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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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ville with the exclusive details, tisha? >> caused by heroin overdose this week along, student identified by fairfax county, alex owe a springer, we november grief and crisis counselors are on campus, they were here today. >> heart breaking loss of their child after teenager who police now say died from complications from drug use. springer was a junior here at center ville high school. a facebook page has been start in the her memory. all of this comes one day after springer was found dead police win tote house after seeing report a woman was dead, springer lives, there reportedly found by friend, who snt
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with student who says, stunned by her death. >> that is actually really horrible, like, it just makes you think like, the struggle, just aren't worth it, because it is better, because temporary, like, you know, booze or temporary, like i hi, isn't worth your whole life. it is really sad that someone has to lose their life over something like that. >> again, grief and crisis counselors will remain on campus, i did ask a fairfax county public school spokesperson if they will be reviewing or revamping their drug and education and prevention curriculum. he said he will look into that and get back to me watch we do know is that in fairfax county the number of deaths caused by a heroin overdose has reportedly doubled in the last year. >> fox5 local news. tonight as we approach the one month
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diante caraway arrest, new lawsuit has been filed. court document say teacher at the sylvania woods elementary school was told by a victim that caroway had abused them but that the teacher told the student i don't believe you. fox5 tom fitzgerald, with more on this, tom? >> reporter: well, good evening, you know, this is the lawsuit that was just filed, we'll be blunt one, many of the details in these court documents are simply far too disturbing to be detailed on television. but the essence of this lawsuit is this: it claims that one of the child student involved in this investigation went to a teacher, here at this school, and told the teacher that the child had been abused. allegation in this documents states that the teacher allegedly accused the child of making the whole thing up. now, you will remember that de and tai caroway accused now of sexually abusing a
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child pornography videos of at least 17 victims. state and federal charges state caroway used his access as school volunteer to abuse the children at both schools and other locations throughout prince george's county. the lawsuit, third filed now on behalf of the victim, claims that caroway forced nine year old boy here at the woods elementary school to perform sex acts with another child victim. the the nine year old then went back to his teacher, glendolin mcnare, told her what had happened. mcnair allegedly responded, quote, i don't believe you, go sit down. we asked the prince george's county schools to respond to this lawsuit today, but they declined, tomorrow night the school's new student safety task force, to propose safety changes to school policy. so far school volunteers policy hasn't changed, residents we spoke to today say that absolutely should have been
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change the policy, because if you got kids in there, you more worried about what's going on, because they're your kids. but if you don't have no kids in there, that's not saying nothing is wrong with you, but that is saying that, okay, what is it, why you want to volunteer, why you want to be with the kids. >> honestly because all that's been going on, only the parent should be allowed to volume uner. >> let the kids go to school and get an edition. you got to fend for your kids, stay in touch, all that crazy stuff, you shouldn't have to fetch with your kids, they should just go to school and get an education. caroway for his part still being head in prison on $1 million bail. there could be criminal charges pending against both the principal and the teacher named in the suit today. last week the maryland state's attorney angry brooks said that it was a maryland crime to be reported of child abuse, and be aware of it, and not report it to law enforcement authorities. we are liv
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george's county, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. >> a former teacher in montgomery county has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a minor. today, justin gordon was sentenced to 18 months in prison, gordon has been a teacher at conally school, the holy wild of potomac. arrested last july after it was discovered he had a sexual relationship with a student in 2015. during the investigation, police learn gordon also had a sexual relationship with another student, in 2012. >> new tonight, the parent of hannah graham and morgan harrington satin side a charlottesville courtroom today, listening, as jesse matthews admitted to killing their daughters. matthews made no statement, but apologized for the crimes through his attorney. for the harrington's, it's been a long torturous wait, more than six years after their daughter was abducted and killed. in return, he will not face the death penalty
