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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 29, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ashley guindon was one off truly heart felt service tolter prince william county. c >> a police officer who hasfi given so much to her community c and country in her young life gunned down in her first hoursoh on the jober. the responding to a call that took o the life of another young woman. >> our prayers and thoughts go out to her family and loved led ones for this sad and senseless death. dea >> now a weekend of tremendous u loss and sadness turns into ao week where the search for justice the alleged shooter an army sergeant who worked at the pentagon is due in court 90 minutes from now. n good monday morning, i'm, allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.>> i welcome to fox5 news morning mor on this monday this morning.ay r let's get right to thet ri breaking news overnight nerni concerning an american held in l north korea also remembering rem three members of the family in montgomery county their lives c lost this weekend in aouns weekn accident. acci the oscars and thede count down to super tuesday now just a day away. >> we do begin with
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terrible events out of princet p william county virginia.m we're showing now live pictures from several scenes,roe memorials up honoring the the lives of officer ashley guindon and you see police see p cars draped in black buntingla flowers and candles.flow two of her fellow officersic remain in the hospital.os >> a similar memorial on thehe front lawn of a woodbridge home honoring the life of crystal the young mother able to call 911 for help before her life hel was taken. one of the other live scenese o there the prince william w county courthouse in manassasou and that is where in 90rt minutes the suspthect iatn the case army staff sergeantaff rg ronald hamilton will go beforeof a judgment he faces two murder t charges, one could carry the one death penalty.pena bob barnard begins our team our coverage outside of thehe courthouse this morning. >> reporter: yeah, guys, ronald hamilton will be iniltown court at 8:30 this morningis m facing a whole host of a whoostf charges. charges. first degree murder, capitolr,ol murder. the first degree murder is for crystal, the capitol murder isr for officer ashley guindon. ashi
7:02 am he is possibly facing the death penalty.enal he as you guys mentioned a 32-year-old army staff sergeant assigned to theeant pentagon, what's called the cle joint staff support centert staf accused of shooting andot killing prince william countylic police officer ashley guindon g and wounding two otherwoun officers. he's also suspected of murdering his wife.e. she was just 29 years oldears o crystal hamilton.l h she was inside the couple'ssiheu woodbridge home.bridge hom she called 911 saturday afternoon.te the police officers were shotffe as they arrived.rriv she had already been the couple's 11-year-old sonld s was in the house at the time. t >> when they arrived on scene, s they approached the front door of the home and the subject inside the home later hom l identified as the accused acced opened fire striking threeinth officers who sustained
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>> it is likely but we haven'tan playemade that decision yet, th is the third officer shootingotn i've had in this jurisdictionri in my many years of service,f sr one in the city of manassas and the other the statete trooper killed on route 95 rte during a traffic stop. s those resulted in the death penalty.pena >> in my view, it has been too much criticism and disrespect dp shown for officers acrossos this should be a reminder toemie all of us that they're putting g their lives on the line toe protect us and we need to respect that.hat. >> now, ronald hamilton surrendered to police afterd ice the shootings. shoot he is being held without bond,d, his first court appearancet a here at 8:30 this morning. morni as you heard, ball ebert the long time commonwealth attorney for prince william f county say he couldor be facing the death penalty.eath penalty we may learn more about thatou later this morning guys but the court appearance here ineare manassas co
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under 90 minutes.inut b bob thanks. much more coming up some 36om hours after saturday night's tragedy not only the d.c. areaa but the nation shocked over o what transpired.ns >> the community cominghe together c to pay respects to rt the slain and woundede officers. fox5's melanie alnwick is with this part of the story. friday was a day of elebration welcoming to two to w new officers to the princeherine william county police forcem co and now we have had a weekend of mourning as the prince pri william county policewill department and the family of and this young officer areer are planning her funeral. fun you can see all the flowers t f that have been brought here to r the western district station. we've seen them as you saw in yu the beginning of the show all over the county, flowers andrs also american flag and the marine corps flag rememberingemi officer ashley guindon'sui service as a marine corps reservist as well. wel throughout the weekend, it was
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a day of mourning.rn there was a procession forcessio officer ashley guindon becausene she had her first and last last duty saturday.atur she earned a master's degree in forensic science. chief hudson praised her fored r helping others. more of a community memorialemor service. officer guindon had only beennle on duty for an hour and a half when she and two other officers responded to crystal hamilton's call for help.'s cfo fellow officers and communityom members say she was no less ay h part of them and deserveses their respect.pect the other two officers thaters were with ashley guindon,uind 31-year-old jessie hempen waspes an eight and a half year veteran -- is an eight and an eh half year veteran of the force and 34-year-old david d mckeown also a veteran of 10 years.ars. they may need additionald additl surgeries possible.surgies poss. the chief says they both face very long recoveries duringcove his very solemn pressem p
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he also wanted to praise the actions of the backup officersic that responded and rendered first -- emergency first aidencf to the three officers on the ofn scene before fire and rescue arrived before they were flown f to inova fairfax.. also want to thank police officers for their show of s support outside inova fairfaxai and the staff of inova fairfaxaf hospital for doing everything e they could to try to save the life of this young oc she is the fourth princeh pri william county police officer cf killed in the history of they ot force while on duty.while but only the second to bee murdered on the job. j live in woodbridge, i'mridge, i melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. news >> mel, thanks very much.el we're going to be talkinge with the police chief nextchief hour so you want to make sure te you get a chance to watch that um can canning up in a little l bit. >> all righty. rig tucker barnes joining us foring another look at this leap dayhie weather. >> that's right, it's leapght, i day. >> bonus day today.onay t >> yeah, it is.>> yeah, i what a gorgeous weekend or at
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least sunday.t s highs in the mid 60's: we'lls:e be back in the 60's this 60's ts afternoon and a mild start outat there. 53 this morning in washington leonardtown 52 degrees, 53 in fredericksburg, north and west let's see hagerstown h 52 degrees as well.l so, everybody is off to a mild few clouds streaming in fromi the west and a very weak coldy c front set to move through thee t area. area. i don't think we're going toth get more than a sprinkle herekl or a real quick shower in thewe next few hours and then we'lln l clear out very quickly.very qui it will turn into a breezyo monday for you but again a aga mild monday with daytime highsms back in the low 60's. 60' there's a lette better look at t cold front.cold fro it should be a great lookingd be start to the first day of the ft march as well.rch we'll look at that. and on the seven days, perhapssr some winter weather. you're going to want to stay sy tuned. >> interesting.>> int >> 62 today. should be a nice afternoon.a >> today we'll enjoy it.ll eoy if we can get to work, erin. that's the first challenge. >> 7:07 on monday we'reon definitely dealing with a lot wo of congestion on the roads so if you want to take metro may mo not be a
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across all rails, metrobus onets or close to schedule right sched now. now. picking back up on newcking bacp hampshire avenue after ashirenue southbound crash by adelphi cleared. clea in prince george's bw parkway py northbound crash after powdererp mill road. right shoulder blocked by ald bo vehicle and an empty commutermu bus. luckily it's starting to cleargc but delays extending back to 193. if you're trying to getngo towards bwi today don't take bw parkway northbound. norun keep it to 95 northbound. nthbo inner loop jams as usual saint barnabas road to the wilson bridge.oa do unto 13 miles per hour. hr. significant line of slowf moving traffic withmoving traffh congestion. once you get to thece springfield interchange you yntu back up again through an day.ou. as we take a look 295 on the5 on southbound side in northeast noh eastern month pennsylvaniaern down to 14 miles per hour.14 new york avenue also slow onolo the inbound side as you pass p by florida. flori we'll keep you updated.youp a lot of heavy traffic starting to clutter up theti distribute back to you guys. >> hollywood's biggest nightba'g was not for the weary. w you probably got an award if awa you stayed up for
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thing and you're up now.yo up n the awards show lasted threeaste and a half hours.ou didn't matter to the winners. wn >> the film "spotlight" tookligh hem best picture.tu other big winner of the night after all these years leonardoeo dicaprio taking the best actor role in the revenant.en brie larson best actress forress the room. chris rock's monologue and his h take on the oscar diversityer issue at 7:25. 7:25. >> learning more about aing mo deadly crash that happened int p bethesda and it left three ift t members of the same familyamil dead. dead. >> later we're less than 24er we hours away l from super tuesdaye so how are the candidates candie preparing? we'll take awe'ltake closer look.
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investigating a crash inig charles county as a potential homicide. police say a crash waslice say a reported around 3:00 yesterday afternoon along hughesvilleille bypass near old leonardtownea road.n overturned overt motorcycle and its driverrcyc ejected. the victim was also shot. sho detectives are still workingor to determine the official oicia cause of death.cause ea >> a prince george's countygeorc police officer has been suspended after being arrested on assault charges on fridayes officer bashua was off duty d when the incident happened.en officials say the officer was arrested stems from a domestices dispute on rose view court inieu upper marlboro. the victim was treat tad tre hospital and releaseed. relea >> montgomery county trial nowom set to begin in an alleregedanll sexual assault case atase montgomery county community college. 46-year-old chung yi is accused of assaulting a woman wm in a hew
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security arrived.rriv >> the countdown to superwn t tuesday. what a win would mean for theout front runners of both parties.h. >> let's take a live look look outside on this mondayide on thy morning. weather and traffic on the 5'saf coming up next. next. it's 7:12. 7:12. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios.
