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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  March 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> right now at 10:00 a d.c. firefighter hospitalized tonight his heroic efforts to save a woman from a burping apartment. >> and a virginia teenager was charged with murder after he shot and killed his mother's boyfriend. police say the teen was trying to protect her. . >> and some thought it may be the murder weapon. what lapd officials are saying about the night reportedly
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knife found at the former o.j. simpson's estate. your news starts now. >> we begin tonight with breaking news a d.c. fire fight ser in the hospital after helping rescue a woman from a burning apartment. >> the firefighter removed his oxygen mask and gave it to the woman so she could brooej fresh air. i'm ton tony perkins. >> i'm sawn shawn. >> the firefighter is in serious condition of removing that oxygen mask and rescuing the woman from the burning building. we understand the face piece of that mask the firefighter's mask allow the woman to breathe fresh air this was not the only selfless heroic act that happened this afternoon when the fire broke out at this apartment building in the 1700 block of minnesota avenue. >> a group of school resource officers were nearby and they wept door to door rescuing several families and pets before those firefighters arrived. many were displaced and are receiving help tonight from the american red cross
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but say that they are grateful that they made it out alive. american red cross workers remain out there tonight as they continue to work to provide aid to those displaced families. >> all right. and in addition to the firefighter one woman remains at the hospital. again tonight, the cause of the fire is still being investigated. and again, as we mentioned, firefighter there on the scene removed his mask to help rescue a woman from a burning home. >> that's right and apparently when he did that he breathed in some noxious fumes and gasses and like and that is why he is hospitalized tonight and in intensive care. we'll bring you more information when it becomes available. >> in the meantime this comes hours after four firefighter were hurt after an accident involving a fire truck and a van. d.c. fire and ems officials say the truck was responding to call for a gas leak. one of those firefighters was seriously hurt in the collisio collision. two of three people in the van
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>> now, we want to turn to spotsylvania county, virginia. a 15-year-old remains behind bars tonight. accused of shooting and killing his mother's boyfriend. and police say it happened during a fight between the couple. "fox5" marina morocco has more. >> and deputies say mother and boyfriend had been arguing tuesday afternoon and then it quickly turned physical. that's when investigators say the 15-year-old boy also in the house grabbed his mother's semi-automatic gun from storag storage, shooting and killing 37-year-old john conroy jr.. now the home in spotsylvania was cleared and turned over to the teen's mother. but the 15-year-old remains in custody now facing a second degree murder charge. >> in the commonwealth of virginia all homicides are presumed by statute to be second degree murder. and in this case
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being investigated in consultation with the commonwealth attorney they felt that that would be at appropriate charge to place on the juvenile at that time. as the investigation nears its completion which should be done rather quickly, the evident and the facts are presented to the commonwealth and they then can make the determination to raise it to a more significant charge, reduce it to a lesser charge or dismiss it all together. >> and because the investigation is still in its early stages, deputies would not elaborate to whether there was any sort of domestic violence history between the mother of the suspect and the victim. as for the 15-year-old he remains behind bars until his next court appearance sometime in the next three weeks. in spotsylvania, marina morocc morocco, "fox5 local news". >> the man accused of shooting a pastor in idaho over the weekend made a court appearance today in the district. kyle odom faces charges of attempted first degree murder
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odom hopped on a plane to the district. secret service agents arrested him tuesday for flowing items over the white house fence. police say odom wrote a manifesto that claimed the pastor was a member of the a martian species that took over the earth. he'll remain in july until a hearing april 6. >> tonight we know what happened to a virginia teenager that disappeared and was found dead behind a popular bar in adams morgan. paul mc guinness death was an accident. he had alcohol poisoning and died from a skull fracture and multiple blunt force injuries. the 19-year-old was home last december on holiday break happening out at adams morgan and disappeared after midnight. his body was found at the bottom of a staircase behind a popular adam morgan's lounge. >> controversy over homeless services in the district a new twist an audit released this afternoon about management of those services.
