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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 10. . right now at 10, a fatal shooting on a platform at a a metro station in northeast. nor we'll have the latest on the investigation. and it was very hard to get around the tidal basin today as visitors gathered to get an up u close look at cherry blossoms. and hillary clipt on and berniee sanders taking stage with voters out west. we we'll have the results and muchu more as fox5 local news at 10 starts right now. no thanks for joining us tonight at 10, i'm teisha lewis, i'm jim lokay in for matt ackland. a teenager killed as he stood oo the platform in northeast. alexandra limon has been bee following the story tonight ando she joins us with the very latest. >>reporter: at this hour thereh has been no arrest for this deadly shooting. police say they are looking for one or possibly two suspects. they also told us they do the believe there is surveillanc
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they plan to release it, but that may take sometime. s so at this point we still have no photos or videos of the suspects they're looking for. d.c. police say a teenager wasas shot and killed saturday afternoon on a metro platform at the teen wood station in northeast d.c. all while people were waiting for the bus or train or simply enjoying a sunny spring sun afternoon and am of those peoplp witnessed the shooting. i was outside waiting for ther bus. and what happened, what did you see. >> i seen two dudes were wer standing there talking and one o pulled his gun out, shot him and ran. they were standing there talkina and the next thing you knew he e pulled out the gun and he started shooting. d.c. mayor bowser called the the homicide very concerning. she also addressed safety on metro. just one month ago another person was shot on board a green line train. >> the message should be very clear about metro and we're t
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going to tolerate it any time somebody comes onto a metro property. we're going to know who they are. sewerville will play a key role in the looking a the t video as well as corroborating any witnessor information we got as well. yvette exactly ander urges witness withs to call police. we will not tolerate crime definitely in ward 7, so if if anyone has any information to to come forward on what they've the seen. former d.c. mayor chris gray who is running alexander said he was canvassing the area and he madea some strong statements against crime. we have to do everything we can to keep guns out of the hands of our young people. we have strict laws in the district of columbia, but there are other states that don't have as strict laws as
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this is the 26th homicide in the district so far this year. we're at almost exactly the same number of homicides we had thisd time last year, but that is actually pretty concerning because in 2015 we saw a 54 percent increase in homicided compared to 2014. to in the studio, alexandrialy mornings fox5 local news. > officially underway, the un opening ceremony took place this afternoon at the warner theaterh it wases a packed house. several performers hit the stage to help especially kick off the festival. the festival celebrates of japan's gift of cherry trees toe the united states as the symbol of the with country's'' friendships. the trees right now are in fuel bloom at the tidal basin. more than a million people aree expected to come to d.c. to see the trees and partip
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festival's events.ven the festival runs through april 17. i feel like it was about a million people on metro coming in in i was a beautiful day nowhere where you were. we are on a holiday weekend so e the question is will the momentum continue into easter sunday. georgiaen with is here with a look at that. we do have some changes coming h up and it's going to mean not no quite as much sunshine. we've got clouds that are cl rolling in and they'll continuee to role in in the overnight ov hours and be sticking around as well for tomorrow. so, not quite as bright of a day. your current temperatures we've got 54 degrees at manassas this hour. 56 at d.c., 51 at baltimore. we've got 50-degrees at winchester and 54 degrees at dulles. that's the same at manassas. so your sunshine forecast for all those easter sunrise services, 46-degrees and we'll see the clouds and i can't rule out a little bit of drizzle tomorrow. that's partly what's i
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forecast and for the cherryor blossoms tomorrow as well. cloudy skies with drizzle. temperatures into the 50s pretty much right across the board. 5 t 2 by the 11:00. 55 by the 5:00 hour. 58 for the daytime high. a lot cooler. today's highs were in the 60s. some patchy drizzle here andnd i'll have the details on whathat you can expect with the seven day forecast and we'll see how that shapes up and also thehe holiday monday forecast as wells a little later. back to you. > gwen, thank you. you two more americans have been identified now as victims in the brussels terror attacks. justin schultz and his wife stephanie were confirmed deaded earlier today. the news also comes as a new suspect is accused in the bombing. theç family of 30 year old jusn schultz confirming he was killed in the airport bombing, justin's tweeting quote the last thing my brother ever told me is that hee loved me. go rest high on
