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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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district could impact morning commute. blaze injuring one firefighter is liver with the latest. >> campaign trail donald trump firing back response to supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg said she will be able to be fit. >> weather and traffic on the 5 at 6:05. >> i'm stevr steve welcome to fox news morning breaking in the district shut down after an overnight fire that set at least one firefighter to the hospital. >> happened bladeensburg road and fire crews on the scene. and if things go as planned hopefully in the next few hours we'll be able to get blad bladeensburg road back opened up to commercial traffic and we are in the final
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the cleanup and the fire was put out an hour ago and the power has been cut not only to the goodyear building but also looks like maybe one of the other adjacent buildings too. p 100 firefighters responded here 2:30 in the morning and quickly went to second alarm there were 20 hunts units on the scene. so goodyear building here is very large building it goes back almost entire block and the fire we're told surprise believed started in far back corner. there was a company called phoenix restoration sounds like they do some historical preservation, restoration work an windows, doors, architectural things and is that the where preliminary fire investigators believe the fire began and there's a storage area and large on spaces in the roof and fire and smoke then traversed entire building. otheries about in here as well are impacted
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it fortunately nobody was inside. so we did not have to worry about injuries on that end. however one firefighter was taken to the hospital for evaluation for possible heat caughton and it was humid out here and hot and fighting this fire. so the good news again at this point appears we're just now investigation stage. fire crews remain on scene until all investigation is done and hopefully we can get things wrapped up here in an hour or so. back to you guys. >> news from injury fwropt exception of firefighter hopefully firefighter is okay. developing overnight university of maryland police investigating three different robberies all happening on college park campus and in each case the suspect showed a weapon. and these robberies near the hall you see there on the screen each wearing a black match and police have not made any arrests. >> prince george county is searching for who shot a man
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searching for who shot a man in upper moreboro. it was found on hunter done straight even does not appear random. >> three in custody two suspects arrested at the scene and third suspect fled the area. this caused a lockdown yesterday afternoon. second time d.c. police were fired on yesterday and earlier in the morning an armed rockery suspect was charmed after a gun battle standoff in southeast d.c.. >> 6:03 and race for white house donald trump firing back supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg the presumetive nominee sweeting this late last night calling for ginsburg to resign. strupp is sdpeked to announce mun
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indiana governor mike pennsylvania and former house speaker newt gingrich. >> at a cincinnati town hall last night house speaker paul ryan repeatedly defended his decision to back trump as gop nominee. one young republican asked mow he morally backs trump african date has made comments perceived by many to be racist and amount eye muslim here's a pit from his exchange. >> i'll make that point then and go fight for the principals and solutions i believe in and candidate i think is so much more likely to put those into law because i know hillary clinton is looking for that. it's a buy nary choice hillary clinton own donald trump. >> lawmakers should
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listen to each other and ask for peace and have calm conversations with concerns. democratic side presidential candidate sanders will number d.c. today. league ever united citizen luncheon and sanders formally endorsed yesterday will attend the event. >> 6:05 now dress for weather. sticky one. >> if you remain cool the sweat might betray you. >> sicky today and heat really turns up tomorrow and so here we go another around of it not a lot of cooling overnight. 7 and warm and sticky degrees. 77 annapolis. leonardtown 76. quantico. and very warm and mild
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humidity out there early and clouds have been with us and few showers developed right along the bay and pushing across the bay towards cambridge and ox ford cross the bay. and we can expect showers and maybe even a thunderstorm today kind of on and off throughout the day as warmer air moves in definitely take umbrella. also ready for humidity tough one outdoors for any period of time highs in upper 80s. and scorching hot 7 day. >> all right. coming up. >> i have no idea. >> makes me want to watch. >> erin it's scorching hot. >> your belt is scorching hot. >> it's joking me in the waist thank you you very much. >> right now we have a crash cleared south of frederick in spotsylvania parkway east of 95 some lanes reopened and traffic getting by near spotsylvania
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medical center and let's see if we can forward rapz. crashen closure cold chester road and both discretions gunton road and 95 yellow zone traffic picking up through lorton and that continues through springfield and ewington this morning and fire activity this has been out there several hours and fire under control two alarm fire bladeensburg road closed eastern avenue and show you safe track surge four no shuttle service is available and how sbad commute so far. >> hey, erin, day two of latest phase and early and not bad and yesterday was a different story and we understand passenger he's longer commute times and had to deal well long lines and frustration definitely grew and we heard about it on social media as well and
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today it will go smoother. there's a line that forms when the buses are not here and they pile in shuttle buses and off. metro is providing buses to bridge the gap. service own blue and yellow line will be shut down between reagan and point gone to july 18 these buses running to the three stations to g paerm as around the closed metro station. metro did warn riders of overcrowding. nothing outrageous so far and causing a headache for commuters and hopefully today might be a smoonler ride back to you in the studio. >> heads up for folks in buoy and you may see something unusual today beginning today movie production company are in the ar
