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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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hamilton gunned down officer o ashley guindon.on the deadly chain events started with a fight between bee hamilton and his wife crystal ct in woodbridge. hamilton is charged with first degree murder. he's held without bond.uton prosecutors say they may seekthe the death penalty in this case. ca >> just a day thereafter therear horrific incident hundreds i gathered to remember officermemb ashley guindon during a candlelight vigil.t vigil. she was shot to death on hereatn first day on the job. job fox5's marina marraco hasas the story. >> ♪ >> reporter: hundreds filledundr the prince william county complex to honor 28-year-old 28r ashley guindon gunned down ind the line duty after only annly hour and a half into her first f shift ever has a police officer.officer. here fellow officers alongicersn with the community, many whoan o had never met her hit candlesdl and prayed for guindon who they say did not lose her life
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>> that child may well be alive today because ashley hadlh the courage to ensure thate t that family got the intervention they needed. nee >> reporter: black ribbonsorte covered hundreds of law law enforcement badges pay respect e to guindon who along with twotw veterans officers jessie hempen and david mckeown responded to a call. cal >> there was no knowledge of firearms being involved. >> reporter: inside police insid say ronald williams hamilton ham was armed with a handgun and rifle.fle. his 11-year-old son at homer-ol along with his wife crystalry also killed on the scene.he >> i kept watchingne for news n hoping for names roxanne said s she babysat for one of thene o injured >> and i did not find outd ot ft until today at like 6:30 that david mckeown was a shotmckeownt officer. >> reporter: she like dozens s of others could not help but shed tears.ea strength and honor motorcycle club formed a public servicec si road here for one reason toeasot pay tribute to one of their own. n. >> every day when
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enforcement officer goes outffic there to do their job they j t don't know if they're coming c them to day. >> reporter: although shete barely served ar: day on on thet force her colleagues say hercola service was infused in her iner being from the very first day they ever met her. her >> my heart goes out to all all the officers.e o >> reporter: marina marracoco fox5 local news. ns. >> we're learning new learnin information on the twofo officers injured in thatrm shooting.shooting. sources tell fox5 officer off mckeown was shot three timese t and officer hempen was shot once. once they both suffered serioush sued injuries and they are still sti being treated at inova a makeshift memorial has started to form on the lawn at l crystal hamilton's woodbridgedbi home. many residents say they wereay troubled by what happened andwht wanted to pay their respects.ire coming up at 8:30 prince0 pc william county's police chiefpof will join to us talk about theot case. >> ♪ >> switching gooers toer politics. super tuesday is one day awayy and that means it'sis down toto the wire for presidentialor candidates. hillary clto
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out to virginia voters today after a decisive victory in vico south carolina.ut she'll be campaigning in fairfax and norfolk.rf meanwhile bernie sanders isbern putting his defeat in south in t carolina behind him. today he'll rally his supporters in minnesota and in then in massachusetts.chusts on the gop side, marco rubioarco ramps up his rhetoric sayingri he believes he can lockdown the nomination even if he doesn't win a sing sell sire sl tuesday state he says he can c still pick up severalpeveral delegates however donald trumpwe is still ahead in most of thesto 15 states and territories thatto vote this week. w yesterday he picked up anday he endorsement from alabama senator jeff session on the heels of new jersey governorew chris christie's j endorsementne of donald trump.. >> hollywood's biggest nightgesn wasn't for the weary r the the 88th academy awards lasted l three and a hoff hours.ours. the film spotlight took homekom best picture. picture the movie focuses on the boston globe's investigationesti into sexual deeds by cath rickac priests. the other big
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dicaprio taking home the gold tg for best actor. act brie larson took home bestome bt actress for her portrayal ptr avenue mother raising her none n prison in the movie room and "mad max" fury road also a bigsb winner last it took home the most oscars osr with a total of six golden g statues for categories in makeup and design.nd design. leonardo dicaprio used his s victory speech to thank thet cast and crew and raise cd ra awareness about an issue heuee says became more important totat him during filming, climate >> climate change is real, itha is happeningng right now. now [cheers and applause]s >> it is the most urgentost urgt threat facing our entire ent species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating. >> this was dicaprio's sixth oscar nomination.
