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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  March 25, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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news. the state department now confirming two americans killedl during that terror tack inack i plus, the massive manhunt fornt the surviving suspects and new details about another terror plot stopped in the nick of ti time. a final farewell to anafare brother in blue. b today the prince george's county police department says goodbyeye to officer jacai colson.ol we'll take you there live.e. donald you're a snifflinglig coward and leave heidi the hell alone.e. >> war of words over thef wo candidate's wives boils over.oio we'll have the latest from what some say is a new low for thehe presidential campaign. and later, the dance is over for the maryland men. plus rgiii finds a new home in the dog pound that has someom parting words about his timeis m here in washington.hi good day at 9a starts now. ♪ oh, yes, always our favor
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when it's pay day.. >> and we hope eighths good dayo for you.ou it is up deed for us. up deor good day d.c. starting right non at the top of the 9:00 o'clockoc hour.hour. friday march 25th is the date.hd i'm holly morris alongside of maureen, steve and allison.. wisdom is enjoying the day off.f >> also ahead this morning, thet wait is over for batman and superman fans.s the movie officially opened lass night. maybe you had a chance to see ie if not you'll get a chance a c today. kevin is wrapping up our super hero themed week with very v special surprise do you not wanu to miss >> first though some rain to rat start off the holiday weekend.ed what about easter sunday? foror details tucker back with a firsr check of the forecast as we gaze upon the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin. >> that is a snapshot we need to capture right there.e ri click. love it. prime timing it today, don't yoy >> looks amazing.oo amazi >> you notice cloud cover outic there. we have a few showers that arewh moving through just for ther morning hours today and thenursa we'll clear it out thisut t afternoon you want to time thatt tidal basin walk about you mighu
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because honestly it will bey it crowded again this afternoon. ar 66 now in washington.ashi nice mild temperatures.d teatu leonardtown 66. baltimore 67.e didn't really cool off a whole o lot overnight doing better in the mountains low 60s in winchester.hest. 62 in where we have had rain showersro move through and we're watchingt this little band of rain continue to make progress hererr to the south and east.. so i would expect most of thestt area will get just at least atea light passing shower over the near term and then we shallhen clear it out pretty quickly thi cold front is a quick mover andr it just doesn't have a lot ofotf moisture local toll work with at few showers and then we'll cleac o out. you'll notice the winds whichwiw have been out of the south andot west for the past couple of dayy will start to shift out of the north and west that will allowia cooler air in. cooler air really doesn't arrive until later tonight.titer once again, back into the 70s0s this afternoon and then we'llll get that cooler nair hereair re tonight take look at the weekenw forecast coming up. comin all right. there's your good fridayd frda forecast.recast 74 degrees. winds shifting out of the northo and west early showers will gett afternoon sun.n sun. i will h
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the forecast and apparently i'my playing with kev later.. >> ut-oh. >> ut-oh. >> be afraid.. >> that's a tease.ea >> like the movies should sul spoilers.spoile. >> no spoilers. >> thank you, tuck. getting to grow breaking new overnight. at least two americans wereri w among the casualties ins in tuesday's bombing in brussels. that is according to the state department.department. meanwhile secretary of statesecr john kerry arrived in the the belgium can toll this morning. g he'll meet with counterit cou terrorism officials in the eu ie during the visit. vis meanwhile the hunt is still onto as european authorities search for the surviving terrorists behind tuesday' as tack. a t at least one suspect remains ats large and police say he could bb getting help from an unknownnkwn number of accomplices.omic police in brussels have detainee six people so far.. in paris yesterday, a man who mw was also dee taped under und suspicion of plotting a tack a c there officials say he was ine i the advanced stages of a of terrorism plot and say he has connections to the ringleader oo the paris attacks. t now at this poine t frenchre authorities say they do not see
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a direct link between thek ben h belgium attacks early this weeke and the latest arrest in paris.. the big story back here at t home a sad day for friends and family of prince george's county detective jakee colson.n. >> hundreds of his brothers anda sisters in blue are gathering gi today in upper marlboro to sayoo their final goodbyes at a funeral which gets underway in just about two hours. fox5's melanie alnwick joins usu live with the latest.t. melanie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodey morning, and yeah, for the lastl hour we have seen solemn procession of color guard from f so many different lawfe enforcement agencies as far away as new york to come here andere stand and pay their respects in this solemn line not too longool ago we had the casket carryingg jacai colson the hearse coming here with its motorcyclecle procession as well. w quite the honor. it appears we're staning by at a this point. we believe for members of jacaii o
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memorial service, the secondhe n viewing i should say will get underway.un that is scheduled for 9:00 to 11:00 this morning. mni as we've been talking about it,t it's open to the public.. initially, family was not goingg to have this funeral as a public funeral but after they said receiving so many positivey posv messages of support from the community they decided to go tog ahead and open it to the publicb the funeral begins at 11:00. 1 shout last until about 12:30. 1 and people have said so muchso m about this young officer.. 28 years old.ld. began working in in the drug enforcement unit undercover officer. it really was just an a unfortunate hand of fate thatfa brought him to the district three station on that sunday march 13t 13th. 1 he wasn't supposed to be there.e he wasn't working that day. d he had driven to the stationtato just to meet up way friend andrd he just happened to be there at the same time that this
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between the suspect who wasas randomly shooting at people,eop, trying to draw officers outffers while his brothers were videoeo taping it.pingt. officers coming out trying to subdue him and colson evenn though he was not armed -- heed wasn't in his body armor, he was wearing plane clothes, he didn'd have a police car, he went ahead and jumped into the fray tryingy to protect the other citizenss around them.he you can see here, again, the --t one more pro segment here as we believe the family is coming to begin this most solemn of lawf w enforcement rights. rht people on social media and especially on the funeral homeom website they've been leavingea such wonder pull messages. one person said jacai was aas great person with great smile.mi i'm so sorry he's been takenak this way at such a young age. a i feel so much sorrow.or people thanking him for his fors service to the community.ommu even though they did not know him, d
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posting and responding to everyone on that guest book. thank you for your condolencess jacai was a goodson, he is at peace. and it is going to be veryg e peaceful ceremony here today but a very solemn and sad ceremony as well on this good friday andd as everyone begins to easter eae weekend, and officer jacaiac colson will be buried easteras monday in his hometown in pennsylvania. back to you guys. >> melanie, thanks very.nks 9:07 right now.ow we'll be paying more attentionen to the story as good dayry agood continues. in the meantime let's turn toe o politics right now the race forr president venturing into territory normally considered way way off limits.ff limit the focus turning to the wivesn of drum many and tow cruz. cruz blasting trump foror retweetinretweeting anime of th wives side by side. s trump threatened to quote spilli the beans out cruz's wife aftert a picture of milania was used ii an ad supporting cruz. trump -- cruz fired back atz fi
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>> it's not easy to tick me offo i don't get angry often, but you mess with my wife you mess withw my kids, that will it every donald you're a sniffling cowarw and leave heidi the hell alone.e >> cruz sounded off on trump' tp mention of his wife after a touu avenue manufacturing plant in wisconsin saying quote we'll me' don't try to bully women. wom all righty.> it ials 90:00 right now. >> don't even -- it's not evenot worth comments. comme it's so ridiculous. so ri >> he's ted cruz is not playing.t playi don't talk about his kids or his wife. i understand that.andt >> i think most people would bew that way you know most people would.le wd >> oh, my goodness, of course.e. 9:08.9:08. let's check on what else isonele making headlines on this fridayi morning. first up, first family heading a back to d.c. today afteray a spending time in argentina and cuba.. president obama spent his finalf hours in argentina with his family at a resort in patagonia. white house s
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tina's president came to thent resort to say good boo to our to president. he and president obama working w to build closer ties between oue two countries. days after president obama's historic to cuba, check outhe these guys.s the rolling stones, yup, we're here, they arrived in havana asa well for historic concert. they will perform for free forre tonight for thousands inside ann indoor sporting arena. ana this is the rock and roll band'n first ever life concert in cuba. the country once bannd thean t group's music. couldn't even listen to them noo their there.thei residents of minnesota are being evacuated after a canadian pacific train derailed near the small town yesterday afternoon.n the train collided with a a propane truck that caught fire e dramatic scene there if you'veni seen the picturef s.. spokesperson for canadianania pacific says they'repasays theye investigating why that propanewt truck was on t phe tracks. tra the evacuation is in effectn eff until noon today for theay residents there. sad news out of hollywood this mor
