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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now at 10:00, the grandfather of a 15-year-old shot to death at a metro stop talks about his family's heart ache. >> they're traumatized. >> what the family says happened in the moments leading up to the murder. >> tensions high in brussels. police use water cannons to control the crowds. >> and a hopeful easter message from pope francis. words of support for the victims of terrorism. fox 5 news at 10:00 starts now. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm marina marraco. >> and i'm jim lokay. first on fox tonight a young life cut short. we are hearing from the family of the teen shot dead at the metro station. >> his mother and two young sisters were there when the
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murder happened. alexand alexandra limon spoke to the grandfather. >> reporter: yes, the victim sisters are young so it's awful they had to witness this shooting and now the family is left wondering why this happened. they say a stranger walked up and tried to pick a fight with that 15-year-old and then shot him. >> it was hey i'm his mother and his two younger sisters. and according to her, she just came up and shot him for no reason. >> reporter: 15-year-old devon washington died from the gunshot wound. now instead of celebrating easter sunday, his family is left grieving and trying to cope. >> they're traumatized. they witnessed their brother getting killed. >> reporter: after the fatal shotting, dc police said this. >> we don't know what the subject matter was. but it's not believed to be
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>> reporter: however the family disagrees and they say he was a sophomore and lived in maryland and he's described as a quiet kid who was in rotc and loved basketball and fashion. his family feels it's unlikely he had problems with anyone. in the northeast neighborhood where he was visiting hition mother when he was killed. his grandfather is also upset because he says in the moments after the shooting help was no where to be found. >> reporter: were there any security guards? >> no. no one was around. she saw the station manager. he was slow to react. she noticed the guy running past him and jumping over the turn aisle. >> tonight the dc police department has not made any arrests. they. released any suspect information or surveillance video from the metro station. they are however afrg a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and
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conviction. reporting live in downtown dc, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> firefighters battling an apartment fire in northeast. you can see those flames are intense. several people have been rescued from the fire. two residents, one firefighter were hurt. we have learned they will all be okay. >> now to howard county where the search is on tonight for a gunman who fired shots at a truck stop this afternoon. two people were shot. one of the victims died. the other a baltimore man in his 50s is in critical condition. early reports indicate that the shooter likely left the area. all right, you turning now to the forecast and let's take a live look outside on this chilly wednesday night. >> the question gwen, how is monday looking? >> you're going to have to keep that em brel la handy. we've got rain on the way and
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especially for the first part of the day. so let's take a look at our maps and i'll show you where the wet weather is to the south of us. all associated with a frontal system. that's going to push its way to the north up the mid atlantic and with that rainfall is going to follow o. so we are socked in with the clouds right now and you can see that rain starting to get closer. there's a huge swath of it down to the south you can see right there. but it is going to continue and as i said for the first part of monday we're going to have to deal with it. our highs today it was cool. temperatures only into the 50s everywhere. but we are going to get a little warmer once we move into the next 24 hours or so. right now it's 50 degrees in dc. dew point at 48. the winds from the east at 7 miles per hour and i am looking at seeing some fog in the overnight hours. so it will get a little bit dicey in terms of your visibility in the morning as well. so clouds and showers for tonight. areas of fog, winds from the southeast. 49 degrees for
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and as we get ready to start a brand new week and holiday monday for some of you, we're talking monday morning showers. the good news is, the sun won't be too far away before it makes an appearance and i'll let you know when that will be a little later with that 7-day forecast as well, back to you. >> and it was definitely a cool morning but that didn't stop thousands from attending sunrise services at the lincoln memorial. the tradition dates back 38 years and in the past the service has attracted church-goers from around the country. ai unique experience people attending are able to see the sunrise with the washington sunrise and the u.s. capital dome in the background. >> now on to the middle east where thousands of people attended morning mass in jerusalem. local christians joined pilgrims from all around the world. they gathered in prayer at the traditional site. turnout was not as big as it has been in