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>> ♪ >> going to just try to enjoy the day and not focus onjunot fo whatever you're talking about a for the end of the week. w >> i'm going to be honestoing tn aboutes friday.ri we're not sure what to it could be much of nothing. ofi
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>> you know what we're goingw wg expect on friday that it's going to be friday and it willfy be the next weekend so we'll get through it.get thug let's enjoy today. tod >> still a lot of possibilities with friday.itie so let's enjoy today. >> let's just enjoy today.'st e. >> that's all we can do.we can >> i like it. >> let me see what's happeningsg today. go ahead. >> you'll enjoy 53 in washington.ashingto we got mild air streaming upeamp from the south there and mild am temperatures atlanta is 51 i this morning. morni 63 someplace to our south inth houston. 57 in new orleans.w and there's the cold stuffff getting bottled up to thed to north temporarily althoughho we're going to be mild danild da tomorrow. we'll have some cooler and s even colder air by the end of td the week. all right, satellite and radar, we got a very weak cold front out to the west. thees for us, maybe a sprinkle next nt few hours and then we'll be mostly sunny this afternoonerno with mild temperatures temperatu returning back into the lowe low 60's but a windy afternoon behind that whoops i went too fast. talk about the rest of theut t country but let's talket's tal seven-day forecast. today, tomorrow fantastic. tom march comes in like a very, v very swee
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>> aww. >> yup. give eight little pat. >> like mary's little lamb.b. >> yes, mary's little by friday perhaps a little more lionness. like steve.te >> day dais mee, friday >> yeah, pretty much. p m >> good >> here we go.>> he we >> a little of everything. every you never know.ver kn >> erin, you can be wednesday. >> thank you. that's a good day.'s >> yes, it is. >> halfway there. >> halfway to the weekend. t as you make your way out you out can see we're dealing withealint some slow moving traffic asng ta you head towards the wilsonar bridge on the inner loop we'reow just all jammed up. this is the outer loop at newne hampshire as well. seeing congestion top of thee beltway so top of the beltwayo o outer loop bottom of theop beltway inner loop lot of slow moving traffic to be aware of this morning. t this is 27th0 as you make your way down towards the spur. spu heavy stream of traffic asre well acrossam all lanes. aside from the usual congestion on the beltway weth do have other issues. i bw parkway northbound crashsh involving a vehicle and ann empty commuter bus still bus blocking the right shoulder
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northbound after powder millow road. delays heavy back to 193. 193 you can see that long line of red through greenbelt thisro 95 is much better bet getting up towards balti temore on thetimo northbound here's a closer look at the looe inner loop delay i mentioned. mi saint barnabas road to thebarn wilson bridge 13 miles pere 13 hour. as you make your way out on 295 south really jammed up jam eastern to we also are dealing i'll getling out of the way inbound 50 slow s all the way back to 295. 295 keep in mind as you head intoin the district secondaries s backing up wisconsin avenue,inve key bridge stealing with stop-and-go traffic betweeno afi virginia and georgetown.eorget fourteenth street bridge from fo 395 northbound is backing upackg and the 11th street bridge ise show. got you coveredly any specificni questions at erin fox5 d.c. d let's get you to work on time ot this monday morning.orni steve.eve. >> political news as well. this is starting off to be a. >> super tuesday wisdom is in studio t now withih more. mo hi, wisdom. >> as we get closer to the get t finish line things are starting to heater up.heater u >
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because they want this reallyhia bad. clearly they do. d there are so many delegates at t stake here that donald trumpre a could emerge with an almost insurmountable lead for the nomination and that prospect has made this race even moreor personal.personal. >> donald is not going thed is n make america great. ameri. he's going to make americameri orange. [laughter][lau >> at a rally in virginia, vgi marco rubio taking a page fromeo donald trump's playbook andk going negative.iv. >> he's taller than me he'sllha like six-two. six-t which is why beyond his handsd s are the size of someone thatomnt is five-two. fe- have you seen his hands? ou s they're like this. >> trump meantime fending offnt his latest controversiestrov ranging from legal battlesal over trump university to aesn endorsement of sorts from former klan leader david duker which trump did disavoid inavoid his words but he also a celebrated a big endorsementment from alabama senator jeff sessions. >> we need to make americaeme greater again. [cheers and applause] >> late to say it i's m becoming
7:19 am
are now endorsing endo i'll tell you. >> of all the states, texastes,x may be a real weak spot for s donald trump can which is can wi likely to go to ted cry buted c for republicans the idea ofics h stopping trump through the gop g convention this summer may be far-fetched. >> if he wins every place p except texas on one base do even goat an contested >> hillary clinton locked up clt south side carl on saturdayide with a big win giving herer tremendous momentum heading into tuesday.. opposed by the democratic establishment bernie sanders sae may suffer more lossesss tomorrow particularly in the south. so but he sees a come back. b >> we thicke we're going to doro very well in minnesota oninneso super tuesday, colorado we'llol do well --y oklahoma we'll doo well, i think we'll win inin'll massachusetts and i thinkand we'll win in vermont and we'llet do better than people think in other states. sta >> with super tuesday tomorrowp the republican candidates have c an opportunity to win aboutty t half of the delegates neededatee to claim the nomination.laim t o polls show donald trump with a
7:20 am
cruz in most super tuesdayr es states and trump will be innd t virginia today campaigning at radford university also on theln gop side ben carson will be in i virginia beach tonight and john kasich at george masonas university in fairfax tomorrow. as for the democrats hillaryemrs clinton will be at mason for a rally this afternoon. and then she goes on to o norfolk so things. >> busy busy.>> b >> busy busy as we get on down d to the finish line.isin >> virginia in the spotlightight this week at least.k at l. >> very quiet but somehowow still in the spotlight.ig >> marco rubio shots fired, rubs what are we talking about,bout small hands. >> comedy skit with the orangest and the little hands.. >> i hate that the race hasth come to this. >> that's what it's come downwh to though thougclear. >> one of these people is of going to be the president so ipi hope they learn how to behave bh before next january. janry >> okay. still ahead one of the tophe advisers speaking out about the church's handling of itsfts child sexual abuse scandal. ase >> first look at the american ai dee neighborhood nortd
7:21 am
what he said during his appearance there. time is 7:21.
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>> ♪ >> it's 7:23 right now.7: in north korea w23e are gettingi a glimpse a university ofa un virginia student detainedaine there. there. he's been detained for two fwo months. in a press conferencefere 21-year-old otto warmbier allegedly confessed to crimes ce against north korea andt no apologized for trying to stealgt a political banner. he said he wanted that bannertae as a trophy to give to the the
7:24 am
>> one of pope francis' top top advisers testified on churchti abuse afillegations yesterday. australian cardinal georgel geoe pell said the catholic churcholc may "enormous mistakes regarding sexual abuse casesxu amonalg priests." priests pell said the church is is working to remedy thoseem mistakes. he gave his testimony to australia's royal commissionyalc via video lin from a hotel a room in rome a few blocks fromc the vatican. >> 5:members of the ku kluxklux klan linked to a violent fight in california have beenhave bn released from custody. c police say the klansmen were arrested saturday but were released after newly released ra video showed the group acted grt in self-defense.fense. the clash erupted after 6kkkkk members arrived at a park in anaheim for aneifor anti-immigration rally. a group of counter protesters pt attack the group.roup. seven of those protestors werese are a they are still in custody.ustody >> now to ohio where a pastor as was shot and killed at his church.chur. 78-year-old william schooler sco gunned down around 12:30 12: yesterday afternoon.ternoon. this happened as church a
7:25 am
saint peter's missionaryper's baptist church. chu his brother 68-year-old danielea schooler is accused ofcc o carrying out the shooting.hootin he's currently being heldng h without bond.t bond. no word yet on a motive.ive. >> 7:25 right now. let's get some good newse good hopefully from tucker barnes at least as far as the next then couple days go tuck.uc >> at least as far as mildfar temperatures we'll do it again.l mid 60's yesterday and we'll be right there again thisinhi there are your currentte numbers. reagan national 53, dulles 51, , and bwi marshall 53.all so everybody upper 40's, low 50's to start your day.rtour we're get something cloudom cover at the moment and we'reene trying to kick up a sprinkle sin or a shower. s i think most of this is going is to be very light and very ver quick moving along a coldol front.fron once the cold front gets col through here our winds areur wie really going pick up and we'llua be looking at a blustery dayusty but plenty of sunshine thisinths afternoon and once again our temperatures top out, yes, indeed, in the low 60' t0' look at tomorrow.orrow. first day of march comes in i like a lamb, 63 degrees. should be beautiful. b then we do set the stage toge t get a little colder here andrere by friday, at least thehe possibility that we could
7:26 am
doing some winter weather. our daytime highs on friday irii don't think we get out of theweg 30's. we have to watch that timeha frame very carefully as we mayay have sort of a last gasp ofgaspo winter on friday there, at a least as far as winter weather.we that is -- yeah, i was do youas weather. erin is doing traffic now. n >> teamwork makes the dreamk ma work.rk. 7:26 right now and we do haveeo a metro update for you.ou green line off-loading at archive and that is because ofte a problem so watch for delaysay surrounding that area.inthat are no alerts across the other tth rails and metro buses looking pretty good right now. bw parkway still dealing with a northbound crash blockingcking the shoulder after powder millo road. delays are back to the beltway now. don't take bw northbound.thboun keep to it 95 to get towardsds bwi if you have a morning flight to catch. to t southbound delays as usual 198 1 to the beltway. bel again 95 a better bet thiset thi morning.rnin aside from that 295 southboundun eastern to pennsylvania down to 20 miles per hour withles pe congestion. there's a southbound crash blocking the center lane atenr l the 11th street bridge and 50en5 inbound
7:27 am
the beltway really jams up in i northeast section of theast district so watch for that. tha inner loop right now five to fi the wilson bridge down to 23 miles per hour and thoseho delays continue past the springfield interchange. that's your traffic.'s y steve and allison.anlison. >> still to come this morningco erin we're going tmoo get backec to our top story this morning which is the death of the prince william county policey po officerlpolicepoliceofficerly.fl >> police continue tocontie investigate a crash thatra killed a high school seniorenr and his parents over ther t weekend.ek we'll have a live report next. 7:27 now. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun.