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happened link has died. doctors believe it was a heart h attack that killed him. just 66 years old.s he was rushed to the hospitalta from his home in la yesterday.a. shandling made his tv debut back in 1981 performing stand up onpo the tonight show with johnny jon carson, but perhaps best known for his hbo comedy the larry sanders show.. and finally, why should youo always return a movie on time? ? a north carolina man says he was arrested for failing to returnor check this out a vhs tape that a he rented in 2002. james myers posted this video oo youtube. knit he says he was driving hish daughter to school tuesday whene a police officer pulled him oveo for defective taillight. tai the officer told him there was s warrant out for his arrest from 2002 because he had rented a movie tom green movie if case if you're wondering and never and n returned it.rned myers was booked on a charge ofe failure to return rentalurn rent property. prop >> seriously. >> check it out. c it was rented from blockbuster b
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which is out of service.erce right. i mean -- out of business. bin it's been so for about a decade. tom green heard the man's storys and reached out to offered to t pay his legal fees. >> 200 bucks was the fine. thein >> where do you even return it.r >> that's so t >> why would blockbuster -- >> here it is. is >> you know what's crazy becausc they had a warrant out for his r arrest, right, he was taken his daughter to school.uger t they were really supposed toppet cuff him. cuff him. you have to cuff him and takecuf him there. they let him take his daughter r to school. to sch >> okay. >> then he had to turn himselfa in its in to the police stationa they cuffed him at the policeatp station. that's protocol.. >> he got an extra fine for notf rewinding it. (laughter).gh >> i'm kidding.. >> kids don't know what -- what -- rewind?in >> i have an overdue librarydu book. i hate to see what happens the there. >> he hasn't gotten in any trouble since 2002. right.t. >> there you go.ou >> okay. still ahead, microsoft twitter t experiment that went way wrong.g
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company apologizing and has soas many people offended.en >> first though why roberthy griffin the third says his timem in d.c. would have broken most m people and what's next for the former franchise star. 9:12. 9:12. ♪ ♪ life's sharing a meal. ♪ ♪ and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. brandois heaven in a jar. at's because our gredients come from... brandois heaven in a jar. rmers committed to responsibly urced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
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♪ they were dancing. alas it's over. maryland's ncaa tournament run has come to an. terps got knock off in the sweet 16 by the number one overall ove seed kansas.. they lost 79-63. maryland played a strong firstgf half. only down by one at the half but the terps unfortunately fell apart in the second half.f in the second kansas actually at out scored maryland by 43-2929 buckets wouldn't fall for the terps.te perry ellis everything fell forf him. he put up a season best 27 points and the terps coach ter marketer jenn had to answer forr ellis kansas is in the elite e eight for the first time since 2012. 12. they now play two seed villanovl who hammered miami.mi top seeded virginia will take oo iowa state in tweet 16 match upu tonight. go hoo is this
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ninth appearance in the sweetcee 16. the winner of this game will advance to the elite eight andhd take on vera cues or gone sag gs tip off for the virginia game im 7:10 >> i do want them to win sincen they beat my pirates. >> i've been cheering for uvachr this whole time.. >> great s see if they can keep it going. g robert griffin keeping hiseeng career going with cleveland c getting a fresh start there former skins quarterback not shying away from talking aboutut his years with the he took a little break fromreako social media for while. while >> he's back. >> probably a good idea.a. >> he signed a contract with thh former heisman winner and rookie of the year released by the b skins inactive the entire 2015e1 season in a conference callal yesterday though he reflected oo the tough times in washingtonngn saying "what happened thered would break a lot of people. peo after not playing football for r year i'm really appreciative of the browns stepping up andppin giving me an opportunity to goto out and grow with their team. t compete on daily basis and lead
9:17 am
i'm really excited about that ". >> okay. o we wish him the best.ka >> we do. w t we hope that -- look, you'rea four years out of being the number two overall draft pick.ic >> right. >> you've got skills. you we hope that it works.orks. we also hope it's a good team environment.viro >> you think he would havehi learned, be quiet, go graceful gracefully. prove yourself on the field. leset the halfters talk.s t don't give them more ammunitiont >> you don't have to express ts yourself as the leader. >> i'm so strong it would havegu broken a loft other people but e was able to handle it.dle different way to say it. >> all right.ig good luck.od l >> bye-bye. >> good luck.. >> it's not a bad thing. >> it wasn't a bye felicia. felc good luck and what you doing?ng? >> now to the cherry blossomom festival where there's no the
9:18 am
millions every people pouring pe into the district to take in the beautiful views along the tidal bei bei sin. s that's where we find lovely l annie yu with details about this weekend's events.d's e good morning, annie.orning, a >> reporter: good morning to g all of you.alou this is an amazing assignmentssn today. we really enjoyed being out herr all morning long. lg. and so have all of thesef t families and couples behind me.h they've been clicking clickingci away all morning long. you know we have really good mim of locals as well as people froo other parts of the world i meana we met people from thailand.ila. from japan.ap china, we also have people fromm kentucky, florida, ohio, so jusj a great mix of people and i've noticed the crowd just come ande goes in waves right now there'sr a good crowd but it was really r crowded just a few minutes agoia before you guys came to us ass you mentioned, i mean, millionsl gather here to do last year 1.5 million that came to the --e to the nation's capitol to enjoy. if you look around it is just aa stunning stunning view lined upd
9:19 am
and the blossoms look fully bloomed. there are trees that are sort of bear and you have the blossomst barely peeking through thoseouge buds but we can really enjoy wee this for the next several days.l they're talking about four to 1o days depending on the weatherng and there's a lot going on to celebrate these trees here theer festival is going on now untilnl april 17th.apl 17th you have plenty of time and youu want to mark your calendars fors april 2nd that's the popular kite festival.esva april 9th is the fireworks atewa the southwest waterfront and then of course the big parade ie on the 16th if you're free'r fre tomorrow there's the family fun day and you can log on to ourn r website fox5 d.c. for all the t details but the cherry treesrr e look fantastic out here liningen the tidal basin. of course they were gifted to u from japan back in 1912 andnd since then the national park service has taken very good care of these trees and that's another reminder i want to justj let you know about. when you come out here, pleasele do not touch them. the do not fuss with the trees.s tt we want to keep them lookingoo awesome year after year, and it's trial al sight. sig i me
9:20 am
families just kind of like -- lk people walking their dogs, bik biking, you know having littleal picnics reading books. boo and so it's just been a reallyy lovely because to you in the studio.e . >> all right. annie, thank you very much.. >> yup. put out the call earlier weer w really want to see i know you'vk got the cute easter outfits for your kids already or whatever.v. just send your pictures we'res ' about to do fab5pics but thes bt thing you've got to include seee that hash tag.h hash tag fab5pics. fab5pic you actually have to put that t with the picture and that's howh we find it.we find it. so send your pictures it doesn'e have to be easter. e i just want a >> cherry blossoms picks arerrbs fine. fi >> send me some of yours from ym yesterday, steve. >> you did old school easter pick. pick. i wish i would have thought wou about this.abt t i could have drummed up some. >> did your parents put you and your sister in matching outfits. >> sometimes we would haveould h matching outfits but maybe a may different color.ent r. >> totally.>> >> like i'd have the blue. she'd have the red.havehe ugh. mom, thanks. >> luckily i
9:21 am
match with my sister. >> that was not cute. tha >> you can. we could have if they were exace matches. >> well then,. >> send them. we'll do fab5pics soon. >> looking forward to that.wao t 9:21 is our time right now.ig n coming up a little later, have a you ever heard of there is aes chance it would be ruining youru relationship.latiship you need to learn about it?? >> we'll all learn together. we'll tell you how it'sl tellouh affecting us. >> first though err rip will join us again live for anothernh edition of firehouse friday. stay with us. with us. ♪
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♪ >> 9:24. welcome back.welc it is firehouse friday here on o good day d.c. it's a chance forr us to say thank to you local first responders.espond our erin como joins us now in nw the loft with details who we ara saying thank to you this week. w it's so hard to decide we get st many great notes and messages oo facebook and twitter and this a week we had to stafford county t fire station we're going to be honoring captain james kellyel thanks to his quick thinking ono a recent call he was able to help save a child's live.. check this out.ut >> the call we were on are dictated by spare of the moment decisions. and with children they go down really quick. quick
9:25 am
having a seizure on the side of the road. no definitive answer where the medic unit was come through andh it was a three minute transports to the hospital.. we do what's best.. ur compensation down here is good out comes and it's a greatt out come. com. i'm just happy she's doing well. actually let her come down theen other day and met it was awesome. we had her shoe. she came back and got her shoe back. it was pretty cool.itas p a good experience.ernc >> we want the to thank you forh your hard work and your team'ss hard work. w coffee and doughnuts today.tsod >> we appreciate that. >> again big thanks to james jas kelly captain james kelly andly all of the firefighters at the station. statio if you have a firehouse you'da i like nominat
9:26 am
facebook or twitter at erin fox5 d.c. we're going to beng t celebrating firehouse friday for the next few months.onths. >> we love it the segment.egmen. >> we love it. >> thanks erin. thankerin >> still ahead on good dayay academy award nominee don d cheadle bringing the live storye of miles davis to the big screen and this morning he's joining ug live in the loft. lt. first the final four we're in the talking about march madnesse though we're talking aboutng abo american idol. we're talking with latestates contestant to say goodbye neck.n tucker is back with the holidayd weekend forecast.ecast 9:26 is our time.ur time.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay then there were four. minus catherine mcphee is thehem top we're just showicpng becausc she was there last night.s the a