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although the city said it's prompting changes. jennifer davis joins us live with the store yes, i jenny. >> talking to some of the city's homeless that sleep along first street north east they will tell you they have concerns and problems with city homeless services including the facts the folks here expect the city will remove this tent city tomorrow morning. other issues and problems with homeless services are outlined in this audit released this afternoon that says when it reviewed services in 2014 it found widespread mismanagement and the auditor says there are 35 reforms that are now needed to better serve the city hom homeless population. this new audit just released today was requested by council west ambler johnston hall mary shay. she looked -- want the city to look at homeless services and where the money was going in 2014 and how the city was overseeing e
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d.c. based non profit managing 58 subcontracts worth more than 56 million. she has seen the results of the audit. she is dispointed but not surprised. there is a need for more over night among other things inconsistent billing so some contractstors get more visits than they should. very views for services didn't happen as much as they should. that means for example in one case there were three housing units for homeless families that were available and they just were not used. and there were also 18 clients at one point during one part of the review that just weren't getting case management. in 2014 they were not doing what was needed to oversee the management of homeless service services. >> there's examples of things where we seem to be paying for services that were not documen documented and again they may be provide
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document it. >> meals, providing service to be able to find jobs things like that where it could be that services were provided and documentation was not provided in the files. >> they're certainly not spending money on us and i feel the money should be used wisel wisely. >> someone from dhd called me this evening just a short time before the show and said the bowser administration became aware of these problems when they took office. they immediately started making changes and continue to do so. and some of those changes include more staffing and more over sight and more robust reviews and clearly more still needs to be done. among other changes you can now expect coming out of the audit according to city auditor they will not put this contract up for a new bid later this year. back to you. >> davis, thank you.
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jennifer. >> back to breakings in a d.c. firefighter in the hospital tonight after helping rescue a woman from burning apartment. >> "fox5" tisha lewis is live at the scene with the latest. tisha. >> shawn and tony that d.c. firefighter removing that mask and heading it over to a woman he was rescuing was not the onlyselfless heroic act that happened here minnesota avenue this afternoon. a group of d.c. school resource officers were actually the first to respond to this fire on scene and they rushed in rescuing people and even their pets that all happened before firefighters arrived and many here who received a house were displaced and remain dace placed tonight and they're getting help from the american red cross and are grateful and thankful to be alive. >> i was in the bathroom. he was beating on the door and he said you have to you have to let me in he -- i opened the door and said yes, sir he said you have to come out of here because there's a fire in the building. and i said, well, i got to
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my keys sir you. >> know, you see people you see kids every day and it's not for kids but for lives and we're here for the citizens of the district of columbia. >> american red cross workers remain out here tonight as they continue to work to provide aid to displaced families. in addition to the firefighter, one woman remains at the hospital. another firefighter was taken to the hospital and later released. the cause of this fire is still being investigated. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news news". >> moments ago a representative gave us an update on the firefighter's condition he's at washington hospital center. >> firefighter labato received significant smoke inhalation and he's been intubateed and is expected to be okay. the docks are hoping to have him out in the next four to five days. he's currently in the burn center icu here.
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she feels she's alive today she was seconds away from jumping out of the third floor window and danny saved her life. she feels danny is her hero and she owe would not be alive. >> we're glad to hear you will be okay that woman as well. we'll take stay on top of that and keep you posted throughout the newscast. >> still to come tonight a new sure vaiv found one of the nic nicest downtowns in the u.s. is right here in our area and we're not talking about downtown d.c.. the reason that this particular area received top honors is coming up. >> and also tonight a virginia woman's home vandalized and she claims it's because of her support for donald trump. >> and could it be the murder weapon used to kill nicole simpson and ron goldman what lapd officials are saying about the nivr reportedly found at o.j. simpson's former estate. >> hey, sue. >> beautiful day today. >> shawn we did it made it into the record books and this is first time dulles and bwi were
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up and over 80 since november 6 we did not break it at reagan international we'll break it tomorrow though. we'll have a look at the team turz for thursday and ahead for the weekend. "fox 5 news" is coming back.
