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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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> this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, spring arrivesi tomorrow, but no one told mother nature. could it be snow in our forecast? gwen will have the t details. one day after the first eaglet was born at the national area born right yep we remain on on eaglet watch as the next egg starts to hatch. protestors try to stop a donald trump event in arizona. > thanks for joining us tonight, i'm matt ackland andnd i'm teisha lou is in tonight fo lauren. tomorrow is a day am have been waiting for. it's the first day of spring, but winter isn't going away quietly. we were saying how cold we were in the news room. >> i was freezing when i went outside. > it has been a wet evening fog sure, but could the rain turn t into
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gwen with the very latest. hi, gwen. gw >> let's take a look at our mapa because we've had a lot of improvement n tonight. t you can see a wide swath heading off the coast. as we zoom in just a little bitu closer this is what has moved insofar. take a look at the dry slot that you're going to where things are right now. we are going to see some of thah as we move into tonight. to tomorrow, we have a different df story to talk about we have another round. here is a look at what's going on with the winter weather advisory. it has been reduced quite a bit in the area. it has been in effect until earlier it was in affect sundayf until noon. areas of rain, rain, snow mix ix what we've been dealing off. of it has been pe
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a coating on grass more north m and south, but on sunday we're w going to have another rounder r because we've got a system that's off the carolinas that's going to get a little more littl energy as it moves up. we're talking some morning rain and snow possibility and in thee afternoon and evening showers ev some rain before it's out off here. temperatures right now into the 30s, mid to up 40s and a couplea of low 40s on my p map. ma nor tonight we're talking about an overnight low into the 30s before it starts to taper off. we're requesting to get some dry periods before we see more kicking in tomorrow. tomorrow's scenario may be just a little bit d i'll have more details on that h and of course all the importantt seven day forecast in justhe a about it. > thank you, georgiaen with. remember, you can track thee weather 24/7 on the go with your mobile device. just download the fox5 news and fox5 weather answer. search d.c. news and weather. the answer are
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virginia where crews are cr prepping for a long night ahead h.ea they're not taking any chapsin because it's really hard to h determine if there is going to be and ice on the roadsç tonig. vdot plans on having crewss working on the reds tonight jusu in case. alexandra limon is life in li alexandria with more. >>reporter: hi, guy, that's right, the virginia department i of transportation is deploying crews throughout northernthro virginia. in fact, you can see some of s those preparations happeningprep here behind me right now. no trucks getting loaded up with wi salt and what they're going to do is head out and look for fo trouble spots. now, i'll tell you what they're not going to be doing and that is pre-treating the roads. >> i spoke to a spokesperson with the virginia department ofi transportation and she's telling me there's no point because anything they put down would have been washed away by the rain that we got and the additional rain that we might get. so it's just really poin
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lead these trucks up with salt and also sand so that they can h go out and look for any troubleo spots, any ice that may formeday on the roads on bridges, on on ramps, things like that.hing so if there are problems they pr can then address them. what we're really focusing on on are the pavement temperatures. whatever has fallen so far, if we start seeing very low v pavement temperatures, then te we're going to start getting icy spots which is going to be our main concern. now, of course, the virginia department of transportation has a request for drivers. they say if you need to head oue the door, be a little extra vigilant. take your time, slow down. it's dark out and you not know o if you hit a slick spot. reporting life
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alexandra limon, fox5 d.c. news. > the changes in temperaturess have made it rough to predict when the consistent are cherry blossoms are going to bloom. they predict the blossoms should appear sometime next week. we once we get through the wintry weather we are expected to warm up next week and that should sho help the blossoms reach their peak > let's take a look at politics now. donald trump won't stop his campaign even though some are ar taking unusual steps to try to r slow it down. do in arizona today demonstratorsar roled out banners in the middlei of the road and stopped traffic. trump was campaigning outside phoenix. police finally got the carshe moved out and traffic resumed. to new york city now where protestors matched against trumm in the they gathered near central parka some chanted donald trump go away, racist, sexi
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they headed towards the trump tower where trump leaves. some of the protestors sayto police used pepper tray. tr we want to tell you donald trumo will be here in the district ono monday. he's checking out the progress of the new trump hotel. that's the old post office pavillion on pennsylvania avenue that is being renovated into a a trump hotel. ho it may be months before we leare what caused a deadly maniac in m russian. a united arab plane was circumstancing the airport for two hours because of windy conditions on the ground.ions when the pilot finally tried to land the plain it crashed. all 62 passengers and crew werew killed. we get the latest now from fox's will car. >>reporter: tears mixed with snow makes as unbearable grief takes hold. an american-made jetliner crashes, the plain carrying 62