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time now is 4:35 almost.lmos let's get a check of today'st ec forecast with gary mcgrady. gary, very nice start to theo te day.da can't complain at all.l. >> good.>> goo i'll remember that.ll remember a >> i get to complain as the we can goes >> temperatures out there thiste morning 53 degrees here inrees i town. and look at this, i mean down d to the south it's closer to 60r than it is 50, okay. oy. so, quantico right now is 56 degrees.56 deg annapolis, you're nice, too, at 54. culpeper you're fift 51. the cold reading is frederickdei at 46. 46. clouds are moving in from west e to east. e you see the showers back towe the west. the west most of the guidance suggestses that very few showers come across the mountains.he mountai. i think that i'll have to sayhao there's a chance for someorom showers this morning.thisor but again, few and far betweenat and hopefully it won't
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enough that it's going to goi cause problems on this mondays n morning commute, okay.incomm later today we're going to go tg for a high temperature againra n up in the 60's: 61 for quantico and 64 for 64or fredericksburg. temperatures up there north and west, hagerstown version martinsburg 55 and winchesterins 57. erin como is in with a lookth ao all right monday morning mon traffic. hey, erin.he e >> good morning, gary. good 4:36 right now. n we're crash free around therount district but we have beltwaye bl road work in montgomery county.coun. ongoing project inner loopner lo only one left lane gets by, outer loop two right lanes gethl by between 29 and 256 new 256 n hampshire avenue.e. please use caution. you can still see green on thes map because there's not a lot nl of traffic out same story on 395 southbound. so right lane gets by aftery after seminary road. road. the right lane, excuse me ise me blocked after seminary road. r it's scheduled until aboutntil 8 o'clock this morning.this mni the good news is it's gogot's gg weigh from our typical morningag rush. in prince george's countygeor route five inbound towards theoe beltway is looking really niceec this morning. morng
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look at the beltway as youtways cross the wilson bridge. b wide opened. nothing to worry about yet. got my fingers crossed on thisrs monday morning. i got you covered. c back tmoo you guys on the desk.e >> all right, if the month mon february feels extra long to you, that's because this years y it is. this year is leap year. meaning there are 29 days inay the month.. it only comes around once year four years and this year this yr retailers are looking to cash tc n many stores and restaurantsurn are offering special dealsing ea such as $29 specials. speci >> before you head out checke he out things like #leak year, #29 fab or #flash sale and seele what you come up. you never you could score some #coupons #p on your way. your w if your birthday falls on leap n year you're in even more luck. l the melrose hotel in in georgetown is offering the forever young package whichkagei includes dinner for two with wih cake and champagne. champagne. >> allig
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crew of a royal caribbean caribe cruise ship.uise we'll find out why it had toad turn around again for the second time this month.e thisth. >> debate over seat size andsiza leg room on planes turningni political.po time now 4:38.time n 4 back after this.hi we're going to tell you who is taking the fight to end shrinking seats straight to capitol hill.
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>> the did this toll from a deadly double bombing inid baghdad now stands at 73. it happened yesterday in an outdoo drnod market crowded wih shoppers.oppe witnesses say a bomb exploded ed in a crowded market. minutes later anotherater a explosion reportedly from a suicide isis is claiminglaim responsibility. >> a crash in charles county in as a potential homicide. hom police say a crash was say cra reported around 3 o'clock o yesterday afternoon alongno alo hughesville bypass on routevie s five near old leonardtown leonad road. troopers found an overturnedvert motorcycle and its driver wholei was ejected. e he was pronounced dead at theea scene and investigators say aaya forensic examiner discovered dce the victim was also shot.o s detectives are still workingll to determine the cau wse of o death. meanwhile in montgomery county this morning three thi family members are dead afterrsa a devreastating car crash thishi week. police say two cars collideds ci at the intersection of riverf rr road and powell road in in bethesda. family of four was in one ofasnn the vehicles. vicle police say the father, michael bark
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died at the scene. s the other driver is expected exp to recover and so far no charges have been filed.n fild. >> a prince george's countye's c police officer haas has beenaase suspended after being arrest for as sought on friday. officials say the officer's arrest stemmed from a domestic s dispute on rose view court in upper marlboro.arlboro. he was charged with two countshg of seconds degree assault theegt victim was treated at a a hospital and released. and rea the incident is currentlyrent under investigation. >> just ahead an incredibly powerful performance from ladym gaga. see her bring the crowd to her h feet while raising a wearness aa about sexual assault. >> plus a look at some of the best dressed at this year'sss oscars. that's after traffic and aft trc weather. gary. >> how about it, last day of february and we're waking up to some 50's mostly out there, t some places close to 60.ose to full forecast coming up. stay with us.