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news 10 investigators are cast alleging a knife is keked to murders of ex-wife and friend. the knife is common among guarders in and too small to make wounds that killed nicole brown and ron goldman. lapd is analyzing the knife for evidence and the result will take three weeks. simpson himself spoke out about the knife and according to former manager the exnfl star struggled off the news and he's worried the knife issue could impact chances for parole. >> well, for the second time in less than a week democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and bernanke went
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and just like last sunday's debate in flint michigan the two had firey exchanges. . >> fighting for workersing for the poorest people in this country madame secretary i will mavrp my record against yours any day of the week. >> fact is the money that rescued the auto very was in that bill. >> secretary. >> sanders voted against it that's his right to vote against it but if everybody voted as he --.- >> florida will hold a primary next tuesday. the latest polls show clinton with a solid lead. on the republican side, texas senator ted cruz picked up endorsement from one of formal rivals retired executive carly fiorina she
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a con sti titional conservative and said she is horified by front runner donald trump and it's time for vote others to unit behind someone that can beat trump and democratic front runner hillary clinton. >> vandals spray paint aid home in virginia the victim believes she is targeted because she had donald trump signs in her beyond. she woke up this morning in gainsville and found words spray painted on her house. one read can you see the new world through tier gas and another said revolution and someone stole to the two signs from her lawn. >> i was kind of concerned it's a situation where you just felt like you were being violated. your rights are being violated. you can't put a trump sign in your yard anymore. >> she plans to put up an even bigger trump campaign sign and also installing a security camera. >> new at 10 a big -- for ate city in virginia
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alexandria named best downtown of any small mid sized city in america. we sent caityln out to see what residents think of this news. >> hi there, tony, this is my first time in alexandria being relatively new resident to the dmv i can see why it's topping list on for those who been here or live here you know it's true. not only did we have fantastic weather today but this evening was beautiful. it was really nice to come down here and check out all of the people and talk to them about how much they do love their city, alexandria. and now, it was like i said a great evening. it was just packed a couple hours ago when we first came down here. everyone was eating outside. people were getting ice cream like it was summer evening and it felt like. it temperatures still in the 60s and really, really comfortable. you have all sorts of great reasons to come to alexandria whether
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it's drinking and whether it's shopping and being right on the water front certainly provided that beautiful background. now who did grant the award to alexandria said they loved the way old town buzzs with activity day and night and it's sophisticated and comforting and restaurants worth fly ago cross the country to try. everyone here we spoke to do rave about the food and atmosphere. 'and we caught up with a couple of alexandria resident and here's what they had to say. >> when i moved to the area of vir vr i actually said want to live in old town. we looked at a lot of places and found a great place right near the water. the dog park, and it's amazing. you can walk everywhere and walk to restaurants and bars shops it's a great place to live. >> i have about here my whole life, 30 years, so i won't go anywhere else. >> i come here for all my shopping and it's nice toss have the water and do dinner
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absolute best where the boats come in and everything. i enjoy it. >> and i would have to aagree with them. other cities topped the list behind alexandria included santa monica, california and pittsburgh and still on the list too and behind me you can see the beautiful lights out. it's georgous late winter evening feeling much more like early summer and i have a feeling as long as this weather con tnz crowds will be out every week night in alexandria. beautiful city award worth winning and along with the weather to. tony and shawn back to you. >> i'm jeel us we're not out there. you featured a gentleman he was playing glasses there do you recall his name aim blanking on the name right now? >> you know what tony i'm glad you mentioned him. i don't have his name for you. ul i'm blanking on it, too, but people were gather add around watching him play what he calls
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the glass harp it's all those fish bowls filled with water and it's wonderful music and they said he's a staple in alexandria. >> he's been there for years we had him here i put him on in "good morning america" and he's great. it's like a glass harp it's amazing. >> one of the reasons alexandria is the best. >> thank you, caityln. >> still to come tonight. new complaints about illegal dirt bikes and tavrment vs racing through local neighborhood. >> first. >> let it be♪ let it be♪ remembering the legendary producer who revolutionizeed pop music leg receive george martin often call the fifth beatle, next. ♪