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dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> community coming together toe mourn the sensely shooting of af young officer ashley begin don. this happened some 36 hours agos you're looking live at our melanie alnwick's position thist morning she's reporting we're staying on top of this storys that happened in prince williami county.un live look at police headquarterc in the county in manassas. mansa we of course will have much morr on this tragic death and eventst surrounding it all involvedll i coming up throughout the morning hours. meantime, pentagon staff sergeant who accused of of w killing his wife and that young officer he's due in court this t morning. the deadly chain of events o e started on saturday with a fighg between 32-year-old ronald ral hamilton and
7:31 am
she called 911 but was shot anda killed just moments later whenhn police arrived hamilton opened fire on the three officers who responded killing officer ashleh guindon who had been sworn theno day before. bor two other officers are still ini the hospital.e hotal >> friends and tally gathered tt remember officer guingon duringd a candlelight vigil. vig they lit candles and prayed here life was not taken in vain. i v prince william county officers o held a memorial procession youi can see here. h a make shift memorial also on the lawn at crystal hamilton's's woodbridge home. h she lost her live in this live incident. nearby residents say they wereae troubled by what happened andy they wanted to pay theirir respects.respec many brought photos and flowersf to honor that young mother. mot >> the crash claimed the lives of a father and mother andothean featured off son and teenaged td daughter is now fighting for heo life. li holly morris is outside of waltt whitman h
7:32 am
teens are students.s aretu good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning, mor this is just such a tragic sto story. we're about 50 minutes away or y so from school starting. the first bell ring at 7:45. 7 the students and faculty are just arriving as we are out here talking about the loss that los happened over the weekend.e eke they're going to have a moment of silence.of silce they're going to have griefoav counselors on hand if anyone needs to talk with someone to so help them get through thehrought process.ess it all stems from that horrifich crash you talked about it aboutt happened saturday night it was i at the intersection of river road and pile road.ile a two-car horrific three members of one family all killed. the mom, the dad, the son tommym who was a senior here at waltlt whitman. their daughter helena is as a sophomore here.e here. she is fighting for her life lif right now in a hospital. hospi last night, the community cmu already came together to try to start to grieve together togeer start the healing process. h they had
7:33 am
at the school.choo we actually caught up with theh principal this before dr. alann goodwin and goes without sayingt that as he works to help hisp school community grieve, he hash a very heavy heart. >> yeah, very kind family.amily. very bright and engagingg children.ildr tommy was national merit seem mime finalist headed for an ivyy league he had a anterior anterir interview with columbiarview thc university. he was involved in the highest level math and our debate team.a helena was a top student takenen aero nautical engineering as a they were very gentle despitete being such gifted human beingsub they were very friendly and easy to get along with. wit >> we've had awful sad situations before. befe a student taking their life orir in an accident but never a nevea family.mily i think this is almost unprecedented in this schooleden community, and it's going to beb a real rough road for the young lady but hopefully she recoversc
7:34 am
>> reporter: it really is hard to even wrap your mind aroundrod the loss of almost an entire family. dr. goodwin did say the uncled was here last night at the t candlelight i asked him if he had given an update on helena's progress at a all. he said there was a littleit progress but she has long road to go that's her own personalwnr healing and the unthinkable ofae facing the loss of her entire immediate family. fam they'll have a moment of silencs that's how they'll start the school day here. they have grieve counselors on here and the principal said loti of psychologists and psychiatrists from win thehe community reach out on their owe to say, please, let us be us available to help if you need it. of course, continued prayers fos helena as she hopefully makesulm progress each day and day outgoing to be a long road. r as fort other driver of the the car, he did have
7:35 am
injuries.ines. expected to recover and at this point there have been no charges filed in this back to you all in the studio. >> unimaginable holly.ble h thank you very much.uc it is also 7:35 right that means we'll check in withhw tucker barnes and get a lookarn what's happening outside, tuck.. >> good morning,, guy cloud cover to start your day.ry mild yesterday 65.te we'll be in the low 60 today's.d another mild afternoon and we'll usher in march tomorrow withorrw very pleasant temperatures let'e get to the maps and give you tht 63 in washington. washing nice start out there. t 55 look at quantico 55 degrees.r 53 in fredericksburg.ur. north and west not so bad. martinsburg 50.inurg 50 out in winchester as well. everybody off to a nice milde start for the end of february. u all right.l ri got to shower out there or there sprinkle but it's really veryy v limited. cold front coming through andhrh this will give us cloud cover co maybe a sprinkle next couple ofe hours. clear it out this afternoon aftr right back into the mild md temperatures.atur it will be very breezy afternoot look out for that gusty
7:36 am
late this morning early thiss afternoonism with a daytime high in the 60's there won't be too many complaints.plaints seven day, springtime and maybem the return of winter. >> maybe the return of winter. >> da, da, da. >> we me and steve and allison all wearing black and you havee that pop of spring blue. >> we're dressed for r >> you don't see the yellow i sl have on the bottom half.f. >> i love everything about alg t sons pants. get a shot of them later.m l metro update.. green line delays to branch bnc avenue earlier malfunction too archives.iv delays to huntington on theo hun yellow no alerts for red, orange. metro bus no alerts reported. re in frederick right now light volume 85 to the truck scales. a 270 does start to pick up as yoa make your way closer to the spr spur. you can see from shady groveha road father hurley to the spurye we're just dealing with heavyvy conditions conditions.ondi no nothing atypical leave that y standard amount of time early tl get
7:37 am
area. a quick look back to our mapstop right now. because aside from that 295 southeastern to pennsylvaniaenna 20 miles per hour. there is a southbound crash asd well at the 11th street bridge.idge heavy traffic that area you will also 50 inbound slow once you sc get inside the beltway. bw parkway north way jams from earlier crash.ra inner loop bottom of the belt 10 to 23 sad miles an hour with ahh congestion. 395 inbound from the beltway tot the 14th street bridge fromdgero alexandria and arlingtonon commuters you'll hit a wall of o very slow-moving t we got you covered. covered. back to you guys.. >> thanks, erin.s, eri coming up a pilot crashesp r his plain and ends up trapped in some trees for hours. how he managed to survive.ur >> later on hollywood's finest's at the academy awards the big bg moments that have everybodyevery talking.ta good and bad.go and we will discuss coming up. comin it is 7:37. 7:3 ♪
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welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties!
7:40 am
arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. >> tensions are high thission morning in salt lake city, utah after 17-year-old was shot bylat police officers this weekend.. the teen identified as abdibd muhammed carrying a broomstick at the time. they witness him attackingttacki another man with the broomstickt and refused orders to drop it. following the shooting severalel people were seen throwinghrin bottles and rocks at the officers. they are or administrative lea leave. space x canceled its plans he launch another rocket last night. announcement coming less thanha two minutes before the scheduled launch.laun the mission was
7:41 am
issues keeping the liquid oxygey which is used to fuel the rocker at a cold enough temperature. and some scary moments for a pilot in pennsylvania.yl his small plain crashed rightig into a tree. tree trapping him in that tree.hat t >> the pilot was 87 years old. d and he and the plane left left dangling about 50 feet off the e ground it took rescuers aboutera four hours to get to that pilotp and get him out. o he suffered only minor injuriesr he's going to be okay.oing t police say the lane will stay iy the tree, though, at least until investigators can determine whaw caused that crash.. >> story you seen see every day. >> you certainly do that. d t lucky for him walk out barelyel hur. >> proposal for more space.. details on one lawmaker's fightg for more leg room on airplanes.s first all the big moments fromto last night's academy awards plup chris rock's opening monologue. 7:41. back in a moment.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
wh you know what it is, steve.w >> eagle cam time. >> that is unof the -- either -e can you tell the difference difc between the first lady and mr. president?idt? >> the folks from the arboretum said typically if they're sideye by side the female will be ae b little bit bigger. >> okay.. >> but -- >> we just don't know.e ju >> we've only seen one at aeen time. >> i love it.. look at his or her gaze. h g >> look at the wind. blowing those feather ace roundr a couple weeks away from beebee gleets.glts that will e
7:45 am
>> tucker, we going to bei dealing with wind today, 100 some feet up in the nest it'sit windy.wi >> a combination of both. very very winnady here later ths morning with passage of our cold front. good news. if you like longer days you'reou going to notice today.od sunset tonight. it's at 6:00 p.m. yeah, 6:00 p.m. first time thisi year. we're getting 11 hours and 19nd minutes as i mentioned to steve, last hour we'll move the clock forward not next saturday buturu the saturday after that. a couple days away until wee springford.ring >> north and west mild. 48 in frederick.rick 50 winchester want a beautifulul day right back in the low 60 60 today's. waking up with cloud cover outeo there.ther and maybe a sprinkle or a shower or little spritz of somethingf g here from the sky. s over the next couple of hours oh and then we'll get east of us and once we do that turn windy w behind the front. fro but sunny and again mildin m afternoon. the cooler air won't
7:46 am
