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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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job. >> the other victim in this case, crystal hamilton. she called 911 after a fight with her husband, ronald. moments later police say he shot and killed her. tonight we are learning more about the victims. fox 5's marina marraco is live in woodbridge with the latest. marina? >> reporter: a lot of moving pieces to this entire story. first the investigation of what exactly took place that led to this call and ultimately the death of officer guindon. prince william county police say their investigation is over. today of course was ronald hamilton's arraignment. he had two separate arraignments, first at domestic violence court and secondly for officer guindon's death. he could face the death penalty for her murder. vigils going to be held to remember officer
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procession that's going start at the funeral home and come up here up prince william county and head back to the chap elwhere tomorrow's funeral will be held. it will be a public funeral and at noon of course there is limited space so they're asking if the public does wish to attend, they remember and offer up the majority of the seats to law enforcement community as well as officer guindon's family. the police department here hoping that the community will reach out and bid farewell to this officer. >> we really want to give the community a chance to come out and show their support to officer guindon and we're going to have a processional where she will be escorted down from the funeral home down to our garfield station which is our eastern district station and she will go to the chap elwhere she
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>> reporter: the last 24 hours and 36 hours here prince william county police there have been several go-fund-me accounts that have been set up. these accounts have not been approved and not been verified so they have decided to set up an official account that will benefit the family. if you wish to donate you can look it up and all the information regarding the procession as well as the funeral on and tonight we have continuing coverage on all this case with more, here's al dpand dra limon. >> reporter: i'm here outside of the hamilton's home in woodbridge. you can see a makeshift memorial continues to grow for crystal hamilton and today i had a chance to speak to her sister and her aunt. they tell me she was a wonderful person, a dedicated mother. they can't believe she's gone. >> my niece is gone. my
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that's all i know. she's gone. >> reporter: crystal him i will ton's family members say the 29-year-old mother, sister and friend was essentially known as chrissy. saturday night she was shot and killed. police say her husband is to blame. >> this is a shock. you've got a man working in the pentagon, a beautiful young lady like this you couldn't ask for a better wife. >> we're trying to make sense out of everything. we're still trying to understand what would have motivated such violence, not just against my sister, but against the officer that lost her life and most importantly the other officers that were injured. >> reporter: now the family is trying to wrap their minds around how a love story that spanned more than a decade ended so tragically. they were high school sweethearts and married for the
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>> ronny seemed like an upright person. when i met him, he was just all smiles, very intelligent, very intellectual. and i felt like, okay. well, this is a good match for my sister. >> reporter: the family adds he appeared to be a good father to their 11-year-old son. a boy who family members fear may have witnessed his mother's murder. and then ran away to save his own life. >> he understands, he understands that mom is gone. and he knows that dad is no longer -- dad won't probably be here either. for an 11-year-old, that's a lot to process. >> reporter: crystal hamilton's family tells me they just want justice and they may have more than one legal battle ahead of them because they're also fighting for custody of the couple's 11-year-old son. they tell me currently he was placed in the custody of ronald
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hamilton's family in south carolina, something that is very upsetting to crystal's family as you can imagine. laura? >> puzzling for a lot of people. why was the son put in the custody of the father's family? >> reporter: well, family court and child protective services is a very complicated system and they're really not allowed to talk about this for privacy reasons. but according to crystal hamilton's family is because ronald hamilton is the closest surviving member of the boy so he was able to sign him over to the family. >> i would imagine crystal's family is going to be fighting this for some time. the wounded warrior project is among those mourning the loss of crystal hamilton. this statement saying that she touched the lives of so many people, including the families and staff of recovering marines. she was known for her bright smile and dedication to her son
