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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  March 19, 2016 11:00am-11:10am EDT

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pants of needs. e vithey can grow, learn, and socialize at their own pace. >> we have kids from kind of all
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>> the students at dynamic new york band as their school asoe ha n is pretty autistic, has hadus. >> ♪ oh, yeah, i'm standing on a... ♪ >> "i just wanna be me" is by >> well, from the title alone, you can tell it's just saying people want to be themselves,
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and a lot of the kids at the school here have not been able
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we we accept each other for w members. >> "i recently heard our school's new theme song. although i love country musici g the school, you feel that the
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second you walk in the doors. >> so, the second we pulit offer each and every single individual inside the school to feel [ singing indistinctly ] seeing their smiles and how our music has impacted them, it's just a great feeling, so we're really happy to be a part of this. who out here is ready to hear "i just wanna be me"? >> finally, the moment everyone was waiting for... >> so, they're gonna play, and you guys are gonna play. >> but this performance was extra special... >> [ singing indistinctly ] >> ...because it involved the students. >> ♪ i don't wanna be typical ♪ no-o, i just wanna be me >> ♪ i just wanna be me >> ♪ see-through, invisible ♪ no-o, i just wanna be me
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>> there's so many things thates the band has recenled played in 10 u.k. cities, as well. you can find concert dates on their facebook page. "teen kids news" will be right
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>> exams and tests make many ofn experts call "test anxiety." it's a serious issue for many students. to understand it and to deal with it, we're turning to an expert -- psychologist dr. dena rabinowitz. hi. >> hi. how are you? >> i'm good. thank you. first of all, what is test anxiety? >> test anxiety is when a student gets very nervous or fearful either before or during a test, and it interferes with their ability to perform the way they would otherwise. >> does that mean we actually don't get the highest scores we could get because of test
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>> it does. test anxiety interferes in manyr diiness so that, again, it's hard to focus on tce it are ones who either worry a lot about general issues or about academics in particular or kids who like to be perfect and focus on really high grades and doing really well in school. >> how can we tell if we have test anxiety or just had a hard test? >> everybody gets anxious once in awhile, and everybody can get anxious before or during a test, but students with test anxiety get far more anxious than the average student, and they get
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the test, so it's a much moreasn recent years? >> i think it how harder. return, dr. dena will with test anxiety.
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♪ >> i usually just study a lot before, and then, after awhile, i'm not nervous anymore 'cause i know i'm prepared. >> chew a lot of gum, chew on the top of the pens... just try to get through it. >> study with friends, like, have a study group, and just think positive.
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think the best. >> we're talking with ight's sleep is also really important, as is eating a meal bor mind and your body. the first is called "diaphragmatic breathing," which is just another way of saying deep breathing.
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in deeply through your nose fory less. another good technique is called my shoulders. when i do that, i raise my shoulders up like this, feel the tension in that area, and then release it and feel my whole body relax a little bit. the last thing you can do is a visualization technique in which you just imagine yourself in a more calm, pleasant place, maybe like walking along the beach or hanging out with your friends, and so you're not focusing, in that moment, so much on the test and the stress that causes and have a more calm and pleasant experience. >> well, what if these techniques don't work? at what point should a student seek help, and who should they go to? >> if you find that your test anxiety is constan
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eefore every test and it's l teachers and guidance counselors nt th can then deneed to sor a psychiatrist who can diagnose and treat the test anxiety. >> any final words of advice? >> i think it's really important for students to remember that the purpose of a test is to see if you know the material. one single test is not gonna determine the course of your whole life or whether you get into college. so stay in the moment, try to relax, do the best you can, and don't worry about it so much. >> thank you, dr. dena. you've given us a lot of great information. >> you're welcome. have a good day. >> while we can't stop teachers from giving us tests, we can work on stopping tests from giving us stress. prepare, visualize, and breath. [ breathing deeply ]
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daytime. and it's the same for all
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>> hooplaha is a website that features videos that will make you laugh and sometimes make you cry -- for example, this next video. it's of a military family whose dad is serving in afghanistan. >> charity, i'm gonna send a
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>> what? >> i'm gonna send a video tou y? this to him on facebook. >> [ laughs ] nice.
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>> increase as america's population ages. sounds pretty good, doesn't it? >> this message is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. they want you to keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your mind on driving. [ indistinct talking ] >> cool party!
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>> what do you guys want to drink? >> can i have a head-on bottle of water. >> awesome!av there will be special demonstrations and hands-on activities just for teens, along with lots of great giveaways. adults are welcome, too.booth 1n level 1 at the jacob javits convention center friday, april 1st from 1:30 until 6:00 p.m. see you there! >> a snack that tastes great and is healthy. i'll show you how to make it
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next on "teen kids news." we'll be right back.
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really careful -- put the knife put that in the sink. and then scoop it all into a
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>> that su looks delicious. l of uhere "teen kids news," have a great week.
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"teen kids news" on their big
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you some of our best stories from this past season... we'll get started with a michigan football commit from new jersey... it's pretty good to be kareem walker... the six-foot-one, 205-pounder at depaul catholic in wayne, new jersey is the nation's top


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