work in until later tonight.oni. we'll be back in the low 60s.. bigger look.biggoo not a lot of moisture with it.ih most of it staying off to our tr north here. all right.r tomorrow looks fantastic firsttr day of march comes in like a l lamb then we will start a cool c down bite middle of the week bye thursday and particularly by friday, we have the makings of our next winter storm. sto. maybe our last winter storm. sr. still a lot of question marks. may or may not deliver a littlet bit of winter weather eye arouno here by friday.herey fr 62 today.62oday sunshine.nshi. breezy mild afternoon 15 to 20.o could get a sprinkle the nexte couple of hours.coup there's your seven day.n day 62 today.ay. 63 tomorrow.63 tomorro cool down look for friday raindy and/or the possibility of, what, erin? >> snow.>> sno >> yes. >> no snow. >> there you go. erin -- >> i'm not coming to terms with the friday forecast yet. >> you don't have to yet.on'te . >> i have hope that it's goingtg change.chan. >> but right now for your mondam morning drive, 234 too centreville jammed up.e jaed a crash by monument.yon the f
7:47 am
block the left lane, left shoulder. this is causing some very heavyy traffic and already congestedond area. so be prepared for that as youts head in towards the districtt from vendor sill on 60 sill o eastbound. a look at our maps right nows rn aside from this mess we have me other issues.sues. 395 south right lane block after seminary road with constructiono should wrap up by 8:00 o'clock.. northbound delays. due street to seminary reallyll heavy traffic as you head fromou the bottom of the beltwayheel towards the district.t. nothing atypical there just plap ahead and give yourself time.. same story 270 usual congestiont light volume from 85 to the truck scales. sc as you get down towards gaithersburg jammed from fatherf hurley to the spur.rley plan ahead for that metro update for you earlier train malfunction the archives.e green line delayed at branch. yellow line delayed at a huntington.. we're dealing with tip typical congestion on the bottom of thet beltway near the wilson bridge.i at least it's a pretty day toy y get stuck in traffic. back to
7:48 am
>> every little bit helps.itel >> thank you.nk you well, this year's academy awardd met by protesters over the show's lack of diversity.. civil rights leader al sharptonn led the protests calling for thr academy motion picture artingret and sciences to recognize morezr actors of color. cor this was one of several takingak place across the nation. academy has received on-goinging backlash after this year's nominees were all white actorscr and the academy since pledged toledd double its minority membership. ♪ >> kev is with us now. now >> considering lack of diversitr this was like the first timeim i've ever watch the oscars andar actually listened what thene the president of the academy wasof e saying.yi it was interesting she came outg and said she gave a great speecc as well i think one of the bigog questions this year is what did you think of chris rock's mon >> allison you only watch theoua monologue.lo >> talk about why. talk >> yeah. i just -- i was one of the the people who it's just feels like
7:49 am
in 2016 no way is thiss acceptable.ptable. >> right. >> no way, you know, is there not one actor of color.f col i don't need it to be an forty o five can i need it to be latino, or asian -- i need some diversityiv here. this is not my life.yif and so i had other things to dod that were more important, iorta wasn't going to give 3.5 hours.u of my live to something thatng a seemed like it just didn't wantw to include me. you know what i'm saying? it's' my personal choice but i dide bd want to watch chris rock's monologue to see how he tackledc this issue. issue >> i think it's interesting because the monologue was very r very heavily focused on lack of diverse s.. average oscar voter, okay,, o according to la times surveyedue 2013 or so is 63 years old, the 94% of the oscar voters are white.whe. and 70% of them are so that doesn't represent me, you, you -- >> it doesn't represent who were are as nation.atio >> i completely agree with you. compton should have been noi
7:50 am
been nominated. c >> you're like, okay, i saw itb right on twitter.. what's everybody complainingry about compton was --bo the scree play.ay. >> intro. >> in the intro but for the the original screen play and so, yoy know, if you watched past that, then you saw that flash was then over. >> i'm not going to be cynical c and say that that had somethingt to do with the order of therd awards.ds but i did see the people who are quick to pounce on what's the problem with the oscars? what'' the problem you saw comptonpt right out of the gate, you knowo >> went to comp non a bit on thn show and interviewed movie goerg in compton and asked hem if thet had see bridge of spice. s it was interesting because it was just interesting to get the perspective of when he wente there. he did a great job of kind of o like bringing in a comedic tonec in very serious tone. t chris rock is the only person i feel like who could have goneavn down that really serious and rar path he went down but also brought a comedic angle. >> the shot jade at a pinkettke smith.
7:51 am
he callt out jade pinkett smith during his monologue saying, yon know, made a joke about rihanna. >> you basically said youasical weren't invited any way for to t you boycott is nonsensical younl weren't invited any way. w i saw concussion all over thehe opening, you know, the -- what't the called compilation of thepii movies. >> right.ight >> she was invited. invit she has been in movies. but i get what he's trying toin a comedian basically fires on on everybody. that's what he's wha >> one of the most awkward moment stacey dash taking the stage.. rock inn produced here as the cad mow's out reach program. prr >> let me tell you the academydy attempts to fix this problemro that is why my honor to t introduce the new director of our minority out reach program.. please welcome miss stacey dash. (laughter). >> i cannot wait to help my
7:52 am
people out. o happy black history month.. >> now, thank you. >> a lot of crickets.ets. >> no one knew the story. thetoy >> they don't know the backheac story. >> dash received a lot ofreed a criticism when she suggestedug doing away with black history hs month and black entertainment television in her response toess the oscars to white controversyy she said that this led to more segregation not less. ls and that was -- i don't feell that joke worked for theked t audience because that was such h niche story i >> right.ight >> that did not play wellla whatsoever in my opinion. opini. >> very awkward.ard. >> let's move on to good stuff.d my favorite moment of the wholew night chris rock asking thek asg audience to buy girl scoutl sc cookies from his daughter's girg scout troop.out t reach into your millionaireour n pockets and buy some of my my daughter's girl scout cookies.k. he ended up raising get this --i watch this.hi >> michael b. jordan is here. ir you know what, no, no, no you yu got enough girls.irls come on right thank you. give to the girls. g here we come.e.
7:53 am
raised. $65,000.$60. >> come on.>>ome on >> by the way that included $20 from vice-president joe biden b video of biden introduced lady gaga.. very sim floor what ellen did dd with the pizza bit.izza bit it was funny. shug knight with the cookiesoo that. part was really really funny. >> that's our wrap on chriswrap rock. a lot to talk about.k about i know it seems -- all over the place.ace flee .5 hour show. s they didn't give best pictureic until midnight.nigh >> fun moments his job is theree to host the oscars and so i feel like you need to acknowledge tht people that are there gettingtig their pig night.their pig ni >> even when he thought aboute not going doing it the show wilw go on without or without him.hom >> he did funny bit he took theo nominated movies of the year like the martian and danish girr end basically took actors and put them into the scenes likenek lesley jones from snn
7:54 am
bear.bear did he a good job. some ooh seemed mtv like. l i stayed home and watched thechd with my fee san say we dressed up in our full tucks and gowns.g >> do you randomly pick a moviem and watch.. >> that's our movie collect.. >> you draw a number from the third shelf from the rightelf oe seventh one down.venth on >> they're in alpha at the time beatifical >> we dressed up watch the show. >> that's ruhle cute.eut >> a little too long but verye o serious. seri >> act out fave russ scenes.e ru >> we did.. >> lauren looks amazing. time for our facebook fan of the day. it is airiness ya and it's herth birthday.. she's a leap year baby.p check out her t-shirt.-shi so cute. e. she's actually turning nineng n years old if you go by the evere four years. years >> forever young.ev >> i love it. >> happy birthday. she plans on watching fox5 too t start her birthday off right.ig for your chance to beur cnc tomorrow's fan leave a comment below her most pto if you are or know a leap year baby, let us know. k >> i do. >> we'll talk abouit
7:55 am
on good day d. happy birthday to my girlfriendd from hampton freshman year betha hemp ton. >> happy birthday,,eth. >> her smile is making me so me happy, though. >> you know what else makes mewt ppppy. >> warm spring like.e tuck you got a little somethingg oon the right side of your your jacket. >> you got a little junk in you trunk. >> have you been doing swats. s >> you are very careful rightef now, kev. reagan national 54 degrees.gree >> 51 dulles. 53bwi marshall. marsh make fun of the weather guy.athg here we go cloud cover.ov that's original.gina all we got a sprinkle or shower outo there early.. and as we get into the afternoon hours, this will quickly get to our east clear it out.ut. breezy day but another mile day. gorgeous monday afternoon and aa beautiful tuesday. tsd march comes in like a lamb. mary's little lamb as allisonis said. maybe some winter weather by wer friday.frid maybe questi m
7:56 am
that fort. that's weather.eaer erin is back with traffic.raff >> yes, i, im. at 7:55. 7:5 we have problems. 50 right now 66 eastbound crasha activity approaching 50. fire department really big scene there taking out the left lane.l so you'll need to keep it out tt the right lanes and watch for wr big delays as you head in from centreville through this point.i quick look at our maps i want tt show was you're dealing withli metro this morning. mni earlier malfunction at archivesv because of that we were dealinga with earlier delays but normaloa service resumes for the yellowme and green lines much i'll letet you know if anything elsee changes.chans. a lot of typical congestion.onge take a look at our map next. m n that's your look at traffic.. back to you, steve.o you,teve >> coming up 8:00 o'clock a lotl of celebrities you've juice youu cleanses to get ready are for the coors. maybe you've thought about ithog and wonder the if it's good fort you.he yeah there's dispute among some of the medical community. puicith eck in with our expert i doctor to fine out next hour.ou. >> okay. also disney rolling out new outw pricing options at its theme
7:57 am
what this means for your next n trip. >> probably more money.babl >> or maybe less, steve. ste >> probably more. >> less. l >> more. less. ♪
7:58 am
again! again! again! again! again?