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beaming with pride that her son had made the honor role. >> ronald hamilton remains in the jail on a no-bond status. he's facing a possible death sentence if he is convicted. bob barnard has more now from the prince william county courthouse in mannasas. >> there were two hearings in mannasas today. the first in juvenile and domestic relations court. he was charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of his wife, crystal. he stands 6 feet tall, he's 265 pounds. after the court we saw one of his late wife crystal's good friends leaving the courthouse. she was in the courtroom right in front of
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times coming face to face through a video hook-up with hamilton who is appearing from the jail. later in district court hamilton was charged with capital murder in the death of officer ashley guindon. hamilton used a rifle to shoot and kill officer guindon and wound other officers. we're told he has a prior conviction of assault. that a ten-year-old case from out of state. would not say whether she had sought a protective order. >> there couldn't be any worse case than this. >> commonwealth's attorney says the couple's sunday,
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11-year-old who was in the house in woodbridge at the time of saturday evening's shooting is staying with family members. hamilton himself is due back in court in mid april. bob barnard, fox 5 local news. >> in prince george's county, high school and middle school were locked down for several hours after two assay lants critical shot and wounded a teenaged boy at a bus stop. >> paul wagner joins us live from greenbelt with the story. paul? >> reporter: i'm standing on green belt road just down from duval high school. and it was just before 9:00 this morning is where a 17-year-old was standing. we talked with a witness this morning, an extraordinary witness. a young lady who saw the entire thing. she said that she heard the
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watched as the two gunmen ran up from this bus stop, past this senior home, and down that driveway. she said it was terrifying. >> it was shot, shot, shot. >> reporter: kelly says she was standing at a parking lot on busy green belt road when she heard the first shot and looked to where the sound was coming from. >> i saw this guy drop down in the middle of the road and two young boys were running. one had a red jacket, they had backpacks on. they ran behind the building they came back and peeked out a few minutes before the police arrived. that's the last thing i saw crouched down behind a gentleman. it was really scary. >> another witness said he saw something similar. >> the first gunshot hit the guardrail and seen the gentleman run across
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as he was running i heard two more gunshots that's when the young man fell to the ground and the two who did it ran behind the doctor's office. >> reporter: that's where police concentrated their search much of the morning near a home for senior citizens and a day care. they believe the shooting is part of an ongoing dispute and mad no link to the high school just a block away. duval was locked down and so was goddard middle school. police were certain the suspects and the victim knew each other. >> that's part of the investigation. that's information i have from the detectives that it's not considered random at this time. >> reporter: at last check with the police we were told that that 17-year-old was still in critical condition. you also heard kelly say the shooters ran away with backpacks on. we want to make clear with the police whether there was any connection to the school. the police are saying they
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no known duval high school. it's not clear or not whether there may be a connection over at goddard middle school. the investigation is ongoing as to exactly what happened out here on green belt road. but again that victim still in critical condition at this hour. live in green belt, paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> new tonight, federal charges are moving forward against a former prince george's county school volunteer accused of producing child pornography. a federal grand jury has indicted deonte carraway. the federal indictment involves 11 victims. that's an increase from the federal charges filed last week. carraway also faces multiple state charges related to the case. >> new developments in the case of two high profile murders
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students in virginia. a prosecutor says jesse matthew is expected to enter guilty pleas in the deaths of hannah graham and morgan harrington. without the plea deal he could have faced the death penalty if convicted. he's already serving life in prison for a sexual assault county. graham was a university of virginia student who disappeared in 2014. harrington was a virginia tech student who vanished in 2009. coming up, the national mall is highlighting abortion in a unique and interactive way. >> skwus as the supreme court is set to hear a monumental case on the controversial topic. >> one couple who set the bar pretty high for their pregnancy announcement. >> looking forward to seeing that. happy leap day. what a wonderful day to add on to february getting into the mid 60s. the breeze has been a little bit hard to take, but at least it's from a warm direction. so what is ahead for our
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week of march? i'll let you know if it's coming in like a lion or a lamb. come on back.
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a new exhibit on the national mall is aimed at gaining support for women's access to abortion. the exhibit is called no access, no choice.