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sarah and alexandria pankoski pn were the other two americans am killed. a retired diplomat is also among the dead. we also count a former colleague who used to be to the us united and who hashood several otherthe posts. investigators confirming a new w suspect is now in custody. local media claims he is the last of three men suspected in the airport that man has been identified only as if i kohl's c. in terrorist actions he is described aster wrist murder. he is described to local policee to trying to seek homeless people to radical islam. attacks in a train station killed more than 40 people and left 270 injured on tuesday. tonight thousands are paying are their respects to the victims
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laying flowers in brussels.rus in fact, my wife she had one of the men who killed himself as a pupil some years ago. she's very troubled by that. no word on a second possible attack from the metro bombing. he was caught on security camerr kay accompanying the known kn bomber and carrying a bag. > north korea is stirring the pot. they are issuing. i release a new video today it shows the nuclear attack on washington d.c..c the texts on the video warnings us provokes north correspond rethey will they nott hesitate to launch a nuclear nu strike. meantime the north korean
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attack north korea's palace unless it receives a an apologyo for what north korea says is try son. we wanted to see you more of the incredible sites from the tidal basin. i hope you get a chance to look at the cherry blossoms. this is my first cherry blossomi in peak form. for we'll be back after this. .
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> now to fairfax county where police are investigating the murder of a man. they found paul ma lying on theh ground with stab wounds to his leverage he was taken to thes ta hospital where he later died. investigators are now trying too figure out who killed him. and now to arlington where demonstrators stage a protest outside a gun store that held its grand opening today. nova armory was packed with wi customers and supporters this morning. this store also opening attracted protestors. they're not against people's right to own guns but object toj the store's location in their neighborhood. it's just really inappropriate.. it backs up to houses and apartments and it's just such a small space for, you know, w
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is called as a place that you can buy any trigger that you want. i understand that there's goingg to be some differing opinions and we understand that they have their first amendment rights,ent but we also have our second sec amendment rights. r we need to agree to disagree and live and let some members of the arlington chamber of commerce also took al part in today's ceremony.erem there was another protest, thish one outside the district in northwest. demonstrator wanted to bringd to attention to an incident that happened at that library this week. the woman asked the woman to t remove herself. the officer's action was unacceptable. he arrested after she refused. this appears to be an isolated s incident however we can noç no longer think of actions that happen like this, they are fundamental in nature as isolated. this is something that has been
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repeatedly happening.g. women are being discriminated ii all avenues of life. > muslim policy woman organizeg the event. the officer was removed from r shaw while investigators look into that incident. d.c. fire and ems will soon have help transporting patience ing p the district.istr starting on monday, the cityity will use a contractor to supplement the fire department's resources. the private ambulance service will only take patience whose pa injuries or illnesses are not ae life threatening.hrea d.c. fire and ems will still arrive first to all 911 calls to evaluate patience, determine what care they need and how they will be transported. > coming up tonight, residentsd in fairfax county can barely contain themselves. >> bear reply. > after reports of a certainera large animal being seen in the area. but first, fox's patricia star tells us what we can expect in n the week ahead. the week kicks off with easter sunday, one of the most the important days in
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calendar. for christians easter represents the time gentlemen cuss rose from the dead three days after he was crucified. w monday, the white house holds its annual easter egg role. more than 35,000 people will join the first family on then south lawn for games, stories and life music in honor of first lady michelle obama's let's mov' it will feature the fun run. it has been a tradition since si 1838. wednesday president obama hostss world leaders for the nuclear summit. it ames awareness of the global nuclear security. pursuit of nuclear weapons is likely to become one of the topics of discussion. friday, the first lace up the shoes for walk to workday and no this is not an april fool's day. it commemorates the benefits of easy exercise. ex
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disease control and prevention, about one in 68 children are diagnosed with some sort of autism spectrum disorder. they highlight the need to to improve the quality of childreni and effect the disorder. am people will wear blew to t commemorate the event. that's a look at the week ahead. i'm patricia stark. fox news. (vo) how can we really improve health care? bring back the housecall? open walk-in clinics in convenient places? help more moms get prenatal care? or use technology to find insights that lower health care costs?