7:59 am
general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! ♪ s morning. fox new we are back right now at n 8:00 o'clock and we are showingd you right now live scenesce marking the tragic events thatet unfolded this w
8:00 am
woodbridge, virginia.irni one of many memorials forls f officer ashley guindon gunnedun down while responding to the the call on saturday evening. eve on the right, a memorial toorl crystal hamilton the womanom officer guindon and two otherndo officers were coming in to helpp thanks for staying with us s on this monday morning.nd mor i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour.ey. two young lives cut so short. st police officer ashley guindon on her first patrol.tatrol. she had already been serving her country in the marine reserves. >> and 29-year-old his tal his l hamilton a wife and mother whoho reported served our country asna well working with mat recentithc wounded warrior program atram walter reed.walr the tragic loss sending shock s waves through the community andy across the entire country. cnt >> and just 30 minutesut hamilton's husband ronald hamilton will go before a judged charged with killing his wife and officer guindon.uindon fox5's bob barnard begins oureg team coverage outside of the o courthouse in manassas.. just a horrible story allry around, bob. bob good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morninge allison and steve.lisoand absolute
8:01 am
and ronald hamilton due in court at 8:30. 8:3 you can see mind hee the princer george's county sheriffsriff department placed a cruiser atea the circle.e ci i've never seen that before. bor normally you can drive right upr in front of the courthouse dropd people off gone park but theyutt placed a cruiser here clearlyy letting people know that youhat can't drive up to the building.d the deputy who park his cruiser there said it's something they're doing just today for security reasons. ronald hamilton, 32 years old, will go before a judge at 8:30 this morning.ning he is charged with capitalal murder of a police officer. first degree murder. mur the death penalty is on the table could touring princetourgp william county commonwealth's attorney pallier we are. he was assigned that the pentagon joint staff support srt center. he is accused of shooting and killing rookie prince william county police officer ashley ash guindon and wounding two othero officers. he is also suspected of
8:02 am
his wife crystal hamilton.amil she was just 29 years old.ld. this all happening inside and id right in front of the couple'ses woodbridge home on saturday sata afternoon.. she called 911 crystal hamilton did bringing police to her homee the couple's 11-year-old son inside survived. >> approach the front door of d the home and the subject inside the home later identified as the accused opened fire striking three officers who sustainedtain critical wounds.ounds. >> it's likely but we haven'te n made that decision yet this is the third officer shooting i'vev had in this juries dick in myk many years of service in thece city of miniated another state e trooper was killed on route 95 9 during a traffic stop.p those resulted in the death pennel glee in my view there's t
8:03 am
disrespect shown for officersffr across america. arica this will be a reminder to alldl of us that they're putting theie lives on the line to protect usu and we need to respect them.m >> now, ronald hamilton surrendered to police shortly sy after the shootings.hoin he's being held without bond hid first court appearance is here in manassas 8:00 their thiseir t morning.mornin as you heard commonwealthnw attorney ebert say that he could face the death penalty whether h any more information about abo saturday evening comes out ineso this morning's court hearingrtea we're not sure.we'r but we'll let you know if it i does, guys. >> bob, we'll let you get signed. si in the meantime 36 hours sincers the tragedy saturday.atda many are still in shock overve what transpired. >> hundreds of people gatheringt to pay their respects to thect o slain officer and woundedficer o officers. fox5's melanie alnwick is live e in mans in with that part of that this melanie, good morning. goo >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison.eve analli you can see
8:04 am
police car here out in front off the western district station and also the growing memorial hereer where people have left flowers,e a flag at half staff and thenn momentos, coins from the lawhe enforcement officer's memorial as well as flowers and momentosn also a united states marines min corps flag honoring officer guindon's service to our countrt as a marine corps reservist andt personal notes left as well. you can see how much this has touched people by the fact that the outpouring of support here.r let's take look at some of the t memorials yesterday as well.s w it was really a day of mourningg across the county yesterday.esrd prince william county officersy did a memorial procession for officer guindon.uindon the 28-year-old officer alsoicer earned her master's degree inen forensic science.ic s she went through training withit the county last year.. then left for some personal pero
8:05 am
at this point, but then she didd come back to the force, not too long ago. a chief steve hudson says it was t in her blood to work as a policl officer and help others. bagpipes also played last nightg the prince william county complex. officer guindon had only been oo duty for an hour and a half whew she and two other officers onefc was in fact her training officef when they responded to crystal hamilton's call for help.el fellow officers and community ci members said she was no less as part of them and deserves theirv respect. >> guarding us all, serves us all, and we should all honor and respect our first responders,esr our police, firefighters and our servicemen and women.en >> as americans we shall be appalled.appalled we should -- these men and womew go out to save u go out to serve us.. and they deserve more than
8:06 am
what... >> reporter: now the two other officers that were with officerr guindon 31-year-old jesse hem upon and 33-year-old david mckeon also were shot multiplete times. me they went through emergencyrgen surgery.y. we understand that could facee additional surgeries in seriousr but stable condition this morning. the police chief said, though,hf they do face long recoveriesers ahead of them.m. at this point we don't have anye firm details yet on funeralal arrangement for officer guindon. live in prince william county,lu melanie alnwick, fox5 local nes news. >> 8:06 right now.t n let's take a look ahead rightadr now what we're looking forwardna to today, tomorrow, maybe firste couple of days of this >> i don't want to get into thet back half right now. halright nw >> let's start with yesterday ws which was gorgeous.geous >> sure was. >> 65 degrees. 65 ees. >> everybody basically in theal entire city was outside thatsidt could get out.cod ge >> as we had a nice day. d we'll be in more mildeil temperatures today and tomorrowa and start cool down midweek. 54 now in
8:07 am
fredericksburg 54 degrees.4 ee look at the mountains hagerstoww is in the mid 50s nice mild nicm start to the day. d little cloud cover out thereud c early might be a sprinkle theprl next few hours. hrs and then by late morning earlynr afternoon we should clear it out pretty quick. qck winds pick up this is very weak cold front and we'll in for a spring like day.ay high temperatures will be backac in the low 60s.l 6 breezy conditions setting upettu later this afternoon.on 62 your daytime high most of your day try.ay t all rig seven day you'll want to see it. more mild air and maybe a return of old man winter. winte >> hopefully for the last time.t >> maybe a return. >> maybe. >> all right. erin como is here with a look at the roads.thad >> i second allison on that movement.ment. >> coat off.oat off wait and i've been enjoying the sunshine. 234 to centreville 29 miles pere hour.ur we have a crash approaching 50rg let's take live look at that scene lane is blocked and you ay can see slow-moving traffic.ffic
8:08 am
i'll get out of the way is o blocking the left shoulder. s part of that left lane reallylly heavy traffic approaching thatt area.area. a lot for extra time for your y virginia travels into thent district.ct. okay.okay we'll swift over for anothert f look at our maps.lo at we're dealing with a ton of slow-moving traffic this mondayf morning. all the big red zones.. earlier construction zone thatea just wrapped 395 on then t southbound side by seminary. northbound 395 from the beltwayb towards the 14th street bridgeti it's just steady flow oflo of congestion.congestion same story inner loop as you l approach from five to the wilson bridge. and then again from thegarom t springfield interchange fromm annandale. 95 north heavy traffic. tffic you're slow through stafford and dale city. we got you covered this morning. we'll take a look at marylandatl that's your traffic. tff >> still to come this morning, r do you ever feel squashed onr fu airplanes? we'll tell obey new push for more comfort on flightn and we'll see fit work.k. okay.. the cruise chip she was batteree by bad weather and forced toorce return home cuts another tripnot short but this time for a different reason.
8:10 am
>> welcome b eight couldn't 10.t we're less than 24 hours away now from super tuesday. tue on the campaign trail donaldrain trump has two planned stopslaeds today. one at rad forward university ii virginia then off to georgia. marco rubio will also be inlso b georgia.. ted cruz plans to campaign inamg his home state of texas. meanwhile hillary clinton willei campaign in fairfax at ge
8:11 am
mason university and thenhen norfolk v have a.olk v have bernie sanders will head torsl h minnesota then man they are all over the placea >> big push on capitol to make m your next airline flight roomi roomier. senator chuck schumer of new york wants to require the faa to institute medium seat size ruler for airlines. he says airlines pack inack passengers too tightly. tht he also claims airlines havelins been shrinking the size of seata and reducing leg room. r the average distance between thn rows of seats dropped from fm 35-inches back in 1970 to 16.5-inches today. and dare we say our sizes have h gotten bigger since then.n. >> on average g not a good com combo. a royal caribbean cruise shipise over the weekend norovirusus outbreak and possible severeosse storm ended the most recentos rc voyage anthem of seas. s first of all i'm struck how bigb that ship is s. i >> i was thinking the same thi thing. >> they are literally horizontan sky scrapers. >> look at this. this is the same ship thatp t earlier this month got
8:12 am
you hurricane forcing it toane i return to its home port in new unclear how many people on boarn have gotten sick. >> wow! >> that is thing is huge thing.i coming up the biggest night in n hollywood our kevin mccarthyin c weighs in on last night's's academy aid wards. wards >> live look outside on mondayna morning. morning. pretty good start to the week. capital dome still under sll construction. it will be done in the next thex year. year. >> 53 degrees right now.3 de weather and traffic on the fives next.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ >> good start to the week, tucke >> yeah, i mean it's a little'st cloudy at the moment.heoment. we'll get sunshine thissuhine afternoon.oon >> i think yesterday everyve outdoor patio and establishmente i passed was packed.ed. >> everybody was outside to plat yesterday. >> enjoying it. great day to enjoy.t >>da beautiful day. work out on a sunday.. today we'll turn -- couple more. today, tomorrow will bew wi beautiful and cool it downown midweek.dwee with temperatures maybe cold col enough to support winter weathea by the end of the week. ewe let's do the cuteness factor ofo the day, >> let's do it. >> i'm in a chair.'m ia ch i don't know thou handle myselfs >> ♪ >> i've been told to tol >> you can stay there. time for fox5 first five photoot of dry day. super duper cuteness. cen >> this is leanna.his iseann >> hi, leanna. >> she's adorable.e. she's 10 months old schenn hasho been foxing five months every e day get this every day since the day she was born. >> all her life and she's sohe's fabulous.fabulous >> good thing she has
8:16 am
little sunglasses, too.. needed those yesterday. >> it could have been yesterday. >> the snow shovel still on thet porch. that's how we do it around here. some day snow shovel, some dayey sunglasses.lass >> to send us your child's's picture go to fox5 d.c. d i promise we'll try to get it uu in here in the next couple of week. week >> it would do my soul so gooduo if i can just like push her p around the corner on a nice day. >> i bet they -- they >> do you think they'd let me do that.that >> let miss allison come over. >> in a non creepy way that'st' cute. >> it wouldn't be creepy. b >> 54 in washington.e daytime highs in the mid 60s.. waking up to cloud cover. cold air to the north the n international falls this mornins very balmy minus three. tee winnipeg minus 13. you can see where the cold stuff is. there's your satellite/radar.lid we're waking up low cloud coverv and maybe a sprinkle here.kl h this cold front is really
8:17 am
moving and we'll be left withit afternoon sunshine but breezy bz conditions set up with daytime highs well above normal today. d 10 to 15 degrees above normalor the next few days.ay cool down by wednesday withsday another cold front.. and our computer models are alll over the place for friday. friy. but there is the possibility ofy some winter weather around heree for the day on friday. so we'll fine tune the forecastc as we get closer. cse honestly we're not sure what'sh' going to happen.go >> it could be nothing at all? a >> it could be nothing at all. l >> little rain maybe? may >> could be a little rain maybe. >> i'm going to hold out hope oh for nothing at all. >> it could be.. >> thanks, tuck.s, tuck. >> steam nothing. >> i'm on steve's side of that t one.on we're against tucker. he's kind of grinning we'll keen a close eye on friday'sday's >> okay. >> right now taking a look atoo your current.urrent 66 eastbound 234 to centrevillel 29 miles an hour.ou live look look outs we have a crash approachingrohi route 50 and because of that tha crash scene blocking now thehe shoulder let me get out of the way left shoulder look how heava that traffic is heading inboundd from centreville towards theevlt beltway. you need a lot obef ext
8:18 am
back to our maps. m we have other couldn't jeffedef areas. you need to factor in extra time for your morning commute.ommute edsall road to duke street downn to 33 miles per hour.s per hou and then as you make your wayer out in montgomery county inbounb delays down to 9 miles an hour inbound cabin john parkway intoi clara barton parkway.kway. gw parkway into the district backing up as well. 295 southbound we also have delays inner loop prince george's county slow starting at fively keal keep you posted. pte back to you guys. gs. >> erin, thank you so much. mh. ♪ ♪ >> it is 8:18 right now. very special ed dig of fox beata today.y it is oscar monday.onda kevin mccarthy taking over for r us this hey, kev. >> tucker keep telling me madng max was a remake. it's not a remake. rem >> it's a sequel.equel >> couldn't weighing of then't franchise. like james bon the new actor came in and played the charact character. that's all that is. >>'s would it be ever be nominan for best screen play? p >> mad max?ax >> no. it was more of an internal film.