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spends the rest of his life behind bars with no chance for parole. fox5 paul wagner in charlottesville tonight with the story. paul? >> reporter: that's the exact reason why jesse matthew agreed plead guilty here today, according to prosecutors, and his own attorney, that he wanted to clear the table if you will. he wanted to admit to everything that he did, and in return, he would not face the death penalty. instead, he will spends the rest of his life in prison, literally. prosecutors say he will die there. today, the grand family and the harrington's came here to this courthouse in charlottesville and came face-to-face with jesse matthew. a man they called wicked for doing what he did to their families. >> just before 1:30 this afternoon, jesse matthew, one-time charlottesville cab driver, already serving three life sentences for fairfax rape, was escorted into the courtroom by deputies. inside he admitted to the judge that he was responsible for two murders, that terrified this college
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community. and had residents and student on edge for years. the parent of morgan harrington and hannah graham made victim impact statements, parts of which they repeated outside. >> we draw considerable pride in all that hanna achieved in her short life, cut short by josey matthew, his evil deprived the worlds of great talent, that hand a's enduring gift to us all is that she enabled had wicked man to be apprehended and convicted. she did change the world, but at a terrible price. >> hanna's mother told the court she misses have tea on the couch, snuggling with her caught here had just returned to charlottesville for her second year, when she was abducted by matthews on september 13th, 2014. surveillance video captured the two together near some downtown bars. video of her father says the family will not soon forget. hand's body was found five weeks late near field outside town. >> it has been a long, a very long
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>> jill harrington and her husband fought day in and day out to keep their daughter's memory alive, from the day morgan was abducted, in october of 2009 until her killer was caught. >> the community didn't give up. for six and a half years, you all were determined and resolute to find the top tear preditor that hunted in this community. >> you would be hard pressed to find anyone in this community who doesn't know what two, four, one means to the haring tons, and at the end of her comments, jill flashed those numbers. >> please i ask all of you to continue to participate actively in your community, know your neighbors, look out for one another, together we can help save the next girl. >> the day she disappeared outside metalica concert on the university campus, morgan said good-b t
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with those numbers, i love you too much forever and once more. >> and for so many years here in charlottesville, the question was what did happen to morgan harrington. and today the commonwealth attorney here in charlottesville released a statement of charges, it is five pages long, tan goes into great detail about what happened to her. basically, what they believe is that after she left that metalica concert that night, she was intoxicated, she was seen hitchhiking on a bridge, and they now believe she got into a cab that was driven by jesse matthew. and they know now that jesse matthew's phone went silent for an hour and a half that night. and then he came back after that, and began picking up fares once again outside the concert. >> live in charlotte ville, paul wagner, fox5 local news. today there was a heated battle inside and outside the supreme court over
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right. >> hundreds of people on both sides of the argument rallied on the steps of the supreme court. inside the high court was hearing challenge to a law in texas. the law requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. it also requires abortion clinics to upgrade their facilities to hospital-like standards. the court appears deeply divided four-four which would left lower court ruling stand. this comes a little more than two weeks after justice antonin scalia died. >> republican controlled senate approved a bill that may change the way children across the state learn. >> it would force schools to notify parents if their children are to read bushed with sexually exploited,. >> protested by the book beloved in her son's high school. now, the bill would force the virginia state board of education to provide an alternative, if the parent object to the material. it faces one more vote before
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governor terry mccullough, and if he signs the bell it would be the first state law the u.s. forcing schools to notify parents about explicit material. >> wow, and, speaking of books, today is national read across america day, it is founded by the national add eggs association, held every year march 2nd in honor dr. seuss' birthday. the goal is to motivate children and teens to read through events, partnerships and reading resources. >> many schools are hosting events today, but the organization hope for never are you is bringing the event to kids who are being treated for cancer and other serious illnesses at children's national medical center. they invite meade to be a guest reader today. >> look with my tail, i can hold a red fan, i read two of my favorite, green eggs and ham, and cat in the hat. a must since the real cat in the hat was there, the kids got to eat pizza, and fill their bags with brand new dr. seuss books. fun toys, and other special gifts. it