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people was being operated by the middle energy star airplane fly dubai. contributing weather may haveng been a factor. in spite of the harsh weather conditions, examination of the accident scene continues. s the remains of bodies are being taken to be forwarded for fo investigation and genetic tests. it's not known if any americans were aboard the doomed flight. all 62 people on board wereard killed. among the 62 people we have eight ukrainians. uk > this is the first crash for r the budget airline which started operating in 2009. the age of the plain not likely to be a factor since the fleet is relatively new. this particular aircraft was a only five years old. investigators already have a lot of information. two flight recorders have also been discovered during the site
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investigation they have also been forwarded to decipher is for examining. they have been under extreme scrutiny after a plain crash in the sinai peninsula last year. that plane is believed to have o been shot down by a bomb. > a suicide bomber in turk which the explosion happened on istanbul's main pedestrian shopping street. a dozen of the more than 30 th people were injured in the blast were furriners. the white house says they are in contact with turkish authorities. the bombings killed more than 230 people across turkey since n last year. eagle watch is on high alert tonight at the usherette one day after one of the egg hatched, the second one has began to crack, also known as pipping. we'll be right back with
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and we're back with the eaglet watch continuing at this hour at the national if you've been watching we sawsw both of them fly into the nest.e maybe it looks like they're in for the night. i could watch this all night. n >> me, too. we are awaiting of the second bald eaglet. cracks were seen today. the hatching of these eggs, itt really has grabbed national attention. the national arboretum eagle cam has attracted mills of viewers so far. another eagle nest is getting a lieutenant of attention. it is in alexandria, virginia. there is no web it's all part of a view some say they wouldn't trade for the world. jim lokay has mo
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mom is not moving.movi on this quiet alexandria streeta way up in the trees just above the gw parkway there's a view that can only be described asesr breath taking. >> i'll be on a conference callf and i'll stop and they wonder why i'm not talking and i'll see the bald egg also fly by. look closely, it is a nest. it is georganne martha's home. i'm watching my eagles they were here last year about this time. martha, the female is sitting on another she hatched an eaglet last year. bald egg also are long off the distinct list. it's so wonderful to know thattt they're coming back the second time. they built up on their nest. i'm going to be able to watch this every year as long as i'm here. we can't see into
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their behavior is consistenton with those of expectant egg l parents. if indeed georganne martha are preparing to welcome another eaglet, what would be that little l one's name.litt >> i don't know. let's sea who gets the nomination. > now turning to some sue justt news in prince william county. officers were called to a home on golden leave circle last night where they found theound injured man. s what taken to the hospital for treatment. police soon determined the the shooting initially happened near blue gray circle in woodbridge. officers found a pan dead att that location.loca still no word tonight yet onyet what sparked this shooting. support continues to come in for officer ashley gown on, thehe prince william county policeia officer killed in the line of duty. woodbridge hosted a
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raise mile for guindon's family and two other wounded officers.f > we're here to support the community. obviously this is a very tragicc event.ev we want to come and show that wt support our police officers in the area as well as ashley andan her family and the two other officers that were injured. > donations are also being accepted online through the police benevolent association. > to prince george's county now, a candle light vigil will be held tomorrow to remembermemb jacai colson, the prince george's county officer killed during a shootout last week.ek it will begin in the district 3 parking lot on barlow road in landover. he died after being shot by by another officer who did not n recognize him and viewed him ass an armed threat.ea the deadline has come and gone for people to get certified forf the district's popular summer su job program. earlier today the lines wereline wrapped around the department of services building. this was t
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to get certified. so am young people showedowed interest in work. the city decided to extend the deadline to today.oday the job program will provideil work for people between the ages of 14 and 246789 the program runs six weeks and begins june 27. > so many times i talked to mayor onbarry about this johns's program. this is what he was most proud of. really most known for his legacy. when you talk to folks this ishi what they remember about him. > coming up tonight, one woman proves it's never too late to get an education. herein credible story nearly three decades in the making. first, fox's jackie abeen asen a takes a look at what we canat expect in the week ahead. sunday, spring is here, the first official day of the seasos also marks president obama sunday, the christian holiday commemorate jesus christ
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into jew rouse lem one week one before his rest reluctance. the passing, a contemporary recalling of christ's last hours. the past stars the american idol alum chris documentary. also on sunday, president obama becomes the first sitting us president to visit cuba in nearly 930 years. he's scheduled to meet with president ray yeah castro to cas discuss regulatory changes the us has taken.aken on tuesday, the president will address the cuban people. later day he'll attend tampa rays game against the cubans. the this as the rolling stones performs a free concert in havana friday. > while this is happening inn cuba, voters in
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head to the polls as part of the primary process, utah and idaho will hold caw cusses and arizona voters will host their primary ballots tuesday.ues christians all over the world commemorate good friday. fr then on saturday, democrat voters in alaska, hawaii and washington are caucusing. that's a look at the week ahead. i'm jackie abeens.