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maybe help doctors spend more time with patients, not paper work? what if you did all of this, and more? because it's all connected to better care, and better care means better health. unitedhealth group: built for better health.
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now to the raise for the whiteai house. it's been a big night so far for bernie sanders. fox news projects he has won caucuses in alaska and washington state. but it might not matter muchter since hillary clinton and donald trump the coldest state in the nation is giving some heat to thehe campaign of bernie sanders. the senator from vermont has won alaska with its 16 delegates. republicans win elections when people are demoralized and they don't come out
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progressives and democrats win elections when working peoplepep and young people and seniors and veterans stand up, fight backk and come out to vote. (applause) it's turning out to t be a up ser saturday for sanders, the democratic social list is also heading into the new week with the state off washington behind him. we just won the state of washington. sanders also expected to win hawaii. saturday's victories could meanc hillary clinton on the general election may be too much too soon. bernie sanders is not going away and that's been hillary clinton's biggest problem.robl she's been talking about who she is going to run against in november. but she's there and he's a bigger problem than she portrays him to be when she's out campaigning. on the other side it seems to bt a raise to the bottom as the tw front runners talk trash about each other's spouses. in a week
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europe again bloodied, donaldald trump and ted cruz seemed to safe most of their anger fornger each other.each it is not acceptable for a big loud new york bully to attack my wife. it's not easy to tick me objection to the form i don't get angry often, but you mess with my, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald you're a sibling cowardil and leave heidi the hell alone. ohio is the next big test fores both republicans and democrats. > it was about a month ago that a protestor who rushed the stage in dayton, ohio. the man accused. to am a as dema seem oh pleadedd not guilty in court yesterday. his attorney says the 22 year old was only trying to expressto his own political views and had no intention ofç harming anyon. he has political view and hend wanted them to
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he didn't mean anything other ay than passings are high in this election and we think it's important for people who are attending political events,nts, whether they are eye tending tod support a candidate or whetherwt they're attending to protestrot that everybody is safe. > that misdemeanor charge carries a possible sentence ofps up to a year in prison, plus fines. fox5 teaming up with the at an in-depth look at the run for the white house.ho ronica clear i and tomnd t fitzgerald forth very latest on the election tomorrow at 8:306789 you can join them herer on fox5.ox5. we're streaming at fox5 airing right before fox newsnews we'll be right back.k. this week on fox news sunday, hundreds of isis fighters reportedly ready for more attacks in urine. is the home land safe. house intelligence committee chairman devon new necessary iss only on fox news sunday and is the criticism president obama
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faced for doing the waive and dancing the tango amid thehe terror threat fair. we'll ask our sunday panel about the president's objection to tho form particulars problem.ti plus the war of thecu wives. the freud between cruz antrum pes p takes a nasty turn. this week on fox news sunday.