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of balloons, and smiles. and i even got to have a couple of girls read to me. hope for henry is all about re-inventing how hospitals care for seriously ill children, and their families, through innovative programs that entertain, reduce stress, and empower the kids to be active in their own care. >> what we're really trying to do is bring smiles and laughter and hope and optimism to kids with cancer and other life threatening illnesses, and the point is not just to make them happy, even though that's a great thing, obviously, but it is real toy help them heal and to improve their treatment outcomes. and that's what's happening here. >> lori founded hope for henry after her son, henry, lost his long battle with a rare disease. she has made it her mission to improve the hospital stay for kids when they are fighting for their lives. >> how she has been able to turn this into something so positive for so many children, not just children's national
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georgetown university hospital. >> looks like the kids were having such a good time. >> they did, they did, it was very rewarding to be able to be there, as well. coming up: is your office in need after little tranquility? probably about every office. >> i think so. >> one company says it knows just how to get it. they are giving women a little time off during that time of the month. >> oh, really? >> well, probably protect yourself by doing that. >> some ladies just saying. >> okay. and ben carson decided it is time to say farewell to the campaign trail. what the republican candidate said today after hanging in the race for so long. >> and how is the internet helping shape the presidential election, fox5 political reporter ronica leary is here to explain using social media means. oh, this will be fun. sue? >> hey there, laura and sarah, a chilly day today, very brisk with those winds gusting up and over 35 miles an hour in a lot of areas. can you handle one more dose of snow? i'
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coming into town and what kind of impact we expect from potentially winter's last hooray. fox5 local news at 5:00 will be right back with a preview of your weather. weather.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job?
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choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. welcome back, yesterday 65 degrees, today we're at 40, and dropping, those windchills have been very noticeable, as have the big wind gusts up and over 35 miles an hour. good new
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little better going through the night. let's check out your temperatures because it is only about 40 degrees in many places in the 30's, north and west already. so another cold shot coming on through. wanted to show you these winds which are still around 24 miles an hour here in the district, getting a little bit bet nerve some spots, but let's gave you a idea of where those winds will go, over the next several hours. by 6:00 down to about 15 miles an hour, these are sustained winds, by 10:00, 9 miles, and by 7:00, or 11:00, about 7 miles an hour, so that will be good. but in the short-term we are still dealing with some pretty strong gusts -- gusts around the area, 32 at reagan, 36-mile an hour gust at dullos, and you know what does to that air temperature it, puts little bit of nip in the air. thirty-four what it feels like in d.c. feels like 29 in frederick and gaithersburg, 26 in hagerstown, so if you are going out tonight, dress for the chill. if you are going out late tomorrow night, you may see little bit of
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could be some impact friday morning, in fact, we've bumped up the impact now to the moderate level for friday morning, not because we think roads are going to be bad, but there could be a few slick spots here and there. and it looks like, at this point, the biggest impact will be the fact that the time something bad, affecting a morning rush hour. we do think that snow will be falling during the morning rush hour, but probably over after about 10:00, 11:00. and if anybody's going to get some good snow out of this, it may be areas south and east of dc again. now, because temperatures have been pretty mild, for this time of year, and yesterday 65, most major highways are going to be in good shape, chemicals will work really well, as well, but delays may be possible on friday morning, couple of hour delay, but hopefully not too many concellations. here is our where our storm system is. you have to look all the way out toward the northwest around rapid city but that's what's going to be moving in our direction, and potentially bringing us what we think will be our last hooray. breezy for the early
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getting better going through the rest of the night, i'll have your seven day forecast with snow at one end of it, and really warm temperature at the other end of it. laura, back to you. >> all right, sue, thanks very much. well, after a poor showing on super tuesday, the race for the white house appears to be over for republican ben carson, he said he sees no pass forward to the nomination. carson saidel not attends thursday's gop debate in michigan. his business manager says carson will no longer actively seek votes. carson also says senators ted cruz and marco rubio should drop out and clear the way forefront one err donald trump. mud slinging, but the prevalence of social media has sender helped to fuel the fire this time around. right now the mime of the moment involves this image of new jersey governor chris christie, have you seen it? well, people are sharing their own captions, mocking the slightly confused look on his face as he