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> well, in case you haven'tn heard, pope francis has joined instagram, the wholly fatherhe posted his first picture alreade showing himself with his head bowed kneeling in prayer with the caption pray for me in nine different languages. his first pose racked up more than 70,000 likes and all thatht happened in the first four hour after posting. the pope already has more than 400,000 followers.lo his instagram account name is
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> president obama is preparinga for his historic three-day tripr to cuba tomorrow. the commander chief is the first sitting president in nearly 90 years to visit the island nation. the trip comes 15 months after he announced the restoration of diplomatic ties between two countries. wise house officials say theyic are hopefuial both sides agree e more tourism. star wood hotel says it hasas signed a deal to renovate three cuban hotels. president obama plans to call ol senate republicans to consider his nominee for the supreme court. fox's garret kenny has more. >>reporter: the white house isn't taking no for an answer. all week the administration hasd been laying out itself he's ' strategy forgetting marette ma garland a nomination. any nomination for presidentat obama is essentially dead on arrival and thatth
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president should fill the opening on the supreme court. democrats argue that republicans are advocating their constitutional duty by refusing to give garland a hearing and a vote. they are using d.c.'s go to strategy. this time with the supreme court vacancy. we saw that today in the weeklyk addresses from both the whiteth house and the republican party. this is precisely the time we should treat the appointment of the supreme court justice with the seriousness it deserves because our supreme court is supposed to be above politics, not an extension of of politics. the question now is what choicei the president and the democratim leaders will make. will they join us in doing our jobs on behalf of the americanar people or will they instead seek to further divide our nation byy turning the supreme court process in a blatantly partisan back and forth. these kinds used to hearing
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this fight is expected to carry on all the way through the election. after that a handful of republicans have hinted they could change their opinions particularly if hecht or bernie sanders withins the nomination. i would rather have a less liberal nominee like merit garland than a nominee thatthat hillary clinton if she were president would put forward. a small amount of people saypeop they are willing to meet withit garland after the two-week break but they point out that it ist only as a courtesy. > maryland congressman chriscog van holland has picked up a big endorsement for a senate run. kennedy townsend says she is backing edwards. she's distorted van local van under's record on social security.
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edwards and van holland are competing for the open senate seat. > a rare saturday meeting on cap l toll hill today as formerm intelligence director david petraeus was asked to give comments. he talked privately with the republican-lead house committee investigating the 2012 terror attacks in benghazi will i bei e yeah. among the topics discussed wered the public talking points issued by the cia and the role thenn deputy cia deputy mike moral played in writing them. the top suspect in last year'sea paris attacks was discharged from brussels today. we get the latest from fox's benjamin hall. >>reporter: today, sally and december lamb was formally charged with participation in a terrorist murder and he admitted to belgium investigators that ht wanted to blow himself up at thh france where his brother dieddid but he changed his mind.
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scenes in which he and four others were captured in if the bruise also raid.aid. three others were charged with hiding criminal. dramatic footage showed the moment he was taken from the apartment and bundled into a car. his lawyer has announced theyn will fight ex triadics. he has arrived at the prisonpris where there are special isolation cells for terrorists. it's unclear how long it will be until he is sent back to france. they are searching for any accomplishes. they are hoping he will give them information. he planned much of the operation and he is now told belgiumlgiu investigators that during the summer he traveled around urinel to pick up other tackers. we know now that the police were tipped off after he called a ca friend for help.