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> this is fox5 local news at 10.10 if are ' in fairfax county tonight, consider yourself onder high alert. that's right, police say there have been several reports of bear sights recently and they're hiding dope in the woods. fox5's jennifer davis reports from vienna. yes, it was an exciting morning. whitney is talking aboutalk thursday morning when she andn h her husband ambulanced out their kitchen window only to discover it looks like
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party overnight on their patio. we were kind of con fused att first, but i heard there were bears in vienna. that was my first thought. i wonder if p the bears made iti over to my house. they a quick peak outside, they werew still there. two black bears were a.m.e knowledge walking through andhru one looked to be a mom bear, kind of adult-sized bear with a smaller bear with her.her. the bears were just hanging out between their back wall fence and a sound wall present i6666 just feet from their back door. this they had stolen a bag ofag bird seed from our cabinet and dragged it into the woods withwh them. the baby was eighting from therm bag for a little while and theyd recommended around andmm eventually disappeared. you'd expect to see a sight like this from someone who lives in h the woods.wood this is one of several recent reports coming from a
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residential neighborhood andan other areas. two black bears were also seen crossing oak den road wednesday morning and there was a sight of a bear and cub on sunday as well. don't panic if you see bears.ear whitney says she and her husband didn't. i wasn't too nervous because i think they would be more scared of us if we ran out there. we certainly wanted to keep ouru distance.di that is the best advice fromr police, keep a respectfulpect distance if you do see bears and remove anything from your yard u they might view as food to tryo and keep them away.way. we need to clean up the mess and try and get rid of the bird seed, but i think once they learn there is nothing here they'll probably move on. in vienna, jennifer davis, fox5 local new glass there is a wholi bear protocol, i believe, thatei you're supposed to yell and don't go near them, but try too scare them off a little bit.e >> i don't want to find out how that works. > isn't it a
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those and you see your cuddlycud panda bears? it's the same species, but different. >> pandas come on home to mom. > wouldn't be great if bee had pandas roaming loose? >> i'm adicked to pandas as we know. if anyone is heading out tomorrow, panda wear might be definitely necessary.fini it's not going to be very warm. it's going to be cool, but also a little bit of drizzle. we're talking a about it ofof drizzle and it's easter sunday as we all know. all so a lot of easter onettes e maybe. it's going to be warm tomorrow to services. but clouds are starting tonight to role in. all ahead of a system is thatyse going to bring us some of that wet weather. so to begin with our weatherweat headlines we're starting with chilly tonight as the clouds ard building in and that'sing going to continue as, i said, and i'll
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easter now looks like it's going to be cloudy with some drizzle, butt main day of rainfall thatt we're thinking about withabou showers looks like it's actuallt going to be on monday.onda and that's when we really expect to see a lot more precipitation moving its way along the mid atlantic associated with that same frontal system.ntal it's really stalled out. and then as we get into mid-week we're going to see a rice in our temperatures. we get back into temperatures that are going to be very comfortable and a lot milder than what we have had. we have a lot happening here on the weather buffet for you.ou. in the meantime we've clot thelt clouds and they're roling inn full force. pushing in from the south so tonight we're going to seeo s parks, but the clouds are going to be around tomorrow. i'm not going to be able to give ever in the sunshine department. we're 50-degrees in the city. 50 at hagerstown, 54 at dulles. that's the same for manassas and culpeper
10:32 pm
fredericksburg we have 55. we've got this frontal boundaryf here that's kind of stalled outt and that is where the clouds are coming from now.comi with it we're also going to see some of this moisture start tosr move up. so on easter sunday what we'rewr talking about are some pockets o of drizzle here and there throughout the day. d as we get to the evening hoursvn and this starts to move in a little bit closer we've got a chance of seeing some of this rain but primarily it's going to start to move in toward theth later part of the day, moreay, towards evening and the overnight hours and then mondayt we're going to have to deal with it a little bit. we have a flow that's going toi add to the chilly conditions tomorrow. sunrise, sunrise services 46 degrees and that's at 6:49:00 a.m. tomorrow.49:0 so when we get into the perioder of time when people want to gett out and enjoy the cherryoy blossoms through most the afternoon, maybe even lateay morning we're still talking temperatures into the 50s andand we're still talking clouds and drizzle. so by 11:0