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women and how restricting access to abortion impacts them. the interactive exhibit will be open between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. through march 4th. >> the exhibit has just been set up just as the supreme court is about to hear a monumental case on abortion. a challenge to a texas law that has dramatically reduced the number of abortion clinics in the state is set to go before the justices on wednesday. if challengers are able to convince the court that the texas law goes too far, it could have national implications. the texas law requires doctors who reform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges and abortion clinics to meet the standards of outpatient surgical centers. those measures have been partially blocked by the court. now if allowed to take full effect, all but ten abortion clinics in texas would have to close. >> let's take it outside now and get
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spring-like weather that we are having. 60 degrees, i can't believe we're up this high. >> so gorgeous yesterday and again today. and sue, how long can we keep the streak going? >> we've got another beautiful day on the way tomorrow and some changes towards the end of the week but we've got to enjoy what we have right now. not only is a beautiful day. the breezes are a bit noticeable. they should get better, a frontal boundary is in the process of coming through route now. as of today if you take a look at weather maps, our days are getting longer. the sun now goes down at 6:00. the sun skocomes up at 6:41. the first time we've had a sunset at 6:00. beautiful photo isn't it? send us your great pictures on facebook and twitter and we'll make them part of our weather map. some important dates coming up in the month of march. it's coming in like a lamb,
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everybody. and on march 13th that will be or first sunday of daylight savings time. spring begins on march 20th so that is exciting as well. check out these highs today. 65 degrees at reagan, dulles 62, bwi, 64. gusts at reagan, the highest gust was 37. so as the night goes on, i think it will get better in terms of the gusts and temperatures are still really comfortable at 61 degrees here now in the district, 55 for winchester and martinsburg as well as frederick. and the winds again definitely noticeable but they are going to get lighter now as we get past the sunset hour and the frontal boundary is coming through the city right now. the warm air that has been in place will give us a rather comfortable night but a little bit of a chill but nothing terrible as we go forward. and here is your evening planner. 7:00, 56 degrees. by 9:00, 5
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11:00, 48 degrees. lots of things to keep track of and while we're getting a nice little spring preview today and tomorrow, we do have a touch of winter in the forecast. we'll talk about that with a full report coming up a bit later. laura and sarah back to you. >> coming up. >> i don't know how you do that. and the best use of the oscar's thank you ticker goes to how the new award show edition was used to its fullest potential by the best cinema to go fer winner, there was another star-studded event in flint, michigan. we'll tell you about that coming up. up.
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hollywood's biggest night. let's talk about that. >> it's become a big hit on social media. movie and fashion fans who could not be at the oscars love tweeting about the oscars. >> did you watch last night? >> i watched for a little bit and i had to tune out. i wasn't into it. i did watch for a little bit. >> so one beauty brand tried to get in on the action and they failed spectacularly. >> total beauty tweeted this photo of whoopie goldberg in this gown. their caption "we had no idea oprah was tatted." >> we all love whoopie goldberg, but we don't all look alike. >> some people on social media speculated that it was just
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really bad joke but no they admitted their mistake said they are sorry tweeting they would like to apologize. it was our error and there are no excuses. we're sorry. the company also tried to make up for their mistake by offering to donate $10,000 to e charity of oprah and whoopie goldberg's choosing. >> the oscar's thank you ticker was supposed to keep the show moving and make acceptance speeches shorter. >> with the award show dragging on past midnight it didn't seem to cut down on anyone's speech. >> i want to share it with the cast and crew, especially with my compadre, to your passion, alejandro and i want to share this with leo
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great performance. >> he might get the award for best use of the thank you ticker, because check it out. take a closer look at the screen grab, his shout-outs include mexico, the beatles and he wished someone named danny a happy birthday. they could get creative with that. >> it's entertaining for people at home to just have a little fun with it. >> very funny. so listen to this. >> not all the celebrities spent their sunday at the oscars. the director of the film "creed" put on a star-studded event in flint, michigan. the benefit is raising awareness and money to help people suffering because of the water crisis in flint. the drinking water became
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contaminated with lead. really wonderful they're doing that. it's gotten a lot of attention. >> i'm glad they were there. not everybody was at the oscars. they got some star support there. coming up, scared to ask for a raise at your job? >> well, there's a new app, there's an app for everything. there is a new app that will make the task much easier for you and increase your odds of actually getting the raise that you want. >> and he's retired from boxing but now promoting the sweet science. we'll tell you why floyd "money" mayweather paid an -- a visit to the district. >> reporter: good evening, there's sorrow for victims, concern over the injured teenager and we'll tell you why bethesda residents say why this intersection is so deadly the state needs to do something about it immediately. fox 5 news at 5:00 continues in just a moment.
