do it. house and check. >> do it tonight, please, we've been to too many fires. >> very true, very true. >> up next a student with special need and passion for football gets his chance on the field. >> after three years a team manager we're there as jeffery creighton goats play alongside his teammates.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,
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sxlv terrorism is one of the top issues of the terism campaign. >> 15 years after the 9/11 attacks katherine has the latest. >> brian and melissa long were juggling work and using two young children like so many voters terrorism is an issue that matters and for them it's deeply personal. >> i'm native new yorker who lost my fiancee on 9/11. >> i lost my parents 9/11 in pentagon. >> living in suburban virginia feared their children would only see a lens through the lens of terrorism. >> i'm sensitive you to it with our children now growing up and i see there's more of a chance for something else to happen. >> melissa said she has not heard anything from the candidates that gives her peace of mind. and now we're talking about individualize add tack.
10:26 pm
the kupt rip and she ont mention the words and neither will president obama. >> we need to keep our eye on isis and that's why i want to have intelligent surge that protects us at home. >> clinton administration promises to take out isis in iraq and syria and harness global coalition to defeat international terror networks and further support first responders on the front lines here at home >> i'm in orlando and i did the shootings. >> and leaving is 4 dead and shooters were inspired by al-quida and isis. >> we have a tactical village. it's a warehouse where we can set up a school. we can setp a night club. and they are essentially acting as a loan wolf shooter. >> and trulp administration
10:27 pm
agreeceive coalition military operations and rebuild u.s. forces with improved intelligence and cyber capabilities. and trump who wants a wall with mexico also drives distinction with clinton on refugee. >> when i'm elected president we will suspect the syrian refugee program. >> and we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. >> i'm not going to let anyone into this country who is not vet confidence in. but i'm not going to slam the door on women and children. >> during the first nine months of fiscal year 1016 justice reported 49 interest nrtion alter rix prosecutions increase of 10% over 2015. both candidates pledge to disrupt online recruiting neither offered specifics. >> i sixt l right now is most prominent terror groupon world stage. >> speaking with fox news homeland security secretary jay
10:28 pm
administration will wrestle with digital jury had. >> with you look at recruitment efforts on social media and internet it's slick, impressive and it has a western flavor to it. >> as to they trust to do a better job on terrorism voters are divided that the consistent trend is throughout the election sitele. fox news. >> straight ahead after years on the sidelines. he is game. >> a local student with special needs has been putting in work at a football team manage erin now he's being rewared with the opportunity to play. now he's being rewared with the opportunity to play. we'll be right back
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?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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with special need and passion for football finally got his chance on the field and jeffrey cry ton spent three years of chantilly high school football team and first time last night he got to play alongside his teammates monsignor lynn has the story. >> this is senior night for the seniors are getting recognized. >> and it's a typical crisis experience that yevr top's experience didn't they they would get he has fragile x. >> become on this team has given him eye den. >> i jeffery's disability didn't stop him from pursuing football. >> and after all his hard work on the sidelines his coach decide today was time for student manager number 11 to
10:33 pm
>> you're ready to get in there. >> he's so excited. you can't stop talking and smiling. they're going to score a touchdown. >> his time on the field was brief. >> but his teammates made every second count with their cheers and encouragement and when it was over few words and his smile and pride how do you feel request. >> yeah. >> feel good. >> yeah man. >> i'm speechless it was touching to see him in his glory. he absolutely loves the sport. >> lindsay watts -- >> it's something he'll never forget. >> "fox5 local news". >> good for him. that's great. >> that's great. >> love that story.
10:34 pm
>> yeah, exactly. wasn't it fantastic. >> really nice. i was out and we were shopping and it's like by the time we drove interest one store to the next it was like take the jackets off we got out of the car and warmed up it was dmis. >> when i came in on friday i said to mike thomas so the weather pattern he said wa it's calm and there's nothing going on. >> makes life easier doesn't it. >> it does. >> finding things to talk about. >> it's chat time with gwynn. >> exactly but really nice especially on weekend that we have great everybody and 7 day forecast, it ain't looking bad either. let get right to it here's a live look outside clear skies tonight. little on the chilly side though. you know we are light winds and clear conditions and you know if you want to go star gazing well it's a perfect night for that for sure. but it is a little on the cool side and we'll be in the 60s again tomorrow. clear and chilly, overnight tonight with overnight lows in the 40s. tomorrow will be a great day
10:35 pm
for lots of out door activities. if you have anything plans a heads up from me. it will be really comfortable out. there and a sunny week ahead i want to say. when we get into the 7 day forecast we have just a string of nice enjoyable days for you. and election day well that's looking great also. so we got a run of things happening and ridge of high pressure in control and nothing here to show you on satellite and radar composite a few, high clouds off north and northwest and highs today, well, a lot warmer than they were warmer than they were yesterday. but, not as -- i should say not as warm as they were end of week when we were into the0s take a look temperatures 60s all three airports and flirting of course with the 70 degree mark. as my coanchors said a comfortable day. let's staten island see how it's cooling this hour. 46 baltimore and gaithersburg at 45 degrees and that's the same for fredericksburg. quantico at 50.