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>> in iraq worshippers celebrated. people have been left homeless after isis took over their village. they are hopeful iraq's army will wipe out the rebels and they will he be able to celebrate in their own homes next year. >> this was the scene in pakistan. a bomb blast killed 65 people and wounded three others. a group affiliated with the taliban is claiming responsibility. a suicide bomber carried out the attack. the area was crowded the family celebrating easter. the u.s. was quick to condemn that attack. >> and now to belgium where police are continuing their round-up of potential suspects related to last week's terror strike in brussels. >> police have arrested a
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man suspected of being involved in the terror attack. >> reporter: mourning for the victims of last week's deadly terror attacks interrupted on sunday. hundreds of demonstrators coming to the makeshift memorial in honor of those killed. riot police using water cannons to disburse the protesters. >> lots of families with kids were here and we had some difficulties to confine them. >> reporter: terror concerns remain high. the government called for a rally to be postponed to limit the strain on security forces. >> we are still all over the country in threat level three. there are inquires, important inquiries going on. for these inquiries we need a lot of police
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>> reporter: the airport bombing suspect is now in custody. authorities conducting raids on sunday which the prosecutor's office says are connected to a federal case and police in itly. the hooligans have been cleared out, but security remains tight as they make their way to the plaza to mourn those who were killed. >> and still ahead at 10:00, the campaigning never stops. >> gop candidates may not be on the trail but they made sure to get their message out and take a few swipes at each other in the process. >> final preps are under way for the white house easter egg role.
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members of fairfax county's board of supervisors are giving up a former perk of the job, free access to county swimming pools and golf courses. the change is being implemented in virginia. supervisors were adviced to stop using the passes because they could be seen as illegal gifts under the new guidelines. >> now for the race for the white house. while the presidential candidates did not campaign today, we still heard from most of them on the sunday talk shows. they took swipes at each other and gave their take on the state of the race. we hear more now from fox's kristin fisher. >> reporter: all three republican presidential candidates hitst talk show circuit this easter sunday. donald trump and ted cruz are battling over the treatment of their spouses. trump posting revealing a picture of his wife on online in response the billionai
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heidi cruz next to melania. >> do you categorically guarantee that nobody on your campaign, nobody tied to your campaign had anything to do with this "national enquirer" story? >> totally. i had nothing do with it. >> this is tabloid smear. >> reporter: john kasich is also weighing in. earning victories in alaska, hawaii and in washington state. sanders says his campaign has the momentum. >> i will not deny for one second that we still remain the underdogs. but we have come a long, long way. you have to concede in the last 10 months we do have a path toward
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to win 67% through the month of june to win his party's nomination over hillary clinton who did not make any campaign appearances over the easter weekend. the republican candidates won't face off here in washington state until late may. chris teb fisher, fox news. >> and more than 50 leaders are headed to washington this week for the 2016 nuclear summit. due to the summit metro is closing the mount vernon square metro station on thursday night. there will be parking restrictions as well as road closures near the white house and state department. the summit runs from march 31st through april 1st. starting tomorrow dc fire and ems will begin using a contractor to help transport patients. the private ambulance service will
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injuries or illnesses that are not life threatening. dc fire and ems kill still arrive on scene to all call toss evaluate patients, determine what care they need and how they will be transported. >> pope francis marked easter at the vatican with the hopeful yet stern message for the world. he denounced what he called blind terrorism. >> reporter: hope, renewed faith, family, bunnies, colored eggs and yes even peeps bring to life easter sunday. christians commemorate the day followers believe jesus was resurrected. >> may he draw us closer to the victims of
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in what many call a genocide at the hands of isis terrorists. in ireland a rainbow brightened the skies above dublin at the end of a solemn parade marking a hundred years since their rising against british rule. and in mexico city, mexicans burned and imploded a 10-foot-tall paper effigy of donald trump. it's all part of their