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recreating a plane crash scene for movie. and that continues through friday night. >> in virginia u.s. service member mission since world war 2 will finally be tried rest today and maureen private robert j carter remains and he died during specific campaign 1943 and nasa releasing first image from mission from jupiter we'll share them ahead. >> and not harm more police officers undmovrd louisiana and how investigators tracked down alleged masterminds back in 30
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>> officials say three other people under arrest now and investigators say they plotted with what they call a credible threat to arm officers in the area and plot uncovered after suspects rond a pawn shop and stole a number of guns. youngest suspect 13 years old. >> funerals set to begin today for five dallas police officers killed in last week's ambush
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senior corporal lauren ahern and michael smith and rapid transit officer brent thompson laid to rest today and other two funerals will be on friday and saturday. meanwhile, funeral services planned for tomorrow for philando castile the 3-year-old shot and killed one week ago by minnesota police officer and girlfriend live streamed aftermath on facebook and louisiana family and friend of alton sterling will say final goodbyes on friday. the justice department is investigating his death. >> and well fog the deaths of those two plaque help and dallas police officers and president will discuss ways toy prepare the trust between police officers across the country and communities they control. yesterday he attended memorial hon oing are fallen dallas police officers. >> historic day in england six
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years in office david cameron will step down and happened yovrt reigns to theresa may. she'll be the first female prime minister since margaret thatcher he announced this after they decided to leave the union. >> national guard being called in to help after severe weather caused danl and knocked out power. while in hard hit lynch field and watkins minnesota cleanup is underway after multiple tornadoes torrential rain and powerful winds damaging some 20 momz on monday as well as local nursing home. it has to be evacuated. >> still ahead a major bank increasing salaries of thousands of workers details in today's business bite. >> and live look outside as we take to you break this wednesday morning weather and traffic off on the fives next
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>> happening right now in the district parts of bladeens
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road eastern avenue northeast d.c. shut down and you can see the heavy fire department response and overnight fire at the commercial business drew a lot of response in the last few hours we're hearing now that even though you see that fire truck leave now the area could be shut down for quite a bit longer and one firefighter was injured and no word to the condition this morning. and big change in air mass moving on in and you really feel that when we step out and 77 now and a few mornings ago numbers in the 50s. not the case today. 7 frederick and 72 winchester avenue martinsburg and heat and humidity moving back. dew points above 70 mentioned here the last couple weeks. any time we get a number like this above 70 dewpoint
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that air is oppressive no doubt about it and sorry about that. this is big story next couple days and increasing heat and humidity and heat index approaching 100 and stromtracker radar had showers in southern maryland and across the bay mentioned to oxford and cambridge shower activity. more of this activity we see today and showers pop up and blossom up and unstable air mass thunderstorm as well developing during the afternoon warmer and more humid air moving on n bigger picture nothing driving system in the warmer air. humid, unstable. warnl overnight in the 7 0s and high pressure
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high pressure we'll continued to have threat around here this afternoon with a few pop up storms. and popup showers and just off and running tomorrow heat and humidity and high temperatures and 88 today will feel sticky out there though and andly want umbrella as you run out the door. thursday, friday, air temperatures heat index 100 plus by tomorrow ach and we'll -- i won't say cool it back but draw down numbers. that's an update. let's find out about roadways with erin. >> pool party tomorrow seems like the right idea you. >> want a pool party every day. >> it's summertime. traffic-wise 5 northbound branch past 401 we very stop and go traffic leading to the beltway as well. leading to
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have construction ail ver park drive caution there and inbound sutland parkway slowinged in the district line and that's your morning congestion as you try to get into the district and aside from that we're tacking a slow commute on 25 inpound and things definitely picked up from 202 to 25 on 50 as well you're starting to see that tlai even pennsylvania typical nine this has been out there self hours, fire activity still blocking blade epz road. give yourself extra time to get around that area. we'll look closer at new york as we continue. steve, allison back to you. >> solar powered airplane getting closer to toing around the world journey. it ended in cairo. the trip is expected to end
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soon. >> very cool and take a look at this. nasa junea space craft seent these pictures of first inorbit view of jupiter we've been waiting the new view when it was 27 million miles from skup jupiter the goal she to learn about the planet and at more fees sgle cool. >> we're in the middle of heat wave or about to fwet one. >> in the 90s. >> that is super hot here. what better way to cool off. major changes on way for favorite beer. we'll explain. >> all about education as well. first though if you live in mar land and you brought it a whi whipping ticket 7-eleven
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>> 6:22 now in today's "business beat" beer manufacturers brewing up a change. first check markets and see if there's change there. joining from fox business network adam shapiro. adam. i'm whistling budweiser thyme want to talk about beer. we can talk about markets as well. we hit a record high yesterday when the dow closed and last time we did that was may of 2015 closed up 100 points and ended up futures rights now positive and not as strong as we've seen earlier this week and 401 k right now chances are if you have the option to invest in index fund and if it follows s&p 500 your 401 k is surprise 5.5% not bad. >> not bad at all makes you sit on that beer conversation longer and grab peanuts and hopefully your seat at the bar will not disappear.
