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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tonight the tributes continue to fall in for officer ashley guindon who was shot and killed over the weekend as she responded to the domestic violence call. it was her first full day on the job. two other officers were also hurt in the shooting. the other victim crystal hamilton. police say he shot and killed her. memorials in tribute to both women are growing. alexandra limon is live in woodbridge outside the hamilton's home with more. >> reporter: that's right. you can see one of those memorials for crystal hamilton today her sister and her aunt were here at the scene of the crime. they told me that crystal was a wonderful person, a dedicated mother. she also worked with wounded veterans and they can't believe she is gone. >> i know
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my precious baby is gone. saturday night she was shot and killed. police say her husband, army staff sergeant, ronald hamilton, is to blame. >> this say shock. you've got a man working in the pentagon. a beautiful young lady like this. you can't ask for a better wife. >> we're still trying to make sense out of everything. we're still trying to snarnd what would have motivated such violence, not just against my sister, but against the officer that lost her life, and most importantly the other officers that were injured. >> reporter: now the family is trying to wrap their minds around how a love story that spanned more than a decade ended so tragically. they were
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sweethearts and married for the past 11 years. >> ronny seemed like an upright person. when i met him, he was all smiles, very intelligent, very intellectual. and i felt like, okay. this is a good match for my sister. >> the family adds he appeared to be a good father to their 11-year-old son. a boy family members fear may have witnessed his mother's purd murder and then ran away to save his own life. >> he understands that mom is gone. and he knows that dad is no -- dad won't probably be here either. for an 11-year-old, that's a lot to process. >> reporter: crystal hamilton's family says they would like justice. they want to see staff sergeant hamilton held responsible. but they may have more than one legal battle ahead of them because they also want custody of the couple's 11-year-old son. however, they tell me
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has right now been placed in the custody of ronald hamilton's family. reporting in woodbridge, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. >> that 32-year-old staff sergeant remains in jail tonight without bond. he's facing multiple charges including capital murder. he appeared in court via a video conference from jail this afternoon. police say he murdered his wife and then used a rifle to shoot and kill officer guindon and wound two others. fox 5 has learned hamilton has a prior conviction for assault ten years ago out of state. meantime funeral arrangements are being made. a viewing will be held tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in woodbridge. the service will take place at noon. we have a page on our website,, with more information about all of that. >> we have an update tonight, new charges were filed today in that
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pornography in prince george's county. a federal grand jury indicted deonte carraway on 16 counts. the federal indictment involves 11 victims. as police continue to investigate, they're asking anyone with information about deonte carraway or this case to give them a call, 1-800-call-fbi. fox 5 is in arlington now. police have arrested and charged a 19-year-old with abduction and sexual assault. they say he tried to assault a woman as he tried to remove the victim's shorts. investigators say she bit his hand and he ran off. they are trying to determine if he is involved in a series of other assaults. they say more charges are pending. >> a teenaged
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critically injured at a bus stop police say this was a targeted attack. they believe it had no link to the schools. witnesses saw two suspects running from the scene. >> i saw this guy drop down in the middle of the road and two young boys were running, one had a red jacket, they had backpacks on. they came back and peeked out and that was the last thing i saw crouched down behind a gentleman. it was really scary. >> police do believe the suspects and the victim know each other. so far there have been no arrests. >> tonight bethesda residents are demanding action after three members of a family were killed in a tragic accident at an intersection along river
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his younger sister was critically hurt. the driver of the other car was not seriously injured. >> a lot of the student testimony as they talked about tommy who had died, brought a lot of comfort and understanding among the students and the staff. >> a family gets wiped out right in front of you. it's horrible. can't believe it. >> thousands of people signed a petition demanding maryland state highway administration put a traffic signal at that intersection. so far no criminal charges have been filed in a case. >> we're getting a glimpse of a university of virginia student who was detained in north korea two months ago. in a press conference today he broke down and begged for forgiveness for committing crimes against north korea. >> i am praying to the heavens,
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so that i may be returned home to my family. please, i made the worst mistake of my life. >> he apologized for trying to steal a political banner. he said he wanted the baener as a trophy to give to the mother of a friend. however many are skeptical about his prepared confession and believe the college student was coerced. >> a navy seal was awarded a medal of honor today. he pants p-- participated in a night testify time raid. he used his body as a shield. he also tried to resuscitate another seal team member who later died. >> like so many of our special operators, it is defined by a deep sense of humility. he doesn't seek the spotlight. in fact, he shuns it. he's the consummate,
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professional. >> he is the sixth navy seal to receive a medal of honor and the first living recipient since the vietnam war. >> the question is can an emoji get you arrested? what a middle school student sent on inextra gram that has a 12-year-old facing criminal charges. >> there is a local push to allow prayer in schools. we'll take a closer look ahead. >> happy leap day. the sunset behind you could not be more spectacular. it sets at 6:00 today as we are getting set to start a new month. speaking of changes we have some ups and downs in this first week of march. a little bit of spring and a little bit of winter.