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tonight residents in bethesda are crying out for something to be done about an intersection where a crash killed a mother, a father and their teenaged son. their daughter is seriously injured. >> it happened saturday night where river road and pile road meet. with no traffic signal there drivers are on their own when it comes to crossing the highway. tom, i know you spoke with the state highway officials today. what did they have to say? >> reporter: we did. they say they're going to come back to this intersection and take a look at it. but there's no other way to put it. people in this neighborhood are devastated. not only for the loss of these three lives, but real
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about this 15-year-old girl who survived this wreck. the folks say simply they've been trying to get the state of maryland to do something about this spot for years. and if this accident isn't a lesson on why something needs to be done, police say they're concerned nothing will ever get done. grief counselors were on hand at bethesda's walt whitman high school. they are trying to help this community deal with the death of a 17-year-old. his sister was critically injured in a crash that also killed their parents. >> a lot of the student testimony as they talked about tommy and helena brought comfort and understanding. >> reporter: the people who were there will tell you the image of that crash and what
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unforgettable. >> a family gets wiped out right in front of you. it's just horrible. i can't believe it. >> it's good people were so caring and tried to help immediately. but it was a disaster. >> people say that man was heading up the road. when the volt made a left-hand turn at pile road, it was hit by the bmw, michael, alessandra, their son tommy died at the scene. >> you've got to remember this was a horrific crash and she's got a long way to go. >> reporter: now an online outpouring of caring and action is under way. 3,000 people have signed on to this petition demanding maryland state highway administration put a traffic signal at this spot
5:33 pm
>> a lot of people are signing in, sharing on facebook and we definitely think it's an important thing. >> reporter: so far no charges have been filed in this case. police say they're waiting for the toxicology reports on both drivers and they cannot say yet if speed was a factor. back live now. an online search of maryland court records shows that the driver of that bmw had ten cases including negligent driving and speeding and pled guilty to three of them in just the last three years. montgomery county police says tonight it will be up to the maryland state's attorney's office to decide whether or not to file charges in this case. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 local news. >> new tonight a maryland man's death has been ruled accidental and not a homicide. police say robert anderson was killed when he crashed his motorcycle along route 5 on sunday.
5:34 pm
wound but an autopsy shows the wound was caused boo a puncture during the crash. he died of multiple blunt force drama. 28 years in a dc prison for a crime he did not commit. now a judge has ordered the city to pay him more than $13 million. he was wrongly convicted of killing a taxi driver in 1978. he was exonerated in 2012 by dan evidence. >> howard university's founders library will be preserved for years to come. the national trust for historic preservation has named the library its newest national treasure. it will help preserve the past. howard's founders library opened in 1939. today the library's collection is one of the world's largest catalogs of the black experience. >> a new era of studies has beguat
5:35 pm
the center for jewish civilization launched today. it will focus on jewish curriculum and mainly on the holocaust and its role in the establishment of the state of israel. >> i'm happy to say that the united states is still a nation that has respect for tremendous liberty and freedom of speech and what we're seeing in europe is so much worse than we have in the united states. which is not to say that everything is great right now, but a conference like this is drawing attention to how radically different the situation is regarding all minorities in the european theater. >> it's being funded in part from a $10 million gift from a florida businessman and his wife. today hillary clinton made a stop in northern virginia ahead of super tuesday. she visited george mason university one of several stops around the state. polls show she has a solid lead in virginia over bernie sanders. >> so it's usually the
5:36 pm
day of the year for hockey fans. >> quiet day. nobody is going anywhere. >> why? >> why do you ask me the questions? i have the answers. >> that's why you're here. >> the caps did make the move late last night. it's a big move. brooks lake was not only the longest tenured player, he was the longest tenured pro athlete on any dc team. draft picks changed hand and by the way, like is going to be back in town on wednesday when they play toronto. first like apparently found out about the trade while doing this last night. he was watching the oscars with his fiancee julianne hough. i don't think -- didn'the
5:37 pm
the remake of "footloose"? there was reaction from a lot of fans on the side. alex ovechkin translated this out. me and you together since my first year, we make this team together, i'm going to miss you bro, i'm going to miss you. >> we want to try and address that the best way we could and be hopefully somewhat sensitive in doing it for a guy that's played here for a long time. >> all right. now that floyd mayweather is retired from boxing, he's keeping out of the ring. the april 1st match between aid ran "the problem" and the champ says he fls
5:38 pm
theopan who is on team mayweather. >> they come in to dethrone me and for me to go in and fight like they my friend. that's what it is. >> i've been british champion, i've been world number four and now 13 years as a pro i'm going to fight the champ. he's a four-time world champ and i thank him for giving me the opportunity. >> very polite there. finally, this may be why max scherzer is the most dominant pitcher in the ages. >> he has two different colored eyes. it is called heterochromia. two different colors. big day for the nats as they play their first spring training game in tampa. if you're wondering if heterochromia is the same thing david bowie had. it is not.