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boost things from bottom up it seems. >> that is correct. and jamie diamond ceo announced yesterday in something he published in "new york times" the bank will raise hourly waimings for lowest paid employees who earn about $10 pot 50 an hour over the next three years they'll increase to between $12 and $16.50 app hour depending where you live. again this will impact 18,000 people. but, chase the nation's largest bank is joining companies like starbucks, walmart, target all of which is raising wages. it will be part of the democratic party platform. so this is jp morgan chase getting a head of that. >> some big companies taking it on themselves to do that. now we saved most time for beer conversation. >> here comes the king here comes beer budweiser, anyone over 40 knows
6:24 am
>> anheuser bush and miller coars put nutrition label on all favorite brews car own a, budweiser, all going to have calorie content and carbohydrates and alcohol. what it will not have are ingredients that will post online and on cardboard packaging. i don't think anyone buys beer based on nutrition label. >> i don't think so either which makes me wonder to me it seems like a huge exercise in irrelevancy. >> well, yes, perhaps. but it's modern era. what could be better. in a world people play pokemon and fwhawk walls and lail on beers. >> beer sales are slipping while wine and spirit sales continue to grow. >> in united states booer sales slipped. there's been major console gaition. anheuser bush
6:25 am
company outside the united states. but people want to know actually some people want to know calorie content when they buy beer and labels won't be on until 2020. >> then you can drink guilt free for next 2 1/2 years. >> adam thank you enjoy it always good to talk about beer. we'll do pretzels next time. see you tomorrow. >> sounds good to me. >> 6:25 now. >> all right. >> you want to know what's in your brew, sir? >> no not so much. >> doesn't matter. >> it takes 3 1/2 years to puts a label on it. >> i think they're stalling don't you think. >> much like getting this weather forecast. >> yes, exactly. >> that's busy don't have much in the way of terribly good news it will be stormy today. rain showers possible thunderstorm today definitely umbrella and somebody just tweeted me stickage really lots of stickage out there. you stick to
6:26 am
shirt sticks to you and 88% again you noticed that and shower to pass through southern maryland early that's across the bay and we'll see showers airport storms and earlier than usual this time of year today and midday hours and look for those and then we're on with heat and humidity thursday and friday highs in mid the 0s heat index near 100 we're zipping on friday and bring a spray bottle it will be 95 degrees. >> only in the 80s now. >> that's a little more comfort sglabl am i going. >> hope so. >> and airport. >> slip
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>> i fear i -- fair enough. we'll move to traffic. crash cleared pennsylvania parkway east of 95 lanes reopened and traffic on 95 look going in spotsylvania as we take a look in lorton old cold chester road reopened and both directions between route 1 and gunson road earlier crash there shut down and yellow zone on 9 5 northbound through lorton and slow ewing to to beltway and coming in past prince george county slow traffic because of heavy volume and for pennsylvania westbound wood yard to do youer house road congested same story so seratz road and swan creek to livingston cop juston there as well. oxon hill we'll look at surge four back to blue and yellow lines next. allison and steve. >> 6:27 still ahead the latest on the massive firefighter
6:28 am
could impact your commute. >> also metro safe track phase number four never way. causing headaches though this morning. we'll tell you what you need to know coming up next
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sgrvr app investigation of what caused early morning fire in the 3100 block of blade endburg road the fire contained and fire crews are on the scene this hour and we're told one firefighter was sent to the hospital for possible heat exhaustion. don't have a condition report yet. parts of bladeensburg road closed this morning we'll check in with erin 6:35. >> a man was found shot to death overnight in upper marboro prince george county police says a shooting happened hunterdon street and does not appear to be ran dpom act. police serve fog for suspect and determine what led to the shooting. >> university maryland police investigating three different robberies on college park campus each case the suspect showed a weapon. robberies happened near these halls and suspect in each robbery wearing black clothing and mask nobody was hurt police have not made any arrests. >> metro trying to pass back from surge
6:32 am