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>> the public is feting a chance to payes
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reagan. her body will lie in repose in her husband's library this morning and nancy reagan died at the age of 94 in her home. adam hously has more on how she's being remembered. >> a farewell to a former first lady as three days of solemn ceremonies and public mourning for nancy reagan began with a motorcade to the reagan presidential library in california and american flags lined the winding drive way that leads to reagan's final resting place alongside her husband an honor guardwelcomed her casket into the courtyard and lobbied where she will lie in repose two days even the smallest details planned by the first lady herself. >> she was intimately involved who the guests were and paw bearers and people reading during the program everything down to the nrouzer. we're following her order rye now to make sure she has the funeral deserving of her. >> we
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>> we pray for our sister nancy. >> members of the reagan famil family, close friends and special guest and house speaker prawl ryan got to pay their respects fist. mrs. reagan looked forward to the day she would be reunited with her be loved ronnie. >> she told people they say it gets easier with time. but it doesn't. the sadness never left her n a way she was ready. >> casket viewing on to the public who will have an opportunity to say good-bye over two days. >> both reagans touch so many people from olly wood, governor years. presidential years and beyond and makingz sure everybody who can be here should be here. >> shes with a beautiful woman loved her husband and brought class to the white house. >> revered reagan administration and grew one it i think it's important to pass down to my kids. >> more than a thousand and people poosed by the casket already and library add six buses and extended hours both days to meet demand and be side growing listle
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wiz the hollywood star left tom celek and angel ka houston and mr. t. adam hously, fox news. >> ronald and nancy reagan were real, real love story. >> well, george martin, the man known to many as fifth beatle, died. ♪ i read the news today, oh, boy♪ about a lucky man who made the grade♪ . >> you're listening to a day in the life, one of the many beatles recordings produced by martin. he produced virtually all their recordings he had more than 50 hit records spanning decades in u.s. and britain. ring owe star tweeted, george will be missed. and paul mccartney said the world lost a truly great man that left indelible mark on my soul and history of british music.
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>> being the beatles fan you are when you heard the news. >> he lived a very long and remarkable and wonderful life. 90 years old. we should all live to be that old. he was amazing man. i met him and interviewed him i think in maybe and he was one of the most arguably the most successful pop producer of all time of course produced beatles and also rock group america in 19 70s very popular and he produced biggest selling single all time elton john tribute to loudy princess diana and live and let die number one james bond theme. paul mccartney and nine years before that gold finger by shirley bassy another number one bond song. he was first record producers used to be on staff at record companies he was first to break out on his own and become independent what producers now do all
10:29 pm
trend setter. >> he will be missed. >> yes. >> coming up tonight caught on camera. a gunman tried to stickp a cab driver and what happened next just proves why crime does not pay. >> and it's not just women. new studies reveal why most men feel they're getting judged on their looks. we're back after this
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>> we're back now with a recap of tonight's top stories. a firefighter was seriously hurt battling apartment fire in the district and the flames broke out this afternoon minnesota avenue south east two other people were also hurt. we're told everyone is expected took to make a fullry covery. fire forced six people to find a few new place to stay. >> a 15-year-old is in jail accused of shooting and killing his mo
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fighting with the boy's morl. the teen grabbed his mother's gun, shot john conroy junior multiple times and the teen will remain in july until his next court appearance in three weeks. >> another one-on-one debate taking place between democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and senator hillary clinton and it came after sanders upset win in the michigan primary and the florida prime areay is held next tuesday. >> perhaps you've noticed weather is warming up a bit out there. and so are the complaints about illegal dirt bikes and atvs racing through neighborhood and sidewalks. >> the main complaint the noise and safety issues created by ryeers not posed to be on streets or sidewalks. matt aklin has the story? neighbors near fourth street northeast have had it and check out comments on this neighborhood discussion app. rob says i have the dirt bike gang buzz by my house and terrify
10:34 pm
she was hold are her infant in her omz articles. what are we to do about the stupid dirt bike atv rideers in the area. it's issue all over. these are reports "fox5" brought you in the last year and remember this scene at intersection in d.c.? how about this scene when riders stopped traffic on the beltway? and this most recently when an officer was hit in camp springs by an atv. >> kids can come out on the street and they're not looking out for the kids. they just pop wheel writes and doing whatever they want to done the bike. >> some say police turn a blind eye. chief kathy linear forbids her officers to chase. kimberly mc duffy agrees with that and put forward legislation to go after illegal riders. >> our legislation would have made it illegal to park dirt pikes in public space and required individuals that own dirt bikes to register them to have a record and be able