8:19 am
>> great film. >> my favorite film of 2015 i 2 loved it. i saw it eight time.t tim i watch it again yesterday.estey love that movie.loha scott spotlight won the oscarono for best picture. front runners this year. up to three films. fil really no exact front runnerun going last night's awards eithet going to be spotlight, theight e revenant or the big short.e bigo each of them had won awards ard prior to the oscars but but spotlight won.ght it's a great win for journalisms the best journalism film i'vem i seen all the president's men tells true story of the boston globe spot division and theirisd investigation that uncovered the massive child molestationolta scandal in the boston catholic t church the film only won two wot oscars by the way last night nht including best picture. the first film since 1950 the greatest show on fourth win besb picture winning one oscar osc previously in the night.lyn theg very very interesting there.he second time ever -- i'm sorry 1950. leonardo dicaprio got his oscarr last night won best actor took o home the award his first win fsw ever he won for the revenant used his
8:20 am
talk about climate control and climate change. take a listencl.te >> climate change is real.ea it is happening right now. (applause). >> it is the most urgent threatt facing our entire species and we need to work collectivelye together and stop procrastinat procrastinating. >> leonardo dicaprio receiveddir his first nomination at age neaa what's eating girl bert grape 22 years ago. ye nominated for the aviator, wolfl of wall street and blood diamona but revenant is his first actora win. n. revenant made history for two or the people involved in the movie alejandro inarritu made historyo become becoming the first t fir director to win back to back director oscars the only two oy other film makers who have donen that john ford and joseph mackeh company witnesses.itnees grapes of wrath, how dream was my valley you will a letter to three who shot the revenant first f sirname in ma too far to win three consecutive awards
8:21 am
brie larson won best actress.. abducted woman who creates areas world inside a small shed for s her son and finds it difficult i to address to life after she'ses freed. she was the heavy favorite toort winter oscar.. having earned trophies for theds role from golden globes, sag award and british cami. c i can't believe stallone lostta the award last night. n he was heavily favored to win tw for creed. biggest upset of the o no question whatsoever. whatsoee he should have won that award ia went to mark rye land for bridge of spice steal berg filmal bergl starring tom hanks. >> rylance will be happy about l that. >> i need to watch more moviesos with rylance.ance >> i never heard of him as an actor. >> is it a tone was the bestwasb performance of the year in ancey supporting role. he was >> for some people the best part of the oscars the fashion. so we haven't look at the hitsah and misses when it comes to thee fashion of the awards.ion ofhe a >> i do like that part. whoopi gal goldberg mistaken for another celebrity on the redn tr carp. really? awkward mix u
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> allison, guess what.on, gus h >> what? >> he we still have the eaglele cam. look what's up in the tree there today? >> somebody at the panda house. >> somebody decided to do a little more morning exercise. >> tree >> you want to take it fromro here. here >> tree climbing.>> >> i'm here foyo
8:25 am
>> hope that tree is reinforced. pats part of the playground.ygro >> i heard there were two up ine that tree.that t >> really. >> i only saw one. >> cuteness overload today.overt >> um-hmm.m- >> you realize we've gone fromzg eagle cam to fox5 cuteness toent panda cam. c >> you know what you need a you picture of a little lamb far march 1st.h 1s >> remember it's leap day year.. >> what is it. >> leap day year. >> 53 at bwi. b. >> my goodness martial.ti >> myelon let me -- here's my deal with leap year.h ap y i love everybody who has got hag their birthday today. it throws my birthday which wash supposed to be on saturday itday now will be on >> you'll have to celebrate onee saturday at the club instead. >> you can stay ache wake till t midnight you'll still be okay.ka >> you know what, very funny but i saw you walking out the door e with me. satellite/radar we're looking at -- steve an
8:26 am
concert.t going to try and stay away. >> you are. >> why am i not invited. >> you're invite invited acdd. >> that's why i'm not going.otoi >> you should it would be so much fun.h fun >> i wouldn't know many of the songs. >> allison,. >> if you missed it in 1989,misn 1999 or 2009, it's still thehe same. >> allison -- >> we'll be the youngest peoplet there. >> okay. >> all right. on today. tngt getting breezy this afternoon cxt couple of days lookxt beautiful and get a lambb tomorrow.rr. >> okay. >> cute little one.>> awesome.. hi, erin., >> good >> the visual of allison wearing like ripped jeans an leathern la vest standing between you guys --guys - >> with a cdc t-shirt. t-shi >> we need t >> it's worth it.>> it's worth t >> we need a photo of that. phof >> i would pay to see that. t let me put that it way. >> we'll reconsider maybe stevee and tucker want to invite us tot the concert.ncert >> right now 295 southboundbound eastern to pennsylvania 20 milem an hour. you need extra time
8:27 am
section of the district also 505 inbound really slow as you makeu your way passed florida.d flori five to the wilson bridge. bridg inner loop 23 miles per hour. h. really congested a whole lot of slow-moving traffic there and id alexandria right now, 395 northbound edsall to duke downud to 33 miles an hour.ou the whole lot of congestion asn you make way your through tou virginia and maryland into thedo district.district. in montgomery county cabin john heavy towards clara barton.arto back to you steve and allison.i. >> thanks so much, erin. erin >> appreciate it. still to come this morning weoms return to our top story now thet local police officer killedicere during her first day on the jobe >> we will talk with the princep william county police chief next to talk about the case.aboue c as the suspect makes his first s court appearance in just at appu couple of minutes. it's now 8:27. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ there's a look at two memorials now for two peoplewoeo killed on saturday. s on the left you see outside of o prince william county policeol headquarters for the officer whr was killed on the right for thee woman who was killed firstd firs inside of that home then the t shooting of the officers oicer occurred. all morning we've been telling'v you about that horrific shooting in prince william county.nt >> ronald hamilton accused of of killing officer ashley guindon d and his own wife crystal. cstal he goes to court right now. >> hamilton also charged with shooting and injuring two otherh police officers.poli the deadly chain of events began saturday with an argument between hamilton and his wife.i. joining us now from woodbridgeog prince william county policeolie chief stephen had you son.