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>> ♪ >> happening today, a pentagon staff sergeant accused ofrg killing his wife and aeand a virginia cop is due in court c this morning. police say 32-year-old ronaldond hamilton gunned down princeunnep william county officer ashley guindon.guin two other officers wereser injured. the deadly chain of eventsfve started with a fight betweenht e hamilton and his wife, crystal t in woodbridge.e. hamilton is charged withharged capitol murder of a policel rder officer and first degree murder for the death of hiss wife. prosecutors may seek the death penalty in this case. >> ♪>> >> a gary's back now with aowit look at the forecast. gary, yesterday was absolutelybl finger nominal. phenomenal.phen people were out and aboutout ano walking around talking aboutut how great the weather was. >> this time i'm going to take t no credit for it.t. >> no, take it because you get all the blame when it's bad. b >> it was
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enjoyed it.enjo if you didn't enjoy it yesterday wait until this afternoon it's going to ben it pretty nice. tomorrow is going to be great the way it's looking, >> yay! >> three days in a row here rowh with temperatures in the 60's.. we're darn near there in ada couple of places this 53 in town now. quantico is 56.s fredericksburg is 54. is you kind of get the idea. i whoa, whoa, wait a hold on. breaking news. cumberland, maryland, isand, 61 degrees this morning. m. that went wen clouds are coming in from the west -- to the west. some showers, too. we'll track that.we you get back to detroit, columbus, louisville. temperatures still are nothingti like where they should be fory the end of february but weary ut have a frontal system that's going to come through it'sto c going to not impact our notmpac temperatures basically at all. a this morning today we're 62 wre for a high.r a hig kind of a mix of clouds anduds sun for the morning hours,rs maybe a shower, too, coming across the mountains. mou if it happens not going to be much. tomorrow mild again, 63 degrees.eges and i should men
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windy today. t gusty wind once all this starts to come can on we have fair skies now up and nw down i-95 but the clouds areuds starting to move showers to follow.ower it looks like, though, most ofot this will not come across thesst mountains. there will be a few showers, hopefully not enough to cause te us any problems with thiss morning's commute. commu i'll put a shower or two in s the area by 8:00 a.m., 51 degrees.51 58 by lunchtime.ti breezy conditions.ti we'll have some clouds and sun. by late today it looks like it's going to be gorgeous. ggeou we'll have some gusty winds but temperatures will be lowerus 60's.'s. again, with some sunshine onceic the clouds and showers move onon out. and your seven-day forecast fors looks like this. if today's 62 wasn't good enough, how about tomorrow,ro mostly sunny, 63.most some showers on wednesday,nesd, 54 degrees, mostly sunny on thursday. we're tracking the t possibility, doesn't look likeyn a great chance to me, but thee,t possibility for a little rain/snow in e
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friday. friday. and then some chilly sunshinein on saturday, mostly sunny on o sunday.suay. we start warming back up into the 50's. the 50's. erin como what you got for usor in traffic? this is the extra e day this year. yea >> got to make it worth it,orthi gary. got to do something specialpe this monday.ony. >> we'll figure that out.ll figt >> what are your plans.hat >> today? t? >> uh-huh.>> >> starting here.>> s >> like that. >> do a little weather. wea >> the usual. t >> cup of coffee.>> c >> cup of coffee soundups good.g >> i don't have any big plansy as you can see. >> all right, well, right now, l we do have crash activity you need to steer clear of.o outer loop approaching the a wilson bridge. the left lane is blocked. block caution there. for the bottom of the beltway your trip into alexandria. aside from that we still have os an active work zone 395 ze southbound right lane afterig ln seminary road are blocked. keep it to the left.t. unfortunately this shouldn't s wrap until about 8::this:: morning. i'll let you know if it startstt to cause any big delays froms fm the district into virginia. northbound side is always a backed up is clear and quietp right no construction to worry about a this morning. no crashes right now. n more beltway road work in wk montgomery county. county. inner loop one left lane get