10:33 pm
the 2:00 56 and by the 5:00 it will be about 55 degrees. we have a pretty light northerlt wind to deal with, also. monday looks like it's going tog be soggy and i'm going to showhw you a timeline from sunday tofr theom beginning of monday. behind it, though, we have a ridge of high pressure building in. that ridge of high pressure is e going to end up giving us some nice, dry weather right throught until about thursday and thatt h ill with be our next period ofpi time when we have to keep an eye on another system and we can see some more it's springtime, but i guessgues that's what we have to deal witd for the flowers and the grass t and everything else. here's futurecast for you. this is the 2:00 hour tomorrow. you can see the clouds areuds already going to be in place.ce. this will start to move its way off a little and then when we get to the to evening hours, this is monday. this is just one model. the models are in a little bitn of disagreement on the timing of this. i can't rule out early morningmn that we might get a sprinkle or two. or throughout the day, as i
10:34 pm
said, just be wear we're goinggn to have some of the drizzle sticking around. 46-degrees tonight, clouds continuing and then once we gete to easter sunday, let me stepp aside so my little bunny can hospital and down. 58-degrees cloudy skies and a pretty cool here's a lat your fox5 seven day forecast and as the temperatures start to rise a little bit late in the week another yes finally going to get back to the 70ss. we have some rain to the laterer part of the week as well. in the meantime we're going to have some dry conditions afteroi monday for at least a couple off days and hump day isn't lookingl too bad, either. i'm looking forward for thursday. make the most of it. remember you can track the weather 24/7 on the go with your mobile device, just download the fox5 news and fox5 weather app,p search d.c. news and d.c. weather in your app store t and the best part of all, the
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are free. let's talk a little more about easter but of course easter bunny finishing up the final preps. spending on the holiday could be higher than ever. fox's lauren sympathomimetic nea i with the business of easter. >> everything from grass to eggs to candy to the baskets themselves. the easter holiday has shoppers hitting the the national retail federationed says americans can hit a record 17 billion-dollar in spendingol this that's roughly 146-dollars per person. thinking about kids and those easter outfits as we moveove towards the brighter colors for spring anusoler that's really what easter allows parents too let's not forget the center piece of that basket.aske it's certainly hard to remembere an easter bunny without thathat chocolate bunny. the classics are what mostt people look forward to.o. at easter they come for very traditional chock lates. there are more suites to be
10:36 pm
7 # percent of americans will hunt for real or candy filled eggs. almost 2 and a half build willaf be spent on suites.ui there are more candies that are associated with easter than any of the other holidays, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, jellyel beans and of course those ionic marsh mellow beeps. most people hit the head first, tail is number two and then some people take little nibbles andnd then put the whole thing inin their mouth.outh three new mystery flavors foundd exclusively at walmart. am of them grew up at easterster time with their mom or dad giving them to them in their baskets. the first reference to the easter bunny dates back to 17th century german folklore. cherry is the most popular jelly bean flavor and one peep willill cost you
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you're looking for something to do thiscaor easter, a brand newe is making its day buy at kinks dough minimum. it's called delirium.. it gives sweeping views of thees theme park.ark. it opened up yesterday, whiches was also the first day foror king's dominion 2016 season. it's located in the candy apple section of the park. > i don't know if i could do that. >> i don't want to do it.o i used to a long time ago.go. > once upon a time. the capitols have already clinched a playoff spot but they still have more to play for. alex ovechkin still try to keep their pace against the blues. brody logan is here with the highlights after this.