8:31 am
chief g morning. mni >> chief, we want to first ofiro all give our condolences to alll of your officers in yours in department, yourself, forf, for dealing with this loss.g s not just of officer guindon butn your two officers who are stilli battling in the hospital this morning. mo before we get to specifics offif the case i just wanted to givete you the idea to speak to our to viewers if there's anything youu wanted to say about ashley orleo those other officers this morning.mornin >> thank you very much.ery m our hearts are broken as yous know over ashley's death, and ww are so warmed by the outpouringr of support from our communityom and the entire law enforcementme family not only around this region but nationally andllynd international al.l a we're very grateful for ther the support and encouragement we've' received and we want to continue to support ashley' mother mrs mrs. guindon as well as thell ae families of officers mckeon anda hem upon as they continue tonu recover in the hospital. hos >> what is their condition? can you fill us in on their onhe condition this morning, chief
8:32 am
>> they are both still hospitalized.. we expect officer hem pon to be released in the near future.. officer mckeon as more severese injuries an couple moremo surgeries upcoming.ers up so we don't have an exact timext frame for him. h he's a long road ahead. and all of us will be alongsidei to support him as he goes.. >> so chief, interesting to hear in your words as to what are yoe been able to ascertain what it a was that happened on saturday. we've heard variant different de versions of what may or may notn have been the story.veeen th can you fill us some of thes of details for us? >> as you know, there will be aa prosecution forthcoming you mentioned the defendant'sefennt appearance in court thiscourthi so i'm a little limbed irnn somd of the details i can discuss. d but i can tell that you it was domestic incident. incen we were called to the house. hse apparently by the wife, and asea you know, when we arrived, she,e had already been killed by thebe suspect.. as officers tried to approachroc the door, there was some kind of a struggle at
8:33 am
and they were met by the suspecs bearing a firearm who began immediately opening fire on them.them. all three officers were struck.r other responding officers werefw able to provide eight to them tt and eventually take the suspecte into custody. >> such a horrific and senseless crime. we've made a lot about how h officer guindon was just an houu and a half into her first day ft there on the job. can you tell us a little bit b about who she was as an officerf and a young woman?om >> she really was an impressivev young lady.ady. she had previously interned witi us after her undergraduate workk during the summer of 2011. 21. during that time, she developedl a desire and a passion to want t to serve as a police officer.. she applied with us and wasd wa accepted into our january 2015 academy class. she graduated and was in theas field training program in then e late summer of 2015 when shehe decided to resign for
8:34 am
reasons. re but she told us later that she t just couldn't get it out of herr system. she felt like she needed to comm back and give this a true shot.. so she reapplied and we literally just rehired her ther beginning of february.ruar and as it turned out, saturday r was her first day back on the t street working in the field the training program.nggram >> and chief, you are nowow charged with maintaining thehe integrity day to day operationpa of this department despite thist tragic loss and the otherther officers who are still battling. look, let's be honest in theont department you have a lot ofnt y people who are used to the ud tt police work who may haveay h military backgrounds as well. w you would think you'd be used tt this type of incident but youtut never really are. are. what do you tell the men and m d women serving with you now as to how to continue to move forwarda now? >> you're absolutely right. you never ever get used to u anything like this. like t what you do come alongside eachc other with helping arms and hands and shoulders to supportrt each other torque love eachque c other, to keep an extra eye outo for each other, to make sureeur that people are
8:35 am
this grief and this anxiety and suppress appropriately.ialy we have so many resources andoua support all around us. our peer support team, our chaplain's group and those manyn of other agencies around us aree integrated with us every singles day. our folks are amazingly strongog as you know, you have to bed too this work, and they're sore committed to doing what they doi and so selfless in doing what d they do. >> chief, before we let you go,e you mentioned the support andpo word coming in from all over. how far have you heard from, f have you been hearing fromring departments across the country,y around the world? what's been happening?haening? >> certainly all around theinly country and i've actually heardd from some colleagues overseas ii europe and asia. >> well, we wish you all the best. again our condolences to your yr department and to the families e of those affected. >> thank you very much.yuc we appreciate your support.. >> prince william county policel chief stephen hudson.udson hard day. >> absolutely is. a >> hard day.>> h >> as far as the suspect inas te court at this moment, right nown
8:36 am
appearance at 9:31 appearance ac for each of the deaths bobeaths barnard is on that story.ry we'll neck with bob in just ah n little bit and find out what o happened in court.nou let's check in with tuckerinithe barnes and find out what's finth happening outside.outsid >> steve, mild temperatures tope start your day.start yo yesterday 65.y5. won't be quite as warm today.. but we should still be 60 or above.ov off to nice start. nic sta 54 in washington. quantico 56 this 55 fredericksburg. hagerstown 55 degrees.. everybody too much mild niceto mild start. cloud cover moving in the last couple oo f hours. hou this is a weak cold front. it might kick off a light light sprinkle here in the next hour r or or two.wo. once beget the back side of thef region through late morning theg winds will pick up right back into the sunshine right backsh into the middle temperatures are little later today. tay so other than good gusty win out there it should be a very v pleasant monday afternoon withow temperatures about 10 degrees oe so above stay tuned.ay i'll have the seven day andn d we'll talk spring and moreg a m winter possibly on the way.y tw on the seven day. d let's do more traffic with erin. >> 8:36.>> taking a look one of our camer
8:37 am
cameras. the american legion bridge in and outer loop slow a lot of lof heavy traffic. south of the beltway it's souths of the american legion bridge in virginia.inia so be prepared for that. t that pretty much represents thet volume on the beltway we're w dealing with this monday morni morning. we'll take a look at our mapst m right now.ow a lot of congestion around townd that's a look at the inner loopl 17 miles per hour.ou georgetown pike to gw parkway. gw parkway very heavy.ea in addition to that inbound cabin john parkway on to clara barton parkway see all that red. average speeds 9 miles an hour.. 395 northbound edsall to duke de street 33 miles an hour as you y make your way out that o alexandria.alex arlington typical congestion onn route 1 inbound as well.s wel inner loop five to the wilson bridge 23 miles per hour so bele prepared for that. a lot of congestion crossing the bridge.bridge. suitland parkway inbound by b naylor jams new york avenuek ene inbound by florida jams.da j and the doug loss bridge is very stack up as you pass through tou south capitol.south capi we got you covered. g you that's your traffic.rraff back to you guy >> still to come this morningme star
8:38 am
intimidating market yet. >> and it could soon cost you cy more to visit the happy yetap place on on earth you were right, steve. eve i was hoping it was going downod ticket prices.cket pri we'll have details on the new disney ticket prices next.rice x ♪
8:40 am
welcome back. b it is 8:40 right something that has not happenede in nearly 100 years. y the price of stamps going down. >> okay. >>
8:41 am
stamps will decrease two penniei from 49 cents to 47 cents. part of a deal the post office o ranged with congress thatess t allowed them to raise the pricei in 24. the post office says it will itw lose billions of dollars as ala result which tells me a lot mort people are buyin buying stamps i thought. >> why do we have to do.o >> it's part of a deal reached h with congress in present 14.sent >> apple will reportedly up vei new i-pad and iphone later thiss month.h. one day before it's fbi hearinga over fight to unlock cell phone used in the san bernardinonain california terror attack.ttac the new gadgets will reportedlye be revealed march 21st.. the new iphone is rumored to bee even smaller featuring a 4-inchh display.display. this would be apple's fir mediam event of the year.r. >> i phone five.hone f not iphone six. s >> that's what i have.what hav >> a five. f which i need a knee one. k o if you are thinking about tript to disney get ready to pay morem to see the mouse, famous housems of the mouse.ou. disney a mace um park tickets are goinup
8:42 am
yesterday the park began seasonal teared pricing system for one day tickets.ts that means customers will payily more during the busiest times of the year.. the peak season during springgpr break and late december.ecbe the cost for a multi day tickete will go up while the price of an annual pass will remain the sa same. >> okay. >> so maybe get that annualybe h pass. pass. >> i don't even want to know e what the price of that is.. >> starbucks brewing up a new idea their opening in italy ita would would be extremely worried intimidated by.d b >> i would as well but starbuckb is close to world domination. >> but they're going -- gng >> i would think it would have h mark of curious people.eopl >> okay. oka >> ceo of starbucks was inspired to do so after drinking ang espresso in milan. milan >> that was delicious.s ous >> probably.>>babl the starbucks based coffee chaic will open in milan early nextt year. year. star buck has a presence ina ene europe but it system expected te be a bit of a challenge as coffee is a deep part of thert t culture there with a lot of shops competing to sell espressp and cappuccinos a
8:43 am
shops, yes,, >> do you know who will gol g there.e. >> american >> you know it. >> yeah.ri>> >> you know it y. >> okay.y. buy local. >> embarrassing mix up on the op the cars red whom was mistaken for whom?ho >> who was taken for who. >> this is lid ridiculous. somebody fell asleep at theas wheel. you can get a bigger name, plusp many celebrities got in shape is for the academy awards withs w juice cleanses. c our expert is here to talk abouo how these diets work and ifets f they're good or bad for you.
8:44 am
8:45 am
i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios.