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celebrations. >> group gathering to worship. queen elizabeth was in attendance, along with her husband prince philip. including and their hats. >> the brits love their hats. what can i say. >> and some easter hats out there although it was kind of windy out there today. >> it's going to be even more winds tomorrow. the winds are going to be gusty tomorrow. so it's a good thing the easter bonnets are not going to be in full force tomorrow. but we're keeping a close eye on radar. there is rain on the way moving its way up from the south all ahead of a frontal system and here's a look at what's happening right now. we've got mainly clouds, just a little bit of a sprinkle here and there but that's soon about to change because we are going to end up seeing
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rain, that wideswath of rain start to move up in the overnight hours. it will be lingering into the early morning hours of your monday as well. temperatures right now, we stand at 50 degrees in dc, the same at annapolis. that's the same for martinsburg. winds are starting to pick up as well and we're going to have gusty winds tomorrow. take a look right now, winds are kicking in anywhere from 10 to 15, 26 miles per hour in some areas and we're going to see those winds continue to increase as a ridge of high pressure starts to move in and a low pressure system starts to pull out. lows overnight with the showers expected to be in the upper 40s and low 50s everywhere. so not very much in terms of mild conditions. our highs today were actually into the 50s. but things are going to warm up the next couple of days. take a look at these numbers. 68
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you do have the day off you might want to stay inside for the first half of the day. and 60 degrees on the tuesday but conditions will remain cool. so we are talking tonight then not bad i'll let you know what's going to be happening in the 7-day forecast. a hint, temperature rising. back to you. >> thank you gwen. still ahead tonight at 10:00, an easter egg hunt gets out of hand. >> the event quickly turned into chaos and organizers say the kids weren't the ones causing trouble. >> parents ruin everything. it was created by a 7--year-old. we'll have a story behind her invention coming up next.
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is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. ♪ you're ready. ♪ get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? it is holiday tradition, easter egg hunts take place all across the country. >> one
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connecticut cut over the weekend didn't go as planned. it seemed innocent enough it took place across the street from the pez visitor center more people showed up than expected. the hunt was supposed to take place in three stages. when the first whistle blew, kids and parents both rushed the field. >> when my son left he had a broken basket and he was hysterically crying. >> it's unfortunate people left disappoint. it's supposed to be a fun, free activity and we did our best. it fell a little short. >> some good news though, no one was hurt at the event. pez tried to make things up by giving out candy and lines were too long and mood had been ruined. >> it's
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>> tomorrow the white house will celebrate easter with its annual easter egg roll. the roll has been a tradition in washington since 1878. and the candy that they'll been handing out at the white house tomorrow was invented by a child. she came up with an idea for candy that was good for teeth when she was 7. she choose the ingredients with input from her dentist. how about that. >> i've always wondered. what kind of endorsement is that from the white house. >> especially too considering the healthy eating
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from mrs. obama. >> easter baskets, but the candies aren't just for eating. the annual peep art show is on display in wisconsin and donald trump and ted cruz made their peep debut as did the grinch. >> still ahead tonight at 10:00, elmo is joining the fight against zika virus. >> and allergy season is here. what cities are worst in the country when it comes to allergies. >> a piece of ice takes out an
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. a huge chunk of ice shattered this windshield of a car in pennsylvania and the owners tried to figure out where it even came from. take a look the athe damage it caused. there is's ice and glass everywhere. it all happened at a car dealership. no one was inside the car but a salesman and two customers were nearby when the ice fell. >> we heard a whistling news and turned around and thought we saw what was a bird and it turned out to be a ice chunk. >> the only explanation for the ice? officials believe it fell from a plane that was flying in th
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area. >> i've heard of that happening before. really dangerous. no ice here though. >> no. thank goodness. >> we've got the rain. >> i won't be all bad. in the meantime, showers, patchy fog and that's what we're dealing with tonight. and that's going to continue in the overnight hours. so be prepared. we've got this on-shore flow happening but we've also got a system from the south and that's what's actually bringing all that moisture to us. also monday showers are going to be lingering, but we'll get a clearing in the afternoon. so you'll get a little bit of a break. you'll have to deal with the morning kind of being unsettled but things will improve by the afternoon for you.