10:36 pm
couple better land 52 and 41 at frederick north. so the winds are light. that ridge of high pressure definitely in control and it's actually going to be the factor for weather and tomorrow and beginning of week we will see plenty of sunshine. xhilly tonight under clear skies with temperatures into the 40s. now we know we'll gain an hour of sleep. everybody loves that. especially us. because we work so late at night. nobody is complying, right, guys. >> no. >> they're not complaining at all. >> me back an hour before you go to bed. and sunday never 6 which is 2 a.m. in the morning that's when it officially kicks in and sunset will be 5:02. we all spring forward until march of next year you have a long way to go tone joy the extra hour of sleep. was move to tomorrow temperatures will not be too bad. we'll be mid 60s everywhere. ridge of high pressure brings you us mrepttive sunshine. dry, pleasant for you and
10:37 pm
at that forecast. because it's looking really great for everyone to get out and vote. double sixs kicking in under mostly sunny skies and great voting weather i'm really glad we're not going to have rain because as we've seen there's going to be lineups for sure come tuesday. so let's get -- is that a round of applause over there. i think so. thank you. [ applause ] by midday, 61 with sunshine for you and tomorrow and by the 4:00 hour mild at 64 degrees. so wrapping it up then, 48 for tonight said, it will be a little chilly. and then for tomorrow we're heading to about 66 degrees with sunshine. that 7 day forecast well not doing bad. we have a lot going on into the week and we have election on tuesday with sunshine and then we have got also veterans day which is happening at the end of week on friday. lots of outdoor activities as we know with ceremonies and i'm happy to say it will be nice at that point too and if you take a look at numbers think go up and down a little bit all over
10:38 pm
back to you. >> gwynn, thank you. >> and every election cycle there's a celebrity that threat tones leave the country if their candidate doesn't win. >> this time around a whole list of celebrities have said they will move if donald trump is elected. ronica cleary looks at who may pack bags next week. >> with less than a week away from election day we're looking at eight celebrities that would like to move out of the country if tuesday. let's take a look. starting with pop star miley sigh russ she took to instagram with a post about donald trump and said "i'm moving if this is my frez and i don't say things that i don't mean" and you may have heard of this one very recently actor brian canston discussed his plans to leave during a pod cast interview and canston said he would go to vancouver, can darks and dwt would not be a vacation i would be expatriot" and actor liina
10:39 pm
supporter and discussed topic at matrix award. she said "i know a lot of people have been threatening to do this but i really will" she later said she knows a lovely place in vancouver, canada and can get her work done from there. . >> next comedian chelsea handler also wants to leave but she's not going to canada. nipt view with vanity fair she said "i have a mouse spain that is going to be ready right after the electio let's look at barbara streisand she sat with interview with australian news outlet she said "i'm either coming to your country, australia if you'll let me in or wear hearing about canada." >> let's talk about cher, she took to twitter and is looking to extra teres treeal location to call home in it exchange with another user she said, if trump were to be elected "i'm moving to jupiter."
10:40 pm
looking for two new cohosts after tuesday if trump wins. raveen simone was talking about leaving before trump even became the nominee. she is worried about any republican. she confessed that "if any republican gets nominated she would move to canada with her family" and she went ton say "i literally bought my ticket i swear" and finally, in episode of "thvi spoke of her concerns and said "i don't think that's america. i don't want it to be america. maybe it's time for me to move" so, now that we're less than a week away from the election, do you think that these celebrities will actually pack up and leave if trump becomes president on tuesday? you know, i love to hear from you. you can find me on facebook and twitter at ronica cleary. we're sending it back to you. >> thank you, ronica.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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>> fans were eager to support their team and they hosted a blood drive todayed in sterling. donors got atic tote a game and a limited edition redskins tee shirt for giving blood. pretty nice. >> cool. >> that's a nice little perk. not only doing something nice already you get a ticket to a game. >> absolutely and they were not the only ones giving back. something else going on in the sports world. >> capitols and all nhl they
10:45 pm
hockey has a light of fight but they're fighting cancer all night month long and the washington capitols are giving back with hockey fights cancer. yesterday the team hosted families of affiliated with make a wish flashes force hope and other groups to skate with and meet favorite players as part of hockey fights cancer campaign. each caps player is paid with make a wish kid and will wear purple warmups with paired kids name on the back. form pedal for life fund raiding team raising money for cancer reer is. . dropped it there. caps down. alec ovechkin. rips to to alberto. caps fall behind 2-1 in third period. and then went on run. through unanswered goals. alec ovechkin got his and then capped it with sevktd season. caps improve to 7-2-1 with 4-2
10:46 pm
on as long as there's sourcery. wizards versus magic. 1st quarter wiz up 8. i just wanted to say businessknack biambo it's so much to say. brady beihl. will drive down and find marquise morris for the scram. magic came back to take the lead and final seconds 8/10 oftic left wiz down to morris, ah, doesn't get to to fall. mavs beat the wizards for the first time in 13 tries, 88-86. >> kevin durant didn't join in but still bivz back to frem his home no one prince george county. he featured a local kid james in a recent commercial. check it out. >> i just don't want to get married i want my life to be
10:47 pm