9:30 am
one rocker that performed, too.o >> we're getting close to the to end of the final season of seaso american ido top five trimmed down to four to last night after america said ai goodbye do son nikau. nau but this morning we're saying sy hello to son nikau that's t because she's joining us liveiv from los angeles with a lookh al back at her idol journey andrn a what comes good morning to you. sonika.soni >> good morning.d . >> i know you've had a long night but it was tough, but yout know i'm sure you have positives feelings about your time onime n american idol. >> i do.>> i d you know i'm just so blessed tod be a part of this. like, i never thought i would be here and to be like in the topop five, like, that's -- i would w never believed had you told me i was going to be doing this yeara ago. ago. >> i've been watching here andga there and i have to let you knoo who told uh-uh look like a young madonna?nn >> oh, yeah.h. >> oh, my god.od >> do you hear that all theu hee time. >> i do get that sometimes. >> adorable.rable so we enjoyed you on the show.w tell me
9:31 am
moving forward still got the, t that mug to sing and be on the stage? >> you know, i do. do. i'm not sure, but like disney is always been like a dream of mine. i would love to work with disnes that would be really cool. c and just like working on song writing i used to write and i'm definitely going to pick that ut aiain. and maybe like releasing some singles or an album, a popop album.bu >> you are a disney princess ins the making.e ma i tell you.. >> thank you. thank you. >> which judge did you connectgd with the most or perhaps gaveera you the best advice? >> you know, i got to say -- say they were all really great but,, um, i really like harry connick, injury's advice. adv >> i understand sister.and siste sing it. >> yes. y. >> he's my favorite, too.s my fr >> they were all great. allre he's fun into, isn't he? i did not think he had that sense ofsf humor.mor. >> um-hmm. his err toy they are are youheye
9:32 am
cal. >> saw catherine mcphee on the show last night. so aside from the judges which former i guess participant intit the show overall of these t seasons either helped you out ho the most or you'd rather or o prefer to perform with maybe some day if you can pick somebody? >> ooh, um, let me think.. cary underwood would be reallyel cool to perform with.rfm wi i think she's got a really great energy.ergy and i've always wanted to do a duo with josh groban one day if that would be an option.n i've only been to one concert in my whole life and it was his. h. i was like mom, please take me. >> yeah. >> the music business can be so tough. are there any lessons that yount learned from your time atr e at american idol that you reallyea think will make the differencefe for you as your career progresses?ss? >> oh, god.>> oh, you know, in the long run, i think just like performing iss something that i'm going take'mi away from all of this
9:33 am
being myself and like pushing myself to limits i never thougho i can because it happens every day iry think. i think i learn something new about myself en very day in this competition, and i don't want to sob. sob. >> we're looking at youre're audition. au you've done other shows before. when you were first in thate fi audition in front of the judgesd for that very first time,y firsi honestly on a scale of oneo to 10, how nervous were you?? >> like a 3,000.. (laughter). >> i was so nervous. nervous i was surprised you couldn't sed my shaking the i was like shaking the entire ee time. my legs i thought i was going to fall. >> so did you ever get used to d it like the shows progressedroge like last night how nervous wero you? >> you know what you get a lot t more comfortable but there's times where we'll shoot and youu won't perform for them for likek a month because i know there's t like a gap between like hollywood week yeah, then -- you get more there really awesome
9:34 am
>> i'll bet they are. they a >> they make you feely makeou f comfortable. >> now that you've got time toie decompress i hope you've had time to decompress after theesse show. i'm wondering what's in your immediate future? >> definitely not going to stopo doing music.g musi i'm definitely going to go backo to school but i'm not sure whene i would love to work with disn disney. disney is something i alwaysi a wanteed to maybe releaseing a g album or something like that.hit song brighting.ngghti >> we're glad you made it on th final season of american you know, that's got to be b amazing.amazing. >> thank you. >> we will never forget yourgetu face. we hope to see you on the big ob screen, right?ight? >> yeah. >> y >> i would love that.ou love tha that would be great. >> animated disney princess. pnc >> oh, my god you're making memg too happy right now.o ppy >> we're zenning good disneyne vibes. vibe >> we are. >> sonika, good luck to you.ood get some rest. >> thank you so much.haou oh, yes, definitely.init. >> all right. of course you can see who makes it to the top threen and a performances from them next weew on american idol right here on fox5.fox5 >> i have a feeling she'll get't to see a few more concerts.onrt >> and it w
9:35 am
officially that both kelly clarkson and cary underwood will perform live on the american ari idol finale which is in twoo weeks. >> that's only fitting.t's ly f >> they'll be joined by all thel previous idol winners i don'tnei know if any the other ones are performing but cary and kellyndl are for sure.e for sur >> that's great show.great >> nailed it even tucker might watch that.wa i've been watching this season.a >> yeah. what do you think? >> i enjoy it. i >> what did you think of sonikak >> we just interviewed her.ed hr >> i'm being honest. >> tucker i'm sorry i >> by watch you mean it's on? >> do the >> my legs have been shaking alg morning as well. >> how much caffeine did you have. >> i had at least -- i'll got -o with three large coffees. coffes d did you? >> yeah. yea >> okay g kind of an interestind feeling. o 66 in washington. in ington. 63 in annapolis. mild temperatures with usth us overnight.ernit. we do have cooler air trying tot get in here. get i hope it makes it into thet ino studio right maureen. mau. it's hot in here as -- ut-oh.. apparently i can't change my't g maps. let's see if we can get them to
9:36 am yes. they are completely stuck. stuc. yes, 66 what i'm trying to showo i was cold front coming in and that is going to bring us a change in air mass and hopefullp some conditions which will be wl more conducive to some cooler co and drier air. a i'm not handling this moving.ov showers next couple of hours.ous can we go do radar? i'll show s that you.that. i've got two clickers andcker neither of them work.or >> what's going on right now. n. >> i'm trying to do live tv but i'm not doing very good job ofdo it. it there we government a coupleover showers moving through from theu north and west streaming through here shortly and we'll clear it out this afternoon.on. daytime highs today in the midae 70s we'll clear the out tonight. overnight lows in the 40she0s weekend forecast couldn't lookk better with sunshine on saturdar and most of sunday both days dry but cooler for the weekend. weee so saturday and sunday temperatures in the low 60s i'll try to get my computer fixed ana see if we can show you the sevev day before the end of thend of e broadcast, guys. g all right.
9:37 am
i've got -- i've got -- we do. e we have the seven day. >> go ahead.he >> what's going on? >> seriously. >> tucker -- t- >> i got business to take caresa of.. there's my seven day. >> are you sure it's it's coffee you were >> the glasses oh go on i gotsso business to take care of. o. there's your saturday sundayy sa forecast.focast >> making me nervous.ervous >> taking care of business.usin. >> this show is so weird.soei >> it's really gotten weird.ei. i'm out. >> byee guys. sorry about let me apologize forrr whatever just happened. >> no. n >> gust go. >> go, go, go.. >> parents, heads up. hds if you are looking for -- >> prompter, please. >> to do with the kids overh th se pring break, check out the mi trains at cabin john regional park and wheat ton regional park. all aboard! here we go. train rides will be availableva starting today throughodayhr april 1st. ap they're doing a special foral fr spring break okay. tickets for one rider just twoeo bucks and children under
9:38 am
actually ride for free. in april they'll start to be tob open on weekends in may they'll' do weekdays and then seven dayvn in june. but special for spring breakg b week get on the mini trains nowa and also meadow side natureeat center have their egg hunt this afternoon from 12:30 to 3:00. spots available. available loving the good >> yup.>> >> okay. still ahead -- okay. o sorry about that.ou still ahead on the fox beat -- don't know why i gave you that. >> okay. >> this show is so weird. wrd >> this so is very weird.. batman versus superman week isek wrapping up with kevin'sevin one-on-one with the man playingi lex luther. why kevin says jesse eisenbergbe may be miss cast in this role. . plus his review of dawn of justice and some special guestst join us live.join us live.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
♪ to the death. dea black and blue.lue. fight night.ig the greatest gladiator match inh the history of the world godorld versus man, day versus night. son of crypton versus bat ofatf gotham.. >> look like he's saying -- what, wait? are you talking too me? me >> what? >> come on now. >> check me boo. >> batman v superman weekern wrapping up with the man of o
9:42 am
we can't not end the weekk without something special wemetl through the magic of kevin mccarthy and the connectionsne he's able to pull 32 out this ot great world of entertainmenter able to get the stars of dawtanf justice right here in the loft e so please welcome batman, superman and wonder woman!! >> whoo! (laughter). >> yes. >> you look amazing man. m >> looking good, tuc tucker. tke >> you look just like clarkike c kent.kent >> superman your super shortsups are a little off. >> gal gadot in the film nailedi it. wonder woman is incredible inan the movie. ithe >> super heroes come with us. >> this is my shout out to the wonder woman in the movie. >> i'm been waiting for this moment my whole life. l >> where am i sitting
9:43 am
>> hi, >> hello. >> come sit in my cave. c >> now you look better. >> it's all crook his shorts aro like -- >> one of the actors on the show at 10:30 from everybody wantsryn some glenn is actually in the dark knight rising so he's seens us. >> you need to fill that outha little better. >> you guys have no idea. ide this feels amazing. >> in the actual movie didieid superman go with the oxfordxf collar or polo shirt underneathe >> that looks really good, tucker.tucker >> tucker has the perfect clarkc kent hair. hai >> you really do.. >> look at those >> i owe you for this.we yous. >> you are henry h you look pretty amazing. azing >> hang on. >> kevin what's my super power?w >> laser eyes.> >> you're the man of steal.e thl >> you can fly.>> you got lase yr eyes.r >> i can't real do any of that.f show mow what to do.ow whato all i have is gadgets.