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> dogs don't play soring, but l this one got a hero's
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this porch wandered onto the on field. are we really playing the what t that men right now.ight yes, they are. they tried to pick the dog up.hd i'm going to go. i got to go. another player started petting the he scooped the pup off quickly. he carried it off and handed it to a stadium employee. of course that scored big with fans. >> they're adorable. i think it's better than dealing with a streak error a violent fan running onto the field.. > they're going crazy with it. air bud plays football.. i'll tell you what we should do, let's talk about the caps th because it's an incredible season and they still have a lot to play for at this point. they do have a lot to play for l as far as
10:42 pm
the playoffs as well as some so playoffs. it could be a big won.. go ahead and crown them. that's been the reaction to thet capital season so far. fa the top team in the nfl, they've already clinched a playoff bert. but maybe a little about it of the preplayoff come placance i in march. fighting for first in the central division, alex ovechkin and company. there's nothing they can dohey about it. another early hole for washington and it gets worse. colt on important rack oh, grew gave up four goals on 29 shots and then things get late testy in front of the goal i here. he that's actually former cap troy brouwer, the before your rangerb getting into it with alex ovechkin. the teams will be separated, the caps lose 4
10:43 pm
in spite of the loss this caps team is on a record pace. they already set the record for team wins in a season at 45. eight games left to play. our chances are way down in terms of chances automans. and i thought our effort was really good. goo they're a good team. they're batting for first infor their team. it was a really good test foror us. we just got to clean up a couple of those individual plays and ad then we'll be a lot better. we have to bury the pub a littlt bit here. > this is the pace that they're -- the caps are on here. brad did i is only three wins away from the nhl record. the caps have a team record of 45 wins already and they are at 111 points probably not going to get this one. wh
10:44 pm
been reviewer the prevailing thought was that michael a taylor would get shifted to thee much. that was until this spring. he is batting 4 # 6 in the grapefruit leg which has someom thinking taylor starting in left sending jason werth's over sized beard to the bench much.uc > the second incorporate, nats up one-0. danny espinosa, back hands it. the fourth incorporate, nats up 1-0, ryan zimmerman. the nats win 7-0. yesterday the chicago cubsbs received some cuddly visitors as spring camp in arizona, some actual cubs. cub chicago manager ashed for two cubs from the wild park to
10:45 pm
stretch their three-month old od legs in the grass as players and coaches looked on. they even got some personal timl with the young bears. the team was even asked to name them. murphy and bart man. look north ' cheering on theor black and red asth d.c. united s still looking for their firstirt victory in 2006.006. they are still waiting. horrible execution by the back c line. you can get away with this whens bill that immediate is there. still, first half, still a bad play. baros again, his second goal of the game. united still winless losing to californias 3-06789 not so goodbye united and the caps. the caps get shut out, the natse shut out and then united gets ui shut out. it's interesting, i think at ont point everybody was assuming
10:46 pm
would have 1 and 8 which would w be caps and pen convince. the caps aren't really going to budge from the top. to when you're doing so well, do wl you want to keep the momentum or do you want to rest. re >> i think you keep the momentum. > you think so?ou t >> you got to play to win. that's it. > we shall see.> a lot of these guys do need some rest. ovechkin i is a little banked up. they definitely need to keep p up the momentum. they were handing out a grew receive figurines. > did you get one. >> i did not. a buddy of mine is in town and he's a die hard caps fan. a good gift. see you at 11. a coming up, have you told a lie lately? the ten most commonommo white lies and you might bee surprised at how much you have actually used. we're back after this.
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> okay. welcome back.we there was a new survey out on dating deal breakers and you could probably call etrenne eye opener. people are willing to overlook a lot more than you think when it comes to searching for love. 17 percent of men and 10 percent of woman say they would indeedne date someone convicted of murder. and 32 percent of men and 23 percent of women would dateae someone who is married. that's kind of interesting nearly 40 percent of men andnd 26 percent of women would date someone who posted homophobic or racist things on social media.ea this is all very surprising. the murder thing surprised me. i have to be honest.est. i'm surprised that it's more with men 17 percent, women 10 percent. people aren't i'm scared. but then think about making a murder and all these sort of i wouldn't say glam riced, it makes you sympathetic
10:51 pm
them. maybe they didn't do it. >> maybe. the ten most common white lies. you may be surprised by how am you've used recently. the number one white likes i'm e fine. 92s p of people have said that. then there's i love this gift. sorry, i'm sick. how about this one, no, i didn't see your text or hey, let's keep in touch. and this food you cooked is delicious. how about these, i'm leaving in five minutes, i'm guilty of that one. i'm on the way. i'm guilty of that one, too. >> yep. i'll be there in 15 minutes and no, you don't need to lose weight. you never make any comments about weight.eig >> never, as in ever. if you're pregnant, it's never okay. she'll tell you. >> never. 27 percent of people lie to their co-workers more than anyone else. there you have it. atm cards, we all have them and use them. you may be able to kiss it goodbye. dons
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accept smart phones rather than debit cards to dispense cash for customers. lauren sympathomimetic net i is back again with a look at the latest trend in banking. the ability to use your mobile banking app to get money from an atm without ever having to get a card out of the machine. we're talking about the ability to get cash out of your own account with just using your smartphone and you says thatthat should make me feel safer than carrying a card. it's called skimming. that's when someone else getsets your number and uses it withouti your information. > what if some one i'm very eager to see how this works.rks. you press the local banking appa i'm going to order up a $20 withdrawal from the account.cco i'll press this button that says mobile cash.ash. scan the qr code.