>> complaints very crowded buses and they come from people in northern virginia and making them ail little weary. . >> so, house it look this morning. and metro station yesterday some tough commutes and bit of a headache especially for northern virginia commuters as well as those traveling to reagan national airport. so phase four kicked off yesterday and it will keep going until jewel 18 keep that in mind and catching that long line and pace is picking up out here as morning commute moves along. line is getting longer and shuttle buses have been pretty steady as folks piling in no one left behind really so far. metro is providing buses to bridge the station and services on blue and yellow lines shut down between reagan national and crystal city and pentagon city stations until
6:33 am
this is phase four buses will be running between three stations to get you around closed metro station warnings continues for riders and crowding on buses and long lines expect to head out and different way to head to work and wherever headed urnled to do so. yesterday and i think i saw tweets online that commutes were extended 10, 15 minute or
6:34 am
linear retire mp, sergeants, detectives and expand number of programs raising age limit 21 to 25 for cadets. >> and let's get you to the morning line. american league takes w. that means home field advantage. >> royals led the american lead charge. teammate perez added solo home run. that looks like daniel murphy. hey, murph. and most valuable player matt scherzer. both had good games as well. dream ton green. speaking out about recent arrest and assault charges arrested falling an altercation in michigan. green is confident his legal team will resolve the situation. as a public figure i can not put myself in certain situations it's something i learn from and move on. green selected to be part of
6:35 am
olympic basketball team. >> bringing home que the wedding balls for matt jones officially off the market after surprise engage the oaf the weekend to fiancee. there's the happy couple showing offer the ring and that's their cute little daughter and we're told she gave her blissing. >> speingz of fans neek peek at fedex field food. and chance to deciding on the new hot dog called the hog dog i do believe. makes sense. >> happy. >> 6:35. >> okay. >> 6:35 that means it's time for tucker barnes. >> why do you say it like that, steve. >> 6:35 hey. >> on the fives. >> right. >> he did it. >> wrapped that up pretty good did you watch any of the all star game. >> me no, i was doing other things. >> watch all of the ho r
6:36 am
derby and none of the game. >> i watched an inning and a half i used to care about ten a feel like maybe not as much an anymore. >> players did well though. >> and i like celebrity battles of all stars on old time etv. >> battle of the network stars. >> thats with a great show. >> but it's still battle right. >> reggie jackson. >> obstacle courses. >> love boat. >> mr. sglvrment 77 washington and 71 new york city and 66 boston. okay bottom line today lot and lots of humidity and showers and storms back notice forecast. plenty of clouds today as well. there's stromtracker radar. rd already had a shower early across calvert county and charles can't country pushing across the bay. partly to mostly cloudy. upper 80s showers and storms back notice forecast. this is transition day become to the heat and humidity.
6:37 am
humidity here and heat on the way. >> 95 north it's coming. >> good partnership tucker and erin. things work well together. >> speaking of erin hello. >> like peanut butter and jell jelly. >> like peas and carrots. >> yes, thank you. >> you have ever had peas and carrots. >> it's a forest gump quote. >> i have a vision steevr and tucker that 1975 fabulous olympic pair knee socks and booty socks and head band i like where this going. >> halloween maybe a good idea. >> or maybe this summer we challenge to you a game. fire activity bladeensburg eastern avenue put a damper on the commute northeast section of district and right now task is getting by and scene in process of clearing and blad bladeensburg reopened all lanes and inbound one lane getting by and 50 understand avenue a lot of pecks opting
6:38 am
take a look at twitter a metro update for you in addition to the safe track work yellow line residual delays hunting ton there was earlier train malfunction at the airport and because of safe track surge four no service blue and yellow line between airport and pentagon city running in two different segments between blue and yellow. any other questions about the shuttle bus and national airport hit me up on twitter @erinfoxdc and good evening to debra brisko and she loves fox five and wants to say hi. >> a look at other stories trending this morning including possible break through in the fight against always i'mers. >> later on pokey monday go craze not so popular in some part of the area. please people out there have a little respect. we'll talk about that coming up. 6:38.