10:35 pm
track who owns them and where they're supposed to be and it would have created a staggered system of increasing penalties for individuals who are caught riding dirt bikes. >> jop son who rides bikes legally says the solution is finding a and matt ackland, "fox5 local news". . >> and charges are being filed against two baltimore school police officers. and it comes after cellphone video recently surfaced showing one of the officers slapping and kicking a student. [beep] [beep]. it's difficult to watch. city police began a criminal investigation to last week's incident after the eight second clip surfaced the officer is charged with assault and child abuse and another officer charged with assault. both officers are out on bond.
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pennsylvania tried to hold up a cab driver at the wrong time. take a look. >> we can do this the hard way or easy way. i need right now if you don't want to die. >> the masked man jumped in the back of the taxi pulled gun and de panded cash as i heard. there was a problem see what's going on in the background he did not notice the police officer who happened to be right behind the cab. when the officer closed in you can see the officer there walking up to the side of the cab oh, the guy finally noticed and tried to get out and take off and police caught him and arrested him. >> haha. >> all right. >> well still to come tonight why experts say they're going to have a little trouble keeping zika virus under control this summer. >> and appears the most interesting man in the world is out of a job. >> what? >> why a popular ad campaign is getting a page-over. i love that guy.
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you want to get rid of credit card late fees ask. a new study nine out ten people asking the credit card company top ditch late fees. they actually had request granted. get this, three out four. say they got a lower interest rate by asking and talk about just what the doctor order aid private firm for solryes reporting physician he's hig highest pay in u.s. median annual salary for doctor 1 180,000. lawyers, pharmacist and high tech positions rounding out top ten highest paid careers and happy birthday bull market 7 years ago today wall street bottomed out we didn't know at the time and still has not hit a bear market. the dow dropped at least 20% from the high and just in time for st. patty's day a new survey says boston has the best s patti day celebrations in the america. while that may not be a big surprise this
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with the highest amount of pubs per population is seattle. i would have never known. cheers. business i'm neal cavuto.
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. there's a bit of hollywood in the is district. elizabeth banks spent the day students ouj east there to celebrate arts and humanitys and book donation at the schoo school. she spoke with good day d.c. crew to lend time to support this cause. >> i work as turn around artist and moton elementary school is the school i adopt as turn around artist. we try to bring arts and huma humanitys into education programming and turn around schools and
10:42 pm
celebrating the rededication of library and reading is fundamental came in and donated 3,000 books to the like require and we're celebrating that today. >> reading is fundamental by the way is the largest non profit litcy organization in the u.s. sdmri love her. >> do you really. >> i really like her, yeah. >> i don't think i've seen her -- i saw the first "hunger games" was she in that. >> i don't know i didn't see "the hunger games" i think she's in all the movies -- she was in the 40-year-old virgin thank you and other movies as well hoping you you would come one another one. okay, there you go. >> we appreciate our producer giving us that information, thank you, mike. >> the most interesting man in the world is being replaced. >> say it isn't so. >> mexican beer brand doss equis but not before giving
10:43 pm
a sendoff. >> look at this brave pioneer that will not be returning. >> most interest man in the world whose actual name is jonathan gold judge smith doesn't quite fit that whole image played the role for nine years he's 77 now and he ends every commercial with the phrase stay thirsty my friends and in his final ad he's shivd off in a rocket on a one way trip to mars. they are making the change to attract new drinkers and already chosen a new most interest man in the world they will not say who it is only he will debut later this year. >> i'll miss him. >> i like him. i love those commercials. >> however i have a theory who the new most interesting man i is. >> who might it be. >> check my twitter@"fox5"shawn that's all i'll say. >> we'll do that. >> and coming up tonight on "fox5"local news at 11 if you want to own a possess of show business history we'll tell about you upco
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where you can get memoriabilia from joan river's estate. >> a d.c. firefighter injured on the job tonight when he took off oxygen mask and gave it to a whom he was recueing from a burping building. the latest on his condition in less than 20 minutes coming up at 11.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait.