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and sunshine returns by mid week but also late week weech got a little bit of unsettled weather to talk about as well. in the meantime tonight we're talking clouds and all this moisture starting to move its way up the seaboard, not seeing a lot right now because it hasn't quite reached far enough, but charlottesville is seeing a little bit of it. it will start to get widespread once we get to the overnight hours here. as i said it will stick around at least until the early part of your monday. we're also talking fog with it. so visibility will certainly be reduced especially overnight and into the first part of your monday if you are heading any way. a lot of you have a holiday tomorrow so there might not be too much traffic on the roads as a result of that. this low pressure system moving out, what's going to happen a ridge of high pressure moves in and between those two we're going to start to see some winds starting to pick up. already the winds are starting to get ai
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they're going to be very gusty tomorrow. 30 mile per hour wind gusts or more. but that ridge of high pressure will be responsible for getting that moisture out of the way and setting us up. it's going to be fairly nice monday and tuesday we'll see the same situation with the cooler air. giving you a little bit of timing, this is kind of advanced a little bit, but here's 3:00, 4:00 in the morning we're going to see pockets of heavier rainfall. but it's not a heavy, steady rain. it fills in on its own and by the morning hours we're left with some clouds, and by the afternoon it's out of the picture as that ridge of high pressure starts to build in. our temperatures today were into the 50s. tomorrow we're going to be a lot warmer. at least
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you're going to have it feel actually a little cooler than it is in terms of air temperatures. right now the temperatures are into the low 50s and upper 40s everywhere and we're going to see later this week a warm-up. we're going to end up getting into the 70s later in the week but we also have a chance of seeing some thunderstorms. tomorrow we're talking a high of 68 degrees but once again showers in the morning, keep the umbrella handy, and by the afternoon you can toss it aside and just enjoy the drier conditions. and then we're going to warm up to the 70s. as i said later in the week but we also have a chance of seeing some thunderstorms. it's spring so we kind of have things happening all over the place. we get a nice couple dry days in between those. >> i wonder how the rain will affect the cherry blossoms. >> they do better when it's cool
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starting to warm up a little bit. i'm worried about the winds. >> yeah, that's true. >> they were falling all over the place. >> it's going to be gusty tomorrow. so fingers crossed. >> thank you, gwen. if you can't make it down to the tidal basin, this may be the second-best cherry blossom display. the kenwood area boasts more than 3,400 cherry trees. it has become a huge tourist attraction. >> of course the arrival of spring also means the arrival of the dreaded allergies for many people. the asthma and allergy foundation has released their annual list of the 100 most challenges place to live with allergies this time of year. number one on the list jackson, mississippi followed by memphis tennessee. the good news for the district dc came in at 82nd on the list. >> jackson, mississippi. >> i wonder what they have. >> we
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>> the fight against the zika virus is now headed to "sesame street." elmo will be educating children about avoiding mosquito bites that can transmit the virus. he will appear in two public service announcements. as of now there are no plans to show the psa's in the u.s. >> "empire" fans the wait is almost over. tonight we're hearing from the cast about what to expect.
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a lot of surprises today as we wrap up the elite 8. nobody thought syracuse deserved to be in there on the first place and now they're on their way to houston. >> a lot of people said they shouldn't have been in the field they get a 10 seed and now they are the first 10 seed every to make the final four. >> that's why they play the game. >> that's why you're wearing your orange. >> march 1984, i
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like it was yesterday. i was a spry 18 months old. ronald reagan was president, and the virginia cavaliers made the final four. tonight virginia was upset by surprising syracuse. who scored a game high 23 points of the here is head coach message for the virginia seniors. >> say to a group of guys like this, for all they've done for your program, and what i told him and i think it's right, i was reminded weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning and we will have some tough nights because you're so close you could taste it, but absolutely joy will come in the morning for what these guys have
10:42 pm
established for virginia basketball. my gosh, where it was when they got here, all the guys that have helped get it to that. there will be joy. >> baseball season brings with it ballpark food offerings. this year the nats are adding chinese dumplings and gourmet offerings. they're offering this. a
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nats win 7-2. march madness coming to a close. i'm pretty good at picking things. every week i along with our staff back at the home office pick the five best plays from around the globe. number 5. okc thunders. he throws it up and you get a little action there. unfortunately it does not count. that's why it's number 5. major league lacrosse. boom. got hit by the goalie. i think goalies should be able to get
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if that's not the best hit in the count, this is. you get a behind the back pass and no look over the head and dj stevens. >> you should go see the energy people in des moines. great finish there. number one, we're going to go to t-ball. moore, oklahoma. this kid
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watch as he gets to first. >> magic mike going on. >> no one has been this happy to get to first base since middle school. sorry. >> that was great. >> still ahead at 10:00, are you ready for the return of "empire"? we'll hear from the cast about what to expect. >> details to get into the streaming game. >> plus
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pick on their little brothers. .