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donald trump, ronald mcdonald did a cleary how social media has changed the political landscape. >> she joins us now with a look at how the elections of the past would play out, in the age of social media. i love all of those, tons of mimes had christie, do the caption, you know. >> did you see the vine one too kept playing? >> there were a lot today. but i love social media, right? because i think it makes us feel like we're not just watching the race, okay? we are participating in the race, right? live tweeting. we're hearing immediately from viewers brutal responses unfold in real time, makes politics today very different from racist pre social media. soap, i spoke with historian and author joseph cummings about some of the dirtiest campaigns of the past and how social media might have changed the races. >> campaign already remind me of the campaigns of the 19th ce
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level of insult that people are hurling at each other, which was a staple of 19th century campaigns, so i believe that if they had twitter, if they had social media, things would have gotten even worse. >> so, here, this is the cover of his book. it is called anything for a vote. it is the collection of basically means. now, they're usually pictures with texts, sometimes it is the actual text, sometimes it is something funny and made up. and i actually i thought these were campaign posters when i first saw it. but no. the creator of the cover put together actual attacks that these candidates endured, look at this one at the bottom it, says van buren wears women clothing, reagan is too told. -- too old. >> i mean, it is pretty brutal. that will was sort of the idea whatever he was saying, in his comments, about pre-social media. so i asked him to tell me about a few attacks that missed the scorn of social media, and we're having a
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we at fox5 mocked up few tweets and mimes of our own, if social media had been around. so let's take a look at this first tweet, would have come out from the federalist party, thomas jefferson is dead. now there is was an actual message that they spread on the campaign trail. when thomas jefferson wasn't dead tonight give you context about it there was purpose, actually slaved named thomas jefferson who had died. intention was to remind vote that's jefferson was a slave owner. >> hideous her mat tree diet. they called john adams, i mean, you can't even imagine this kind of language. now, they said it was because of his body type. they said it was neither masculine or feminine. so, some pretty ugly words exchanged. let's read it to the modern day. now, this,
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this was an actual poster used against nixon. it said would you buy an used car from this man. and joseph explained to me, this is probably the first example after modern day mime we've seen. he actually said this poster some damage for nixon, and it really made people think. so, you know, we had a lot of fun with this story, we wanted to take a look at it, and you realize when you are looking at politics today, as dirty as it all seems, maybe it is just politics as usual. >> maybe america is not going down the drain. >> yes, i mean, it sort of puts it in some context, can you feel very overwelmed. social media does that to us, because it is so ever present. >> instantaneous. >> it's been going on for a long time. >> well the message just didn't spread around the country so quickly. >> exactly. >> yes, so it is overwhelming for sure. >> it is reassuring, though. >> that's good. >> not so bad right now. >> exactly.
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>> well, thank you, very much, ronica. >> welcoming up: hulk hogan sex tape trial against gawker begins with jury selection, but the former wrestler takes his fight to, we're talking about social media, twitter first. >> and kylie versus kylie trademark war. the pop stars that are taking on kylie jenner for the rights to her first name. >> and thousands of people were touched by a video after 106 year old woman who visited the white house and danced with the obama's, and now they can give something back to her in return. we'll be back. >> ♪
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>> breaking news to bring you right out of fairfax county. police are on the scene in the 6200 block of lastberg drive. >> t
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fired at officers in the area now asking everyone in the area to remain indoors as they investigate and secure that neighborhood and that area. we have a reporter on the scene headed to the scene. skyfox also headed there. do stay with fox5 for the latest as we get more information. >> all right, meanwhile, coming up. ment honoring slain officer ashley guindon. cops around the wormed take to go social media posting photos of their first day on the job. heartwarming outpouring of love and remembrance straight ahead. matt? >> reporter: last night we told but a cbs manager fired for stopping two criminals. well, he's an army vet. coming up tonight we'll talk to him about the outpouring of support that has come in. jim? >> reporter: and we are also following this guy, brooks, remember him, now a member of the toronto mapleleafs in town tonight. we'll hear from him about the trade coming up. >> ♪
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress.