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by, outer loop two right lanes get by. that's between 29 and newnd hampshire avenue.e. not causing any major m slowdowns just yet.s ju y we'll hop outside for a lookidfa at one of our cameras. cameras. you can see right now in prince george's county inboundni five is that looking good. lking but again once you get to the to beltway watch for that outert loop crash out by wilson bridge. we got you covered this extra et day. da now it feels like we need to t do something very special with it. back to you >> thank you erin. tha time now is 4:49. 4:4 new video this morning of a tmon police crash in baltimore. balti it happened friday night. the fox affiliate in baltimore o obtained this surveillanceed t video. you first see a police vane heading down a street then a second patrol car with its wh lights on.ghts o moments later a police cruiserru loses control and slams into a parked core outside of aou liquor store.qu that car crashes into thento front of the store.fron two people were slightly hurt. h the officer injured his knee.isk let's go he to ohio now ohin where a pastor was shot andot can killed at his church.
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70-year-old william skyler wasas gunned down. church services were under wayer at saint peter's missionary baptist church.baptis churc his brother 68-year-old dan gel accused of carrying outd thisof shooting. shootin he's currently in policece custody held without bond. b no motive for that shooting.hoot >> five members of the kluhe klux klan linked to a violent ve fight in california have been released. police say the klansmen werensnw arrested on saturday but were wr released after newly releasedela video shows the group acted in self-defense.-dse. the clash erupted after six clan members arrived at a rally. several pro at the times were arrest and t remain in custody.s one of pope francis' topis t advisers testified on church abuse allegations yesterday. yed as you trail january coordinal n george pell said the catholic co church made enormous breaches. c pell says the church is working to remedy thoseto remed mistakes. he gave his testimony viayia video link from a hotel room r in rome a few blocks wig
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>> a royal caribbean cruisean ce ship can't seem to catch a break. a norovirus outbreak and a storm ended the most recent rec voyage of the anthem of the o seas. this is the same ship that gotho caught in a hurricane. hurrican. a staff on board the shipoard ts hayes the crew has made announcements about the norovirus but that it isrus unclear how many people on board have gotten sick. s there is a push on capitolis hill to make your next flightt a little senator charles schumer of newf york wants to require the faa to institute minimum seat size s rules for airlines. a senator schumer says airlinessar pack in passengers tooo tightly.tightly. he also claims airlines havene been shrinking the size ofhe s seats and reducing leg room. r listen to this. this. the average distance between rows of seats has dropped fromro 35-inches back in 1970 to just 16 and a half inches today.od >> whoa. >> that's amazing. >> oh, my gosh. >> if you're thinking about a t trip to disney get trod hipa
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more. disney amusement park ticketseme prices are going up. yesterday the dark began using a seasonal tiered pricingered p system. that means customers will paylay more during the busiest times of the year. the peak season during springeau break and late deals. the cost for a multi day a m ticket will also be going up while the price of an annualnnua pass will remain the same. sam >> sunday may have been hollywood's biggest night butig some stars headed to flinted michigan instead for a insteor grassroots effort to raisetsffor money for that city facing ain water could and tam nation n prices. the free event was took on by the director of creed ryaneda kugler. stars with big names like stevie wonder jannell monetne were there. the event raised $133,000 for michigan.chigan. the #justice for flint was fnt also trending on twitter. twier d.c. met hollywood at last night's academy
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>> vice president joe biden. >> i'm asking you to join millions of americans including me, president obama,, the thousands of students i'veni met on college campuses andan the artists here tonight to take the pledge, a pledge that says i will intervene when w consent has not or can not be given. let's change the culture. >> lady gaga was joined onga stage by survivors of sun.f her performance received a standing ovation. oti another highlight thehlig te fashion of course.shio >> from the tuxes to sparkling k gowns, let's take a look at's tt some of the red carpet standouts. first up, actress bianca shoprhr in a white and silver dress. >> that's pretty.y. >> wisdom.ism. >> th