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this shouldn't surprise this weekend's winner was "batman versus superman." it grossed $24 million. it broke the record for biggest march opening ever. >> how do they always beat each other's records?
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mom to be krissy tiegen. >> her shower was on saturday and there were plenty of kardashians on hand. kim k. hosted the party. the buffet served included mcdonald's breakfast items. >> the singer celebrated trying to crack the other's eggs. who won. no wagering. take a look. >> it was a battle before. this isn't fair
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round. >> "empire" returns with all new episodes. >> we have to get our company back but we have to start there and we have to be very strategic about it. that's all i can share about that. let's see what else. somebody is getting married and i hear rumors somebody is dying. i don't know. i guess people die when you're trying to build an empire or keep it. >> we get back to what we do best, which is the family. and you know, i keep saying that in the first part of the second season we kind of have to break up, so to speak. to show just how
10:52 pm
this is about lucius and cookie trying to peace their family back together. >> there are some unlikely alliances that come back. rhonda actually starts working for lucius and for camill which is strange. what happens with a 21-year-old hakeem running the country. >> drama drama. love me some cookie. you may soon have a new option when it comes to
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streaming moves. >> the spokesperson says the company likes to look for ways to enhance the experience. the dvd rental company started the service in a joint venture in verizon back in 2013 and closed it up 18 months later and isn't it amazing how it's changed from going to the video store and now it is all right there. that will make it competitive at least. >> still ahead tonight at 10:00, american businesses returning to cuba. >> we'll take you the company first to invest in havana in more than 50 years.
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it's being called a first major u.s. business investment in cuba in more than half a sunttory. an american company will be manufacturing tractors in a factory outside
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>> reporter: it is a 25-horsepower tractor that was designed in 1948. now in the first major u.s.-business investment in cuba in more than half a century, it will be built in a factory outside havana. >> this tractor is going to be so simple that it can be repaired in the field or in the shop. >> a $10 million start-up is the idea of two semiretired software engineers. one of whom was born in cuba. >> we realized right away that one of the biggest issues in cuba was the fact that cuba has to import 70% of what they eat. even though they do have land that produces a lot, their ability to be very productive is not there because they don't have the tools. >> the new tool will cost under $10,000 and be paid for, the partners hope, by relati
10:59 pm
cuban formers who live abroad or non-profit organizations. it is a very simple, nice tractor and can be used across the country, he says. i hope the state and some companies will buy them. the goal is to sell 300 tractors in the first year and turn a 20% profit. 30 cuban workers will be hired to put the tractors together. the company will pay salaries to the cuban government and the cuban government will pay the workers. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm marina marraco. >> and i'm jim lokay. off the top tonight a young life cut short. we are hearing from the family of the teen who was shot dead yesterday. >> his mother and two younger sisters were there when the murder happened. alexandra limon spoke to his grandfather.
11:00 pm
with what he had to say. >> reporter: this family's account is truly troubling. the teenager was shot on a metro platform by a complete stranger in front of his mother and two elementary school-aged sisters. >> it was him, his mother and his two younger sisters. and according to her, he came up and shot him for no reason. >> 15-year-old died from the gun shot wound. now instead of celebrating easter sunday, his family is left grieving and trying to cope. >> they're traumatized. they witnessed their brother getting killed. >> after the fatal shooting dc police said this. >> we don't know what the subject matter was, but it's not believed to be random. >> however the family disagrees. they say he was a sophomore at largo high school and lived in maryland. he's described as a quiet kid who was in rotc an


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