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and passed on the cell number he was using. catching and tulsa lamb will be an intelligence gold mine andan today they warn inter poll police that he might try toto flee. > this saturday night do youdo give yourself a little extra time each day when you head too work? well, a new study reveals about traffic in the district may not surprise you at all. it didn't surprise me, thatme, story coming up. up this math professor is a lieutenant richer. what he did that no one has been able to do that earned him a lot of cash. we'll tell you what it was coming up.
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we all know
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is -- we're going to go to weather before we get to distracted driving. d because people could be distracted tonight by all of tht rain. > the rain and snow mix or o whatever else is out there. >> you better believe it. it i'm sure that everybody has on their mind especially with thesp weather conditions. we have a little bit of improvement going on right now. so that's at least some goodome news. a little l l short lived so so let's have a look outside thereh you can see am of our areas have seen a whole mix of things of tonight going on. some of you haven't seent s anything at all while others have seen p a little bit of the light snow or a little bit of of rainfall. here's some of our twitter tw followers who sent us a couple a of pictures.ict this one in today man cuss. c we talked about if anything it y would be on grassy surfaces and that's exactly what has happenea here in this photograph. the second photograph i have noh idea where it was taken. they didn't say.n't definitely, look at this, beautiful cherry blossoms or bl trees
10:33 pm
blossoms in the middle of some snow covered grass. it's moving its way out fairly quickly here from the system that we've dealt with that moveh in from the west. wes here's a look at the big picture here but we have another low pressure system off the coast oa the carolinas. that's going to be our next little interesting piece of of energy we have to much what. wh here's a look at what is going i on. here's where things are right ar now so you can see what we did e have and how this is starting tt move out. not over the mountaino however. still dealing with some snow showers there and some accumulating.lati however, the winter weatherr, t advisory is now ending at midnight where it was earlier only going to end at sunday at noon. so that's at least improvementat as well. we're still seeing a a little bit of rain and a little bit of rain/snow mix. it was taper off with exceptioni of the higher elevations. sunday we have a chance of o seeing a about it
10:34 pm
snow rain mix. not a steady rain in betweenn these two we will get some so breaks. there's some dryer air aloft. the good news is that the temperatures are on the surface are too warm for it to stick. the temperatures in the higher elevations and into -- higher elevations is where we're seeine the temperature a lot l cooler. low pressure system getting a g piece of energy here off of the carolinas. this is going to be round two for tomorrow as we see that rain sticking around. another wet day tomorrow, but tm once again we'll have some breaks. 38-degrees right now in d.c. 36 in baltimore, 34 at gaithersburg, 35 at martinsburg this hour and culpeper at 35-degrees. it's got a very light northesterly wind. warmer air is on the way. wa spring officially is tomorrow. s it's going to be a little delayed in esmolol formulation m of the temperatures. we're going to get
10:35 pm
kicking in under the ridge of high pressure. before the week is over we're we going to be in the mid 70s plus. warmer air definitely in my forecast. in the meantime for tonight, 35-degrees your overnight low and thank goodness this is not s blow freezing. mix kind of tampering chilly with some light winds. tomorrow we have another systemh from the carolinas. tomorrow might be a about it of drizzle with a little l mix inel it and not a major, heavy of he downpour of anything at all. once we get into the late afternoon, evening hours tomorrow night we will have a fair amount of rainfall. ra here's a loot your fox5 seven day forecast. my concern is now for sunday night into monday and that's th because of those temperatures sunday night flirting at thehe freezing mark there is going too be some neighborhoods where it t could be right blow freezing and with that precipitation sundayio night early monday we could have some
10:36 pm
we'll have a little bit more ofi a handle on it once we t into i tomorrow. in the meantime let's smile at the 70 and 74-degree days later in the week. rush hour for monday morning might be a little tricky. it depends on the timing of tham with the colder air. but we'll pin it down. > spring is here in an hour ano a half, right. rig >> it's coming. > i'm ready. rea thanks, gwen., we all know that distracted driving can be dangerous, but d young people and inexperienced drivers are especially es vulnerable to the dangers of self imposed roadway hazards. ha that's why a major car maker is response org a series of drivinr classes this weekend to help teenagers help better preparing themselves for this responsibility. we are out in the dulles parking lot where they're going to help teach young drivers and theirve parents some of thers dangers ta await them behind
10:37 pm