5:39 pm
it was a result of a brawl in his teens and it never healed up. he was no longer able to focus the pupil. >> we learn so much from you every time. >> that's what i'm here for. >> coming up here, the list of best states for women to live. >> find out where the dmv ranked among that list. >> and if you want a raise but you need help asking your boss, well there is an app for that. of course we'll explain how it works. hey caitlin. >> hey! good evening to you both. a beautiful, spring-like day out there. temperatures in the mid 60s again. another nice one but winter is not over yet. that 7-day forecast, you'll want to see it. coming up next. and fox 5 will be right back after this.
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most of us don't remember the days when news was broadcast in black and white. but one of our coworkers here at fox 5 does. >> he had a front-row seat to the evolution of television. we want to congratulate mike morantz who is celebrating 50 years and one day here at wttg. he is one of the people here working behind the scenes, helping us bring you the news each day. mike started at the station back in february of 1966 as a young video technician. we want to congratulate you on your 50 years and one day er
5:44 pm
mike. >> do you think he's counting the days. >> he said actually it's 50 years and one day. >> i hear he wants to stay another 50. >> and two days. >> it's remarkable anywhere. >> absolutely. >> congratulations. thank you for your good work. >> thank you. >> speaking of wonderful, today. >> what about this weather that started yesterday? were you guys outside? >> amazing. >> i loved the kids wanted to go outside. >> of course you did. >> open the door, get out there and don't come back until the sun sets. i know. it is kind of the first nice warm spell we've had this winter and just it came with nice weather. so we were so mild last week but we had the severe thunderstorms so a live look outside the days are getting longer and warmer but this is always a rocky transition this time of year. you're not quite into spring yet. that doesn't begin until march 20th. march can go either way. in like a lamb. only a couple of days ito
5:45 pm
month of march and we'll be talking about more lion-like weather. things are going back and forth for the next week or so. for the meantime a terrific tuesday ahead. temperatures should be well into the 60s again. so just beautiful, enjoy that. rain comes in on wednesday, colder air follows that and then possibly yes, snow. for friday. we're watching an early march storm system and the national weather service has put the whole area under a slight risk for the potential for wintry weather. last time we had the severe weather, it brought the weather last week. outside right now let's just focus on the here and now. it is beautiful and such a nice evening. much more reminiscent of
5:46 pm
we should have a very clear, calm night and tomorrow looks to be beautiful without any of the winds. satellite and radar not much outside. the cold front from earlier cleared very quickly just sunshine this afternoon and we should see clear skies with high pressure just off towards our south. there is another incoming cold front and that's not going to be affecting us this evening. mild night, clear skies. should be really nice start to tomorrow. still chilly overnight. can't really open the windows yet, but it will be more comfortable. here's the set-up as we head through tuesday. out ahead of our storm system, that brings us the warmth, the sunshine, beautiful, beautiful afternoon. enjoy it because by wednesday things get a little messy. looks like rain here that should probably start as sno
5:47 pm
mountains, a mix north and west. once that rain does clear out it could get cold enough to produce flurries across the whole area. at least briefly i think we have a chance for it wednesday afternoon as that colder air rushes in and it turns windy and it will be dramatically different than it was today. timing those rain showers by 10:00 p.m. towards our north and west, looks like overnight the steadiest rain showers fall. it looks like it clears our area by the tail end of rush hour. so this is much more of a late tuesday night into early wednesday morning situation. back to tonight, lows overnight 40 degrees in washington, 34 mac mannasas, 36 in culpeper, highs tomorrow 66 fredricksburg, 62 in washington. just beautiful. a little bit cooler there by the water. 55 in annapolis. let's get this 7-day forecast for you. 62, sunny and warm tomorrow and the morning rain with it comes the falling temperatures. this could be early high temperat
5:48 pm