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>> 6:41 wednesday and we're back what is trending on the web this morning. first up new security precautions being taken in host cities for national political cop vengss later this month and cleveland a tip line for suspicious activity launched awooi a week ahead of schedule and while philadelphia police say they're on heighten add lert ahead of the democratic
6:42 am
convention. >> mow on to trending health news. researchers now say a vaccine to prevent and even reverse early stages of alzheimer's and dementia could be three years away and new genetic link between red hair and frequentlees and skin cancer risk scientists discovered red hair and frequentlees have 42% higher rate of genetic mutations that cause melanoma. the risk extends to parent with red hair as well prompting scientist to explore patient's family history more during routine appointments, steve. still to come a popular actress fed up. she's done. sounding off. we'll tell you who and powerful message for women around the world and reminder before we head to break if you have a news tip share with us 20289 202895-3000 or email fox5tip
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>> back now 6:45 wednesday morning and measure for d.c. sfaithood will be on ballot this fall and approved unanimously by the d.c. council yesterday and could help pressure congress to hold first vote on issue in more than 20 years a vote to approve stat statehood would make district 51 state and 7 to 10 residents would support statehood.
6:46 am
how the government would be set up et cetera, et cetera, to make a vote. >> what would be the name. >> new columbia. for starters that's what's written in the charter. could be changed later. >> i like that new columbia. we'll see this fall. >> meanwhile the possible new columbia will be experiencing hot and humid conditions these days. >> and lots of clouds and you are going to notice the humidity creeping up the past 24 hours and it's with us with a convenient jens. 7 sticky degrees out in washington and 76 quantico and annapolis 77 degrees. 75 haag rz town and winchester 70 and clarksburg too. all right i've been mentioned last couple weeks any time you can or any time do you get dew point temperature above 70 that's considered oppressive and that's when you notice the humidity and have it sticking to your shirt and that kind of
6:47 am
unfortunately 73 dew point in washington and 75 annapolis and numbers very, very high this morning and that sets stage for showers and thunderstorms in a rather unstable atmosphere later this afternoon. we've already had a shower pushing across the bay. locked clouds out early. mostly cloudy day today and look for possibility of showers and storms developing along a warm front moving through and again that will not only give us official humidity but eye haven'tly in increase in temperatures and things will be soar ago around here tomorrow. heat index up to 100 again and energy comes through late erin kicks up showers and storms. high pressure in charge thursday and friday. unfortunately heat index gets me dangerous category friday afternoon and has intext they'll be with us throughout the afternoon, clouds and showers, anyone of theseo
6:48 am
kick up and be a refy rainier. tomorrow we may be dry. back into the more typical summertime pattern with late day storm thursday and perhaps friday as well. there's day. 88 today. look out thursday and friday near we'll keep it hot this week. >> pedestrian laindz. >> how is it all looking. >> a lot of traffic everywhere, tucker. right now backing up inner loop as you make your way springfield interchange getting through annandale and give you yourself extra time at the specific camera by robinson terminal. you on up a bit past that area 66 on 66 inbound slow through falls church and outside the beltway slowing through center villas usual. we'll move from live cameras to a look at maps now. unfortunately virginia not only slow area. montgomery county outer loop jammed. no accidents. but from 95 over to
6:49 am
will take you 11 extra minutes to get through that section of belt we. icc 95 southbound upper loop slow and baltimore washington parkway jammed a bit in both directions. 270 south closed by truck scales. look at metro next back to you allison and steve. . >> 6:49 pokemon go invaded districts and washington all over the place tourists and washingtonians on the prowl trying to catch them all on phones or devices. >> what happens when the hot new game traendz on historic spaisz. holly is here to tell us and weaver been hearing every day it seems like another land mark and hoping for you that common sense will prevail and alas some people need to be told right. that's what we're seeing now. it's indeed hottest mobile game on market now. millions of people downloading pokemon go the game
6:50 am
people to best places inincluding historic sites and some people are slowing up at memorials and playing the game there and that's upsetting people who say players are showing disrespect. well, officials at arlington agree and tweeted out we do not consider playing pokemon go to be appropriate decorum on the grounds ever arlington national cemetery and we ask all visitors to refrain from such activity. the holocaust memorial museum southerning off it's a poke stop in the game and players can get free in-game items and they're asking guest not to do so please don't play during visit and they're asking game developers how they can be removed from the app which is a gi question. we were saying yesterday like who came up with all the different poke stuff. maybe when they were putting an app on they might have thought that that would not be a great place for people to
6:51 am