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>> there's potentially troubl troubling news tonight concerning zika virus. researchers meeting in again eva say traditional ways of combating mosquito born illnesses may not keep zika virus at bay. >> the international community may need to find new ways to combat the zika virus a world health organization they say insect side spraying has not spread the spread of the fever spread by same type of mosquito as zika. >> it's worse continuing to try to use this mes method or lack of other interventions and what
10:48 pm
scientists said there's an urgent need to put in place studies to evaluate whether it has benefit or not. >> zika is considered a global health emergency by the who. with out breaks reported in hor than 40 countries since january 2015 and linked with neurological problems and birth defects where babies are born with smaller than usual heads. >> probably it's very high zika is causing micro cephaly and this is new because we know this for many years. >> vaccine development is still in early phase. clinical human trials are still a few months away for earliest candidates. >> the development of vax seep remains imperative and in particular vac sooel seen shoots for pregnant women and women of child bearing age. >> there is another factor that could make fighting zika harder than
10:49 pm
scientists finding that other mosquito spees didn'ts can carry the virus and it's unknown if those insects can spread to humans. in atlanta. fox news. >> all right. the star of the night is here. everybody is like hey, sue. >> we're feeling spring aren't we shawn, tony, i heard no complaints. one nice thing it was near 0 if not above it today but not humid. >> when is fabulous. >> it is. >> that's the best part of it. >> little poll ep float around. but you know what we are going to have another really great day tomorrow. a great thursday and it looks like if we did not hit 80 reagan national which we deposit we'll certainly get tomorrow. stronger winds out of the south and southwest bringing in warmer air and looks like a record-break day on the way. >> we love this picture mark story sent in of cherry blossoms
10:50 pm
with the back drop of national cathedral behind him. if you get a good picture send it to us and hash tag it five signs of spring. you don't have to send five just one. and our wonderful sky guy greg red fern is photographing jupiter and last night he got a great look at it with binocula binoculars and you can see the four moons close by it. it's in the eastern sky priing priingtest object you see out there tonight. great night maybe even tomorrow night to take a look at it although there could be a few cloud tomorrow night and maybe even light showers overnight. maybe tonight is the night or friday night. these are the high temperatures today. not a record at reagan within one degree. record of dulles and bwi and you know what looks likes record breaking days on tap for us tomorrow. it's been since november 6 since we had 80 degree day at
10:51 pm
tomorrow. these are records upper 70s and we're forecasting everybody to be up and over 80. reagan, dulles, bwi 83. another day where kids will want to go to school in short. although it starts chilly. tonight will not be as chilly as last night where we saw places getting into 30s and 40s and we're 6 right now. that's way above average by ten degrees. we'll drop to 50s tonight and i topt know in you heard tremendous rain fallingal across texas, louisiana, arkansas, a state of mm for parts of louisiana. all that rain cannot move because it's blocked by the same high pressure bringing us cooler air. it called up moisture and flooding risk and 12 to 18" of rain you see here in flightier color that's ka go to western kentucky and tennessee. disastrous situation for them. little rain in our forecast. we may
10:52 pm
coming through tomorrow night with few showers with you it. 2:00 in the morning scatter out to mott much. friday morning you wake up a few cloud and clouds should break up as we get into the. a. our next chance of showers after that looks like it will hold off until maybe sunday afternoon. clouds thursday from that front that will come on through. and we'll still get into the report territory and we'll wrap it up with your "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast one more really warm day and then temperatures a little more moderate. friday down to 70 with front passing by and headed to south. and saturday 65. we'll have sun. looks like dry day now. little warmer on sunday at 70. we will be again springing forward daylight saving time beginning sunday. set your clocks forward. and then monday couple showers and maybe tuesday the same a little bit unsettle as we get to sunday through tuesday. back to wednesday and it's 73 again. so all of these temperatures above normal and not quite as warm as we'll be tomorrow. tony, back to you. >> all right. sue