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so many people are talking about a story that we showed you last night. the army vet who tried to stop two shoplifters was fired for his actions. since then there has been an outpouring of support. matt ackland has an interview with a man who you may recognize who saw it all take place. matt? >> reporter: you are right. the story is really getting a lot of talk across the country. and for a long time fox 5 fans and current comcast viewers you may know chick hernandez. chick was in the cvs when this all went down and he spoke to us earlier today. >> reporter: friday morning chick hernandez went to get a passport photo tak
5:33 pm
beltsville cvs. >> i heard this weird noise and you couldn't tell if it was a laugh or a scream. and then five seconds later here comes joe flying by, he's yelling call 911. >> reporter: chick remembers joe run to the door, help an older man using a walker get out of the door and then closing those doors. >> two kids ran into the door which was closed now and joe got one of them and had him. and the kid he had said to his partner, "shoot him." when you hear those terms, we're all like oh, crap. and joe said i've been in the military far too long. you don't have anything. >> reporter: turns out joe was right. we asked him how he knew. >> i didn't really know he didn't have one. i just kind of assumed. >> was this all instinct? >> yeah. >> reporter: chick e
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later to give a statement to police and to thank joe. >> i saw joe, i saw the big screwdriver that one of the kids had and i just said joe, you did a heck of a thing and he looked at me and he said i'm probably going to be fired. i was like what? yeah, it's company policy. you don't do that. it doesn't compute with me, but i get it, but i don't get it. >> reporter: and joe joins us now. a lot of people are saying i get it, but i don't get it. have you been able to get it yet? are you still confused why they fired you? i think you know, but still when you step back from it, should you still be working at that building behind you? >> my personal opinion, yes. i do understand they have to look out for themselves and you know i was -- i didn't act -- i didn't sit there and rationally think should i go out there and stop. i reacted in a way that i only
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>> so many people saw this story, it was not only in the air here, but other places across the country. you've been hearing from folks across the country, right? >> reporter: yeah, my facebook has been blowing up from people all across the country thanking me and reposting it. i've got people from kansas to the philippines. i mean, people back home are calling me. >> we put it on our facebook in fact we have some comments and we can take you to those comments right now and show you these. if we can go to those. the first one is from jeremy. shame on you, cvs, you could have dealt with this in a different way and still got your point across. looks like walgreens is getting my business now. gail, let's switch to gail here. it looks like cvs got a deal when they hired him. stopping their store from being robbed is a bonus. and one more from
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he says i am not surprised at all. this is the new cooperate america way of thinking. now you just call 911 and leave it at that. we reached out to cvs but you believe this is from the top, everyone has to do this correct because of the cooperate culture or the rules at the top. >> yeah, my boss when he came in to deliver the news, he was sick to his stomach. he didn't want to. but he didn't have a choice. >> you've been getting some job offers, correct? >> yes. a lot of people are reaching out to me, they want an interview so that's nice. we stopped for lunch today at a restaurant and the lady recognized us sand she asked about you and she said she called in on a radio show this morning because she wanted to offer you an interview. she didn't want to tell what restaurant it was but she wanted to give her
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back to you. >> police officers around the world are honoring ashley guindon, the prince william county police officer killed on her first day of job. >> many of the photos are captioned in honor of officer ashley guindon. we're showing you just a few of the many and if you want to see more you can head to our website, what a special way to honor her and to remember her and their legacy. >> they all stand together. >> they do. >> it's hard to say good-bye, but even worse when thank you face your old friends on the ice. >> yeah. some people taking this pretty hard. he was very popular around here. the longest tenured athlete in dc. that has changed now, ryan zimmerman. this wasn't how it was supposed to end. 12 seasons with the
5:38 pm
this was the year his hard work would pay off with a realistic shot at hoisting the cup. but hockey is a business and in the end business won out. it was clearly a move to free up a little cap room but it wasn't expected from like, and the way he found out was from an alert on his fiancee's cell phone. >> surprised, shocked. i had never asked for a trade. i had conveyed my thoughts, spoke with the coaching staff and said i wanted to be part of it. i wanted to make a cup run. my fiancee was amazing through it. the notification came on her phone, mine was off, she gets the caps updates on her phone she was the one that broke it to me. the support i've received over the last days from the people in washington has been humbling.