9:44 am
>> can we meet lex luther.x lr. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> i forgot that. this is going to be kind of -- - ooh guess kind of, batman batma tossing to an interview with leh luther. the movie batman versus superman zach schneider phenomenal phlegl director.rector. the movie comes out today. lex luther played by jessed by s eisenberg. >> i loved him. >> i enjoyed him. >> let's hear from him. him. >> let's talk to jesse eisenbe eisenberg. >> the red capes are cominged cp line. in the t when you get into that min te se to kind of sound that quote quo unquote psychotic when you'rehey saying it is it hard to go there like where are you do you likeok like fully become lex as you'reu saying that or do you still havl part of yourself there? i'm wouldn'ting how you go there as an actor? an >> i try to think of all the the feelings i have that are similam to like so i obviously don't want t to kill anybody but i understand what it looks to veal envious e and kind of want more power andp not be able to get it. get
9:45 am
to feel like there is somebodyis out there who unjustly hasy powers i try to explore thosee feelings in myself think aboutbt people in my past who i felt iel that towards or who i think are similar and then try to usese those feelings and then it willl look like i'm thinking about abo killing superman even though i'g just thinking about i got to call my bad back i feel enviouso i don't know, something, youkn know what i mean, that owkind od so it work. it wks i guess they call that sensorysr memory. memory you have a time or feeling thatt you have that you can attributeo to that moment in the movie. >> an interest ugh mention yours dad.t you mention your familiar.mentif i'm wondering when you make aeny movie this secretive can you can tell them what they're doing? og can you tell them i'm doing this, this is what happened i today, we shot this scene? can you even talk to your familyam about it. >> my father is the only personp who would really be interested r in it like my friends are not comic book guys. guy my dad loves superman.erman he stood online to seaman ofeama steal with his biker friends fos two hours. h i can could
9:46 am
doesn't understand what lex luther is trying to i can tell my mom about my dayyy and she won pry into looking for information, you know.ion, you k my dad probably would.. so, um, that was part of it i'mi not really surround besided bes people that interested in like n the secrets of the movie.. and then also i didn't grow up reading comic books.omic books i was not eager to share allto e these crazy things i knew we i were doing in the movie. >> all right. that's jesse eisenberg lex luther from batman v superman the film itself getting extremee many mixed i for one i'm a big sackk schneider.ei i loved man of steal, 300, 3 didn't like sucker punch.keunch he's a visionary he shot this movie on 35-millimeter film i max and ita jumps like nolan did on the dark knight rises it jumps from theep 35 to the full blown i max. so their main fight scene is inn extreme full i max and then you have these incredible action scenes bat mobile is amazing beb affleck i think is the besti ths batman since keaton i thinkhink
9:47 am
bruce wayne. bal amazing bruce ben affleck empowered the the tortured quality of batman. jesse eisenberg for me is a mis great actor i didn't think itt k was a great lex luther. he over acted a bit at times. tm he was amazing at social network obviously.viou i didn't think he was thenks th perfect lex luther. l gal gadot was amazing at wondern woman.wo it's worth seeing in the i max x they're showing it on six story 2di max it looks amazing. like the christopher nolan movies it feels very gritty.eryi nolan produced it so i'm a fania of it but again i love man of m steal and i love zach nighter. g >> how many stars. >> four out of five.>> f i want to hear your review.evie you saw it too. too >> as a viewer not knowing tooni much about film making two and d half hours flew by.lew b the fight scenes wereces interactive it kept my attentiot i wasn't crazy about the low wiw lane story line. sto >> i didn't care for thatidn' either. >> i do think that he played a great lex luther. >> you're on the positive. woman wonder woman steals thetes
9:48 am
>> what would you give it.t wo >> 4.5. 4.5 >> okay. >> oh wow. >> and it made me want to seente the wonder woman movie that's wa coming out.coming >> they're making a stand alone wonder woman. >> what where did superman go? >> superman -- >> is he going to fly? >> where is he? where is >> i think he went to fix his shorts. >> oh, no. oh, that's awesome.. >> oh, my goodness. oh, boy. b that is ifun >> all right. a here we go. go. 9:28 is our time. coming up next some last minutet easter ideas. stay with us much this really is good. od bring him back on. bk bring him back o ♪ ♪
9:49 am
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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♪ so i just kind of want tof show you how i do easter at my house.hous >> nice.e. >> no, i don't. d i just know people that do.tha hey listen if you're looking fof east basket ideas you arede you cutting it close. good news, though, our next ourn guest has some great ones andne
9:52 am
here to help us out is alexis. now look at my b there you go.theryou g owner and ceo of basket treatskr by alexis street.treet she's sharing last minute waysnu to impress this holiday and if f you do any of this you willhis indeed impress. it is good to see you. >> you too. >> happy easter to er to >> to you.. >> tell us what you're y showcasing this year.owcasing t this is your high end stuff anyy of this we can really do?? >> pretty much. muc >> okay.>>kay >> let's get to it.>> what are we doing? >> over here we have chef, who w made the.e >> coconut pietate for yous and dipped in yellow cake dipped inn white chocolate and garnish with toastoasted coconut. >> at what point did you think o can do that?can dot? (laughter).gh >> all obviously this is something --i are you guys still takinsog ordd or anything for easter baskets s or easter >> we up until 6:00 o'clock0 o'c >> okay. so maybe we should revise andnd say here's things you can getgsc for your easter basket you'reasy putting >> right. >> we have coconut pettitte fort yous. pyo >> what else.>> blueberry cheesecakes.esak which i lov
9:53 am
>> all right f i have to. f i ht hand one >> there you go.>> t >> how do you come um with youru ideas this is obviously like l easter treats at the next level. >> well, we pretty much, you y know, it just comes to us. you know all the holidays and how you like it. i oh, it's good. goo i was highly confident i wouldfi like it. >> okay. >> okay. >> tell me some of the other som things like some of the like specialties that people graphplp tight towards.towar >> then we have the brownie popp that chef made. >> chef, how do we do these.. >> white chocolate -- is this coconut?conu >> yes. >> this green?>> t >> yes. >> that's the cutest little idel >> i could maybe steal that idet and do but these little flowers are fls pretty intricate.rite >> what are these?se? >> these are -- -- >> sugar candy. candy >> sugar candy, yeah.dy, >> how long have you been doingi your >> we just celebrated seven sev years january.ry >> really? rlly? >> yes. >> and do you do mostly just
9:54 am
basket treats or do you do events?ts >> full service.serv these are a couple of my chefss and we have balloon artists, cake artists pretty much full service. >> i'm guessing these are lying >> chocolate covered cho strawberries. >> did you just -- how did youod make the chocolate that color? is it just food new york.d new r >> oh yeah it's just color thata you add to chocolates. you can make chocolate anycote color. you made into a little >> yes. >> what's thing that looksat loo really hard is something the shi regular person could do.lar o. >> really simple?? >> um-hmm. uhmm >> the candy apples. >> seriously she just said thiss >> the candy apples. >> take a stick and apply it.ppl watch the candy apples reallys l well. sometimes if you don't, there'se wax on the apples and whatever a ingredients you're putting on ii will slide off. or even bubble. so, you know -- that's the hardest part. >> i actually know
9:55 am
thing you can do is call her. or go to your -- you have aou hv shop, right.op, r. y yes. in >> laurel. >> your hours? >> my hours from 11:00 to 5:00. >> um-hmm. >> tuesdays through friday and d from 10:00 to 5:00 on saturday.a >> can you order online. order n >> you can. >> order. it gets even easier i'm workingi for you people out there baskets lie alexis street in laurel.. your website we'll have a linkan on our website you can still geg all of this? >> yes. yes. up until 5:00 today.0 >> up until 5:00 today.0 da order now. order no okay. i'll give you my address justres take this all to my house. >> okay.>> oy. good. go easter brunch at my place at least dessert come sunday. >> exactly. they do it up right.ey d >> my goodness.go still ahead microsoodft twitteri exempt that backfired big time. >> why do we surprised? we've seen this so many times.hi i hate it.s hate go ahead. ahe >> we're not.>> we're not >> i'm sorry.>> i'm s >> not us. we're not. >> do you know what numbering
9:56 am
>> i just found out.. >> we'll tell was it is it migh be something that is ruinings ri your relationship but you're inu the aware of it yet. i don't even know weights we'll fine out and we're not going tot bury the league don cheadle isle with us in studio he has a new n movie coming out about miles mil davis.davis looks phenomenal, right? we'llw talk with him about that and some of the highlights of hishih calireer. >> all right.>> first though it is coffee time s on good day d.c.. if you've been eyeing our cooloo new good mug listen up we have h new good day din did he do youid nuts mug to give away. awa the great cup for that greatreat done did you doughnuts head on over to one lucky winner selected byectb random drawing.wing. hurry you only have until 11:00 to time now is 9:56 and 38 secondsn we're back with more good day d 10a on the other side of theid break. ♪ i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger.