>> especially my mommy want her life to be better, amen? >> what's up man? >> kevin durant? >> james was on "fox news morning" this week to talk about his big moment with kd. >> don't worry about them haters that think that she should have never wept to golden state warriors and that should have been i don't think he should think about that. >> he should not. >> he should thk people who is number one fan dochb let you know i'm one of your number one fan sgliz think he already knows that. and so you and kevin have a lot in come on. he's from prince george county and had a single mom that believed in him and did you you see him give his speech when he won mvp. >> i want to say your mommy you're the real mvp of the year. >> little bit about when you felt in down and said that
10:48 pm
>> i was saying like i don't want to get embarrassed and i want me and my mom life to be better especially hers because i really just don't -- i hate to see her struggle and i want to do more acting and dancing stuff to help her. >> so the next thing you know. >> kevin durant just pop up. >> kevin durant just pops up and what did you think? >> i felt like -- you know he just walked past the door and i was like that looked like kevin durant and he walks in the door and i'm like, oh, >> and then he writes something special for you. >> he wrote always believe that anything is possible. >> great for a local kid. it's a bye week for the redskins. that means evaluating how things gone in the first half. kirk cousins the question that dominated entire off season is kirk a franchise quarterback and does he deserve a long term deal. those still need to be answered. no doubt an awful start to the season against steelers and like most quarterbacks it's
10:49 pm
have back. pick six against the eagles something that makes the redskins $20 million gamble look wide rather than going long term. both sides want to end up that way. how does captain kirk compare to year to last year. the last regular eight season games really good passing 212 yards and 19 touchdowns and two picks n first eight games of season more patting yards and all other numbers are down. completioner and fewer touchdowns and more interceptions. so, they have a big decision to make this off season. is kurt cousins going to be worth what they're saying to be 21, 22 million a year for a long term deal. >> what do you think. >> i think it depends on years and he's already 28 years old and he's getting up there in quarterback years. consider what other quarterbacks gets around the nfl i think he's worth it. >> it's amazing how much money is in sports. >> it blows my mind.
10:50 pm
says. >> just short of it. >> we need to get kurt cousins agent. >> get him on the line. >> thank you, brody. >> up next, what do you consider a serving of nutel a, spoon full, half a cup or whole jar. >> whole thing. >> all right. >> we'll explain why the fda wants to know how you're consuming the delicious
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>> this is pretty exciting for this area to be able to offer something like that and to have the whole nation be able to you enjoy it. >> this year's capitol chris
10:54 pm
lons sdoons get to d.c., u.s. forest service helped identify a finalist and architect said it will come from i'd eye. the tree will be decorated with more than 18,000 homemade ornaments and december 6 the whole country will watch as idaho resident flips the switch to the lighting trees. >> you have noticed all stars have all ornaments out and christmas trees and christmas trees and all of that. >> that is the thing. >> it always seem like it gets sooner. >> earlier and earlier. >> who doesn't love nutella. >> love it. >> would you describe it as a dessert topping or maybe spread. >> spread. >> spread okay the answer could cut the number of calories and fat listed on nutrition labels. since 1993 the fda has considered nutella to be a dessert topping. but, the makers of the
10:55 pm
it should be in same category as spreads like honey or jam. fda want your take. you can share your opinions online or by mail up until january 3. >> i love how we're getting public to wailing in on this not using the company to define what their product is. >> it's interesting. if i have it i spread it. but maybe i would take a spoon full. >> i usually spread it. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> there's a place in new jersey that puts it in coffee like a frappuccino but nutella. it's so good. >> all right. 66 for call lored greens sounds crazy right. believe it or not they're all sold out. >> knee man marcus this is strange to me knee man marcus offered side dish on web site under gift category it looks like from the picture anyway it quickly went viral with many people saying the greens are overpriced and knee man marcus described the dish as collared greens seasoned with just the
10:56 pm
bacon. traditional are cook with ham hocks not bacon no word if they'll be restocked. >> $15 to ship it too. >> and is there anything not good with bacon. >> no everything good with bacon. >> love green. >> maybe that's why it's $60.
10:57 pm
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10:59 pm
immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. >> thank you for joining us tonight i'm laura evans. >> aim matt sglat we start with breaking news in the race for the white house. donald trump was rushed offer the stage tonight by secret service agents at a rally in reno. moments later trump returned to finish speaking to the crowd. >> one person was escort away by law enforcement and being detained for questioning and
11:00 pm
everyone is safe. trump returns to the stage after the chaos and thanked secret service and returned to his feet. >> and take a look at this video just into the "fox 5 news" room of the man detained at the trump rally. you can see police and secret service agents surrounding the man hand kuvred. we don't have the man's identity just a short time ago we spoke to the first affiliate in reno and they tell us the man is still being detained at the convention center where the rally took place. and a witness who spoke to r causing a commotion around the time trump walked out and some in the crowd were concerned he may have had a weapon although that does into the pier to the the kaixts secret service agents hustled him out of the room. >> and the press for democratic vice presidential candidate time kaine's bus was involved in a crash. everyone appears to be okay. >> he was several cars ahead in the motorcade and not on the


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