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>> hey that's nice.>> h >> no snow. no rain. just sunshine. >> start to go groom the sand a little bit there.litt >> um-hmm. >> ocean city, married, rightar, now. getting ready. >> i like that,, t >> i think we should take a foxf field trip down there. >> i agree. not on friday though. tho >> the sun -- allison take the girls.gis. busful of fox pfeiffers and gorg down.wn. >> playing our music loud. our >> i like that plan. plan. >> wearing our seat belts andead not being distracted but getting there.the. >> maybe we'll get somebody seb tolls drive. >> check this out.>> check t 11 hours and 19 minutes ofinuteo daylight today. tay that's what i wanted to showtets you. sunset tonight 6:00 o'clock.k first time this year that we've' had our sunset at 6:00 o'clock0c or later. there you go.the you we're adding couple minutes of o daylight each day.ight each day all right.ight temps mild 54 in washington.hin. annapolis, leonardtowntown 54 degrees. very mild out there. m 56 in quantico.n nt we'll do 60 or better for justt about e
8:47 am
the worse of today' forecast'ec winds will really pick up behinn our front. our fr we are doing a little cloud a lc cover this maybe a sprinkle next hour or o two. cold front will kick on east oft us. and we'll see the winds pick upk behind the front again winds w blowing at times 20, 25, 30 miles an hour but that's whaw we get this time of year. otherwise, mild temperatures ane again low 60s for daytime highsh and a drive afternoon for you. u i don't think you'll need anould umbrella most of the stuff isoss falling apart or very very lighr out there. tomorrow looks great. gre march comes in like a little lamb here tomorrow. t and then we'll look at someom cooler weather for the middlehem and end of the weekend. honest the by friday ingredients may be coming together for aer a wintry event here.. doesn't like a big deal.ig dea the potential is there by friday we could have rain and/or winten weather maybe snow around here.r 62 today.od 63 tomorrow.or get out enjoy. gorgeous couple of days. d then the cooler weather looks more rain by wednesday and byndb friday.iday you flipped me there. i can see what i'm talking a
8:48 am
about. 45 -- i don't know what i'mn't n looking at. thursday.. thursday big time highs.. cooler weather. weath >> where are we going, tucker. >> i'm smooth allison. ais >> oh allison we're going on a a field trip, aren't we. >> we year going on a field trip it it leap day we'll realize theli birthday only comes every fourvy years. on your day. yr d so we'll go out and celebrate ca people having a birthday today,d right, allison.right, all >> we're about to leave. aboutle we're going like way over the dmv. dmv. >> we're going all over theoing place. look for us. >> if your birthday today, maybm we're delivering a cake.liveri c >> okay.>>y. >> right? >> right. >> we don't know where we're going.goin >> i know.w. >> okay. >> let's find out what's goingds on on good day. d >> shall we.ll >> good morning. w g >> good morninoog. >> we're continuing to followg f the tragic events that happenedh over the weekend in princen p william county.ouy. >> the shooting death of officer ashley guindon and a young mother crystal hamilton iniltoni woodbridge the suspect in those murders expected back in courtnc in just minutes. mutes we have live team coverage.over >> also developin
8:49 am
in the horrific crash inc crashi bethesda that killed ann 18-year-old and his parents. >> also, we're following whatola could be an extraordinary weekry in politics.ics. super tuesday is tomorrow. tor a preview of what to expect. eec >> we're also talking the oscars the surprises that even stunneds our own kevin mccarthy.. >> at nine and 10a as you just s saw and just heard them talkingd about it tucker and allison area hitting the road and boy, do they have big surprises for leal year babies.year >> how are they going to find these leap year babies.r >> they're magic. they' >> magically delicious.elious >> 10a exclusive one-on-one with taraji p. henson aka cookie. coe she has a message four her d.c. >> did you tell her i said hi.hd >> i forgot.orgo sorry. >> our version of the fashionas police and they're talking oscar fashion. fashion >> that's right.hat' fab or fail.fab or fai you'll help us decide #goodday #gooddaydc. it's going to be good one. to you don't want to miss it. >> we'll see in you a fewew minutes. >> steve, let's go over to you.o do we get to hold up big signsig fab or fail in the show. >> t
8:50 am
it.y' >> we should do that.ouo th >> we should.eho wis, draw some up are to us. us. >> oprah is responding to ann embarrassing mix total tweet add photo off whoop peer goldberg on the redoe carpet. however the caption referred tot as oprah winfrey. i'm sure she'd take the moneyd e but kind of embarrassing.arrain the tweet has since beenee deleted.dete talk show host wasted to time reaction. gale king with the caption wetin all love whoopi but we do not nt look a like. lik >> well it's fair to say some oo the celebrities at least last night's cad fee awards use juice cleanse before stepping on to ot the red carpet. c maybe you thought about it ast a well. is it good or bad. joining to us talk bout cleansel how they work and want to goan make sure you can maintain good health during one our good friend dr. shilpi agalwar.. i tried one of these.d one of te i want to get your take first ot all as to whether or not it is s good idea or not. >> here are my thoughts. tug ever
8:51 am
red carpet.. and juice cleanses are partially so they're a good adjunct to t healthy diet. die but if you want to do a juice j cleanse for long term sustaineda weight loss, they absolutely are not the right way.ght w >> why is that? is t >> the reason is that you'reha y only going to be able to sustais having juices all day long evere day for a few days. d before you end up having toing o introduce regular foods into foi your diet.ur die so the weight loss that you feee and kind of that extra energyrae that you may feel is really not sustainable because eventually y when you add regular foods you s gain back the weight it's all a water weight you're losing but t it's important to understand the juice cleanse itself.e cleanse . >> break it down.>> b >> when we see we're actually aa trying a juice cleanse usually called a cold pressed juice that's different than the othert juices that are out t there. th. cold press juices they use a process to kind of really putsyt high pressure on to the juice tj and the vegetables to extract it out. but it doesn't use heat and so s it preserves the nutrients andea the vitamins that are win the ju
8:52 am
it's different than, say,han, s blowing up the juice in your iny kitchen because that adds heat s and that can sometimes break down those enzymes.. >> cold press better? bet >> that's a good question. qst we don't really know from data whether cold press is better orr not. what we do know is a lot of thet juices out there are more fresh if they're cold pressed theyd only last about two to threeo te days.ys. maximum. maxi versus the ones that are on the shelf that can last two, three t weeks those are not cold fred or certain blended drinks you canen have those for longer time.deori what we need tore really lookllo for when we're looking for aki f juice is what are the actuall one that maybe you try and common ones celebrities areritia dinging these days are usually a set of five or six juices andui they all just have raw fruitsawu and vegetables that are pushedus together and they come out witht a juice. a juic whether it's green juice or beaa juice or something like that.ha and you drink only that along a with water. water. you can't be eating chips in in between and anything like that.t and that really can give you ge that sense of kind of feeling cl
8:53 am so it's very good way to kind of give your body a break and to help see benefits in your skin.i >> if you were not doing it to o try to lose weight but you're yr trying to refresh your body doed it work from that aspect? aspec >> i definitely believe it does. because actually giving your giv body a rest in terms of terms digestion not eating your everye day foods and making your bodyob have to go through all that processing juicing can beng c but only doing it once in awhi awhile. not every day or not, you know,, every month you're doing a weekk long juice cleanse to loselese t weight because it's nots not sustainable.stainae. >> i've seen people done 30 dayy juice cleanses.lean >> those are absolutely veryoluy dangerous for your health. you got to remember also theo t juicing in general isn't for'tor everyone.yo pregnant women can't juice.ui people who are diabetic becausea it's primarily sugar and cashes you're taking in and also thesee are not pasture arrived. arr that's why they only last forast two or three days.eay even the celebrities, generallyl speaking they're only doing ityg for three or four days leadingei up t
8:54 am
>> don't you get the idea theyhy want to quick lose four or 5 pounds like just until thetntl event and probably go out andpry eat like crazy the neck day. >> they probably in and outout burger afterwards which isn't exactly advicable they look very sleek and the reason because you are losing that bloat.tlo you're losing that water weightt you're skin starts to glow. >> speaking of diets because ths other thing we hear from holdedd its wood a lot the pale leo diet, first of all i don't knowk what foods we're eating for. f good or bad for your bodyod physically.physical we have new study that camee out paleo not being so good. study that they says mice -- fed mice to paleo diet and not theot other regular diet the people -- mice eating paleo ended up gaining 15% body weight. wgh it's partly you're eating high g fat foods service you think t thing like bacon and eggs aresre really healthy as long as you'ra eating them win the confines off pale leo you're missing on healthy fibers we always talk about. ab grains. so overall i think dieting
8:55 am
weight loss and getting in goodg vitamins as an adjunct too regular healthy diet a plus.a pu if you're trying to lose weighte and kind of get that quick fix, f.f >> no quick fix out there. t n. >> everything in m >> what did you think of it?hink >> men are really doing it ay da lot. we see russell simmons. >> i thought it was -- i likenel it to a marathon. mat i was excited to get started srt once it started i couldn't wait' for it to be ove >> did you feel hungry. feengr >> i was starving the entirervtn time.time i was cranky.s cray i was exhausted. ooh die not feel an energy boo boost. it was a exercise in mentalise a toughness and stability to prov i could i could get through itdo physically i lost 7 pounds in pu three days.days. >> wow.ow. >> i only gained two of themined back that did help for me theree >> a jump start.ta >> it was more the fact that,het okay, you just went through thio don't go eating all of that jun food again now. try to start that healthy hlthy lifestyle. >> that's really good if it's used as kind of a jump j start or way to get into healthy eating, i think it's a greatreat way. if you're going to come bac
8:56 am
it in between your burgers andga candy, it's really not going to be sustainable at all.. >> to mean it wasn't worth doind that for three days.s >> you can't reach that state of euphoria.oria. >> no, no, no. n that's just's just me. maybe it works for another wor r people. that will do it right now.w. we're going to check in with cci gary mcgrady with a look at ourt forecast because tucker is outko to make dreams come true, gary. >> does he that every day,hat ey doesn't he? that's his life,e, right? showers are moving this is probably the only band a now that comes through. tou but i'm going to say that maybem there's a spotty shower over the next couple of hours.ou it looks like we'll dry out.. we'll warm up so the morningorng 62 degrees. mostly sunny tomorrow.. tomorrow looks great. gat first day of march, perfect ski 63. showers back midweek.. next week friday watch a chancee for some rain and some snow. temperature there only about abt 40 degrees. right now the weekend looks cooo but pretty nice. n erin como, just anxious to getio in here and talk about the abo t traffic this morning.orni hey, hey.he >> i'm just in a good
8:57 am
it's monday. >> why mott. >> start to the week. >> why wouldn't you be t in a gg mood. >> why shouldn't i be excited. 8:56. 8:56. typical congestion on our mapsnm and silver spring red line traia off loading at numa and that iss because of a break problem. prom next train scheduled for unionnn station. st some extra time for the red linn taking a look at our maps delayy inner loop across the wilsonil bridge from alexandria the asa a you make your way inbound cabin john to collar what barton down to 9 miles per hour.our. gw parkway slow. bw parkway top of the beltway. y any question at erin fox fox5 dd keep it here to fox5. f good day at 9a great show coming right up.
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♪ state ahead, two lives cut short. one a prince william countyam cy police officer. the other a wife and mother. mo. this morning the man accused ofo of gunning both down in due inue court why the d.c. region and a brothers and sisters in blue ibl nationwide honor and remember an officer's sacrifice.. donald is not going to makek america great.a g he's going to make america orange. oran >> donald trump taking it on all sides. sides. one day before super tuesday but 48 hours from not he can be the gop's last man standing. snd we'll preview what could be anua extraordinary week in american politics. >> 88th academy awards, which means this whole no black nominees thing has happened at least 71 other times.. >> chris rock comes


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