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>> you know it. the big stars come on good dayce at 10a. >> live in the loft, academymy award nominee don cheadle. chead he is here to talk about his new movie about the life of jazz o musician miles davis. >> and ladies, you won't want tt miss this. thi the men from the new film everybody wants some are alsorea live with us in the loft.he l >> what do we want exactly. ect >> i want find out. i want find we're not done yet.'rnot also here with us, live in thee kitchen, celebrity chef mikee isabella just wait until you see what he's got cooking u >> what way to end the week.y t. the good day at 10a starts right now.w. ♪ oh, my gosh. g you know i love ending the weekk on sweet note.e. >> aww. >> how is this for sweetnessweet overload. >> how about this for sweet swe
10:01 am
it looks like your basic chocolate.ole. right?ri >> but wait. ahh!h! >> what? w >> real surprise.>> it's an r oreo. o >> what mad genius thought ofeng >> alexis. (laughter).r). >> alexis here she is. >> what are you having.yohavi >> what are you hunching on.are >> this used to be theo he cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake that holly tried.olried >> so good.>> so good. >> i'll take little bunny cupcake, too. t. >> grab one of each.ofac >> see if we can match kevin's >> just bring them all. a >> that might do it.. >> oh, man. oh, >> i'm not taking it. >> good day d.c. 10:00 o'clock.o if you do want to order some of those sweet treats again orderto in alexis treats in laurel and u you have to get your order in bb 5:00 o'clock today if you want d it for well worth it, though. thoug thanks for staying with us forhf the 10a.th1 i'm steve alongside holly, maureen, allison. wisdom is enjoying a niceice deserved day off today and he's missing out on this these the delicious treats.reat >> let's check what's trendinghe on this friday morni
10:02 am
first up sad news out ofs o hollywood.ywoo you might heard about this abo i yesterday afternoon it was a a surprise.rise comedian gary shandling passedas away. >> hi, gary. g >> oh, rob.ob hey, everybody.dy it's rob reiner.eine >> the act best known for hisor hit hbo comedy the larry sanders show. he's best known for hisown his hollywood satire shows, his docc queue comedy style.y style he was also a giant in thent industry very well respected byd his fellow comedians and what'sa a very competitive business. bus shandling made his network debub back in 1981 performing stand up comedy on the tonight show withw jannie carson he became a frequent guest and fill in hosts for carson when he was on o vacation.vacation >> gary is from tucsons arens a arizona.arizon welcome gary shandling.gary >> i eight dinner last night att a friend of mine's house and heh has,, what do you call thosell o things? baby -- he has baby. (laughter). >> you know he's one of those t comedians that laughed athat himself a lot almost to the point of
10:03 am
>> when he laughed or smiled sos genuine.e. >> always smiled. smi >> very unexpected he passedpec away yesterday at a los angelesl police called to his home ford m medical emergency apparently hel suffered a heart tack. gary sand long was just 66 years old. >> that's sad.>> t he'll be missed. >> it does seem very young.y next up, a social media experiment by microsoft thatft t went off the rails. the company shut down its its service yesterday after users ue said it offensive the comments t prompting similar responses. now, thai was an artificially aa intelligent software shaat box b which communicated throughthroug messages on social media media services like twitter, facebook, snap chat and taken gram.aken ga but hours after it launched it started spewing antisemitic rants which twitter users collected and then posted on pod social media. one tweet from thai rid hitlerit was right.was i hate the jews.s. another was a response to a a question about the holocaustst saying it was all made up.p. micr
10:04 am
thankfully thursday morning andg erased most of its tweets.. >> the purpose of that is was what? >> it basically gave voice togai what people were saying.e say is that what it was?t w >> i don't understand what itit was. what the point was to beginoegin with. that's what i'm -- it seems imsi guess -- i don't really totallyy understand how it was working oo supposed to work but it almost m like you are having are hav conversation with the chat bot o so maybe what you need into it i it responds to.s t so if you -- >> when people started asking siri ridiculous question. queio now it goes out to the world. tr >> i guess how it was programmem it didn't disagree with you. why it just responded back similarly like to something you wereom saying. >> still trying to find out how -- how -- >> hash tag bad idea. >> have you ever heard of fubbing.bbin >> until 20 minutes ago, no.0 mg >> experts say it is ruiningning relationship.. fubb it's snort for phone forho snubbing the act of using yournu cell phone to seek emotional
10:05 am
release. lease. according to the survey morehe o than 400 people, 46% say they're partners snubbed them by takingg out their phones. pho researchers say the practiceracc leads to conflicts over cellverc phone use which impactsts relationship satisfaction and also affects live satisfactionsi which then leads to depression.s the good news is if you'reou pretty secure about your statusu in relationship it becomes lessl of an issue.ue >> but it's still very annoyingn if you're with somebody --od-- >> i'm seeking emotional supporp in my phone right now.e rit n >> they're just like kind of busy doing something else.ometne >> drive me nuts.eut when you guys, h you're kids ors older and you have teenagers if you have one of those talks and then they're like okay, you're r like do you understand? um-hmms yes, i understand and then -- i can see it so clearly how theyy look for the escape here like,e, okay, let me just see what'seeha going on with my twitter. ttter. >> you need the chick-fil-a boxa to put the phones in when you wn have the >> that's old school. schoo that's old school at thatl a tha moment. and put your
10:06 am
>> let me call myself out.e cal. i don't know if zula ever donelr this to you.. there's been times i've try to get done and hayden is talkingta to me and he'll go momma, putoma your phone down. >> pretty bad when four-year-olo says that to you. >> next christmas he'll want a a phone. phone. >> mine already does and askeda me to post pictures. pictu who are you?who e yo >> maureen umeh's daughter. dau >> all right. well we are becoming more and more of speaking of sharing onha social media sharing society and we share cards and homes,, vacations. well now there's new app that aa will let you share a dog it's is called bark and borough. it's for dog lovers who can't wc have furry friend of their own e so people could then borrown other people's dogs for short s visits or even overnight staysy and for dog owners it's like yoe don't have to pay boarding feesf what is this? okay.ka so sign up you have to create a profile become avert tide user,u connect with a dog loving lin community macarism.m with fellow dog lover and ld pay online and have fun
10:07 am
only concern with this is, yous, know, people are crazy. >> >> and i wouldn't trust -- whenh you take it to a place that'ss bonded and insured and all ofnso that and i can go there and say, what -- my dog, what happened? >> i don't hasn't my dog >> they've been doing this inn new york. it's picking up a littletle steam -- up nick popularity inut new york.w yo they do, you know, you have h to -- it's not going to protecte from you doing something bad bug do you have to put in all yourlu credit card information, allor your personal information andnfi that all has to be approved byvd the people running the appunnihe first. rs if something does happen -- hpe >> levels of security, sure.ecus >> they know who they're dealinw with. >> i'm not a pet owner for those of you are you say pets are likl your kids. kid i cannot imagine sharing out for kid.d no matter how nice and wellel intentioned they are.neey a >> if you can forge a irg relationship with somebody and t do it threw this app and fine ae maybe a few people, like, youiku have a yorkie you find somebodys else that has a yorkie you have this common bond -- playmate. pt >> like you said al if you'refou going away for the week and whyw would i pay money to boa
10:08 am
will pay me to take it away frof from me.e >> i can see it.>> i >> look at the up side, al ifp a 3$you want a puppy if you don'tn have a dog and you want a puppyp for like a couple of days.f >> that's true.>> tha but i know me i would never hurh an animal or be a person thatt would do something bad like that but any way if it's working forr whoever, good luck. l >> it's a talker. tal >> hot on the web this morning r this baby went viral for her her could you say sin postedd this picture on read it.yotu my baby cousin has hair that looks like a news anchor. (laughter). >> photo viewed 3 million timesm >> my goodness.dness >> and she's become the face ofo many memes.ny >> it is so adorable.rabl >> solid hair right there.ere. >> cute little haircut. >> the old wives tale i -- theyy say when babies are born with at lot of hair the mother has a lot of heartburn.rtrn zula had tons of hair.f i had no heartburn.. >> perfectlperf
10:09 am
one.on >> the little pixie cut.he lit >> i think that has hair produci in it. >> look at that baby. loo she's like -- look at the fists, yeah. got this. >> nailed it.d i >> very cute. >> she's cute. >> 10:09. still ahead academy awardward nominee known for movies like l hotel rwanda in which he wasas nominated for academy award, oceans 11 and 12 and 13. don cheadle is here to tell usls about his new project legend len miles davis. davis. >> the stars of batman and superman respond to shall we say mixed reviews plus new signals selena and justin are backn areb together want to expect when idol science off. 10:09 right now.t now good day celebrity dish isish i coming up next.ming up next.
10:10 am
it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face.
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tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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♪ all right. rht 10:12 right now.right n time for to us serve up a little celebrity dish here on good dayd it will be a good one on thisn s friday edition many our owno o kevin mccarthy may be loving lin batman versus superman but he he actually may be in the minorityr the m
10:13 am
negative reviews with only a 30% rating on rotten tomatoes. >> ouch.>> >> guess what? the o movie stas are responding. soup merman himself told yahoool movies uk "what is going to rel really matter i believe is whati the audience says" henry cavalrl went on to say the audience's voice is loudest and after thisi weekend the audience will att least partly have spoken. ben affleck or batman of courses as he's now known agreed.d. with henry's sentiment. sentime >> it wasn't that the bottomsn't line. >> who cares was the critics think. how many tickets to they seal.ea >> break out the tissues ladies. criminal minds is about to get hot.t. sheinelle moore, hello. >> sorry.>>orry >> distracted.istrte >> he's officially leaving thelg series after 11 years.1 yea fans are in for a shock whenn moore's character derek morganoa decided to leave to focus on his family. moore'
10:14 am
wants to focus on his personal a life and recent interview hentei said he wants to walk his dog,, travel, get married and have kids.. why can't dough that and do theh show, too?? >> well, you know, 11 seasons ia guess he's just ready to dodyo something else. else. >> so good on it, though., tho >> oh, yeah. >> maybe work for him was youas will encompassing and didn'tssgd allow him to do stuff outside.. >> he's fine.. >> he's still hot.ll h >> he's still hot. hot. >> can we put the picture back up? >> next up, rumors are swirlingn again after is he leap in ae lep gomez stepped out for exout for boyfriend justin beiber's purpose tour concert is theshe staple center. cente she was spotted by fans in theat audience she took a few photos o with some people back stage. of course this led to rumors ofs a rekindled romance for the duot to start up again. and now e news is report theep couple is talking about gettingi back together.he >> time out.. >> didn't she just say no way,ay no how. how. remember that quote we read fro her about two weeks ago?