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the case of high profile murders involving college students in virginia. a prosecutor says jesse matthew is expected to enter guilty pleas in the death of hannah graham and morgan harrington. he is due in circuit court on wednesday. without the plea deal he could have faced the death penalty if convicted. he's already serving life in prison for a sexual assault. graham was a university of virginia student who disappeared in 2014. harrington vanished in 2009. >> a 12-year-old fairfax county girl is in serious trouble. police arrested her for making emoji threats on facebook. the 12-year-old posted a message on instagram in december featuring a gun, a bomb and the knife. it also included the words killing and meet me in the library tuesday. the student admitted to posting a message under another student's name. her mom sa
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response to bullying. the 12-year-old is charged with threatening the school and computer harassment. >> there is a push in the maryland state capital to allow voluntary prayer in public schools. the bill is sponsored by a lawmaker in baltimore county. it would allow students to pray on their own. currently state-sanctioned prayer is banned. there is mixed reaction to the proposal. >> we have fought for students' right to express their religion, but that is a far cry from compelling students to listen to a religious message and the government compelling them. >> nobody is forcing one religion or another. it's just expressing of their faith. >> this bill has no prior history with the general assembly. it has strong bipartisan support in both the house and the senate. >> it was supposed to be the first of its kind in the u.s. a new salt warning on restaurant menus have been temporarily put on hold. this is the
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that was supposed to warn diners about high levels of sodium. the ruling was set to take effect march 1st but a state court halted the law. no word on why. >> most of us know either lunch at your desk is not a good idea. but most of us just can't get away. well, we have a few compelling reasons that just might make you change your mind. >> also ahead tonight, there is a push on capitol hill to make your next flight a little roomier.
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>> we like it. >> you may have felt the squeeze if you were recently on an airplane. if so it's all because airlines have been slow sli cutting down on leg room and seat
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>> more on senator charles schumer's proposal for more space. >> reporter: airline passengers often complain. now an act of congress could change all that. the average leg room in most airlines has declined by nearly 4 inches. and the width of the seats has narrowed by almost 2 inches. passengers are feeling the pain and so is new york's senior senator who wants to change that to a mandatory faa funding bill. >> i will be introducing an amendment to require the airlines to go back to the sold system. 35 inches, 18 inches. 35 inches for leg room, 18 inches as the width of the seat. >> reporter: schumer believes it should be done without a fare increase since airlines are making record high profits. $9 billion last quarter alone. while they welcome the idea, passengers we spoke to are skeptical it can be done without raising
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>> i'm over 6 feet so i would think that would be perfect. it's not money wise for the airlines so i doubt they're going to comply. >> we think that would be great but i don't see it happening. absolutely not. >> it's aults nicer to get more room but you wonder how much it's going to change the price as well. >> reporter: the family supports the proposal. leg room is a key issue for them. kimberly is 6 feet tall and her brother is 6'10". >> it's horrible. i'm cramped up the entire flight. >> not everyone has enough to pay first class. a regular guy like me i need that room. i think it's a great idea and it should be passed. >> an industry trade organization called airlines for america says government regulations should be limited to seating safety, not seat
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senator schumer says if all goes as planned, this could pass by the end of march. >> we are following some breaking news right now we want to tell you about in the fight between apple and the fbi over unlocking iphone data. a judge says the u.s. department of justice cannot force apple to provide the fbi access to locked iphone data. >> now, this ruling involves a routine drug case in brooklyn, new york. however the decision comes as the fbi is trying to get apple to give them access to the iphone of one of the shooters in san bernardino massacre. >> every now and then we are all guilty of eating lunch at our desk. >> and there is a name for it. desktop dining. 62% of professionals say they eat lunch at their desks. why are more people skipping lunch? the answer is usually i'm trying to get everything done. but did you know it leads to
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increased calorie consumption and weight gain? plus you interact with your coworkers less and studies show that employees who socialize are actually more productive. >> really? so we should have like a big dining table in the middle of the news room. >> maybe that would be a good idea. sure. >> sue palka, what do you think about that? or maybe we should dine outside because the weather was so nice today. >> now you're talking, shawn. let's start scoping out where we're going. the breezes were a little tough to take earlier today. they've gotten lighter. how about this temperature for the last day of february, not bad at all. 65 degrees, a leap day at that. dulles 62, bwi 64, and we're going to have a another nice day tomorrow. march 1st is coming in like a lamb, although there will be some up and downs next week. a warm day, although very late tomorrow note into wednesday