it's a free weekend driving d clinic that is made to be fun, but also instructtive.. > this exercise showing younger driversci what it's like to be imbaired behind the wheel, whether it's drug or alcohol wheeling your bad decision. the object, of course yours is to not do what you're doing. i honestly can't see -- i mean, i can see the cones, but judging exactly where they are.e th that's it, isn't it? your wholo perception changes.ange mike expect is a driving inspector ford. the reason that we do this is do that the reason cause of death e among teenagers in the united states is car crashes. this course helps point out the dangers of distracted driving. r there was a shopping cart. i just took someone's skateboark out. your cel
10:38 pm
here. all that we're saying is look, you're on a straight road and id somebody pulse out in front of you now you actually have to ha drive the car.e you have to maneuver, slow down, speed up, turn, do something and that's what this simulates. the ford fund has been doing do this for 13 years now. our real drive is to make them understand what the consequences are. here we're learning the correct way to steer out of a sudden skid. it's something that often turns deadly. you have to point your eyes down the road where you want the cara to be. not that thing you're trying to avoid. tough to control when you're in an panic. pa when we look at an instance of somebody wrapping a car around a telephone pole we look at it ast a loss of control when maybe that's not what happened. ha again, this weekend's clinics are free. you can sign up
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skills for life, but spots are limited. bob barnard, fox5 local news. > speaking of driving, does itt feel like you spend a lot of time sitting in your car as yous try to get around the district? it sure does to me. to you are not alone. a new study found area commuterc spent on average 75 hours per hu year stuck in traffic. that's the second worst behind loss angle also at 81 hours. ho the study found nationwide na commuters spend a tote l a of 8 bill extra hours stuck in in traffic. i think i'm more than 75 a year. i think i travel about an hour o day and i live in the district.t you live outside, too. >> i live in northern virginiaen so i fall in that category. i think what i could be doing b with all of this time i'm spending in my car. > all right. in march most basketball fans are focused on the college game. but the wizards are dog all theh can to turn march into their the month. the
10:40 pm
straight win against the nicks. highlights ahead with brody logan. take you with us.
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an ohio boy born with a kidney disease had his wish fulfilled.d for one day four year old robert gibson got to play hockey withth the pros. fox's melissa read has the inspiring >>reporter: shin guards, check, elbow pads hockey socks, up. number one is ready. number one. standing at three feet, twoo inches tall and weighingighi 38 pounds the lake anothery monster's newest player couldn'r wait to take the ice. >> i like to go on the mohawk. > and then four year old robert gibson of lake wood's wish to be a hockey player for a day became
10:44 pm
tunnel and onto center ice fore player introduction. i i don't think i have words to explain that feeling. it was amazing. it's been so great. i was teary-eyed the whole time. it was just awesome. he even got to drop the puck before they took on the manitoba at the queue thursday night.hurs all he talks about is running throug tunnel. we do it all the time at home. he pretends he's a hockeyy player. that was just a great thing to happen. robert got to play with thewith monsters thanks to a special wish foundation which is basedsd right here in cleveland. his parents say he was born with kidney disease and has to undergo 14 surgeries.surg earlier in the day he got to practice with the players and te even got to sign a one-day
10:45 pm
toughest player players rosterr friday night, pa little guy wih a lot of courage, with a passing for life laughter and the eyes. a once in a life-time experienci for all of us, i think. so that was great. > good for robert. that's something he'll be able to talk about for the rest of his life.fe. we know everyone is watching this because there is nothing else going on. so we know the ratings are going to be through the roof.of. >> people don't need to watch becauseç everyone's brackets busted anyway.wa you probably lost your pool. it doesn't matter. even though i did hear there's one call who called it allall right. i don't know where he lives, but there's one person. > so far. >> so far. > we'll see if that ones trough damn us can keep it going. it's been an unrestaurant ncaa tournament. for the first time, 13, 14 and 15
10:46 pm
yesterday. virginia was looking to continuu the number one undefeated run. it was a about it testy forth calves. they were able to hang with virginia despite virginia shooting 73 percent from the field. anthony gill had 19 points, 8 boards and seven assists. malcolm brog done lead with 26t2 points of his own. 32 to 22 as they beat p ninth ceded butler.ler. they move on play fourth seed. in march the name of the game i3 survive in advance. virginia is ready to make a run with a new lineup. a four-guard lineup something we did in the clemson game.emso it was very effective for us then. we really thought we could take advantage of it tonight as well. we made that kind of in the second half and, you know, once, i got to go on in the secondcond half i was able toic can it out for those
10:47 pm