10:15 am
>> two weeks.>> maureen, oh, my gosh. gos >> what am i saying. >> young people in love. >> my allergies are getting torg me what am i talking about. abo >> that was so yesterday.esrd they've gotten back together anr broken up and gotten back in that two weeks. wks >> serena williams is goings green not for the environment. they debuted a new hombre greenr hair color.or she posted his picture and captioned for jeannie and a chrissy you scatter asked for it. all right.all ri it almost doesn't look like herr >> i know. i kw it didn't look like her to me tm either.eier they're headed back to where it all began. beg grammy award winner kellyelly clarkson and cary underwood will be performing on the seriess finale of american idol. the three night grand finalendin week of american idol kicks offo with a show titled american idoi american dream. the 90 minute retrospective will air on tuesday april 5th rightth here on fox and feature many former as well as
10:16 am
judges, simon cowell, paula abdul and randy jackson.ackson >> wow. >> one idol star who will beill noticeably absent from the the celebrity lineup is philip phillips. >> why?>> w >> singer is current until legal battle with nike entertainment to escape what his league teamgt called oppressive contracts that came along with his season 11 1 win. wi now the two part grand finale on american idol will be broadcast live from dolby theaters ons on wednesday april 6th and thursday april 7th right here on fox it starts on mondayda april 5th which we told before you that. you so, you know, just scratcht scrh american idol in for that week.k >> just don't ever done off fox5. >> chris hemsworth featured ontn the april edition of modern ofod luxury miami being all kinds off hot.ho uh-huh. see, um-hmm.e, um-m. just let me -- m >> i don't know if i enjoy thatt facial expression.xpression. >> he looks like just like clint eastwood's son on that. >> no, he doesn't g what's that guy's name again. aga
10:17 am
>> eastwood.twood >> i don't know.>> i't >> scott? >> scotty. >> interview with the magazine 32-year-old actor shared that he loved to be an actor but it can be a bit suffocating.uffocating. he shared that the best cure foe that was his family's move to me farm on the coast of australia. hemsworth dish on the excitemenm of having children saying it'sag refreshing live in no longer ala about me it is a great change og pace from the acting world quote is the most self absorbed worldw i can see that.eha >> i can see that. >> perhaps that's why is a marcr moore is leaving. >> sit on you mate. >> this next story may provero chris hemsworth point of madonna got in huge trouble with the nen york dot when they placed fakela tenant parking only sides in front of her upper side s townhouse. no parking in the cement andeemn painted the curb yellow. >>
10:18 am
>> i think that's kind of funny. yesterday the material girliagi responded to the drama only what madonna cheould. could she said yes, expletive i'm i'm madonna that's my driveway if if people park in front of it it oi can't drive in my driveway.vey so sorry the city doesn't likesl the color yellow we'll paint itt nice dull gray to keep our keep neighbors happy.ap sorry. i'm saying three extra hail e h maries this easter for myy transgression.anress >> wow!! >> two snaps and a circle. >> $40 million or four thou sanu dollars don't park in mys don' driveway.dr >> i know really. i k >> i agree. >> there's nothing more's nhingm aggravating than comingin home,ing. >> that's genius. get yellow paint. >> by doing so everybody knows about it now people know don'twd park in her driveway.veway. >> exactly. >> it is easter weekend and thaa means a lot of easter egg huntsh for kids and apparently adultsyt can have fun as well. >> oh g. >> how cool in this on easter sunday brunch guests over the ot age of 21 get to hunt for whiskey bottles. bottles. here's what you're looking for.f first of all we should talkd about this.abou >> sorry. sorry >> but there they the this is going to be we'reing ta
10:19 am
the fourth seasons in d.c..c they're having easter egg hunt h for the kids and easter bunnyteb will be there.he. and then when that is done, d brunch starts at 2:30.. from let's see 12:30 to 1:30 is0 for the kids. kid >> start now.rt now >> after that the hunt forunor adults start at 2:30. 2:3 after you had perhaps few drinks you can get out there.can er and then you look for thesehe little bottles wrapped up cute c and pretty --tty >> allison are you opening you yours. >> pastels.>past >> that's how it starts.rt >> here's a hin.ere's a if you're going doing down lookl at the plants because therese t might be some hidden in the plant. >> i love the name. whistle pig whiskey.hiey >> 10 year and 12 year scotchsch whiskey.whiske good stuff.od stu. hidden menu item too i hope we're able to share.hare if you can ask for it the of off the menu easter eggshell infused with a savory infused you ask for the eggshell filled savory custard off the menu
10:20 am
easter item. im >> oh, my gosh.h, my gosh. i hope you wrote that down. >> you ask before you fine these you have a better chance of remembering. >> or saying it correctly.ctly. >> i like that's desert not onto the menu. >> you can still getet reservations at this late date? i know these things phil uphil p quick. >> that's a good question.good o can you, do you know?ca >> you can.>> >> all right.>>ll rig >> glad i asked.. >> we'll negotiate maureen and a see what we can figure out.e o >> kind of cool. it's nice. ne. the kids have something to looko for. for. why shouldn't the adults.. party responsiblely.nsible celebrate brunch responsiblely.e >> that makes after copiouser co amounts of mim mow is that soow and champagne.and champagne does that work well. w >> don't mix your liquor.liquor >> your not supposed to mix -- - >> that's like beer and liquor. >> beer and liquor never sicker. liquor before beer never clear.. >> or i've heard.'ve heard. >> just rolled that off. >> 10:20. 1 >> thank you very much foryo coming in. 10:20.10:2 good day goes greek in honor off the new
10:21 am
movie two.wo former top chef mike isabella will join us live to serve upo p some of his homeland signature cuisine.cuis can't wait. >> awesome. >> first though the fab five fif coming in. co just use the hash tag fab5pics p we want to see your easter theme pictures. like this.his. ♪ ♪
10:22 am
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♪ all right i want to take you back to to one of our top t stories.stories. difficult emotional day foremot friends and family of princeam george's county detective jacaii colson. they and hundreds of hisedsf h brothers and sisters in blue are gathering together in uppertogei marlboro to say their final f goodbyes at a funeral which getg underway in just under an hournu now. fox5's melanie alnwick joining i us now live with the latest g morning, mel. mel >> reporter: good morning,dorni guys. so the pomp and circumstance has quited down here and we're seeing much more subdued crowdrd now arriving here. people are still gathering inat the vestibule of the firstirst baptist church here and they ara standing in line slowly to filef past the casket of detective dec colson and pay their last say a small prayer.ra let his
10:25 am
family as well as his family ini law enforcement know how much hh and his service meant to them. e we were given a copy of the program here just a little whilw ago. i can tell you that marylandylad governor larry hogan will make l remark as well as county executive baker and people of p course you would expect, policee chief hank stawinski and pastors from jacai colson's up bringing from pennsylvania and from north carolina and then of course hish mother and father and his h younger brother, too. the family also was giving us a little bit more of an insight into the life of jacai colson.ol they said that he was borns born prematurely and he was always a fighter, that he was the kind of kid who really cared about his academics and he loved hisis sports as well.el they tell a story about during his football career he in 2004 0 he in one game
10:26 am
touchdowns and ask the opportunity to score a sixth but hasn'ted the ball to a fellow teammate to score.core the kind of guy jacai colson bub cared very much about his work.r he thought it was unfair at thet age of 13 he couldn't get a job and as soon as he can at age caa four he started working at the t local rec center and then graduated from randolph maconlpo college went on to do health hea care work before deciding that a his true calling was to be a member of the prince george's go county police force.. so he will be remembered herered daday. the ceremony begins atin a 11:00 o'clock this morning.or it should go on until about a 12:30 this afternoon and then he will be buried in his hometown in pennsylvania on easter ete monday. back to you guys.. >> melanie alnwick, thank you.ou also happening now, breaking bak news from metro. m erin has the details for us onlu that. gat's going on erin.'s >> that's right. just in there's a fire reported on tfihe tracks outside the coll ton metro station in arlington.n
10:27 am
the orange and silver lines l between rosland and boston. also they're shutting downttingw traffic on wilson boulevard anda north high land street.nd see no traffic getting by north high land or wilson boulevard thishi morning.rn lots of fire activity at the claire ton metro station.on. they've requested shuttle busess to get folks between rosslyn and ball stop also affecting the silver line at the wheelly wheel reston stop.rep. we're gathering more're gatherie information. we don't have any reportedave injuries. we'll keep updated on here oner good days.ay watch for big delays as you heaa out on the orange and silveril lines. line back to you guys. >> err rip, all right. ripig e keep close eye on thatp clos situation. it's 10:27. 10:27 in the next half hour big namein in the loft in our second halfod hour today.hour today still ahead, legendary actor act academy award nominee don cheadle will join us here in the loft. first, though, did you love -- v new movie out everybody wants some. the sequel to dazed and confusee
10:28 am
this flashback friday. get out your boom box. good day at 10a back after this short break. bak ♪
10:29 am
we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity,
10:30 am
gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
10:31 am
♪ all right. the new movie everybody wantse some two acclamationev points vy important directed by richard r link letter one of the greatestt film makers of all time.ll did he boyhood. bho great movie as well and dazed and confused.fuse this new film everybody wants so spiritual sequel.ue three of the stars of the comrse dough are with me.. you actually sat in the soaredha we wrote that.we wte that. that was actually -- that's tt' pretty awesome. >> intuitive.ntuitive >> worry pros.>> w >> is that the spiritual part. >> yeah.h >> do you have a scene in the in movie you're saying what am im thinking right now you're're thinking about sharks or whatever. peop w
10:32 am
and confused one of the greatest movies ever made matthew mcconaughey huge star became a e big star later talk about what a spiritual sequel technicallyechl means at the audience if they've seen dazed confused. cfu >> if they've seen dazed andnd confused it's tomorrowly veryer similar if you're fan of dazed a and confused you'll love thisovi move z it's got like muscle carr and mustaches and great soundre track and, you know, i'm -- dazed con fused one of myne o favorite movies but i think ihi we're pretty danm good. g >> we have a lot better malele thighs. >> male thighs.. >> hairy man these are manly 1985 ---- >> '80's texas thighs. thi >> we see a lot of thigh in thet i didn't think about that untilu now. >> now it's all in your >> flashing back to every sceney do you have to get the thigh tgh work out in to get the thighshe looking right for baseball.r ebl >> w, tell us about your thighs, bro.o >> my thighs just kid
10:33 am
naturally there. tre so i didn't really do much else. >> mine are -- it all work out.. >> i had thigh implants. i >> this is not a question i love the line in the movie yov say you have not earned teammatt status yet this is not highot h and it's interesting to me to me because you have players whola w think they were bigger than the were in high school theybi gety into the college level haven't to get reality check this is a s different level.t lev i'm wondering do you guides --u can you guys look at that actor in regards to stepping onset int regards to how new actors acclimate to a cast. cast. >> i think it's universal. it'uv i mean, it's -- in acting it's s in sports, it's just climbing cn the social latter, it's climbinb your, you know, economic laddere if you're looking for that newt job, you know, you got to adjuss to the new level.ev i mean, it's all over the place. >> your character smokes littlet bit of marijuana in the film. just slightly. >> what? >> maybe. >> i always wanted to know.want what do they use -- i know it'si not real. t real. what do they use for that int in movies. movies.