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rain and wednesday's temperature will fall throughout the day. a little bit of rain before noon and fortunately not expecting any thunderstorms because of the time of day in which this rain is coming on through. but then we get colder behind that. thursday will definitely be colder and there's a chance of some snow or rain on friday. more on that in a moment. our nice temperature of 59 degrees continues. 52 out toward frederick and you can see the temperatures are a little bit cooler out there. but with the wind getting better, finally 59 feels like 59. how about the rest of the evening? 55 degrees at 7:00, by 9:00, abo about 50. so that's not bad considering our average high pretty close to the 50 degree mark. we're going to keep those temperatures on the more comfortable side tonight and the wind are certainly a lot better but earlier today we did have gusts in the 30s. i'm sure you noticed those if you were out and about. one frontal boundary has moved on through. there is another one coming acrosshe
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it will be on the chilly side but not bitterly cold tonight. especially not with a temperature overnight of 40 degrees. not bad at all and tomorrow again back up and over 60 degrees. afternoon sunshine, a warm day. you know what else? it's going to be lighter in the wind department during the day tomorrow. so here's some of the highs that you can see. fredricksburg 66. as the front comes through, beautiful tuesday. that front will come through tuesday night into wednesday morning. that's where our next shot of rain is. there could be mixing out to our west, they'll get a little snow along the lakes, several inches up there. the colder air comes in wednesday afternoon. maybe even a random flurry here and there but for the most part wednesday afternoon should be dry. i wanted to show the future cast to time out the rain and talk about what is coming for friday. you can see at 4:00 in the morning that's when our line comes through and a little bit of activity out in the mountains. the wednesday afternoon, that was tuesday night into wedneay
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morning. wednesday afternoon will be a lot drier. but let me show you on our fox 57-day forecast as we go forward, late thursday night we know it gets colder into friday, favorable time frame, there is going to be a storm system to keep an eye on. because it's coming at a cold point, we think there is a possibility of a small accumulation on friday and as a matter of fact, speaking of friday, the national weather serve ition also watching it and they say there is a slight risk of a winter storm on thursday night into friday. again not a big one but something to keep an eye on. might cause things to be a little bit bogged down on friday morning. it looks like as we get that system out of here friday afternoon, it's a little cooler for the weekend and we start warming things up nicely. the consensus in the weather center, this is our last chance we think for any kind of accumulation. you like that? >> yes. >> toward the end of next week,
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you know what that means? the groundhog was right, if this all pans out. please don't hold me to it or i'll be moving to punxsutawney. there could be some big changes. >> we're starting out tomorrow. >> tomorrow is feeling like a lamb. >> absolutely. >> i won't make my lamb sound this year, shawn. >> i forget about the lamb. >> in case you missed it chris rock's daughters and the girl scouts sold cookies at the oscars last night. they raised a whopping $65,000 with over 13,000 boxes sold. the money goes towards the greater los angeles troop. he dropped the name of his biggest competitor and asked the "a" listers
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>> i thought that was totally a spoof. >> it was real. >> i heard kevin hart say they got me for like $400 and they didn't have change. >> we'll be right back.
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today is leap day. it comes around once every four years. it's a day we add to realign our clocks and calendars with the rotation of the earth. it's very complicated. of course retailers are capitalizing on the concept. leap year babies can take advantage of hotel deals. the deal includes d
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complete with birthday cake and a champagne toast. >> i made a deal with my kids we would give them allowances on leap years. >> that's it? [ laughter ] i'm just playing. >> every four years. >> happy birthday to all the leap babies. >> absolutely. you got a great weather day on of it. >> we'll see you guys back here tonight at 10:00. 
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: after decades, leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar and he almost forgot it at the after party. >> you see this guy like run out and you see him like holding like the oscar. he's like do you want this in here with you? >> it's like he went to the urinal to have a piss and he put it down and forgot it. [laughter] >> yeah. >> the worst part about the whole oscars last night, sly getting snubbed. >> it hit here, man. harvey: he really thought he won. >> michael rappaport posted on instagram, a video. it's the funniest thing i have ever seen. >> what the [bleep] is going on? >> love it! >> emmanuel lubezki. he was leaving ago's last night. he just won best cinematographer. >> he won three years in a row. >> is cinematography like a throw-away oscar? >> he's a little more advanced


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