>> developers did do that. >> i think they started working on app developers back in 2012. this has been four years in making and if you look at it i mean it's how does nintendo know about abandoned call box outside of channel five that was pokey stop. yes they created pokey stops in there. and then that's directing people where to go to go get things. >> do you think they talk to them too >> and you have the choice not to do it. >> these are not like super elite level bonus once you have to have by treading across the national cemetery. >> exactly. >> i think when you're being
6:52 am
because you think they said okay. >> and you're caught in the game. >> you have wapderd in arlington cemetery and don't know where you are or how you get there you may have a bigger problem. >> not me necessarily next door. >> what did you score on prime amazon. they held the second revent yesterday and top several amazon fire tv stick customers had to pay 25 normally 40 and another big seller curved samsung television tv and tv stick and i guess you're good to go. >> that to me is not a super deal. that's just me. i didn't buy anything yesterday. >> it's 40% off. i know it doesn't sound. >> 40 to 25 maybe it doesn't but. >> my fiancee got wedding stuff things for the wedding. i know she got good deals she better have gotten good deals it's getting expensive. and personal issues this
6:53 am
morning guys. >> actress jennifer aniston powerful blog about media scrutiny addressinging in the public eye so many years and it's so tough as well as what she called the "constant talking of her and her husband. she talks about recent rumor she's pregnant. the 47-year-old said she's not expecting and she says these rumor made her realize how much society values a woman based on marital and mt erinal status. i will say this her essay is well written and important for in general people to read this. it says we are complete with or without a mate or with or without a child and we get to decide for ourselves what is fwut full when comes to our bodies that decision it ours and ours alone we don't need to be married or mothers complete we debt to determine our own happily ever after herself and she ends blog by saying she
6:54 am
of the toxic environment not only for celebrities but women around the world. >> here here. >> nobody should be talked in any way. if you want limited security don't choose on a career you rely on publicity. >> you don't have to have a child complete in this world. >> when she knows that she can be okay with that. people say what they want. it's what you believe and feel. you'll hear from people in the public eye. >> i think because of her character on friend the whole sort of mythology around jennifer aniston was poor jen what what's his name left her it's like poor jen we created that's what we do create this whole story line she must be so incomplete. i like what she's saying and i think that snarky society will say you have to so bad. but bottom line is she is at the end of the day like everybody else and has a
6:55 am
platform to say women are complete with or without kids. good for you jenny. >> the director of ghost busters is coming out friday. he works an freaks and geeks. i had to find out what they us used when they slime the actresses. remember in the original ghost busters when the stay puff marshmallow blew it up was shaving cream. what is it actually made of. >> well it's slime we had to made up our affect team had to type the right recipe made up of some kind of thing they use for gardening i was told one point tap yoke aflour and non toxic naint there it's a mess and hard to get off as ladies will happily tell you. first time we did it all set and ready and they did it and it hit her in the chest and then worked the way up to her face and it's like no it has to
6:56 am
kristin i'm so sorry i need you to go -- it took a couple of hours to reset her so then the second time we did it guys we have to hit her hit her hen hit her in the top of the head and knocked her wig off. wig started to come off. when he to combine two takes to make it work. . >> it did it knock her kristin wig off. >> give me that one. >> you got it. >> i remember have toy slime as a child. >> you remember that? >> i remember that. >> i can't math up cleaning it all off and doing it all over again. >> knocked the chris tip wig off. i feel so blessed i get to work with you guys. >> so awesome. >> come on i deserve a raise for that jock. >> forecast, hot and sticky. mostly sticky today. and then getting hot and sticky tomorrow. 77. very warm throughout early. humidity 88%. we'll have showers and storms in forecast today n will give you heads up. showers
6:57 am
88 daytime high and look out heat thursday and friday. that's what weather update. more in a minute. >> more traffic it is 6:57 slow outer loop 95 to georgia and 95 north and southbound jammed icc and let's forward map and show what you you are up against this morning. upper loop branch avenue toe metro
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>> app overnight fire affecting multiple businesses left one fire. >> plus donald trump waging supreme fight against a supreme court justice. this as he stirs up more speculation about running mate and mean, while bernie sanders says hillary clinton will his supporters get on board too. >> good question. also it is game you can play anywhere but should you? there are new concerns this morning about where pokemon go is leading players in real life. >> and a live look outsidethon wednesday morning it's july 13, 2016. weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05. >> good morning i'mal mall. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox5 news morning" let's


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