10:34 am
>> what is it for real? >> it's like tea leaf. lea it's horrible. it's like smoking hair and likel dirt. it's not -- - >> crush up erase sorry and sryd smoked it? (laughter). >> you have a moment where youre say you take the record smoke in a sequence. how many takes was that? thathh was a pretty wild shot to watchh >> yeah, i think maybe like, iay don't know, five or six probab probably. then they had like a contraptiop after while because i'm going to die. no, no, it was like five or sixs takes of trying to get the mosts am of smoke my lungs i couldi c possibly.ssib >> you guys obviously in then film coming of age quality touat the story line.the story you guys are in college talk t about like did this take youakeu back to like feeling like you lo were in school again? what didd it feel like for you guys ass actors?? >> i left school
10:35 am
i was sitting in my linguistics class when i got the call i wasi going to be in this movie.hi moe so i mean i was still kind of in college doing the thing. tng >> oh wow.>> oh wow. >> i didn't have to flashbackhae too far.r. >> if you're in school and sool richard link later is directingc a movie do go out and audition t for it and you literally geteral call as you're in school?l? >> my professors told me aboutla it during the when the auditions were and ieri didn't figure out that i wasai cast until three weeks into thee semester.mest >> wow! that is is in now obviously you've been in massive films. fms dark knight rises was when you go from massive hundred million dollar movies to a lower budget, not low budget but like more -- no special effects andtd green screen. is it different to get into the character when you're on an a massive budget set versus a ver lower budget set.wer budget set. >> i think it was like ahit wa $15 million budget and about 13t of that went to my it was very important.orta >> i had to work for he's actually the craft services
10:36 am
double duty.. >> i was happy to do it. it. we had glenn on it.. >> very exciting.itg >> sometimes we get star truckge by myself really. (laughter). >> at the end of the day it'sd f like with a movie like dazedikea we're making everybody want somm and you make dark knight rises,h you doing the same kind of movif i feel like there's more love ir this movie than any movie i'veov ever been a part of in terms a s lot of like tlc and everybody ey got to collaborate with rick ank people actually care about whatw they're making.e ng. >> right. >> how long were the guys taped up on the wall taking the baseballs. >> they were up there for while. >> can couple guys were strappee upside down. he was legit mal passing out.. >> everybody wants some openingi up in dc.up i dc. thank you so much for coming in today. >> no problem.o problem >> thank you so much for comingh in,, g >> steve back to you over theree buddy.. >> kevin, thanks very much.veryc that movie hits theaters nexterx week. still ahead milsey ahead the name
10:37 am
you can see the star right now.w all we need is don cheadle. >> cheadle juice, cheadle juicej cheadle juice. >> we'll chat with him. don't go anywhere. good day is after this.
10:38 am
it's time to get out and explore.
10:39 am
. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. spring into fun and save $50 with an all-inclusive ticket. busch gardens williamsburg. a whole other world awaits. ♪ >> 10:39. you absolutely do not have to be a jazz fan to know the nameso miles davis. you know the name if you're jazz fan you know the music as well.w you might not know thenot know t fascinating and complicated livl that he led.eed academy award nominee don
10:40 am
cheadle now bringing his story s to the big screen. see here's a clip. c >> that's right. i wanted to sting it, you know, hit it and take it up. ♪ >> oh, yeah, man. m. ya'll listening to them? that'a how it's supposed to sound.o so. >> hold that over the nextr thex minute. nu >> hold that over, man.. bet result.ul. >> better groove.e. >> yeah. yeah let's do it.let' >> thanks, man.. >> that's a clip from the new cm movie miles where cheadle plays the grammyhm award he also co-wrote and directed it true labor of love this morningi don cheadle joins us live in thi loft with more on this labor ofa love. good to see you don.yodon. >> amazing to have in you stud studio. ank you for all your workr l yo you've've don >> you didn't grow up playinggru the trauma pell.the trma p miles davis d did you not butut you played an instrument.nstrum you had at least the notch of tn music. musi how did that work itself into is learning how to play
10:41 am
for movie? >> well, you know i played alpha sacks growing up and i wasowingi looking for ways into that music so i was looking fog my alpha a sacks heroes cannonball anothera derr recall was one of them,fhe charlie parker obviously. couldn't nan ball played with miles davis i'm 11, 12 years old. d. digging through my parentsmyen albums and pull out these albumb and listening to this mew zighiz and i was immediately taken. so from, you know, 40 years agoa 30 years from for me i was wayas into that music. >> can i physical you somethingo even for me when i grew up i i w played the trumpet for little l bit in my life growing up.rong i was just trying to find like k connect as well. wl i think maybe kind of like youfu like i heard different trumpet music, okay, then i heard milesl davis and i was like, whoa, who, whoa, now this is taking this ts another level. l this is cool. c as miles davis wold portrayed.oy >> when you really startedyou rd getting into the music you know that it's jazz, it's rock, it's funk, bebop, you know, he work with easy mow
10:42 am
before he died he was producingi music with prince. so he was constantly on theon search for the next sound andoud the sonics of the day and that'' the most inspiring thing to menm about miles davis is his, you know, sort of unwaiverringaive nature to fine the next >> you say in the movie ifn e mo you're going to tell a storyll come at it with some attitude,u, man. ma i love that line i'm wondering e as director telling the story s talk about bringing attitude toe the story and telling it with aa attitude.attitude. >> well, you know, i definitelyl didn't wanted to something that was kind of versions we may havh seen before with movies about historical figure especially musician where is you can swap p out the name or the musician ana you're just waiting for that fot beat in the movie. you know what's coming i wantede this to feel unexpected and improvisation sal an have floweo to it which is i get from fro listening to miles davis musicis and studying his life.ise. it can go anywhere.nyere. >> when you direct yourself in movie what are things you likee about yourself as an
10:43 am
dislike about yourself as anelfa actor. >> i think most actors that you talk to are very neurotic abouta that. you know, i don't like to watcht myself back and it's hard for me to -- producer more and more idm have to do it but it's difficult for me to watch those scenes ana i don't have any objectivity ani i'm wall to wall on this one soe it was really >> how do you know if you'ref directing yourself if it's likek we need to do this again orga o we're good.e >> did i do i do >> 30 years i've been doing it.. you kind of understand wherestae you're at and also, you know, ik want to empower the peoplehe ppl around me and did have great gre cast, great actor who's have,hoh you know, wonderful instincts ic and know what needs to beeeds to accomplished in these scenes ans you let everybody be a part ofdo that process.that it's collaborative.borave >> what aspects of miles davisev are with you right now? you you play this part.sar you directed it.ed you co writing it, and your a y sitting here today as donson cheadle. ch what aspects of miles are stilli with you after leaving it?ng i >> i mean i think if you aref doing it right you're always as trying to dig into yourself whee you're playing any character anr
10:44 am
that you both have and thehe similarities that you share ande expand on those.. in some ways he's been with me forever since i was listening ti his music i still play trumpet.t >> you know what else he'snowhat carrying around his trumpet. >> literally.erally. >> that's something that i didmh not anticipate as hard as mean unforgiving as that instrumentin is, it's something that if iha don't play now, if i don't haveh it for while, i miss it. i >> so many miles davis fans hern in washington, d.c.n ingt obviously such a huge jazz scens here in washington, d.c. in and if you need any other reasoa to look into it for local l connection the stella door stela sessions he put oh out a box out after the old club in georgetowt back in the day.back in the da you have another dc connectionco to look night. a lot of times when people putep bio pick out it kind of tells tl the story of somebody.y. what do you hoping that peopleha get out of this story of milesfs davis? >> the desire to see the movie e like 15 more times and bring asa many people as they can and juss buy tickets for miles ahead ifad they're
10:45 am
movie. buy the tickets for miles aheade you know, mostly reallyy revitalized interest in hisest h music because, you know, milesno would always say if you want to know me listen to my music. mic there's so much of it. o the library is so vast and itt spans 40 years. so there's almost for anyone ae place where they can get into i miles and it's great, you know,, having done this movie and meetm people who didn't know anything about miles before.ef he did something before that.ort then i meet other people who are like didn't know anything abouta miles before tutu. t >> growing up in the '40s and '50's and playing all these a place. >> he touched every facet ofeve music, so young and old, new new people the miles davis experience, old people the milem davis experience.vis ex it's all in the movie.'s a in all that music there and it'sre all represented and miles has ah place for you. >> was it hard on your voice att all, hard on the voice to do the voice? >> it's straining. it's what we do. we suffer through and cigarettet and cocaine helped a lot.