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chanel dress. dress i was just admiring the beaut beauty. >> passing for the >> cate blanchett in an armani sequinned gown. >> some people love that.ha >> she's avant guard. >> i did not like this, heidihii klum.kl >> no. >> other people didn't like itel either. she landed on some worst w dressed lists. i agree. it's a lavender ground.r g it's just ugly. ugly. >> like rolls of toilet paper.l. >> she's so beautiful. she's s i don't think it best showsinit off her figure.of. >> it's like a project runway reject. >> she felt bad for someone. soe >> modeling mom to be chrissy teigen wore this flowery gownwey as well. as w >> they're such a pretty couple. >> kevin hart went within h sparkles to go along with his wi black >> check her out. >> he's wearing dolce and gabbana.gabban that's a picture with his h feians say. nice legs. >> i love kevin harder.e kevi every time i see him i'm like le
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>> he's funny.un god gives it to us in us i different areas. [laughter] >> he's hysterical.yste >> vertically challenged but he's hysterical.rical. >> my favorite of the night was charlize theron. >> hands down. >> she brought it.ught when you say old hollywoodod glamour. >> we also love gary mcgrady a. >> because he's always styling y and profiling.and p >> i think i have calvin klinene on today.od >> are those paid endorsements. >> not at all.>> n >> 'cause we have to make havtom sure. >> they don't know who i. i. 15 miles per hour wind speedours here in the breezy out to their west, you see the blue kind ofe nd of dashed around. that's picking up on a littlep l bit of the higher winds and higher elevations in places have some gusty winds thisy wi morning. as a matter of fact there is a f wind advisory in place for some of our southwesternth we're going to be breezy through the day today.uug it will evenh be a little bit b gust
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temperatures this morning veryhs mild. mi 53 degrees in town. fredericksburg is 54.4. dulles is 50 degrees and annapolis 54.annas 54. yes, it is the extra day inn february. maybe that's why the sweaterwe so weird. showers back out to the west.ute they'll come on across.cross. breezy and mild. shouldn't say weird.ay wei i should just say gorgeousorge because yesterday was so bad.sta today is not not 62 for a high.62 for a some of you will stay in the wi 50's.50 again, a few showers and gusty d winds late this afternoon.eron here's erin with a look at your traffic monday morning. >> i'll tell you gary i was you walking to the store yesterday and there was a couple thatouplh was dressed for winter and then a couple that was wearing shots and a t-shirt and a summer dress right behind themeh yesterday. >> how does that happen.oe which one watched theonwatc forecast. >> i don't know but i tell you what it was beautiful.t wa it was a greater day for anyay a fashion ch right now unfortunately not great conditions. we are taking a live look le lo right now. right now. this is the outer loop as youe approach the wilson bridge.sori a mess of police lights outli there. there. it's a big crash scene so makena sure you keep it to the left let blocking the right lane righte sh
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we'll take a look at our mapoo right now and show you what youa else you're up again this is the location ofat that crash scene, the left the t lanes are now as we take a look in in alexandria right now 395 south h construction zone out by seminary, some roads ares a that is scheduled throughs scheh 8 o'clock to cause bigk ause problems later. lat metro gearing up for servicear and it's on timein.e. that's your traffic allic a morning on monday.on monday doesn't sound as good a o as traffic. traffic. >> sure doesn't. candidates making lastaking minute pushes before votersfo vs head to the polls for super forr tuesday. how are they spending theiring r time and a few big endorsements, that's justts, tht ahead. >> a quick check on the stocke stocks are on the rise for the second week thanks to a rally in oil prices. pce asian and european stocksean stc down. u.s. futures are also down. 4:57 is your time. back right after this.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.wsr >> right now at 5:00 ann officer shot and killed on her h first day of the job. j. a horrible story out ofut o woodbridge, virginia.irni two other officers injured aseda well and the suspect's wife's wf also kille we are live with a look at how they're all being remembered. >> it is monday february,dafebr 29th. another mild day ahead as we say goodbye to february, helloy, to march. to march what a way to start


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