5:39 pm
>> wish him luck. another hurdle cleared today for the spring training at the he's on. the nats beat the rays 6-2. ryan zimmerman virginia baseball where he earned all american honors. pledging $1 million for the expansion of davenport stadium. finally no surprise. melo rejected by the rim, he tumbled backwards. boom. z yeah, the 31-year-old was able to laugh at himself. i was trying to figure out if i had my legs underneath me, which i didn't. my mind and my body was telling me different things. i got to tell you, melo. it's all
5:40 pm
>> fine bottle of wine. >> wow. it's not even friday. >> if you're a fine bottle of wine, i'm franzia. >> you're the boxed. >> exactly. that's why i like it. hey look, it has a stick and it's good. >> a company introduces a new policy for their female employees letting them take off or some time off during that time of the month. they should just give them the bottle of wine. >> the answer for everything. >> bingo! >> the list of the hardest working cities in america. find out where the dmv ranked. hey sue! >> am i the only one who
5:41 pm
remembers screwtop boone's farm? this might be relief to you for some of you who are ready for spring and cherry blossoms, winter's last hurrah. and also the latest on the cherry blossoms. i'll have the timing for a little bit of snow moving back into forecast. not tonight. we'll let you know when the winds are going to settle down. we'll be right back.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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i'm still stuck on boone's farm. >> they changed their name to just boone i think. >> they were not good headaches. >> nice t
5:45 pm
back. >> i agree with that. >> kind of a rude awakening. even though we knew it was coming. >> but still. to say it and feel it is a different thing. last night at 11:00 it was still 61 degrees and then the front came through. you probably heard it rattling your windows with the rain and the big wind, between 5:00 and 8:00 in the morning we dropped 12 degrees and it's still dropping. >> my kids put their shorts on this morning i said no, i don't think so and they were like okay, mommy you're right. next week they're going to be wanting the shorts. in between time here we have a little bit of winter's last hurrah that we're going to be talking about and we'll start with temperatures tonight certainly a beautiful evening and looks are deceiving tonight because the temperatures and the wind chills have us into the 30s in the suburbs including out towards winchester down to 32 while dc is at 40. so the next several hours we are going to
5:46 pm
dropping on down to 39 eventually by 10:00 to 35 and to midnight around 33 degrees for another cold night. one good thing though, the winds are going to get a lot better as we go to the next several hours. but what a dramatic change in temperatures. this map shows how much the temperature has changed in the last 24 hours. 26 degrees colder in the last 24 hours at dulles, 28 for martins burg, 29 for winchester, 20 for washington. by the way with that warm day yesterday and all the warm wind, there's some tree pollen in the air. we're still getting gusts over 32 in some parts of the area. at 32 in the district, 36 for dulles. 31 for mannasas. those winds have peek peaked in the upper 30s today. they will get a little bit better. clear skies now, a little bit of lake effect snow coming across the lakes but the storm we're going to be watching is
5:47 pm
in origin but as it moves very speedily towards our direction, it will be able to pick up a little bit of gulf moisture. we start out quietly and maybe even request some sunshine, but thursday afternoon, while temperatures are only in the 40s, we're going to find our storm system approaching, and thursday night, 10:00 or so, the snow will begin to fall around our area. a lot of it will melt initially until things get more vigorous and roads should be in pretty good shape but our storm is going to pass to our south and it looks to us like it might be able to throw back a bit more significant can't accumulation but on the order of maybe 2 or 3 inches south of and east of dc. we have a snow map for you. a generally 1-2 inches mostly on grass and that might affect your friday morning commute. but there could be a spot down here where you get a little bit more. that would be calvert county, maybe even across st. mary's. and you also have a chance kind of in two waves. the first pa
5:48 pm