10:46 am
(laughter). >> there we go.>> >> that's the headline from thit interview.interv cigarettes and cocaine helpedoch him do the performance. (laughter).(laughte >> miles davis literally fromm july-yard to the jaws called miles ahead.he don, appreciate you joining us this morning.this mning >> thank you.>> t y hotel rwanda is a masterpiece.r. >> thank you so much.ha you >> so great.>> so >> very cool. all right. holly, zen it over to you.t ov . >> all right. i think you'll like what i havet because coming up good day goes greek. top chef mike isabella and his executive chef partner are already whipping up some good g greek concoctions in the goods g day cafe plus they've got some m other projects in the workshe wr you'll be interested in. be in that's all coming up next onpexn good day at 10a. ♪
10:47 am
10:48 am
♪ discover every way to easter at target. get a $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries. see store for coupon.
10:49 am
>> if she goes to northwesternes she'll stay in chicago t. >> let's go over there. t >> no.>> no >> right.>> >> there she is. >> did you invite the family?? >> i told my ma.. >> sticking with the movie theme this morning my big fat greek ge wedding two is in theaters now e and to celebrate good day is going greek and here to help usp
10:50 am
la and george pokoni. the men behind the greekd g restaurant in bethesda which ihi love. i want to know who brought the eyes so and the plates we'lls 'l break on our heads.. >> we're missing uz. >> we have some of that bourbonb left over. left >> never disappoint.apin but it's actually greek independence day.penden d >> yes, is march 25th.5th >> we're celebrating.ebra >> yes, we are.>> >> here's the deal. dea we're going work in the kitchenn >> i'm going to put you to workw >> the pretty faces over thereve are going to talk.o t >> somebody has to do the heavyy lifting. li >> get us underway and we'll lew them talk about some good thingi happening. >> one our signature dishess we're doing is moose ka more m vegetarian version i kind ofan i have all the ingredientson hereh laid out for you prepared headpe time but it's real simplel spl preparations of just like slowly cooked potato, slow rovingovin eggplant and mushrooms i chop up and treat ick like me
10:51 am
nace and kind of layer it all ia this casserole pan and bake itnk in the oven. >> we'll start layering. >> get to work >> i'll talk to the boss over to here.he. >> so mike, she mentioned newonn restaurant in bethesda.n this is not the first cap notice. we have several across the areac how many. >> three did you have lines of cap notice at a verna and we have four total right now. nw >> super ambition project in the works now because in the effortf to take isabella over the worldd now, what are we going to do? d? >> i'm opening up in 20177 isabella eatery 10 concepts it's going if in tie answer is answe gallery ya, you know, we have we probably about five or sixx existing concepts that will beo similar, but a little bit different like we have threeik different types of cap noticepee we'll be putting cap notice more coat a fourth line we'll doo guyer rows and breakfast retaili lines of greek products. >> we're bakely doing to take tt what we w
10:52 am
as food court in the mall tysons gally ya and the whole thing iss going to be essentially yours,o, right? >> yeah, this is -- more like a foot cord/food emporium.. >> i knew you would put thew u o fancy words in there. in the i was trying.i was >> we'll do something special n one else is doing.soing we have a huge operation, youu know, we have full service we'li have retail. we'll have quick service. serce we'll have a bar. a b you can walk around withit cocktails and shop, you can,ou drink. you can go eat at different eate reece you can eat at one eateryt >> here's some pictures.some p this is what you're expecting it to look like. l lik >> right past the coffee shop sp goes graffiado.. >> love it.ove it. >> i will second here. h we have a serious coffee program called non fiction coffee that's the bar and us soleal bella eatery in the center of mallfal that's called the took gone bar because it's shaped like an okro gone. >> are you going to take overr the >> it would be the next logical
10:53 am
step.ep. >> listen why people because,, you know, george and hollyndol putting the touches on thises o greek dish and you have cape c notice and all these greekhesere restaurants. you are not a greek heritage, i, that correct. >> that is correct. t i'm italian but i did train coha cooking with greek chefs greekhk restaurants i fell in love withe the food. my mom was a vegetarian i eightg a lot of eastern mediterranean foods, a lot of lamb, a lot of egg plants, the flavors havevo been in me. >> delivers are distinctionable. >> i think we need to check witw these you found another ingredient idi wasn't aware of.wa what was that ingredient.reent >> that's the sauce.he sauce and this right here is thisthis cheese -- kind of like the greee version of parmesan.of parsa >> it's called what, holly?lled, >> i don't know. >> sheep's milling. >> i didn't catch that >> is this the end here.e. >> yes. then we'll put a little bit off bread crumbs on top and then thn we'll bake the whole thing in t the oven tog
10:54 am
>> all right.>> allht >> and cap notice cuisine in asi it's like for the table dish sos if you come in with your family. >> family style.amilyle >> exactly. we serve it with a spatula andpu you can serve yourself it's likl a nice little vegetarian versioo of what the real thing actuallya is. >> oh we bake this at? t? 350 degrees for about 45bo minutes. >> watch this. come with wit all right. rig. >> get that for you. >> i'll put this in. i and through the magic of television, voila! vla >> we got one ready. ready >> look at that.ook athat. >> holly you did such great job. >> well,ing. >> so fancy. >> if i had a plate i'd break ik on your head steve. >> celebration of greek culturee the timetable for the new placep for the gally ya. >> galleria isabella eatery summer of 2017. 201 probably six more cap notice in the meantime, right. rht (laughter).ter) >> >> thank you all. a >> thanks so much. m >> george, appreciate it. opa! >> come on, 1opa.on no opa. >> opa! >> thank you
10:55 am
>> we need uzo for the opa. o >> all righty. rht movies and theaters now. n we want to get one last look atk the metro station situation outa there with erin como.n c what's going on? >> 10:55.0:55 metro confirm to us it wass w debris on the track not a cableb issue. they still need to test thosed t trains so right now because ofou the fire activity outside of claire ton no service on thenhe orange or silver line betweenwe rosslyn and they hope to resume thingsngs shortly now because of that, tt, we're seeing delays on the bluee line and also the silver lineill right now only operating between wheelly res sin east and et a ballston again fire activity aiv outside of that location inion claire ton. t closing some roads in arlingtonn wilson boulevard at north high h hi land street. str detour around that. the situation should be wrappinl shorely.y watch delays for on the orange,, silver and blue lines. blue lin check in with me on twitter atet erin fox5 d.c. d.c we'll keep you posted. back to you in the loft. l >> we are -- still talking about our greek food. >> it
10:56 am
to bring food and us to not tryt >> no, no. >> you were going to try it during the set.he set. >> absolutely. a >> we'll try it now.>> we'll tri we have a few seconds left.ds >> let me get some plates over here. here >> all right. >> all right.. >> got a final word, tuck? t >> let me do a final weather weh forecast a couple of showersplef moving through as we speak and once we get them to the east ofo us afternoon sunshine.unin 74 today. tay but this weekend up side lots oo sunshine beautiful if you wantul ito get to check out the cherry blossoms it will be littlewillel cooler. daytime highs saturday andhighs sunday in the 60s but near 70 bb sunday afternoon.ftnoon beautifully for easter. >> want to thank everybody forhf sending in the fab5pics. we had a family that we weret w trying to get on. >> 80ing birthday beingth celebrated. sorry we wouldn't get it on.ld >> you have to -- it has to go t hash tag fab five pick. f look at the pictures that didpia come in. so cute. cute >> keep them coming everybody. have great holiday weekend. >> yes. yes. >> happy easter!! >> happy egg hunting. >> happy greek independence dayc
10:57 am
>> can i get one, opa! opa!
10:58 am
10:59 am
aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> my girls are always turned out. ♪ and here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you. thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience.


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