10:53 pm
folks license up do you feel like you're judged on looks. new study shows majority of men in u.s. feel scrutinized for their appearances and gets who they're blaming, media. p. >> we frequently talk about issue of female body image and research shows men are nearly as dissatisfied with physical appearance as women. and with majority of men reporting they feel judged based on looks it turns out a lot of pressure stems from what we see in the media. >> and i see a lot of these celebrities and a lot of fi fitness commercials and guys with six pack big muscles fit and i want to look look that. >> reality tv you see things on instagram and even retail clothing for guys slim fit, skinny. >> is your girlfriend in great shape. >> she is. >> how does that impact you. >> makes me want to be a better person and fit. >> it takes
10:54 pm
>> it takes time and commitment. you know? it's a lot more involved than just i want to look like him. >> and these experiences are not up usual according to a new study at chapman university. >> about 20% of men are dissatisfied with overall appearances and about 40% dissatisfied with weight and 30% dissatisfied with muscle tone. so about 29% of men say that the media they feel pressure to feel attractive. >> these expectations are perfection are being pro poeted to kids. >> ideal male body changed from 1900 to present. >> if you look at gi joe from 1960s they look regular and normal plan lender and if you fast forward they're hitting the gym and lifting weights and i think some are on steroids. they're huge. if you blow up gi joe to size of normal man his
10:55 pm
would be as big as your head. >> don't forget summer is over three months away. "fox 5 news". >> all right i get it i understand. >> okay. >> just checking in with you. >> me? >> yes, i'm comfortable with who i am. >> you're a good looking man. >> you know muscle tone and all that stuff not what it should be. >> you know how hard the rock works to hook like that. >> no, i don't. >> yes, i do. >> and i'm not going to do that i'm afraid. >> who has time for that. >> nfl free agency season kicked off and that's coming up next but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you,
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call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> four nfl teams looking to make a splash going into next year this is the day they break the checkbooks out and dot class of 2016. the redskins did a big
10:59 pm
with kirk cousins. quarterback situation officia officially settled and will look similar to last year with one exception locked up to a three year deal for colt mccoy. he saw action in the cowboys but did that one touchdown. pay counted. actually browns and fineers he learned system here and last year he'll not have rg3 looming over shoulder. >> mccoy is not only player resigned they bring you back mason foster 'defensive end ketra goldson and the one move that dropped a few jaws across the league. brock os wayler to the texasia texasians. everyone thought he all but locked up the starting job with the frovrping owes but whether it's sour grapes they want back to manning or big payday to houston promise. they go from two quarterbacks in super pole winning year to
11:00 pm
to salutely remarkable. >> kirk cousins. >> to me he's giving one finger salute to denver. >> the mile high salute. >> yeah. wow. okay. thank you jim. >> he is. >> if you at 11 is now. >> yes, it is. >> right now at 11 a d.c. firefighter is in intensive care after he reportedly took off his oxygen masking to help a woman breathe during a rescu rescue. details of his brave act. >> a fight between a virginia couple ended with teenage woman's son shooting and kil killing the boyfriend. the child was trying to protect his mother and why is he facing murder channels. >> this blast of summerlike weather con it and what you can expect before the temperature takes a dip, this is "fox5 local news at 11".


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