you might get a little more west of hagers town and a little more south and east. we have to say because of the timing, it likely will have a moderate impact. i would not be surprised to see a winter weather advisory issued for tomorrow and that's because it's going to fall during the morning rush hour. that heavy snow south and east. delays could be possible maybe delays for some areas. friday afternoon will be fine. we'll be clear, breezy and cold and then your thursday looks like this. most of the day absolutely fine. we don't see anything coming in until later at night. the clouds will increase in the afternoon and our temperature about 43 degrees. this could be winter's last hurrah because we go from 41 on friday morning to 75 next wednesday. that's why the cherry blossoms are going to come out later this month. and this very well could be the end of our snow. we start a really significant pattern change next week. 68 degrees on tuesday, wednesday get your tea time. i don't even g
5:49 pm
to get a tee time. >> good call. 75 never looked so good. >> in entertainment news tonight, hulk hogan is getting ready for a battle. >> he took to twitter and tweeted quote, i'm supposed to do this in my hulk hogan voice. time for a real main event. hogan is suing for publishing a portion of his sex tape back in 2012. he claims the published tape was a sliiltion of his privacy while gawker is using the first amendment saying it was fair game. just don't use a sex tape and you won't have a problem. >> life rules with sarah
5:50 pm
simmons. you can add another name to the list of those who are not fans of kardashians. kylie minogue has challenged kylie jenner. the musician has trade marked several variations of the name kylie since 2003 including her music, clothing and hair products. >> the war of the kylies. let's head over to tony and shawn now for a look at what's next. >> i agree. you can't really do that. >> no. >> i don't use my name kylie for that reason. >> i just go with shawn. >> you've trademarked all versions of shawn. >> i have. >> going back to the hulk hogan story. why do so many famous people make sex tapes.
5:51 pm
it's like, duh. >> he's just mad he didn't make as much money. >> he's just mad that tony didn't make one. >> we're going to move on now on that note. it is probably no surprise that many of you that subway systems nationwide are loaded with germs and the dc region's metro rail system is no exception. but wait until you hear the two types of nasty germs that were only found in our metro rail system. it may gross you out a bit ahead at 6:00. >> if you think your iphone is secure thanks to your fingerprint recognition system, think again. because a simple kids' product can mimic your thumb print. we'll have the details ahead. >> and are you one of those folks thinking about moving to canada too? apparently the number of google searches for how to move to canada spiked overnight. we'll take a closer look at why so many people want to move north of the border tonight at 6:00.
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we want to take you back to that breaking news out of fairfax county right now. police are still on the scene in the 6200 block of larks spur drive. >> spots were fired from inside of the house. although police say no one was hit by the gunfire. they are asking everyone to remain inside while they investigate and they work to take the shooter into custody if possible residents are being asked to head to their basements or lowest spots of their homes for safety. we do invite you to stay with fox 5 for the latest as we get you more information.
5:57 pm
for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job?
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choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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tonight at 6:00 a convicted rapist pled guilty in hopes of sparing his own life. police say she's a repeat drunk driver but she's not in jail. were prosecutors call her a danger to the community and want her behind bars for good. then, could it be winter's last gasp? sue says snow could be in our near future. what you need to know. fox 5 starts right now. >> we begin with breaking news in fairfax county. we are told investigators are on the scene in the 6200 block of larkspur drive. >> police say shots were fired at officers as they went to make contact with someone in a home there. the spots came from inside the house. police say no one was hit by the gunfire. they are asking everyone in the area though to remain indoors while they investigate this incident and w
6:00 pm
shooter into custody. if possible, residents are being asked to head to their basements or the lowest spot of their homes or someplace inside their homes, not near windows, for safety. stay with fox 5 for the latest as we get more information. we have a reporter headed to the scene. first up at 6:00, the parents of hannah graham and morgan harrington heard jesse matthew admit to killing their daughters in court today. graham disappeared in 2014, handwriting tony disappeared in 2009. in return for his plea matthew has avoided the dealt pinlt and will spend the rest of his life in jail without parole. paul wagner starts us off live in charlottesville. >> he said his taurt was a heroine, basically because in


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