lot easier to make those shots. i said butler will not lose.e. you're going to have to go getge it. you're going to have to beat them. > the first game of the day,, former george mason coach, jim layer nation a, a 27 to 6 lead early. in the end, miami prevailed 65-57. they will face the winner of villanova and iowa. brooks brothers versus j crew, yale versus duck, a sweat 16 bert on the line. leading 45-28 at the break.ak. yale came back in the second to cut the lead to four. dukes players combine for 54 points. after the game they were asked about
10:48 pm
l alan. i don't see it. i asked my parents. they don't see it either. i'll let you be the judge. here are the pictures side-by-side of ted cruz and grace anal and. the resemblance is pretty uncanny. maybe his parents don't see it because they have something to hide. i'm just saying. the nose and the eyes a about it. it's there. maybe we need a picture of ted cruz in college. yesterday the terps escaped an upset. tomorrow another cinderella awaits, hawaii. the terps thinks the secret to hawaii's success was fun. they just played like they wanted to they wanted it more yesterday. you can tell how they were playing on defense. they he was having fun out th
10:49 pm
they played really well. he was playing with nothing to lose. they played harder. they played with more intensity. i think tomorrow we can't letn' them play harder than us. we need to play our style ofle game and play at our tempo.e we're playing better, morere confident. so it should be a great > about a month ago a lot of us were already writing off the wizards, myself included.uded the defense was a mess. the playoffs looked well out of reach, but the wizards. they've turn it around. we're a game out of the half in the play off spot. john wall and the wizards looking for their fourtheir straight hosting the nicks. wall getting his teammate involved. over thrown alley no matter. morris goes up and gets it. even wall looks surprised thatat it worked. kind of laughing it off there. the wizards do the work on the defensive end.d. the nicks out and running.
10:50 pm
the play. john wall had 24 points, ten assists. this wasn't one of the wizards win # 9-89 and ared now just a game away from the 8 spot. there's always time. there's plenty of time beforee the playoffs start so you never know. if they get there they have to play the calves. > we'll be back in a moment.
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good news for those of you waiting patiently for that special someone to pop the question. tomorrow is national proposal day. but one man in mississippi set s the bar pretty high for thosese planning to get down on onene knee. because i love you so much, and you're my best friend baby, i wanted to ask you to mary me. >> yes. > that's kevin pe
10:54 pm
and as to mary him. hi diaz is the patient at the mississippi medical center andee just heard for the first time following a ocular implant. imp we wanted to wish all the best to the happy couple. the first thing that you hear is a proposal.. >> that's great. > wonderful. a woman in france has become the oldest person in the country'ss history to get her ph.d. after she completed a thesis she had gun three decades earlier. 91 year old could he leet about your lay earned her doctoratear earlierne this week in geography much when asked what took so long see simply said she took ak lot of breaks. br she isn't the oldest person in the world to eastern a ph.d. a 102 german woman easterned her doctorate last year nearly 80 na years after thes did is prevented her from completing her education. never too old. you can allots go back.
10:55 pm
>> well, it was a problem that baffled mathematicians for centuries until a british professor andrew wild set hiset mind to figure it all out. he was the first to solve theole equation knowns as the format last theorem. whatever that it is. it had stumped the world's brightest minds for more than 300 years.300 he was awarded the nobel prize i in mathematics which also came h with a check for $700,000. notfo > i'm still stumped by all of that. > i have a hard time saying it, much less than saying. something is brewing in roam. what some american monks are doing may surprise you. that story coming up after the break.
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a group of american benedictine monks living in a monetary are e seg their own beer. brother francis from dallas, texas is the brew monk chief can of this beer anews yeah newly available in the united states. the tradition of menace particular buying dates back to the million l l ages and despite what you think about alcohol anoint beer is a discuss tan answer giving beverage during the
11:00 pm
this group of mostly americancan benedict t teens brought it back to life in 2000. beer for them is not just about the bottom line, though, it's a' bridge to the community. am people are afraid of the th church, frayed of arrearage on,r afraid of a monk, but more than happy to talk about beerment the monetary was filled in the place where saint benedict lived. they will produce as much as as they can between their eight daily beers without having to higher. we waste test it to make sure. in term of what the monks have brewing in term of their next te business venture they're not sure. they say maybe s in the meantime they're just working hard to perfect theirth craft. in roam, amy kellog, fox newses. > this is fox5 local news at 11. >> and it's time for the # 1. thanks for staying up withus


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