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take $20, i'll say yes, pleasele do. how much faster is this going to be. i take out my debit card, it doesn't seem that difficult.seem it takes you three to four seconds, reach in your purse, put the card in. with this you're going to scan the card. i do not believe he can take out money in 20 seconds. go. >> five, four, three, two, heads up. i think that counts as tenten seconds. that was pretty darn close to 11 seconds. >> your mileage may vary, lauren. coming up, the new film versus bat man versus superman. fox5's kevin mccarthy saturdayy down one on one with bat man, ben after fleck, that story and more after the
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look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. spring into fun and save $50 with an all-inclusive ticket. busch gardens williamsburg. a whole other world awaits. > it's one of the most anticipated movies of the year,, bat man and superman dawn off justice is now in theaters. kevin mccarthy gave the film aim big thumb's up. he also saturday down with thehe creped crusader and geeked out with ben affleck.leck when you say the line, tell me, do you bleed, you will. how do you say it onset? do yoo say it in
10:58 pm
and then they digitally renderdr it. >> the performance is done because the idea behind this, bat man because he's this public face, bill wayne, billionaire fill and the exist. he uses the could you al that has a voice monitor in it that disguises his voice. i performed pit and then wehen could fool with how it soundsson using the computers later to adjust obviously you look at the adam west bat man totally differentol than what you have here. if you could see those two batbt mans talk, what do you think they would talk about. i actually watched the adam west bat man because my son is really into him and he likes watchingat them. so i've been watching a lot ofot these episodes. they did a full-lent movie. i watched that
10:59 pm
it's very different, but therehe is something that remains thehe same about this character. the idea of this guy who has a secret idea tidal basin that he fights crime at night and nobodd knows about it.t. and he takes on the burdens of the city. that like allure, you know, seems to have endued this character. the scene that geeked me out tht most was in the warehouse sceneh you come up to the ground and you fright are fighting the guys. it wasn't into a board, but itt was like he got thrown down. you know what i mean? you tipe? my the hat. the movies get made because a lot of stunt guys work really hard. sometimes there's no way to fake it. you just get knocked down really hard especially if you're the stunt guy. there's some guys who took somek big shots to make it good
11:00 pm
we oh them.hem. > i am looking forward to see i've been kind of sloppy with my super heros lately. they filmed the dark night rises in pittsburgh when what is there. i'm anxious to see this there's been mixed press on it. you got to please the critic, cr that's for sure. > that's right. i'm sure it's going to be a fun movie. the news tonight here at fox5 far from over.from >> the news at 11 starts rightih now. this is fox5 local news at 11. thanks for staying with us at 11 i'm teisha lewis, i'm jim lokay in for matt ackland tonight. we continue to follow a deadly shooting in the district.e that's right, a teenager was t killed as he he stood on thehe platform at the dean wood metro station in northeast thiss afternoon. fox5's alexandra limon joins usu now with the very latest.ates alex. >>reporter: so far there hasas been no arrests for this deadly shooting. police say they are looking for one or possib


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