windy and colder. morning rain or snow, but i think our whole area will see the variety of that. we definitely have a chance with the southern storm track to get the snow, possibly accumulating snow but we've got to see how it plays out this week. a late shower on saturday but we warm things back up. we're back into the mid 50s before you know it. that's your 7-day forecast. sarah back over to you. >> we have some breaking news to bring you now out of southeast washington tonight. police are on the scene of a shooting in the 2700 block of langston place. these are live pictures you're looking at right now. we're told the victim is an adult male. we know his injuries are serious because homicide detectives have also been called to that scene. as we learn more on this breaking news, we'll bring you the details right here on fox 5. >> let's head over to tony and shawn now for a look at what's coming up next at 6:00 sbl we're going to switch gears a little
tv-commercial tv-commercial
5:49 pm
the oscars and host chris rock. in case you missed it, we're going to show how he gave the girl scouts of america a very big boost on hollywood's dime. >> the last time you were on an air plane, did you notice feeling a little more uncomfortable? we'll tell you about a prominent lawmaker's push to get you some more space. >> also coming up, people use emojis to show their moods or add character to their message. police say a 12-year-old virginia girl went too far and now she's under arrest. find out why ahead at 6:00.
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>> it's an e-mail add-on that usesn
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web to figure out your boss's personality. and the best way to talk to them based on their online activity. the information is then used to draft an e-mail asking for a raise. of course, it is not an exact science. some users say the app got some things wrong and the e-mail requires some tweak zblg that could backfire maryland came in number 7 on the list compiled by wallet hub. the rankings are judged on factors including median earnings and our region performed strongly. in that specific category the district came in first followed by virginia and maryland. unemployment rates,
5:54 pm
rates minnesota, vermont and new hampshire topped the overall ranking with maryland at number 7. virginia came in at 14, the district at 37. >> an elderly woman from michigan has turned her cancer diagnosis into a trip of the lifetime. instead of undergoing surgery, she decided to travel. her family says norma's precise words i'm 90 years old, i'm hitting the road. she has now been traveling for six months. >> good for her! >> alongside her son, his wife and their dog. they've made stops across the united states, europe and china. she's having a good old time. her symptoms have eased. her family says she is not in pain and that her mind is still sharp. you can keep up with her trip through the driving miss norma's facebook page. that says a lot. >> it really does. >> it's therapeutic, clearly she's en
5:55 pm
her family. she's doing all these things that she probably wanted to do and now she's feeling better. >> it remind me of make a wish. the power of having these experiences and it kind of trumps what's going on physically. i love that. >> coming up, a husband is stunned as the pilot announces his wife's pregnancy on board their flight. >> that's the way to do it.
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>> we would like to draw your attention to seat 29e where you'll find eric who is traveling with his wife lisa. eric, though you didn't strike it rich here in las vegas, you did hit the jack pot. congratulations, you're about to be a dad. >> surprise! >> she gave her husband the news
5:59 pm
flight back home from las vegas to philadelphia. he's excited but he's sort of like i can't believe you did that. that's great. >> it's just sinking in. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. >> fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts now. i'm mad. i am mad right now at 6:00, two lives cut short. one a prince william county county police officer, the other a wife and mother. >> she don't deserve that. she didn't deserve it. >> right now the man accused of killing them both is behind bars. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00 everyone. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. the bigto
6:00 pm
tonight the tributes continue to fall in for officer ashley guindon who was shot and killed over the weekend as she responded to the domestic violence call. it was her first full day on the job. two other officers were also hurt in the shooting. the other victim crystal hamilton. police say he shot and killed her. memorials in tribute to both women are growing. alexandra limon is live in woodbridge outside the hamilton's home with more. >> reporter: that's right. you can see one of those memorials for crystal hamilton today her sister and her aunt were here at the scene of the crime. they told me that crystal was a wonderful person, a dedicated mother. she also worked with wounded veterans and they can't believe she is gone. >> i know


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